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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 25, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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was not happy about it. the ugly this guy's spiedy sense was not working. he got knocked out at a kid's birthday party in argentina. "fox and friends" starts right now. have a great day. good bye to do is monday 25th of may, 2015. it's memorial day. i'm anna kooiman in for elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, washed away. three people are dead. hundreds of homes gone and nearly 2,000 people evacuated as the weather shows no mercy in parts of the heartland in texas. what you need to know as you head out the door this morning. a bomb scare in our nation's capitol. d.c. police finding a pressure cooker the same device used in the boston marathon bombing.
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what we know about the suspect who left it there. and we're on our own in the fight against isis. our defense secretary offering this dose of reality about the iraqi army. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi force oz just showed no will to fight. >> will this force the white house to finally change its strategy? "fox and friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪
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that's the west point marching band performing on our plaza all morning long. we thank you for waking up with us here on "fox and friends." because it is memorial day we are honoring those veterans who gave their lives. >> we are also -- going to be watching the u.s. air force honor guard, they're out there as well. and the american bomb shells. there they are. >> you know the american bomb shells. >> wake up. >> you were asking about them before. >> i wanted to make sure they were here on our show. good memorial day. nice to see all of you. ed henry in this morning. bripenan steven and elizabeth off. >> we're honoring the fallen remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. we are asking everyone to send in your pictures of american's heroes being honored today. >> want to get to the extreme weather alert.
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deadly storms wreaking havoc in the southwest. >> near austin hundreds of homes were washed away in flash flooding. one man was killed. and at least eight people are missing. flash flooding leading to dozens of water rescues. >> a cayiacer is pulled to safety after tipping over north of austin. our maria molina tracking more rain. >> good morning. and it's been very active out there across parts of the south and the plains. we've bean seeing round and round of storm system coming through with severe weather and heavy rain. we've already etset several records for the spring across parts of the plains in terms of how much rainfall we have picked up. close to two feet pin some areas. very significant. unfortunately, for today, we're talking about yet get another storm system that will be rolling through and bringing
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potential for severe weather across two separate areas. one of them including parts of iowa nebraska and kansas. we have a secondary area, much larger across texas, oklahoma you could see large hail and damaging wind gusts. the other concern with the same storm system is a lot of heavy rain. between four and even eight inches of additional across texas, mississippi, and parts of tennessee. high temperatures across the nation feeling very warm across the eastern u.s. you can see the highs in the 90s across florida. upper 80s in raleigh north carolina much cooler for the unofficial parts of summer. you're in the 50's in parts of
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colorado. >> kids want to go to the pool anyway. it's 60 degrees. a major bomb scare in the nation's capitol. just as thousands gear up for the annual memorial day concert. >> police detonating a pressure cooker found in a spgzuspicion vehicle. >> rich edson is with us. >> police found a pressure cooker in a car parked near the national mall. they searched the vehicle and destroyed the pressure cooker. >> come on let's go. >> police say they found nothing hazardous and reopened the road shortly after 9:30 p.m. they arrested the owner of the vehicle. police say they're charging him with operating a car with a revoked license.
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thousands gathered for a concert. the boston marathon bombers created their bombs from pressure cookers. and a failed 2010 bombing attempt in new york city's time square. back to you. >> thanks. >> for a a look at other stories making headlines we have ainsley earhardt. >> the cleveland courts opening its doors on memorial day to arraign 71 protesters arrested over the weekend. mostly peaceful demonstrators turning violent after an acquittal. the officer was cleared of manslaughter charges in the 2012 shooting deaths of an unarmed black couple. now the reverend al sharpton is getting involved. he'll speak at a church rally in friday. the search is on to find who shot and killed an on duty police officer in new orleans.
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the 45-year-old officer was gunned down. his cruiser rolling one block and jumping a curb before someone found his body early on sunday morning. the two-year-old vetven is the first housing officer to die in the line of duty in new orleans. the hunt is on for an accomplice who helped a convict murder a family of three. the four people arrested along side wint were released without charges. police say he did not act alone when he tortured and murdered four people during an 18 hour ordeal. wint was picked up a week after the quadruple homicide. a pizza crust inside the mansion linked him to the murders. despite the bomb scare in d.c. it's not expected to impact
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our parade today in d.c. ♪ and yesterday, music flooding the capitol. it was part of this year's memorial day concert on the capitol's front lawn. and a different kind of noise hitting d.c. streets. thousands road for the annual rolling thunder ride for freedom. those are your headlines. >> thank you, my friend. here is a story everyone is talking about this morning. d.c. is shut down for the holiday. that didn't stop the secretary of defense yesterday from making comments about the iraqi army we trained. trained for almost a decade. defense secretary ashe carter in the fight against isis said this. listen to what he said about the iraqi army. >> what a apparently happened was that the iraqi forces shows
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no will to fight. they were not out numbered. in fact they out numbered the opposing force. yet they failed to fight. they withdrew from the site. and that says to me and i think to most of us that we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> we need to get into their minds to understand what will make them want to fight. will they want to fight for a government that they feel has largely failed them? we have heard numerous military pundits say similar things in the past. these are his first comments he's made since the fall of ramadi. what on earth would make them want to be recruited and blow themselves up. we need to figure out what's going to make the iraqi want to fight. >> there's a fine line here.
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secretary carter trying to motivate the iraqi army, challenge them and say you're not stepping up. it's time to fight. that could work or backfire. >> it could break their spirit even further. >> it may have worked yesterday ramadi fell but then yesterday they scored a big victory against isis and reclaimed a large portion of the territory on their own. maybe they were listenening. they melted away when isis ran through iraq. >> interesting for the administration was because obama had said they -- both sides have said look the iraqi army can stand. that's why u.s. forces can come home. you have lawmakers on capitol hill saying we are not winning. the president told the atlantic magazine we're not losing.
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a lot of lawmakers are disagreeing. >> what you're hearing from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle is let's think again. >> clearly isis has gained momentum in particular over the last week as we've seen the ground that they've gained both in iraq and syria. >> i don't think we're losing but i think we're seeing an ebb and flow and a stealalemate. >> we need to have a strategy. there is no strategy. anybody who says there is i'd like to hear what it s. >> it seems the strategy is drones overhead and then the iraqi army down below. or ground forces down below but not the united states. >> senator john mccain, by the way, as chairman of the armed services committee one of the only ones saying there is no strategy and it's time to send forces again. >> pouring billions more into
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training an army that will dissolve at dissolve. we'll have more. >> shocking video shows the moment a crazed man attacks a group of police officers with a knife. how police got him under control ahead. it was one year ago we learned just how bad the va was, failing our heroes remember this? >> these guys are grateful they're not victims. they just want the va to work. >> has anything at the va improved since then? pete hegseth not not even close. >> the american bomb shells performing on the plaza this memorial day. ♪ america america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good ♪ ♪ with brotherhood ♪
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come back five months from now and be grateful. they're not victims they just want the va to work. >> that was pete hegseth exactly one year ago on this program after the va scandal first broke. exposing long wait times, inadequate care for our veterans. has anything improved since then are or we failing our heroes? >> joining us is pete hegseth. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> we saw house speaker john boehner tear into the leadership of the v.a. this week and said little has been done. al do you agree? it's still one to ten, how would you rate it? >> i'd have to rate it to a zero to .5. there has been tiny bits of progress here and there. i've felt like a broken record over the last year saying many of the same things. this is a broken culture. you can't steer a ship of
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$160 billion. that doesn't move quickly. unfortunately, zero people not one -- some say one, by our count zero people have been held accountable. wait times are no better today than they were were a year ago. vet veterans have a card but they're not allowed to use it. there is no accountability. there is no culture change. without the culture change you won't see an environment of customer service that veterans deserve. >> can you tell us why secretary mcdonald came in president obama this is someone who is going to take a fresh look. has the bureaucracy won? >> i think so. we had a hope he would be the guy to turn things around. he's become a v.a. appallgist than we would want. ripping the scab off and saying here are all the problems here's how we're going to fix them and
3:19 am
change the legacy of this department. you know we're hopeful that in some ways, some of the reforms he's trying may eventually bring around customer service. we haven't changed the competing for veterans as customers. as a result the culture won't change. >> the rating you gave earlier as far as the improvements go. where is the money going to? we mentioned $16 million in new spending grant. what's is going to? >> $10 billion was supposed to go to a choice card program where veterans would be given to the private sector. the va tried to strip it out and spend it on other things. bureaucrats want veterans inside the system. a lot of money is going to hospitals that are billions overbudget and taking way too long like in colorado. oftentimes we see that money going to middle management to the middle of the budget as
3:20 am
opposed to doctors and hospitals where it need to go so veterans are served more quickly. >> thanks for joining us from pittsburgh. as much as we love having you, i hope next memorial day we're not having the same conversation. they're calling it a miracle she survived. an elderly woman in the wilderness for two weeks. parents congrats on your children graduating college. how much should you help your adult child? a few different scenarios coming up. ♪ only nexium 24hr gives you nexium level protection
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a quick look at headlines. overnight, this former israeli prime minister was sentenced to eight months behind bars for illegally accepting money from a u.s. supporter. that's in addition to a sentence he already received last year. he led israel from 2006 to 2009. a power outage pulls the plug on a day of fun at an ohio amusement park creating scary moments for thrill seekers on a roller coaster. six riders were stranded 33 feet in the air for more than 20 minutes until firefighters came to their rescue. and over to you, clay. great news your child got their degree. can they actually support themselves? about 65% of parents expect to support their kids five years after they graduate. 68% of students say they expect financial support after leaving
3:25 am
school. how much help should they get? we're here to break it all down. 65% of parents expect to be footing the bill for their kids for a number of years. >> you know i think there's not a single millennial out there who wants to be dependent on their parents. it's hard. a lot of them are underemployed or unemployed. make sure you're teaching your kids the basics so they understand budgeting, saving for the future not just they're getting an extra check each month. >> and how to manage the credit cards -- i made that mistake. let's start off what are the expectations for rent. who is footing the bill for this? >> interestingly, 50% of kids are willing to pay rent whereas only about 24% of parents are willing to charge. >> living at home and paying rent. >> exactly. living at home is a lot more
3:26 am
than getting free rent you're saving on cables groceries. kids are willing to pay. i think a good compromise would be for parents to require their children to contribute to a roth ira instead of paying rent. >> what about cell phone plans and a car payment? >> cell phone plans, this is one of the best things parents can do if they want to help their kids. the value on a family plan is better than getting an individual plan. i think this is a great place for parents to step in. car payment are subjective because a child might want to drive a nicer car than they can afford. if you do that you might be setting them up to live beyond their means. >> what about student loans? >> this is a stressful topic for parents and kids. prioritize that for both the parents and child. as long as you're on track saving for retirement.
3:27 am
if the parent wants to go above and beyond go ahead. >> do we have numbers on how long it takes you to pay off a student loans, into the 30s? >> can be. student loans really are payable. the interest rates are not quite as bad as people think they are. but when you're young it helps to do income based payment or do something that makes it affordable. as you get older you can accelerate the payments. >> and you can do deferments if you need to. great to see you this morning. coming up an eighth grader builds an awesome treehouse. look at that? only to be told it must come down thanks to regulation nation. she's now getting world wide support and she joins us live to react. it's a symbol of our freedom. this one is more special. why you may have seen this bald eagle fly. as we go to break the
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[ guns firing ] >> the honor guard outside of our plaza helping to honor our heroes this memorial day. we've been asking all morning long for you to send us in your proud american photos with the #proud american. >> how are you honoring service members and how are you displaying your stars and stripes. what are you teaching your kids? our friend gary sinise tweets this picture. >> semper fido. she sends in a picture of her dogs saluting the troops. >> holly writes this this
3:33 am
morning, this is jude francing ko kopp 13 months old. i like to think he is dreaming of peace. >> the bald eagle became our national bird in 1972. >> here to honor our hero gicize president of the american eagle foundation. and challenger the eagle. welcome. give us the history of challenger. how did you come -- >> challenger is 26 years old. >> 26? >> he's fell out of a nest as a baby. didn't have his ferthathers. some people found him and raised him. they didn't know you could feed him with humans. he was released into the air twice and begged for food. he had to be taken out of the wild. >> he serves an amazing purpose.
3:34 am
where has he been? >> to daytona 500 and men's final four. >> how do you train him? >> we use falconry techniques that have been around for thousands of years. >> like what? >> it's all done with positive food rewards when you train an eagle or any animal. >> what do kids think about challenger? you have the kids' book on challenger. what do they think? >> they are just as amazed as adults are. >> our own ed henry is. he's leaning this way. >> do you get timid around him? >> the eagle does symbolize everything america stands for. a lot of brave men and women have thought and died. that's what we celebrate with challenger being here. >> when did the eagle become our national symbol? >> 1782. i'm glad you brought this up.
3:35 am
we will be celebrating ameri eagle day in june. congress has resolved american eagle day going back to 2008. and we've got 46 governor -- states that have proclaimed american eagle day. >> there can't be too many birds like challenger out there? >> not exactly like him. there are a number of educational eagles that are non-releasable like him. he's the only one that's trained to flee fly in the stadium. >> how long will his career last? >> they can live to be 50 years or more in captivity. >> i notice when we talk about his age, he gets a little angry. >> noticing those crow's feet. >> he's ageless. he always looks the same every year. >> again, what about the populations of american eagles american bald eagles, they were teetering on extinction. >> there is about 15 pairs
3:36 am
estimated in the lower 48 states. we're celebrating the comeback of the eagle to america's lands waterways and skies. we almost lost it due to our own carelessness. we did ban together and bring it back. the eagle sim bualized so much to all of us. >> ainsley is standing by -- >> he always creates a flap. >> can challenger fly over and you catch him. >> he's done that before and it scared me to death. >> don't put your arm out. incredible story of survival. an elderly woman missing for two weeks with her husband found alive in the california wilderness. the 68-year-old was severely dehydrated when a group of four wheelers discover could here near a boy scout camp. her husband, he died. officials say the woman survived on rainwater after the couple
3:37 am
got stuck on the road on the way to our son's house on mother's day. they had last been seen at a casino 25 miles away. this morning police are investigating the crash that killed one of america's most brilliant minds. the mathematician john nash and his wife died in a crash in new jersey. they were heading back to our princeton home. his storied career and battle with schizophrenia were depicted in a beautiful mind. a dramatic taser take down of an attempted murder suspect caught on camera. the testifying scene playing out in london where a dozen police officers surrounded the man, after he reportedly try today break into a nearby home. the officers tried to subdue him with pepper spray but he lunged at them with a knife. that's when police taser him.
3:38 am
after nearly a year with no first place finishes carl edwards has ended his dry spell at the coca cola 600. >> for the win, he did it. >> edwards crossing that finish line in north carolina with his car running on fumes squeezing every last drop of fuel out of the tank. culom beia's juan pablo montoya winning the other race. he won rookie back in 2000. stay tuned he's going to tell us about his big win in the next hour. every car on that track carried the name of a soldier which was wonderful to remember our fallen heroes. now to extreme weather. we're getting another look at the damage left behind by yesterday's devastating flooding in texas. >> the blaungo river raging knocking trees out. one man killed. >> that's right. one man was killed and also
3:39 am
this morning, eight people are still missing. maria molina is tracking more extreme weather. good morning, what can we be expecting? >> we're expecting more areas of heavy rain and severe weather possible across the center of the nation. that's all with the storm system that's on the move. this is the same storm system responsible for several reports of tornados over the weekend. you can see across texas, arkansas louisiana and a second area we're tracking across nebraska and iowa. we have a risk today for additional storms. as much as four to eight inches rainfall will be possible in areas across parts of the south. keep that in the mind throughout the day. could have issues out there on the roads, and also the skies heading back to home going back to work tomorrow. thanks. coming up he lost his left leg in an enemy attack in iraq. his recovery is truly inspiring. that american hero joins us live
3:40 am
with his story and how folds of honor helped his family during those darkest days. talk about multitasking this baseball fan caught the ball and videotaped himself doing it. >> the air force honor guard outside on our plaza playing taps honoring our fallen this memorial day. ♪ ♪
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3:45 am
security on the court. >> the instant replay a dodgers plan has the camera running when he catched a home run ball. >> wow. and he tipped his hat to the woman who gave birth to him. he has season tickets and records every single game. apparently he got lucky there. and he even said mom. for proud americans memorial day is a day to remember our fallen heroes. it's for this reason that the folds of honor foundation gives money to the families of fallen servicemen. >> joining us is the founder and
3:46 am
the senior vice president. nice to see both of you this morning. >> happy memorial day. it's a great day to be an american. >> tell us about today and what it means to our fellow americans and, of course to the servicemen and women who have given so much to our country and the families that you're helping to support. >> i thank you. and i speak for most veterans and the fact that less than 1% of america wakes up today to put on the uniform. today is a day of reverence. when you look at memorial day without this holiday, the holidays the rest of the year don't exist. we take pause to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and to celebrate what makes this country great. we have an amazing group of folks here in oklahoma. we'll be on fox sports 1 later today. so people can tune in to the celebration. it's going to be a great day of god and country here. >> you say that the patriot cup
3:47 am
is more of a thank you, rather than simply a fundraiser. >> no, it is. it's a great gathering of our military the folds of honor resip recipients recipients. we'll put out over $13 million in financial aid to the spouses and the children of our fallen and disabled -- like my hero here. >> let's talk about that. you're hit with a roadside bomb tell us about your journey back to this country. >> it's a great day to be an american. freedom is not free. i sacrificed my left leg for the greatest nation in the world, the united states of america. today i actually -- i'm wearing sergeant strickland's shirt. we are selling these shirts all over the nation. it's one of those things we're saying we're going to honor the sacrifice and never leave a
3:48 am
family behind on the field of battle. i'm honored to join major dan on this epic mission to leave no one behind. i'm honored and grateful that i get to live every day knowing people are free because of my sacrifice and the sacrifices of others. >> when we're celebrating with our barbecues this afternoon and kids are running around the yard. what do you call on americans to do this afternoon? >> i call on all americans to support and honor the folds of honor foundation. to provide a legacy educational support that they need each and everything every day. it's not just about giving the flag it's about honoring and providing an educational support. major dan, last night said some great, great words. i'd like for you to share about the flag. al no one knows this flag means so much to us. >> when you look at an american folded flag it's 2.3 pounds. that doesn't seem like a great weight. but for these families that
3:49 am
receive it it can be an unbearable weight. so that's what we're here to do at folds of honor is help them carry the weight and especially on days like memorial day. >> thousands of scholarships have been awarded to families of the fallen and injured. thank you so much for your time today. >> you guys are great. we'll talk to you next hour. >> we'll be talking to one of those families. >> the patriot cup airs on fox sports 1 today at 3:00 p.m. eastern. to donate please going to the could ben carson be the candidate to beat in 2016? after a big weekend in for him. some say yes. what about his potential opponents. donald trump will be here to react. she was the queen of the jungle until her neighborhood campaigned about the tree house.
3:50 am
regulation nation says it must come down. she's with us next. ♪ rst ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. take zzzquil and sleep like... you haven't seen your bed in days. no, like you haven't seen a bed in weeks! zzzquil. the non habit forming sleep-aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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good morning. she built a lavish two story tree house as part of a school project only to be told days after she finished it had to come down. >> she's wearing the pitt sweat hirt shirt for my benefit. she was told if she didn't dismantle the tree house in 15 days. her parents fought for extension and won. >> they join us for the latest on their story. impressive pictures we're
3:54 am
looking at of this thing. >> good morning. >> how hard did you work on this? it was part of an 8th grade innovation project. you take on this, how long did it take? >> it took me a few months. like a month of planning and about two months of building. i worked almost every day to build. >> it's amazing because it has an open roof you could lay in there. has a clear roof so you can watch the stars. what other features does it have? does it have heating and electric? >> i can put up an extension cord in it. but there's like rope lights i can plug in. and like there are sliding open windows to it. >> you guys researched this beforehand with the city code to make sure you won't violating anything. what did you find in your research? >> she read a lot of books and went on the internet and read about building codes and
3:55 am
permits. she did her research and i researched in the background to make sure for safety reasons. everything we read everywhere that we read there was nothing that said that -- especially in the building codes on the website of the township nothing was said about a tree house. no zoning issues and no building permits on the building permits site. after reading those she proceeded. >> it sounded like the jargon that was in the ordinance that they cited in the note to you was a bit confusing in the first place. tell us what your plans are to take it down? you had hoped to leave it up for a couple of years. have you started tearing it down? how does it feel? >> well with,i haven't started to tearing it down yet. i am planning on burying it in my back yard and make something else with it. >> when you got the citation you found out you're in violation of the city code. what did you think after you did
3:56 am
that research? >> i was shocked because she put two months of work into it. she worked so hard. we were broken hearted for her. >> and then on the other hand if the city says it might be a safety -- some sort of liability or your neighbors might say this is an eye sore we planned on having one set of neighbors, not neighbors in this other house. what would you say to them? >> we feel really bad because she never meant to break the law. we would have asked if we thought anything that would have led us to believe that we needed to to. she didn't use treated lumber. she said since it's only going to be up a few years, we felt it wasn't necessary. >> thank you for joining us on your holiday. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. 56 minutes after the hour. coming up a bomb scare in washington, d.c. after police find a pressure cooker the same thing used in the boston marathon bombing.
3:57 am
the latest on the investigation as people pour in for memorial day. ben carson walking away from the weekend with a big victory on the 2016 campaign trail. what does donald trump think about his potential rival's straw poll win?
3:58 am
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...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. hi. good morning, everyone today is monday 25th of may, 2015 memorial day. i'm anna kooiman. a fox news alert. washed away. incredible. three people are dead thousands more evacuated as entire homes are wiped out. what you need to know as you head out the door this morning. and a terror scare in our nation's capitol hours before we honor the fallen this memorial day. an abandoned car and a pressure cooker. like the explosives used in the boston marathon bombing. what we know this morning and how it got there in the first place. a surprise surge for dr. ben carson taking a top spot in a
4:01 am
weekend straw poll. donald trump who is considering a run himself here live this hour to react. because mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ how can you wake up and not be a proud american this morning as you're watching "fox and friends." the west point marching band performing on the "fox and
4:02 am
friends" plaza. the west point is the army's oldest musical organization. we're going to be joined by u.s. air force honor guard. they're here with us this morning as well as back by popular demand the american bomb shells. >> exactly. >> very popular with you. >> i demanded them and they're popular. >> you know. >> and they're hear. >> when we hear the west point band it strikes the balance between celebrating america and barbecues and it's not a random holiday. >> we have great pictures you've sent us this weekend showing the kids remembering a veteran or someone in the family that has passed. maybe a veteran who served in world war one or two. meeting his great grandfather who served in the vietnam war. >> this woman sending in a picture of her father.
4:03 am
who was a pilot in world war ii. >> gold star sister kristin quarter. mike pets is also a proud muvene reten. >> a salute to a corporal u.s. army ninth infantry decision who served in vietnam. the girls saluting him are his proud granddaughters. payton and morgan. >> keep those pictures coming. we have an extreme weather alert. deadly storms making a mess in the midwest and plains. homes simply washed away. flash flooding leading to dozens of water rescues in texas and oklahoma. >> and a cayiacer pulled to
4:04 am
safety. >> maria molina tracking all of that for us. >> good morning. it looks like the weather pattern is going to remain very active out there across the center of the nation. we're talking about more flash flooding and severe storms from texas to iowa and into nebraska. today you do have a risk to see tornados and damaging winds and large hail from these storms. the other issue is that these storms are also going to be moving over areas that have recently received very heavy rain. we've had reports of more than a foot of rain across parts of the plains and the forecast calls for as much as four to eight inches of additional rainfall across parts of texas and mississippi and tennessee. flash flooding is a concern. temperature wise you're looking warm across the eastern u.s. upper 80s in raleigh, north carolina. across the rockies, a little bit
4:05 am
cooler, 60s and 70s there. good to see you this morning. let's start with a fox news alert. a major security scare very close to the u.s. capitol. thousands turn out for the annual memorial day concert. the bomb squad responding to reports of a suspicious car parked on capitol hill. they found a pressure cooker inside the car. they detonated it to neutralize the threat. >> come on, lest go. >> a full investigation found no hazardous materials inside the car. the owner of the vehicle is in custody. the search is on to find whoever shot and killed an on duty police officer in his cruiser in new orleans. the officer was gunned down as he patrolled a construction site. his cruiser rolled for a block before his body was found.
4:06 am
he is the firstors to die in the line of duty there in new orleans. the cleveland courts opening their doors on memorial day to arraign 71 protesters that were arrested over the weekend. peaceful demonstrations turned violent after the acquittal of an officer who was cleared of manslaughter charges in the 2012 shooting deaths of an unarmed black couple. now the reverend al sharpton is getting involved. he'll be speaking at a church rally on friday. the emotional moment a military mom surprises her son at his high school graduation in alabama. petty officer second class vera turner breaking out into tears as she hugs her son on stage. he was deployed for the past nine months and was not sure if she was going to make it back in time for his graduation. as you can see she did.
4:07 am
surprising not only her son, but, guys surprising her entire family. thanks ainsley every monday here on "fox and friends" donald trump joins us to talk about the headlines. how do you plan to honor this day? >> well i'll be around with the family. and we have a great day planned. and it's an amazing day for the country. always has been and we have to celebrate it canand strongly. >> you've been out there talking about the possibility of a presidential run and saying that you want to make america great again. how do you do that? >> well we have to take back our jobs. we have to stop letting other countries rip us off left and right. whether it's mexico or china or so many others japan. everybody. we protect all these countries. saudi arabia makes a billion dollars a day they give us
4:08 am
nothing. we protect them. they wouldn't be here except for us. we have to change our model because our country is suffering tremendous deficits tremendous losses. we're protecting the world, we're getting nothing for it. we spend $2 trillion in iraq and we can't go into iraq. it's a disaster. i watch josh earnest and ed e handle it so nicely. he's saying how well we're doing against isis and everyone is scratching their head. as isis -- i don't know if you saw -- two weeks ago isis started building a hotel and we're doing well against isis. we need new thinking in the white house. we need leadership. we don't need politicians. all talk, no action. al a they don't have it. they'll never get you to the promised land. >> many calling for a change in strategy. let's talk about this latest poll. we throw out a lot of polls in the run up until an election. let's take a look at this. straw poll here southern
4:09 am
leadership republican conference. ben carson taking the led and scott walker and ted cruz coming in with double digits and leaving everybody else in the dust. what do you make of this? some say straw polls aren't the best indicator of what's going to happen on the campaign trail. >> fortunately i i wasn'twasn't in there. you can buy straw polls. i like ben, i know ben but you can buy straw polls. you bus your people in that's the way straw polls are. that's why a lot of people don't like the concept of straw polls. he worked hard and he won a straw poll. in order to win, you have to work hard. >> what do you think about rand paul over the weekend? he basically blocked his own senate republican leader from moving forward on extending the patriot act. this is key provisions will expire on june first. and he's talking about liberty,
4:10 am
and standing up for american's rights. there is also a lot of people talking about keeping the country safe. how do you strike that balance and are you disappointed in what rand paul did? >> he's another person i know him well. he's a friend of mine. i disagree with him on this. my phone calls are extremely boring. i would rather have somebody listening. we have a world that's vicious out there. we have people that twuntwant to destroy our country. we have to do something. we have to be out there for the sake of security. i understand exactly what he's saying and nobody loves it. there are checks and balances. i think we have to err on the side of security as opposed to what rand is trying to sell. i understand what he's doing. al it's a time you know ten years ago, and five years ago, and 30 years ago, maybe we could have said that 100%. this is a different kind of an enemy. this is the unseen enemy. we have to be very vigilant. >> i want to get your take on
4:11 am
what we learned on friday. hillary clinton reletesasing after she scoured through it with her lawyers a bunch of e-mails to come out. that's what got released to the public. do you think the media is paying close attention to what hillary clinton has done with her e-mails? are they going to push her on it? where do you think it will stand? >> it's amazing when you get a subpoenas and after you get the subpoena you destroy your e-mails. she's getting away incredible she's getting away with it. it's surprising to a lot of people. again, it's the republicans are not doing a very good job. i'm a republican i'm a conservative. and i don't know if they allowed this to happen. how can this be possible. you remember many years ago rosemary woods with 18 minutes of tape that was lost and she went through hell. here is something you get a subpoena and you destroy your e-mails and you destroy lots of other things. nobody knows what she destroyed. maybe they'll never find out.
4:12 am
although i understand once you have it it's there. the right experts with get t. once it's on that server and once it's there you can find it. the right people can find it. very important things have been destroyed. you look at what's happening there, it's inconceivable that somebody isn't taking it seriously. in all fairness "the new york times" is taking it seriously. and some others, but we'll see what happens. >> thanks for your time and happy memorial day to you and your family. you mentioned your phone calls are not that interesting, your phone calls every monday are interesting, we appreciate that. >> thaurngnk you ver much i enjoy it. coming up defense secretary ashe carter offers a dose of reality on the iraqi's army ability to fight isis. >> the iraqi forces showed no will to fight. >> will this force the white house to change its strategy?
4:13 am
ralph peters join us next. this wasn't part of the show, watch. >> emergency landing at reagan. we're on fire. >> oh, boy. how that pilot managed to land as the cockpit fills with smoke. first, more from the american bombshells performing live this memorial day. ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
we're back with what some are calling a stunning statement from secretary of defense ashe carter. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. >> carter blaming the iraqi army for not trying hard enough. is it time for the president to revise his plans? or is it too late? here to offer his insight. author of the valley of the shadow. good to see you. i wonder if you can tell us is this an attempt to fire up the iraqi army or could it backfire? >> it's a statement of fact.
4:18 am
and my impression -- when carter said that was hallelujah somebody in washington finally gets it. as you both know washington is a numbers town. they count stuff. even the pentagon is counting number of troops, number of weapons, trainers this kind of fight isn't about numbers. it's about strengths of will. ashe carter who is becoming very impressive nailed it because people fight for different things. in the united states state we fight for abstract concept. a constitution. we fight for our government. in the middle east governments have always been the enemy. they come and take your taxes, your sons they empower correct people to take their lands, sometimes they take their daughters. the soldiers don't feel much loyalty to the government accept for the shia militias. people fight for different things. arabs will fight for their faith.
4:19 am
for their family clan. and for their turf. and so faith is by far the most important motivator for them by far. you've got islamic state militants who have several years combat experience now, are anxious -- they're willing and even anxious to die for their cause, and the iraqi army just doesn't want to pay a price. so guess who's going to win? >> how do you square to two? last week we heard president obama in an interview saying we're not losing and the army has been an success. then you have that interview with ashe carter saying they don't have to will the fight. how do they square the two? >> the president lies he lives in a dream world. he doesn't understand military or the war. he doesn't understand the constitution either but that's another issue. you've got to get down to the facts of the case. the president, again, he and his
4:20 am
all the president's men and women engage in wishful thinking that somehow islamic state will magically be defeated. what we saw in ramadi was a brilliant military operation. not terrorism. we saw the use of a sand storm to move in. they coordinated their operations. you surprise shock simultaneous car bombings. al the iraqi army out numbered the islamic fighters five to six to one. the islamic state was so good that the iraqis collapsed. one thing we should never forget islamic state has a brand, a powerful brand. they wage psychological warfare better than we do. those iraqi soldiers who didn't want to be there in the first place knew if they're captured their heads are gone. >> great to see you on this
4:21 am
solemn day we thank you for getting up and joining us on "fox and friends." thanks colonel. he gave the ultimate sacrifice. this soldier killed in afghanistan leaving behind his wife and little boy. up next, his wife joins us live. try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection. if you haven't heard about the latest sale at, then you haven't see n this commercial. book now and save during the memorial day sale at
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manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at welcome back. time for your memorial day news by innumbers. $37 million, that's how many americans are traveling this holiday. that includes planes trains and automobiles and an estimated 33 million drives are hitting the road. 141, that's how many people are running from conqueredcord new hampshire, to virginia for the fallen run. they started last week and will finish today. 6,000, that's how many laterns will float down hauntonolulu
4:25 am
honolulu's ceremony in hawaii. memorial day is day to remember our fallen heroes and sth sacrifices they've made. soldiers like army ranger staff sergeant who was killed in 2011 while serving in afghanistan leaving behind his wife and 7 months old son. she joins us with the foundation's founder they are live in oklahoma. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thanks for having us. >> major dan, folds of honor is a near and dear cause to "fox and friends." you and i were in the new york city marathon to raise money. where would these families be without the scholarships you provide? >> i mean that's a great point. there are thousands of families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. and that's what memorial day is about. if you look at my shirt, you see the folded flag.
4:26 am
there are 13 folds that get it to that position. and at folds of honor our commitment is to take care of families like colleen by educating the spouses and children of the fallen and disabled soldiers. it is humbling and an honor to be here. this is what memorial day is really all about. >> colleen, we want to give you an opportunity to remember your husband, jeremy. the good things about him. i want to hear his story. he was killed during heavy fire fight with the enemy? >> he was. he was killed during his eighth deployment with first battalion regimen. he had been gone about three months when we got the news. and there is not a day i don't really think about it. >> did you just feel like your world was crashing down? i can't even imagine the pain. >> it does. your world just kind of ends. everything you knew ceases to exist. but we had a seven month old
4:27 am
child. he was in the room with me when i got the news. i'll never forget lookingate him and just knowing my world wasn't completely over. it took a lot of step and grief and healing. i was able to put one step forward. and just find my two feet again. folds of honor has been instrumental in really helping me do that. it's been fantastic. >> what kind of scholarship have you been able to receive and what will you be doing with it? >> i have a bachelor's in science in nursing. when my world got turned upside down i wasn't sure i could go back to the nursing profession. i went back for a master's education and i started that in the fall of 2014 to become a high school biology teacher. folds of honor was able to come in and provide me with the financial aid i needed to make sure this dream happens. >> congratulations. >> so excited. >> thank you. >> where can people help today?
4:28 am
>> today, there's a great way to help. and actually rite aid has stepped up with a $1.3 million donation to help families like colleen. you can go -- you're going out to celebrate. we want america to celebrate. go buy your budweiser and barbecue. when you go to rite aid, you can participate in a program you can round up on behalf of folds of honor to say thank you to families. we have $13 million in financial aid that will go out next week. we have $5 million for requested for unfunded scholarships for families. i would challenge the fox nation that's been so benevolent to folds of honor to visit our website to make a donation. go to rite aid, all these people that are standing with folds of honor to insure we don't leave any families behind. >> we have generous viewers i
4:29 am
imagine you'll get a lot of support today. the folds of honor patriot cup will air on fox sports 1 today at 3:00 p.m. eastern time. thank you so much. thank you for your family's service and your husband's service. we know when someone serves in the military it's actually the entire family. thank you so much. sorry for your loss. >> thanks. >> thank you. 29 minutes after the hour on this monday morning. brand-new developments in the d.c. mansion murder. the four people he was arrested with just released. what about those alleged acampilouses? details on the investigation ahead. it took a record 15 years, but juan pablo takes his second checkered flag at the indianapolis 500. he joins us live from victory lane. next. ♪ ef that outperforms a leading allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance flonase
4:30 am
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4:33 am
♪ ♪ lieutenant colonel thank you so much. that puts chills for me especially on memorial day to hear national emblem. talk a little bit about what you have to do -- you perform throughout the year the west point band. a lot of times at funerals. you're trying to strike that balance between being uplifting
4:34 am
and remembering those who have fallen. >> so you know, the west point band is stationed at west point, new york. we perform about 1,900 missions per year in support of our -- of the purpose of west point to educate train and inspire the cudats there. part of what we do is perform as ambassadors for the academy. to local populatets. we do all sorts of things. >> talk specifically about funerals how you remember the fallen and also provide some uplifting moments as well for the families. >> you know the interesting thing about performing funerals is it's probably the one of the, if not the most important thing that we do. it's our last opportunity representing the army to say thank you. and fare well to our soldiers
4:35 am
for the sacrifices they have made in service to their country. >> we want thank you because you do a fabulous job of thanking all those who have served so bravely for us. >> it's our pleasure to be here. >> thank you to the west point band. back to you. let's get it to ainsley who is standing by with headlines this morning. good morning. in the headlines this morning, the hunt is still on for at least one accomplice who police say helped an ex convict murder a family of three and their housekeeper in a washington, d.c. mansion. four people were arrested with suspect wint whoop you see you see there. all four have been released without charges. police say wint did not act alone when he tortured and murdered four people during an 18 hour ordeal. wint was picked up a week after that quadruple homicide. a pizza crust left inside the
4:36 am
mansion caught the killer. mother of ben stiller, ann mira has died. >> it takes the guesswork out of meeting. >> she is best known as a half of that comedy team when she worked with her husband of 61 years, jerry stiller. she has appeared in several sit comes and lots of films. ann miller was #85 years old. a taser take down of a murder suspect in london. a dozen police officers surround the man after he's accused of breaking into a nearby home. the officers try to subdue him with pepper spray but the suspect lunges at them with a knife. that's when police taser him knocking him to the ground.
4:37 am
this was not part of the show. a world war ii stunt plane bails out of formation midflight and heads for safety in d.c. >> emergency landing in reagan. we're on fire. >> you can see the smoke filling the cockpit as the plane prepares for an emergency landing. al the pilot just released the chilling video from a flyover in the capital. the plane landed safely. it was never on fire but there was a problem with the hydraulics. those are your headlines. we'll toss it outside to anna and clayton. we hope you're getting ready to fire up the grill. it's time to kick off summer with a feast of memorial day must haves. >> here to grill it is the executive chef at talbow. how do we make the perfect burger? >> it starts with great meat. you have a foundation of solid
4:38 am
muscle meat season it well. hot grill. >> you don't have a lot on it. >> salt and pepper, not even oil. >> you see on the packaging where it says lean stay away from that. >> eat a little bit fat. especially in a bigger on a grill. it gives it flare up. >> people tend to turn it too often. >> put the cheese on it and get off the grill. >> how hot do you need it? >> sort of hot and move it to slow depending on how you like it cooked. i like it very rare. i like to cook it off and get it off. >> how about ribs? >> i have them wrapped up. when we get the segment ready to go they start them slow. start them season them wrap them in foil. >> let me see. >> how long did you have them in the foil? >> hour and a half hour 45
4:39 am
minutes. >> what's the secret of having them fall off the bone? >> cooking it slow. >> what are you putting on that? >> dry rub. >> you're from the south? >> no i'm not. >> i am. >> salt pepper paprika, sugar, garlic onion and a couple -- >> i'm a fan of the sides. >> we call it the fixins down south. >> we have baked beans. mexican street corn mayo cheese on it salt pepper italian green bean salad with potatoes and tomatoes cornbread. >> the presentation seems like it's half of it. >> my crew did a good job. >> you made a plate of bacon for me. >> pizza for me? you shouldn't have. >> get the dough and drill grille it on the pizza dough on
4:40 am
the grill is great. barbecue chicken, tomatoes some cheddar cheese. >> that's awesome. >> there you go. for the end, fruit salad with rum and sugar to keep the party going. >> we can't wait to dig in. make sure you check him out at lavo. >> look at these people flocking to the bacon. it's two pieces left for you. >> bring it in. sharing out there, that's nice. a high school graduate goes to the podium and god takes over. >> we pray right now that whatever is going on that you will fix it. i pray that you will heal it. >> that incredible young man who wasn't supposed to be speaking. he joins us next to explain exactly what happened. imagine getting on a plane and not having a window. it happened. and the flight attendant says it was not a problem. really? first, another performance
4:41 am
from the american bombshells. ♪ i won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i'll proudly stand up ♪ ♪ next to you and prodefend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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welcome back. take a look at your screen. extreme weather hitting parts of the country. heavy rains slamming the midwest, this memorial day weekend, three people across texas and oklahoma have been pronounced dead. >> flash flooding damaging 8,000 homes and eight people are missing. we are live in wimberly texas with the latest.
4:45 am
good morning. >> hi good morning to you folks. what a morning it is out here. eerily quiet. given the calamity that took place over the weekend in wimberly where at least eight people are missing. two of them are children. the river swelled and washed away. it washed away a bridge. this tiny town took a major hit from weather. this is video you're seeing from this past weekend. again, eight people missing, among them two children. the search for them continues. thousands of people are without a home this morning. right now, some of the damage that we saw this morning is just completely overwhelming. few words can actually describe it. we saw overturned cars homes, just washed away. all that's left is a foundation. being memorial day day all that was
4:46 am
left was a porch and a flag. the governor will tour the damage and see if it's declare ad ed a disaster zone. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. the winner of this year's indianapolis 500 juan pablo montoya celebrate ing with a traditional bottle of milk. he won the same race 15 years ago. breaking the gap for the longest time between wins. >> how do we get you out of bed to win the 500? i'd be sleeping in. >> i tell you, it was really hard. it was hard getting up this morning. >> i bet. >> i went out last night with the crews and celebrated. and from all the screaming when i won the race my voice is gone. >> what was the key moment?
4:47 am
>> the whole race. it was a difficult race. i think we went through it -- everything we did in the race it was building for those last 15 laps. you know we went at it and my teammate and it was really cool you know both verizon car finishing, it was special. >> i'm sure your sponsors after 15 years are so happy that you didn't do it once back then but you did it twice. what's it been like this past decade and a half waiting for this type of victory once again? >> i didn't wait for t. in 2000 after i won, i went to formula 1 for five years. >> what's changed -- obviously, life is a bit different for you now 15 years later when you won the last time. you were single. childless. you were a rookie. a lot has changed since then for you, right?
4:48 am
>> oh, yeah. you know i've accomplished a lot of things in my life. having a wife and the kids and the kids are old enough you know to understand what i'm doing. and getting this win was very special. i'm giving roger this win. it's number 16 for roger penske here. he loves racing. to be part of the penske organization and win here. >> penske is a great guy. are the kids driving yet? do you have them behind the wheel yet? >> my boy, yeah, my boy actually won the nationals last year. >> that's great. >> i think late in the summer he's going to go to europe as well. >> it's genetic. >> he's got a good teacher, too. >> we'll let you save your voice for the rest of the day. enjoy the victory. we appreciate you waking up with us and sharing your victory lap with us this morning. >> thank you, very much. >> thanks a lot. 12 minutes before the top of
4:49 am
the hour. girl scouts savl memorial day after flags go missing. those scouts join us live with the story that will make you proud to be an american. hear from the high school graduate that stepped up to the microphone and god took over. >> we pray you will redeem it. we pray that you will deliver it t. we know you are a god who knows how to make a way. in the name of jesus
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at . good morning, now to a story about the power of faith in times of crisis. a high school graduation ceremony in alabama comes to a sudden halt when there's a medical emergency in the stands. almost immediately a student jumps up and takes to the podium to lead the audience in this prayer. >> we pray right now that whatever is going on that you will fix it.
4:53 am
god we pray that you will heal it. we pray you will redeem it and deliver it. we know that you are god who knows how to make a way. in the name of jesus. >> christian crawford joins us from birmingham alabama. congratulations on your graduation. >> good morning, to god by the glory for great things he has doing and getting ready to do. >> amen and god bless america. take us to the event. during the graduation ceremony you're hearing medic, what's going on? >> well graduation started off normal. you know the pledge of allegiance the invocation the principal did his speech. the superintendent did her speech. the two honor graduates did their speech. we start today receive our diplomas. in was in that hour that we heard medic and everything stopped. and people were concerned. people began to stand up and see what was going on. the principals began to walk
4:54 am
over and see what was going on. five minutes later, a librarian came up to me and she asked me could i pray. at first i was hesternity. as i stepped up i said lord let your will be done and began to open up my mouth and god began to speak through me. i realized something that it wasn't just that lady that was healed on that night. because in my prayer the holy spirit began to speak. he said god is a fixer. he said god is a deliverer. god is a redeemer. and when i came back and sat down i thought i was finished. but as i was leaving graduation people were telling me that was a powerful prayer. people were telling me oh, you blessed me. my faith. oh my faith has been restored. people were telling me there's hope for our generation. it's just to god be the glory. >> is that something we ought to notice in our own lives when there is a time of crisis or bump in the road that this is often, if you're a believer p
4:55 am
god's way of transforming you? >> the word of god says god is able a deliverer. the word of god says god is a redeemer. that god can fix any situation. you can look in the old testament and new testament. you see descriptions of how god made a way. it comes down to our faith. to every christian believer in the america faith without works is dead. we have to stand on what we believe in. >> things could have gone a different way when people panic, bad things can happen. you certainly eased the crowd's mind. thank you for joining us today. i hope you have a great memorial day. >> all right. thank you so much. >> congratulations, again on graduating. five minutes before the top of the hour. defense secretary ashe carter offering a dose of reality on the iraqi's army's ability to fight isis. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just
4:56 am
showed no will to fight. >> will this force the white house to change its strategy? and the man who killed osama bin laden has a new teammate is that larry the cable guy? why these two are teaming up this hour to honor our nation. they join us live next hour. ♪ when eating healthy and drinking water just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices.
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...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti. good morning, today is monday 25th of may, 2015. i'm anna kooiman. a fox news alert. washed away. three people are dead thousands more evacuated. as entire homes are wiped out. what you need to know as you head out the door this morning. it terror case in our nation's capital hours before we honor the fallen this memorial day. an abandoned car and a pressure cooker. like the explosives used in the
5:00 am
boston marathon bombing. what we know this morning about how it got there. we're on our own on the fight against isis. our defense secretary offering this dose of reality about the iraqi army. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. >> will this force the white house to finally change its strategy? "fox and friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ just a perfect scene. >> it really is. good morning thank you for joining us here on "fox and friends."
5:01 am
the west point marching band is performing stars and stripes there, just wrapping things up. the u.s. air force honor guard outside. we'll be talking to them in mere moments, including the american bomb shells. they're outside singing bright and early. >> we love them. >> they're a modern day twist on the andrews sisters. >> world war ii. >> they're perfect looking, too. >> i didn't even notice. >> you know we're also asking for your pictures with with #proudamerican. here is rocco honoring terry he was killed in vietnam saving the life of another soldier. >> karen sends a photograph of hur father. he fought in world war 2 and was recalled for the korean war. >> here's a photo of two americans. mukendsopy mackenzie and her husband got married in st. augustine, florida. >> curtis sends this picture of
5:02 am
his kids putting up flags around their school: it's interesting because that wide shot you could see our men and women in uniform from the air force and army. there's smoke billowing out from our grill. people are grilling barbecuing. >> let's remember the men and women in uniform. >> there's an unlikely duo teaming up the man who killed bin laden with larry the cable guy. we'll talk to them in just a bit. >> this comes on the heels of a new report about our military and this growing divide between the american spirit about the military if you read the los angeles times this morning, that americans say they support the troops. we hear members of congress say they support our men and women in uniform. there seems to be a grow ing with divide between those who say that and what's happening. is there a overwhelming support for the troops the way it used to be a few years ago.
5:03 am
>> think about the va scandal. we had pete hegseth here one year ago, almost precisely one year ago, around memorial day he was saying we've got to make these changes we have to honor our men and womenen who served and one person has been fired. there is that divide even there in terms of people saying thank you for your service we want to honor you and our troops come home -- >> another example that comes to mind is the controversy over american sniper. that movie about the deadliest sniper in history, chris kyle it wasn't about him and the service and the service that his family members -- the sacrifices that they madeads as well. some liberals were painting them into a corner saying that you're blood thirsty and you hate
5:04 am
muslims. >> with 2.7 million men serving in vietnam 50 years ago. now less than one half of one% of the u.s. population is in the armed services today. fewer enrollments. it makes it more important for us to honor those who have paid the price for their country especially when we have conflict in the middle east. when you think about what the defense secretary said yesterday. calling out the iraqi army and suggesting that they drop the ball here and that's why we lost ramadi. listen. >> what apparently happened was that the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not out numbered. but in fact they vastly out numbered the opposing force. yet, they failed to fight. they withdrew from the fight. and that says to me and i think to most of us that we have an
5:05 am
issue with the will o of the iraqis to fight isil and defend themselves. >> an issue. that's putting it nicely. it seems to be a divide. last week you had the president saying we're showing success, everything is fine. nothing to see here. you have this defense secretary caught sort of on the street almost in this unscripted moment answering this question about isis. and the fight of the iraqi army. we asked lieutenant colonel ralph peters about this weird double talk from the administration. here's what he had to say. >> when he said that, hallelujah somebody in washington finally gets it. washington is a numbers town. they count stuff. even the pentagon is counting number of troops weapons and trainers. this kind of fight isn't about numbers, it's about strength of will. ashe carter who is becoming a very impressive secretary is making a point. >> we need to get into the minds
5:06 am
of the iraqi soldiers what is going to make them fight and give them the gumption to fight tooth and nail for their turf. are going to want to fight for a government that in many respects has failed them. >> you heard rhetoric about things that were fine as you were mentioning before clayton. i think the point ralph peters said is important, maybe he is speaking truth to power, the iraqi army is not ready. >> after a decade of time training and tens of billions of dollars training them what more would they need to be successful? more on that coming up first ainsley earhardt standing by with a look at the headlines. good morning, extreme weather turning deadly across the pains and in the south. at least three people are killed across oklahoma and down in texas. flash flooding forces people to evacuate. the river damaging nearly a thousand homes. this morning eight people are
5:07 am
missing, the rising water leading to a dozen of water rescues. a ciiacer is pulled to safety after tipping over. thankfully he'll be okay. a fox news alert, a major security scare close to the u.s. capitol. thousands turn out for the annual memorial day concert, the bomb squad responding to reports of a suspicious car parked on kpoil capitol hill. they found a pressure cooker in that car, they detonated it. a full investigation found no hazardous materials inside the car. the owner of the vehicle is in custody. ith ro the search is on for a cop killer. police in new orleans are
5:08 am
looking for someone who killed one of their officers. he was gunned down inside his car. his cruiser rolled and hit the curb before someone found his body. they are not releasing his name just yet. remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. in a few hours from now, president obama will participate in the annual wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. later today a parade will kick off in the streets of d.c. ♪ yesterday, music sounding across the capitol. it was part of this year's memorial day concert on the capitol's front lawn. riding for freedom, thousands gathered for the annual rolling thunder ride for freedom honoring military veterans prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. we remember them this morning. and those are your headlines. clayton? thanks so much.
5:09 am
today we are with the u.s. air force honor guard. we have a major here with us and 40 fellow guardmen. tell us what you do at arlington for the solemn ceremonies? >> that's our primary mission we render honors for a thousand funerals a year for our fallen veterans and hero. we honor the fallen out there by providing a flag fold a firing party, and an escort for the families. we're giving that family a safe place to grieve when they're out there. we're there to protect them. let them know they're a part of the air force family and we're still a part of their family. >> today can be such a difficult day. how important is it for us toots take a pause and memorialize those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> unfortunately, a lot of us have friends that are gone.
5:10 am
personally guys i've flown with we see them every day, one of the quotes we always have -- there's a memorial near the potomac river that reads in death the flag shall honor him. >> tell us what the ceremony you're about to perform. >> our group will sequence together in one sequence. just highlighting the air force precision. it's a way to show all of those manuals they're going to do during the parades and marching and things like that. >> i would encourage our viewers to come around the tv. i'm going to get out of the way. you're going to perform this for us right now. >> thank you, sir.
5:11 am
united states air force honor guard. coming up robert de niro dishing out a harsh reality to college graduates. >> graduates, you made it. [ applause ] >> and you're [ bleep ]. >> they may be starving artists for good.
5:12 am
the commencement speech that everybody is still talking about this morning. a surprise surge for dr. ben carson winning a straw poll over the weekend. while some 2016 candidates dominate the headlines, others are sitting on the sidelines. which candidate has helped or hurt the most? our political panel weighs in next. ♪ why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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5:16 am
the national polls, candidates have been making headlines. dr. ben carson clenching the top spot in this weekend's southern republican leadership conference. rand paul his filibuster over the patriot act, potential candidates like jeb bush and scott walker sitting on the sidelines. who is sitting on the sidelines? joining us is our panel. good to see you all. what's interesting is that a lot of people dismissed dr. ben carson. he wins the straw poll. in the latest fox poll he was tied with jeb bush. >> he's got that early new -- like that new car smell. that new politician smell.
5:17 am
i was just in oklahoma city last week talking to people about this leading into it. he's going to get attention. and being the headliner didn't hurt at all. look at who came out on top, ben carson over ted cruz who was supposed to be the headliner. i'm more interested in issues. straw polls as you and i have talked about aren't a statistical measure. when you look at the issues that matter you've got 46% choose national security as their top issue, 39.6% economic only 14.4% social issues. and 85.2% of the 72% oklahoma crowd supported lifting restrictions on exporting oil and natural gas. the issues that matter most are the issues that carry. >> how do you explain if national security is at the top of the wish list who go with ben carson but he didn't have
5:18 am
experience. >> the fact that most primary voters on the republican side are open and shopping. you've been on the trail. as i've been out there talking to people what i found most interesting is they have excluded very few candidates. they may have said i have a problem with this candidate for this reason i'm not sure about this candidate for that reason i want to find the best nominee and the best potential president. and so what everybody has going for them at this early stage, they have a chance to make a good impression. if they take eventually of that once we get into the real campaign -- by that i mean field works and ads, they might have a chance to hang around. >> i agree with the davids. >> rand paul taking over the senate floor fighting the senate republican leader. he's trying to strike a balance between national security and privacy rights. >> i think it's a great place to be for rand paul. he's not earning friends on the
5:19 am
hill but he needs to win the country. democrats and republicans feel the same way rand paul does. i think some of it is for show. i don't doubt his sincerity. i want to add to it 85% of americans want to see a fresh face. ben carson is a fresh face. he's well-spoken. >> let's go down the table. 15, 20 seconds each. we'll start with you. hillary clinton, she finally spoke to the press. you say voters want somebody new, she's not new. >> no. also you're looking at the democratic side we don't have challenger who is out there. i enjoy listening to bernie sanders. i think he's doing something important but it's not going to be bernie sanders. hillary needs to get out there and talk about benghazi more and get in front of the panel sooner
5:20 am
than later. >> the e-mails on benghazi was there anything in there that's damaging. >> i think the fact this is a drip drip. it's about her recent record of secretary of state. foreign policy could be a huge factor in the election. al if she gets dinged on that and we're talking about this a year from now. >> i say we take foreign policy for the reality for all candidates no one goes in there knowing as much as they think. everybody tries to burnish their credentials. hillary clinton's detriment will be the drip drip drip. hillary clinton is not going to stop. >> great to have you on memorial day. good to see you all. coming up you have to see this video. a tour bus goes up in flames near the pentagon. how the driver was able to get everyone out okay. hundreds of american flags meant for veterans' graves go missing, but a group of girl
5:21 am
scouts step in. they'll share their story that will make you proud to be an american. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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welcome back. a quick look at headlines. in just a few minutes. the court in cleveland opening its doors on memorial day to arraign 71 prosters over the weekend. al sharpton getting involved. he's expected to speak friday. this isn't what you want to see before you take off. the wind of of this plane falls off and into a passenger's hand. the plane took off anyway. they said it wasn't a problem because it was a protective layer. you don't really need that.
5:25 am
great story, a group of girl scouts saves memorial day for one southern california community. troop 1124 jumps into action after they found out hundreds of american flags had gone missing that were meant to honor our fallen heroes. joining us are two young ladies from the girl scout group, and other members of the troop that helped to save the guy. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> emily, i'll start with you. i want to hear about your family connection to this cemetery and find out how you realized the flags had gone missing. >> okay. so my great grandmother is buried there. and that's how we really started to do stuff at the cemetery. yeah. and we have been doing it for almost four years, five years i think. so my great grandfather, he was
5:26 am
in the army. and won the medal of honor. >> wow. when you went out to the cemetery to put the flags out and clean up the area and visit your grandfather, you realized many flags were missing. jewel, what made you and the rest of troop 1124 decide to step into action? >> well really it's a tradition every year to honor our veterans when we put the cross on the grave we also insert in the top of it a flag. want because there were no flags we felt like we were not honoring our veterans. we decided to call up walmart and i believe big lots and a few places to get over 700 flags so we could mark the graves. >> you used money you made from
5:27 am
cookie sales. did anybody in the troop say i don't want to do the flags i want to go on a trip and go hiking and have a pizza party, or did everyone rally around the cause? >> everyone wanted to do this. we felt like it was the right thing to do. we would rather help our community than do something for ourselves. >> what kind of lessons do you think your learned? >> part of it i feel that there is a lot of responsibility in it just in the fact that instead of just seeing it as oh, i could get community service hours and i'm done. we saw it as we can go do things for other people. it made us feel really good that we could show that we really appreciated the sacrifice of our veterans. >> we certainly have that perfect balance, it seems, of honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and also
5:28 am
you know having a good time on memorial day. what are your plans for today, both of you? >> today we're going to go to the cemetery and we're going to be at -- doing the ceremony like just handing out girl scout cookies with thank you notes to some of the veterans that are going to be there. and just kind of thanking them for doing what they did. >> great. a time for fellowship for troop 1124 and giving back. if you want to send over some su cookies, that would be great. 28 minutes after the hour. brand-new developments in the d.c. mansion murder. the main suspect behind bars the four people he was arrested with just released. the man who killed osama bin laden has a new field mate. these two are teaming up live on "fox and friends" to honor our
5:29 am
heroes, we'll tell you how. first, more from the west point marching band. ♪ ♪
5:30 am
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♪ the american bomb shells perform all over the country at patriotic events. i had the chance to be on the coast guard cutter ship with them. they can sing a million different songs to patriotic tunes. >> they're trying to recruit you. >> you're trying to recruit them to stay on the plaza forever. >> i don't think -- >> i don't know about you, my memorial day weekend will not be complete without clayton doing the boogie-woogie bugle boy. >> we don't want to see photos of that. we want to see your. that is adorable. using the #proud american. >> noah pointing to his great
5:34 am
ung uncle's name. he was killed in action on april 22nd, 1968. >> at two years old, learning what it means to be a proud american he's now 13 and still a very proud american. >> and a salute to a corporal who served in vietnam. the girls saluting him are his proud grand daughters. >> keep sending them to us. social media or carrier pigeon. >> or bald eagle. >> anz >> ainsley earhardt. >> where is everyone? >> let me tell you about what happened over night. check out this video. a tour bus bursting into flames on a highway outside of d.c. you can see the back of the bus totally engulfed and black smoke billowing into the sky.
5:35 am
the driver pulled over near the exit to the pentagon and got everyone out. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. this morning four people arrested in connection with the the d.c. mansion murders, they have been released without charges. this as officials search for more accomplices. the guy you see on the right hand side of the screen is accused of torturings all these victims and murdering them during an 18 hour nightmare nearly two weeks ago. he was picked up a week after the homicide. a pizza crust left inside the house linked him to the murders. robert de niro dishing out harsh reality to some college graduates. >> graduates, you made it. and you're [ bleep ].
5:36 am
>> the oscar winner speaking at the commencement ceremony for nyu's school of arts he told all the aspiring writers, actors and directors to get ready for a lifetime of rejection and do not take it personally. at the end, he told them he was confident they would all get their big breaks eventually. those are your headlines. back to you. >> hang in there. >> exactly. >> we'll go out to maria who has an update on the werkt. >> we want to share with you video one is a tornado after dark in kansas. we've had extreme weather across parts of the plains producing tornados and strong winds and large hail. you can see that's just a frightening sight to see a tornado coming through parts of the plains in the overnight hours. today, we still have a risk for more severe storms. in addition to tornados and large hails and damageling winds we're talking about flash flooding being an issue across texas and oklahoma. al these storms will produce
5:37 am
heavy rain across oklahoma texas, and southwestern parts of arkansas. we do have a risk again today for more severe storms. about four to eight inches rain possible in some of these areas. stay safe out there let's head over to clayton now. >> proud american memorial day day is a day to remember our fallen heroes and sacrifices they've made. it's that reason the folds of honor creation created the patriot cup championship that helps raise money for scholarships given to families of service men and women. joining us live is the the foundation's founder and the man who killed osama bin laden and larry the cable guy. nice to see all of you this morning, welcome to the show. >> i think this is crazy, it's a navy s.e.a.l. and it's a fighter pilot and a guy that just wrote
5:38 am
three fart jokes last week. >> it's an unlikely pairing, you are there for a big cause -- >> he killed bin laden and i killed a six pack last night. >> rob, speaking of that as a solemn day, memorial day, you were at the 9/11 commemoration and museum and we saw some video, that moved all of us where you had a chance to meet with the families, the victims of 9/11. tears flowing. what did that day mean for you? what did it mean for the families to stand there? >> well that was the reason that i did anything. i was never going to tell the story. i went to the 9/11 museum to donate a shirt that i wore there in osama bin laden's bedroom. and meeting the families and having them tell me everything from this is a day of closure, i'm not afraid anymore. having a woman tell me that six months after the towers
5:39 am
collapsed they found her son and he was embraced with a woman he was trying to save. it made everything worth it. it's just -- especially on memorial day, it's great to be a part of this. i met major dan before i left the navy. it's good to be here today. >> amazing. larry, i know you make jokes and having fun. you're a huge supporter of the troops. we commend you. what does today mean for you and the big championship the tournament there with major dan and rob? >> well you know it's -- anytime that we can use our celebrity -- and i use that loosely -- anytime we can use what we do to draw attention to great charities like this one, it's awesome. i mean we're there last night and sat through speeches of some people that this has really helped. it's unbelievable. i mean what major dan has started here is just -- it's so
5:40 am
cool. and to be able to be a part of it and draw attention to it to help draw attention to it and see the good work that they are doing here to help these families of the fallen soldiers there is no better feeling than to do that. i'm so happy that you guys had me down. it's really great. >> major dan -- >> it's really cool to help out. >> you built this event what's it like to sit next to larry and rob and have guys like this promoting this incredible event? >> larry, aka dan is a great american. he doesn't smell very good but he's a great american. who is lucky enough to sit next to rob o'neil? in my opinion, he is the greatest american walking anywhere in the world. and what he did for our country and to get this share this
5:41 am
weekend and pay reverence and we pause and celebrate that we are americans. we toast to budweiser in their honor because that's what they want us to do and bring everybody together on behalf of the families. and help them carry the weight of that 2.3 pound folded flag is what this weekend is about. >> the folds of honor patriot cup will air on fox sports 1 today at 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can donate to help folds of honor, go to our generous viewers are auldslways kind to help the military families. >> run for your lives, they inspired me so much i joined the military. >> navy s.e.a.l. larry the cable guy -- we're all in trouble. great to see you. coming up on the show this incredible touchdown catch defies gravity. he's no pro, he's only in high
5:42 am
school. there's no place to honor our heroes like in our national's capitol. we go to the arlington national cemetery and the national mall to remember those who have served our nation. more from the west point marching band. ♪ he says she's an undisciplined overwaterer. she claims. with miracle-gro moisture control potting mix, plants only get water when they need it. fight ended. or shifted? miracle-gro. life starts here. i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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5:46 am
offers. >> he hit his head on the platform while participating in the red bull cliff diving. he managed to land the 90 foot dive safely. in a few hours president obama will participate in the annual wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soernlldier. >> doug luzader is live on the national mall with all these fest festativities. al. >> good morning. you can see behind me in the world war ii memorial everybody getting set. there's going to be a wreath laying. these memorials are pretty special places to be today. this caps off a whole weekend of observances around washington, d.c. and the entire country.
5:47 am
last night we had the memorial day concert. everything so often you hear the sound of motorcycles. rolling thunder is in town to bring attention to servicemens who are listed in action. when you talk to thez folkse folks the bird word you hear is freedom. >> we're glad to be free. with a great group of people today. >> it's not so easy. so many guys have gone on so that you can come back home and tell the story. you know and their lives live through us. >> again, back out here at the world war ii memorial there will be a big ceremony starting in just a few minutes where there will be a wreath laying. and president obama will be at arlington national cemetery for
5:48 am
the laying of the wreath. >> doug luzader with wonderful beautiful ceremonies honoring the fallen today. coming up we know what you're doing today, you're firing up the grill getting it ready to go. up next the tips anyone can do to make your barbecue taste better than ever. ♪ this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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♪ my baby is american made ♪ ♪ born and bred in the usa ♪ >> once your cookout is over your grill will need extra tlc. actually getting it ready for memorial day. >> we've got the chef from the
5:52 am
lavo restaurant. clayton revealed he hasn't cleaned his grill in two years. >> i don't think -- >> you left this grill dirty, but mine looks way worse than this. how do we get it ready? >> check your gas, make sure you've got enough gas and get the grill super hot to clean so you burn off the food that's stuck. you take a lot of elbow grease. >> how long do you fire it up 15 minutes? >> at least, so it's really hot. you don't need any chemicals or anything special. you really scrub at it. >> i'm always hesitant when you think about using chemicals on any kitchen or cooking surface. >> you don't need it. >> it's a smart idea to do this with a tie, hovering with a suit. >> set it on fire. >> yeah. >> you want to leave some on it for flavor it could be a carcinogen. we've seen studies -- >> you don't leave anything. >> it's not like a once a season
5:53 am
kind of deal. >> you do it right after you finish cooking so the grill is still hot. it gets cleans you put water on a rag you don't care about and run the rag across. >> what about the burners? >> the burners, you'll take the great off after and scrape them also after their nice and clean. >> and nice and cool. >> when it's hot, it's dangerous but it's much better to do it when it's hot. >> does your grill look this good? >> mine is awesome. >> you're doing a good job. thank you. check him out at lavo. >> if you're in new york city go to his restaurant. >> we'll see the american bombshells coming in just a bit. ♪ i'm in love ♪ ♪ i'm a believer ♪ ♪ i couldn't leave her if i tried ♪ ♪ i thought love was more a give and take ♪
5:54 am
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♪ ♪ there's people who care where i'm going ♪ ♪ and good friends to welcome me home ♪ ♪ so get a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ drive the american road ♪ ♪ and with a full tank of freedom, ♪ ♪ find your own highway ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ ♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪
5:57 am
♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪ >> yeah. fantastic. >> you sound awesome. the american bombshells, this
5:58 am
blond brunet and red head. it's a twist on the andrews sister. >> an organization was started about six years ago. we are a non-profit with a mission to honor our military veterans and our families. we entertain and inspire patriotism. >> other than being up at 6:00 a.m. what are you going to be on moerld memorial day? >> we love to celebrate but we're honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. we like to take that moment and think about those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> be unesthonest with us clayton was trying to channel neil diamond, did it work? >> we'd sing back up for you any day. >> coming to america? >> no one would want to see that. i think you want to recruit
5:59 am
anna. anna's been trying out for the american bomb shells for a while. >> she sings every commercial break on our show. >> wow. >> absolutely. >> ladies thank you so much. the american bombshells has been keeping us company all morning long. >> we want to -- >> we wants to step aside and let all of ourer viewers this morning celebrate memorial day and pause this afternoon for remembering -- memorializing those who have paid the sacrifice for our ultimate country. we want to get out of the way here.
6:00 am
>> memorial observances getting under way in our nation's capital. a live look at the world war ii memorial. dozens of veterans are laying wreaths at the memorial. a bell ringing out for each and every one of those wreaths being laid. we'll have live coverage of today's memorial day events thro program. tragedy to tell you about this memorial day. at least 8 people are missing after powerful storms caused


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