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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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ht. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ this is a fox news alert. two entire families missing as their vacation home is swept away in the flood. and at this hour the numbers are getting grimmer. now 10 dead and at least 13 are are missing in those raging floodwaters. right now rescue teams searching for survivors and texas and oklahoma massive storms slamming the midwest the great plains and the south. there is even more bad news. more storms are on the way from texas to the fox extreme weather center "on the record" team coverage kicks off with fox reporter elizabeth soft. tell me about those two families well, greta, 8 of those 13 who are missing were all staying in the same home together when it washed away. it broke apart when it hit a bridge.
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they were in town corpus christi for the memorial day weekend. we spent time with their loved ones who are right now at a nearby church. they have all gathered to actually help with the search obviously there is an official search party on the ground in wimberly looking for those that are missing. the loved ones of those 8 people from corpus christi are also forming own volunteer search parties. about 250 of their loved ones from across texas are now here in wimberly. they are going door to door to the properties north and south of the blanco river.king property owners to search their debris. i have to say greta, this family are so resilient and they are relying on their faith and holding out hope for a miracle. they tell us just a few minutes ago this is still an
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active search and rescue. they have not given up hope that they will find theirh missing in that group of 8 are children. three young children walked away in those floods. ninth person in the home has since been rescued and the dog. we are also getting a firsthand look at this devastation. it is incredible. the pictures that you see on your screen do not do this justice. i have seen the damage in katrina. what makes this so "newsweek" is the stretch is so wide, just a monstrous trees have been uprooted. cars floating miles downstream. we talked to some folks today who are obviously thankful to be alive. they are just trying to sift through the damage and really trying to start rebuild. obviously they too are praying for those who are
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missing. >> elizabeth, thank you. i should note that there is one report that laura mcconnell, one of the nine people who was on the phone with her sister. she said we are in the house that is now floating down the river. call mom and dad. i love you and pray. just a terribly heart breaking story. of course the massive storms are leaving major flooding across houston texas well. fox houston reporter hillary whittier is live in houston. hillary? >> yeah. historic flooding definitefully this area, greta. i haven't seen anything like this. it's similar to allison back in 2001. if you look behind me you will start to see some debris and then you will start to look at the bayou now. the good news in all of this is waters have receded a lot. now, if you look at the bayou and that pipeline you are looking at right there it used to be up to that pipeline just hours ago. now it has receded at least 10 to 15 feet here in southwest houston. but hundreds, maybe thousands have been affected here. we know thousands of cars we
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have seen trapped on the highway. stalled, most not able to even start this morning, 24 hours this storm has been going on. now, finally we are seeing some water relief here. we aren't seeing the rains but we are expecting more rain and more flooding to come this evening. but we know that the fire department says that they have had 500 emergency rescue calls so we know that people have been trapped. we have three confirmed deaths here because of this flash flooding, according to police. we're just hoping that number continues not to rise. >> tell me, hillary, how long was this rain? how many hours did this go on? >> yeah, that's the interesting thing. here in texas many texans know it doesn't have to go on very long which it didn't. it was in the middle of the rockets game yesterday. i was actually reporting in the rockets game when the rain started coming down. by the end of the game, flash flooding all over downtown and in other outlying areas of houston. so really just a couple of hours is all that it needed for people to get trapped in their cars for people to lose their lives and really
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not find a way home. a lot of people spent the night in the car just trying to wade out the storm. things did get better but early this morning it is still bad. just now are we seeding water receding. >> thank you hillary. and the rain and the flooding also slamming austin texas. now austin's emergency public officer michael join us by phone. michael, i know you have been responding your organization to call for the last several hours. it looks just terrible. tell me what's going on there. >> good evening greta. thanks for having me on. it started over the weekend. we were heavily saturated with rain beginning saturday. we got a little bit of a reprieve on sunday. and we really took the brunt of the -- this weather event yesterday. >> are you in the area with the two families of the home vacation families in the home swept away? is that within your area?
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>> no ma'am it wasn't. that's a different county. it's a neighboring county. the weather that affected them eventually made it to us. but we didn't take the brunt as forcefully as they did. >> how bad is it around the austin area? >> well, last night, as i spoke to earlier we took the majority of the rain and it affected all portions of our county in different fashions. we have got the hill country where some high winds affected that on saturday. then we had the heavy rains yesterday, which really impacted the eastern northeastern and southeastern portions of our county. what was unique about this event is that we also took a very heavy flooding in the downtown area, so, for many of our citizens that aren't used to seeing that flooding in the metropolis of
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downtown that was surreal for many of our citizens. >> the president has declared texas and oklahoma as a disaster area which will help you in recovery. any idea looking outside does it look like you are getting any more rain? are you going to hit again? >> there are forecast models showing some potential precipitation later on this week. and, of course, with an already heavily saturated ground, we're just closely monitoring the situation. all the public safety, police fire, and, of course homeland security. and we are just closely monitoring and be prepared for any other -- any other event that may come our direction. >> michael, thank you very much. and good luck to you and to your community, thank you. >> thank you. >> and this extreme weather. well, it is far from over. more violent storms on the way. let's go to fox news senior meteorologist janice dean in the fox weather center. janice, who is in trouble tonight. >> greta, of course we are
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watching the plain states, certainly oklahoma and texas and arkansas that have been hammered by record-breaking rainfall. also watching the threat for severe weather across the central and eastern great lakes. the main focus here is where we could see the potential for severe storms including tornadoes, tornado watch in effect for north central texas. we also have a couple of severe thunderstorm watches. but within that tornado watch, meaning that conditions are favorable for tornadoes, a tornado warning storm pal low pinto county, that is moving north and eastward in north central texas. a dangerous storm doppler radar indicating some rotation. so not only the threat for flooding but severe storms. we had dozens of reports of tornadoes effort weekend. in this area, greta. and looking at the radar estimated precipitation. historic, you have heard that term certainly around the houston area. close to a foot of rain in just a matter of hours. but, very widespread here across texas. this is an area that maybe sees one or two inches in the month of may. so see inches and inches of rain in a short period of time is very rare.
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you can see our river gauge observations in the purples here. that's major flooding. that means significant to catastrophic life threatening flooding that's going on for parts of texas and oklahoma through arkansas. southeast texas you heard it, close to a foot of rain for richmond as well as braise bayou and bunker village, all of these areas in a matter of hours it came fast and furious. your severe weather threat continues overnight greta oklahoma and texas across the great lakes and continues into wednesday. i want to make mention that reporter you had on, we are expecting more rain in the forecast not only this week but for the next couple of weeks as we are into a rainy pattern across this region. >> janice, thank you. >> okay. >> and, of course, we are going to continue to monitor the dangerous weather and the search for these victims. we will bring you new information as we get it. now to iraq where news is developing iraqi forces preparing to launch a major offensive against isis. now, this new campaign is an attempt to win back the critical city of are a made.
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grm correspondent is in iraq. he joins us, campbell, where are they on trying to regain ramadi from isis? where are the iraqi forces on this? >> well, it appears they are planning a major counter attack shia militia and the iraqi army are still gathering at the military base that's between ramadi and fallujah, which is is also an n. isis hands. they are saying that they have got ramadi surrounded on three sides already with the plan being that they are going to cut off the supply line. in the meantime they are attacking with air strikes and artillery. so far we haven't seen much evidence of iraqi forces taking back much ground from isis in ramadi. so can they retake it? the stakes are high for baghdad. the chance of failure would would potentially result in even, you know, the dissolution of iraq. we have seen already the shia militia are going to be playing a big role. prime minister abady says it will be retaken within days,
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which is technically possible given the number of isis in the city. but as we saw with tikrit, which is a much smaller city to the northeast of baghdad that took over a month to take that back from isis. >> well, what is-so profoundly different that the iraqi forces, shia militia have now? because at one point they occupied ramadi, isis came in and they went flying out of there. they fled. and they were on the run. so what has changed where suddenly they think that they will be able to go back in and be all so powerful and get isis out of there? >> well, that certainly is the case that the iraqi army fled without putting up much of a fight in ramadi. we actually haven't seen this counter attack in action yet. so it's obviously important for abady to say that there is goings to be a major counter offensive. but it hasn't happened yet. the main difference, of course, is that the shia militia are now participating in the fight. before it was the iraqi
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army, as we have seen. they have not been terribly motivated often where as the shia militia they appear to be much more motivated. >> and, of course, shia militia, at least from my perspective, is code for iran. so that means iran's influence at least is they have a bigger footprint at least tonight or they are trying to establish a bigger footprint in iraq. is that a fair description? >> that's exactly right. many of these shia militia are, indeed, backed by iran. they have iranian advisors with them there at the moment on the ground. and many believe that's where their orders are coming from. >> is there any doubt that isis is expanding and showing greater strength in iraq? >> well, i mean, there is a debate over whether or not this is a tactical victory or strategic victory. meaning, you know, some bigger program. at the moment it certainly looks like they are on the offensive. >> cam bell, thank you very
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much. and right now preparations to take back from isis a critical iraqi city of ramadi. so what must be done? general stanley mcchrystal, author of the new book team of teams new rules of engagement for a complex world and former commander armed forces in afghanistan joins us. good evening general, i have tell you reading your book it filled in so many holes in my understanding of the iraqi war. it was a great read. let me turn to the disturbing question. what must we do or what must iraq do now to win back ramadi? >> i think in the near term, winning back ramadi is a military issue. but winning back the confidence of the people of iraq particularly the people of anbar is going to be harder. isis ghob straighted the ability to larger force very rapidly. we have a much more fundamental challenge of rebuilding the resolve and the confidence of the iraqi forces. >> well, secretary of state
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ash carter blamed it on iraqi forces lack of will is why ramadi fell -- why isis took over ramadi. do you agree with that? >> i'm hart-put to blame it on soldiers in trenches because i wasn't there with them and they faced a difficult foe. the challenge goes higher. government and military leadership and greater degree goes to the entire fabric of the region. partnerships and coalitions and alliances that are going to be necessary to take on things like isis. >> well, when you read your book and it also discusses the use of isis or aqi, al qaeda in iraq, use of technology it seems like ramadi what happened was that isis almost in many ways besides a lot of things outsmarted with technology, social media. they almost went black a little bit right before they did the takeover. >> yeah, we think we have technological edge because we have got aircraft and precision weapons. in reality they are leveraging technology really effectively. what they are doing is first they are terrifying the region. people believe that isis is
4:15 pm
behind every door and under every bed. two, they are convincing people that intersection essential movement. three very very average because they are not a traditionaacker call kind of force that needs the traditional kind of command. they are able to move quickly, we should take some lessons from that. >> it was reported in the "new york times" today that the united states knows where the main headquarters is for isis. it's in raqqa. they know where the buildings are. the problem is the building are in civilian population. what do we do about going after those main headquarters of isis? >> i think we think we need to think differently. if we look at specific buildings in raqqa. that's sort of a 20th century approach to industrial kind of war where we think a place or even certain individuals are going to be decisive. the death of abu saif. isis is organic movement.
4:16 pm
it's more a set of franchises and moves almost like a vapor cloud propelled by very aggressive use of information technology for recruiting for propaganda and for informing its forces. i think we need to think differently about that. >> you know, it's interesting that you point that out. that's where i assume many of their leaders are. i assume their leaders are other places, too. in your book every time, this is talking about aqi. al qaeda in iraq. every time we thought we had landed a debilitating blow to the organization as a whole, removing a iraqi leader who is lost should have derailed them. they bounced back. almost like in your book you could take out the leaders. that didn't get in any way advance the cause. >> think of it, very seductive to think if you take out mr. big they are going to collapse. as i joke with people what if i went as they serve there in the pentagon and took out the top four or five people would it cause the pentagon to collapse? of course i joke with people no it would have gotten better. that's a joke but the reality is, individual leaders are rarely that important.
4:17 pm
they are an essential step to degrading a unit but they are not degrading it completely. and you have really got to take out the political narrative that they have and the glue that holds them together. >> if i'm correct in reading your book, it almost seems like prior to the surge in 2007 one of the problems that we were having in iraq is we were looking at the war, fighting it not in current time. like we weren't looking at the war in terms of, you know, 2004 on or about 2005, or 2006. using the are war thoughts how war has been fought before. is the president fighting this war in iraq to the extent we are fighting it in 2015 eyes or is he behind on this? >> i think we are all behind on this. i think the first thing we are doing is looking at isis as this foe that lines up on the battlefield. in reality i view isis as a symptom not the problem. the real problem is this meltdown in the region that lets an organization that is really as obnoxious in their doctrine and behavior as isis is. i think if we look at what
4:18 pm
is is actually allowing it to grow, and then the things that they are using to propagate, i do think we are taking an approach that says maybe if we bomb enough or do enough commando raids or give enough weapons to our allies that will solve the problem. i think it's a bit more complex. >> if you look at the umbers, we are doing about 15 air strikes a day, considerably less than we were ever doing in iraq. one time in iraq and afghanistan upwards of 800 a day. are these air strikes have any remote possibility of achieving everything? we don't have booze boots on the ground even to identify targets. how do the air strikes even really truly advance our cause? >> well, i think the idea of something as antiseptic in some ways, at least for the people propagating air strikes as that is, it's deceptive. air strikes will not do it. they can be complimentary to a wider strategy which you have to have a lot of components to it if we expect we need to find a clean, neat solution like that, we are probably going
4:19 pm
to be disappointed. >> with the benefit of 2020 hindsight in may of 2006 then senator biden wrote op ed we should divide iraq in three places, shiite, shiite and sunni region. we shouldn't mandate a rapid pullout. should we have divided it, number one number two was our pullout so rapid that this was to be expected, the situation we have now. >> i think really two here. the pullout was fast irthan it should have been. and i think the iraqis were part of the problem there but i think the question of breaking iraq into three pieces when i in my own mind try to fast forward how that would be in the future, had we done that into a federal system or three separate states, i can't see a more stable region. i actually think an iraq that is forced to work together is going to be better for the region that region that desperately needs that kind of unity. >> all right. is iraq -- is baghdad going to win back ramadi or not? what do you think? >> i think baghdad will take made. the question is whether they
4:20 pm
will win back the support of the sunni people there. >> the book team of teams great book. as i said, general it certainly helps understand better and fills in some of the blanks for me about the iraqi war. thank you sir. >> thank you so much. >> and tonight military bases and law enforcement on high alert after a chilling new warning of increased isis activity right here in america. that's next. also, how does this happen? now news that hundreds of tsa security badges missing. so now the people charged with making airports safe are actually putting fliers, which is probably you at risk. the latest coming up.
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a texas man under arrest. he is he charged with
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providing material support to isis. and today federal prosecutors saying 20-year-old asher abead cohen plotted to wage jihad on behalf of isis. if convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison. and this is a fox news alert. military bases have law enforcement on high alert. the fbi and dhs warning of increased social media chat from her islamic state supporters right here in america. fox news chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge joins us. catherine? >> greta we obtained this six page bulletin since out by the fbi homeland security and also working with the national counter terrorism center the central hub for threat analysis. two major take aways one is that the chatter is higher and it's more focused on the military. and number two that for investigators increasingly, they are getting overwhelmed with the volume of the messaging, and it's hard to determine who is just a cheerleader and who is
4:25 pm
actually capable of attacking a base. >> i guess at some point i have heard -- so often over the past, you know, dozen years, it's like, you know, if it's increased chatter and real serious, i do want to know about that and i do want everybody protected. at what point crying wolf? i'm so used to it, if you told me this five years ago i would say oh no the alert suspect. that's terrible. >> i think one of the ways that you can know this is very real is that in the last month you have seen the fbi director comey as well as the homeland security secretary going out very publicly doing a lot of events that you don't normally see. talking about the level of the threat and that this raid of radicalization that we are seeing with americans is at a place that we haven't seen in the past. i think it's really real. i know from my contacts separately, it's become so much more focused on the military and also inside the united states as opposed to what they perceive as
4:26 pm
enemies in europe. >> i certainly want our military and everyone else protected and it's concerning that you say that they are overwhelmed. that they are getting. >> it's so hard to sort of know the trees from the forest in this particular case. >> and they don't want to be wrong and tell us to be calm when we shouldn't be. >> anyway, catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> shocking admission from the pentagon. joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey now admitting they were surprised by the rise of isis. the "on the record" political panel is ready to go "on the record" coming up. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction
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developing now, president obama meeting with the nato so secretary general to discuss the urgent need to degrade and destroy isis. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke joins us from the white house. kevin? >> greta, good evening to you. yawn sultanberg coming here to the white house and in his welcome the president called nato the strongest alliance the world had had ever seen. noting that all 28 members of the coalition are now providing assistance to the iraqi government and its fight against isis. but, keep in mind, this is in marked contrast to the last time that he was here last time in march. you may remember despite obvious holes in the president's schedule he could not figure out time to spend with the nato chief. a lot of people calmed it a snub. i imagine what was happening in the world both then and now you it is a puzzling decision to say the least greta. >> why is he here in washington now? just to meet with the president? does he have a specific agenda? >> yeah, couple things are going on.
4:31 pm
first of all because the u.s. provides 70% of the financial support for nato, he obviously wants to maintain a very strong relationship with the president. a man he knows by the way from back in his time as the prime minister of norway. so the two men actually have a preexisting relationship. he is also going to it meet with secretary of state john kerry and the national security advisor ambassador susan rice. he will talk a lot about what's happening right now in the world in particular in ukraine and crimea. the aggression by russia. and, i want to point this out they want to make sure that other members of nato pony up a little bit more. give more than they have been financially and militarily they will talk about that as well, greta. >> should we expect a greater presence of nato fighting isis as a result of this meeting? >> great question. i actually asked the secretary general that very question and he deflected. here is what he said. he said we are really here to add support to nato members. that doesn't mean that they won't provide assistance. but, again he was very quick to say we want to make sure that we are giving the
4:32 pm
assistance so they can defend themselves. that is the centerpiece of the obama foreign policy. giving assistance, providing close air support say in the case of the iraqis but leaving it at that because ultimately they want to say that it's not our problem we want to help you but it's your fight and they want to lead the fight to the people that are directly involved. that was the position also shared by the secretary general with me today. >> kevin as always, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and a shocking admission from the pentagon. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey admitting they were totally surprised by the rise of isis. >> for all the contingency planning that you do here routinely at the pentagon, were there plans for how to iraq to the fall of mosul to isis? >> no, there was not. there were several things that surprised us about isil. >> and the "on the record" political panel is here.
4:33 pm
abc news political director rick klein and "the weekly standard's" john mccormick. rick, how in the world could he say that because mosul fell in june of 2014. six months earlier in january of 2014, december 2013 fallujah went down and that was because of isis and the president later referred to them as jv. how in the world could they not be ready in june? >> the surprising thing is that he is admitting that it was a surprise right now. i think it's evident in all of the comments, including the jv comment which happened in the middle of that period in january just a couple of months before the fall of mosul there was obviously, whether it was bad intelligence or a failure of political will to see the threat, it was obviously a huge missignal. the series of missignals about the rise of isis. so again i think i found it to be surprising that anyone would speak with that kind of frankness this close to it you see the results of that today. the policy and the failure to recognize it early on is what we're seeing continue. >> what did he think though
4:34 pm
between the time in december and january when fallujah was falling and june when mosul fell. think that isis was on spring break marching that direction? what in the world did they think they were doing? >> i don't think they had a contingency plan to take on isis. >> he said he is surprised that even happened. >> i don't think the president wanted to plan to get back. his strategy was to get them out and keep them out. dismissing isis as a jay vee he team back in january after fallujah fell. why should he have felt that mosul falling would be any different. dragged into this by public opinion. he doesn't have a strategy now. that's the worst thing is that he settled on this half hearted air campaign where our rules of engagement are restricting from taking these guys out. border crossing. we haven't found headquarters. spotters on the ground pointing where we can get these guys and convoyness broad daylight sometimes. it's not very encouraging. >> rick, it's almost terrifying when you think we are now hearing from everybody well now in -- now
4:35 pm
this was going to happen in ramadi is that the baghdad will take over. they will retake isis. they will throw isis out of are a made. what in the world does anyone think that shia militia maybe more involved. if that does happen, it just means that iran has a greater footprint in iraq. >> you wonder how permanent it can possibly be even at this stage we see these signals even from washington now and to see the defense secretary talk about the iraqis not having the will to fight on the field there are serious concerns about the streagd. the president has and i think john hits an important point there was a directive from the top to disengage from the iraq and not engage in ground troops. that has colored this debate throughout. clearly there was not an actual recognition of the true problem. >> if we're not going to at least win i mean, why are we even dropping the bombs? if the president want to let it go, why not let it go? what's the point in dropping 15 air strikes a day or whatever it is. >> that's the question. he got dragged into this by public opinion.
4:36 pm
a air war might not be to defeat isis. >> why are are we spending the money if there is no chance to be successful. >> the point we need to drive home isis remains a threat to us whether or not the iraqis fall away. more radical than al qaeda. we wouldn't let al qaeda develop a state we can't let isis either. >> panel, thank you. and jason the american journalist jailed in iran's brutal evan prison facing first day in court. jason was arrested normal july and accused of spying for the united states. and today his brother talking to fox news. >> we spent a lot of time pigsing the judge petitioning the judge to make the trial to be open for weeks and months. we just found yesterday the trial is going to be closed to everybody is going to be secret and neither my mom nor my sister-in-law are going to be able to attend. there is no possibility that jason is guilty of anything. >> and it gets even worse. reyes rezion is sitting heck
4:37 pm
to death. he got the conviction reduced but that's the same judge. a blood bath weekend in baltimore. murder and mayhem ripping through the city. no matter where you live, this is going to cost you big time. ted williams is standing by to go "on the record." plus this will send a chill up your spine. hundreds of tsa badges are missing who are they? and who is now getting access to airplanes? that frightening story is coming up. taste chalky. mmm...amazing. thank you. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year?
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4:42 pm
>> greta, what you are looking at is gross incompetence in the hierarchy of the administrations in baltimore. let me tell you what i mean by that the very first night that the riots broke out in baltimore and the thugs that were throwing rocks and missiles at police officers, those police officers were told to stand down. >> that is the information i have gathered. then, when you take that and you move forward to where the states attorney comes out and she indicts and arrests six police officers, now the problem is look something happened to freddie grey. i don't know whether that was an accident or criminal act the states attorney said this that there was a knife and she used that and said it was a legal knife and so therefore, the arrests was illegal. what we now found out is that the knife was illegal so therefore the arrest
4:43 pm
was legal. so, police officers are getting so many mixed signals there. they don't know who to arrest, when to arrest, and what will happen if they put their hands on somebody in baltimore. >> when you talk about the mismanagement, i will tell you what has happened terrible mismanagement in the city of baltimore now. baltimore, the riots cost baltimore $20 million. do you know where they are going to get the money? the city is announced they are going to seek payment from fema for up to 75% of the expenses. that means all the federal taxpayers of this country are going to pay for the management of baltimore. i'm all for helping people out when they need help. but if it's bad management at the top maybe they ought to get some new management? >> certainly they should. i have got to tell you that i understand the mayor met with the commissioner police over the weekend. he is going to make modifications in the hierarchy of the police department. that isn't where it is. look the states attorney, in any jurisdiction and police officers are joined
4:44 pm
at the hip. they work together. and in this instance, there is this schism between the law enforcement officers who feel that the city does not have their back. so they don't know and again, they are confused as to when they can make an arrest. >> the thing is even with the bad morale over what's happened it still remains true that in baltimore nine people are dead from a shooting. 29 shot over the weekend which is -- which says something else going on in baltimore, which has nothing to do with the police. >> absolutely. look those are human beings killing human beings. >> at a rate greater than a bigger city like new york. >> law enforcement cannot be everywhere. as a matter of fact from the month of may they have had at least 35 homicides in the city of baltimore. police officers can't be everywhere. but the city has to act responsible toward not only the police officers but toward the citizens. there is a vote of
4:45 pm
self-confidence, i think, in the hierarchy as it pertains to the mayor and the states attorney. >> so you assign the mayor and the states attorney as the -- i mean, that they should -- >> they are the leaders there, greta. >> they're the leaders. >> and it's sad about what is happening in baltimore. i have got to tell you the economy of baltimore is going to suffer as a result of this because nobody is going to want to go to baltimore. >> ted, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> and well, this is dangerous. it's also major risk and happening at america's airports. hundreds of tsa badges missing. now, those badges could be helping anyone get access to airplanes. that story is next. plus, thieves targeting the irs and they may have gotten away with your personal tax information. that latest is coming up. >> hi, i'm greg gutfeld, i have a brand new show premiering on the fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. this sunday night. i'm going to have a really biggest, in fact, well, he is right here.
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a threat to airports across america. hundreds of tsa badges are gone. and those missing badges, possibly giving anyone access to secure zones in airports around the country. fox news doug mckelway. >> hi, greta. congress has known for more than two months now about security lapses at tsa involving secure identification display area badges that allow tsa agents access to secure parts of the airport. those lapses include hundreds of the badges reported lost and stolen at san diego's airport over two years. 1400 badges missing at atlanta's hartfield jackson airport over roughly the same period.
4:51 pm
that's under 1. will% of the 39,000 badges held by airport employees there. march 17th john thune of south dakota warned nsa about the answer of missing badges. response was it does not issue badges. that responsibility lees with airport operators. thune wrote again on may 11th asking quote if the agency does not maintain a record of the number of badges unaccounted for at airports how does the tsa monitor compliance and performance for tsa operators? tsa requires operators to audit once a year author theft and loss. tests to conducted maker sure they comply. also requires airport to issue all badges if more than 5 hers are considered lost or stolen. thune also asked in his letter quote how does tsa report that they reach percentage threshold why is this 5 3ers threshold appropriate from a security perspective? tsa has been in the midst of
4:52 pm
transition. peter neffinger of the u.s. coast guard had his confirmation hearing just last week but there has been no voted yet. he has promised to address this huge gap in security if these concerned -- >> --tsa operator, who is that? >> the person who runs the airport. >> i don't even know who runs the airports here. >> it's the airport security in d.c. port authority? >> thank you doug. the irs has been hacked and confidential information from more than 100,000 taxpayers, that could be be you, has been compromised. the ap stephan joins us. all right, tell me. what is going on at the irs? >> well, it appears that criminals have used an irs web site to steal tax information from approximately 100,000 taxpayers. >> all right. why are they doing this? what kind of tax information are they getting? >> well, what they did was went into a web site that is called get transcript. and with this web site you can get previous years tax
4:53 pm
returns. can you get your tax return from last year and any other tax filings. this would help give them information about taxpayers so they can steal tax refunds. >> all right. the irs, how long has this been going on and when did the irs pick this up. >> they believe that the targeting started happening in february. they noticed it in mid may they saw an increase of people requesting information from this site. they initially thought they might be getting some sort of sign irattack deluge to crash the system. instead any realized they were coming from domains where they found them to be suspicious. >> all right think it's one hacker, two hackers a gang of hackers or like a serial incident? >> they are sure this is a very sophisticated operation. in order to get in they had to already have a lot of personal information about each of these taxpayers. they had to have social security numbers birth dates, addresses and tax filing status. previously you could use that information to steal a
4:54 pm
refund. the irs has stepped up some of their enforcement to make it more difficult. so now if you have prior year's tax information it makes it a lot easier to steal tax refunds in the future. >> stephan, thank you very much. and one more problem the irs didn't need and neither did we. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, a big surprise. guess who is not impressed with with me? i will tell you, of course, off-the-record, that's next. your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed. tanzeum is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes or in people with severe stomach or intestinal problems. tanzeum is not insulin. it is not used to treat type 1 diabetes
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let's all go off-the-record for a minute. i woke up this morning to a surprise because of the great platform and opportunity i have had here at the fox news channel for 13 and a half years interviewing leaders and traveling the world reporting, including from places like iraq, afghanistan, north korea and cam body i can't. forbes named me for the fifth year that the row as one of the most 100 powerful women in the world and only news anchor to make that list. i moved up one spot last year to 100 to 99.
4:59 pm
so how powerful am i? check this out. >> hey i just discovered. you are sleeping on the couch. audrey? audrey? you know the rules about sleeping on the furniture. audrey. audrey? okay. you win again. oh hi, mike. no, that's bill. >> that was audrey and bill. obviously neither is impressed. they know same old greta. but on a serious note to quote spiderman and before him voluntary with great power comes great responsibility and i do hope i don't let you down and a big thank you to forbes magazine. it is an honor to again be included in this group of incredible and yes powerful women and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump and tulsi gabbard will be here. if you can't watch live follow me at the handle
5:00 pm
@greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c., and i will see you right here tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. be here. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's an enormous challenge and we have to fight it on every front including the front of social media. >> incredibly nancy pelosi believes that fighting isis on the net should be a priority. that's how screwed up this entire terror war is right now. we have a special report. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. that time is now. >> is rand paul hurting his chances of becoming president by opposing national security measures. we will get it with karl rove.


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