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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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-- find the book and we put the address up. >> six years as a pow and many of that time being tortured. he is an amazing by. >> we will be back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" begins now. this is "outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. and here today sandra smith, jedediah, ainsley earhardt, and captain sean is here. a u.s. veteran air born ranger who led the most decorated platoon in the deadly war on terror. that platoon was in the afghanistan war. he is "outnumbered." >> i have been "outnumbered" in afghanistan today but never been
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as scared as i am right now. >> smart man. thank you so much for your service. >> you are welcome. it is an honor to serve and an honor to be here. >> this is the scene at the arlington national cemetery outside of washington, d.c. a short time ago. president obama as you see laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. a solumn moment in a series of events today as the nation pauses and honors those who fought for our freedom. we are live at the memorial.
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>> reporter: you can hear the canyon firing at the mall here. a lot of people gathering to pause. everyone we talked to had the same feelings and ecos the president spoke about a moment ago. >> for 147 years our nation has set aside this day to pay solumomn tribute for the patriots that gave their life for the country we love. the nature of war has changed but the values of the men and women in uniform remain constant constant. >> reporter: president obama said this was the first memorial day in 14 years when the united states was engaged in major ground war and didn't mention the conflict in iraq with isis. a lot of folks at the national mall felt this was a day for
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remembering those who have fallen. theony at the world war ii museum happened at 9 a.m. slightly more informal. they were able to ring the federal bell a bell made from iron from the world trade center. folks said ringing the bell brought them closer to the loved ones and service members they had lost. >> the sound of the bell resinates in our ears and hearts thinking it represents in many ways how the bell of freedom has been pulled across the country. not with any one bell but the hearts and mind that survive and live on the legacy of the american dream. >> reporter: that was an army caplin who said they were ringing the bell for a soldier who died while he was there serving on the field. most of the services concluded
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today. there is one more memorial at the vietnam memorial a slightly more informal memorial and then washington host a large parade coming up in a couple hours. >> the sound of the bell resinates in our hearts. thank you so much. new question about how the obama administration is dealing with the growing threat from isis following the fall of ramadi. defense secretary ash carter with strong words in his first comments since the extremist took the key town of ramadi. saying in a statement the weak state of iraq's military is one of the major reasons the city fell. watch. >> what apparently happened is the iraqi forces showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. they failed to fight though
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and withdrew from the fight. that says to me and most of us we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight isis and defend them sibyls -- themselves. >> no comment from the white house but critics like john mccain are speaking up. >> we need a strategy. there is no strategy. anyone who said there is i would like to see it. >> here is what john bolton had to say: >> i think they are in denial but that is nothing new. they don't want to admit we are in a war. they would rather treat it like a law enforcement matter. their unwillingness to understand the threats we face from isis paralizes them from dealing with this. we are loosing. there is no doubt about it.
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>> sean i want to get you to draw on your experience and comment on ash carter's words of the iraqis lost their will to fight. >> if they demonstrated they don't have the will to fight, taken off their uniforms and fled. i think it is time to reevaluate the strategy there. >> mccain said there is no strategy but others say we need to change the strategy on the table. what do you think needs to be done? >> that is complicated. but i think john mccain is right. we probably need u.s. advisors arm the kurds and arm the people on the ground. ' if isis is running from us they are not killing people because
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they are running scared for their life. we need americans in the region. >> some say the administration is in denial and not willing to change the strategy based on something that is not working. >> former cia operative says that iran's military director the general in charge is the most powerful operative in the middle east, and he is pointing to us saying it is your will to fight. he is pushing back. iran and iraq came out in the last couple hours saying there is no way our guys just ran. but we have proof of that don't we? don't we know they left? >> we are watching them on camera run way. they are leaving tanks and hum vees in their wake and isis is rolling down the street in iraq in that equipment. >> what do you say sean when
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you hear the general in charge of iran's forces that the only people fighting against isis is iran's forces? >> that is very concerning and why we need american leadership in the region. if we don't step up and put isis now while they are weak our children on this couch ten years from now will be waging a war against isis. we fought so the next generation wouldn't have to. >> we know they are gaining territory but when we talk about their name growing. mark thornberry said their approach and brand is growing faster than their territory. >> and they are using our equipment to grow. we are leaving equipment to help the iraqis fight isis. they are running away and leaving our equipment behind. six tanks and a hundred vehicles
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in the hands of isis presumably. and this are the strongest comments we have heard from the obama administration since ramadi fell. it is very telling of how they feel about what is really happening there. why are these troops running away? did we not train them? why are they fearful? they are not out numbered. they are using our equipment. >> is it possible iran stepped in and blocked them? i am looking at the whole picture. is it possible iran doesn't want to fight side by side with us? >> that could be. but the bigger issue is no matter what the united states does and our will to fight, no matter what the will is no matter what supplies we have and train people if they don't have the compassion and commitment to that mission, there is nothing we can do. short of being there and putting american boots on the ground for them to do the job for them and that is not something the
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american people will support. i want to pay attention to ambassador bolton saying this administration is in denial. you would have to be deaf dumb and blind to not see what is going on with the warning signs and manifestations of the problem. i think this president is on a to maintain his legacy and that is through a non-intervention policy. he doesn't want to get involved in a greater way and sticking to that until the end. he doesn't want to be the president to usher in that kind of policy. >> i think you are exactly right. when you are dealing with national security and policy issues it is important to take the world as it is not as we would like it to be. president obama takes the world i think as he would like it to be. that is why it is important for americans to get involved. isis is a threat to every man, woman and child from every race
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religion and creed. >> strong words. the aftershock being felt from the hilary clinton benghazi dump with the hundreds of e-mails creating more questions than answers as we await the release of many more. will they affect her run for the white house? a t-short showing an american flag upside down. should they pull it or let the consumer decide? and the fallen and their family in our thoughts and prayers this memorial day.
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at welcome back to "outnumbered." the state department on friday
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released the first batch of hilary clinton's e-mails relating to the deadly benghazi attack and they could spell trouble for her presidential campaign. the e-mails revealing the situation in benghazi was not a total surprise and clinton had advance warning of the danger more than a year before the attack. her close aid writing that chris steven stevens met with libyan officials to make a written request for better security and coordination. and another aid writing about a credible threat against the hotel our team is using. democrats are saying there is no smoking gun still and the investigation is politically motivated. >> let's look at this issue of benghazi. this thing has been studied to death by republicans and democrats, several committees including in congress that all said what happened was tragic but secretary clinton wasn't at
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fault. these e-mails are basically a witch hunt. congressman trey gowdy is trying to manipulate this situation. >> one republican said they are misleading because they are doctored. >> you failed to mention a possible scrub and that would be by somebody on her political team. these are the e-mails that clinton turned over herself to the state department. they have been scrubbed two or three times. we are asking for an independent arbitrator to look over the server and find out what was on there without just getting the stuff that is censored. >> i want to ask you about the repeated notion of security and alerts being sent. can she play dumb on this saying
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she didn't see them. see seemed to do that in her book. wasn't that her job to be aware of these things? >> absolutely. it destroys the narrative it was a protest because of a video. that is where the nexus of this controversy lies. it lies in the fact she lied to cover herself. people in the state department and white house said hilary clinton has a shot in 2016 and we don't want to tarnish her record so they lied about it. it matters to the people who lost loved one in benghazi. the american people deserve the truth and expect the people elected to office to tell the truth and anyone who openly lies to the people should be discredited from running. >> i am disgusted this is being called a witch hunt. if the american public was lied
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to and misled this should be front and center and one of the most pressing issues america is facing. with the next e-mail dump, i think congressman wes moreland is alluding to the fact the e-mails we are getting have been gone through, edited as he put it scrubbed. don't we need to unfiltered e-mails coming through? >> this seems as every day we get up and there is new information and we know because she will not hand over the server there is additional information we may never get. >> it isn't the e-mails have been scrubbed but they have been taken out of context. i bet if you took a few of my e-mails out of context i would look brilliant but if they looked at everything it would look different. witches? how many men are witches? are they saying this because she
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is a girl? i see what is happening between the lines. is this the type of person that americans feel they want in the presidential office? by the way we already knew she had skills that didn't match up with the information she got. remember the interview before her announcement? she said i am not equipped to look at the blue prints to see where the blast walls and reinforcements need to be but it doesn't mean i wasn't there saying this needs to be secure. i want to see everything in the chain. she knew she didn't have the skills to assess the situation so what did she do to protect these guys? >> in order to see all of the e-mails you need to see the server. >> you handle breaking news harris, can you imagine every having days of breaking news
9:21 am
every day with nothing to back it up? think about september 11 the attack on the embassy and there were 20 violent instances up to that. chris asked for more security in august before dying. none of that is in those e-mails. politple politico released the most insightful e-mails and not one is about this. if you had breaking news you would get some e-mails. i am wondering why isn't there one, two three or four bombshell e-mails? there is not. we are missing some and need to see the server. >> this goes back to a few key points. one is leadership and the play she roll she played. two is her record. if you can't talk about her
9:22 am
record people can't hail the record as being worthy of being president. and three is transparency. if she is not hiding anything, why can't she come forward saying this is what went on, and i have nothing to hide. tragedy on this memorial day as a string of devastating storms tear through parts of oklahoma and texas wiping out homes, bridges and roads. and laying out the strategy to defeat isis. we break it down as the presidential candidates speak out about the steps they would take against the terror groups. and of course on this memorial day we continue to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
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and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back. >> a fox news alert, a devastating situation in central and southern plains this memorial day, storms of historic proportions washing away entire homes. look at all of this devastation leaving at least three people dead and eight others missing. one teenager returning oklahoma from the prom -- returning home from the prom apparently never had a chance as raging flood waters were taking her car. >> she did the right things she called 911, she called her father but it was just too much and too quick. >> tornadoes also tearing through the region destroying hundreds of homes and texas and in oklahoma even partially collapsing an apartment building in houston. now people are searching for
9:28 am
their loved ones and casey steegal is live in dallas with the latest. >> reporter: the reason we have this widespread flooding event across texas and oklahoma is because of the his to have toic rains -- the historic rains that have really pelted this region for the last two months or so. the hardest-hit area today, wimberley texas, that's between austin and san antonio. the blanco river crested above 40 feet over the weekend, more than triple its flood stage of 13 feet. raging waters washing away 400 homes there. residents describing how fast the water moved into their homes. >> i went to bed probably around 11:30, 12:00, and, i don't know probably -- heard the power go out. wasn't really worried about that but then strange noises from down tears. there was probably -- down downstairs, there was probably an inch of water on the ground.
9:29 am
woke my father up. >> reporter: another 300 houses sustaining damage in nearby san marcos, texas, at least 1,000 people have been evacuated from the region. some had to be carried out by helicopter or boat over the weekend. in houston two people were hospitalized after the national weather service says a tornado hit the rockport apartment complex, part of a building collapsed, and now city leaders working to get displaced residents into a shelter. and take a look at these aerial pictures coming to us from creek county oklahoma, near tulsa. rising flood waters have inundated roads and farms there. police say a man died after being swept away by the swift currents. his body later recover inside a drainage pipe. a firefighter also kill inside that same area trying to carry out a rescue operation in high water. and to make matters worse even more rain is in the forecast. in fact, a number of flash flood watches warnings even tornado watches have been issued for
9:30 am
this area that is just already saturated, as you can see. >> it is so sad because you build all of this your whole life you work so hard to build homes, and in one swoop it's all destroyed. and lyes are lost because of it. thank you so much, casey, for that report. harris to put it into perspective oklahoma last year, 4 inches of rain. this year so far 27 inches. >> i know. it's been a vicious season. all right, we'll move on. as the obama administration, as we've been talking about, is struggling with its strategy against the islamic state savages a handful of white house candidates for president are laying out what steps they would take to defeat the terror group if, in fact, they were in the white house. florida senator marco rubio says he prefers airstrikes over ground troops using a line from the action movie "taken" to describe his strategy saying, quote: we will look for you, we will find you, and we will kill you. former florida governor jeb bush has said additional american soldiers would have prevented isis from gathering strength in recent years, but that an
9:31 am
american-led force now will not work. in contrast kentucky senator rand paul has said he supports boots on the ground but only as long as they are, quote, arab boots on the ground. and on the democratic side, hillary clinton saying on friday that it is up to the iraqi soldiers to lead the fight against isis and that there is no role for more troops on ground unless they are sent there, quote, as trainers and advisers. we'll bring it out to the couch. you know, i often will ask politicians this question, but you're a veteran. you've been to that part of the world. do we need somebody in our white house leadership president vice president, somebody who has commanded troops? >> well, i mean, yes. i mean, i'm biased. i would love to see this. i think in 2012 it was the first presidential election in probably 60 years where on the democratic and republican side neither the president or the vice presidential candidate had been veterans. and i think there's something to be said when you raise your right hand, and you volunteer to serve this country whether you're a democrat or republican.
9:32 am
it means that you put your life before, you know, you put your life and your service before your family, before making a buck, and you put your country first. i think veterans are uniquely positioned to be great leaders or great congressmen because they're willing to work in a bipartisan way on behalf of a grateful nation because they always put the nation first. >> you know, i always think of that old mark twain quote patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it. [laughter] do you have thoughts on that, ainsley? >> i like it. i think, you know if you think about elections in the past, we went to the polls to vote for the economy, for taxes, immigration. this year, next year, 2016 it's going to be completely different because this is a very important issue to so many of us, national security. we want to know where these candidates stand on how they're going to fight global terrorist organizations, and it's going to be important to listen to what they have to say. the only two so far that are saying boots on the ground, walker and perry. if that's important to you those might be your two candidates. >> but isn't the problem that they're just saying that? when i look here this
9:33 am
republican field sounds very hawkish, but yet at the same time very hesitant to put forth a very detailed strategy. it's one thing just to say they want boots on the ground or more american troops over there but it's another to lay out a very detailed strategy. we haven't heard that yet. do you think anybody has one? >> well, i don't know. i think it's really easy to criticize, and many of the gop republican candidates have criticized the white house but i think the next step is putting together a comprehensive plan of how to fight isis and how to win. i think realistically it's going to be about taking little bits and pieces from everyone's stance on the war and combining them. because you're going to need to arm -- >> you mean working together? >> yes. [laughter] you're going to need to ramp up the air campaign you're going to need to support the iraqi army and help them govern. i mean, you're going to need to do all those things. >> jedediah, are we seeing a difference inside the gop per what we just heard everybody's vision however narrow it may have been as sandra has pointed out, kind of a difference between the old and the new
9:34 am
faces within the republican party? >> yes. >> how do they-and-a-half date? >> well i think they're being vague for a reason, and i think it's because you have the primary versus the general election to think about, and i think hawkish wins the gop primary, but i think it loses the general election. yeah, absolutely, i think you're going to see rand paul emerging as that strong libertarian force, and i think the likes of marco rubio are going to lean that way as well. so there's going to be a battle between, i think, the scott walkers -- >> who wins that battle? >> like i said, i think in the primary the more hawkish candidates will resonate with gop primary voters. i think that will be a problem in the general as you're going to see a lot of americans want less involvement. they want a strong country, they want us to protect ourselves but they're very concerned about an interventionist policy particularly when they see us arming people who then use those weapons against us, training people who then abandon their post. that's a high, high concern for a lot of americans so it's going to be a balance they're going to have to strike. >> you know what's interesting it came up during fox report last night people are feeling
9:35 am
like they are conservetarians now. what do you think about that? >> that's very interesting. so a conservative and a libertarian? >> right. on the issues that jedediah's talking about, particularly where the nsa is concerned, when we're fighting wars. >> especially young voters -- >> they're not going to vote what they were polling though because in the midst of the initial beheadings and the brutality that we initially were seeing out of isis, you saw those polls showing people wanted this administration to do more do more. >> excellent point. >> act. but then i mean, you're suggesting jedediah, they're going to vote differently. >> i don't think the likes of a john mccain and a lindsey graham, if someone is going to espouse that ideology is ultimately going to be successful winning the presidency. you have to strike a balance. they want american involvement they want a strong america, they want leadership, but i don't think they want boots on the ground. >> i ask a quick question? i know we're running out of time but does the military want boots on the ground? i know that moms are going to the polls, they don't want their
9:36 am
sons going but what does the military want? >> i think most veterans want to get on the ground and kill isis. >> okay. >> president obama taking executive action once again, this time targeting our nation's lakes and streams. what his administration is planning and why it has so many american farmers on edge. and many tributes paying honor to america's fallen heroes on this memorial day. arlington national cemetery, the vietnam memorial, world war ii memorial and around our great nation. ♪ ♪
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9:41 am
the obama administration to expand a major clean water initiative. the president reportedly planning once again to bypass congress and issue an executive order. this one would restore the federal government's power to limit pollution in america's rivers, lakes and streams and wetlands. environmentalists are praising the new rule as a big step towards making our waters cleaner. but critics are slamming it as a veiled attempt by the federal government to regulate private property. so should the president be going at this alone, or should congress have say? harris i want to go to you first on this one because the president has made it very clear that his environmental efforts this is going to be what he, you know what we assume he wants to be a big part of his long lasting legacy. >> sure right. and, i mean, we've talked about other legacy items here on the couch today that may be fading away with regard to the middle east and so on and so forth so he might want to protect this one extra hard. i want to come to you on this
9:42 am
one was you're the expert on the couch, if this is a real problem a bottom line issue for companies which supply, how do you protect against the president using his executive men? enter i talk to a lot of people about this, and the leopold foundation, major conservation effort here in the united states and we are constantly talking about ways to conserve our lands, conserve our wetlands, our waters, our rivers. it's an important aspect of us as everyday americans. >> sure. >> we have a responsibility. and the president is pressing that issue. however, there are inadvertent effects, there are adverse effects to businesses. this can cut down -- think about golf courses, for example. if the government was allowed to come onto the private grounds of a golf course and tell them how to operate to, you know, to conduct their business on those lands, that could be bad for their bottom line. so there's that. but, again, you go back to idea that we do have to protect our lands. so sean should the president be able to act alone on this? because we do all have a responsibility, but then again a lot of people -- can including
9:43 am
america's farmers -- could be hurt by this. >> i don't think the president i don't think anyone wants the president to move forward on any sort of comprehensive executive action at all. i think, you know, especially when you're dealing with environmental regulations it's important to strike the right balance between what's good for the environment, as you said and, you know, supporting jobs, economic activity. >> yeah. >> so i you know the thing about it is is that it's important for him to work with congress in a bipartisan way because they're the representatives of the people, and the only way they're going to strike that right balance is by working with congress. >> and working with the private landowners. >> exactly. >> ainsley, you can't just show up and say this is how we're going to run things, and you have to assume the government knows exactly what they're doing when they come onto your land and they're going to do it better than you would. >> you have to look at the past and how it affected farmers. if you remember the san joaquin valley two years ago was shut down, so all those waters, all the a farmers their crops died.
9:44 am
it was shut down because of the delta smelt which was a little minnow, and they found six in all of that water that supplies two-thirds of california and so they shut it down because they were worried this fish was going to be extinct, so they chose fish over families fish over human beings. the food bank was packed with people. i was out there reporting on it. the line went around the food bank and down the street. >> scary stuff. >> that's my fear. >> it's a huge story, and one we're going to continue to talk about right here on "outnumbered." here's something you might not expect on memorial day a shirt like this being sold by a popular clothing chain, but it is and now pacific sun is feeling the heat from customers. and of course today and all year long we honor the men and women who gave their lives fighting for the freedom cans we enjoy each -- freedoms we enjoy each and every day. ♪ ♪
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♪ muck. >> the popular clothing chain pacific sunwear has come under fire over a t-shirt that it is selling this memorial day weekend. it features a black and white american flag that is shown upside down. the upside down flag is historically used to express dire distress and instances of extreme threat to life or property. consumers are blasting the store on its facebook page with comments like this, quote: i'd like to kick anyone who shops at pac sun in the face. absolutely insulting especially on memorial day. myself and my family will never shop here again. and pac sun are you serious with this upside down flag shirt? i seriously can't belief that you would think it is okay to market that type of disrespect to our country and flag at all especially weekend. good luck with this promotion, i hope you eventually remember where your right to be this dumb came from. well, we have reached out to pacific sunwear for comment but we have not yet heard back from
9:50 am
them. it is memorial day, it's a holiday weekend. we want to throw 'em a bone, however, we've all been discussing this. it's been all over facebook. surely the company knows that this is out there. i want to start with you, jedediah, because you're pretty passionate about this t-shirt. >> controversial marketing works we're all talking about this right now, so i think that's one of the reasons they do things like that. my advice would be to let consumers make that decision for themselves. there are plenty of times i could walk into a store and find something offensive personally. somebody else might not find that offensive. somebody dose in and buys it somebody boycotts the store these are the things that speak volumes. what if somebody felt that right now this country was in distress? >> right. >> and they were showcasing that by wearing a t-shirt -- >> it's a free speech issue then. >> they're expressing their opinion yeah. >> because pac sun may be getting some help
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> maybe pacific sunwear had no idea what it meant, and then the onus is on them to figure out and do their homework. by the way, you could have just googled. it's not just that they put the flag on a shirt they did it in a specific way. >> that's why we need to hear from them. >> keep calling 'em ainsley. >> maybe we'll have it tomorrow on the show. on this memorial day all americans should be asking ourselves what is the best way to honor our heroes, both those who have fallen and those who are still with us like captain sean, and he's going to weigh in next on what it means for him and for his family.
9:53 am
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>> hash tag proud americans indeed. welcome to outnumber. many of us enjoy a day by the pool and hot dogs and we must take time to reflect on the courage and on those who came home from wars in afghanistan and iraq and becauses all over the world. and the best way to honor those in our veteran families who need help right now. shaun i bragged on you in the top of the show. put an on it. the most hilo decorated and you lost guys along the way. it is time for truth for what freedom cost. >> we were deployed to
9:58 am
afghanistan. and they won the war in europe in less time. my guys never left the trenches. some wounded twice or three times and not a day that goes by to think about those guys. every day is a memorial. it is the first thing i think about and the last thing i think about in >> it is a day to honor and reflect on my fallen guys. and the guys i couldn't bring home. and april, we passed a grim milestone. i lost three times as many soldiers here in the states to a variety of things than i lost in the war and i think that speaks to you know as a nation how we need to bring guys home and support them. what can we do? first we need to listen to their stories and learn about their legacy and pass that on to
9:59 am
their children. and just like small businesses are the major driver of economic activity in this country, they can have a role. one of the companies for fairway mortgage. they have an american worker initiative and every single company takes a payroll deduction. whether giving a house or whatever. it is every day americans stepping up to bridge that gap between the american warrior and our society that is so grateful. >> and as everybody sits at home enjoying a hamburger and moment on the grill and happening out with friends and family. what is it that we could say or do today to thank those who served. and lost they were close to and loved. >> i think you have to ask them about it. we have to get beyond the heart felt thank yous and free drinks.
10:00 am
>> and tell them thank you. as we are going to do for your service. >> we'll be back noon eastern tomorrow, "happening now" starts now. rchl >> and our nation pauses to remember the men can women who made the ultimate sacrifice. and welcome to "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i patty brown in for jenna lee. our president laid a wreath at the tom of the unknown. law makers on both sides pressure the administration to change its strategy against isis. the secretary of defense said iraqi soldiers don't have the will to fight after the key city of rammadi fell under isis control. and conner powell is


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