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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 20, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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throughout the week "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we begin with a huge consumer story that quite possibly affects you or someone you know. another 17 million cars and trucks in the u.s. will be recalled to fix a potentially deadly problem with airbags. the federal government and takata announced a deal today that will bring the total number of recalls to almost 34 million, making this a record-breaking recall. correspondent doug mckelway is joining us. good evening doug. >> good evening. bmw, chrysler ford general
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motors honda mazda, mitsubishi nissan and toyota. >> up until now, takata has refused to acknowledge that their airbag is defective. >> the decision no force because of tremendous pressure from the u.s. government pressure that included fines of $14,000 a day. still, in an unusual twist, neither takata or the federal government knows what is us kaingka causing the defect. >> we don't know when that answer is going to come forward and we can't wait for the safety of the american people before we move forward with a remedy that is going to work. >> investigators do know that the problem lies with the inflate for component. that allows the airbags to rupture upon deployment causing fractures that can kill or
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seriously injure. previously takata acknowledged that one of the airbag plants in mexico mishandled the airbags and high humidity may lead to the ruptures. enter your vehicle i.d. number on the website the chance of being killed is 1.5 million, less than the chance of being struck by lightning, which is 280,000. >> good stats to know. doug thank you. now to politics. for the first time in almost a month, hillary clinton took questions from reporters covering her presidential campaign. in fact, "the washington post" reported the dry spell lasted 40,150 minutes. but did the answers measure up or advance clinton's chances of becoming president? we have kevin corke at the white
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house where the obama administration officials have their story about the worsening situation in iraq and they are sticking to it and james rosen. but we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry in idaho falls tonight. ed. >> reporter: good evening, bret. the questions came in fast and furious and the answers lasted barely five minutes. it had been 28 days since hillary clinton took any questions from the media. and after some urging from fox, as she again took softballs from supporters in iowa -- >> wait. wait. yeah maybe when i finish talking to the people here. how's that? i might. i'll have to ponder it. >> reporter: clinton pondered and then marched to the back of the room and took questions about a series of ethical issues dogging her campaign including the state department claiming it will take until january 2016
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the eve of the iowa caucuses here to release some of the 55,000 pages of her official e-mails. >> i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> reporter: a federal judge ruled that the agency must have a timetable for a rolling release of e-mails as clinton put the onus on them. >> well they are not mine. they belong to the state department. >> reporter: clinton says the e-mail will show her to be a strong secretary and nobody has a bigger interest in releasing them than her. though she already deleted 30,000 personal e-mails and has not released ones on her own. amid new questions about clinton sharing sensitive information with long-time adviser sidney blumenthal who sent various sensitive memos about libya to clinton's personal e-mail warning her that al qaeda militants were plotting about attacking the u.s. >> i have many old friends.
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>> reporter: while clinton laughed at the questions, mike morell claims that more than one foreign government gained access to her e-mail. >> he sent me unsolicited e-mails which i passed on in some instances and i feel that is part of the give and take. when you're in the public eye. >> reporter: adding to the intrigue blumenthal was paid by the clinton foundation. >> i am so proud of the foundation. i'm proud of the work that it has done and that it is doing. it attracted donations from people organizations from around the world. >> reporter: as clinton unveiled a small business initiative she was pressed on how she can stand for the middle class which she and her husband raked in $25 million from speeches. >> obviously bill and i have been blessed and wore very grateful for the opportunities that we had. but we've never forgotten where we came from. >> reporter: now, another question was a curveball from one of her supporters who asked her what her position is on the
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pacific trade deal. clinton backed it but has been waffling under liberal pressure. today, she hedged again. bret? >> ed henry in iowa with the clinton campaign. thank you. with isis terrorists capturing the key iraqi city ramadi over the weekend, hillary clinton faces challenges to her reputation with fresh questions about her role in the conflict. chief washington correspondent james rosen has that angle. >> reporter: in finally taking press questions among the first hillary clinton was about her vote in 2002 approving the use of force by president george w. bush to overthrow saddam hussein in iraq. >> i know there are a lot of questions about iraq over the last week. i've made it very clear that i made a mistake, plain and simple. >> reporter: yet it's far from simple. the former secretary of state has elsewhere suggested she was,
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in effect duped into approving the use of force. >> it was not used as i had expected it to be used and the entire implementation strategy was flawed. >> on my orders coalition forces have begun striking selective targets of military importance. >> reporter: at the time of shock and awe, clinton was new york's democratic senator and now calls it a major test of her own decision-making abilities. >> this is probably the hardest decision i've ever had to make. >> reporter: further clouding the issue is the troop surge president bush ordered in 2007 widely regarded as a successful campaign that left iraq at the dawn of the presidency far more stable than it is today. >> reporter: the question we need to ask hillary clinton now is would you have supported precipitous withdraw from iraq? >> reporter: secretary robert
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gates said he heard hillary clinton to boost her campaign in the 2008 iowa caucuses where she ultimately finished third. >> i don't think it's going to hamper her chances in 2016. >> if hillary and obama have that conversation of course it's damaging. >> reporter: clinton's aides says that it's been fully vetted but republicans don't see it going away. >> there are many nuances that she has not yet clarified. i think one of the unanswered questions for 2016 is going to be who lost iraq. >> reporter: clinton's liberal base may or may not be appeased by her answers. earlier today new yorkers noted that clinton's position on iraq is not terribly easily distinguished amongst jeb bush and she hasn't said much during the past nine months that will help voters place her on the
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foreign policy spectrum. bret? >> james thank you. the pentagon says iraqi troops abandoned dozens of u.s. military vehicles when they ran away from terrorists during sunday's fall of ramadi. correspondent kevin corke says president obama does not seem too worried about the situation. >> reporter: at the white house, there was an air of defiance two days after ramadi was overrun by isis the administration continued to insist it wouldn't mean very much in the long run. >> are we going to light our hair on fire every time that there is a setback in the campaign against isil? or are we going to take seriously our responsibilities and evaluate where steps are necessary to change our strategy where we've sustained setbacks? >> reporter: in one of those setbacks it was warned that the anbar province used sand storms for cover and revealing a crucial limitation in america's
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aerial ars small and exposing a weakness in the administration's strategy. >> when you think about troops on the ground obscuring themselves so they can move around that's what we are seeing here with isis, using a sandstorm so our eyes in the sky, our predators, aircraft can't see what is going on on the ground. >> reporter: there are new questions about the training of iraqi security forces many who were seen scrambling out of ramadi as isis took control, that left some to remember about their will to fight, including national security adviser susan rice. >> it's an uneven force, quite frankly, both in terms of the will of the forces their equipment, their leadership and that's part of the challenge that we have in trying to build it back. >> reporter: while its power remains limited to specific areas, isis and its affiliates continues to spread geographically from iraq and syria to yemen and now into northern africa in libya. the first expansion outside of the middle east creating a staging zone for attacks in europe. so how is it that the white
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house is recently as of last month claimed things were looking up in iraq? >> the jury is still out. that's the true. it's not over yet. but the momentum is in the right direction. >> reporter: but on capitol hill calling instead for an overhaul of the administration strategy. >> the president's plan isn'trking. it's time for him to have a real overamplging strategy to defeat the ongoing terrorist threat. >> reporter: bret we have heard from the white house within the hour that the president met with the national security council today to discuss the ongoing circumstance in iraq as well as a thorough review of its strategy to deal with isis moving forward in iraq and syria. >> kevin corke live on the white house lawn thank you. wisconsin governor scott walker says he does not necessarily have to win in the early primary and caucus states to secure the republican
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nomination. walker made that statement to me here in our fox news bureau. >> i think for any legitimate contender they've got to place one, two, or three. i don't know if it takes winning or not. certainly we want to be competitive. if we got in we'd play well in idaho, south carolina new hampshire and nevada. it's not a matter of winning. it's a matter of placing. >> governor walker says he'll make an announcement about whether he's running after dealing with his state's budget by the end of june or beginning of july. we'll have more of my conversation with governor walker later on in this program. up next does the traditional low influential iowa straw poll even matter for republicans this time around? first, let's look at what our affiliates are covering tonight. fox news in 4 in dallas says sunday's biker shooting started
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with a gang member having its foot run over. police towed some of the bikes from the scene today. fox 25 in boston as robert kraft says he will not appeal for the team's alleged role in the deflated footballs. he's putting the league before his franchise. the players union has already appealed the four-game suspension for tom brady. three baggage handlers at oakland international airport are accused of getting suitcases filled with marijuana passed checkpoints onto planes. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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republican presidential candidate mike huckabee, someone
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who has said iowa will be important for his run says he is still evaluating whether he will take part in the iowa straw poll. jeb bush said next week count him out. which begs the question does the event even matter anymore? here's correspondent mike emanuel. >> reporter: the straw poll in august could be in current jeopardy. scott walker told fox's bret baier he's not ready to commit. >> we will make a decision after my state's budget on whether or not i'm going to be a candidate. >> reporter: in the past six presidential cycles dating back to 1980 he has gone on to win one election. that was george w. bush. his brother, former governor jeb bush says he's not planning to participate. >> because it has nothing to do with the caucuses that ultimately will determine how people are going to be successful. >> reporter: the most damage to the significant of the straw
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poll came in the last cycle when michele bachmann narrowly defeated michele bachmann. self seventh place finisher mitt romney became the nominee. >> we're still evaluating our chances of winning the caucuses. if we think that's going to be helpful to us we will do it. >> reporter: the lack of enthusiasm has sent a shockwave through the apparatus. senator chuck grassley made this statement with 11 declared candidates and 1400 gop activists in attendance. >> we want the straw poll to be a big event. it funds our voter turnout which is what really counts if we're going to succeed in 2016. >> reporter: as enticement the
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state party will not aukzction it off. money is critical. >> they are charging $30 a ticket or so in recent years and there are anywhere from 15 to 25,000 people cast a vote and you have to have a ticket to cast a vote. so you're talking about significant money in a state the size and the population of iowa. >> reporter: bottom line for senator ted cruz or dr. ben carson competing there could generate headlines and buzz for momentum. it could kill the event. bret? >> mike, thank you. it appears indiana governor mike pence will not run for president. a spokesman confirms to fox news that the republican will announce his gubernatorial re-election campaign june 18th. still ahead, wisconsin governor scott walker talks with me about presidential politics hillary clinton and iraq. first rahm emanuel comes back and this time it's all
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former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel says his priority as chicago mayor will be young people in his second term. mike tobin tells us the bottom line for the mayor is still the bottom line. >> congratulations. >> reporter: re-elected and sworn in for a second term now more than ever the problems of chicago belong to mayor rahm emanuel. the violence is taking a back seat to the staggering financial problems. moody's financial services downgrades chicago to junk status. the shortfall is nearly six times the city's operating budget. >> if we do not address our financial challenges today, the
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consequences will be felt for years to come. >> reporter: the double-notch downgrade came after it was determined that the state could not degrade or default on its pension operation and thereforethe ruling extends to the city making the financial crisis the new republican gorn governor says the city cannot back up the crisis. >> we don't have enough money to bailout the city of chicago. it's not an option. >> reporter: mismanaged for years, an investigation by "the sun times" claims shortages were skipped in one case for a decade. critics say emanuel blew his chance to tackle the debt raising teachers' pay in the face of a billion dollar shortfall. >> the administration has tried to take some steps but they have not made the pension payments
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that they knew they would have to make down the road and that has made a very bad situation worse. >> reporter: now emanuel, famous for his ambition and connections, is stuck in the mud. >> everybody thought of rahm emanuel as a future contender the white house but it's going to be difficult for him to think about that if he can't right chicago's ship. >> reporter: proposals include new taxes. when you raise taxes and offer no new services, people and businesses leave the city just like they did in detroit. bret, back to you. >> mike toebbin in chicago, thank you. commerce department says housing starts increased by 20% in april. the dow gained 13.5 today to close at another record high. for the second day in a row, the s&p 500 dropped 1. the nasdaq lost 8. no "grapevine" tonight, but when
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this has been a big day in presidential politics. hillary clinton opened up after a month-long silence and moments ago scott walker opened up to me about hillary clinton and key issues on the ka.campaign trail. first, hillary clinton talked about releasing her state department e-mails as soon as
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possible. >> what information went out from hers went into others that would have been on that server out there and goes to a larger question about why do the clintons think there's a different set of rules for them than there is for the rest of us? clearly the policy said that they couldn't have a separate server. when you look at the other things even if it wasn't criminal or against the rules, i think basic ethics 101 would tell you it's a conflict of interest to take money and have your spouse take money from foreign countries at the same time someone is a secretary of state. this is part of a pattern that i think many americans, not just republicans, are frustrated with. >> i want to talk about substance. you admitted that you changed your position on immigration. people understand that in the context of president obama's executive action. and why you might do that. but now you've added this language about this need to protect american workers and you've hinted at restrictions on legal immigration. is that necessary? what kind of restrictions are you talking about?
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>> well there are restrictions -- let's just be clear -- there are limits all the way back to previous presidency in the party. >> i think they should have a rational criteria. this bureaucracy does not have that. we have a problem, we've got to secure the border enforce the law, no amnesty for an illegal citizen. they've got to go down the normal pathway and along with that as a legal pathway forward, as a legal -- not for people here but for legal immigration, people who want to enter this country through the legal immigration process, it should be based on making priority number one, american workers, american wages and a strong way to improve the american economy. >> if you're willing to flip-flop, for a reasonable better word on such an important issue like this how can voters be sure you're not going to change your position on other big issues. >> it's not a flip out there. years ago when i was asked about a decade ago as a county
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official about something and giving a quick momentary reaction to that versus a few years ago as a governor asking a question about it versus actually looking at this issue and saying what is my policy a flip would be someone who voted on something and did something different. these are not votes that i don't have any impact as immigration as a governor or as a former candidate official. i would if i ran and became president. i've talked to members of the senate and the house. i've talked to people who care about this issue all across this country. what is clear to me we're a nation of immigrants. i love the people who have come here and want to live the american dream. that's great. we have a broken system that needs to be fixed. you need to secure the border. it's why i went down there with governor abbott. you need to do so in a way that enforces the laws and for legal immigration, we have to make sure we have american worker as wages at the top of our prior teas. >> we spent a week republican candidates have answering
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questions about the iraq war. your thoughts about that? i know you've answered it all right. in hindsight, you wouldn't have done it the same way. what's the concern about iraq now? it's two parts. one, i made it clear that i defended president bush saying any president -- i don't care which party -- would have made a similar decision. heck even hillary clinton voted for the resolution authorizing use of force in iraq. so people hindsight are questioning, you look at that i think it made sense at the time with the information given to us. i said yeah i think given the information i might have made a different decision but i know -- i want to make certain, i value the men and women who serve, particularly when sacrifices were made out there. i want to thank them for that. there were some strengths in that saddam hussein is gone. as soon as the surge that happened later on in that campaign was a positive thing, what frustrates me to no end now is what we see today. we see the fruits of the poor
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decision making by this president and by hillary clinton's advice from counsel on this regard to move the united states out of a strong position in iraq. largely i believe for political reasons, to fulfill promises made by this president in the primary all the way back to 2008. thas not what the military rivered required at the time. we've seen the islamic state that puts us in a much more destablized situation throughout the region and around the world. >> the reauthorization of the patriot act, you have chris christie saying you can't enjoy your civil liberties if you're in a coffin and rand paul on the other side promising to filibuster any promise to extend the patriots acts. where are you, governor walker? >> i think we need to have access to information. that's a reflection of this
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administration particularly when this issue first came up and we saw the challenges the other entities out there having the ability to collect information that can be used under the constitution used legally to go after people who may be connected to enemy combatants. it's vitally important. we see problems around the world and in the middle east and we've seen it of late in my own state, up in the twin cities particularly of late down in texas. i don't ever want to be in a position where, in america, we look back and say france if only we had more information to track these individuals we could have prevented something. i want to make sure for those who do us harm we have access to information to prevent that. >> so you're reauthorizizing the patriots act? >> we need to do so in a way that there's enough safeguards to make sure it's used in selective cases but i think we have to have access. >> our thanks to governor walker
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for stopping by. hillary clinton in a talking mood today, finally. we'll get reaction to her first interaction with voters in almost
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wait. yeah maybe when i finish talking to the people here. how's that? >> [ inaudible ]. >> i might. i'll have to ponder it. i will put it on my list. for due consideration. i have said repeatedly i want those e-mails out. i have said publicly and i'm repeating it here in front of all of you today, i want them out as soon as they can get out. >> will you demand it? >> they are not mine. they belong to the state department. the state department has to go through its process but as much as they can expedite that
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process, that's what i'm asking them to do. >> hillary clinton after 28 days i think, of not talking to reporters took some questions today after promising to do so after ed henry asked a question during her round table. talking there about the state department claiming it was going to take until january for them to come out with these state department e-mails, the ones that hillary clinton provided the state department 55,000 pages of them. a federal judge ordered today by next week they must have a timetable for rolling them out sooner in coming weeks. ron fournier and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> a beloved anchor who happens to be the best-selling author of the book "special heart," a journey of faith, hope courage and love i loved the book. five weeks on the best-sellers' list get it for your dad and
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get it now. >> that was very smooth. >> i owe you. >> how many times have i done that. >> thank you. let's start with this. hillary clinton, what did you take away from it? >> the fact that she's allowed strategic strategic reticence to become the issue of the campaign shows how much little aptitude she has for her public profession and life. second she didn't say an awful lot except that she wants the e-mails that she obviously wanted to conceal for a long time there's no other reason for having her own private server she wants them out as soon as possible. the problem is we have seen from the irs and it's complicity with the justice department how long you can take if you really want to drag your feet. and there's no question but that they could get the e-mails out a lot faster if they really wanted to. the question is why don't they? >> well, i was struck ron, by this line. why aren't you demanding -- will you demand it?
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she says they are not mine. they belong to the state department. wait a second. they were hers. 55,000 pages were turned over to the state department. the ones that we don't know about were erased. >> now, i literally spit my coffee on my lap when she said that. it's just -- it's inconceivable. it's laughable. she treated them like they were her own e-mails. she kept them in her basement in a server that violated a white house policy and then only handed over the ones to her state department that she wanted us to see. she cherry picked them. she's got copies. she could have brought them to the news conference. so that was totally unbelievable. it was totally unbelievable when she says there's no conflict of interest between her doing speeches for folks doing business with government. well of course that's a conflict of interest. she also said that she wants the e-mails out. well i can't believe that because, again, if she wanted the e-mails out, she would have given them to us at the news
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conference. it's this whole trust and credibility issue that is really -- it's becoming a handle on her campaign. >> and the fact that a federal judge had to say to the state department no that's not going to work you've got to get a timetable here you've got to put this stuff out -- >> that's the only obstacle if it was left out to the other parts of the administration we would never get anything out of her at all. but it takes a judge because there's a lot of suits out there about her e-mails, about benghazi and that's about how we've learned stuff, that's how we learned stuff about the irs. it's judges who don't like being trifled with that have insisted on this. and i must say, today's ceremony was quite striking. the queen days describes the realm. this is the most significant breaking silence since thomas moore decided not to announce himself and in the end he did.
1:44 am
this time it was ed henry who brought her out. >> let's talk about this new york times piece today. a big spread on this and talking about clinton friend's memo on libya draw scrutiny to politics and business. "while advising mrs. clinton on libya, mr. blumenthal who had been barred from a state department job by aides to president obama, was also employed by her family's fin lanll lan tlop pea and many describe it among foreign governments and here's what she said about that today. >> it's important when you get into politics to have friends you had before you were in
1:45 am
politics and to understand what's on their mind and he's been a friend of mine for a long time. he sent me unsolicited e-mails which i passed on in some instances and i think that's just part of the give and take. when you're in the public eye, when you're in an official position tough work to make sure you're not caught in a bubble and you're only here from a small group of people and i'm going to keep talking to my old friends, whoever they are. >> what about that george? >> the solution to being in a bubble to sis to talk to an old friend like sidney blumenthal. the question really is did her friend, mr. blumenthal have business in libya? that's part of the question that we want answered. also whenever libya comes up in this campaign it's got to be ruinous on hillary because we went into this war of choice that created a fail state in the middle of africa.
1:46 am
>> look sidney blumenthal for a good reason was not allowed to work for the state department was lobbying his friend in the state department. that's an obvious conflict of interest. she talks about this bubble and how she wants to reach out to people outside the bubble. >> unsolicited e-mails. >> right. we'll find out if that's true. she's been in public life since 1978. she had to go way back to find a friend before she was a politician. >> charles? >> what struck me was the fact that he was not only a friend he was getting paid by the clinton foundation. he was a hire. when you're a friend of the clinton, you join the business. the business is clinton inc. there's no distinction between the private and the charitable and the public. he tried to cash in on the business apparently because of his connection with the libyan businessman and that's how the clintons operate. always on the line sometimes. over the line. and when people learn about it
1:47 am
they stumble. >> before we go to break, a cruise ship sailing from bermuda to boston has run aground. norwegian cruise lines says its ship "temporary dawn," temporarily lost power. we're tracking that story as it is breaking. next up the politics and policy of the disaster in iraq.
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at our coalition is on the offensive. isil is on the defensive and isil is going to lose. >> would you say that overall this strategy has been a success? >> yeah. overall, yes sir.
1:51 am
it doesn't mean there haven't been areas of set back as we saw in ramadi. >> to refer to what happened in ramadi as simply a set back and that we will help to say that we will help the iraqs regain it, frankly the gap between the rhetoric and getting it done, i think, is pretty significant. they have got ramadi, they have got fallujah, they have got mosul. getting them out of these cities is going to be incredibly tough. >> former defense secretary bob gates talking about basically the situation were isis terrorists on the ground in iraq. we're back with the panel. charles, what about this back and forth how the administration is playing it and the reality on the ground? >> the administration is delusional or cynical. i would hope cynical because, otherwise, we are in deep trouble. this is a tremendously defeat. this isn't only a geographic defeat the fact that fallujah is gone and ramadi is gone it's that the iraqi army once again ran. our whole idea is we are
1:52 am
going to train the iraqi army. if you train people who want to fight but don't know how to fight well, that will work. and we actually had that opportunity in syria. obama disdained the syrian non-jihadist who opposed assad and said there were doctors, engineers bakers, but they wanted to fight. they were out in the street. they common demonstrated. they needed training. we gave them nothing and they got liquidated. with with iraq you have got the exact opposite. soldiers in name only who want to get paid with corrupt officers and sectarian officers who don't want to fight. all the training in the world is not going to help them because you can be trained but if you have no interest and no commitment in the war, you are going to run. and that's what happened. that's why we are losing badly. >> ron we spent a long time talking about the past week, about the getting into iraq and what republican candidates would do. liz cheney kind of put what a lot of people have been saying into a tweet saying
1:53 am
when will the media ask president obama and hillary clinton the key question for 2016 knowing what we know now, would you still have abandoned iraq? getting back to the troops. >> no. it's a good question. look, we have lost almost 4500 men and women in this war. as a result of the failed policies of two presidents. the next president any of these people, including hillary clinton who want to be the next president have got to be able to look the american public in the eye especially the families of these troops and and women who are injured in these wars and explain what went wrong. more importantly what lessons we have learned from it and what could lead us in the future. why do we have bad intelligence? why was the intelligence cherry picked? hillary clinton at the top of that last list. >> george, secretary gates really was something on "fox & friends." i want to play another piece of it. remember, this is the only defense secretary who worked for both george bush and
1:54 am
barack obama talking about the situation in iraq. >> we had the situation in pretty good shape in 2010, first part of 2011. i think the security in iraq was pretty good. the security forces were pretty good. but, that was because we had presence on the ground and we had influence so we could restrain maliki's first instincts, which were anti-sunni, and we could ensure that the leaders of the iraqi security forces actually were competent and well-trained instead of a bunch of political hacks which is what -- who maliki put in place. >> maliki, norry al maliki former prime minister of iraq. >> he went on to say and is he a man of vast experience whose judgment should be respected that the 3,000 people we have there or probably enough. if they were used properly. particularly if they were in forward air control positions so that they could make our air force strikes more effective than they so far have been. we went into iraq saying we
1:55 am
are going to build a nation. not just a nation but a democratic nation. when that went sorrow, -- sour we said at least we know how to build an army. it turns out we don't. so now today instead of relying on the army, the government such as it is, is relying on militias backed by iran. the problem here is that iraq now illustrates one more thing that gates said this morning on "fox & friends." he said we are dealing with artificial nations in the middle east, the art artificialality is becoming apparent. the government of lebanon doesn't control all of lebanon. same with syria and iraq. we are watching a region why disintegrations of the state system itself. it's going to get a lot worse. >> that's not the last time we will talk about this but that's it for this panel. stay tuned for another thing from "fox & friends" this morning you may have missed.
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finally tonight, i have been on tv for quite a while. it's not often that i get nervous anymore. a few times maybe, big events, election nights, maybe a few butterflies. but when it's not you that you have to control that's where the real nervous hits in. my family and you i visited "fox & friends" this morning to share our gluten free pizza recipe with cooking with friends. >> i know, and i just want to say this is the first cooking segment that i have ever done. >> could be the last. >> charles and george willis
1:58 am
don't really cook on the panel. >> paul, is your father a good cook. >> um, yes. [ laughter ] >> what are we making today? >> we're making fat free pizza. >> gluten free pizza. >> i'm 100% gluten free so i try tone courage that for the family. >> we are about 50%. >> 100% here and 50% down there. >> they didn't have to go to school today. >> all for cooking with friends. >> the best is that everybody, all the adults ate pizza. the kids didn't eat it until the show was over and then they ate >> it is wednesday may 20thment a fox news alert. stopped in their tracks 10 teenagers taken into custody at a major international airport after trying to join isis. the new information breaking
1:59 am
overnight. >> and danger behind the wheel, the largest air bag recall in history u.s. history. how to find out if your tar iscar is one on the list. >> the new york city -- flag at new york city hall is missing. the outrage of why it was taken down. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. halfway through the week. >> thank you foyer whacking up early with us. terror to our north. >> canadian police arresting 10 youth at montreal's airport who are suspecting of wanting to go to iraq and syria to fight along isis. their names and ages have not been released and the 10 have not yet been charged. but their passports have all
2:00 am
been confiscated. ter p counter terror police are keeping quiet on how they managed to nab them but their investigation is still ongoing. >> a team is in iraq questioning the wife of a key sis ice leader whofdz killed/* who was killed during a raid. he was the money man behind the terror operation. they are grilling his wife around kayla mueller after learning terrorist's wife might have been involved in torturing her. she was killed in an air strike but u.s. officials belief she died some other way. chaos and despair in the fallen city of ramadi. tens of thousands of refugees now heading east toward baghdad hoping to find food shelter and safety all while the white house touts the strategy against isis