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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  May 16, 2015 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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aol's going to revive interest in old internet names. >> agree? >> when it goes down it could be a takeover target. >> that's it for "forbes on fox." thanks for watching. keep it right here. eric bolling and "cashin' in" is next. never let a good to waste. democrats pouncing on the deadly amtrak crash to call for more infrastructure spending. >> this say wake-up call. it's a reminder of how much we depend on our mass transit, how much we depend on our roads and bridges, how much our safety is directly linked to the kinds of investments we make. >> last night, we failed them. we failed to invest in their safety. we famed ed failed to make their safety a priority. >> is more spending the answer? hi everyone welcome. our crew this week wayne rogers jonathan michelle fields and jessica, welcome,
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everybody. michelle democrats, are they making this political? >> of course they are, they're politicizing this tragedy. when someone has a car accident and they're driving too quickly and they kill someone, we don't say, oh we need to fix the bridges, the roads in this country. we say, why were you going so fast. it appears as though this tragedy was caused by human error. wasn't caused by evil republicans on capitol hill. we give $1 billion a year to amtrak. republicans, there's nothing they could have done to stop this guy from speeding. they already authorized a speed control system. so it's not about republicans. that's all they're focused on. >> politics aside, where do you stand on the whole infrastructure debate? >> well it's a simple thing, eric it's a technical thing. i mean these -- all of these infrastructures have an amortization schedule. supposed to be, you know taken care of over a period of time. they last a certain amount of
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time. we know what they did. by the way, this particular accident, you know there was an accident in 1943 at this same turn. these are human errors. these are -- they have nothing to do with the spending on the infrastructure. when that woman stood up and said we don't even know the cause of this and then went on to say, oh we got to spend more money, that tells you right away they don't know what the hell they're doing. >> we knew it was a setup. amtrak is essentially socialized rail travel. if it's government owned, government funded government controlled. you know amtrak hasn't made a profit in its 30-plus years of existence. in fact they lose money on every single trip. >> hold on let's be accurate here. the northwest corridor does make money, does turn a profit. it subsidizes a lot of other rail stations and tracks that they lose money on. you're right jonathan it's taxpayers who make up the
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difference. maybe it's time to privatize amtrak. >> i'm not sure about that. i think it's time to spend money wisely. i agree with michelle it's the fault of the drive but also amtrak. they knew they had to install technology that would have prevented this crash. i think we should look into more public/private partnership -- >> can i stop you. this is an interesting debate. why isn't congress involved? why don't they hold amtrak to the same standard that some of the other transportation industries are held to? >> the idea we should throw more money at amtrak is i think absolutely wrong. if you look at just the cafe car in amtrak which is where they sell snacks and drinks. they lose $80 million a year because of waste and because their employees steal stuff. if they can't keep track of potato chips -- >> you have to jump right to privatization? why can't we have a public/private partnership -- >> because there's no -- the private sector could manage this
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much better. and if we're losing money every year why -- >> let me just -- and jonathan if we did privatize amtrak one portion would be profitable. and you're worried about technology and you're worried about safety regulations. seat belts for god sake. if it was privately owned, i guarantee there would be seat belts on those planes. >> it's infrastructure in general. the reason the roads are clogged up these days and bridges are falling down is for the same reason there is no toilet paper in venezuela and no energy in north korea. this idea of private roads, it's not so unbelievable. it kifts now in mexico in france in italy, in spain. even right here in the u.s. the toll road the chicago skyway. it brings money into the federal government. so the gop and the dems want to spend. how about privatization on any level. and watch productivity go up and
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debt go down. >> john boehner fielded about whether the gop was responsible for the amtrak crash. listen ton his response. >> are you really going to ask such a stupid question? listen. you know. they started this yesterday. it's all about funding. it's all about funding. well obviously, it's not about funding. >> wayne. >> well that's a theory that money can cure anything. that's wrong of course, you know. as i said before this is a technical thing. you have an amorization schedule. when you build a bridge it's supposed to last so many years. when you build anything the highway, it's supposed to last so many years. you did put aside money for that. all of that is already taken care of. this is a bogus debate, you know. if you -- wait one thing if you want to make it private, yes, i understand that. that makes sense. go ahead. >> so we do have a situation in
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the country where our roads and bridges and train tracks and airports are literally crumbling. >> yeah we have a c-plus rating. >> why not privatize it? get some funding in there? i guarantee hedge fund managers would jump on the opportunity -- >> absolutely they've done it -- >> right. >> yeah we've got governor guam quo has worked to this effect and it's done wonders for the city. >> why not more? >> we should do more but i think saying carte blanche, privatize everything -- >> in a way, it's not efficiency. private roads by and large are efficient. it's safety. st. louis which has been in the news quite a bit. st. louis has a history of what they call private spaces. which are essentially privatized roads. they're among the city's safest. >> i think right now we're spending over $400 billion in infrastructure. i think we can all agree we're in favor of infrastructure spending.
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>> and we spend quite a bit as it is. highway, gas tax, et cetera. we spend $400 billion. but it's not efficient spending. that's part of the problem. by the way, our #wakeupamerica. putting up massive numbers. if it's hot to you, we try to debate it here. check this out, "cashin' in" took the top spot in cable news ratings last week. all ratings, we were the top show in the demo 25 to 55 year olds. a testament to your engagement in both viewing and commenting online. we want to thank you for that awesome honor. coming up we're drought shaming hollywood elites. hypocritical celebrities are thumbing their well-structured noses at us by refusing to conserve water. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes
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hollywood celebs. the defenders of humanity
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claiming they care about the people and the environment. hollywood is in california where you may have heard there's a massive drought gripping the state. the governor has issued new rules telling people to dramatically cut back water use. here's barbra streisand's massive estate. here's kim kardashian and kanye west's home. here's jennifer aniston's pad. the list goes on and on. we'll show you some pictures as we go. notice anything? see any drought ridden dried up lawns? any pools not overflowing? hypocrite worse. you're part of hollywood's elite. is your grass dry? >> well i don't think of myself as a typical hollywood person at all. but this exists elsewhere too. if you went through and photographed all of the homes of
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the -- house and senate in california i think you'd find the same kind of thing going on. hollywood -- you pick on hollywood because they shoot their mouths off too much. but it goes on everywhere. >> jonathan so what do you think of these people? obviously they push for the environment and then go ahead and water their lawns against the governor's wishes. >> eric, if someone doesn't practice what he preaches that should immediately disqualify their argument. i feel kind of sorry for a lot of hollywood celebs because they practice environmentalism. i mean they'd be unhappy, inconvenienced and ultimately dead because environmentism is about putting nature ahead of man. so don't fill your swimming pools. don't eat meat. don't use the land. >> what about that? >> i'm learning a lot about what
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environmentalism is. >> should they drink their pool water? >> maybe their toilet water too. they should play by the same set of rules as everybody else. governor brown has talked about increasing the fine to $10,000. i still don't think that's going to do anything to the likes of kim and kanye. >> now they got to hire people to go around and look at people's swimming pools and decide whether they need a fine or not -- >> we talked about it. the water crisis right here. one of the solutions was state charging a market price for water. >> oh absolutely. i think that's the problem. you have government in control of water. get the government out of -- get the government out of everything i absolutely agree. >> i was joking that time -- >> libertarian -- >> the things i have a problem with is these celebrities are against things like the keystone pipeline because they say, oh we care about the environment so much. they're depriving americans from thousands of jobs. yet throwing water on their
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country club-like homes and then telling americans be maybe you shouldn't shower regularly to save water. give me a break. >> i'm sure you're showering out in l.a. >> hopefully. >> wayne. >> you know -- >> that took a minute. >> no i think the answer to this is to find people who overuse the water. that's the easiest way to do it. just make a massive fine out of it. >> no. >> why not? >> go ahead. >> yeah why not? >> what needs to change here is this idea we should be fined for using the earth. using the earth to better our lives is wrong. it starts in the school. it's taught at a very young age school. environmentalism not using the earth is sometimes moral. we should be applauding these celebs -- >> -- work for you anymore, in a year california doesn't the market decide? >> bingo, michelle fields nails it. let the market decide. by the way, you put a price --
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like everything else when gas is in high demand gas prices go up. guess what happens, use goes down. do the same thing. >> it's like the government is in the way of the market. >> last thought? >> i disagree. >> more government? >> more government. all the time. >> good point. jessica just earned her liberal card back. we'll leave it there. coming up deflated but not just defeated. tom brady appealing his costly suspension by the nfl. so what message is that sending?
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good morning. a fox news alert. u.s. special forces have returned safely from a daring mission against isis in eastern syria. according to the pentagon after an intense firefight, a top isis commander is dead his wife captured. plus take a closer look at what this means for u.s. troops in the fight against isis. the fbi now wants to know if a projectile hit the amtrak train before it derailed. new information about the other two trains hit by something, possibly a rock, possibly gunfire, the same night of that crash. and america's heartland remains in the bull's-eye of severe weather. hail and lightning have already pounded some cities ahead of possible tornadoes. plus, there is snow in the forecast. we'll see you from america's news headquarters in ten minutes.
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nfl superstar tom brady appealing his suspension for his alleged role in deflate gate. jonathan should brady just fess up and say, look i deflated my balls, and take his punishment? >> i played in the nfl for a couple of years. a lot of people don't know that. that day to day model lifestyle. there might be a bit of a shot in this. we build people up we love to tear them down. the truth is you don't just obtain values long term by lying and think 90 years ago shulless jackson admitted to being part of the white sox scandal. i think his image was -- >> what position? >> tight end. >> we'll move on. so a couple things have happened since this. number one, roger goodell
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decided to take the case on himself. he works for the nfl who suspended brady. that doesn't seem very fair and balanced. >> a lot of what the nfl does doesn't seem fair and balanced. i think it's really interesting what the nfl is saying about their values. they suspend tom brady for four games over this but ray rice who committed a serious domestic abuse defense only got two games. >> they eventually suspended him for the season. >> that's what it started with. if we look at the treatment of the player. tom brady has been out, speaking he's been smiling, he's still tom brady. >> in america, we believe innocent until proven guilty. i know that's in the court of law. the nfl plays by different rules, but should they? >> the evidence against him is pretty compelling. i think he should fess up hand over his communications. but he has nothing to gain from it. people are only going to question his legacy question his entire career. let's be honest look he doesn't play for four games.
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he has more time to be with his hot wife. who cares. it's a good deal for him. >> here's that shot -- >> wayne, talk to me you were involved in some ownership. what should the patriots do? >> the patriots have been caught before, you know, cheating. you have rules for certain things. abide by them. if you don't want to abide by them you should be punished. i don't know yet. we don't know yet whether he was guilty or not guilty. it appears we might have been but we don't know that yet. >> more probably than not. you can't convict swn on more probably than not. you can't pull a guy over on you were probably speeding. i just wonder why the nfl has this -- look it's a private company. they can make the rules they want. when something looked like this inflated football rule probably
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the dumbest rule in all of sports, a rule nonetheless. >> i played in the nfl so i know all those rules. i used to like quite a deflated ball. stick with the truth. people respect you more. so many examples of this. from bill clinton on down. speak with the truth. your self-esteem and ultimately your success. >> the producers looked up your position in the archives. it was left out. and sometimes you played right bench as well. >> i rotated a lot. >> you rotated. go ahead. >> like i said i don't think there's any reason for him to fess up. that's probably how he sees it. he has fans who believe in him. if he does he's not going to have anyone. >> tom brady's jersey sales shot up after -- >> like i said he has more time to spend with his hot wife. >> let me tell you one more thing. i literally saw this. there's a go fund me account for
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the patriots to raise the money for their fine. >> it's not surprising to me at all. it's disturbing. i do think he should fess up if he did it. i think jonathan's completely right, the truth will set you free and people will respect him more down the line. >> lance armstrong -- >> if he has anything to do with it -- wayne, wayne, we don't know if he even knew. clearly he likes the football that way. does it mean he was involved in it? >> this applies all the way across our whole society. god forbid if hillary would fess up. i know it would take an entire issue of "the new york times"." >> we kind of knew that. we have to leave it there. you heard the big sigh from jessica. >> we almost made it all the way -- >> listen we got to go. from deplated balls to deflating careers.
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want to say thanks to our "cashin' in crew" for joining
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us. go blackhawks jonathan. all right. wake up america. by now you probably heard president obama taking another cheap shot at fox news blaming us for his failed economic policies. >> i have to say, if you watch fox news on a regular basis, it is a constant menu. they will find folks who make me mad. i don't know where they find them, right. i don't want to work. i just want free obama fund or whatever. >> we at fox don't begrudge poor people struggle to feed a family. sometimes a helping hand is what's needed to get back on track. buying time to find work. we get that. we do begrudge however the parasites. people who take stuff from the taxpayer. not out of need. just because they can. parasites are simply working the system. a system you've made very
8:59 am
workable. case in point, our surfer dude who thinks it's a-okay to use taxpayer money to buy lobster sushi. >> all paid for by our wonderful tax dollars. >> mr. president, don't blame fox news for the parasites you've enabled. jon stewart was falling over himself to defend the president attack on fox. >> seems like the president has a firm grasp on your business model, fox, so why are you outraged? >> go ahead, be the defender of the enabler. you're just as predictable and just as dumb. before you pat yourself on the back too vigorously here are the facts. food stamps abuse has soared under the enabler. and improper payments for medicare have increased by $15 billion tax dollars. facts don't lie brother. the good news is you're
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retiring soon maybe you can watch more fox news with your free time and actually learn something. the beauty of fox, class is always in session here even for slow learners like you. have a great weekend, everybody. following a victory against isis a daring ground raid against the islamic state in eastern syria killing a commander and capturing his wife who could be a good source of intelligence. troubling e-mails for hillary clinton. were foreign governments able to hack into that private e-mail server? and a new twist in the investigation of the deadly amtrak derailment. the fbi has brought on the case. agents trying to figure out if some sort of flying object smashed into the windshield seconds before the crash. we're live on the scene in philadelphia.


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