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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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o' no pettifogging when writing the factor. the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fallout from the latest clinton controversy. this time involving one of the best known journalists in the country. and how he was defending the clinton foundation on tv without disclosing the donations he made in private. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'll megyn kelly. george stephanopoulos is co-host of the morning show and today he took a big hit. last month, stephanopoulos got national attention for the tough interview of the author of the book "clinton cash."
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that is the blockbuster new book showing suspicious behavior of clintons taking hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves and family foundation of people with business before hillary clinton's state department. stephanopoulos landed the first interview with schweitzer and gave him a grilling. >> do you have any evidence that a crime may have been committed? >> we have done investigative work here at abc news. found no proof of any direct action. there's no evidence at all that hillary clinton got directly involved in this decision. >> her track record -- >> do you have any evidence she intervened in this issue. the democrats said this is indication of the partisan interests. they say you used to work for president bush as a speechwriter. you have funded by the koch brothers. >> what you did not hear in the interview is that as stephanopoulos grilling the author stephanopoulos failed to disclose he himself donated $75,000 in clinton cash of his own. something that he now says he
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should have taken care of. joining us now, howard kurts and mark teason. welcome to you both. and so let's just start with you on this mark. the irony of stephanopoulos pressing schweitzer on the fact that he worked for a time in the bush white house and, therefore, may be too partisan to 0pine on the clintons and his position and what we know now. >> that's amazing. i'll do what stephanopoulos didn't do. the fact he's a friend of mine david schweitzer. i'm a friend and admirer of peter schweitzer. stephanopoulos questioned whether peter had a partisan interest in the book because he had worked for four months in the bush administration. when he was the communications director for the clinton white house and the communications director for the 1992 clinton
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campaign. is it fair to say he has a partisan interest in defending hillary clinton? looking at the quotes it seems like he did. >> that was a question some were raising even at the time. i mean just sort of an irony of you know stephanopoulos of all people raising that question with schweitzer and now, howie, tonight it -- it's a bombshell he was donating to the very foundation he was cross-examining this author on without disclosing it. i mean it's obviously big. eric wimp el of "the washington post" out tonight with a piece calling it a very serious transgression. what is your take? how bad is it? >> such a bombshell that george stephanopoulos had to withdraw as abc's moderator next year in the debate. this blunder by stephanopoulos is so severe it threatens to undo what hi's done in the 18 years at abc news. >> really? >> yes. it is that serious. the clintons is his achilles heel with the background. i used to interview him and spun
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by him as a campaign operative and a wlin on the white house aide and as an anchor to give the money to the clinton foundation while covering the story is in itself a grave error in judgment but then to not tell his bosses at abc news to not disclose it to the viewers, it's unthinkable. >> what -- now that abc comes out and says we stand behind him but as you point out, he's removed himself from hosting abc's presidential debate. so my question to you is if you do that as a journalist and you acknowledge that you are too conflicted to host the presidential debate aren't you too conflicted to cover the presidential race? how are the view earls supposed to trust him in the lead-up to the debate and the postmortem after the debate but not the debate itself? >> the point is he's going to be covering if abc doesn't change the mind on this wouldn't give him a rhetorical slap on the wrist. covering the campaign of a woman
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he worked with as first lady. the clinton foundation does some good work around the world. news corps made a major donation and i just watched a major interview and stephanopoulos said everybody knows that when donors give that money, what you get is access and the influence that comes with access and yet he didn't disclose it. >> you know when you listen to that interview, mark of peter schweitzer he was -- he was tough on him and that's fine. and i want to point out for the record that that interview followed a package, a taped piece that basically outlined the allegations of the book and offered almost no defense of the clintons so the interview has to be remembered in that context but the questions he asked of schweitzer in the interview sounded very much like what we heard from team clinton in defending the book and, indeed his interview wound up getting
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put in an ad that hillary clinton put together after the interview. >> no it is amazing. look. if you remember when this book came out, the clinton campaign talking points were peter schweitzer has no evidence. that phrase. no evidence. and i remember when we were on talking about it when it first came on you said that's a weak defense. if you look at his interview, almost every time he spoke he used some version of the phrase no evidence. there's no evidence that hillary clinton went directly to this decision. the clintons say you have produced no evidence. we have no evidence of government action. he was echoing the clinton campaign's talking points for debunking schweitzer's book. i think, quite frankly, with his history of a paid operative for bill and hillary clinton, he should not have been doing that interview in the first place and as howie said it's questionable to cover the clinton campaign. >> abc news has come out saying look and george stephanopoulos
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said i was trying to help aids trying to fight aids and deforation and my heart was in the right place and it was just a mistake of not disclosing it. and it was an honest mistake. in your view is the problem the donations, the failure to disclose. both? what is it? >> all of it. in the -- damage control here is awful. initial apology, megyn now has to expand and said i shouldn't have given the money in the first place. find another charity to give to. if you're a guy become one of the famous television journalists on the planet and you started life as a partisan democrat with a very big platform the white house podium you have a special burden to demonstrate your independence and i'm sorry to say it. i think george tried to be fair at abc and hasn't always succeeded and tried to be fair and i think that given his history and the fact that he hid this and had to be disclosed by another news organization i think he's failed that test.
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>> the other problem, mark is that the donations were made over the past three years which is -- it is not like it's a big mystery that hillary clinton was gearing up for a presidential race. and it's not like the clinton foundation is the only one you can go to if you want to help fight aids or these causes. so it does raise the question of why that organization at that time. >> yeah. definitely does raise that question. and look. i mean i think that he -- if he wanted the show his objectivity as a journalist rather than bringing peter schweitzer on the show maybe he could have land the hillary clinton interview and grill him. >> he said they declined. >> well -- >> she is not giving interviews. >> right. he is in the same boat as the rest of us. she won't talk. well we'll see what happens with abc news. this is a difficult position for them and for him. and we'll continue to follow it. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have breaking news on tom brady and the quarterback pushing back against accusations
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that he cheated. brian kilmeade has interesting news on that. plus new revelations in the case against the six baltimore police officers. and what the defense is likely to be as they try to clear their names. wait until you hear the news out of the medical examiner's office. and then, with the death toll climbing from the deadly crash in philadelphia charles is here next on the effort to blame this on a lack of spending and why it is now coming all the way from the top. >> we need to invest in the infrastructure that keeps us that way and not just when something bad happens like a bridge collapse or a train derailment but all the time. bring your vision for the future to life.
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breaking tonight, president obama joining the chorus of democrats implying that spending money could have prevented the train crash of this week. they discovered an eighth fatality and the fact that the ntsb and other agencies warning about rushing to conclusions on a cause here. senator chuck schumer today specifically xwlamed this crash on a lack of funding and watch what happened as both nancy pelosi and john boehner weighed
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in. >> i don't know why but the republicans have been very much against amtrak for a very long time. >> well obviously, it is not about funding. the train was going twice the speed limit. >> moments ago, i spoke with charles, a fox news contributor and author of "things that matter." a "the new york times" number one zestbest seller. good to see you. it's republicans hate amtrak. that's what caused the crash. >> well i mean, ray la hood the former transportation secretary under obama blamed it on crumbling infrastructure and of course we need more money. you know how stupid do they think we are? this is a train going 102 miles per hour in a 50 mile zone. this is not a crumbled problem. this is a speeding problem. this isn't an infrastructure problem. this is a personnel problem. but the knee jerk reflexive
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reaction of any democrat of anything that happens in the country is throw more money at it. you get the riots in baltimore, reflexive answer is throw more money at the schools. you baltimore has a second highest pernding of any urban area in america on schools and they're a disaster. you get hurricanes and tornadoes. when's the democratic answer? oh that's global warming. climate change. you need more windmills. they have a single answer to everything. raise your taxes spend the money and the other thing that's really quite remarkable about this only six years ago, not 100 years ago that the democrats passed the largest infrastructure spending bill in the history of the galaxy. even the klingons never spent $380 billion on infrastructure to rebuild america. remember the roads, the ports? the airports the bridges. where did that money go? but they're always at the trough again for more money for
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infrastructure. it shows a brain dead liberalism with no other answer to every other question. >> to steal a phrase you use very often, how cynical to run out literally before think'd even found all of the bodies and start using this as a reason for more money as evidenced by a remarkable exchange that happened on the house floor between mike simpson and steve israel. watch this. >> last night we failed them. we failed to invest in their safety. >> you have no idea no idea what caused this accident. and to use that as a means of supporting the last amendment, support it if you want to. but don't use this tragedy in that way. it was beneath you. >> steve israel downed down and did not back off. >> look. this is -- i think it is scandalous and it is unseam bring. it is shameful.
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when you have an accident and you immediately rush to use it for no reason whatsoever no logical reason. as a way to promote your agenda. it happens every time there's a crazy shooting. the guy that shot the congresswoman and several others in tucson. immediate thing is gun control, of course. or that conservatives created a climate of hate in the country. the guy was psychotic. it was obvious from the first hour. but they always -- and they do it in a way that truly i think is disgraceful. you don't use the dead for means like that. >> you know what else? if they had a leg to stand on, last night on the program we talked about this positive train control, something installed on the tracks to perhaps override an out of control engineer driving a train. and we said okay well maybe, maybe they were too slow to get that installed. but as it turns out, not only had that been approved for this specific area of the track but
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the only reason it's not installed yet we found out today is because of the fcc, there was a bandwidth problem trying to work out. nothing to do with funding and amtrak came out today to say that and still they proceed. still chuck schumer explicit says it is simply a fact that insufficient funding delayed installation of positive train control. no it isn't. it's not a fact. you have misled the american people and, charles, he is going to get away with it. no one will make him draw that back. no one makes him disabuse the people who heard him of that notion. >> look. the president did the same thing. in a slightly more subtle way saying we don't know i don't know the cause of the accident. he said this very early on and i know we have to invest in infrastructure. this was not a pothole issue. this was not a bent track issue. what this was misjudgment on the part of the conductor and find out exactly why.
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but it is a reflection. pot moynihan a great social scientist wrote in the late 1970s that liberalism had been -- that the conservatives, republicans, had become the party of new ideas. this is after 50 years where it was the liberals with the new deal and the great society but they went brain dead and he was saying against his own party, that they were reacting resting on the lawfuls and the same answers of the mid 20th century and moynihan was right when it comes to getting real answers to reforming the welfare state, updating its structures you are not getting that from liberals like pelosi saying i won't touch a hair on the head of social security when it needs reform. we all know it needs reform and it is the same. anything happens, throw money at it. >> let's talk about your book before i let you go. it sold more than a million copies. you have now updated it for the paperback edition.
6:19 pm
how? what is new in there? >> well what i did is the hardback i closed it. i wrote the last part of it in august of 2013. so i did for the paperback is added the writings i've done since then and it is all on the obama administration. in the hardback obama is featured in an article or two. but he's not the focus because it's about the 30 years of american history. but since we have now has six and a half years under our belt i have now added some columns, thoughts about the obama legacy the obama presidency and it's -- i could say it's rather critical. >> there's a shocker. charles, great to see you. good luck with it. >> my pleasure. thank you very much. well charles just mentioned the mess in baltimore and up next we have new revelations in the case against those six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. and how their defense is coming together. wait until you hear what we have learned. plus we saw reports late
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i'm not worried about smoking my next cigarette. to me that feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. new developments in the case against the six baltimore police officers charged in the arrest and death of freddie gray. they're now facing charges of murder man slaughter, assault and false imprisonment and now the likely defense. a new york trial attorney and legal analyst. "the new york times" talking about where this case is going. what do you think is the headline? >> there's a couple of the headlines. the biggest thing was when you saw what she charged one person
6:24 pm
with murder in the second degree -- >> the driver of the van. >> the driver. that's a strategy by the prosecutor to put so much pressure on that individual to get them to flip. this is a case where there's not a lot of evidence. that's not a lot of eyewitness evidence. so if you put so much pressure on one defendant you get him to come forward and say i'll tell you what happened just get me reduced charges. it does not appear that's the case at this point. at this point. >> you think the baltimore six as they're known are sticking together and not dividing? >> at this very early point in the legal proceedings, yes. >> the other thing is that this time cites a person familiar with the investigation no indication according to autopsy that he freddie gray had been beaten or otherwise mistreaten. it is all going to come down to what happened inside that van or what was wrong with him prior on his own. but they're not going to be able to prove according to the autopsy that the cops mishandled him. >> correct. >> before he got in.
6:25 pm
>> from the prosecutor's statements it seems like her theory of the case is that they took him for what would be called a rough ride. they didn't harness him in and then drove like maniacs. knowing that it could cause that type of injury. and there's a whole issue that came out now about two things. the knife that was seized from him and the legality or illegal illegality of it. should have been in custody to begin with. the new thing in the evidence is that she's saying that the knife was fine. it was nothing wrong with it. however, it's described as a spring assisted one hand operated knife. >> it's illegal under baltimore law but legal under maryland law and what they're arguing. if that knife was illegal, then several of the officers -- the false imprisonment charge is thrown out. >> people can't believe there's false imprisonment charges since a ruling in maryland says if the police officer makes a reasonable mistake, so if it's a
6:26 pm
close call is it a legal knife or not illegal knife, the charges will get thrown out. >> that's shocking to me. she ignored that court ruling that specifically comes out saying you don't charge cops for a mistake. of course that's the law. otherwise no cop could do his job. here's the other thing to get to. the rules on seat belts. >> yes. >> that's the crux of the entire case. that they put freddie gray in on the stomach shackled and handcuffed and reckless and yet, the rules on buckling in a detainee just changed. >> correct. >> just changed. >> like that week. >> nine days prior. >> right. the week before. >> to that arrest. >> it was on page 15 of some memo that was given to them. they -- the whole issue is did the cops know? was there a rolel call where the sergeant came in and no
6:27 pm
procedures new procedures and ignored them? >> no longer just -- used to be you recommended to belt somebody in and then it changed to you must. just nine days earlier that change had been made. >> the same thing in the same packet had to do with rendering aid. and used to be when it was reasonable and a changed to upon request. so it used to be the police officer's judgment to render aid and nine days prior it changed to all of the inmate to say is i need medical help and then they have to do it. >> she will have a tough time. i got to go. a quick question. they think her case comes down to statements these guys may have made to her prior to her charging these cops. do those statements come into evidence? >> there will be a -- that will be the crux of this case. huge hearings with the police officers saying absolutely not. we gave those statements in our capacity of police officers. not in our capacities as criminal defts not read their rights. that will be the crux of this kiss. >> that's really interesting and going to a grand jury.
6:28 pm
>> as we speak. i don't believe that -- that murder 2, there's no evidence there for that murder 2 count. >> great to see you. >> thank you. after a nfl investigation suggested that tom brady may have cheated in the run-up to the super bowl he's pushing back tonight and brian kilmeade is pushing back on him. i put a question to governor jeb bush and it was the political story for a week. up next a soldier touring in afghanistan and iraq has a message for the media. >> knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary clinton just to remind everybody and almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. es you the healing sleep you need helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. and so would have hillary
6:32 pm
clinton just to remind everybody and so would almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got. >> well that was a clip from our interview with former florida governor and presumed 2016 candidate jeb bush that aired this past monday night and that moment has become the defining political story of the week. the question was if you knew then what you know now would you have invaded iraq? and since then it's been posed to nearly every potential gop nominee. watch. >> kno we know now would you have authorized the invasion into iraq? >> no. i think the invasion of iraq was a mistake and i thought it was a mistake even at the time. >> let me just ask you the question. knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion of iraq? >> of course not. i mean the entire predicate of the war against iraq was the intelligence that showed they had weapons of mass destruction. >> going into iraq was mismanaged and coming out of iraq was mismanaged. the intelligence was obviously highly faulty and so knowing
6:33 pm
that now, no i would not have gone in. >> i don't think you can honestly say if we knew then that there was no wmd that the country should have gone to war. >> not only would i have not have been favor in it president bush would not have been in favor of it. >> zwroining me now a fox news contributor and a veteran of the iraq and afghanistan wars. good to see you. so wow. what a firestorm that set off. and just today jeb bush changed his answer. he's been saying all week sort of been evolving on it and tried not to answer it and didn't want to and said it's a disservice to the vets if i do it. he said i would not. i would not have engaged knowing what i know -- knowing what we know now i would not have engage engaged, would not have gone into iraq. >> he should have stuck to his guns and said it was a difficult war. there were mistakes made. no doubt. but why are we bowing to this left wing narrative of inevitable failure? iraq war was won and then lost
6:34 pm
and then won quite divisively in 2007 and 2008 and this current president obama policies that led to the disintegration. we should be flipping the narrative confidently we had a chance to create a state in the middle east that could have been an allied democracy stable and when you look at the at least today and you have to choose between islamists and dictators, isn't it great to have a shining example to point to? instead we gave it away. >> you have even conservatives, laura ingram will say no way. of course we wouldn't have invaded iraq. we lost so much blood and treasure. knowing that they didn't have wmds, why would we have ever done it? >> i hope we'll ask the question of hillary clinton. knowing what we know about 9/11, why aren't we asking her husband why he didn't go more after bin laden in the '90s? you can hypothetical your way to nothingness.
6:35 pm
the reality is we went in and dealt with it and republicans should stand confidently a george w. bush made tough decisions at tough moments to double down and as a result we had a chance to win against a vicious enemy which we did. al qaeda was decimated and defeated and even joe biden declared iraq a victory. when he retreated and went in the wrong direction. >> he said it would be a great success. >> every candidate casscadeing is a problem. >> jeb bush took so much heat for the initial answer and not wanting to answer well if i knew then what i know now. what message does it send? president bush has been loathe to get into that and out of respect to the veterans of that war. what is it like to hear the candidates hear it was a mistake and shouldn't have done it? >> you say do they believe it was worth it and understand the investment and the scope of what was undertaken? how much was given and what an
6:36 pm
opportunity was fundamentally squandered by this administration. and i don't say that -- this is not about politics. people will say it is. it is not. it's about america's legacy and the strength and the strength and the standing in the world and we gave away from what so many men and women bled and sacrificed for. why are we kowtowing to questions of -- you asked the right question. he should have stood behind that rather than as the liberal media piles on cascade and fade away and give away the answer. i don't think republicans win with that narrative. turn it around and explain why. strength is the right policy not weakness is what we have from this administration. >> good to see you. >> thank you. joining us now laura in ingram. you said on your show you have to say, no we would not have done it. >> i like pete. he's a great guy and patriot and
6:37 pm
jeb and george w. and all great guys and let's stipulate to that. but we all have to remember where we were in 2007 and 2008. right? george w. bush had between about a 25% and 29% approval rating. we had lost the house, the senate and we lost the presidency in part on the failing economy but in part because the country had turned wildly against both the war in afghanistan and the war in iraq. not as strongly against afghanistan but the country was saying no no no. so i mean i guess we could try to run on this idea that we should have stayed in iraq and it would have worked out and nation wildbuild. what you saw with jeb bush today is reality hit him, too. right? he had to come out and say, no. i wouldn't have gone back in. we had the information we had the time and it's imperfect but, no i would not have made that
6:38 pm
decision. he had to say that. the country resoundingly said that by electing barack obama. that is a fact. that is undeniable. so the question going forward, i think, in the 2016 campaign is what next? are we going to stay on this foreign policy to define the election or are we going to try to find a new path forward with the working poor, the middle class who frankly aren't that all wound up about foreign policy but the fact they can't get a decent paying job that supporting their families. that's where i think the sweet spot is. >> they moved and republicans sort of anti-the bush doctrine over the past five six years and isis popped up and went back to a harder line and we need to be aggressive in the foreign policy and very few have gone back to the bush doctrine. you know believing that we can export the values believing that we could potentially nation wild.
6:39 pm
i asked jeb bush about those things and he said they're good sentiments. do you believe he's a -- >> yes. your question on that was so important and i'm so glad you asked it because it led jeb into saying, of course, nation building is good but we needed peace and security. he didn't say liberty. i think the country overwhelmingly rejected the idea of nation building. that was rejected and you got him also to say george w. bush is one of the most important advisers on the middle east. okay. i mean i just -- i think the donors are kind of looking at this. they invested a lot of money in jeb. because he was ready to go from day one. he was the smartest guy in the room. he was going to be really adept and deft at dealing with questions like yours and i think your interview changed the entire narrative for people on the sidelines wondering who to back in this race. this was a terrible week that he
6:40 pm
tried to correct today but i think ultimately it opened the window into what will be a recuring issue. this is not a three-day story, this relitigation of the bush years will continue. republicans relitigated carter. remember? >> won't just be against jeb but all the gop-ers asked. >> hillary's time of secretary of state and relitigate part of the clinton years. not the economy because that worked out well. great interview. >> thank you. we have a lot of months to go before we get there. great to see you. >> great to see you. breaking tonight, a hold of exclusive new video from the attempted terror attack in texas and we have that for you just ahead. reports late today about containing spring break across. it's not this exactly they object to but other stuff and brian is investigating next.
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developing tonight, new england patriots quarterback tom brady is fighting the punishment handed down the nfl earlier this week. brian is cohost of "fox & friends" and so what happened? he got pinched for cheating. the nfl said yeah you did it. and now you will have -- how many games suspended and a
6:45 pm
million bucks to pay. >> we thought he would get the four games and might petition that and the team gives up two draft picks and that a huge and a million dollar fine. that's not huge. they saved it with not paying him. they came backfiring today. >> his lawyer? >> yeah. one of the most notorious and competent in the country and going after them. >> after the nfl? >> going after the nfl and defending tom brady. they want it reduced and came out with a 20,000-word rebuttal to say how many of these 230 pages were just inaccurate and wrong that was put together by ted wells. >> why don't they produce the text messages as the nfl wanted him to do? show it to us. >> they have an explanation. they said well we have the equipment managers. that should be enough. there's some other highlights to enjoy. another element of this that they brought up looking to knock out of the park is the fact that the ball boy, the equipment manager, took the balls into the
6:46 pm
bathroom and their contention is he took the footballs with him because he had to relieve himself. they think the timing of 1:140 the same amount of time needed to relieve yourself as it would be to take the pressure out of the balls. the other thing that they said is he was known as the deflator. mcnally. he called himself the deflator. >> that's damning evidence he was deflating balls. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. the deflator means according to this rebultal the deflator is mcnally looking to lose weight and it was something he was saying. deflating. losing weight. i'm not kidding. it is in the report. we know the jenny craig slogan. eat our stuff, jog and deflate. >> works with men. every man wants to be told he can deflate. >> right. >> you don't feel confident about the defense? >> bob kraft, an owner. he's a huge fan of yours and i feel bad.
6:47 pm
i don't want to step -- >> that changes everything. >> i want full disclosure. >> why didn't you tell me that? all forgiven then. >> you can play. >> they're being railroaded. >> she's cleared you. >> let's move on. apparently breaking news in the spring break story. who knew hannity was on to something because that panama city beach council now approved a ban on beach drinking. but only during the month of march. >> yeah. during the month of march. you have to not serve beer at 2:00. not go on the beach after a certain time and not booking bands. why? seven people get shot. they have this people having alcohol poisoning and gang rape situations going on. over the top. it's done and through. the first week i came on you gave me the story and did this thing called research. >> yeah. >> i should have stopped but i stopped. i don't know why. i talked to a lawyer in the area and a city council member. >> did you talk to the girls? >> no.
6:48 pm
i would have remembered that. i didn't know a funnel was tapeable of this. >> never seen technology like this. >> this is what the college kids come up with. you can have a funnel with multiple openings. back to this for a second. he goes by the way, i worked in the emergency room. it happens regularly and think they're making money in panama city. they have no money. not staying in hotels. they're passing out w. this rule they have cleared out panama city and they're -- >> for the record they have winter break and might want to consider expanding it because they travel in december or february depending on the school. let's talk about there's some dude named adam swift. he's a british professor and he thinks that you're a bad parent and so am i and why? because we have committed the sin of -- >> reading to our children at bedtime. a bedtime story we're reading. you know what? it turns out there's studies. helps kids learn and smarter and you made the mistake.
6:49 pm
i was brought along with you. if we make our kids smarter and james' kids smarter and the whole room's kids smarter, when about the kids that don't have parents to read to them? it expands the gap. what were you thinking? >> loving all kids we keep our kids stupid. >> exactly. >> that's the key. >> we should have the valedictorian. >> look how unfair this is. unfair advantage he's getting. >> another kid asleep right now instead of getting a story read to them. >> i have a solution to this. >> which is? >> so professor swift, i have a solution. i heard about a service, this is before i had children. it's like a 1-800 service and you can call the service and they'll read bedtime stories to your -- >> really? >> traveling on work. your poor kid is just like -- hello? you know? >> that's exactly it. >> who will help me harvest the wheat? >> some dr. seuss rhyme and doesn't make sense to me. >> name that bedtime story.
6:50 pm
>> anybody? i have no idea. what is it? what is it called? >> who will help me harvest the wheat. >> samuel -- >> little red hen. what is your favorite story to read your kids? >> usually read my books to the kids and to make sure they fall right asleep and usually most effective way. no. but i mean you read to them. it's like lebron james blowing a new lay-ups because people in the european leagues with worst trainers worse coaches and no clouds. we are a country that was born to be inek itible. >> this is where social justice is going. injust to give your child anvantage. there should be no private school. because that's an advantage, too. professor swift wants to say on that. >> pressure on me for the last story? >> no. we're not doing that one. >> pressure's off, i guess. >> some man no one's heard of named blake shelton on a show people don't watch thinks you
6:51 pm
shouldn't pay attention to celebrities. >> so wrong. we always like what celebrities say. aristotle with alexander the great looked up to him. that's the story. >> and we have brian kilmeade. don't go away. we'll be right back.
6:52 pm
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wild within. new tonight an exclusive never before seen look at the final moments of last week's shooting outside of a free speech event in garland, texas. trace gallagher live with the video. trace? >> the video taken by shaken young men stumbled upon the shooting scene in garland, texas, where two suspects were trying to attack that convention. at first, we were told the suspects with body armor and assault weapons were both killed bay off duty traffic cop using
6:55 pm
the service revolver. it was five garland police officers opening fire. first i'll play you the raw video seeing the suspect on the ground and hear shots being fired. watch closely and listen. >> trying to go home. get some [ bleep ] socks from walmart. and right here [ bleep ] just start shooting at this convention. dead. straight shootout with the army out here. >> damn bro. >> check them out. >> [ bleep ] is crazy, bro. they still shooting man. we got to get the hell out of here. we got to go! >> now we'll freeze the scene. you can see the bodies of the suspects there on the ground on the left and we have blurred the faces of the police officers involved. one of the young men witnessed the shooting you just saw just told us they tried to flee the scene. they couldn't get the car in reverse. listen. >> okay. we can't run. no matter how fast you run, a bullet catches you. forget this. we got to duck.
6:56 pm
we didn't know if that guy was going to shoot or not. >> yeah. there's more of that video on patriots police are still investigating the claim that the suspects involved in the shooting were linked to isis. >> thank you. we'll be right back. i've tried laxatives but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a heavy weight that keeps coming back. vo: linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. linzess helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away.
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7:00 pm
secondly i got some helpful add visz of a man named charles, some advise do not ask for phone numbers to call for bedtime stories of kilmeade. good point. see you tomorrow night. we have a packed show. 9:00 p.m. and this is a fox news alert. a major scandal developing tonight surrounding abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos forced to apologize today over a huge conflict of interest after it was revealed that he donated $75,000 to the clinton foundation from 2012 to 2014. the embattled anchor released a statement saying in part quote, i thought my contributions were a matter of public record. however, in hindsight, i should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing my donations to my employer and the viewers on air. i apologize. gee, george you