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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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l pen. i am bill o'reilly and please always remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, baltimore's top prosecutor announcing new charges for the cops arrested in connection with the death of freddie gray as a grand jury returns indictments for all six of the officers involved and baltimore is under siege. welcome to the "the kelly file," everyone i'm megyn kelly. the news broke late today, the six baltimore police officers involved in the freddie gray case are now facing a new charge of reckless endangerment for their alleged role in his death. as prosecutor marilyn mosby announced some major revisions have been made to the slew of allegations already facing these five men and one woman. mosby has taken serious fire in recent weeks over how she's
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handled this case. this is our moment she announced to baltimore. and when the questions came today, watch what happens. >> as i've previously indicated, my office conducted an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident with the death of freddie gray. on may 1st our investigation revealed that we had sufficient probable cause to bring charges against six police officers. as our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered and as is often the case during an ongoing investigation, charges can and should be revised based upon the evidence. these past two weeks my team has been presenting evidence to a grand jury that just today returned indictments against all six officers. >> will you recuse yourself from this case ms. mosby, and why not if no? >> a fox news legal analyst and trial attorney criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor.
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you are both former prosecutors, thanks for being here. so this isn't about me but this is what i said on this show last night. listen. >> i don't know guys. i'll tell you right now, that false arrest charge and that false imprisonment charge are falling apart. that's my legal opinion. >> and false imprisonment is gone. sure enough today, it's gone because she doesn't have the basis, but mark she also didn't have the guts to revoke her false arrest charge which is equally baseless. >> right. listen people are applauding somehow the grand jury is now validating her arrests here. the grand jurors are mere puppets for the prosecutors. they will do what is presented. it's like a debate tournament where only one side gets to argue. the other side has to wait outside, and the other side that doesn't get to come in is the defense. so the prosecutors simply lay out what they think the evidence might show the defense doesn't get to come in, the burden of
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proof is only probable cause and they'll do whatever the prosecutors want including if they told him it was unlawful they would indict arthur for being bald and beautiful. >> with the greatest amount of respect on your birthday mark i'm going to -- >> happy birthday. >> i'm going to respectfully disagree with you. >> you're entitled. >> look what happened in ferguson a police officer who was potentially being charged outside of that jury room the prosecutors in there seeking an indictment and presenting evidence -- >> that was totally different. that prosecutor chose to present all of the evidence including the exculpatory evidence which was what was unusual in that proceeding. >> here's my take away from this mark they still take the highest count. megyn, i thought that was -- when she started your statement that you just played i thought she was going to say after this investigation the change is charged so we did not present murder in the second degree we reduced the charges to criminally negligent homicide. >> don't give her that credit
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no. >> she didn't do that and i don't know how this grand jury indicted on the evidence. >> i'll tell you how, arthur i'll tell you how, these jurors and candidly most of america, they don't know the difference between second-degree murder manslaughter or mere negligence meaning a tragic accident where criminal charges should not be brought. with no one in there, you are explaining that it takes recklessness a willful and wanton disregard of human life to justify a second-degree murder charge. there's no chance they are going to turn their back. >> here's what i think was dishonest of this prosecutor this week. you tell me whether it's true arthur because i haven't heard you weigh in on this. she initially came out saying the false arrest false imprisonment charge was based on the fact they arrested freddie gray for having an illegal knife which she claimed was, in fact legal. then the defense came out and said bull that knife is illegal. look at baltimore law.
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don't look at maryland law. and produce the knife and we'll prove it to you. she refused to do that. she came out and said they don't know what they are talking about, and then quietly she came out and said oh knife, what? those charges aren't based on any knife and lo and behold before the grand jury today, false imprisonment is gone. she's not being straight. >> she didn't just so we're clear, she didn't present that count to the grand jury. >> because she knew she didn't have it and knows she doesn't have false arrest either. >> the supreme court of the united states highest court in the nation said to her before this case law is if a cop has the -- if it's reasonable to make an arrest even if that gun -- sorry, that knife was legal, if it's reasonable to make the arrest you don't want to put police officers in jail for making a mistake. >> there it is. >> no way that would have stood up in a court of law. >> there it is. we have a prosecutor here who does want to put police officers
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behind bars. and what we've seen so far, theory of the case is absolutely and this has been supposedly backed up by the medical examiner that freddie gray died inside of that van. not died but had his injury inside of the van, not before. my question all along, mark has been twofold, what are those initial officers doing charged in this case? going to make an argument about rough ride maybe you get to reckless endangerment new charge she brought against them. i don't see how you get to murder. maybe reckless endangerment but what are the initial arresting officers doing in this case? >> you're asking the question i've been asking for weeks now. in all fairness let's throw out there that you, me arthur and the world, we don't know all the evidence right? maybe there's a bus load of nuns she had overheard these guys conspireing to arrest poor freddie gray. however, she would have suggested that at that press conference that 20-plus minute
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press conference where she's telling the world the best evidence she has. i don't believe those guys should have been prosecuted. >> here's another question we're hearing more and more about a possible change of venue, the defense attorneys are going to want a change of venue. my question to you, arthur as a defense they have a right to ask for a judge trial instead of a jury trial if they want to stay in baltimore. are these cops better off with a judge trial in baltimore? >> totally depends on the judge. happens all the time we call it a bench trial. in new york city the shaun bell case was a huge case they tried the case in front of judge cooperman and he acquitted all the police officers in that case. it was big here. >> way to find one example -- way to find one exception, one example. here's the reality, that judge rules in favor of the defense, he better go hide somewhere, because there are people not the craziest of people but some towards the mainstream that will
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hunt him down that will harass him, that will hurt his family. >> what do you say about the judge who -- >> what's interesting, if it gets moved, it gets moved within the state of maryland presumably. >> which is a tiny state. >> right. and the racial makeup of the jury changes most likely depending where it goes. >> as it did in o.j. >> prince george's county is mostly african-american most of maryland is not, but marilyn mosby's office continues prosecuting the case wherever it goes. quickly. >> whyere is the other guy in the van? he may be the witness. >> the other prisoner? sure he's going to be a credible witness. >> probably a record dating back to the disco crisis. >> come on. >> i'm with mark on that and i'm with mark in general because it's his birthday. happy birthday. >> i'm with mark too, happy birthday. >> justice for all not just for one. >> great to stay on point. good to see you both. our sources on the baltimore
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police force are tonight describing an angry and frustrated department. in fact the words they used to us that this police department is on strike right now, that they are on strike. and the mayor now finally tries to address this crisis. guess what she said? sheriff david clarke and mark teason are next on that. plus why the president of the united states wants some cops to dress differently, softer look he wants. and then we have breaking news in the murder of a washington, d.c. family. the chief suspect is on the run, and his former attorney who says his client is a good guy and a patriot is here live in moments. and with the terrorists racking up a big new victory in the middle east charles krout hammer explains why the white house is refusing to budge on a strategy very much under fire. >> there's a lot of monday morning quarterbacking going on here.
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breaking tonight as we continue to track the explosion in crime since the city of baltimore charged these six cops the mayor today addressed the crisis while protesters continue to target police. trace gallagher has the details. trace? >> some west baltimore residents
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say police can't control crime because they are not trusted, but there is a growing concern people aren't just protesting police they are taunting them unloading a barrage of verbal assaults calling them killers of the innocent among other things. this is video of protesters getting in the faces of police who are standing silent outside the fraternal order of police. the protesters there were demanding the police union stop defending what they call bad cops but these types of gatherings are also happening at crime scenes where police officers say they are unable to do their jobs. listen to the commissioner. >> when officers pull up to respond to a call they have 30 to 50 people surrounding them at any given point in time. we have to send out multiple units any time they are just doing basic police work right now. >> some of those in west baltimore say they are simply trying to hold police more accountable and some resent the commissioner for they say trying to link a spike in crime to the ongoing protests. whatever the cause, the blood
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bath in baltimore is increasing significantly. at this time last year there were 71 homicides. so far in 2015 there have been 100. and this number is even more telling, it includes a 28-day span this year beginning with the day freddie gray died and it includes the riots and the charges against the police officers. in that 28-day period this year homicides were up 120% over the same period last year. and the vast majority of the murder victims, megyn, were black. >> trace, thank you. joining me now with more, sheriff david clark with the milwaukee police force. sheriff clark, our sources, and we have numerous sources connected to the baltimore police department sound angry. they say they are on a full strike that it's going to get worse, that they could careless if the western district blows up that they get paid the same for a ten-hour shift whether
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they work it or they don't aggressively that they are being, quote, the nice police everyone wants and this is the result you get. >> it's unfortunate. i don't think that the fine officers have quit on the city of baltimore. it's pretty evident to me they've quit on commissioner batts. he put them on the street with no way to defend themselves or the city of baltimore and also he said in the days following the riots, he said we are the problem, meaning the police. he said we have not been part of the solution we must change. so just to further bashing of the baltimore's finest. what goes out the window and it's happening quicker than i thought it would, it's self initiated policing where officers develop a reasonable suspicion suspicion, not biased on a call for service, but see a vehicle that looks suspicious see individuals and figure criminal activity might be afoot and approach the individuals and do
6:16 pm
investigations. people wanted on serious warrants with self initiated policing you'll find large amounts of drugs, you'll find guns being transported to and from drive-by shootings, that's out the window right now. >> there's a way of not being quite as aggressive as you otherwise would be. and in the meantime the cops, they are representatives, getting shut down at every turn. only one of the cops has a lawyer who's spoken out at all and is barely said anything right, unlike the d.a. who has said a lot. sent out a couple of tweets now she rushes into court and says shut them up i want a gag order on them. then the police union guy goes out, this is crazy, not fair you're endangering cops and the naacp goes in and attacks him saying you've attacked a young african-american mother of two, the d.a. and it bothers us greatly to have the integrity of the strong african-american female leaders questioned by
6:17 pm
someone like you. what are they supposed to do sheriff? >> look she had her political statement when she announced the charges, now she wants to shut everybody up. this is not north korea. the naacp have descended into irrelevancy. they were once a proud organization have capitulated and become the voter registration and get out the vote drive for the democrat national committee. so it's pretty obvious where they are coming from and it's unfortunate that since 1954 that's probably the last time they had any impact on any social policy brown v. board of education. i won't even give them the voting rights act of '65, that was dr. martin luther king. they are irrelevant right now. >> seems clear these cops don't trust their leadership they don't trust the d.a. the mayor, and perhaps it goes above that. >> and with good reason. put yourself in the position of a baltimore police officer. you're supposed to go out and patrol the country's seventh most dangerous city you put
6:18 pm
your life on the line every single day to protect the community against drug dealers and gangs and violent criminals, and when something goes wrong, the first reaction of your officials is to throw you under the bus. people say the police are to blame, murders, racists, the mayor calls up the justice department and calls for a civil rights investigation into a police department that is multiracial and has no signs of civil rights abuses right now. so they feel they are under siege. they are under siege from the community that they are trying to protect and under siege and abandoned, they have their backs abandoned by the political leaders who are supposed to have their back. >> they've made comments for example, about the ferguson case before they ever got to the baltimore case. >> no absolutely. this prosecutor she said she wept when the grand jury came back and didn't indict the officer in ferguson. so this is the -- this is what they have. they see a politicized
6:19 pm
prosecutor a mayor who is more concerned with her own political survival than protecting the police officers who serve under her, so they are in baltimore, they are stepping back they are not taking risks and may be simply that they are not taking that extra risk to go down that dark alley, because there's no benefit to it. if they do it and they take a risk no one's going to have their back. >> nonfatal shootings are up 175% in baltimore. >> staggering. >> quite a story. thank you both. >> thank you, megyn. when the president this week ordered a ban on military hardware for police he also shared some thoughts on how police need to dress. brian has the inside scoop on that. and up next we are live on the case of the entire family murdered after someone held them hostage in their home for two days then set the place on fire to hide the evidence. a suspect is on the run, but his former lawyer is here next with
6:20 pm
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breaking tonight, a man hunt is under way for the only suspect in the brutal torture and murder of a family and another woman in washington, d.c. investigators are searching for this man, 34-year-old daron dylon wint. he is believed to be hiding out possibly in brooklyn new york tonight. police think he fled washington, d.c. last night after allegedly murdering this family their housekeeper, and then torching their home. we're going to get into the facts, but joining us now, former new york city police commissioner bernie kerik and robin thinker is the former attorney for the suspect, daron dylon wint. thank you both for being here. commissioner let me start with you. so according to the authorities, they believe he went into the home of savvas savopoulos who
6:24 pm
was 46 and his wife amy, 47 their son philip 10 home at the time so was the housekeeper. two days pass during which a phone call was made to the second housekeep by the family saying don't come. someone called domino's pizza and ordered two pizzas. they were ordered on the front doorstep of the house, cash was left outside. pizza went inside. in the second day of this whole sick affair may 14th the family was found dead after savvas savopoulos' personal assistant dropped off a package containing $40,000 cash at the house. now they say it's this guy because they found what? >> dna evidence on the pizza, you know leftover pizza that was in the apartment in the house. and they obviously have other evidence. they are not saying this is somebody they want to talk to a person of interest this is a person they have targeted as a
6:25 pm
suspect, as the suspect in this case. >> he's got ties to the family as well because he used to work for the company that was run by savvas savopoulos for a short time. not only that he was arrested outside of his company, american iron works, while carrying a two-foot long machete and bb gun in 2010. >> he had a family member that worked there that was fired. he was caught with a machete. i understand the charges were dropped later. >> they were dropped because he pleaded guilty to containing an open container of alcohol. >> it was a plea deal. >> what do you think of the fact he's now at large and they have a man hunt on for him? what are the odds they are going to get him? >> they had him in brooklyn last night, wednesday night. they had spoken to the girlfriend and i'm sure she's in contact with the authorities now, continually. i would say there's going to be other people involved. i would say there was probably somebody with him. he didn't order those two pizzas
6:26 pm
to feed the family before he murdered them. if he did this. and, you know i think we're going to find other people involved. they will find him. he's going to be caught. he can run, but he can't hide. and it's only a matter of time. >> so robin thinker, you used to represent this man in connection with other charges and when you heard -- saw his picture on the news and saw this being said about him, you thought what? >> i've known him to be a very nice kind gentle person. the victim of injustice in the past. i represented him in six cases. in none of the six was he found guilty of anything. >> attest to your legal skills not to his character. >> no prosecutor in this country is going to drop a concealed machete charge and let someone plead to an open container. obviously, there's some phoneyness about those charges.
6:27 pm
he was not found guilty. >> there's not a phoneyness -- there's a lot of charges he was found guilty of. he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in maryland in 2009 he pleaded guilty the next year to malicious disruption of property after he threatened to kill a woman and her daughter breaking into her apartment, stealing a tv. the officer said in that case he said i'm going to kill you, your daughter and the friends, in 2010 he was arrested outside of his company while carrying the machete and on it goes. doesn't really sound like that good of a person. >> you're reading some of the charges that are easy to make. >> convicted of assaulting a girlfriend. pleaded guilty to malicious disruption. >> what was the penalty for assaulting this girlfriend where there were no injuries whatsoever? >> who cares? he did it. >> oftentimes they use these charges as a custody fight. and that's what happened -- >> nobody's ever charged me with punching anybody or threatening to kill somebody and their infant daughter. you know why? i don't do those things.
6:28 pm
it's amazing your former client continues to fall within the hairs of law enforcement. >> i've represented hundreds of young men at a prominent university nearby who get into tussles and that's it. there were no serious injuries. this is a group grope -- >> what was the dna doing on the pizza that was found inside this house? >> how do you know that that pizza was found inside the house? no one has said that. the pizza was delivered outside. >> domino's said they delivered the pizza. let me turn to you with that they said they delivered the pizza to the house and tested it for dna and his popped up. >> two pizzas to the house, his dna was there. they also have video footage that they say is him running from the area. and listen the bottom line is they made him the principle suspect. there's other evidence. i promise you there's other evidence they have it. they are not going to put this out, an all points bulletin all across this country looking for
6:29 pm
this guy for a mass murder a barbaric murder at that, if they didn't think it was him. >> it's a barbaric murder but that is not him in the footage. >> how do you know? >> that is shown. that is not him. i know what he looks like. there is no facial features in that photograph. >> have you spoken with him? have you spoken with him? >> i'm not going to comment on whether or not i've spoken with him. i think that's irrelevant. what's important here is that there's a presumption of evidence and your other guest seems to think there's a presumption of guilt, not in the united states there >> presumption of innocence if he gets charged. in the meantime the man hunt is under way and nobody else needs to get hurt. >> they are claiming falsely -- >> would you urge him to turn himself in as reportedly his family has already done publicly? >> i would urge him to have a nice long talk with an attorney about where he was that day, his alibis and about his future.
6:30 pm
there's talk that he's armed and dangerous. there's no talk of any gun in this case. why are they seeing he's armed and dangerous? he is a nice person. he was patriotic, he tried to join the marines. >> right, but he failed. >> doesn't fit the stereotype doesn't fit the profile. >> a nice person in 2005 his own father sought to ban him from the family home and from the elementary school and daycare his then 8-year-old sister attended. he threatened to shoot the father and step mother. he doesn't sound all that nice. >> there are no attempted murder charges in that case or any shooting charges. >> you're kidding me. you're undermining your own credibility by making those outrageous statements sir. i appreciate your role as a defense attorney it's an important role in this country, but it's ridiculous. >> because someone has an argument with his dad you think he's guilty of four homicides? i don't think so. >> more than dna on the pizza that suggests and the videotape
6:31 pm
of his running away. >> also other evidence they have. they are not going to target this guy as a suspect if they just have a piece of pizza crust. they know a lot more stuff than we know. we don't know. they do know. >> that's a veiled hope. >> i promise you, they wouldn't be looking for this guy all over the country if they didn't think it was him. >> well new york is under a lot of tension tonight thinking that this man has committed possibly this crime and is at large in this town. thank you both very much for being here with your insights. >> thank you. also tonight, with the terrorists racking up a big new victory in the most today, charles krauthammer is here on why the white house is refusing to budge on what even "the washington post" says is a failing strategy. plus hollywood is about to release a movie best known for a behind the scenes curse, allegedly. brian is here on a new kind of horror.
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aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and for a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. breaking tonight, new questions for the white house as isis scores a second major victory in a week. today we heard reports the islamic state run the city of described as a treasure left the administration again defending a strategy under fire. >> there's a lot of monday morning quarterbacking going on here. overall what we're talking about here is a strategy that builds the capacity of local fighters to fight for their own country and that is a significant departure from the strategy that's advocated by many republicans, which is a large scale american military
6:36 pm
deployment in iraq and syria that didn't work so well the last time we tried it. >> earlier i spoke to charles krauthammer, fox news contributor, author of "things that matter," newly released in paperback with a brand new session on the obama presidency. charles, thank you for being here. john ernest creating a false choice it's either you know all guns blazing, another invasion into iraq or what president obama's doing. >> well that's exactly right. you present a false choice like that and then your only option is indecision passivity and defeat which is what the obama administration has chosen. when you hear josh ernest talking about the situation and saying well it's a setback but really our strategy is working, this is baghdad bob during the invasion of iraq itself in 2003 where the u.s. closing in on the capital and the official
6:37 pm
spokesman for saddam pretending the americans were on the run. this is embarrassing at this point, and, in fact there was a third strategic advance by isis today. they seized a keyboarder crossing between syria and iraq which will allow them to resupply more easily the anbar province that's under their control and ramadi. so this is a serious threat and i think there is no denying that the strategy is an abject failure. and, in fact you wonder about how serious is the president in the first place. let me give you one example, the pentagon said that in the battle of ramadi a key capital in anbar, we had 135 air strikes in the last month. just to give you a comparison in the war in kosovo which is of infinitely less strategic importance to the united states we were averaging 10,000 a month and we were doing 165 in ramadi. this is not serious.
6:38 pm
this is for show. this is for the president to pretend he's doing something. but actually and actively and knowingly not doing anything. >> they seem to you know to be appealing to people's reluctance to do another 2003-style invasion and yet more and more we are hearing people from both sides of the aisle talk about how we don't have to go that far, but we do have to make a decision about the road we're on now because it's going to come back to haunt us. this is richard clarke who was on another channel today who worked for reagan george h.w. bush george w. bush and bill clinton, and listen to what he had to say about it. >> it's a nation it's got a couple million people. it's larger than about three dozen nations that are in the u.n. it straddles the iraqi border. it's a country and it's going to train terrorists and send them places like here. people need to decide if they want to go back into iraq even a little bit, but they have to to
6:39 pm
stop isis because otherwise we're going to have a terrorist state and it will get around to threatening us here. >> charles, your thoughts? >> which is why we need a serious strategy. he's absolutely right. this is a state, this is al qaeda on steroids. al qaeda was hiding in caves that had the support of the afghan government, but it was in the periphery, as we learn from the osama bin laden documents that were now just released, he knew that was a side show. the real show was the middle east it was north africa, and that's where isis is. isis has skipped over the al qaeda stages. bin laden's idea was to weaken the infidel first, then establish a fate. i think the genius of isis to understand the west particularly the obama administration is a demoralized enemy. you can establish the calafate now and it will be here. which is what happened. >> we went into afghanistan
6:40 pm
because they harbored terrorists who aimed to destroy the united states and what they are now saying is the same thing is happening. right now iraq is becoming and syria, becoming that home base for terrorists who will mean to destroy us. so the irony could be charles, if we sit back long enough on a strategy that even richard engel, the nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent called just plain stupidity, if we sit back long enough we are going to be going in with a full scale invasion if they grow and metastasize as they have been. >> look in the end the greatest tragedy of this is as david petraeus told the washington post last month in an interview, the greatest tragedy of this is that it was unnecessary. as obama himself said in december 2011 we are leaving iraq stable secure and sovereign. self reliant. and as a result of the vacuum he created, we have iran rushing in on one side.
6:41 pm
it's now essentially in control of the regime in baghdad. and isis on the other side establishing a calafate coming into the vacuum. it's a predictable result and tragic one because obama chose to do it in a circumstance where there was no compulsion for us to completely evacuate iraq as he did. and that's why we're going to have to redo this but not by an invasion, but by cleverly using surrogates on the ground and by arming them for god's sake. >> thank you for your expertise on it. >> my pleasure. well tonight the air of carson leno letterman is now over. now what that signals for america. plus the president this week weighed in on how our police are dressed. and brian kilmeade is next on that. along with a new study that finds men are faking being busy at work. and still managing to get promoted for it. brian knows something about this. next.
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6:46 pm
fox and friends, and i heard that and thought, what like the guy in the village people what does he want? >> well have you seen the village people and felt threatened? the answer is no. maybe powder blue, peaceful blue. >> steve martin remember the character in "parenthood"? >> that was not scary, that could be it. that's fantastic. wow. >> send him down to baptltimore. >> that's true. that is the sheriff. what the president says he looked at the problems and he says the problem is the police are too intimidating making things worse by showing up with some of the military equipment they have and this thing called riot gear because something's about to start called a riot. so they are concerned about the helmet concerned about the shield sending a wrong message. i used to think from the civilian point of view that would be a reason not to riot because the police were ready and ready to act. they feel the president honestly feels when he went to camden new jersey when he made the announcement -- by the way, he commissioned this study after
6:47 pm
ferguson and put some people on a blue ribbon panel and said come up with new ideas. >> they want him in addition to the softer look to maintain open postures so when you see people coming at you, don't have riot gear you're wearing your pink outfit you're supposed to be like welcome to baltimore. all good all good peace, love understanding. ah! >> if you were a police officer, what are you thinking right now? i'm not showing up at my next riot. >> that's exactly what's happening. wait i have to move on to something, because there's a real problem and you may be personally aware of this. men are apparently faking it at the office. women get accused of faking it elsewhere, men are faking it at the office. they are pretending to be hard workers when in fact they are not, and it's working. >> this woman not only speaks from personal experience also from a boston university studyeople in three categories one is person that does put in the 80 hours, other is the typical woman, sadly, listen i have a family on the outside, i'm only putting in 40
6:48 pm
hours, call me in the weekends i'm not coming. the people that are most successful and have the perfect balance in life don't do the thing called being honest don't be honest say you work 80 hours but work 50. here's what you do schedule calls by your house, how about people cover for you instead of showing up. sweet talk some of your clients so they understand what's going on. >> i've seen you do this on "fox and friends," you leave for an entire block, sometimes two. what happened to him? now i get it you're in category three. >> i'm here to talk about a study. this is not an indictment of brian kilmeade. how this boom ranged i don't know but i have a suggestion if megyn kelly who works 80 wants to work 50 here's my suggestions, first, megyn kelly goes to the park but she's still on the park because she told roger she's on assignment. >> that's true. >> megyn kelly has to have other people cover for her in case of emergency, she has sean hannity and bill o'reilly pick up your shifts and handle breaking news. teamwork attitude. >> people want to see that. >> absolutely. these are some of the things we
6:49 pm
can do. also when jeb bush wants you to come in on a saturday and do an interview, meet me in my garage get the green screen make it look like iowa but you're actually at home. >> bring corn. >> i could change your life megyn kelly. >> there's one other thing we have to get to tonight. it's back. another poltergeist is coming out. and they say the first series was cursed. how many people have to die? >> five. five people died from the original poltergeist. dominic dunn who played dane dead. julian beck who plays henry cain dead of stomach cancer. will samson dead of kidney failure. like perryman who played pugsby
6:50 pm
killed with an ax. blond girl died of cardiac arrest. don't let this happen use some of your power in hollywood to stop another poltergeist, we're running out of actors. at the deaths. like 67 70. it was like people died. i don't know if you can attribute it to the curse. people died. >> okay. some might be natural causes. maybe it is not the occult. i would say it's a coincidence. more than a coincidence. >> bottom line is if they asked you to do a cameo, would you do it? >> how much? that's basically it. i'm replacement. >> we know from the second topic you have all the time in the world now. great to see you. >> great to see you. now letterman, gone! and howie kurst is next on the new era for america. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
all right. pretty much all i got. the only thing i have left to do for the last time on a television program -- thank you and good night. >> dave's gone. what's next? howie kurst with the answer. howie? >> david letterman is a guy who's openly liberal and liked to have political conversations. he could have john mccain or bill clinton and when jimmy fallon has on they slow jam the news. >> different product. >> he is a talented guy to host the shows, leno and letterman gone the national gathering place of conversation there's less politics. that migrated to comedy central. colbert giving up the right-wing persona. >> jimmy kimmel still does interviews like that but it's not the case so much on the
6:55 pm
tonight show anymore. what will we expect from colbert taking over for letterman? >> a variety guy and not the guy on comedy central. carson and leno people watched. this new era is making skits and youtube clips, facebook chop it up. people watch it the next morning. so that's where i think no longer the late night and not as much a part of the national conversation or a part of the political conversation. >> letterman would have people on from all different stripes. an open liberal, he would have conservatives. and, you know 0 riley is not necessarily conservative but he had o'reilly on. that will never happen with colbert. o'reilly in particular. i don't see him inviting conservatives on there. am i wrong? >> we'll see but i think letterman was a guy who really came to enjoy the combat and, you know i think he's been a little tad overpraised because after all he was number two to
6:56 pm
leno but the media elite love him so you know hats off to dave but it will change after him. >> like he said save a little for the funeral. >> must be weird to watch everybody. he didn't cry. he didn't blubber. not that emotional. >> i give him credit. great to see you. >> same here. >> we'll be right back. fact. advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading.
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earlier today i held a live chat at the new york headquarters and enjoyed interacting with many of you. thanks for watching chatting and have a beautiful holiday weekend. i'm megyn kelly. this is a fox news alert. a manhunt is under way at this hour for a quadruple murder suspect believed to have killed a wealthy family of three and their housekeeper inside their washington, d.c. home. in tonight for sean hannity, standing by live in washington, d.c. outside the crime scene is peter dooci. when's the latest? >> andrea the latest is that parts of this very nice neighborhood in washington, d.c. still smell like smoke. one week after somebody came here, murdered four innocent people set a fire and then got away. but tonight, a big break and believe it or not it comes fro