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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. >> the state department released 300 e-mails from hillary clinton's private account. it shows the former secretary of state received sensitive information fbi later classified. critics say she never should have used a private e-mail for business. >> we will see the ones she didn't destroy. she self-selected the ones she thought was important. this is coming from an individual who when she worked in 9 state department didn't obey the law to begin with. she should have had an official e-mail on an official government server. she has already broken the law once so now we trust her the ones she turned over are all
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of the e-mails? >> i personally won't be satisfied until we look at the server. >> since the information wasn't classified at the time there is no info suggesting laws were broken. the senate handing president obama a victory. lawmakers approved the request for fast track trade negotiating. the bill would let obama present trade agreements that congress could approve or reject. the bill faces a battle in the house. rough wind and high waves hamper the clean up efforts in california. crews are trying to remove 21,000 gallons of crude that leaked from a broken underground pipeline in santa barbara county. tlc is pulling the plug on "19 shows and counting" following reports of sexual misconduct allegations against their oldest son josh duggar. the alleged incident happened when he was 14. "19 kids and counting" has
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been airing since 2008. i'm patricia stark. here is "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox welcome to "red eye." i am jedediah bila. she knows her numbers like i know my superheros. she stole my 3-year-old cousin's princess crown. joanne nosuchunsky is in the house. he is hawk eye's twin. that's right. it is tv's andy levey. and sitting right next to me is tom kodder. i voted for him on "america's got talent" so he better be funny. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> we have had a president who is african-american. is it time for someone who is vegetarian american? the huffington post reports ben carson is the only
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candidate who does not eat meat. he told "the times" which is where i get all of my election news that his religion and health concerns inspired his preference for plants. his lifestyle may to the go over well with the meat industry in iowa, a key primary state. and a 2013 poll found 23% of republicans view vegetarians unfavorably. first of all why are you laughing? that is an excellent source for election news. >> vegetarian time. >> you have to get your reading in. >> we will get her a copy after the show. i was a vegetarian for years. i was a vegan. my body craved the meat. do you think the public at large, america at large could support a tofu eating president? >> i don't think anyone is surprised that dr. ben carson would be a vegetarian. each doctor says eat less red meat. eat more fruits and
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vegetables. as long as he is not chastising me for my selection of a cheese burger at dinner. >> a subtle jab at michelle obama. i caught that. >> i don't think it is a problem. there are bigger fish to fry as opposed to this issue. maybe his foundation hiding money -- >> tom what about the idea that maybe this could make someone hip and trendy? right? maybe it will be a new trendy -- resonate with the youth vote perhaps? >> yes which they need to focus on. i have been a vegan for about two hours now. >> and you survived. >> we don't want somebody cranky in the white house. the word meat has eat in it. you need someone like a
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carnivore. i don't like the will looy nilly fruits and vegetables guy. >> i like my fruits and vegetables. republican very passionate about meat. when i go out there -- seriously if i say i don't eat bacon and i eat turkey bacon. it is not just meat. it is a specific meat. you have to be pro-beef. >> i don't think it is if you are a republican. it is if you are an american. >> honestly i wouldn't vote for him but not because he is a reg reg -- vegetarian. i wish he would go back to being a brain surgeon. he was really, really good at it. there are two things i don't understand here. he says -- his people told politico that he is a lacto-ovo vegetarian.
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if you are occasionally eating chicken you are not a lacto-ovo vegetarian. >> he is mostly meatless? that's why i -- that's like saying you are a little pregnant. you are either vegetarian or not vegetarian. >> that was actually the point i was making. >> the matriarchy is not cool today. >> i were you going to confess you are only a little pregnant? >> i love it. >> was there anything else i was going to say? >> we can add that in now. >> i would take his diet or chris christie's diet any day first of all. second of all i don't think americans care if somebody is a vegetarian as long as they like them. they say we want a president we can have a beer with. george w. bush didn't even drink beer, but he won. if ben carson is the best candidate it doesn't matter if he may or may not eat meat,
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which he does. >> i think it affects relate built. when you see a candidate sitting down and chowing on a burger and french fries and it may look like the afternoon you may have, it does make a difference. if you see someone who is sitting and gnawing on tofu most don't live like that and don't relate to that. it does matter. >> i can keep going. don't offer it. i may take it. >> i want a president who eats only veal. a president who has no problem eating the flesh of an adorable baby calf will have no problem dealing with putin and people like that. >> and no forks and knives. it is with your hands. >> peta, send your hate mail to andy and not me. >> hate mail from peta?
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>> obama smoked cigarettes. >> but he was cool. >> they make you sexy. that's what i heard. >> it could appeal to millenials and the garden stuff. >> he will expand it. >> weren't we supposed to have a chicken in every pot? nobody said there is a bros sell sprout -- brussell sprout in every pot. >> is it different if it is a republican or democrat? democrats tend to be more -- if you poll them they are into the whole hib pea -- hippie vibe. we just they'd a few more candidates on the left to do the stories about and then we will see what happens.
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next it is hillary clinton dining on a tofu burger. maybe we increased her like built. they want ronald gone-ald. but the ceo says the clown face of the company won't be fired ever. at the company's annual shareholder meeting members of corporate accountability repeated the demand that mcdonalds retire the red head and stop marketing to children. they said with regards to ron untiled, ronald is here to stay. he said the mascot got a new outfit that makes him feel trend yes, sir. i don't know if that is trendy. i know i am not a fashion -- does that make sense what they did to jazz up the costumes? >> i like the big shoes. >> i want to see you next on "red eye." >> have i to one up this guy on my left -- i have to one up this guy here. >> he is drawn to me.
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>> i have to dwet this back to evil knievel by midnight. >> mcdone willed thats has been going through changes recently. >> like? >> they just changed the hamburglar. he is now a sexy dad. they brought back the chicken tenders which is a good change. usually people don't like change. you need to keep ronald if you want your business to stay afloat. >> when i was a kid you know how clowns are scary? i was scared of ronald mcdonald. i think he is a scary dude. if you are two or three you see this scary dude. i think all of these changes are in an effort to de-creepify him. why not toss him out? >> he has been the face of the franchise sense the get go, right? the sleeves on his outfit by the way reminds me of where's waldo. he is not going to get fired.
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the red noser is clearly a brown noser. if he did get fired he would be a rodeo clown which would be tragic. you can't fill his size 46 shoes . >> i know some men that could fill those. just saying. >> what about marketing to kids? >> all for it. >> are you for marketing mcdonalds to kids? >> yes. >> what about michelle obama? >> market to anyone. i don't exclude on the basis of age or race or gender. >> what if we say that food is not healthy. are you marketing to kids and getting them to go in there and eat junk. >> that's a good point but i don't care. i am happy the company said ronald will take an active role in social media. i always enjoy seeing last
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year's slang. eventually we will be doing a story on something awful from ronald mcdonald. he is just starting. this is job security for us. >> do you theng because of tradition and he is identifiable or do you say he has been around for a longtime. let's create something new. >> i believe it is creepy. i don't know what the marketing shows. i have to tell you i hate the lifetime employment. that's why we got them fighting against the charrers. i say no to employment. he has to earn his stripes. >> when i was a kid and i went to europe and i went to paris. >> it was the 1%.
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>> i went and mcdonalds was emblematic of what it was to be american. >> they think we all look like ronald mcdonald? >> there is a fascination with red heads around the world. >> i like going to mcdonalds. >> if you go to australia they will put a beat in your hamburger. >> it is culturally appropriating. >> i feel like you know what, you should be able to get mcdonalds here and everywhere. i would actually be -- >> there are someplaces that put mustard on their burgers at mcdonalds. >> so you go and order a burger and you are surprised? >> in new york they don't put mustard on the burgers.
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>> it is a garbage condiment for garbage people. >> oh no you didn't. >> do you have gray poupon? >> of all of the mustards to bring up. parents don't understand or do they? 36% of parents expect to support their child more than two years after graduation, up from 18% a year ago and 16% think they will be bankrolling their brats five years after college. most are reluctant to admit the help not to seem entitled. but they say they are generally striving to be financially independent. they can't find a job that will pay enough or are between educational programs. itjoanne you are the millenial at the table. i want you to defend the
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millenials. the student loan debt is a fiasco. they have to dig themselves out of a lot of garbage. >> we are focusing on the negative and we should focus on the positive. i said it before and i have no shame. i -- my parents take care of the dentist >> i didn't ask for a lot growing up. we didn't have a lot. i don't get an allowance and some of them are. i think that's weird. they are not supporting my wine budget by any means. it is nice to have them there supporting. it is not a laziness. it is a lack of education with where your money should be going. i think the schools should teach personal finance and money management classes.
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what do you think about this? there is a difference between mooching off your parents and not trying to get a job. and somebody who is hustling and trying to make ends meet. should we cut them some vac? >> there is a difference between freddy the free loader. the student debt for student loans is absurd right now. >> it is crazy. >> it is a curse we have to get on top of. i still take money from the tooth fairy. we have three kids, and we are training them early to become financially independent. they work in sweatshops right now. >> did they make your jacket? >> and some kids have to make the soccer balls and that's why we are here to help them. >> this feels like a soccer ball. >> it is stunning. this will be in vera wang's next will fall collection. >> there is a lot going on.
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american flag and some sort of dorothy theme on the shoes. >> i don't know where the red white and blue is. >> andy, i want to play devil's advocate for a second. i have horns that people qant see right now. some people say that kids that you sort of just throw out into the real world and don't assist wind up doing better because they have to learn to fend for themselves and make ends meet. what do you say about that? >> you no know who says that? wolves. wolves do that. first of all you can't blame the o'neils. they have to be successful enough to afford to help them out. there are two things. the psych professor who was quoted made some good points. he said delayed marriage and moving away from the manufacturing economy and increased em faucet on advanced edge craigs. it is thought laziness.
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on the other hand a bank of america survey done of 18 to 34-year-olds found a quarter of those earning over 75 grand a year still had their parents paying for their groceries. that seems like if you are making 75,000. >> i think we become an over educated and under qualified society. actually i don't think that is the millenials fault. it is those who encourage that. >> thank you. >> should there be a cutoff age? is there an age you get to be it 24, 25 where parents cut you off saying we helped you out, but it is done now. >> it should be more of an income level. we have to differentiate between luxury versus necessity. if you can't pay your rent,
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that's one thing. but if you are buying gucci and mom is buying it, that's s>ñ!cçx$] anfvpo]f in this country to the college debt problem we differentiate based on the value of your degree in the market lace. market place. if you are studying the mating habits ofy iguanas you are getting the same as technology. >> was theater a bad idea? >> lady gaga was studying hart. studying art. she dropped out and said i shouldn't study it. i should do it. >> all right. well, coming up, what flag should fly over earth? i am going with the stars and stripes. more "red eye" after the break. stick around.
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what should we plant on other planets? a swedish university student designed a new international flag of earth. for when future humans visit alien worlds. like when america landed on the moon, allegedly. on oscar notes space travelers are more than representatives of their countries. they are representative of planet earth. what would a flag of earth look like? >> would it illustrate the planet itself? is it a a a symbol of the inhas been tapets of -- inhabitants of earth. a flag that reminds us to take care of each other and the planet we live on. >> that's okay, i guess. we here at "red eye."
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have a few suggestions. we put together a flag that we feel best represents planet earth. all of earth supports you. that's john bolton's mustache. he would make a great -- it is the stash. i feel he can unite the world with his commentary and muss stash. mustache. >> i agree but it seems obvious what the flag should be. it is a little embarrassing none of you thought of that. >> somebody will be getting a raise tomorrow. >> as long as it is to the the united nations flag, i don't care. here is what i would do. i would make it a picture of a solar system, but an arrow pointed at venus. so if hostile aliens come they will blow up the wrong planet.
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>> if i ever run for president you will be on my national security team. >> he will share all of your secrets. >> andy is good. tom on the other hand -- i feel like -- i mean i kind of likeke that thrag but i want more. i want spider-man on the flag or something like amazing. >> what's wrong with the american flag? >> just you pictured? you have to be part of it. >> the swedish dude looks like he traced swedish meatballs. >> now i'm hungry. >> and he wants the world to get credit for landing on mars where we did the heavy lifting. that's why it should be the american flag. get up off your lazy swedish butt and plant your own flag. >> what do you think? do you like the flag?
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it represents values, unity and coming together. did they accomplish that? >> i don't think so. it is bland. it looks like the symbol of something like michael jackson or a singer that everybody loves. >> ronald mcdonald might work. >> adam levine would work. >> only for you. >> if would work in antarctica. nobody lives there except for scientists who claim their own research. it is pointless to have this flag. just like the u.n it will be -- just like you said, it will subsidized. >> the ikea flag. >> what kind of message is that? >> i have seen the flag before. it is the icon to wallpaper of
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brightness. they love the apple products so instead of a flag let's send up an iphone and work on wi-fi up there. and then they can communicate with each other. the only thing i like is the flag and what it represents. all of these countries can get together. as one planet we can work together to dominate another planet. >> that's what every country wants to do. dominate. >> there is a a story that went like britain went to india and they said we are bringing our flag. do you have a flag? >> what does a flag even mean? twill aliens even -- will aliens even recognize. >> you don't think the american flag would mean anything.
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>> i am saying i don't think martians will recognize that boring flag that looks like nuclear power. >> it is symbolic of everything they have been together. it is a bunch of heads lopped off. >> i think with technology being what it is you do more than a flag. you are joking, but we are at a point -- i mean why not put a tv with joanne giving commentary. if that can't unite somebody i don't know what can. >> give the world something to look forward to. >> see she is posing. coming up, scrabble adds new slang words to the dictionary. and the greg gutfeld show. who is greg gutfeld and why am i promoting him.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. critical government surveillance programs remain in jeopardy with just over a week until they expire. just hours ago the senate voted down a house passed bill and several short-term extensions of the patriot act. it called for an end to the
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national security agency's bulk collection of phone records. it would authorize case by case search records. they do not suspect the dc mansion killer acted alone. he was arrested thursday night, a week after a wealthy dc couple and their 10-year-old son and a housekeeper was found dead hn the home. authorities believe the crime needed the presence of just one person. a 4 .8 magnitude earthquake felt in southern utah and -- southern nevada and utah. there were no reports of damage at any of the casino hotels but there was damage to one of the state's busiest highway ramps near downtown las vegas. it was shallower than most. >> it turns out the earthquake was shallow. the shallower it is, is less it is dissipated on the
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surface. if it was a deeper earthquake we wouldn't fell it as much. we would still detect it. >> most of the affected roads are open in time for the holiday week end. a navy jet going off a runway and into san diego bay. it happened at a naval air station near downtown san diego. a spokesperson said the pilot was airlifted from the water. he has since been evaluated and released from the local hospital. now back to "red eye." for your headlines go to fox you are watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. watch your language. there are sheep around. peta is concerned about cussing at livestock. last year the group launched a complaint over verbal abuse during sheering and it is being taken seriously as it should be.
12:35 am
they explain it was used by an employee and they could have been offended. they argue verbal abuse could count as an act of violence. one of the sheep was able to get? to get some revenge. >> well done. i love how they are all cheering for the sheep. >> the most amazing part was the friend's sheep friend who took the video.
12:36 am
>> tom, i have a dog. it is a munchkin dog. i curse at her all the time. she is fresh. when she does a naughty in the house. >> does a naughty everybody. >> that's how we call it at the villa estate. all 400 square feet of it. i am uh tall yin -- i am italian and i won't sensor myself for the dog. that's the way it goes. >> she can't press charges because she can't speak english. >> she can. >> you said she is a little dog. >> it is a person dog. >> i don't get the uproar. have i a sheep and my sheep likes when i talk dirty to them. >> are you from afghanistan? >> the thing is it is peta going crazy. there are sheep that get physical abuse.
12:37 am
i asked my sheep if they hated language. he said naaa. >> well done. you practiced that several times before the show. >> in the mirror. >> andy as a staunch sheep activist are you interested -- >> i don't think you should curse or cuss at sheep. i think you should eat lamb chops as often as possible. i did some reading about sheep. it turns out they are far more intelligent. they can learn their name president they performed at a similar level in monkeys and humans in testing. maybe they do understand cht i don't. i don't know. >> but doesn't that like prepare the sheep for the real world?
12:38 am
>> that's how it is out there. >> my great great grandfather was a shepherd in the mountains of utah. the sheep love the shepherd. the shepherd takes care of them. they feed them. they make sure they have medical care. they love them. when they are out on the mountain side and a whole flock and they are inter intermingles the shepherds bill come and follow him. they love him. they got it all wrong. peta does president understand. they are putting their nose where it doesn't belong. it is the tone. >> i can hear you say you are a big fat jerk. >> it still hurts andy's feelings. >> i have no idea she meant something bad. >> there are some people who are saying this is animal abuse. if you cursed at a person some
12:39 am
could say it is verbal abuse. animals de -- deserve respect. >> i think peta needs to go farther. >> i'm sure they are offended at being labeled a follower. i'm sure there is a leader in the bunch. and are they really that boring that we need to use them to follow asleep? no. >> that's a good point. they probably have the equivalent for us. >> joanne. >> i think it is where the slurs are directed at the black sheep. that's inappropriate. >> that's highly inappropriate. scrabble has upset the rabble. it allows new words. pure wrists are peeved.
12:40 am
saying only words in grammar backs and dictionaries are acceptable. they say banning such words excludes those who speak differently. what do you think about this, tom? should it just keep up with the times. the dictionary is supposed to rethrict it -- reflect it why not represented? >> they are fat. pes fat and not -- fat and not phat. >> depends on how you use it. >> it is bull schizzle. >> my guess is at this table -- i could be wrong but you my be the language pure wrist. >> i always had a secret fear you would correct my grammar in text messages. >> new words were created all the time.
12:41 am
shakespear created new words. the thing i don't like is adding the abbreviated words. they are tine to use. i use this all time. >> what about people, joanne, that they say this is part of the dumbing down of america. you are distorting the traditional words and now people are talking jibberisth. >> don't learn the new words and then go and compete in a struggle championship. she will meme myself all of the new words. any scrabble player loves it. it is an opportunity to begin more points. >> quickly what do you think? >> i think it is a war on women. in general are more likely to use these more than men. am i right or am i right?
12:42 am
>> are you -- you may be wrong. >> i feel like women are more likely to use these words. >> number out there may agree with with you. i'm to take a break.
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women lose their ambition after two years on-the-job.
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it is the subject of tonight's -- >> shameful. a new survey found that men and women in the corporate world start out equally ambitious. after a few years women's confidence and drive to succeed plummets regardless if they are married single, with kids or without. explain how one woman can tell their war stairs of sacrificing everything. i was creeping lower in my chair thinking i could never make it to the senior ranks if this is what it took. you are the resident of issues. do you think the ambitions plummet? >> it is er shoes her instead of his. person that wrote this article, she said the survey shows women need more role
12:47 am
models. that's not what the survey shows. the quote you read shows top exswrems are not there. those are all valid choices but they are choices. there are men who are sacrificing their perm life and if more men than women are doing that that's life. >> that's a hustle. >> nothing is stoping the women from being as competitive as the men in their job then this is perm -- personal choices. >> this commentary is condescending to women. >> women need a push. >> some women don't want to be a ceo. you can have a happy successful life without being a ceo. you can have a happy life without working in corporate
12:48 am
america. by placing value on one job it is diminishing the value of other jobs. i would not want to bow a ceo. that's a lot of stress and stress increases the fat storage and wrinkles. >> the other inclusion is we need regulation to somehow make the family leave better the daycare and the european state. we see in europe they tried to do this. they tried to make it easier for women and in theory become a ceo. what happens is the women are more expensive. they have fewer ceo's. >> what about people who say if you look at the pay raise sometimes women are paid less. >> it is harder for women to rise up. they say asking for a better salary and they don't get the same respect as men. do they have a leg to stand
12:49 am
on? >> $harder for women in the corporate world. if they want children and they go on maternity leave it sets them back. and a woman's work is never done. you all seem enthusiastic. you have been working for more than two years. enthusiasm waynes in the bedroom as much as the boardroom. >> what about in the comedy world? >> i am married to a comic. it is harder for a woman over bowing a man. i can talk dirty things and when women dock -- >> i thought you were married to a kathy. >> married a comedian. >> we will close things out with mine time. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox"red
12:50 am
eye -- fox eye.
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i will see you on "outnumbered" monday memorial day at noon eastern. we will be live. a new "red eye" returns on tuesday. guests include remi spencer anthony and rob long and jesse
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joyce. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> put down that giant mug of beer and pay attention to this mime. authorities #r hiring mimes to remind people that drinking too much can turn you into a jerk. the city has been struggling with problems of noise and litter caused by too many drunk tourists. a rep says he want street theater to desensitize those to noise and they are living and trying to sleep nearby. joanne if you were out drinking with your friends and getting a little rowdy and we know it happens every friday, saturday sunday, money i, as to wednesday thursday. i love hearing about art. i love performance art. most drunk people don't. germany tried to recruit me. >> wow. >> they did. i giggle when i get
12:55 am
uncomfortable so i would break character. >> too bad there is no picture. >> a lot of mimes will get beat up. >> of course they well. >> these guys will try to snort the powder off their face. >> mimes have been stepping on mine. one of the drinks will kill one of the mimes and a mime is a terrible thing to waste. >> you applause. >> it is creepy. clowns are creepy. clowns and ronald mcdonald and mimes. >> they are in the same family tree. >> i seriously hope they have health insurance because they will get their asses whopped. i wouldn't do it myself. , but you have drunk people with creepy people.
12:56 am
>> they are not creepy. >> basically they are silent drunks. they use exaggerated body movement and super annoy jig. annoying. >> the guy who represents the city and bar and club owner said they are using mimes because quote we don't want to give people orders which would be the first time in history in germany. it blew my m >> i went to paris once and the mime followed us around the city. i keep bringing up "european trip." i haven't had vacation in three years. i feel like mimes get away with inappropriate things. you don't know what dhe are doing. >> people will abuse this. they will pretend to be an official. it will be like a stalker and we will have mimes racing --
12:57 am
raping people. >> thank you to sheffield andy levey and tom kodder. i am jedediah bila and i will see you next time.
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coming up. this is a fox news alert. i'm shannon breen in for bret baier. the state department chooses the friday before memorial day to release documents while hillary clinton was secretary of state, the one from her unsecure private e-mail. these are not the thousands that she says wer deleted and supposedly gone forever. we have fox team coverage. james rosen has a look at what was written in the e-mails but first, ed henry. good evening, ed. >> good evening, shannon. with all of that trouble


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