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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 27, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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is it fair? >> totally unfair none of their business if there is a bible on the computer. >> samuel disagrees failure to obey is insubordination. she deserves it. thank you for joining us, "fox and friends" starts now. good morning, it is wednesday, may 27th, 2015, i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert flood and twisters paving destruction through the heart of texas. 30 people are dead and a dozen are missing. >> she called me she said i'm in a house, i'm floating down the river tell mom and dad i love you and pray. >> with water still rising in one of america's largest cities underwater a live update for you coming up straight ahead. she came up with a revolutionary plan to wipe out
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islamicextremism across the globe. >> we need to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ak-47 instead of trying to start a business. >> the spokesperson has a new job this morning, promoted. keeping nuclear weapons out of iran is her new job. >> we might be doomed you make the call at home. i don't think this is a part of the preflight check list. that's a flight attendant posing in the engine right before takeoff. mornings are better with friends. thanks for being here with us. we ever getting to the severe weather alert.
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severe storms and twists paving a path of destruction in texas and oklahoma. 30 people have died over the past five days and a dozen are now missing. among them, a mother and her two children swept away in a flood. >> you just saw that picture. >> she said i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river. tell mom and dad i love you and pray. >> that was the voice of her sister there. >> laura mccomb and her family were in their vacation home when the blanco river overflowed and knocked their vacation home off its foundation. by the time she called for help, it was too late. >> more of those desperate 911 calls. they've gotten more than 500 calls. >> a twister touched down against a yellow sky. and comes right back up. no one was hurt. >> the entire state of oklahoma under a state of emergency.
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in texas, 46 counties are declared disaster zones. it's amazing to see all this stuff. when you factor in guys what certain people tweet out when things like this happen. >> it's amazing how sports end up playing a crucial role. last night, the houston basketball arena stayed open for people in the middle of the game. everyone we want you to stay seated. and people stayed overnight. this is two nights ago. football coming into play with an unintentional foul perhaps. >> are you unaware of what's going on that you would send out a tweet like this. the quarterback sending this tweet out yesterday, saying i warned you that the number seven storms were coming #houston. >> he posted with awful pictures there. soon to be taking down he deleted realizing this was a full on disaster that people were dying in this situation.
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and he then sets up this apology tweet. no disrespect intended prayers up. apologize too said i'm so sorry about my insensitive post yesterday. i didn't understand how many people are struggling in texas. i feel horrible. my prayers are with everyone there. >> do you think he'll be welcomed at texas this year? >> their first game -- their preseason game i believe is august 21st or 17th. so he was a little bit trash talking there, trying getting people pumped up for the season not knowing how severe the storms were and how devastating the actual situation was there. >> it's great to have social media i can get rid of the filter, it's like the press. then there's times when social media has no filter. if he says this to the average reporter he says with those storms going on in texas right now, the reporter would -- you probably don't want to write that it's pretty bad. instead you are the media.
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>> i think the intention was to get people fired up for the game, august 15th is the preseason game. >> if you talk to any of these big sports teams, they'll tell you they've got training, social media training for their sports stars now. just keep yourself quiet. that's part of the protocol now. when they're a rookie on the team keep yourself quiet and triple check it before you hit send. >> even send it to a friend first. should i send this? >> right. >> i tell you, there's no taking it back. once we toss it over to heather nauert for the news, there's no coming back. >> if you tweeted that i would retweet. >> how was that toss? very nice. this is a story we've been talking about all morning long. a very important one to brian and soccer fans all across the world. overnight, a bombshell new investigation begins into the leaders of fifa, soccer's world
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governing body. six soccer officials just arrested overnight in switzerland after american authorities issued warrants for their arrest. they're accused of taking more than $100 million in bribes. it's linked to commercial deals dating back to the 1990s for soccer tournaments. they're expected to be charged in a court in new york later today. we'll follow this story as it developed throughout the morning. a big one for sports fans. new details in the murder of a new mexico police officer. the tragedy started when officer benner tried to pull a car over but the driver kept going. it was a short chase before that driver finally stopped. that's when police say that the passenger in that car started shooting at the police officer. well, office benner did not have a chance to return fire. the suspect ran but was arrested. police say he is responsible for a string of armed robberies.
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this happening north of albuquerque. safety regulations in the wake of the deadly train crash in philadelphia. amtrak will start installing cameras to record engineers. bostian was at the controls when the train jumped the tracks. he claims he can't remember what happened. the ntsb has recommended that amtrak install these inward facing cameras as far back as 2010. and the crowded republican presidential field is about to get bigger today. former senator rick santorum set to announce his white house run today. in the meantime, both hillary clinton and carly fiorina hitting the campaign trail in columbia, south carolina today. governor chris christie will join us live at the top of the next hour to talk all things 2016. >> we got two blocks with governor christie. we haven't had him in a while.
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it will be great. every once in a while he speaks his mind. you never know. >> it will be interesting if he announces he is running on the show. >> my hunch is he made up his mind already. and we're not going to trick him into it. >> it's heating up. >> i might as well do it. >> it's a matter of time. eight minutes after the hour. >> we got a fox news alert, isis threatening our men and women in uniform. a bulletin obtained skby fox ne. kristin fisher joins us live from washington with new information. >> good morning. new u.s. intelligence suggests that the threat of an attack on military bases and event has significantly increased. investigators are seeing a sharp rise in online chatter by u.s. based supporters of isis. many experts say it's not a question if there will be an attack, the question is when. >> i think it's only a matter of time until isis does something here in the united states.
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they're competing with al qaeda for dominance in the terrorism world. a major attack here in the u.s. would put them at the top. >> this comes amid new questions about the obama administration's strategy to defeat isis. outgoing joint chiefs of staff general admitted the u.s. military had done no contingency planning to plan for the fall of mosul. then over the holiday weekend, defense secretary ash carter said the iraqis showed no will to fight. it is a harsh assessment and it took many in washington by surprise. yesterday the white house stood by his comments. >> what the iraqi government has acknowledged is that the setback that they experienced in ramadi was at least in part attributable to a breakdown in some military command and planning. >> the state department has rushed a shipment of anti-tank weapons to baghdad. but yesterday the former
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commander of u.s. special forces in afghanistan said new weapons won't make the difference. back to you. >> welcome aboard. just got a quick -- we're glad to have you. the gym is on the third floor. the cafeteria is on the left. they now take cash. >> get there before brian does because he eats all the pastries at 9:00 a.m. >> that's what i hear. >> i love the sticky buns. welcome aboard if you need anything, clayton is always here. >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> human resources complained about you grabbing the sticky buns. we got to get to this, the state department -- got a promotion at the state department. a big one. we thought because it was because she was so stellar at the podium they were going to be promo promoting marie harf. she's the senior advisor to secretary of state john kerry. when i first saw this, i thought this is how you get promoted
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inside of government. they take you away from the area where you might not have been doing a good job. they move you up. >> her focus is going to be with the iranians negotiating the final work of the deal so it will go from a framework to a final deal. >> leading on the iranian communications strategy. that was the tone set for her. let's take a look at her greatest hits in case you forgot. >> we need to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups. whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs, what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ak-47 instead of trying to start a business. i didn't hear a lot of alternatives i heard big words and thought in that piece. there's a place for that. i don't understand about what's saying i'm not going to confirm every meeting. >> no meetings have been canceled but you can say that it took place. so that means -- what does that mean?
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>> it means i'm not going to confirm when meetings took place. >> whatever. >> we don't send in combat troops and i quote, we're going to lose. i'm not sure what lose means. >> she was on cnn with wolf blitzer where she was saying the fight against isis the forces had held their line and looked strong. she wasn't informed that the city of ramadi had fallen to isis' hands. >> she was there confirming the iraqi forces were holding the line there. >> this seems like to me -- i don't know if you disagree or not -- she's been holding the water for the administration for so long, carrying that pail for so long, they're not going to let one of their own go, they'll promote her internally and say great job you've been standing out there on the front lines battling the press we'll go to promote you. >> she's been defending hillary clinton so much so, if she felt as though she was on the campaign trail for her at this point. >> james rosen is one of the biggest defenders.
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he's bright and nice and maybe she doesn't come across that great. there is so much on the line with what looks to be a disastrous deal on iran. you would think we need casngeer and everybody else and george schultz in there and you bring somebody that looks out of their depth at state department taking questions from american press let alone from the ayatollahs. creeping up to 15 minutes past the top of the hour. he went to fererguson to ba our justice system. crime coincidence? the irs hacked. personal information of tens of thousands americans stole on. could the information stole bean yours? >> it doesn't seem that bad. ♪ ain't that a kick in the head ♪ ♪ the room was completely black ♪ i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix.
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last november when the grand jury decided not to indict a ferguson police officer in the death of michael brown. al sharpton declaring the system broken. last year, st. louis alogged 159 homicide the highest since 2008. a 30% jump from the year before. sharpton showed up in baltimore. now the city has reached a grime mile stone 35 homicide this month making it the deadliest in a century. is the uptick in crime a
3:18 am
coinciden coincidence? lieutenant randy sutton joins us live with more. coincidence, what do you think? >> good morning. no, i don't think it's a coincidence. i consider al sharpton a system. he's a symptom of a susitle problem. instead of focusing on criminal activity and those that are promoting it and using it for their own benefit, he is front and center creating more and more divisiveness. >> if you're a police officer and you'. these people in the inner city seem to be shooting another. they are blaming the police officers are not doing enough. you can't win.
3:19 am
>> if the police officers use proactive policing, they get blamed for everything from racism to militarization. if they don't do enough policing, then they have abandoned their community. and what is taking place here is a travesty. the true victims here are the innocent people that are caught in this terrible crossfire between what is happening with the thugs and with the criminal predators and the lack of leadership, which is the common denominator in all of these inner city issues. from the brutal murders taking place in chicago, which seem to be ignored from the administration. to the debacle in ferguson which began out of a narrative of lies. which was then -- permeated, i'm
3:20 am
sorry to say this, by a media that had an agenda and people like al sharpton and considered continued on by the president of the united states. >> i feel for the family in the inner city trying to get by because they're the one paying the ultimate price. the justice department is getting involved in cleveland which will lengthen the amount of protests. it's unbelievable. we'll see how this turns out. thanks so much. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. straight ahead, i don't think this is a part of the prefight check list do you. that's a flight attendant posing in the plane's engine before takeoff. you won't see indians or redskins in this high school. seriously? come on. ♪ should i stay or should i go
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welcome back. a fox news alert now. breaking overnight a major gun battle in afghanistan's capital leaving four heavily armed taliban militants dead. no civilians or security personnel were hurt. taliban claiming responsibility. its target? foreigners. a southwest flight making an emergency landing at lax over fears a fire was ingulfing the cargo hold. there was no fire, it was likely a faulty wire. the cleveland indians, the washington redskins, and the
3:25 am
chicago blackhawks all logos that could get you in big trouble starting next year if you're a student caught wearing any of these in madison, wisconsin. the school board voting to ban all native american logos attire. is this the pc police run amuck? we have a member of the sioux tribe to discuss. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> is this new ban on any of this attire, including native americans or any of these images i just listed there, is this a good or bad thing and why? >> it's a terrible thing. it's pc police gone way too far. and all you're doing is you're carving out special rules and regulations or laws for one group of people. so when you're striving for equality you're adding to segregati segregation. >> the board of education says this proposal was brought to us
3:26 am
by our students and is intended to address the negative racial stereotypes. these are official teams in some professional leagues. >> right. this is not the proper role of government to use government force to step in and tell people what t shirts they can and cannot wear. also, is this what we want to teach our children? this might have been brought by students, but it's a small number. we're teaching our children that we should carve out this history set it aside and not bring american indians aside. >> as a member of the sioux tribe, are you offend fd when you see any of these images yourself? can you understand why someone might be? >> i can understand why people would be offended. it comes back to the idea of how far do we take this and is it the proper role of government.
3:27 am
it's not. no government force needs to be used in this. if we want to have a real conversation bot this history and culture banning certain logos or certain names or anything from people's apparel, not even institutions is ridiculous. >> we want to thank you for your perspective. certainly stirring up that conversation today. thanks. now this, straight ahead,thahead, the taliban five about to run fru. the top man in afghanistan at the time bergdahl went missing knew he deserted. why didn't the president? brian and scott tried to prove their manlihood by changing a tire. an expert is going to show us how to get the job done in less than three minutes. you're not going to want to miss that. ♪
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welcome back now. take a look at this, it's your shot of the morning and one you may not forget. it is not part of the preflight check list. this is a flight attendant? >> was she in there looking for birds? i don't know. >> she was posing in this plane's engine. >> right before takeoff and posted it to facebook and it became her facebook profile picture. >> that was my runner up. the airline says the activity in the photo goes against policy. >> they're about to take action. she did this and got on board the plane. and a passenger looked outside from his window and saw her doing this and thought is this part of the security check? he says, hey, what were you doing out there. she said just taking some pictures. someone called her to ask her
3:32 am
about the pictures which then became her profile pick on facebook. the page is down and is being investigated. if this were a male, maybe some more swift action would be happening. >> that's the issue, does she have a pass to get to the tarmac? >> sometimes you don't need them. >> she does not have the proper badge to get on the tarmac. you have to have a proper escort as well. you cannot be solo doing that. >> hot towels on time in first class because she was in the engine. 28 minutes till the top of and then get a hot towel? to an extreme weather update in texas. 30 people are dead and more than a dozen missing at the fourth largest city in america is flooded. >> look at the images there. a reporter rob wu is in houston with the latest. those images are tough to look at.
3:33 am
what are they facing today? >> things haven't been this bad since about 14 years ago. tropical storm alison. the fourth most populated city in the country paralyzed. search efforts will continue this morning for a missing elderly couple in their 80's. they were swept away during the height of the storm. houston hit with 11 inches of rain in the span of six hours. the mayor estimating 4,000 homes with significant damage. 2,500 cars abandoned the vast majority by drivers who encountered the waters and got stuck in the freeway. things slowly returning to normal. most of the water is back in their banks. the schools are back open. power outages were at 90,000 at one point. that's down to 8,000. to give you an idea of the improvement. you see where the water is, you see the overpass there, that's how high the water was. some of the branches and trees
3:34 am
and grass tangled up in that pipe underneath. another severe storm expected today. >> we thank you for that. the storms in texas aren't about to let up. let's head maria where the story is headed this morning. >> good to see you. hello everybody at home. we're talking about active weather continuing across the plains. that includes parts of texas and oklahoma which have seen historic flooding over the last couple of weeks. we had storm system after storm system impacting that area that's why you've seen images coming out of that part of the country. you can see the severe weather risk includes today portions of texas, oklahoma, and also into western parts of kansas and eastern colorado. that's all with another storm system moving eastward. that's going to bring the potential for isolated tornados and damaging winds and hail. the concern isn't only flooding but also severe weather.
3:35 am
you can see parts of ohio and indiana expecting that. the concern is that pattern will continue. there's a look at tomorrow's severe weather risk. that continues into friday. very active out there. several inches of rainfall forecast over the next few days. let's head back inside. >> thank you. we'll check in with you later. let's bring headlines eto you now. a one year travel ban for the notorious taliban five who were swapped for sergeant bowe bergdahl is about to expire on monday. remember these guys? they were released from gitmo for him. this as we are now learning more about who knew that sergeant bergdahl was a deserter. retired general stanley mcchrystal telling fox news he knew quote almost immediately that bergdahl had abandoned his post. the white house still not commenting on who knew what. >> you're unwilling to state whether or not the president knew that he walked away and that was common knowledge? >> i'm going to be cautious and
3:36 am
not weigh in on that that. >> bergdahl faces a hearing on whether or not he'll be court-martialed in july. thieves are using your personal data to steal irs records. the irs is admitting that thieves stole tax data from 100,000 people using an online service for obtaining tax documents. the thieves used stolen data to gain access to the taxpayer accounts from february through the middle of this month. they used that information we're told to file false refunds they were able to get. the irs is now contacting those american citizens who were affected by this. and this bear's eyes might be bigger than his stomach. this happened in canada. a group of hunters caught the bear on camera raiding a raven's nest at the top of the electrical transmission tower. the bear struggled to get down but eventually went safely on his way.
3:37 am
those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a a little bit. let's head outside. yesterday, as you know, scott brown and i tried to prove our manhood by changing a tire while this young lady elizabeth hasselbeck watched. here's how it turned out. >> okay. >> you got to raise it a little bit first. >> these guys right now happen to be helping someone who is in distress. this is what a man does not just a male. >> hold what you got. >> this is why i have a aaa card. hi, i'm stuck. >> as it turns out we did not have the emergency brake on and i left a lug nut on. >> more than half of american teens don't know how to change a tire. >> we're going to do it in less than three minutes. welcome, and to the rescue, you come. yesterday was a valiant effort.
3:38 am
when i heard the statistics more than half of american teens don't know how to do this, we had to get you here. how do we actually do this in under three minutes? >> it's simple once you know the steps but it's tricky and every car is a little different. you blow a tire, what's the first thing you do? >> get to the side of the road or a parking lot. >> the hazards on. >> as soon as as it goes flat. get it out -- get everyone out of the car. get it in park, turn it off. and you want to get the hazards on. >> you just said jacks what should you have in your car should this happen? >> a spare tire with air. every time you change your oil. helps to have a flash light. and a mat will save you knees. and a wrench. >> that's a lug wrench? >> yeah. >> you're traveling alone, you whip out your gloves you grab
3:39 am
your knee board. >> now you want to get the jack under there. every jack goes in a certain spot. you want to jack it up a little bit when you loosen the wheel it makes it easier if it's still on the ground. you want to pick it up. that will take a couple turns of course. i'm showing you how to do this with the spare because as you can see over here the tires on this car are normal. very heavy. and you want to know that ahead of time as well. if you can't pick up the tire you don't want to try to do this yourself. i'm cheating a little bit here. and i've only got two lug nuts. >> people have donuts in their car, right? >> this is a small spare as well. some cars don't have spare tires anymore they just have fix a flat. >> or aaa. >> sometimes your cell phone doesn't work. that's big and clunky and heavy.
3:40 am
>> you put it back on. >> if you can't pick up the car yourself, don't even try. this car is a little bit different than some, because instead of the bolts being on the car, it's got what's called lug bolts. you need to line up the holes first. then get it in there. >> i need to get a wrench. >> i like the idea of lug bolts better you don't have to -- >> a little trickier to get them on in the first place. it's as simple on this. this time, look, we're going to get it a little bit snug. then we're going to lower it then we're going to snug it all the way when it's on the ground and you're on your way. >> i don't know that was like, under three minutes. >> put your hazards on pull to the side of the road and call for help. where do you get these, online? >> that's going to be in the car. >> this comes in the car? >> i got to pop out my manual.
3:41 am
>> practice this in your driveway. >> there was no emergency brake on the car. >> it almost ran over my foot. >> i doubt -- >> this is the reason why getting a graduate this year a aaa membership is a good idea. >> i tell you what you gave us our masters in tire changing and keeping people safe on the road. thank you. a community up in arms over a new gun shop. the owner isn't backing down without a fight. he's a veteran and joins us live next. you know him for his fancy footwork on dancing with the stars. this morning he's dancing into our studio. mark ballas is here live. ♪
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welcome back. residents in arlington virginia are fired up over the opening of this new gun shop. the store's owner owns another store five miles away. residents are riled up over the new addition in their neck of the woods. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what criticism have you heard about your new store? >> there's been quite a bit. we're getting quite a few comments on several forums and blogs on the internet back home. but, actually, only one individual is actually reached out to the shop to ask us about our plans or how we can address some of the concerns there. other than that everything we are reading is online. >> what is the big problem among some of the concerns from
3:46 am
critics there is too many stores here you're opening near stores. this is where kids are going to be playing. we don't need a gun shop. >> they are concerned. one of the big ones i come across is think of the kids. they're worried that kids are going to be hanging out in the gun shop. if anybody is under 17 and not accompanied by an adult they aren't allowed. if they are with an adult they aren't allowed to handle firearms. >> others say do they want to be part of this community. you have said we want to be a strong part of this community, right? >> we do. we are actually trying to find ways we can give back to the community to show them we want to be part of it. >> one of the petitions being taken up to get you out there, you say you have another gun shop five miles away why do you need another one. >> the only reason we started looking for another location was because we were rapidly out growing the current location that we are at now. if it wasn't for that fact we wouldn't have looked for another
3:47 am
location. we happened to be introduced to the landlord through a mutual acquaintance. and it happened to be in arlington. we didn't seek it out. we needed the extra square footage. >> you know, there's been some interesting statistics over the past few years about the number of guns being sold. we've seen almost a twofold increase in the amount of guns sold in the united states. more effort now put into gun safety, working with guns, gun training, are you surprised by those numbers? >> not really. the more people that are familiar with them and practicing safe firearm handling is making people more comfortable and more willing to buy their own to have for their own protection or target shooting. >> what do you say to critics the last thing we need in this more country is more guns. they point to violent crime, we need to get the guns off the streets, what do you say to those people? >> everybody is entitled to their own opinion.
3:48 am
i feel safer having a firearm in my house at night. i don't live in a bad neighborhood but that doesn't mean i don't want to have my own firearm safety. the police can't always be there. >> we appreciate you joining us. when is the big grand opening of the store, august? >> we're looking at midaugust now. we have all our permits. everything has been signed off on. we already have the lease signed for five years. right now it's all hinging on whether t-- >> thank you. the patriot act, governor chris christie says we need to keep it because that will keep american safe. other republicans firing back saying he should be ashamed of himself. he's here live to respond in just moments. he's taking away time from the ball room to join us in the studio. mark ballas is here teaching our own elizabeth a thing or two. ♪ are you still getting heartburn flare-ups?
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season 20 of dancing with the stars just awrapping up. >> holy smokes. rumer willis heating up the screen. mark ballas didn't fail to impress either. >> joining us is mark ballas,
3:53 am
welcome back. >> i have to say you gave me a spin or a twist, what's it called? >> an inside spin. >> it was great you're very good. i trusted you as well. >> would she be a good part senator? >> i think so. >> they happen to be great athletes as partners. >> who has been the biggest challenge. when you look at a guy like brian or me, is it possible to teach us to dance? >> no. >> absolutely. >> what's the key to it? >> being open minded and diving in head first. you can't be like, nervous or not willing to try things. it's going to be hard and different. you're going to be uncomforta e uncomfortable. >> i'm looking at this video of you with sadie robinson. she was magnificent. >> for someone who has never had any dance experience, that was a prime example of what i just said. open minded. >> what did you dive into dancing? >> my parents were dancers. i was at a competition where there was kids my age taking part and i was like, oh, it's
3:54 am
not just a thing for adults. i want to try it. so i kind of got into it that way. >> if you hear music is it impossible to be still? >> i can be still. if the song doesn't get me. >> what's your favorite song to dance to? >> old school michael jackson. >> i personally -- >> i'm ready to go. >> what about when you hear the hustle? >> i know how to do the hustle. >> what's the cheesiest dance, the macarena right? >> i could jump over my legs, that was my big move. >> you're here in times square for a special event. something was holding you back from your peak of dancing ability and that was smoking? >> lots of dancers smoke. it was something that was a big part of my life since i was a teenager. my grandmother smoked, my mom
3:55 am
smoked. we're going to be in times square hanging out with people and sharing why i quit. >> one of the individual gicize your mom, shirley who is here with us. where are you? she's helping you with smokeout today. you're asking people -- >> you taught mark how to dance? >> i did. >> my coach. >> you went up to your mom and said i want to stop and i want you to stop with me. >> i wanted to quit because i was feeling it start to affect my dancing. and you know, we grew up in england my mom is from england. it's part of the culture over there. my grandma smoked as well. >> how did you do it? >> i used nicodermpatch. >> i was inspired he was going to give it up. he said let's do it as mother and son thing together and
3:56 am
that's what we done. it's been amazing. >> how proud are you to watch him on this show? it's a behemoth of a show. >> i'm proud he can bring his creativity. i think everything he does is an adventure. anytime there's a costume and he can dress up. >> they say quitting smoking is like quitting heroin. you've done it. i know every day is a struggle. good luck in times square today. >> coming up straight ahead we're back to the election. rick santorum is about to join the growing field. governor chris christie says the next president needs to have one thing. he is here live to tell us what it is. then it's the incredible image gone mega viral. did you know an image could go mega viral? this one did. a marine and his bride praying before the wedding. the story behind the picture when they join us next hour.
3:57 am
>> oh, governor chris christie? thanks for coming in. there's some facts about
3:58 am
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. good morning to you it is wednesday, may 27th. 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. devastating twisters and traditional rains slamming the south. and overnight, the death toll rises, now 30 people are dead. >> they came out through the window and he put him on his back and brought him to safety. >> this morning, the search for survivors resumes. we're going to take you live to texas. new jersey governor chris christie says we need to patriot act to keep america safe. other republicans aren't seeing eye to eye with him. >> i think mr. christie should be ashamed of himself for saying that we have to choose between the fourth amendment and following the fourth amendment and respecting the privacy of the american people or a coffin on the other hand.
4:01 am
>> governor chris christie here live to fire back if he wants to t. maybe he agrees. it's the incredible image gone viral. a marine and his bride praying before their wedding. this hour they'll join us live to share the story behind that picture and their prayer to god. "fox and friends" hour two starts right now. all right. guess what? governor chris christie back on the couch. we appreciate that. we're going to do two blocks with you. can you handle it at this hour? >> i'm ready, baby. >> we're going to go to heather nauert. there is serious stuff we have extreme weather to report. there may be more of that extreme weather later today. at least 30 people are dead and a dozen so far are considered missing as severe storms widespread flooding and twisters rip through parts of the south central united states. among the hardest hit areas, houston, texas, five people are
4:02 am
now confirmed dead at this hour. officials are reporting more than 500 calls to 911 just for water rescues alone. thousands of people abandoning their cars on freeways as the water rose up leaving them with nowhere to go. among the missing -- a tragic story to tell you about -- a woman and her two young children. >> she called me and said i'm in a house floating down the river. >> that beautiful family right there were in their vacation home when the blanco river overflowed and knocked the house off its foundation. and then in oklahoma, watch this, as a twister touched down against a yellow sky and comes right back up. fortunately no one was hurt there. the entire state of oklahoma is under a state of emergency. back in texas, 46 counties are now declared disaster zones. we'll stay on top of this. the cartoon of the prophet
4:03 am
muhammad may be coming to a bus near you. pam geller, now submitting an ad to the washington, d.c. transit authority featuring the winning cartoon from her draw muhammad contest that was held in texas earlier this month. that event turned deadly after two jihadis opened fire in the parking lot. both of the shooters were killed. the ad is being reviewed by the transit authority in d.c. if it's approved it will be featured on buses and trains in the nation's capital. the controversy over abc news anchor george stephanopoulos and his donations may be affecting his wife's career, too. she is now canceling television appearances to promote her book. the development comes weeks after her husband apologizes for donating $75,000 to the clintons raising questions about media bias. and the miriam webster
4:04 am
dictionary gets with the times. the dictionary adding 1,700 new words and abbreviations. one including this, nsfw, stands for not safe for work. meaning don't click on that risky link at the office. and emoji, and also this one, photo bomb. that's a new one that's being added. and jeggings. just in time for 2016 dark money. that is money contributed to non-profits that is used to fund political campaigns without hiding the donors' identities. >> i like that heather pretended to not know what nsfw meant. speaking of risque links.
4:05 am
the heart of this whole discussion and chris christie joins us. you are at the heart of the debate about the government and spying scandal. it's about to run out and the president calling on congress to pass it and get it done. you said we have to get it done. you agree with the president. >> i agree with the folks in the intelligence community who have kept us safe for 14 years since 9/11. the fact is all the different people who are expressing opinions on this is in senate right now, none of them have used the patriot act, i have. they talk it from a speculative perspective, i talk to it from a real life perspective. nobody us that's in this national conversation right now has the practical experience i've had. >> jeb bush, marco rubio seem to be aligning you. mike lee out of utah said you should be ashamed for holding that position. >> i think mr. christie should be ashamed of himself for saying we have to choose between the
4:06 am
fourth amendment and following it and respecting the privacy of the american people on the one hand or a coffin on the other hand. that's absolutely ridiculous. it's absurd. if mr. christie wants to play a part in the national discussion regarding privacy and security, he should choose his words more carefully. >> did you want to choose your words more carefully are you ashamed of yourself? >> no. when you don't know something about what you're talking about you change the conversation. he says i say we have to choose between the fourth amendment and our national security. we don't. the patriot act hasn't led to us making that choice. we can protect our homeland and our civil liberties. we've been doing it for sh years. >> edward snowden exposed everything he did and ran to china and then russia. a lot of people look at him as a hero, your reaction? >> he's a criminal and he's lecturing to us about the evils of authoritarian government
4:07 am
while he lives under vladmir putin. that's who mike lee is siding with? >> there are other governors who disagree with you, mike huckabee has said we haven't have to give up our civil liberties. he said point to one example where we have prosecuted a terrorist as a result of the patriot act. >> what i say to mike huckabee is, we used the patriot act in new jersey to prosecute terrorists while i was a u.s. attorney. secondly, shouldn't the burden be that he has to point to one civil liberties violation? just one. you know, you have people just making things up that the nsa is sitting and listening to people's conversations. they're not. and the fact is, we want them to be connecting those dots. let's remember something, these are going to be the same people where if there's another attack, god forbid on the united states homeland, they're going to haul people up to capitol from the fbi and cia and put them under
4:08 am
oath. >> they say the youth vote is going to the people like rand paul. privacy is an issue. >> the same people who post things all day long online about themselves. >> what we need to do is to make sure that we explain to everybody in our country why this is important. and i fear that this kind of debate is showing the kind of complacency that's going on post 9/11. >> but the governor of new jersey should not be explaining this, the president should explain it. >> absolutely. at the end of the day, we can't be waiting around for barack obama to lead. we've been waiting for six and a half years. are we going to continue to wait? others of us who have had experience in this and been part of the war on terrorism since september 11th need to be speaking out about this. >> you've been critical on the president on his foreign policy and his strategy against isis. the white house doubling down on
4:09 am
the strategy calling what they be done against isis a success. here is josh earnest earlier this week. >> what's true is that the strategy that the president has deployed alongside our 60 coalition partners, has more often than not yielded important success. obviously, it's retaking mosul is going to be a difficult campaign as well. but we continue to have confidence in the strategy. >> confidence in the strategy. ramadi falls, then we get it back in part. it's not us, it's an iraqi army that we're calling incompetent. what is the strategy? >> i don't know what the strategy is. i think the president should be much more aggressive in terms of bringing allies together in the middle east. there are countries in the middle east, the saudis, the emerodies, jor deignians who want to lead the fight. they need american vision.
4:10 am
the president hasn't put it out there. they call them the jv. it's been disappointing to watch it. >> "the new york times" has a story today, there are seven sites where they call major buildings for headquarters for isis in syria. and so far the president has not hit those sites because he's concerned about civilian casualties. would president christie hit the sites? >> if president christie had drawn a red line in syria and said if assad uses chemical weapons we'll take him out we would have taken him out. this whole problem with syria and isis begins with what he did not do. what he promised to be able to take out assad if he used chemical weapons. it destroyed our credibility around the world. >> do you hit those headquarters? >> if you're going to be serious
4:11 am
stop talking about it start acting. you have to act with allies that we develop in the middle east as well. we've seen the failure of policies when we don't work in concert. >> we're not going to ask you to stop talking about any knowleth. rick santorum is joining the gop field, we'll talk about that. what does the next president of the united states be, governor? the governor might have something to say about that. she refused to remove a bible verse on her computer. now she's being court-martialed about it. a closer look at her fight. and more with the governor when we come back. ♪ let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal?
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with hilton's 12 brands you always get the lowest price. only when you book direct at a fox news alert today. former senator rick santorum set to announce he's running for president. we're back with governor chris christie. your reaction to him being in? >> i'm not surprised. he ran last night and ran a good race the last time. i assume he's going to try to do the same thing again. we'll see how he does. >> if the gop primary were held
4:16 am
today, 6% of voters would be in your favor there. how do you expand that number? >> if you run, you go out and campaign. you know, campaigns are always about changing minds. and bringing people out to your side. listen, i've had those challenges i had those in new jersey which is one of the bluest states in the country. i've been elected twice. that's what campaigns are all about. >> when will you make a decision whether or not you'll run? >> next month. >> you know the rules, i believe the top eight -- they'll take the average of five average polls and take the top ten and put them in. will you make sure you're in the top ten? >> i think everybody has to decide how important it is to be in that debate. i think it is important. so, you know, i'm sure some people will have to make a decision. i don't think if we ran we'd have to to make that decision in terms of spending. some others might. we'll see how that affect the
4:17 am
race. >> are you okay with that decision, the fox move to do that? >> you have to have some sense of limit on it. because no one will get a chance to speak if you have too many people up there. if you're not in the top ten you -- >> you're always direct. we love to get your direct comments. name association with those who have thrown their hat in the ring. carly fiorina, your thoughts? >> listen, very bright woman who has had a lot to say. i think she's an important voice in the race. >> marco rubio. >> smart guy i know him personally and like him. >> governor jeb bush? >> i worked with governor bush during hurricane sandy. he gave me good advice during that time. i've known him for a long time. i like him. >> do you plan on spending money and scaring people out of the race, what do you think? >> i don't think he has. >> scott walker? >> we have known each other for a long time. i campaigned for him in 2010,
4:18 am
we've been friends for a long time. >> what about donald trump? >> he's a personal friend. i met him 13 years ago when can i was a u.s. attorney. he has been friends with me for a long time. he is a smart guy who is never boring. >> that is very true. >> hillary clinton? she has come in, there's a book out there called "clinton cash." a lot of turmoil, your reaction? >> she appears like she's going to be the democratic nominee for president. if i become the republican nominee i'll have a lot to say about that. in the end right now, i don't think mrs. clinton has said much worthy of comment. >> you have said things that have raised eye brows about entitlement reform. how important is that for the future of our country? >> right now 71% of the budget is spent on entitlement. when john kennedy was elected as
4:19 am
president it was 26%. research and development, all of those things that are really important, tax cuts for the country's future, you better talk about how you're going to fix the 71%. >> are the other candidates talking about it enough? >> no. >> what about governor's roll in terms of being a president. do you believe it should be essential or it is an added feather in the cap when the comes to the next leader? >> it's essential. we have watched for the past six years of someone who had no experience and it has not been a success. you cannot get experience making decisions other than than by making decisions. i said for a long time that i think the next president of the united states if we want it to be a successful presidency needs to be a governor. >> what did you learn over the last year with the controversy and the bridge and other things about yourself and who your
4:20 am
friends are? >> the truth always comes out. i said it 15 months ago i had no knowledge or involvement in it. despite all the hysteria in the media that went on and the baseless allegations. at the end of the day, exactly what i said 16 months ago turns out to be what was true. you learn about what your friends are, in politics, you learn when your poll numbers are high you have more friends than you know what to do with. you can't let it affect your confidence, your belief in yourself or what you stand for and why you're in this business to begin with. it makes you stronger, makes your tougher. it's done that for me. >> governor chris christie nice to see you. i got a parking ticket in jersey. >> you're stuck, man. it's an incredible image gone viral a marine and his bride praying before their
4:21 am
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4:24 am
take a look at this, this is the wedding photo that has gone viral to say the least. before seeing each other before their wedding ceremony. united states marine takes the hand of his soon to be wife and says a prayer with her for their marriage and for their lives without seeing one another there. joining us now is that couple behind the powerful photo that knocks me over every time i see it. united states states marine corp corporal caleb and his beautiful wife maggie earwood. congratulations. >> thank you. >> that image has knocked the
4:25 am
socks off of this nation. can you describe for us how it came to be, corporal? >> well, me and maggie had planned on doing a prayer for our wedding photographer or not. and so they put her in a room and our families brought us together. they set me by the staircase as you can see in the picture. and from there, i reached out and they told me to grab her hand. >> once i grabbed her hand i got emotional. she didn't know i was crying until i started praying. i said the prayer and the photographer took the amazing photo. it captured the whole moment. it was amazing. >> it seems like it was. maggie, as i'm looking at this photo. every time i do i get tears in my eyes, do you remember, can you share what was it about your
4:26 am
husband's words or your husband to be's words that captured your entire heart just by holding your hand, what did he say? >> i don't remember everything he said. i do know he was praying for her future and our lives. he was thanking god for me. it just really blessed me to know that someone that i was getting ready to get married to believed in god just like i did and i wouldn't have to worry about anything like that. >> are the two of you surprised at how moved the nation has been by this image? were you taken aback by it? >> yeah. >> what's your message to newly weds then, should everybody be doing this? it seems to be a great start. >> yeah. we are both raised in church. you know, like i said, photographer or not we were going to say a prayer. we had two prayers in our actual wedding. you know, there is power in prayer. and, you know, god moves and god
4:27 am
will bless. >> yeah. maggie, what's your prayer for caleb, your husband, who so bravely is willing to fight for our freedom each and every day? what's your prayer for him? >> i pray to god that god keeps him safe and him humble. you know, gives him patience to deal with me, because sometimes i'm hard to deal with. you know, and all of god -- he's blessed both of us. we're so happy and thrilled. >> four days in, how's it going? >> it's doing good so far. >> it is a delight to have the two of you here. your prayer and this moment has just wrapped around this entire nation. caleb, we thank you, corporal for your service to this great nation and maggie for yours as well. your entire family. we will pray for you and your marriage as well. you've got some prayer warriors out there with us: wow.
4:28 am
that is a knockout. four days into the marriage. let us know what you think. by prayer being embraced by a faith, and this soldier being court-martialed for a prayer on her computer. this olympic gold medalist is no stranger to magazine covers. al what does heather mitthink about that? we're and her when she joins us on our plaza when she is kicking it around with brian. ♪ i got my game on ♪ better hang on tight ♪ from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. sei'm supposed to tell you how new lit feels when you book the perfect family vacation on
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♪ is this the year you go grab life by the gills? then save on the gear you need at bass pro shops. like a bass pro boating life jacket for under $13. save $5 on redhead gray's peak shorts. and save $50 on a charbroil 4-burner grill. back now with an extreme weather alert. at least 30 people are dead and flash floods and tornados pave a path of destruction through the south. and that death toll could rise this morning with more than a
4:32 am
dozen people still missing. rescue crews are looking for them. >> check out this video out of oklahoma. a twister touching down against a yellow sky. fortunately no one was hurt. >> over to houston, texas, where five people are confirmhead dead. officials inundated with more than 500 911 calls. >> fema is on the ground assessing the damage and folks are trying to get their lives back together with the help of fema. >> it tears me up. we have nothing. i worked so hard to get all of this by myself. iate have nothing. i have nothing. >> this hour, 46 counties in texas have been declared disaster zones. all of oklahoma is in a state of emergency. >> the storms aren't over yet. meteorologist maria molina is tracking it for us. good morning to you, what can you tell us about all this? >> good morning, just really heart breaking the scenes out of texas and oklahoma.
4:33 am
we've seen incredible flooding out there. we're talking historic proportions across some of the areas with records being broken. unfortunately the forecast is for more active weather across parts of the plains. we're looking for severe weather across texas and oklahoma and further east into the great lakes and northeast. let's head over to heather. all right. maria molina thank you so much. got some headlines to bring you, and first starting out with a mysterious fire which is considered a homicide investigation. three people were found dead after a raging house fire and a barn fire in colebert washington. the victims were found burned inside their home. a neighbor who lives across the street saw the flames and ran to help but it was too late to save the family. investigator are calling the fire suspicious. autopsy on the victims is scheduled for later today. a marine court-martialed
4:34 am
over a bible verse refuses to give up the fight for her faith. the lance corporal is appealing her conviction for refusing to take down a bible verse that was taped to her desk. it read this, quote, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. the military said that message would offend others. religious freedom advocacy groups is taking that on. lower courts have said scripture does not count as a religious exercise. a man in the uk survives a gun shot wound to the chest thanks his iphone. the victim got into a fight and was then shot, but the phone stopped the bullet. police say if the phone hadn't been there, the guy would have died. wow. how about that? caught on camera the catch of a lifetime. the fisherman's reaction is the best part. take a look at this.
4:35 am
>> there he is. >> yeah baby! >> that's a big boy. >> take a look at that massive grouper that guy had on the line. the guy's name is john black. that grouper was 552 pounds. this happened off the coast of florida. it was nearly seven feet long. it nearly snapped the rod in half before it was finally brought aboard i guess so he brought it on board. my brother was tarpon fishing last week and he went over with that fish. let's head outside toly elizabe and brian. >> now, this, a fox news alert, overnight, bombshell investigation begins into the leaders of fifa, soccer's world governing body. six people arrested in switzerland. they're accused of taking more
4:36 am
than $100 million in bribes dating back to the 1990's. they are expected to be charged in a court today right here in new york. >> i think there's a press conference scheduled at 10:30 chblt this comes a little more than before the women's world cup kicks off in canada. joining us who played in the last world cup, heather mitts. welcome you're going to be helping out fox sports now. one of the most exciting things for soccer fans and for you is so much coverage. the first time the women's world cup is going to be covered every single game. >> i'm jealous i'm not playing in this world cup. it's been phenomenal i know the girls have been pumped up to be able to go over there and show everybody what they're made of. >> it's a great message for girls. i want to ask you this, when it comes to girls and sports, tls is a movement to kind of get
4:37 am
sexy when it comes to promoting the sport. lindsay franklin said she doesn't want to be the next alex morgan. she doesn't feel she needs to get out there and oversexualize athletes. you look phenomenal. i don't see anything wrong with letting everybody see how strong your body is. >> to each their own. i respect missy franklin for her stance, i think we see what happens with christina runauldo and the men's game, david be beckham they do it as well. the one thing for alex morgan, she backs it up on the soccer field. why not use her to promote the game? >> i agree. i think it's part of the game. if jj watt in houston -- i didn't know this the woman have not won a world cup since 1999. that's 16 years. you were in the audience of part
4:38 am
of the 99,000. >> that's when i wanted to play a woman's team. for this team in particular, we were so close the last world cup, to be up twice against japan and lose the way that we did. hopefully this will be the year. it's going to be tougher. the field has been expanded. there is more teams. we're playing against sweden who is one of the best teams in the world. it's not going to be easy. >> australia as well as nigeria won't be easy. >> there isn't an easy team in the group. all the teams is going to be tough. it's being played on turf which is going to be even more difficult. if you have injuries, luckily we have a young team, we have a lot of depth. >> the ball performs differently on turf? >> yes. it's unfortunate but it is what it is. >> how do you compare this generation to the generation started with us and "fox and friends" when we had julie here
4:39 am
with me all the time and christine lily. how do you compare this generation to that? >> it's tough. >> you were in the middle. >> those women are the pioneers of the game. we are here because of them. and now, it's this team's term. they want to be able to win their own world cup to make their mark in history. >> what about your little guy? your husband is a big football guy. you're big in soccer, who is going to win? >> if he wants to be in the band, that's fine with us. we're loving being parents and it's a wonderful thing. >> he's got fast twitch muscles so i think he will excel at least in gym. congratulations on you as a broadcaster. i still think you should be playing. abbey is older than you out there. >> the girls are always inspired by you. >> it all kicks off in one week. meanwhile, clayton, tell me
4:40 am
what's next. >> what is next, here's what's next. the movies make it look easy. but the danger is real. and the rock won't be there to save you if an earthquake hits. really? how can you protect your home and your wallet? peter johnson, jr. is on deck next. elementary school students being segregated by race. is this really a lesson they should be learning? we'll debate it straight ahead. ♪ i can't sit still (music)
4:41 am
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breathe right.
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4:44 am
welcome back. 43 minutes past the hour. time for headlines from the food and drink files. finally a bipartisan cause we can get behind. the house introducing a new bill slashing federal taxes on hard liquor. all right. currently that tax can account for more than half of the price of a bottle. translation you would save about $2 on a $14 of gin, chris. state and local taxes would apply. pizza party. a weather issue kept a plane grounded. they ordered pizza for everyone. >> or be standing in the engine like the other flight attendant.
4:45 am
the horrors of an earthquake comes alive this weekend in the new film san andreas. so what do you need to do to know -- to protect your home if this in fact happens to you? how are your going to have your wallet survive as well as your family survive if a real earthquake hits. here to break it down for us is peter johnson, jr. >> you know, let's take a look at what the risk is. we're looking at the fema map. 45 states are considered moderate to very high risk. including highest hit areas like california, oregon, washington, and something called the new madrid seismic zone. tennessee, missouri, arkansas, and even charleston, south carolina. there's a 90% chance in that new
4:46 am
madrid zone. that zone is at risk. you have to look at those potentials because we're not very good -- i don't know if it's possible predicting an earthquake is going to happen. >> we are not. by 2030 a 7% chance in the state of california. that's not making the americans act in terms of protecting their finances. let's look at the americans with actual earthquake insurance. 7%. 2013, 10%. 2012, 13%. damages can be high. in august of 2014 in the napa earthquake, there was about a billion dollars in damages. actually, north quake in 1994, 1 12.5. >> the insurance companies don't really advertise this. >> in california there is a
4:47 am
specific company that offers that kind of insurance. you can buy it from most companies in the state of california. all standard homeowner policies don't cover earthquakes. you have to ask for it. it works this way, there's a big deductible two to 20% of the home. the cost is calculated on a thousand dollars basis. meaning a dollar to three dollars per thousand. in the pacific northwest, it's more. it's less on the east coast. >> so what you did is take a blockbuster movie starring the rock and you made it into a financial what if it happens to you. >> we have to look at that. i think it's something we've always been obsessed with. even in 1974. remember earthquake? george kennedy gave the very best advice. as to what we should be doing in earthquake 1974.
4:48 am
>> right. he was also good in the naked gun, wasn't here? >> mass emotion that will surround and engulf you completely and make you feel you are there. >> you're all going to have to help yourselves. >> that's our advice today. what should i do, help yourself. >> thanks george you got my back. forget that application to aaa. thank you very much. >> thank you. 70's was a time we were all in it by ourselves. >> i don't know how this happened. this is the most interesting segment in the world. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. it looks like that, doesn't it? let's move ahead on a totally different note. fight racism by segregating schools. private school parents paying more than $40,000 for that
4:49 am
lesson. is this really a good idea for 8 year-olds? we'll debate it next. on this day in history in 1999 ricky martin had the number one song in america. it was called liven luvida loca. ♪ her lips are devil red ♪ and her skin's the color of mocha ♪ with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime,
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
anywhere on any device. just sign into my account to pay bills, manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at a private school in new york is coming under fire for an experimental new program that aims to combat racism by segregating students. starting in third grade students at the ethical culture fieldstone school are given questionnaires to fill out identifying their race. then they spend time once a week in so-called affinity groups with kids who look like them and talk about things related to
4:53 am
race. is this really a good idea? joining us now for a fair and balanced debate is dr. chuck williams and carol swain, nice to see both of you. i want to start with you, is this a good idea? >> it's an excellent idea. and by the way, the research is very clear for folks who are saying, you know what, it's too young, what the research says by age four kids have opinions about race and because we avoid it, by the time they're ten, they don't want to talk about it anymore. it makes them very uncomfortable. the earlier you start the better? >> do you agree with that the earlier you start the better to point our out differences. breaks them up into classes is separately? >> the approach they're taking is more likely to promote racism.
4:54 am
studies show students who grow up with people of different races are more likely to get along better in life. it's integration that helps racial conversations recollect not segregation. >> you disagree, charles? >> yeah, but they're not segregated completely like we were before 1954 at brown versus the board of education. they're segregated for the purposes of this activity of having kids in affinity groups where they feel more comfortable speaking with like peers about a sensitive topic like race. one of the reason we don't talk about race, we are afraid. so by putting people together who are the same getting over that feeling of being uncomfortab uncomfortable, getting people around you who share views and then after that sharing how you feel about race with those who may be different. >> i disagree. i disagree. >> it can work. >> okay. >> it won't work. it's more likely to teach the
4:55 am
minority students how to feel like victims and for the white students, it's all about drilling in them a sense of they have white privilege and feel white guilt. >> but the whole point is to challenge that thinking, though. it's the challenge that. >> i disagree. >> carol, go ahead and voice your thoughts. >> it all depends on who is leading the groups. i'm suspicious of people that push multiculturalism in the way that it's being pushed at universities. they're teaching kids political correctness. it's not going to improve race relations. it's likely to worsen race relations and teach them how to be racist. >> let me read a statement from the school and we'll ask our viewers to weigh in. our children do not live ipa color blind world. they must forge confident positive identities. the dialogue race plays out,
4:56 am
ecfs is committed to discussing racial relations. we appreciate your joining us. an interesting debate. we want to hear from our viewers go to our facebook page on "fox and friends" and reach us on twitter. do you think this is a good idea? >> coming up here on the show, a short time ago, governor chris christie fired back at those who don't defend the patriot act. >> and the fact is, all the different people who are expressing opinions on this is in the senate right now are -- none of them have used the patriot act or prosecuted terrorists. i have. >> karl rove to react at the top of the hour. it was a terrifying moment a bounce house went flying 20 feet in the air with children inside. tips every parent needs to hear to keep their children safe. seems like we have one of these stories every few weeks. ♪ introducing the first ever
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning, today is wednesday, may 27th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck a fox news alert. flooding disaster creating chaos in the heart of texas. overnight the death toll rising and now 30 people are dead. >> and they couldn't get the door open and they came out through the window and the young guy put him on his back and brought him to safety. >> this morning more rain is on the way as the recue operation begins. we'll take you live to texas this hour. and the fight over national security escalating governor chris christie fires back at his potential 2016 opponents for defending edward snowden. >> he's a criminal. he's a criminal and he's hiding in russia. he's lecturing to us about the evils of authoritarian government while he lives under
5:01 am
vladmir putin that's who mike lee and rand paul are siding with? >> karl rove is here to break down the race and where christie and the candidates stand today. she came up with a revolutionary plan to wipe out islamic extremism across the globe. >> we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs. what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ak-47 instead of trying to start a business. >> the spokesperson has a new job, keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of iran. secretary of state kerry could use the help. mornings are better with friends. hi everybody, welcome back. final hour. we've already had a lot. you would think we'd be done.
5:02 am
chris christie, two blocks. >> wait, there's more. >> there sure is. >> we decided to inflate a bounce house outside. >> it's for a good reason. three children were injured monday after a water spout turned a tornado actually had an inflatable bounce house 20 feet in the air with kids inside. one little girl said she felt as though she was going to die. we continue with what we need to know and how to keep your kids safe. >> there was one out east in long island that was the first i saw fly away. now you have had a few of them. they're showing up at every block party we find. kids' parties will blow them up. >> i would have thought that being trapped inside of a cushy bounce house would be the safest place you could be in a tornado. >> it's not. >> how scary for the kids.
5:03 am
we want everyone to know how to keep your kids safe and we're going to do it on our plaza. something you want to miss. bounce houses are unavoidable. >> i feel guilty because in the northeast the weather has been great but not down south. 30 people are dead as tornados and floods goes through the south. >> check out this unbelievable video out of oklahoma now. a twister touches down against this yellow sky. you see it here. fortunately no one was hurt. >> houston, texas, now -- where five people are confirmed dead. officials inundated with more than 500 911 calls. a woman describing the horrifying moments when water rose up around her car. listen. >> i felt like i was going to die. and i said so this is the way it's going to be. i couldn't swim and i couldn't get out of my car. and i didn't think i was going to get out of my car.
5:04 am
>> at this hour, 46 counties in texas have been declared disaster zones. all of oklahoma in a state of emergency. >> we'll continue to follow that. three minutes after the hour. heather nauert has some breaking news. you start with soccer, but this is not about the game. it's about the shenanigans going on behind the scenes. a major investigation taking place in the united states and also in switzerland. this is something you were all over this morning as a soccer fan. it is a fox news alert. a bombshell investigation leads to the rest of seven major leaders of soccer's world governing body. senior officials put in handcuffs at a lavish hotel in switzerland early this morning. the fbi issued arrest warrants after it claims that these officials tk in more than $100 million in bribes linked to the commercial deelals for socc tournaments in the united states and latin america. these officials are expected to be charged today in a new york courtroom.
5:05 am
we expect to learn more at a press conference with the fbi later this morning. we'll keep you posted on the developments. another fox news alert to bring you right now, horror in the skies as a singapore airlines flight loses power in both of its engines. it was an airbus carrying 182 passengers that plummeted 13,000 feet before power was resumed. the jet was experiencing rough weather when the engines died. the company now working how to figure out how something so terrifying could happen. california in the middle of a four year drought, but two researchers say they have a solution, no taxes. this time they want it on all orgonic products. they say organic products use more water than non-organic products. their theory is by increasing taxes on those water wasting products then demand would go
5:06 am
down. in turn, they say farmers won't waste their time or money on products that nobody wants to buy. taylor swift, some high schoolers in montana, they need your help this morning. ♪ >> all right. here's what's happening here. a teenager made a bet that if he could get the pop star to call his teacher, their final exam would be canceled. look at this here, if taylor swift calls mr. so and so -- here's the deal, students don't have to do a final exam if taylor swift agrees to the plan and calls the professor or teacher -- it's a contract signed. those are your headlines. what do you think? taylor swift is known to do that. >> the problem is the contract is written on the white board. it can easily be erased. >> do you know what today is? >> uhh.
5:07 am
>> it's up. it means the taliban five had a one year suspension from interacting -- june first i should say had a one year suspension from interacting with other people outside the country of quatar, that ban is now up. >> these are top -- the top five here that were actually exchanged for bowe bergdahl. it had everything in congress fired up about this and americans worried about the safety going forward when they were potentially released. one by the pentagon was a leader of the huh connie network. they said he would rejoin the fight if released. they are set to potentially rejoin the fight of terror. >> it comes at an interesting time over the discussion of the expiration of the patriot act on june first as well. all the timing is pretty fascinating. general stanley mcchrystal, remember him? he said he knew that bowe bergdahl had deserted from the moment that he first learned
5:08 am
about this. he said this should have never happened. listen to the general. >> i was in command. i had been in command about a month or so when he left. >> in what year? >> 2009. my initial understanding based a upon the reporters i got he had walked off intentionally. i do not know whether he walked off to be picked up by the taliban or walk off. we made a massive effort to try to get him back for a couple of reasons. one be he was one of our soldiers. second is we didn't want him to get taken and put in pakistan as we assumed he would. i think that, you know, he was a confused young man was my assumption at the time. i think that will probably turn out to be the judgment of time. but it became this focus of a propaganda effort on the part of those who held him, the huh conies and it became very powerful against the united states. put us in a difficult position. >> they had to stay in their
5:09 am
town houses for a year and were living the life of celebrities. as we try to pull out of afghanistan, we're not just putting five fighters back. we're putting five commanders back into action. no way to track them. we did notice they thought already got back in prior to june first. >> these are high value to our intelligence community one with close ties to bin laden. they likely will rejoin the fight. >> josh earnest ducked that question. >> someone who won't have to duck many questions and marie harf. she's had a laundry list of amazing comments over the past few years. according to our state department producers, she's being forced out as the state department spokesperson basically it's a promotion being guised as being pushed out. she will be the senior advisor to secretary of state john kerry. but she won't be fielding questions behind that podium.
5:10 am
>> she will be focus on the negotiations with iran. the deadline for that june 30th. what happens to her after that? nobody knows. she was in a very important position. meanwhile, making some gaffs as some would say. her critics say she's a nice person. she had missteps start ing with saying that terrorists might need a job and maybe they won't take an ak-47. watch. >> we need in the medium and longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join the groups. whether it's lack of opportunity for jobs, what makes these 17-year-old kids pick up an ak-47 instead of trying to start a business. i didn't hear alternatives i heard big words and thoughts in that piece. there's a place for that. i don't understand what's not clear about saying i'm not going to confirm every meeting. >> no meetings have been canceled but you can say it took place. >> yes. >> that means -- what does that mean? >> it means i'm not going to confirm when meetings took place. >> whatever. >> we don't ultimately send in
5:11 am
american combat troops and i quote we're going to lose. >> well, i'm not exactly sure what lose means. >> yeah. promoted. new job. coming up, governor chris christie fires back at his 2016 opponents over national security. does he vehave it right? i don't think this is a part of preflight check list. look at the picture, it's a flight attendant. don't worry she's posing in the plane's engine for a facebook pic. ♪ i'm louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i told myself for so long that i needed to quit smoking. i would quit then i'd go right back to it. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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5:15 am
we have watched now six and a half years of someone who had no executive experience taking on the most difficult executive job in the world. it has not been a success. i just believe you cannot get experience making decisions. other than making those decisions. i said for a long time the next president of the united states if we want it to be a successful presidency needs to be a governor. >> that was new jersey governor chris christie earlier on our show. weighing in for the race of the
5:16 am
white house this is rick santorum a former senator is set to announce his run. >> joining us is one of the most astute political minds, karl rove. you know i'm right. >> you heard -- >> governor perry is jumping in on the fourth of june. >> what do you think first about christie, can he win? >> everybody can win at this point. the field is so fragmented and unsettled. it will be tough. he's had a rough year and a half. the good thing about christie is he's steady, not gone into the fetal position. he has come out of this thing by focusing on the future. he went out there and said i'm going to lay claim to the guy who is going to tackle the debt problem. >> very few senators become president, why is that? >> if you look at the last six
5:17 am
republican candidates we had a candidater, two vice presidents, two governors, and it's just unusual. at least on the republican side. we've had a tendency to nominate people with executive experience. perry, for example went out the other day and said once these senators get themselves elected governor before they run for president. making the point none the less. >> meanwhile, let's take a look what the governor said slamming into mike lee who is not running, but senator rand paul a fellow tea partier who is running which is dividing the republican party to a degree. let's listen. >> he's a criminal. he's a criminal and he's hiding in russia. he's lecturing to us about the evils of authoritarian government while he lives in vladmir putin. that's why lee and paul are
5:18 am
siding with? >> we're talking about the patriot act. >> snowden there is who he started off talking about. will it be a difference maker? >> i think it will. look, the republican party particularly after the beheadings of -- by isis has strengthened in its intensity on national security question. you have a divide within the party. there is a dweivide with senato paul sayiething i want to repeae entire act. others saying we want to reform that section, section 215 that has the bulk collection. >> this comes down -- you're right on this debate on the one side you have governor huckabee saying show me one instance, you have governor chris christie says show me where there's a
5:19 am
violation. why shouldn't it be to fall the other way? >> having been there for nearly seven years, six of them under the patriot act, this has helped keep america safe by allowing our intelligence agencies to begin to identify relations between bad guys over there and people here. there has been instances where there were people charged. we have had a number of people were identified by the fact they made a contact with somebody abroad who -- >> let's look at the hard numbers. we know innethe next generation concerned about privacy. >> a lot of college kids seem the respond. you can't ignore this. >> we started off talking about
5:20 am
the primary. in the general election this has a different tone. the general election is going to be much different. rand paul is doing himself some good in the primary in open states like new hampshire where you're an independent and there is no contest on the democratic side you can announce you're running in the republican primary. we'll see an influx of people like that in these early states where there is an open primary and people can play in the open primary. people will say there is one republican i will consider voting for and i will vote for him. >> there's lot going on. >> astute political mine. can i have five bucks, also? two and a half -- >> i said it first. >> i'm not going to ask for anything. >> karl rove, thank you very much. great to see you. see you on the radio. up next, they came in smashing display cases the jewelry store owner wasn't giving up without a fight. meet the woman who took on seven
5:21 am
thieves. children trapped inside as a tornado sent the play house flying in the air. what every parent needs to look out for.
5:22 am
your buddy ron once said he could insthe couldn't.ling fan. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. introducing the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. see your john deere dealer for great green tag savings on the e series family of tractors.
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5:24 am
welcome back. quick headlines for you. the wrong stuff. actor sam shepherd was arrested for aggravated dui in new mexico. he was arrested outside a santa fe restaurant when he tried to drive away with the parking brake on. a jewelry clerk fighting off seven thieves. the employee grabbed a metal rob and fought them off.
5:25 am
all right. on a different note, clayton, an inflatable bounce house in florida sent flying 20 feet in the air by a water spout turned tornado. three kids got hurt despite the fact the inflatable was down and secured to the ground. oftentimes they aren't. even when acts of nature aren't to blame improper set up can cause problems. 11,000 injuries per year, sending one child to the emergency room every 45 minutes. the owner of a party rental company has what every parent needs to know. accident do happen. we're seeing an uptick with them. you're the man to let us know how to keep us safe this morning. what are common mistakes people make? >> find a couple different companies out there. the companies that are real that have an office that are insured and licensed and then you have the guys who advertise on street
5:26 am
signs and on, you know, websites and all kinds of stuff. >> no insurance, no -- >> no overhead, not real. verify the company make sure they're real. >> once you get that far and they're setting it up. i kind of assume they know what they're doing. what do we need to look out for when we're setting up ourselves? >> first of all, we're on concrete right now. this is weighted with 100 pounds on every corner. it weighs over 200 pounds. this isn't something that's store bought. it's heavy. and this is weighted with 100 pounds on each other. when we're not on concrete, we're using, this is a stake. this is an example of half inch steel spike we use to secure these into the ground. these are one of the things you want to look for. we're going to stake this en. this is not going to move. >> stake and weight. >> stake when it's on grass, weight when you're on any other type of surface. >> i have a party it's windy out. i don't want to cancel you or these kids.
5:27 am
when is it a no go and whose responsibility is it to say take it down i'm not delivering? >> i'm the owner it's always my responsibility. i leave it up to my guys to make that determinition. if we wake up and it's severe weather, high winds, we don't send them out. people get upset. that's too bad. we're not going to put these out in severe weather. >> that's great. >> are you having fun in there? >> kids come on real quick and introduce yourselves. come on. >> how much fun are you having in there, a ton of fun? >> you'll notice, they're sliding out of a safety exit ramp and net. >> what's your name? >> justin. >> oliver. >> professional bounce house participants and you are all for the bounce house recollect right? yes. >> good. >> let the bounce house live. >> thanks for having me. >> when you order a bounce house do the kids come with it? >> no, the kids don't come with
5:28 am
it you have to have your own. it was on my card, i forgot to ask that. >> what's coming up next? the irs hacked, personal information of tens of thousands of americans stolen. your tax returns, was it yours? love to complain about your baseball team losing? just suck it up? >> are you crying? are you crying? there's no crying. there's no crying in baseball. >> if you thought that was harsh, wait until you hear what the phillys general manager to to say to his team's fans. the comments going viral. coming up. ♪ i'm ready to play today
5:29 am
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gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
5:32 am
welcome back to "fox and friends." big stories going viral. >> two of them big. >> philadelphia let's go to my home city and i've gotten tweets and questions from my friends on the phillies general manager. the phillies have been using. this is a rebuilding year -- >> even though five years ago they were the best team of a generation. >> yesterday he said phillies fans don't understand the game and process. there's a process and then they bleep and complain because we don't have a plan. there's a plan in place and we're sticking with the plan. we can't do what's best for the fans we have to do what's best for the organization. >> it's got to be the same thing. >> he's got to walk that back. >> look, i'm from philly, phillies fans when you lose the season opener you're calling for the players to be benched. this is what happened a few years ago before they made it to the playoffs that season. they were calling for him to be fired. later in that season they made
5:33 am
it to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. >> this is the worst thing to do as a general manager. you could say that in an internal conversation. the fans have to be priority. the fact they complain shows they're passionate. they're buying the $9 hot dog. >> i'm going to go to foul ball to foul play. listen to this story. spirit airlines flight attendant in trouble for photos of herself inside a jet engine. she did this right before -- that's the engine. she's inside the well of it. she proceeded to go ahead and get on board and deal with the passengers. one passenger saw her taking this picture and thought it was strange. made a phone call asking a new reporter if this was normal. she gets on the plane and walked down the aisle he asked her what she was doing.
5:34 am
she said i was just taking a picture. >> who got hurt there? >> spirit airlines is investigating. her facebook page has been taken down. >> don't you like the people who make everything their business. i'm going to call -- >> what was she doing inside the engine well. >> you know those people, the people who have to get in everyone's business. >> heather nauert. >> do you think she's getting a girl pass? if that had been a guy, he would be in big trouble? >> i think guy or girl it's not a bright move. when if the pilot turns the engines on? >> she approaches life with a joy and she tries to experiment. >> and then proceeds to just get on the plane. >> that's where she's going next. >> get out of the engine well, that's dangerous for her. >> i don't even know where that engine is held. >> you should see what brian does when he hops on the
5:35 am
satellite dish on the 44th floor. all right, good morning, i've got headlines to bring you right now. did you hear about this one? sophisticated thieves are using your personal data to steal your records from the irs. the tax agency is now admitting that thieves stole tax data from 100,000 people using an online service for obtaining tax documents. the thieves used stolen data to gain access to accounts from february to this month. they use that information to claim false refund checks. the irs is contacting the taxpayers who were affected by that. brand-new regulations in the wake of that deadly train crash in philadelphia to tell you about. amtrak will now start installing cameras to record engineers. brandon bostian was at controls when the train jumped the tracks killing eight people. he claims he can't remember what happened. the ntsb has recommended that amtrak install all these inward
5:36 am
facing cameras. they have been asking for that since 2010. listen to this coming out of new york are chimps people too? that is what a court in new york will try to determine later today. lawyers for two chimps, leo and hercules, they got their own lawyers they will argue the animals have what they call person hood and that these animals should be freed from stonybrook university where they're used in motion studies, whatever that is. it's called a non-human rights project. they want the pair moved to a florida animal sanctuary. the case does not look like a win. in october there was a chimp named tommy that was denied the same rights the group is looking for. being the world's most famous supermodel isn't enough. after being on the list for the past five years gisele bundchen
5:37 am
won't be on the list. greta, is she on that this year? greta is on that. congratulations to our greta van sustern. she gave her the boot. >> all right. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. king james is one step closer to bringing the crown to cleveland. lebron james and the cavs hit atlanta. this makes lebron's fifth executive appearance in the finals and cleveland's first trip since 2007. he's been there before. he wants the title. he's the first player to make it to the championships five time in a row. and the new york rangers staying alive. they took out tampa in the third period. final score 7-3 in game six of the eastern conference finals. three goals, four assists.
5:38 am
this is the fourth time they have won. game seven is friday. veterans are hitting the links for a good cause. more than $400,000 being raised. what a great story. the money goes to support an employment program for disabled vets. $2.6 million raised since the annual open started in 2008. if there's a better story, i don't know what it is than that. how great is that? >> you're right about that. you are looking live at a damn south of dallas that has began to breach. the pounding rain this weekend causing the water to start rushing over the top. take a look at this. officials warning this dam could break completely and up to 20 feet of water could spill into the area causing flash floods. those flash floods terrorizing houston.
5:39 am
that's where we fine rob wu with the latest on that story. good morning, rob. >> good morning, as i come to you live this morning the last thing anyone wants to see is more rain. a batch of storms passing through. another one coming through in about 20 to 30 minutes. just to give you an idea of how bad things were. at one point water was rushing over the bridge. thankfully the water has receded. the death toll is at five. that's likely to rise. at least two people missing. some will be looked for in this bay bayou. this happened when a boat capsized. an elderly couple got swept away in the water. houston was overwhelmed with 11 inches of rain in six hours. at least 2,500 cars abandoned, many on the freeway. firefighters busy as well carrying out more than 500 water rescues. conditions have improved
5:40 am
dramatically. schools are back open, power outages went from around 90,000 to 8,000. with this passing storm it's back up to 12,000. another look at bray's bayou normally a lazy stream. this morning, people keeping a close eye on the skies. more rain expected. chances for more storms for the rest of the week. unbelievable toorz to see those pictures. >> what should you be thinking? >> a 20 foot high wall of water. >> we'll stay on that for you. how does a 90% tax rate sound to you? one presidential candidate saying it's a great idea. maria bartiromo says there are big problems. >> double the surprise these military brothers served our country but needed to make a quick pit stop. their little sister's high school. all three of them to relive that
5:41 am
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just about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. quick headlines for you now. design house lily pulitzer under fire. a reporter leaking these drawings. they both show overweight women with captions allegedly with put it down carb face. the company has apologizes said that they were the work of one individual there. not representing the whole company. finally, a bipartisan cause we can get behind. introducing a new bill to slash taxes on hard liquor. currently that tax can account for more than half the price of
5:45 am
a bottle. save $2 on a $14 of gin. state and local taxes would still apply. how about that? i love your liquor stories. does 90% tax rate seem too high to you? it seems fine to clayton and to this 2016 candidate on the democrat side. >> when you think about 90% you don't think that's obviously too high? >> no. what i think is obscene and what frightens me when you have the top 1 tenth of one% owning as much as wealth as the bottom 90. does anything think that is the kind of economy this country should have? >> why is he whispering. do taxes on the wealthy impact the country? let's ask maria bartiromo. >> do you think what i think? >> not interested. >> that sound great for the economy. >> what would happen? >> this is going to smash
5:46 am
revenue from taxes. because people will just pick up and leave. money is mobile. it will move where it is treated best. >> didn't we see that in france? >> we saw that in france, in america the last couple of years. when you look at what hat happened in high tax states and low tax states, you saw a lot of people increasing numbers going to florida, texas, where there is no income tax. it's clear what happens when you make it so unsustainable for a person to be successful. >> his second part of that commentary was around the rich and wealthy. he was saying the lower tax burden of the rich. he said it has never trickled down. that's what bernie sanders' argument is. >> we know business is the area of economy that creates jobs. if you make it tough for the wealthy and small businesses to actually keep what they're earning and make money, then it's going to mean they will hire fewer people.
5:47 am
you will smash tax revenue. money is mobile. it will find a place where it is treated best. >> even at 90% -- i can't even say it. 90% even the superrich would not move the needle. >> you're talking about a small tax base. if you're only instituting this on the very wealthy you're not doing anything in terms orf bringing in the right amount of money. i would love to see something like this implemented to see -- >> to prove it. >> right. bernie sanders and others can say we did this. >> be careful what you wish for. >> he's able to overcome that one thing, the 90% tax plan maybe he'll get momentum and hillary clinton will drop out. >> i wonder if this is the plan to make hillary look like the moderate. let's push bernie sanders out there so the democrats can make a choice >> 60%, it won't see so fringe.
5:48 am
>> don't miss maria molina -- >> mumaria molina is coming up. >> going to to find more of maria bartiromo. >> i have the largest real estate developer going to find out about real estate prices. he's going to have some comments on 90% tax. >> i'm sure he will. coming up next, it's one lesson this teenager will never forget. her military brothers surprising her in class. this morning ingang is all here the share their story. >> first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up on the top of his show. nice program today. we have breaking news. you just mentioned this word of a dam collapse in texas. we'll speak live to the governor. not so fast on immigration with the latest court ruling means
5:49 am
for the president and millions of illegals. brutal tactics by isis they're getting better at fighting and killing. what we are learning about that. new video from the future of space travel when martha and i see you at the top of the hour. and five acres of fresh air. top three tools: hammer, screwdriver, front loader. happiness is a drive-over mower deck. a john deere dealer can teach tractors to anybody. in the right hands, an imatch quick-hitch could
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5:52 am
a heart warming video going viral this morning. two proud american brothers from new jersey who just got back from a year long deployment gave their little sister the surprise of her life when they interrupted her school for a big hug.
5:53 am
nice to see all of you this morning. did you have any idea? >> i had no clue. >> you're listening to a lecture, you're like what's happening here? >> my teacher was just like, tapped me on the shoulder and i saw my sister-in-law and i was like what is she doing there? >> your sister-in-law was filming, why is she filming this and you guys walk in. what was the first reaction you saw on her face? >> first reaction, i didn't even know she was in the room. i was like, i can't find her. then all of a sudden as soon as i saw her, just immediate happiness on her face. it melted my heart. >> mow did you guys plan this? >> i called the school the next morning after we got back and asked them if they wouldn't mind if we came in to surprise her. i had played phone tag for a little bit and they said it was all right. >> you had no idea. >> no clue. >> what was it like being gone for a year? you guys close growing up? how difficult was it for you
5:54 am
guys, for you especially here at home knowing where they are around the world? >> like i can't even describe it. like, they're so close to me. it's so hard for them to be gone for a year. >> so sweet. and i mean, you know, siblings grow up there's a lot of fighting. >> of course. >> you pick on each other a lot. you are always looking out for your little sister. >> always. >> when you stand there and got to see that face and she couldn't put into words and she was crying, what did that mean to you? >> it caught me off guard. because, you know, we joke around, we play, but i didn't know that she missed me as much as she did. >> you were back in time for memorial day. what does your brothers' service mean to you and this nation? >> it means the world. for protecting me and our country is amazing. >> what was it like to be back for memorial day with the family? >> such a relief. you never know what you actually
5:55 am
have until it's gone. and you tend to take every bit of it for granted. once it's back in your life, you make the most of it. >> you talk about the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make when they're overseas but there's sacrifices the family makes here at home. >> without the families we are nothing. being able to talk to your family when you're gone for so long, is the greatest feeling in the world. now with modern technology like skype i was able to see her face i was able to see my dad, my fiancee, it's amazing. and the support system that they give us, you can't ask for anything more. >> you guys are back here in new jersey for the summer. it can get hot and humid in the new jersey summer. anything like what you had in quatar over the summer? >> not even close. >> what was the typical day like in quatar? >> extremely hot and sunny.
5:56 am
120, 125. >> 125 in the shade. >> yeah? >> it's so great to see you back together again. have a great summer and thank you for sharing your story. thank you for your service. more "fox and friends" in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity.
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5:59 am
more on the fox news alert you are looking at a dam south of dallas that has begun to breach. traditional rain sending water rushing over the top and more crews are worried that it could collapse completely creating even more flash flooding. take a look at that. my goodness.
6:00 am
ot wall of water could result if this actually has a breach. unbelievable. >> meanwhile, tomorrow on the show we'll have the latest on the fifa scandal and have more on the weather. >> see you all then. bill: there has been another defeat for the white house forcing the question on whether president obama's legacy will be lost. martha: an appeals court dealing the white house a very big blow. they withheld the decision that would block the implementation of president obama's immigration program. >> what was striking about his opinion is it was very detailed and very longed and earn gauged the government's best


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