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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 26, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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$14,000. the correct answer? i know you know it out there. rock of ages. yep. thanks for being part of real story. i'm gretchen carlson. now back over, he's back from vacation. the fight to take back over ramadi. iraqi troops say they're on three sides of the city but can they force the terrorists out of there? is there anything the u.s. military could and should do to help? record breaking rain in the southwest. parts of houston getting almost a foot in a matter of hours. it has been said today, houston, america's fourth largest city is underwater. fox news can confirm that is not true. parts of houston seeing flooding like never before. certainly parts of it in big trouble. but america's fourth largest city under water? can you say irresponsible? floods have forced thousands from their homes and cut them
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off from their communities. many are missing and more rain is on the way. plus an american journalist on trial in tehran. a "washington post" reporter accused of spying inside that country and he is facing decades in prison. plus a secret hearing began today. in minutes i'll speak live with that man who is being tried in iran with his own brother. let's get to it. request tuesday afternoon i hope your memorial week was great. iraq claim the troops are on the move ready to retake the city of ramadi from isis militants. pentagon officials say the operation is not yet started. ramadi is the capital of the anbar province. it is some 70 miles west of baghdad and about the same distance from a base where american troops are training iraqis. isis took over ramadi this month in another meltdown thing.
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a couple days ago the defense secretary ash carter said iraqi troops quote, showed no will to fight, unquote, and ran away even though they outnumbered the militants militants. iraq's prime minister said somebody must have given secretary carter the wrong information. officials are reportedly fighting and air strikes near ramadi. a spokesman for the iraqi's shiite militias they said iraqi forces have the city surrounded from three sides and the operation will not last a long time. but again, u.s. officials tell fox news the offensive has not begun. meantime next door in syria, the islamic state released this video showing it shows the historic city fof palmyra. militants took over about the same time that they conquered ramadi. and remember what they always
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do, they take the things that are small that they can sell before they bash everything that they can show off to all of us. that is what they're doing most likely. and just like in ramadi activists say syrian troops ran for their lives when things got bad. it is the top story. what are officials saying they're worried about this time with the counter offensive? >> well the pentagon is concerned that iranian backed shiite officials are backing the fight. the operation is named for the battle that launched the schism. a battle cry that may anger the sunni that's they are supposed to be helping. here's the spokesman for the shiite paramilitary. >> translator: at 5:00 this morning a convoy of heroes depart while singing the poems of heroes and victories to announce the start of the operation through the barrel of their rifles. >> meanwhile iraq's foreign
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minister flew to the iranian capital today. he said the u.s. has no will to fight isis. >> and there is more fallout from the defense secretary carter's comments this weekend? >> well vice president joe biden had to bat clean-up over the weekend after defense secretary ash carter's unexpected and blunt assessment that ramadi fell because the iraqi forces lacked the will to fight. in a hastily arranged phone call biden thanked him for the enormous sacrifice and bravery of iraqi forces and the state department rushed a shipment of 2084 anti-tank weapons to baghdad. general stan mcchrystal led during the surge. >> new weapons will not make the difference. if war was math everybody would add had the most. it doesn't happen that way. >> ironically a massive sand
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storm engulfed the anbar province today. reports suggest zero visibility. remember it was confusion over whether the u.s. could drop bombs in a sand storm that caused many iraqi troops to flee. >> thanks. retired naval intelligence officer, served 23 years in active duty. the former chief of intelligence operations he deployed to iraq and afghanistan. he founded the first analytical red team at the special operations command and cent com. they are ones that fight the what if scenarios. i wonder what you think of this thing of ramadi. it sounds like two different stories. one from them. one from us. and i don't know what to believe. >> that's very typical. what we have seen is the flight of iraqi national army forces from ramadi. that's on videotape. it doesn't get any cleeser than what we've seen in the fall of
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that city. and i think ash carter was right on the money. he was exactly right. when emthe iraqi national army just doesn't have the will to fight. that is a component of this problem. >> one more time it melted away. one more time it gave away our weapons. one more time it is not a fighting force on the ground. what are we doing? >> well i wonder that too. when we're announcing that we're sending more weapons. the 84 missiles are very, very capable against hardened targets including tanks. but are they going to be left behind as more iraqi forces flee and wind up in the hands of isis? this is something we have to ask every time we ship weapons there without u.s. forces to secure them. >> they want to us put our forces on the ground. they want us in there badly. they want to fight america. they want american ground troops there. >> this is something that isis does want and it becomes a very troubling problem for us.
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do we put forces on the ground? >> they already answer that had question. exactly. >> it is a very problematic situation. everybody has done the mathematics as mcchrystal said. and you don't get with a limited number of air strikes and no troops on the ground. >> all right. well there we go. we'll see how this works out. it is good to see you. thanks very much. the news continues after this. stay tuned.
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there's some breaking news coming in from the middle east. a rocket has flown over the bored he from the gaza strip and handed in the south of israel according to israeli officials. earlier reports indicated several rockets had flown across the bored he but the reuters news agency reports electronic sensors that monitor rocket firings may have given false readings. so far no group has taken responsibility for firing any of these rockets. we speck more on this and we'll have it in shortly. ? now there's word that supporters of isis are teaming one the taliban in afghanistan. that's according to the governor of a province about four hours north of the capital of kabul. he tells the associated press that foreign fighters are coming into the area and raising the black isis flag. he also says that militants are switching from so-called hit and run attacks to actually taking over and holding territory. he says he's worried terrorists are trying to create a new safe
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haven. a western intelligence official tells the associated press none of them is confirmed and it is too soon to say how many supporters are in afghanistan. meantime the news agency has just reported people heard every gunfire and multiple explosions in the central part of the capital city of kabul. there's no word on whether that has anything to do with isis supporters or for that matter the taliban. absolutely devastating. that's what the governor of texas called the damage left over from the deadly flash floods and tornadoes that tore through much of the houston area. and other parts of the state. the forkers say more rain is coming. at least 11 people reported dead in texas and oklahoma. with 30 others at this moment missing or unaccounted for. cops in the town of devine texas, southwest of san antonio say this homecoming queen died on her way home from prom after floodwaters swept her car and her right off the road.
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her aunt said the teen was just a couple miles from home when it happened. >> she did the right things. she called 911, she call her father but it was just too much and too quick. >> she said that the girl's parents went out looking for her but that it was too late. in harris county texas, which includes the city of houston, at least three people have died. national weather service now reports parts of the area got 11 inches of rain in just six hours. so far the flooding has destroyed, we're told 700 homes. some images in our slide show this afternoon as they are still trying to deal with all this. first the picture out of houston. you can see dozens of cars here trapped in the floodwaters along the major highway. this family using a kayak to get around down a major street. the mayor warning folks city's bayou cosmetic swell throughout the day and the water will quickly go down they tell us. here's an image out of wimberly
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texas. cops say it was one of the hardest hit areas. you can see the home flattened right off the thing there and emergency rivers say the river that swelled in a town several feet in 30 minutes. casey claiborne is live now. tell us what buck the search for these missing people. >> reporter: there are 30 people missing and 12 are indeed missing. people love to vacation here. it is an artsy town. we've been told eight of the 12 people missing were in one large group that may have been vacationing when the home they were staying in was swept away. we got even more rain here which suspended searches yesterday afternoon but it hasn't rained a drop today allowing team to get back on the river and back in the air. in a press conference about an hour ago, we were told this is not a recovery mission yet. it is still search and rescue.
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>> we have been through a whole lot worse as far as widespread flooding. and the rest community is fairly well off. but it was the surge of the river and that perfect environment that created the devastation. >> reporter: we've been told the surge of record on the blanco river is 32 feet. this one got up to 44 feet. officials at the press conference today called this flood an historic tsunami of water and what i've seen here is just shocking. both president obama and texas governor greg abbott have declared this a disaster zone. more than more damaged. we've seen destroyed bridges, cars overturned furniture and trees and the 500-year-old trees themselves look like they have been mowed over. yesterday, even austin the capital city got some of this trings flash flooding. the streets downtown flooded.
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the lake flowed into the famous auditorium shores. most of that water in downtown austin has receded but here inn wimberly they have a long road to recovery. thank you. a secret trial getting underway for an american reporter after officials in iran say he spied for the u.s. government. here in the united states they're calling that preposterous. ahead we'll speak with his brother about the charges against journalist now facing a judge nicknamed the judge of death. that's next. i lost my sight in afghanistan but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime, anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at police in baltimore say at least eight people are dead now. dozens more hurt in shootings that happened over the weekend. as the city of baltimore or baltimore city is now reportedly
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in the middle of its deadliest month in more than 15 years. in one incident, local media report a man and a woman were inside a car when somebody shot them. the man died. the woman reportedly took a gunshot wound to the back but somehow survived. of course baltimore city has been on edge since freddie gray died while in police custody. that sparked protests and rioting. last month a grand jury indicted the six officers charged in connection with the death. the baltimore "sun" newspaper reports 35 people have been killed in baltimore city this month. the highest number since december of '99. well officials from amtrak say they want a get to a closer look at what their engineers are doing while operating their trains. the company has announced plans to install video cameras to help with investigations. this comes after the deadly derailment this month. investigators say they're trying to figure out what happened after the train flew off the tracks while going at nearly twice the speed limit.
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killed eight people and injured hundreds more. investigators stay engineer on that train told them he cannot remember the crash at all. the national transportation safety board has been recommending these cameras for years now. a trial began behind closed doors in almost complete secrecy today. for an american report here faces charges of espionage in the iranian run state media. the reporter is jason rezaian. he work for the "washington post" numb. has been behind bars in iran for more than ten months. irany officials arrested his wife and him back in july at their home in tehran. they released the wife but the reporter now faces charges of espionage for the hostile government of the united states unquote, and propaganda against iran. the iranians have closed this trial to the public. even family members were told they can't get in to watch it.
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the judge in the case has a history of issuing very harsh sentences and that has given them nickname the judge of death. that's what they call him there. the "washington post" editor release ad statement and i quote, there is no justice in this system. not an ounce of it. and yet the fate of a good innocent man hangs in the balance. this is the reporter's brother. great to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> i was really caught off guard by the level of secrecy here. i wonder if you saw that coming. >> i can't say that it was a surprise. we had spent a lot of time petitioning the judge to make the trial be open for weeks and months and we just found out yesterday the trial was going to be closed to everybody. it would be secret. that neither my mom nor my sister-in-law were going to be able to attend. >> help our viewers understand this. what did your brother do? >> as a journalist he wrote articles. he wrote a great article about
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hamburgers in tehran. one on the iranian national baseball team. what they're claiming he did was talk with people. they're claiming that he gathered information about the foreign policy and the internal policy of iran. when they say he committed propaganda they're saying that he wrote an e-mail regarding my sister-in-law's visa which was basically asking for expedited visa because they thought it might not be safe there in iran for journalists and i think it turned out he was right. >> he's serving as what now in your estimation? for leaders in iran? >> that's a great question. i think there's always the option the chance that it could be a way get to one over on the u.s. i think there is also a system over there that they want to run through and a political system over there that gives people incentives to use people against
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each other between the various different groups. >> there was more than person who could have been used for these purposes. do you have a sense why they would choose your brother? >> jason was pretty prominent person over there. he is the only accredited u.s. born citizen as a journalist in iran. so working for a large newspaper, i think gave him some visibility. but he had really great relationships with the folks in the accreditation area. it doesn't make sense as a journalist they would target him unless it was for some other reason. >> what are you getting in the way of information or thoughts or direction? >> it's clear the u.s. has spent a lot of time in the talks on the side lines. i think there's been a renewed sense of urgency and that's helping out. but the iranians have always stated that there are serious charges and it needs to go through the legal process.
12:24 pm
i'm glad that the trial has started. assuming wasn't going to get dismissed off hand i'm glad that the trial started because for ten months we've been hearing they need to work through the process which they've been delaying illegally by their own standards. >> is this judge scaring you? >> well clearly it is something to be concerned about. i think you hear about the bad things. you hear about some of cases being overturned. there's an appeals process over there. but in our situation, we believe that there is just so little information here. we can get it out. we want everybody to know about it and everyone to know that there is no possibility that jason is guilty of anything. >> nuclear talks underway. how does he factor in there in your estimation? >> it really complicates things. i brings the countries talking to each other. but i don't want jason linked to the nuclear talks.
12:25 pm
who knows what will happen with those? what happens if they get extended again? what happens if they fall apart? i want jason to be looked at as an individual who didn't do anything. look at him and say, hey, he is acquitted or did he this and we're going to tell you what it is as opposed to keeping him if limbo and hiding him away in isolation for ten months. >> ali rezaian, the brother of jason rezaian. are they helping you out? the national press club jason to stein petition. half a million people have double it. and then reporters without borders. a wonderful organization supporting journalists because you need it these days. >> you certainly do. all the best to you and your family. a speedy return of jason. i hope we're all celebrating soon. thanks. in california teams are set to remove the broken section of pipeline that spilled oil, mile
12:26 pm
of oil. crews continue to clean up the shoreline. some details over here from ryan. this was one of those stories that seemed sort of underreported and misunderstood. >> it is 90 miles up the coast from l.a. it closed two major beaches and memorial day it wasn't right timing for that one. it created an oil slick on the water half the size. santa barbara. >> that's a big oil spill. gosh! >> so in addition to the camp grounds, beaches, folks can't fish. you can see by the signs. this is a mess. workers are cleaning up. they have to wear the rubberized boots and the overalls. >> toxic. >> you know the dangers if you go help out. it is dangerous. this is everywhere on the rocks, the sand. you can see all over the wildlife, the crabs and mussels
12:27 pm
and you can see how thick it is. they say they can maybe get beaches open by next week but that's an at best estimate. >> worse than most thought. thank you. a new bulletin going out to american law enforcement and our military. a new bulletin and it warns that the islamic state may be planning to attack our military installations. meaning here in the country. so what of this intelligence? we'll tell what you we know of it and why the threat has significantly increased? and gunned down at walmart. a s.w.a.t. team responding to the scene of a deadly shooting and the military reports. somebody from the air force is involved. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour. and the top of the news from fox news channel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart -
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so call right now to get smart security equipment, plus an outdoor video camera plus a garage door controller, all for $99. ah, right. thanks honey. real life needs digital life. call now. more of the headlines. terrorists are using more women
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and girls to carry out sue sighted bombings in nigeria and some of the girls as young as 7. that's according to the united nations workers. they say it is unclear how many girls boko haram has taken. here in the united states sales of new homes jumped almost 7% last month according to the commerce department. analysts point out companies are adding more jobs and they say many people are now using those pay collection to buy houses. in russia officials say they want to save money on the next world cup by using prison labor. one lawmaker says that the plan is to send inmates to factories, making building materials. no come from world cup organizations. the tournament is set for 2018. maybe they should get advice from fifa.
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fox news has learned the feds are warning of a heightened
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threat of attacks from terrorists potentially targeting the nation's military installations. the thinking is that they want to hit our military base and posts here in the united states. the department of homeland security and the fbi are warning law enforcement and military personnel to stay alert. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour and our chief intelligence correspondent. what makes this bulletin sound, maybe stand out? among all the rest of them? >> well shep this bulletin is long and detailed and it was sent before the holiday weekend twarng threat was increased and it is getting harder to know who is the real deal. the reason the large number of social media postings by u.s. based isil the supporters is challenging investigators in differentiating those supporters focused only on promoting pro isil rhetoric which may be protected speech vice detecting
12:34 pm
those involved in violence. and it lists precaution that's should be taken that point to insider threats. including individuals who ask unusual questions about building maintenance or security features suspicious entrance and access controls as well as queries about vent lags systems, basically anything would get you a legitimate reason to get on to a base. >> so based on all you're learning how credible are these threats? >> well, the bulletin says there no credible threat at this time. but homeland security said this is a boilerplate term that's thrown into every intelligence bulletin. >> i always put in there. and there is no credible specific intelligence. a similar attack being planned here. or something along those lines. given how the threat is evolving that is becoming a less and less relevant statement. >> look this bulletin reinforces the kind of guidance
12:35 pm
that we've seen members of the military and government employees have to actively review their social media accounts for identifying information. so thing like their unit or their home address. to answer your question what we have seen is members of the military including an air force father and his son who were specifically targeted online and the two of them were linked. kind of through reverse engineering with facebook. so it is really there. don't forget that hit list about six, eight weeks ago. >> all right. thank you. did you hear about the threats to jets? coming in and out of new york city and atlanta and other places? well, the fbi now reports a day later, it is an open investigation because police got a series of anonymous phone threats that were warning of chemical weapons or bombs headed into the united states. now, yesterday, the air force scrambled fighter jets to get one flight into jfk. somebody claimed there was a chemical weapon on board that
12:36 pm
flight. now the passengers said they never knew anything about it. they land asked checked things and everything was fine. the fbi says it acted out of an bundance of caution. there was other inls residents. delta reports of two its jets were quote, threatened. a paris to london flight. none of the threats appeared credible them checked out everyone of them obviously. atlanta, new york other cities as well right? >> right. and i don't know if i heard you mention newark. but at any rate basically maryland state police received a call yesterday morning basically giving them a threat toward commercial aviation. they said that they pass that had information on to the fbi. no word at this point on what was actually said in that phone call or if there are other calls made. you can see from this animation we're about to show you that the flights originated in europe and the middle east and they were headed for the northeast part of the u.s. most to the new york city area. now passengers on the air france
12:37 pm
flight escorted by the f-15 said they didn't know they were being followed by the f-15s. >> you didn't see any fighters? >> no no. >> what were you told when you handed? >> nothing. we just have to follow security procedures we didn't know about the chemical women's or anything. >> now it is worth mentioning when i was an f-18 pilot after 9/11 escorting commercial airlines is a mission i was trained for. and essentially you don't to have get right up next to the plane. if it is cooperating, talking with you on the radio, you can basically fall and trail behind it and if you need to you can take more aggressive actions. >> they didn't find anything. what are security saying about this call to the maryland state police? >> right. i spoke with an official at norad. they are responsible for warnings for the u.s. and canada. the officials said they have procedures in place for scrambling jets in this type of
12:38 pm
situation. the director of the filibuster also just spoke but he didn't have much to add. take a listen. >> with all the threat cases that we deal with and we deal with a ton of them like. this bomb threats, foened in threats. we want to find out who did this. this isn't funny is that it is not free. there's a lot going on but i can't talk about it. so not a lot coming out of fbi at this point but the norad official that i spoke with i asked her if she could tell me if the f-15s were armed. she said she could not tell me that. she also couldn't tell me what they would do if the commercial jets wouldn't cooperate. >> they weren't armed. what would that be? >> they can't answer those questions. thank you. some breaking news. this into us seconds ago. police in grand forks, north dakota now say that gunmen in a deadly walmart shooting they've identified him. he was an air force airman and they tell us he killed himself. police say at least two people
12:39 pm
died including that gunman. a witness tells the local television station he heard popping sounds followed by screams for help. and he says he noticed an employee lying on the ground covered in blood. grand forks air force base is about 20 miles away from that walmart. the military is reporting some 1,500 person relevant stationed there. or assigned there. what more do we know about this airman? >> well we just got off the phone with the air force and they were saying they would not give us information until after the next of kin was notified which is an indication the airman was killed but they would not confirm that for us. the ap is saying it was the airman who walked into the walmart and opened fire and then turned the gun on himself. we do know that police have confirmed that once they arrived on scene, shortly after 1:00 in the morning, there was no active shooter. that the police officers did not fire a single shot. so therefore it was the murder/suicide being reported. although a motive is unclear and they have not release the county
12:40 pm
of the airman. they said that the vehicle posed no threat. do you know how many people were inside this walmart? was it an average work diego with people there? >> 1:00 in the morning. it is a super center and then 30 employees had the shots were fired. most of the employees and shoppers were led out to a secure area but walmart won't confirm if one or two of the employees were shot. remember, the third victim's injuries are not life threatening. walmart did issue a statement that reads in part we are still learning information about the events surrounding this tragedy and assisting law enforcement in their investigation. listen now to a witness who was actually walking by that super center when the shooting happened. >> i just ran the corner and all of a sudden tons of cop cars rushing in there. and i'm waiting here for a fire truck.
12:41 pm
usually that's the case. there is a fire. and no fire. i keep walking. get just past hugo's four or five shots ring out. then i know something serious has happened. >> and recall this is the second walmart shooting in less than a year. last june, a man woman killed two las vegas police officers and a walmart shopper before being killed themselves. the breaking news here it was the airman who opened fire inside the walmart. shot at least one employee. turned the gun on himself. >> thanks for the update. two of the nation's biggest cable companies set to merge into a giant almost as big as comcastic. wasn't that long ago we were saying comcast was talking about buying time warner cable. this is a $55 billion thing which is bigger than a 45 billion thing. and bigger than anything we can figure out that thing. what does it mean for our cable bills? that's next from the fox news
12:42 pm
desk. i have a brand new show premiering 10:00 p.m. this sunday night. i'm going to have a really big guest. in fact well he is right here. see, he is really big. some would call him a giant though it's not his fault that he's big.
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. . . . do you love your cage company? we could soon have a new one. charter agreed to buy time warner cable in a $55 billion deal. yes. $55 billion. it is also trying to scoop up another smaller cable provider. separate deal same company. if the feds approve the deals, here there areas the new company would cover. all of the areas in red. it is to america what isis is to iraq and syria. similar coloring. it would be almost as big as the nation's largest cable company,
12:46 pm
comcast which is obviously comcastic. just last month, comcast dropped the $45 bid to buy time warner after regulators said they had concerns with the new company being too big. so if this happens, do we know whether our bills go up? >> wow, wow, let's look at history. they never go down, do they? fcc says over the last 17 years they've gone up at twice the rate of inflation. you take out some competition. you make competition less. you can bet the cable bills will go up. basic cable going up 3.6% this year to a little over $22. expanded basic cable, up 3.1%. this is every year. on and on it goes and now people trying to cut the cord. >> channels are demanding more money. >> they say that they have more and more in their offerings. we used to get 100 channels. now you get 250 channels. that costs more money. >> so are the analysts saying
12:47 pm
this is going on happen? yes. >> the charter bid is $55 billion. >> but you don't measure it that way. >> certainly not. that's not how we keep score in the world. not by the money. >> you keep score by talking about how many households you're going on cover and that previous deal would cover 50% of households. this will cover about 20%. they are indicating they haven't gone public with it. 24% is okay. they might go i know what this deal. >> would it be time warner cable or charter? >> that's a question i am unprepared to answer. >> they haven't told us. that's why. >> charter cable. time charter. we could come up with all sorts of companies. >> one of each. >> you have to think with less competition, it will be more expensive. >> all right. thank you. >> you're welcome. remember when australia threatened to kill johnny yiny depp's
12:48 pm
dogs? there is word the actor could face ten years in jail for illegally smuggling the animals on his private jet. you know what really happened was. johnny depp and the family travel by private jett. like you put the dogs in the back of the wagon. you put the dogs in the back of the jet where they would do whatever they were doing them got there. and my god if the australians didn't sound like animal haters. are you paying attention to this? what are you doing? and then it's over. he tweets dogs gone. lillian has info. >> he is down there filming the pirates of the caribbean. the fifth installment. he is pretending to be a pirate. to be accused of smuggling kind of fits. these are the two beasts. the most notorious dogs in the world. the australian government is accusing him of like you said
12:49 pm
smuggling them in on the private jet. just an investigation right now. now, things understandably did escalate when the agriculture ministers threaten to kill them. euthanize them. >> kill them! what is wrong with australia? >> well -- >> i always liked australia. nicole kidman rupert murdoch, russell crow. >> you have to follow rules. >> i guess. kill the dang dogs. that seems extreme. >> we have to get them. what will happen to johnny? >> that's where things are bad. the saga is not over. the australian government said they're investigating. how the dogs ended up in australia and he could end up in prison forum to ten years if they final him guilty or he would have to pay a fine that amounts to $263,000 u.s. and his pilot is in trouble too. the pilot could face up to two years in prison if he is found guilty. so people who are pirates fans might get a little concerned. >> not the pittsburgh kind.
12:50 pm
this kind. >> well he is gone. now he is back in the u.s. his publicist assures us this was just a coincidence in terms of timing. it was always planned. it is his daughter's birthday the 16-year-old's birthday so he is back with that. they said regardless of the particular circumstances, the strength of the biosecurity is much better understood and it has been a pretty good advertisement for the system. >> what did they think that boo and poo or whatever their names are. >> pistol and boo? it might destabilize the entire nation down under. >> they have the kangaroos, a lot of animals that aren't normal to the rest of the world. and they have to protect those.
12:51 pm
so if they had rabies or something, that could really mess up all of the australia. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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six minutes till it's over. we're going to become god-like cyborgs, joining forces with machines to evolve into creatures that can live forever. that's according to a historian and professor in a man who expects wealthy people to get their hands on this technology within 200 years. kennedy's here host of "kennedy." what are you? >> i'm doing the robot.
12:55 pm
what is this guy talking about? >> psicyborg baby. he says humans will make a bio biological leap we'll merge with machines and finally be able to conquer death, because as our parts fail we can replace them with hardware. and, therefore, if we get where -- >> we've been doing this since the '70s. >> but have we shep? do you know any actual cyborgs? >> no but i've seen the million dollar man. >> google wasting millions of dollars, singularity university they hired raymond, the guy who invented the term singularity, so it's becoming science fact. where i disagree with this professor is he thinks that there's going to be a big disparity between the haves and have nots. we know that's not true with technology. we know if that were true only
12:56 pm
1% of people would own cars. 95% of american households own cars. they thought the same with vcrs and personal computers. however, people always find a way. he says perhaps that's what's driving people to seek the technological immortality, is our drive to want to constantly upgrade ourselves. >> will we still need metamucil? >> that's a good question. i think you can replace your colon with a series of tubes and won't need it. >> to handsome tubes. we shall return. ♪
12:57 pm
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1:00 pm
closed last year but officials rolled the dice on changing atlantic city forever. 37 years ago. today. it's good to be back. of course the dow's way off. here's cavuto. >> thank you, shepherd good to see you back. in case you wanted to know what the fair share for the rich to pay in taxes, i think bernie sanders just tipped his hand. >> radical socialists like dwight d. eisenhower was president behind this marginal tax rate. >> when you think about 90%, you don't think that's obviously too high? >> no. >> you hear that fork drop? let's just say a lot of wealthier americans' jaws just dropped. forget a top rate of 39.6% or with obamacare surge charges, or when you combine state and local and real estate taxes, zoom north of