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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 25, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> this is the day our freedom is wrapped in the sacrifice of others. i say thank you to them and their families for all they've given to make and keep our nation great and free. >> forget about a summer of fun. are travelers looking at a summer of fees? welcome everybody i'm brenda butner in for neil cavuto on memorial day. this is a special edition of "your world." fliers are bracing for something not so special this summer, less room and more fees, as a record 222 million passengers are expected to cram on to planes and pay nor. feeses on checked bags, carry on, just for getting on the plane early you name it, airlines expect to hike it. we'll crunch the numbers in a minute but first to mike tobin at chicago's o'hare airport on whether flyers are feed -- fee'd
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up. >> if you look at the tsa line you decent see it spilling out into the street and won't see that but it is a boom time for the airlines because ticket prices are up and fuel prices are down, and in addition to that all of those fees are making mints for airlines, estimated at $6 billion. with almost 2.5 million people expected to fly per day the airline industry is looking to reach into record territory this summer. not that anyone notices. >> not too bad. wasn't too bad of a crowd. the lines moved easy and everything. the checkpoints was pretty fairly simple. >> reporter: expects say the increase will push three or four percent into record territory handled by new bigger planes the airlines are uses to face out othe older smaller jets. >> that's where the increase in seats come from. not pause airlines are adding
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more flight, just slightly bigger airplanes. >> so no more leg room, just more company. the win fee that gets arch's attention is baggage fee. >> i don't change bags or fly southwest without the baggage fees. >> southwest doesn't charge for bags and every time a different carrier tries to charge me for a bag i grimace. >> airlines should keep that in mine because they are in competition with the highways. gas isn't cheap but cheaper than last year and expected to be cheaper mid-june. >> gas prices start with the number two, which is something we haven't seen in quite some time, so i don't think anybody is rethinking hitting the road. >> what people think about is the hassle of ghettoing the airport, checking bags and going through security in addition to the flight. >> for me is time. if i can drive someplace under four hours i usually drive because it's less of a headache if it's over there look at flying. >> reporter: additional fees
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their change fees, anytime i want to change my flight, and some airlines sell a basic economy seat, unassigned. i of you want ain't assigned seat it's more. of you want a seat considered to be better, that costs more. on the upside chans are you'll be flying in a new plane with amenities with in-flight wi-fi. >> thank you. now air fare few rue rick feeney and what he is calling a ferocious summer for travelers. rick help! >> if you look at the summer fares compared year over year the good news is base air fares are only one one or two percent. the bad news is last summer was the highest we'd ever recorded in the ten years we handbeen recording data on air fare domestically so it's expensive. airlines are blocking off cheaper seats. the fees can get really, really high. we just saw recently a big deal
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with a parent that couldn't sit their their child because the wanted to charge them $80 more to sit together. you have to be careful about the fees. i was just coming back to the airport yesterday. somebody put their bag on, 53 pounds. the woman was asking for $230 for that overweight baggage fee. they were scrambling to pull their jean out of their bag and carry the jeans through security. >> ouch. that's when you throw out the socks and underwear. you're mentioning the fares going up but the feets we have gotten used to them. they were supposed to be temporary. but there's the baggage fees. what's the worst one of all? >> in my opinion it's about $6.5 million for the change fee and bag fee. those are optional feeses. right now the change fetus -- fee is $200 and 300 international. this usually happens at the last minute you.
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miss your flying and not only do you pay the fee, which wipes out most of your entire ticket, put you're also paying the difference in costs for the last-minute fare which could be several hundred dollars more. so that hurts consumers the most. >> what the best advice you can give us? if you get brand credit cards sometimes you get away phlegm baggage fees. what about families that can't sit together? >> there's a couple different things to do. most people don't realize there's a dot rule, department of transportation, sass tase you have up to 24 hours to actually get a full refund of your ticket if you change your mind. some sites let you hold the ticket for 24 hours but del dark for example, you can gate refund in 4 hours of if you change your mind, change quickly. if you're a family and don't want to pay $60 or $70 for confirmed seat assignment, everybody jumps in at the 24 hour mark. it's a digital free for all at the 24 hour mark. get online and pick seats.
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i if nobody pays for the expensive seats with the extra leg room the first in, first served so jump in at the 24 hour mark. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> meantime, you're not just feeling squeezed in the sky. if you hit the road for the getaway weekend you probably noticees those suddenly sizzling gas prices. up around 70 cents since the end of january. but that is not stopping new calls to hike the federal gas tax. to lisa boothe who says is this just a pain in the gas but noah says we can't afford and it we need it. what do you mean? >> basically this is a political issue that shouldn't be a political issue. what has been going on is we have had gas taxes the lowest since 2009 -- gas prices lowest since 2009. we have our gas prices are a dollar lower than least year and we have not raised ore gas tax or fee in 20 years. the result is her i. trust fund is out money. as of may 31st.
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that means our road can't be repaired. we have bridges can't be repaired. the republican governor's association is as slow indicating to increase the tax because the burden is now being put on the states. the problem is that it's not going to pass in congress, it's not very popular so they're trying to come up with some sort of bipartisan effort where they pull in revenue from other places like earned income tax credit so people who are of lower income who will be affected the most don't feel the burden of the effects. they want to cap overseas interests. >> go ahead lisa. >> brenda, the real -- raising the gas tax is not a solution. assault is doing is kick thing can down the road because the problem here is too much congress frail spending. members of congress have raided the highway trust fund which is i would we're out of money. and the last decade alone congress ha does diverted over $50 billion to spend on nonhighway projects, and bren darks the reality is here that americans are already paying too much.
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americans pay an average of 50-cents per gallon in taxes already, and they shouldn't have to spend a dime more to bail out congress. >> naomi my, let me ask you. i'm surprised you like this tax. the poor pay more as a percentage of their income than the rich do. >> i don't think anybody likes this tax. let's be clear. but we do need to find the money from somewhere, if that means instead of charging the tax to the poor and middle income earns, maybe we tax the corporate overseas companies that are getting tax havens? they're all this bipartisan support for the gas tax the money has to come from somewhere. >> why always a tax? >> absolutely. americans are already hurting enough. as you mentioned, gas prices are rising. gas prices are fickle. they're up and they're down. so americans are already hurting and they shouldn't have to pay knee. to feed the appetite for
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spending. the problem is there's never enough movement with we continue to spend more than we are taking in that's the problem with the highway trust fund. if congress continues to authorize money that quite frank live isn't to there and we're not taking in. look at the stimulus, for example. it was a trillion dollars. supposed to go to infrastructure and highway projected but is was misspent. >> i'm sorry you guy. guy tot cut you off. we have to pay our bill. forget fastfood workers. er the unions fueling the massive protests about to pull a fast one on all workers?
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say
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geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. [chanting] >> you see these union-backed protesters giving mcdonald's a mac attack n? they want 15 tuesday an hour and union representation. and jessica says they deserve it. but sherry, and ashley say this has nothing to do with the workers numbers and everything to do with union numbers. first of all jessica, why do we need 15 bucks an hour? >> i don't know if you need $15 an hour but you need a
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raise. we haven't raised the federal minimum wage since 2009. there's all of this evidence that says if we do we're not going to have a negative impact on the economy, not going to have a negative impact on employment and these people need to ashe enough money to survive and what they're getting right now is not doing the job. l.a. will be an interesting guinea pig because it's a big city. we're talking about being fair to americans who work hard. these are not people who are living off the fat of the land. they're working really hard. they want to provide for their families and we should make sure they can. >> two sides ares to the story. sherry how can this not have an impact on the economy? you double the minimum wage. that's got to hurt jobs-doesn't it? >> of course, especially in the place like mcdonald'sy how have very -- these low -- the dollar menu and things like that, and a lot of people need to live on that but it's not real hard to work there and
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it's not an insult to the works but you can turn the machines around and the consumer could order their food. so this will cost jobs. also i think they just got a raise at mcdonald's. if the unions cared about the worker instead of the unions and union bosses they would let this see houston it worms with consumers and those who own the franchise, let it settle in and then see what they can do next, but this is not doing anybody any good. it's not good for the workers. no good for consumers or the company. it's good for the union bosses and that's their whole strategy. >> and ashley, is that what this is about? union membership has been declining precipitously. are they trying get more workers? >> yes. bren darks union bosses and unions could care less about the worker. they care more about filling their own coffers and that's been clear throughout the whole orchestrated arbitrary movement. they have funneled work money into worker centers to make it look like it's a worker-led
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movement when it's not. it's been sponsored by the unions as we mentioned before. the think i think sherry pointed out that was so important here is the fact that literally union bosses are reaping profits here and they're going to do it at the expense of jobs. they're almost like the hamburglar but they're stealing jobs. >> jess car actually unions support a two-tiered system in some cases where entry level workers make less than people at a different level. why not here? >> i'm not sure. i want to go back to what was said about this being just pushed byy the union bosses. this is something that americans overwhelmingly support. 70%. we found the 2014 mid-term elects that minimum wage below lot initiatives to raise minimum wage crossed -- passioned in deep red states.
1:17 pm
>> but union bosses have come out and admitted this will cost workers jobs and they dent care. and reports are coming out that pentagons are now going to be cut because unions are more focused on spending money on lobbying and political activities. >> we have to wrap this it. great debate. she lost her son in a city just lost to isis. now she is speaking out. and still looking for answers.
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with isis taking control of the iraqi city of ramadi, this gold star mother is asking, what went wrong? her son mark, lost his life defending the city in 2006.
1:21 pm
debbie lee wondering if the memory of her son's sacrifice is lost as well. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> your brave son breathed his last on the soil of ramadi which has now been taken over by isis. your thoughts. >> it's just sickening. it's gut wrenching. mark wrote an amazing letter, about two and a half weeks before he was killed, and one thing he mentions in there is we will get iraq to stand on its own two feet. he says it will take longer than most think. i went over to iraq in 2007. ram madty was still a bad place then. 2006 when mark died -- his teammates said it was the hell hole of iraq and the worst piece of real estate there i went back in 2010 and saw the successes and the difference that our men and women made that serve in the military, and if we would have left troops there to stabilize the area, we would not be
1:22 pm
watching today and seeing that flag fly over the place where my son breathed his last, where his blood is powder -- poured on the soul and so many other's blood is there and i feel like the administration isn't do anything to be successful. almost as if they want to lose. >> i'm sure must be grieving all over again. you mentioned the administration. it says this is just a setback. how do you reed that -- read that. >> seems like their app attitude have been flippant. dent -- dent set your hair on fire. we were warn ram madty could fall. no big deal. the attitude is so insensitive and nippant. i feel like they don't have strategies. it feels like they don't want to be successful. they do want to lose the territory, and now isis is even more ready to go and conquer
1:23 pm
more they're emboldened to do more and they're know going into baghdad and if iraq falls that changes the whole middle eastern control. it's a big threat to national security, and as a mother the last thing i want to see or know another parent, another husband wife child losing a loved one in combat but i can tell you if we don't stop it over there we'll see even more of that here on our homeland, on our soil, independent lives will be taken just like happened on 9/11, and i do believe that this place we need to stop it. we need to show our strength as americans and i think that's what has been looking for news this administration. it feels like it's an apology tour. he just continues to accommodate the enemy and not americans. we're not standing strong and nothing being the powerhouse we used to be. >> you mentioned an apology tour. who do you think the administration should be
1:24 pm
apologizing to? >> first of all i think they should apologize to the families who sacrificed they treat to flippantly in their comments and insensitive things. apology to our troops nor not giving them rules of engagement, not letting them be successful and there's so many areas that are things that need to be done differently there. but i am so proud of our men and women who served, and the sacrifices they've made. they have been at this for over a decade, and people don't understand and especially today on memorial day we need to remember those sacrifices. we have almost a million americans who sacrificed their lives in come bad for the freedoms we enjoy each and every day, and i think as a nation, we've gotten away from what the true meaning of memorial day needs to be and we need to come back and focus. we need to remember the sacrifices. as a mother whose son has given
1:25 pm
everything for this country every day to me is memorial day. every day i think about mark. i'd love to hug him one more time look into his eyes and hear his voice one more time. but unfortunately that won't happen until i see him in heaven again. until them i'm purposed to carry on for our troops, for their families and to always remember the sacrifice that have been paid for our freedoms after day. >> this memorial day we especially thank you and all of the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed to save our lives. thank you very offending us. >> you bet. thank you. >> more after this. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu.
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an immediate national security threat. not isis but rising fees, and feel your wallet being burned today?
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a fox report now from the fox news deck. at least a dozen people remain missing at this hour in central texas after deadly flooding. the storms turn into a tornado in houston damaging homes. in oklahoma, reports that at least two people died in flooding there, including a firefighter who was trying to rescue people. defense secretary ash carter says iraqi forces showed no will to fight when islamic state savages took over ramadi.
1:30 pm
the iraqi prime minister says somebody gave the secretary wrong information. joe biden called the prime minister and re-affirmed the u.s. support for iraq's government. americans are paying tribute tower nation's fallen heroes on memorial day. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington. we'll get you back to programming now. >> call it the calm before the storm. just days away from the start of hurricane season, to fox's rick reithmuth and what we could be looking at this summer. rick? >> this is kind of illinois unofficially the dipping of summer and everyone wants to know what is going to happen with the weather. one temperature is the ongoing drought across parts of california and that is now spread into much of nevada and
1:31 pm
oregon idaho. so much of the west dealing with this drought. and across the southern plains. that's improving with all the rain we will continue to see the rain across parts of the central and southern plains. noaa's outlock calling for above average chances of significant rain in the plains. so that doubt witness be wiped out. across the weis we're not seeing any significant rain. it's dry season. in fact going to the pacific northwest going to be seeing lower than average chans of precipitation. that means means the drought will likely strengthen and average temperatures across the west will be warm. we had a warm winter. the summer looks like it will be warm and that will soak out -- bring out any of the moisture left in the vegetation. below average tires across the southern plains because of all the precipitation we'll see and across parts of florida and the southeast, we'll be looking at a
1:32 pm
warmer than average temperature outlook. all right. one other thing we're watching this summer is an el niño that looks like it's going to strengthen into a moderate, maybe very strong el niño. that just means the water temperature here on the surface across the pacific gets warmer, but it has far reaching impacts across the globe weather-wise and one impact is for the atlantic hurricane season. when we have el niño, generally here in the atlantic where hurricanes and tropical storms form there's higher winds in the upper levels 0 of the atmosphere, making it harder for storms to form. so we'll be potentially a lower than average hurricane season, one place colorado state university, calling for a very, very mild hurricane season. that doesn't mean we couldn't see one hitting the coast but hopefully things will be calm. want to show this. we always look for that average for the most activity hurricane-wise to happen latter parts of august and early
1:33 pm
september. september 10 income the peak of that. one last thing if the el niño gets strong, late into fall and winter, maybe we get more wet conditions across thesight and a little bit of improvement for california, not the case in and across the pacific northwest and alaska. >> did you hear this? >> i'm here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security. an immediate risk to our national security. and make no mistake it will impact how our military defends our country. >> eric says the president's right but pat can think of other things that are immediate risks right now. pat? >> well, we got a problem. we're trying to blame the insurrection in syria on climate change. the president was rather forthright about that.
1:34 pm
our climate models tell us that climate change could have caused a 3.8% reduction in rainfall. less than an inch. if that much rain is going to cause people to start cut offering each other's' head, the problems aren't weather they're internal. >> i don't want to get into the debate about climbed change but basically we have terrorists who say death to all infidels, they're beheading christians, they want to take over the world. and the president is saying, climate change is an immediate threat security-wise? >> what's going on in the middle east is just atrocious. but the president and the defense department need to look at both what is happening now and what are the future threats and so when the president talks about climate change being a security threat, he is looking at the long-term impacts that more extreme drought fame minimum, search for water what
1:35 pm
that does to already places in the world that are destabilized. so it's an additional catalyst to the issues, the problems, the fighting occurring in the middle east. >> okay, but pat are we just blaming poverty political instability, social tensions, all on climate change? or are we just being too short-sighted here as eric says? >> well, there are scholars around the world that tell us that with regard to death from war, the earth earth is the safest it's ever been and guess what? it's warmed up. so i think the hypothesis that warming will destabilize the planet has already been proven wrong. and also i might point out that a mere ten years ago andrew marshall over at the pentagon commissioned a report that said the world would destabilize because england would have a
1:36 pm
siberia like climate by the year 2020. that four and a half years from now. the military has never gotten this right. there's the right way the wrong way, and the army way and i'm not going there. >> eric? >> the military has been wrong many times. look at the wars we have been into. but on climate change there is something real that is occurring and that'ses what the you can look at the u.n. framework on climate change scientist predicting worse drought, worse access to water ask destabilization across various places in the world including the middle east, africa. it is going to occur. it is occurring now. is it the primary factor? no, not the primary factor. nobody is arguing that. is it a destabilizing force that makes those regions of the countries worse? absolutely. is climate change a scoter the? yes. it will create instability. is the military the right way to
1:37 pm
deal with security? absolutely not. this a humanitarian issue an environmental issue, an access to water and food. >> that's the last word. it's going to be a debate for a long time. >> s increasingly nervous about a terror attack here so this is a time to release more gift mow guy -- gitmo guys over there? laura baker is about to refinance
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another batch of gitmo detainees could reportedly be released as early as next month. it comes as a texas news poll finds 60% of americans think terrorist are already living in their cities. to former pentagon spokesman j.d. gordon who says this is no time to be releasing more of these bad guys. sir? >> prepare da, good to see you. absolutely. guantanamo should remain open until we have a better system in place. the problem is we're fighting a 21st century war with 20th 20th century laws. that's why we have guantanamo. we need new laws to keep these guys locked up. >> there are lot of people who say this costs so much money to keep them there but isn't there a much higher cost, much more than in dollars and cents of letting them go?
1:42 pm
>> that's an excellent point. president obama says it costs $3 million for each detainee per year. that's so disingenuous. that's because we have 2,000 troops guarding and giving medical care to 122 detainees. so that cost wouldn't be saved. those troops would move elsewhere so people should question anytime president obama or democrats are saying it's so expensive. that's not the case. >> the thing is a lot of propennes of closing -- proponents of closing gitmo say this is a constitutional issue this about our values. as far as i'm condition these guys are covered under the geneva convention. they're po ws basically. >> these are pows. they're foreign terrorist. what president obama is not telling americans if those detainees are moved into the ute, federal judges could let them out and they would let them out because we don't have the evidence to keep them. so we have an old set of laws, new type of war and in order to
1:43 pm
close guantanamo, which would be find if you had a pert system, we need new laws, tougher laws to prevent terrorists from going back to the battlefield. a third of those who left goon are suspected of having return to course terrorism. >> if you close gitmo you can do as has been done in the past and release them to other countries like yemen which is a hot mess now, or send them to some prisons here and they could be released. or what impact could they have on the prison population which might be ripe for more terrorism? >> that is an excellent point. they can radicalize other prisoners. a lot of people say a prisoner never escaped super complaints don't have to escape if the judge lefts you out. and then two-thirds of the ex-guilt mow detainees have not return to terrorism -- look at uruguay. there are six ex-gitmo detainees there, they're camping out in
1:44 pm
front of the u.s. embassy because they want the u.s. government to take care of them. i hope the obama administration doesn't buckle because the last thing we need to does give terrorists u.s. welfare or repairations. president obama ought to focus on veterans and their care. we have veterans dying on secret wait list. >> then theirs american upon which shows in the poll that more than a majority think terrorists are already living among us. >> well, there are actually. there are investigations in all 50 states because isis is recruiting people here, basically on the margins of life people that are bitter, angry, psycho paths a great book on it by my friend, another getz on the show. i highly recommend people read that book, isis exposed. it lays out what makes isis tick. >> so, what do you think is the worst thing that could happen if we close gitmo?
1:45 pm
>> i think the detainees would move into the united states and a number of activist judges who would agree with president obama we're not at war would release them and some could be released on to u.s. and carry out terror attack on u.s. soil, and president obama will say it's not my fault. it up to the judges and that's his secret about gitmo he is not telling us. >> okay, scary situation. we really appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> thank you. >> don't think major bird flu outbreak is hitting you? think again. and, tons of jobs perfect for teens but they're all taking a pass, time to give them a swift kick in the pants?
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summer jobbers here and teens, well, they are in demand. so why are they turning those jobs down? according to a new survey they just don't feel like working. larry says, too bad. get a job. the psychotherapist karen says go have some fun. larry, what do you think of that? >> well, you know there was an expectation at some point in our lives earlier that when summer came around, that you would do something, parents set that expectation up because jobs they understand -- parents understand -- are where you learn work ethic how to take orders and work with itot coworkersworkers and get along with other people. that's what we need teach kids right now. >> you know, karen you say go have some fun. why is that? is it because teens are so stressed out these days?
1:50 pm
they worry about college they've got extra curriculas. i want can't to be a teen these days -- i wouldn't want to be teen these days. >> when you interview people turned the end of theirlife what is the number one thing that they say in surveys that they wish they would have done differently? it's to spend more time with their family. you can teach teens these days would have a work/life balance. you can both have fun and have nontraditional jobs. i have met many teens that have many nontraditional jobs ranging from taking care of their sick grandfather to umpiring to a variety. my point is you can have both. there's an imperative life skill that we teach our teens today so that when they become adults they have a good nontraditional work life. look at all those that had traditional jobs and froze like a deer in headlights.
1:51 pm
it's the nontraditional work environment that know what to do when times get tough. larry, i've got to say, she says family time my teens aren't spending time with me. they are going to their bedroom. one of them has a job. i always had a job. isn't this the way that you learn how to hold a job later on in life? >> you know studies tell us that people who have summer jobs and are employed very early in their lives typically make more money over their lives and do better in their careers and you're absolutely right. the problem is parents aren't teaching their kids these things. >> what parents are you talking about? who are you meaning? >> hold on karen. >> did i interrupt you, karen? >> i should have taught you not how to interrupt. >> oh larry -- go ahead. >> all right.
1:52 pm
the deal is parents are not doing a good job and, sadly, too many managers are having to teach their employees basic skills like showing up and doing what they are told to do. those things are not taught at home. that's a different world you're living in karen, believe me. >> and some of these nontraditional jobs they don't care if you are getting there on time and listening to the boss do they? >> yes, they do. at the least, not understanding what a nontraditional job is ignorance and lacking in information for those who don't know what age a nontraditional job is and, at worst, it's simply denial of the facts. i know teenager who is are teaching over the summer under privileged youth and doing research in hospitals but providing their time. contacting a ceo of an
1:53 pm
organization and saying wow, i really find interesting what you're doing. i'd like to volunteer my time. these are not teenagers doing nothing. nontraditional jobs is not nothing. from the words of an 18-year-old that i know a nontraditional job not only teaches you the values that you need in the workforce, it teaches you more. are you telling me that a job interview, that i -- i could give endless examples. >> of course you can. >> i'm sure you can. i know that. we've got to get going. for those of us who walked to school in the snow uphill both ways, what's with these teens, larry? all right. and you're firing up the grill. is this bird flu firing up something else? like everything else you're putting on it?
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
along with that chicken that you're barbecuing today? until this thing is contained, there's no containing the price spikes. scott, how far is this going? >> well it's already went pretty far in the last 30 days. we've seen just a carton of eggs. a dozen eggs has jumped by almost 60%. that's pretty huge although relatively cheap anyway. now, you talk about those egg substitutes, that's gone up by more than 100%. 120%. it's already starting to hit our pocketbooks that way. more importantly, let's talk about restaurants. mcdonald's, one-fourth of the revenues are going to see the price spikes. that's going to trickle down to us and there's no way to know. >> what do you mean no end in sight? how can we tell? >> well in the '80s, we are
1:58 pm
almost there, we slaughtered 40 million birds, of which 40 million lay eggs. we're going to have to worry about this mig interrogation. it's still spring. birds flying over a hatchery that type of thing spreads that disease fairly quickly. we're going to have to get a handle on it and get those birds exterminated. the farmers want to ex terminate it. number two, as we get it eradicated. right now, over 20 states have got the problem and that's growing rather than going down. until we start to see it go down like in a very small amount like ebola, we're going to have to continue this on forward. >> that's scary. you mentioned 20 states. regionally are prices worse than in other places or is this just worse nationally? >> it will be nationally but the midwest is going to be the hardest hit from it. it's not just eggs. we've already seen behind me the other white meat which would be hogs. that's rallied in price.
1:59 pm
all substitutes are doing the same thing. it's a big enough deal that it's going to hurt you at the breakfast table but if it carries on it's starting to flow over to the other meat substitutes, which is pork and beef. keep an eye on that. >> basically, how bad is this? how worried are you? >> i've seen the best line i've seen in a long time. experts tell you not a panic. it's doubly as bad as the last one we had and will probably fizzle out in mid-summer but until we see the eradication, it's going to grow before it goes back. >> all right. thank you. neil will be back tomorrow. don't forget if you love neil right here on your world, now you can see him for another two hours on the fox business network. "cavuto coast-to-coast" its
2:00 pm
debut from 12:00 until 2:00. all right. thank you so much. have a good evening. hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling. welcome to "the five" on this memorial day weekend. today we pause to honor those that have served and sacrificed. first, a message to the graduates as they enter the real world. >> you can be hopeful because there is a loving god. i believe that the almighty's grace and unconditional love will sustain you. i believe it will bring you joy amidst the trials of life. >> graduates, your


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