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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 22, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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of a gang member. cops. >> set your dvr. bye. hi mike. >> hi brett. we expect votes in the senate tomorrow. one on the passed house bill. and working on a last heck emergency effort.
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constitution and catch terrorists at the same time. >> kentucky's rand paul spent more than ten hours on the senate floor blasting the nsa's bulk collection of american phone records. that's the most controversial component of three patriot act provisions set to expire at the end of the month, which experts say provide critical tools for tracking terrorists. some on the left are with paul. >> what doesn't make sense is to be pursuing approaches that don't make us safer and compromise our liberty. >> yet time is running short. >> this is an issue that has a fuse attached to it. this is an issue that's going to result in an expiration of the existing statute at the end of the month. >> a justice department memo sent to capitol hill obtained by fox warns congress must pass something by tomorrow night. if not, the memo warns, "the national security agency will
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need to begin taking steps to wind down the bulk telephone metadata program in anticipation of a possible sunset in order to ensure it does not engage in any unauthorized collection or use of the metadata." lee says the senate should just approve the house act that passed last week. >> this will not only allow us to keep the government safe it will actually i think be more effective than the system in place right now under the patriot act. >> yet other republican senators say the house measure's too weak and worry phone companies will not want to store phone records as long as the government would like. if the senate cannot pass the house measure, it would move to a 60-day extension. speaker john boehner isn't showing his next move. >> the house has acted. it's time for the senate to act. if they act, we'll certainly look at what they do and make a decision about how to proceed. >> the white house is trying to convince senators to back the house plan but it doesn't sound like it has the votes. the thinking on a two-month
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extension is it would give time to correct weaknesses in the house bill. and as i mentioned at the top senator richard burr the intel chairman says if all else fails he wants to have a third emergency backup plan bret. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. mike thank you. more with this on the panel. rand paul is not the only republican presidential candidate or prospective candidate with serious questions about government surveillance or collection of data. several other hopefuls remain supportive of reauthorizing the patriot act. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story tonight. >> i will not let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts go unchallenged. >> of the senate's three other gop white house hopefuls ted cruz of texas stands with rand paul against the surveillance as a warrantless violation of constitutionally protected privacy. while florida senator marco rubio and south carolina senator lindsey graham say it's a necessary and constitutional weapon in the war on terror. in new hampshire former florida
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governor jeb bush dug in with supporters. >> over and over again when people make these, you know assertions that somehow people that you're getting spied on by washington, d.c. because of the patriot act, there's not a single shred of evidence of that. >> republicans are divided over government surveillance programs. former arkansas governor mike huckabee gave a nod to paul's concerns. >> put me down as somebody who thinks it needs to be revised not just immediately restored. because i think that the senator has made some valid points. >> the biggest question is this does the constitution allow the government to read the mail and to listen to the phone calls? even to collect them without a warrant or probable cause. and i think the obvious answer is no it does not. >> a proponent and participant in iowa's presidential straw poll in recent years huckabee's joining bush and graham in skipping the event this august as a waste of time and money that can wound or weaken candidates. cruz tangled with a reporter
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this week all but accusing the media by painting it as homophobic. >> you have a personal animosity against gay americans? >> let me ask a question is there something about the left -- and i'm going to put the media in this category that's obsessed with sex? why is it that the only question you want to ask concerns homosexuals? the constitution gives marriage to elected state legislatures. it doesn't give the power of marriage to a president or to an unelected judge as to tear down the decisions enacted by democratically elected state legislatures. >> that video went viral on the right in anticipation of the supreme court ruling on gay marriage later this year. a lot of the republican candidates have been essentially taking the position that like cruz the tenth amendment leaves such decisions to each state, not the federal government, bret. >> all right carl thank you. as isis terrorists take control of a famed archaeological site in syria, president obama's expanding u.s. involvement against the rampaging isis army
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in iraq. green lighting the quick delivery of a shipment of shoulder-fired rockets. this comes just days after the terrorists overran the strategic city of ramadi in the country's largest sunni province. we look at the president's policy tonight from the white house. >> on a day when president obama welcomed tunisia's president and designated his country a major nonnato ally the white house made good on a promise following the rout at ramadi. the president authorized sending 2,000 anti-tank rockets to help combat the massive suicide vehicle bomb that isis used in capturing the anbar provincial capital. blasts so powerful some were described as being on par with the oklahoma city bombing. white house officials say the rocket shipment is not a new strategy but consistent with its 36-month goal to degrade the enemy. defeat will take longer. in an interview with the atlantic the president said despite recent headlines things are not dire in iraq.
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saying "no, i don't think we're losing. and i just talked to our centcome commanders and the folks on the ground." there's no doubt there was a tactical setback though ramadi had been vulnerable for a long time pry mayly because these are not iraqi forces we have trained or forced. additional equipment, operational advice and when possible close air support, but the effectiveness of that strategy is debatable. isis-controlled areas have continued to spread throughout syria and iraq on the president's watch. this as isis overtook the ancient syrian city of palmyra, threatening to destroy anticties there as they did in mosul. critics argue the mission to degrade and not defeat is tan tamt to leading from behind. >> the president is going to have to scrap policies that aren't working. lay out a broad overarching strategy to defeat the savage
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terrorists. >> i'm not really sure what they're advocating. we hear them complain about the pace of progress. there's no doubt the president would like to see more progress too, but he is -- he understands that the kind of strategy that we're currently pursuing is entirely consistent with our national security interests. >> as you heard there, bret again the goal for this administration for the balance of the obama administration is to degrade the enemy because they believe defeat will simply take much longer than that. i should also point out those rockets that you heard about in the piece, well they're likely to move to iraq pretty quickly. in fact by perhaps as late as the end of the coming week they should be there. and i should also add one more nugget we heard from a senior military official tonight who said the real question is what are the iraqis going to do differently. >> kevin, thank you. we are learning more tonight about what hillary clinton was told immediately after the benghazi terror attacks including information that flies in the face of the
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administration's official story. and it came from a source who was off the books, not in the administration. chief white house correspondent ed henry has the latest fallout from the clinton e-mail drama. >> reporter: explosive new details emerge today from e-mails about benghazi sent and received on hillary clinton's personal account as republicans charge what's holding up their select committee investigation of the terror attacks is the state department sitting on some of the 55,000 pages of her official e-mail. >> i requested them is to listen to give us the documents and let us finish this report. >> we will be releasing very very soon the first set we said we would release. >> reporter: some of those e-mails published in "new york times" and confirmed by congressional sources show clinton adviser sidney blumenthal sent her a message a day after the benghazi attacks suggesting they grew over a video. yet september 13 2012
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blumenthal sent her a memo with details she forwarded to an official. the very next day september 14th clinton joined president obama at andrews air force base to meet the coffins of the four americans killed in the attacks and picked one of the conflicting narratives. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> reporter: republican chairman trey gowdy has now subpoenaed blumenthal to find out how he got his information and what else he shared with clinton who this week laughed off a question about her e-mail contact with blumenthal. >> i have many many old friends. >> reporter: the e-mails do seem to support clinton's contention back in march that she did not e-mail classified information except the e-mails passed through her personal server did contain sensitive information including the whereabouts of ambassador christopher stevens in the months before benghazi.
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significant since former cia official mike morell said he believes hypothetically that clinton's e-mail was compromised. >> i think that foreign intelligence services the good ones the good ones have everything on any unclassified network that the government uses. whether it's a private server or a public one. >> now, remember those 55,000 pages of e-mail include a lot more on russia iran. were foreign governments hacking into her personal server and reading those e-mails? questions for clinton who by the way will deliver a big speech june 13th to officially launch her campaign even though it's already been in the works for a few weeks. >> try for more questions. >> we'll try again. >> ed thanks. up next new information on a possible link between a victim and the suspect in the brutal murder of a washington, d.c. family as a manhunt is now underway. first here's some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 42 in omaha where flags are lowered to half staff in honor of officer carrie orasco.
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it happened while officers were trying to serve a felony arrest warrant on 26-year-old marcus wheeler. he was also killed. she gave birth in february and was about to take maternity leave. fox 5 in atlanta where the president of the boy scouts of america says the organization's long standing ban on participation by openly gay adults is not sustainable. former defense secretary robert gates now the head of the scouts is calling for a policy change to avoid potentially destructive legal battles. and this is a live look at the los angeles from our affiliate fox 11 big story there tonight the cleanup continues from tuesday's oil spill near santa barbara. officials say up to 105,000 gallons escaped from the broken pipeline and as much as 21,000 gallons of oil reached the sea. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back.
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19. congressional lawmakers are trying to tie up some very big loose ends before leaving town for another vacation. president obama's trade agenda passed a key senate vote earlier today. the fast track legislation is opposed by labor unions and other groups vital to democrats. the president maintains american
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producers need broader access to foreign markets. president obama has reportedly retreated again from his goal of having a million electric cars on the highways by this year. bloomberg politics reports the president cut government purchase goals in march. the feds have bought about 25,000 electric and hybrid vehicles during the obama presidency. that's only about 7% of all government vehicle purchases in that time. still ahead, we'll take an early look at where and when presidential primaries and caucuses will begin. first, are christians losing numbers and influence in america?
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as we told you earlier isis terrorists have captured a syrian city home to ancient ruins of great historical value. president obama's spokesman conceded today it was another setback. but apparently not enough of one to provoke any change in policy. here's chief washington correspondent james rosen. >> this unverified video purports to show a soldier aboard a syrian regime helicopter lighting and dropping one of the notorious barrel bombs president bashar al assad denies using. with the syrian civil war edging toward its fifth year having already claimed some 220,000 lives, critics of the obama administration say it has mishandled the conflict from the beginning. >> the administration was approached numerous times on the idea of vetting and training you know, among the syrian middle class ensconced in aleppo there so they would have the
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wherewithal to propel isis and the attacks from the assad regime. but we haven't seen any action. >> reporter: recent isis advances the rival jihadist groups and continued iranian support for assad's regime in the form of hezbollah fighters and cuds force units have left syria in a dark and chaotic state. and all kinds of regional players rushing to fill the vacuum. >> there's no doubt that the current trajectories against assad, the saudis together with the turks and the qataris seem to have dramatically escalated their assistance to a new islamist coalition inside syria fighting the outside regime which happens to include the al qaeda affiliate, the nusra front. >> some military analysts have urged president obama to shift gears. >> there have been some very dramatic developments in both positive and negative directions in the last few days. probably more negative than positive. but the point is momentum is not trending in our favor. >> but the white house sees no need for a new strategy. >> the president and his
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national security team are always looking for ways to refine the strategy in ways where we can learn lessons from those tactics that worked and apply them in the areas where we're not enjoying the kind of success that we'd like to see. >> in personal e-mails obtained by the website now assad privately told a female friend who lamented the first casuals all of that is a natural price for any crisis and the solution doesn't come with romance. bret. >> james, thank you. recent news about a significant drop in the percentage of americans who claim to be christians has many people speculating both on the veracity of the conclusions and who benefits from the supposed shift. shannon bream looks at those issues tonight. >> reporter: the headline screams, big drop in share of americans calling themselves christians. >> the narrative sounds nice. and it fits the political agenda of some but if you look at the numbers that's actually not what's happening. >> reporter: digging into the data from the pew research center's new survey on religion
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in the u.s. reveals that while some main line christian denominations are losing ground evangelical christians don't appear to be. in fact raw data show the number of americans in that category has grown by roughly 2 million since 2007. >> we're continuing to see a strong undercurrent of solid growth within bible believing churches here in the united states. >> reporter: by contrast over the last seven years there's been a significant jump in the number of american adults who identify themselves as having no religious affiliation. from 36 million to 56 million. >> we've been talking for years about how unaffiliateds and those identifying as atheist and an agnostic have been on the rise and so we're happy the recent pew study confirmed what we've been saying for a very long time. >> reporter: so how might shifting religious affiliations impact the political scene? democrats believe the change will benefit them.
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>> this feels a lot more like it's going to be the democrats will benefit from this than republicans. which is one of the reasons why barack obama's had to you know had two very strong presidential elections back-to-back. so yes, this is benefitting the democratic party in the short-term. where it goes long-term it's too early to know. >> reporter: though many on the right point to the continued growth of evangelical millennial as the key trend. >> and those are the ones to watch because those are the ones that can change the culture, the country and literally the world. >> reporter: another interesting finding by pew was that although the numbers are relatively small compared to other major religions, islam had the highest growth rate of any religion in the u.s. over the past seven years. bret. >> shannon, thank you. up next in the grapevine, take a joyride with a tiger and you take your chances.
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now some fresh big news from the political grapevine. the pentagon went ahead with the construction of a $36 million command and control building in afghanistan despite the fact that generals on the ground said it was not needed. the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction concludes the facility at camp leatherneck afghanistan was unwanted unneeded and unused. the request to cancel the project was rejected by
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then-major general peter vangel because the money had already been appropriated by congress. almost a year later as the surge was drawing down construction began. it was never used or occupied by the u.s. before being handed over to the afghans. and some of those involved did their best to scuttle the investigation. recommendation number one from the inspector general, the pentagon needs a clear statement that taxpayer funds should not be spent when they are no longer needed merely because an official does not want to undertake the burden of requesting the reprogramming or rescission of those funds. the d.o.d. rejected any disciplinary action against the officers involved. zero tolerance strikes again. a five-day suspension for a foam dart belonging to a new jersey fifth grader. the school categorized the nerf gun bullet as a self-constructed weapon because it had a toothpick in it. the child's mother was not
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pleased. "it's completely ludicrous. i can understand if he had the toy gun in class and tried to shoot someone, but he didn't." the school initially considered expelling the student but settled on a suspension. someone called 911 after seeing this a tiger on top of an suv. pretty scary if it were real. a group of guys found a large stuffed tiger and of course strapped it to their vehicle. of course why not. police showed up. they had a laugh. took some photos and left. last night we announced the first gop debate of the presidential season august 6th in cleveland, 11 weeks from now. fox news and facebook will host. tonight, how the primary calendar is shaping up. here's senior national correspondent john roberts. >> we have a privilege here in iowa to be the first in the nation. >> reporter: after the chaos of
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2012 when a race to be first nearly pushed the iowa caucuses in christmas week republicans are counting on a far more orderly calendar this time around. >> we're confident it's going to be february 1st. we haven't heard any serious indications of any state jumping ahead of us. >> reporter: at the moment iowa will kick off the first of the primary season on the first of february. new hampshire follows a week later. south carolina is saturday 20th with nevada on the 23rd. under new rules laid down by the republican national committee, those are the only states that can go in february. anyone who tries to upset the apple cart will face harsh penalties. >> in the past states could jump around and the penalties were basically slaps on the wrist. and they really weren't upheld. where nowadays the rules that we've changed actually almost completely eliminate a state's relevancy relevancy. >> march 1st is the next big date highlighted by a so-called s.e.c. primary ban together georgia, tennessee, alabama and arkansas. >> it's well warranted.
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the south is growing. there's a lot of people moving here. we should be involved in the process of deciding who the nominees will be. >> according to the front loading fhq, by march 8th some will be awarded but in such a wide field no one may have broken from the pack. which makes the march 15th contest in florida extremely important. it will be the first winner take all state. it's then that a clear front runner may emerge or as some republicans fear a prolonged battle may shape up. >> i think we've set it up in such a way to give us the best process that allows for the most participation and a quicker resolution. now, that doesn't mean it's always going to happen that way. >> and while iowans are at the moment confident their outsized influence will be preserved, don't expect they'll take any challenge to their supremacy lying down. >> we take our role very, very seriously. and should a state try to get ahead of us we're absolutely prepare today go all the way into 2015 if necessary. >> much of the primary calendar
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remains in flux with many states still considering moves. while there may not be a competition to go first, it's clear everyone wants a bigger say in who the nominee is. >> it all begins. john thank you. the rand paul objection to the patriot act and the future of government surveillance and collection of data. we'll discuss it all with the panel after the break.
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any time you give power to government they love it and they will accumulate more. any time you give power to government and expect them to live within the confines of the power, they will not live within the confines of power unless you watch them. >> i think we'd be much better after fixing that statute rather than kicking the can or letting it expire without any reforms. >> the senate should pass the usa freedom act, a reasonable compromise that strikes an appropriate balance between privacy and security. the american people expect their alleged representatives to take
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responsible action to protect the country. >> well because of senator rand paul's actions there was a delay on the senate floor taking up this house bill reauthorizing patriot act making some changes. because of that there's now a scramble. and the department of justice released this saying the national security agency will need to begin taking steps to wind down the bulk telephone metadata program in anticipation of a possible sunset in order to ensure it does not engage in any unauthorized collection or use of the metadata. goes onto say the event of a lapse in authority and subsequent reauthorization there will necessarily be some time needed to restart the program. that has all kinds of people up on capitol hill very concerned about national security. now there's a late deal perhaps that they'll be some votes tomorrow according to the senate intel chairman. so what about the reauthorization and this whole issue the battle between privacy and national security? let's bring in our panel judge andrew napolitano national
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political correspondent and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. judge, you've been very vocal on this issue. what about rand paul's actions and what came of it? >> what came of rand paul's actions was focusing the american public on exactly what the government has been doing to them under language that has been ruled illegal by a federal court. i don't know that he's going to change the votes of anybody in the senate but he's certainly focused the attention of his fellow senators on it. and he has caused the idea that the government spies on us to be part of a great national debate. i happen to believe the spying is unconstitutional whether it's authorized by the congress or not. but it is better that it be the result of a great debate in the country and in the congress rather than done stealthily as it was done in the bush administration and in the obama administration up until now. >> but you can see in the wake of isis in the wake of the terrorists that we've seen across the world that the
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environment has changed politically and on this issue? >> yes, absolutely the environment has changed. but yet the last poll shows that 55% of the american public wants some sort of a change in the ways by which the nsa spies on us now. right now they go to the fisa court and they just say to the fisa court we need all the phone information from fill in the blank. this zip code this area code this tell kom provider. i saw an order which directed the nsa to acquire everything from verizon. everything from verizon. how many customers do they have? 113 million customers. now, that flies in the face of the specificity required for all warrants in the fourth amendment. and that's the attitude that senator paul took and the clash of ideas that he has generated. >> the thing that's interesting about the politics is you've got the house and the white house on the same side here. they want this measure passed. >> that's a rare event.
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>> that's a rare event. the house has some reforms. you know, you have the telecoms holding the data have to get a court order to get it if the government wants it. but the senate doesn't have the votes to pass that. and now as you just mentioned it's going to expire unless they pass some kind of a temporary stopgap measure, which the court might not accept. >> a two-month extension is what's being talked about right now. >> but we don't know if the court is going to accept a two-month extension. >> mara is referring to the court that found this illegal and says congress has until the end of the month to change it and this is the danger mitch mcconnell runs. >> charles. >> what the supreme court ruled decades ago that the post office can record what's on the outside of your envelope who it goes to and who sent it. the closest analogy in internet age is to record a phone call not the content. you're not opening the envelope but who made the call to whom and for how long.
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so in principle what we're doing is something essentially the same. now, the idea that somehow this was implied by a couple of the candidates that the government is listening in and recording the conversation is false. that's a scare tactic. i think if you can get the congress we already have the administration supporting this the house is supporting this. and if rand paul had allowed the debate to go ahead rather than using up the day we would have had a vote in the senate. it probably would have passed. but the delay that he has caused means that given the vacation that the senate is giving itself it won't be done before june 1st. well i think mcconnell ought to call the senate back if what is needed is time. if the majority of the senate will support this this to me is an innocuous step extremely important as a way -- look everybody complained after 9/11 who was not collecting the dots. this is a collection of dots. and if you want it held by the
1:45 am
telecoms instead of the government as a compromise okay. i don't have a great objection to that. but this is not a police state tactic. >> this is the balance between privacy and national security. the proponents of this judge, obviously say that taking this tool away leaves us as a country vulnerable. >> right. i think they're wrong. the people with whom i have spoken in the nsa and formerly in the nsa say the problem today is there is too much data there. instead of focusing on the bad guys which the probable cause requirement of the fourth amendment causes them to focus on they're getting all information about all people all the time and they can't sift through it in time to stop things like the boston marathon bombers, who used e-mails and cell phones major nadal hassan. those two idiots that tried to kill the muhammad cartoon gathering in texas. they weren't stopped by the nsa. >> what i'm hearing is maybe it
1:46 am
should be expanded to cell phones. >> it already covers cell phones. the order i saw was all of verizon customers which was land line and cell phone. in terms of the content of these calls they're not sitting there listening to the callings. they don't have the time. but they have digital electronic access to the content of phone calls whenever they want. >> let's listen to the former attorney general today on fox explaining first of all about rand paul and also about this program. >> they either don't understand or they don't want other people to understand what this program involves. it involves gathering the calling number the called number the date and length of the call stockpiling all that information against the possibility that we get a suspicious number and then run it against those to find out whether a terrorist has either called or been called by a number in the united states. that's the only purpose it's used for. it doesn't include any content. doesn't even include the identity of the the parties to the call. rand paul is willing to exploit
1:47 am
that lack of knowledge for his own purpose because he wants to add fuel to his republican presidential aspirations. i think it's completely cynical. >> i'll give you a word here and mara will wrap up. >> i think he's profoundly misunderstanding the nature of the program. edward snowden, who has not been refuted, says that they have access to the content of all these calls. they don't always listen to the content, but they have the access to the content. rand paul's the only one defending the constitution. the only one running for president defending the constitution. >> that's what i wanted to turn quickly to politics. >> with the exception of mike huckabee rand paul is alone. i mean you've got jeb bush out there and other people saying this is a good program it should be continued. i think the republican party's undergoing a really spirited debate about foreign policy and national security even if rand paul's the only one. he is really carrying his side of the debate. and as the judge said getting a lot of attention for it. >> you're saying the ten and a half hours on the senate floor was worth it for him. >> for him. >> and we don't know where
1:48 am
hillary clinton is by the way. this is a question that has not been answered. >> well she's still in the bunker. we haven't been able to smoke her out. but let me just say i respect rand paul. i respect the judge. but you're dead wrong. >> i respect you to a fact i even love you. >> we'll leave it there. next up president obama sends rockets to iraq to fight isis, but is it too little too late?
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at why isn't there a formal strategy review? >> because we have a strategy that we believe is the right one to eventually acleave our goals. >> how many more bad days are they -- will it take for there to be a review of the strategy?
1:52 am
>> if you fwauk a strategy for how you fight a conflict built into any strategy is the fact that every day isn't going to be a day you win or a good day on the battled field. look at any conflict we had throughout history f every time there is a setback on the battlefield and we did our strategy what would that look like? that isn't common sense. >> the state department and white house on the same page here. no review of troops on the ground. the president asked, are we losing against isis in atlantic magazine. he said this no i don't think we're losing. there's no doubt there was a tactical setback primarily because there are not iraqi xourt force that's we trained or reinforced. the training of iraqi security forces and the command and control systems are not happening fast enough in an bar. in the sunni parts of the country. we're back with the panel. i tell you, there seems to be a series of bad days. we saw this in 2006 at the white house. and there was a change. >> well you know the president was very accurate.
1:53 am
not being trained fast enough. it's not happening. and the problem is that the white house at least talking points are there is only two choices. what we're doing and reinvading iraq. sending hundreds of thousands of ground troops. there's a lot in between there. and the question is what if anything is the white house willing to do other than what it's doing right now? >> charles? >> the administration is sounding like baghdad bob during the invasion of iraq. they're losing. everybody understands that. isis it wasn't own that they took over in iraq but it took over the town of -- the city of amara in syria which gives them control of half of syria and later in the day to day, they took over a crucial crossing point between syria and iraq, essential erasing the frontier and making it easier to resupply ramadi. these are huge strategic gains. they're not tactical defeats. and what obama says it's not
1:54 am
because it's our guys trained by us who were in ramadi this is nuts. the idea is if you're going to have success, you have to have training and you have to have will. the idea that what the iraqis are lacking training is ridiculous. we've been training them for 15 years. it's the troops haven't got their heart in the battle it will not succeed. and that's what happened in mosul when they ran away and that's what happened in ramadi when they ran away. >> the pentagon continues to have the different stories about air strikes and how much they're doing. we know definitively now from our people over there that there have been no air strikes in ramadi in the past 24 hours. it seems like there's this shift. and people trying to figure out what's going on. >> i wish i knew. i wish we all knew what was going on. and on this i agree with both of my colleagues. the president conveys an image of being passive and indecisive and that leads to an image of defeat. if you're going to be there, fight to win and come home.
1:55 am
if you don't think we can win it then we shouldn't there be. in my view this cannot be won without a long term commit. of ground troops for a long period of time and nation building and the american public will not tolerate that politically and we can't afford it. however, what we're doing now accomplishes nothing. he's punching with his left hand and apologizing to the galleries with his right for hitting too hard. >> speaking baner today said if you look at the troops there, they're basically there for training and for protecting the embassy. and he says i think their hands are tied. because that's all they can do. >> you know to me the american people have shown that they understand the nuance of this. of course they don't want to reinvasion of iraq with hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground. but they're willing to understand that the advisors may need to be more forward, maybe they need to be imbedded in a different way. there might need to be more of them 10,000 a,000, whatever. and i think the american people would tolerate more not all the way to a reinvasion.
1:56 am
and, you know i think at some point the white house is going to have to understand that. either get out altogether or do something that is effective. >> see if this is a tipping point. that it is for the panel. stay tuned for a graduation ceremony where everyone was pulling for one graduate.
1:57 am
finally, it's graduation season. students want to look their best had they get diplomas. one senior learned the hard way, heels and astroturf don't really
1:58 am
mix. but the crowd, the crowd, well they were pulling for her. here it comes. oh no. oh dear. oh, no. oh boy. and the crowd pulling for her to get there. oh no. she eventually got up. they help her up. she gets to the diploma and the crowd cheers wildly. so she made it. that's it for this special report. fair balanced and >> it's friday may 22nd. a fox news lart. a multi state manhunt ending overnight. the dc mansion murder mystery untraveling. >> we were planning ongoing into
1:59 am
the hotel and taking him down when we approached him we realized he was in the vehicle. >> police arresting a prime suspect and several others as brand new details emerge about his connection of theto the family he is accused of murdering. >> were thefrom the hillary clinton file. what the presidential candidate knew about the benghazi attack. >> people are pushing their cars and wading through the water. just as a record number of travelers hit the road. what you need to know before you head out the door. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first". a long holiday weekend for a lot of travelers. >> let's begin with the fox news alert. the man accused of murdering a
2:00 am
corporate executive, his wife and their son and their housekeeper captured police. and he was not alone. >> darren dill wint a -- daron wint arrested. we are live where the multi state manhunt ended. rich what happened? >> well it ended right here. police apprehended mr. wint last evening with a handful of other suspects. they found his dna on a piece of pizza crust in the how is that he alleged slit on fire. returned back to the dc area last nights. they began their apprehension of him at a nearby hotel. >> we were able to identify him