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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the time we have left this evening. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. because we will miss you. thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. it fair balanced and unafraid. >> isis is gaining ground fast. this is very grim. is the white house watching? "on the record" taking you directly to iraq where "wall street journal" nora joins us. tell me the latest about isis. >> isis took over ramadi, the provincial capital on sunday. it's been consolidating position there, trying to show its control of the city, putting out a video yesterday, taking a visual tour of some of ramadi's landmarks, showing some of the battle effects there crushed cars, buildings still on fire it's continued this offensive eastward on districts. prime minister called in to help iraq's forces in the
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fight, continued to mobilize around the province. getting ready to take their part in this very pivotal fight in iraq as well. >> shiite militia were there. were they not there when isis rolled in take over. didn't they run with the iraqi special forces? >> they were not there in anbar province because iraq's government has been trying to build up the iraqi security forces and sunni tribal fighters to take care of this campaign on their own in anbar province because that province which is iraq's largest has some sensitivities of its own. the tribal fighters there are ones who are taken on al qaeda before in the the former insurgency years. and this was a key test for prime minister abedy to try to prove the government's ability to take care of the isis threat without calling in the shiite militia some
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of which were leading the anti-american insurgency a decade ago. that unraveled over the weekend. made the decision to call them in on sunday there are a lot of concerns about how this fight is going to play out over the next few days. >> the iraqi government is calling the shiite militia are they saying anything about the united states? are they asking, for instance for anything directly from the united states for help? are they saying anything about the united states? are they saying about president obama? >> the united states -- the u.s.-led coalition here continues air strikes around anbar province and particularly around ramadi to aid this fight. as we saw in the battle forty credit, a city farther north in march u.s. led air strikes joined that campaign only after some of the most troublesome shiite militias in the u.s. perspective closely trained by iran withdrew from that fight. it's not clear if that is
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going to work out with ramadi again. these militias, especially the ones with the closest relationship to iran are already deployed on the ground. they are already making moves to get involved very closely if not lead this fight. u.s. and iraqi officials we talked to here say that they have no indication these broadly these giant militias are not going to be under central government command but there are a lot of questions if that's, indeed, going to be true over the next few days. >> all right. how about the people in ramadi the citizens. what is isis going door-to-door and looking for anyone or what's going on there? >> the weekend was a really really bad one. isis went after essentially all pro-government families, families of policemen storming into homes. there has been a human flood out of ramadi over the past few weeks. families have reached a bridge separating anbar province from baghdad the
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capital here. and baghdad authorities for several days have sealed off the crossing because there are too many people trying to come in and they fear sunnies flooding into shiite areas of the country a lot of shiites see them as a security threat, potential collaborators with isis and it's been a mounting humanitarian problem at this one bridge separating the two provinces. they only opened it up today so we will see how that happens, but really, you know the very sad side effects of this unfolding battle in anbar has been families caught in the crossfire and the mounting displacement problem in iraq. >> nora, thank you very much. well isis is expanding its reach and this does threaten our national security. what should president obama as the nation's leader be doing? iraq war veteran representative duncan hunter joins us. good evening sir what should president obama should be doing as you listen to what's going on and we have had fallujah,
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mosul and now ramadi as the big cities fall. >> makes me angry number one, because we fought there we lost hundreds of marines in fallujah, hundreds of marines in ramadi, and now it's for nothing. >> and all it takes is one commander and chief with a feckless naive foreign policy and here is what you get a total back slight isis rolled over them and got the shiite militia. >> iranian backed paramilitary into the sunni triangle. palled up with the iraqi government? >> they are going into the sunni triangle. sunel tribal members one of which came to me in my office and talked about this. family killed in jordan now brought him out here to try to get bird's eye view but he was the one that actually fought with the u.s. military against al qaeda back then. these are the guys that we need to arm and we aren't arming them. we are not helping them in
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any way somewhat so ever. they are having iranian backed i will be proved wrong hopefully they can't take ramadi back. it was a hard nut to crack for us both fallujah and ramadi. i don't think they can take them back. that's my call. i don't think they will be able to take any of these cities back once isis gets in them. our air strikes can't help them. you can't change the likes on the ground by air strikes. you can't air strike a city. this is all the iraqis now. >> about a week ago we ha governor of nineveh province, he was here on the set is. he traveled from iraq. he came here to beg the united states government to arm them because apparently the arms when they go to the iraqi government in baghdad that never made it, never make it out to these areas where these people are fighting for their lives against isis. >> that's exactly right. that's what this sheikh came to my office today and said give us the weapons. we will fight. we don't want to fight under the iranian backed shia
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militia. we are sunni tribal fighters. we helped you once we can help you again. they said they can get over 5,000 people to go fight. that's where we are right now. i will tell you what, chairman dempsey who presided over the pullout in 2011 he is the highest general that we have is the same general now. so when he says that ramadi is not a big deal, is he either naive or he knows something that we don't know. and i don't think it's the latter. this is the exact same person that pulled us out when we said please don't because this is what is going to happen. and lo and behold it only took four years which is, know, that's pretty quick for this to happen and here we are. it's all falling apart. >> i don't know what the president is doing. i do know reading the national security twitter account which is a strange place to get information. president obama met with national security council today and what he said according to the report that he reaffirms his strong support for the iraqi
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government like doing and saying. i want to know what he is doing? >> it's too late americans going into cities again to free them and i don't think the iraqi militias can do it. this is going to be hard house-to-house fighting with suicide bombers. it's going to be a tough nut to crack. >> what happens? >> i think we try to hold them west of baghdad. that's what they have to do. somehow we need to get involved in this fight. no one else knows she's sunni tribal leaders the way that we know the sunni tribal leaders because we have already done this and we have won. we can show them how to win again. this president is not going to do that. and that's the sad part about this. he brought us into this situation. and there is no way in hell that he is going to be the way out of this. it's it unfortunate. hopefully they can hang on for a year and a half. >> congressman nice to see you, thank you sir. >> new information about the isis leader killed by our special forces in that very daring friday night operation in syria. what was his connection to
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26-year-old slain american hostage kayla muriel? national review joins us. nice to see you tom. what can you tell us about this leader of isis who our special forces got thankfully and what's his connection to this 26-year-old? >> actual name came out today. the leaks that have been coming out especially from adam schiff, member of the house intelligence community talking about specific information they have that leads them to belief that this gentleman well, not a gentleman but this guy knew about the location of western hos tages and might have actually at one point been responsible for detaining her. what we have known before some in the oil and logistics, the oil field that he was actually caught at is is the biggest in syria. but this secondary point with the hostages now essentially becomes a primary point of interest and the lead for why this raid took place to try to get information. >> does this tell us that we
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have really got a important strategic member of isis? i mean, is is he as big as we are hoping he is in terms of hurting isis, destroying their ability to operate and getting intelligence? >> i don't think is he that big. i think you saw the administration trying to play up his importance in terms of great operation. fantastic delta force. >> flawless. >> flawless. >> that's great but the strategic level, you have to remember representative hunter was talking about during iraq, it took multiple raids of this kind every night for years to have effect on al qaeda in iraq. what we can get from this in the best case scenario is it sends a m wqófo(vquuuañwu8ñ ge uwc[fx&lí to these american hostages. >> we have his wife. his wife is alive. >> that was very noteddable, again, schiff was representative schiff was talking about what his might know. and it seemed to me that there is some intelligence there that they have a specific linkage to her had.
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that's something. let's just hope. >> tom, thank you. >> thank you. >> and will send a shiver up your spine. the british woman known as the white widow. what is she and what has she done. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. she vicious woman. who is she? >> samantha loosewaite. a lot of street credit in al qaeda west africa. her husband was a suicide bomber in one the worst attacks on british soil subway and bus bombing back in 2005 that injured dozens and killed even more than that. so she is has got this street cred and calling card now is the recruitment of women and children in east africa. >> she has been rumored or reported to have been part of a number of murders. how many murders? >> it's upwards of 350 murders. we are talking about major attacks in east africa. not only the westgate mall in 2013. this was a same mull taken
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yus attack where dozens were injured. but, also the more recent attach at the university. that's when they took 700 people hostage and they separated out the muslims from the christians. and then started systematically killing the christian students. >> where is she thought to be? >> she is thought to be in somalia at this time. what's interesting about her case is that she is really a gateway or linkage between western recruits and bringing them into the al qaeda fold. and she has shown herself to be very adept at understanding the kinds targets that are going to unnerve western governments and in this case universities and also shopping malls. because, you remember, after the westgate attack in 2013, security here in the united states at shopping malls was stepped up as well. >> it's hard to think of it. here is this western woman joins. >> women and children as suicide bombers. >> suicide bombers and now responsible for almost 400 murders.
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it's absolutely. >> thrown her in with them clearly. >> i hope we get her soon. >> you are welcome. >> numbers are growing. it isn't just in europe a growing number of americans are flocking to isis. who are they? lt. alan west is here. unbelievable. we heard catherine's report about this british woman. we heard americans here joining isis. i mean, you know, what can we do about it? >> good evening greta o the most important thing is we need to start winning right now what they see coming from the united states of america is the lack of any co-heernlt coherent type of strategy. when you look at the fact that isis was able to hold a clear daylight parade through ramadi i remember back in desert shield and desert storm highway the death when we caught the iraqi army retreating and we put every single asset we could in the air and completely owe blited rated them. isis should not have been able to conduct a victory march through ramadi a place
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where representative duncan hunter talked about we have lost so much blood. but, when you have the president of the united states of america back in august of last year said let me make myself very clear isis is not islamic. we are not confronting their ideology. we are not delegitimizing their ideology to conduct a just as strong information operation. and we are not meeting them on the battlefield like we should. >> besides the very important issue about the american blood spilled in that country and despite great hate of other people being victimized. how is what is going none iraq right now a matter of national security for americans here at home right now? as much as we hate to see he this happening why should americans care tonight? >> i live about 2 minutes away from garland, texas where you had had two islamic jihadist to attack a free speech event. the funny thing is that we are too busy in america
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demonizing the organizers of the event instead of recognizing that the jihadis are here. they will continue to petroleum mull gate not just in iraq or afghanistan or in the middle east. this is going to spread into all of our countries all across western civilization. if we are not willing to stand up and realize this is a situational battle, this is ideological battle and confront them and meet them, then it is going to continue to infect and invade us here in the united states of america. as well as you have seen the attacks in paris and england and belgium all across western civilization. so this is why this is not just something that is contained into the middle east. this is a global jihadist movement and we have to see it this way. this is a world war 4. i call it world war 4 because the cold war was world war iii. >> colonel, thank you sir. >> thank you greta. this is a fox news alert.
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vice president joe biden's son bow biden is undergoing treatment at walter reid medical center. not providing any other information. bo is the vice president's oldest son the 46-year-old biden had treatment at houston cancer center in 2013. we will bring you more information as we get it straight ahead police now on alert bracing for more violence after a deadly biker brawl. a federal agent who went under cover and infiltrated the hell's angels. that's next. also caught on camera a substitute teacher whacking students with a belt. that story is coming up next.
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it is unaniable what went down in that waco restaurant. murdered. bikers under arrest. there is is more disturbing news tonight. police in waco texas on alert. bracing for more violence. fox reporter natalie joins us live from waco. natalie, besides the alarm going off on that car behind you, what's going on there? >> yes. we have got a lot going on. police continue to search their vehicles. as they have entered the white truck over my shoulder that alarm has been going off periodically. there are still fears here that there could be additional violence, law enforcement has been on high alert. there has been police presence you can see a presence that you cannot see law enforcement posted in various places. but police do tell us that the threats have actually come down within the last 24 hours. they have been very public in asking these rival gangs to stand down while they continue their investigation. and it seems as if these gangs are heeding that request and allowing police
11:21 pm
to continue their investigation, specifically here in this parking lot. greta? >> all right. now, are there actually -- of the 170 arrested, how many have been charged with murder? any charged as of now? >> right. well, they are facing that charge of engaging in organized crime with reference to capital murder. there were some questions today about three individuals who were released on bond. their bond set at 50 and $20,000 and there were questions about that why weren't their bonds set at $1 million like the rest of the 167 bikers. police addressed that just moments ago and they basically said that those three individuals had different case numbers unclear to us right now. how those case numbers were different and why. but they got different case numbers so their bonds were set much lower. they have been rearrested. two of the three have been reartell us that they
11:22 pm
expected the third to be rearrested soon. those bonds will be reset at $1 million as well. >> natalie, thank you. so what drives the biker gang to such violence? our next guest infiltrated the hell's angels. good evening sir. >> under cover with hell's angels. when was this? >> 2001 to 2003 in southern california. >> what did you learn? >> i learned how violent they were. how vicious they were. that the club gang in this case it's their religion, it's the bible that they follow. they will fight for it and kill for it and as we saw in waco sunday, they will die for it. >> now the hell's angels go back to 1948 and there are other big gangs biker gangs in the country like the pag begans go pagans in the
11:23 pm
1950s, incidentally was not art pa of this thing in waco. how big is it? >> thousands of members. they are an international crime syndicate. they are worldwide. six continents. only continent they are not on is an articca. probably only reason because aren't on. they would be there too. what do you know about the two main rival gangs that were here in waco? >> the bandit toes international crime as i understand cat. they control texas and a few other states. the smaller club aligned with the hell's angels and showed up in open defiance and disrespect of the banditos and what they consider to be their territory, which is texas. >> is the business for these two gangs illegal drugs? and are they sort of a
11:24 pm
little bit like mexican cartels in that that's their trade? >> it's a bit of that, sure. it's territory. it's power it's influence. it's intimidation. i don't think biker gangs are all that much different than traditional street gangs. crypts and bloods fight over red and blue. biker gangs fight over the different colors they wear. >> are there lawful members of the gangs? i know the justice department recognizes many of these as crime as i understand cat. are there people who join it and they join it intending lawful purposes and having lawful goals? >> i think there is hundreds of thousands of bikers out there who are not criminals belong to civilian clubs that are not criminal. the 1%, the outlaws, they are the dangerous ones. they're the violent ones. and not every person had who wear as bandito vest or hell's angel vest is out there murdering or raping or
11:25 pm
selling drugs and guns. there are members that are. they are tolerated within that gang. they are protected and respected within that gang. that's what delineates them from being a club. when they commit those types of violent crimes and they are protected you become a gang. >> is there a leader of the banditos? do you know who that is and are they well-known? >> i honestly can't tell you hot figure-head of the gang is they do have a structured leadership much like traditional organized crime where the foot soldiers are down on the street, down in the weeds doing the dirt. and the higher up you go the better insulated you are. >> jay, thank you very much. of course have you written a book about this. it's fascinating read on sort of the culture of some of these crime as i understand cat biker gang. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> and at fox news ed henry catch presidential candidate hillary clinton off
11:26 pm
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wait, wait. >> yes maybe, when i finish talking to the people here. how's that? >> [inaudible] >> i might. i have to ponder it. but i will put it on my list. for due consideration. >> thank you. >> today in iowa, fox news ed henry trying to get former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton to answer reporter questions and finally sect clinton answering questions about the release of emails from
11:30 pm
her private server. >> i want those emails out. nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. i respect the state department. they have their process that they do for everybody not just for me. but anything that they might do to expedite that process i heartedly support. >> fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live from cedar falls, iowa. ed? >> great to see you it's interesting, greta. you heard her former secretary of state clinton putting the onus on the state department. the state department is saying well it might take until january of 2016 to release some of these tens of thousands of emails that hillary clinton turned over that they are going through looking for sensitive information. remember, these are from her personal account. the personal server, but had some official business. and so we are trying to find out was there benghazi-related information, russia, you name it hillary clinton saying that she believes this will show that she was
11:31 pm
a strong secretary of state and more eager than anyone number one if it's put out there in january of 2016, and there is anything that's damaging that would be a couple weeks before the iowa caucuses are here. she wants that out now so she can deal with it not before next year before caucuses and primaries. when she put the onus on the state department saying they are their documents now. it's up to them to go through this process. a federal judge said they have to speed that process up. remember, as you noted greta, these he emails started in the personal server of hillary clinton. she does want to be transparent. does want to get them out there. she could have put these emails out there a long time ago. it's interesting as she is playing a little defense finally taking questions from reporters today here in iowa, she is putting the onus on state department when the emails were in her possession all along. >> is she interviewing with local iowa media at all. i know she is not talking to national media but what the local media. >> she did take questions
11:32 pm
from local media in terms of local media no, she is not doing interviews here with tv stations or newspapers. we haven't seen that i will say something we don't see a lot. beyond her carefully stage managed round table which is what i was trying to break up a little bit hearing the talking points. all democrats and republicans do their talking points out here on the stump. at the end of it move on. she finally did that today. then afterwards walked outside and shook some hands with voters interactive. they have been saying selects sometimes carefully are a committees straighted round tables. get out on the street. not coming from me but david axelrod who over the weekend said he is surprised she is not doing this.
11:33 pm
this in the long run might actually help her campaign to deal with these tough issues that have been building up u that have really hurt her campaign early on. >> washington examiner susan father rich choo and jackie coverage. your reaction to all of this going on with the secretary. >> it's good to see her taking questions. she did have to answer these questions at some point. absolutely right. if she doesn't answer questions, she is going to have to deal with them later. she didn't today it seemed like. there was nothing overt anyway. it would take her longer to rebound from them, right? then she would be in a pickle even longer. >> i was thinking, susan whether she would have to deal with them later coming from the media and not necessarily the voters. no matter how much you try to avoid the media and i know politicians don't like this very well is that there will come a time when there is a debate. standing up on the stage you are going to get asked. >> that's a long time from now. >> but it could be very painful. it may be long from now but
11:34 pm
it's close to elections. that's the problem. >> right now she is talking past the media i think her whole response today she wasn't answering ed henry and talking to reporter. she is talking to the cameras. getting the message out. it sounded good. even though you and i could sit here and say wait, those emails were in her house. how would she say. that sounds reasonable. and, her main problem is the general election. right now, what she is doing is fine. who who is her competition? people 599 points behind her in the polls. she is unbeatable until somebody gets in the race and gets within 10 points of her. until then, everything she is doing right now is actually a really smart stleagd. she avoiding tough questions. keeping herself out of the jeb bush hot water situation on things. she is doing a smart thing for her access to the winning the nomination. >> what happens if we're all being set up in the media that if they go through -- the state department goes through its process which by the way i don't think it laid out the standards how it was going to sort through and tell it us how we were
11:35 pm
going to get and not going to get. what happens if they sort through and there is nothing there. >> we can all stamp our feet and say what were the ones that were erased. i agree with susan. i don't think a lot of people are are even paying attention to this right now as much as we are. you know we kicked and we screamed and we got some questions, gosh darn it. if she becomes a nominee and still questions still unanswered questions about the emails, the whole idea of her not being a trustworthy candidate it can sink her. if she is in a close race with someone. there have been really important studies trustworthiness comes into play. a quinnipiac poll that came out in april that found 54% of the people who are polled found her not to be trustworthy and not to be honest that could be a serious problem. >> my wild guess try to jump into the voter's mind. we love to talk about this. my guess is when thee really start kicking and paying attention are the last two or three debates between the presidential candidates. this is fascinating for us but my guess is that that's
11:36 pm
when it's -- that's when he put. >> most accurate in october. >> unless i can name some bad ones. bad polls. anyway panel, thank you. >> okay. and florida has filed a lawsuit against the obama administration. why? florida attorney general pam bondi is here. teacher caught whacking kids with a (dog) mmm, beneful healthy weight is so good... and low-calorie. keeps me looking good. hey, i get some looks, i hear the whistles. (vo) beneful healthy weight, a delicious, low-calorie meal your dog will love. with wholesome rice, real chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples.
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11:41 pm
that united states supreme court for three days, what they ruled they ruled that we could not be coerced into expanding our medicaid program by the federal government, and that is exactly what the president of the united states is doing. he is totally disregarding the constitution. is he disregarding what our united states supreme court has said. and, basically, they are threatening us to take away our lip program low income pool funding that by the way has been around since 2006. this isn't new money. this is taxpayer hard earned dollars that went into this program. >> all right. they are taking. >> expand medicaid. >> if they don't now is that the same group of recipients? the low income pool? they would otherwise be medicaid recipients? >> yes. and that's why our governor is -- feels so strongly about this. and we are blessed to have rick scott as our governor in florida and i am
11:42 pm
representing the governor right now and we are suing over, this saying basically if you don't accept the medicaid expansion we're going to pull or we can pull your low income pool. >> let me ask you quickly. >> these are the poorest of poor families, greta. that's what is so sad. this is over a 2 billion-dollar program that they are threatening to take away from floridians, our tax dollars if we don't expand medicine cadz that is not a job for the president. >> follow what the court says. i want to get to another court issue. there was some charity frauds in florida there has been a recent settlement for agreement. >> yes. absolutely. this is a great warning for consumers. we have great cancer programs out there. but there are three. it's called cancer fund of america. children's cancer fund. and breast cancer society. this is a national settlement that we have done
11:43 pm
with ftc cancer charities. if you are going to donate check with better business bureau go online and make sure it's a legitimate charity. >> finally, are you running for senate? >> the announcement i am not running for senate in 2016. i have a lot more work to do as attorney general of the state of florida. ii am blessed i was asking to be on the national board of maggie's list. they go around and recruit conservative women are fiscally conservative, supports our military, less government to run for federal office. but in 2016, i'm going to be your a.g. >> all right. you are very busy. thank you very much. nice to see you pam. >> thanks, greta, you too. >> who killed the were mansion steps from joe biden's home.
11:44 pm
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four gruesome murders and coverup that happened just steps from vice president biden's home. two of the biggest clues surveillance video of a person of interest and burning porsche convertible. ted williams tracking the steps of the personal of interest law enforcement determined that whoever torched this car that when they left here, that they left and they went in this area and in this vincent here. how do we know that? because they have told us that they are looking for a person of interest in this vincent here, griff.
11:49 pm
and when you look here, you can see that there is a trail that leads right through these woods here and this trail leads right up as we are going up the hill here to the various area where they have now put out a videotape looking for a person of interest. >> the grass is matted down. there has been heavy foot traffic right through where we are. >> well, the reason that you will see a great deal of foot traffic here is because law enforcement were looking for physical evidence in this area. so, what we do know and have released is that they are looking for a person of interest that was seen on the video. by the way, if you notice up here there is a video camera right up on this building here. the personal of interest is walking in this direction here in the back of these businesses. that's in the area where the car was torched the 9/11
11:50 pm
porsche was found torched. we see the personal of interest walking in this direction and is he carrying something. >> wearing a hoody. >> and wearing a hood j. >> carrying a bag looks to be a white or light colored bag. it's interesting to try to make a determination you would have to believe that if the person would torch a car in this area back in here that they are very familiar with this neighborhood. >> the victims of this quadrupled murder are a washington couple and their young son and a housekeeper. and today grim news for the family of an american journalist, the trial of "the washington post" jason begins may 26th in iran. iran is charged as innocent american journalist with espionage. with us the journalist brother ali. terrible news for your family. you want news that he is being released but thoughts upon hearing your brothers going to trial there?
11:51 pm
we are glad it's coming along at this point and out of limbo. gives us an opportunity to show that he is innocent. that's what he wants. if they are not going to let him out -- a public trial that shows that they really have no evidence against him for these charges is what we really want and want it as quickly as possible. >> this is not a public trial though, right? this is not the trials like we are accustomed to seeing. we have seen other americans, quote go to trial. amir hekmati went to trial. these trials are frankly they have not been good news. >> you know, this is -- it's completely discretion of the judge. the judge can make it a public trial and let us see what is going on or else close the doors. at this point, you know, we are hoping that the trial will be public. we are hoping that jason's boss from the post has already put in and asked to be able to go and get a visa, as well as my mom. we don't know if my mom is going to be able to go and see the trial. that's what we have been asking for for weeks. >> is your brother in the same prison that pastor abedino and amir hekmati
11:52 pm
our marine is held in? >> i believe so. i know he is in the same jail as hekmati. i'm not sure if abedini is in evan as well. he is held in separate areas. >> has your brother gotten a phone call out recently? >> no. my mom did go to iran last week and after about five days she was able to go and see him. but he hasn't been able to make any outgoing calls out of the country at all. they have prevented him from doing that. >> ali, thank you. i hope the united states is putting all the pressure it can to get your brother out because this is just a terrible situation both your brother and the other americans. ali, thank you. >> thank you greta. >> and coming up, substitute teacher caught on camera hitting students with a belt. that story next. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers.
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it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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caught on camera, a substitute teacher in
11:57 pm
maryland using a belt discipline middle school students what's going on here. will thomas joins us. will, where is this and what was going on? >> hey greta. what we understand is. this a student inside a sixth grade class at a suburban maryland school called quinn park middle school captured these few seconds it was a substitute teacher apparently using what appeared to be a belt to break up a possible fight. as soon as that substarted swinging the belt around, you could see the kids scatter. you could hear them just now screaming on that videotape. well, the school immediately responded. we obtained this video and showed it first last night on our local air here at fox five in washington. the school immediately responded and said we don't condone this type of behavior. the substitute teacher used improper actions. the subhas been removed from the classroom. and we also learned today police and the state's attorney out here are investigating the teacher. no charges filed so they are not releasing the name of the teacher. we did some digging we found out is a vietnam vet. is he apparently well-liked
11:58 pm
by students and parents and he is involved with the rotc program at the local high school there. right near the middle school. now, we did speak withhe t !! and administrator could actions. but it doesn't say what that is. can you touch a student? and if you do, what the teacher's union says is you risk losing your job that touching a student can be misconstrued. they say it is very difficult situation for teachers and subs. >> will, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minute. do you know what worries me? or worse even scares me? things like this. here is what a senior military official said last week about the fight against
11:59 pm
isis. arabic shorthand as dash. >> we firmly believe dash is on the offensive throughout iraq and syria. attempting to hold previous gains while conducting small-scale localized harassing attacks. >> he said isis daesh are on the defensive. if they are on the defensive that means we are winning right? well, less than three days later isis hanging ugly black flag to triumph over ramadi. general martin dempsey releases a statement calling the fall of ramadi a serious set back. that's a serious set back? that's it? ask yourself this. how many set backs is it going to take for the pentagon to admit the obama military strategy isn't working. first fallujah, then mosul and now are a made. they think it's just a set back? oh brother. either the pentagon is completely out of the loop or flat out lying to us. either one lying or out of the loop is terrifying for our pentagon. we're in trouble.
12:00 am
right? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to gretawire and go to my facebook page. see you tomorrow night. live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. a norwegian cruiseline ship running a ground in bermuda. it is carrying more than 3700 passengers and crew tid tid temporarily lost power and hit a reef. everyone is safe and the ship has full power again. a large oil spill off the coast of california. 21,000 gallons of oil seeped into the pacific ocean after a pipeline broke in santa barbara county. the oil slick is affecting four miles of beach and stretching some 50 yards into the ocean. we are learning more about the events leading up to sunday's deadly shooting involving rival motorcycle gangs in


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