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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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real man. in february, 1888, bowles and his alter ego black bart disappear for the last time, leaving behind a legacy of crime and a true legend of the real west. hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge janine. why are we fighting in iraq and afghanistan when even they don't have the will to fight? >> the iraqi forces showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered. they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and yet they failed to fight. >>a air strikes are effective, but neither they nor anything we do can substitute for the iraqi
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force's will to fight. we can't make iraq run as a decent place for people to live. we can't sustain the victory. only the iraqis can do that. >> i'm going to shock you tonight. i believe him. finally. someone in the obama administration who tells the truth. but then again, we have known for a long time that the iraqis don't have the will to fight. a year ago they dropped their weapons and they abandoned their vehicles and even dumped their uniforms as soon as they saw isis coming. and even then when there were only 800 of them, well, surprise. after yet another year of training and $9 million in u.s. military expenses, a day last week they did it again. here's the thing. every time they dropped their weapons, isis, the sworn enemy
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of every one of you gains military equipment to use against us. i'm actually surprised that no one has come up with a great idea that it might save lives and casualties to cut out the middle man and ship the stuff to them. what are we doing there? first it was weapons mass distraction. i have news for you. the fighting is going on in the middle east for thousands of years. it's about religion. who is holier and who controls what land. many of those fighting in the middle east are willing to martyr them for ala. they are determined to expel the infidels. you tell me where democracy fits in this tug of war. if this administration were to be believed --
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>> our objective is clear. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> mr. president, with all due respect, i told you a year ago what you need to do. bomb them. bomb them. keep bombing them. bomb them again and again. and i don't care how long it takes. just take out isis. take out their convoys and take out those troops. how do you degrade and destroy the sworn enemy of the west when you fly drastically fewer in a day when less than 25% of those missions drop a bomb. the problem is they are now coming for us. we have to respect the honor and memory of the thousands of american military wounded or killed in the mideast. as well as civilians. but make no mistake. iraq as we once knew it is gone.
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there is no real government. the military clearly can't function. the land is run by militias and like afghanistan, tribal allegiances rule. now, we need to be focused on the protection of americans from our new enemy, isis. once that rag tag team, now a well-organized brutal, wealthy terror force parading in the streets of ramadi under the isis black flag as the world watched. you had them all lined up in one place, mr. president. you could have bombed them then and there. so much for your intent to destroy and degrade. but then again, it's not all bad news. you should feel good. remember those five taliban commanders we traded for that so-called desserter?
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their travel restrictions are said to expire within hours. i suspect they are on the phone right now with their travel agents, but the white house, is it worried? they have it covered. >> we have a relationship with qatar. where we transferred a number of detainees with some security restrictions in place to ensure and this is something that the secretary of defense certified to. they did not pose undue threat. we are in touch with what sort of arrangements we believe are necessary to protect the american people. >> now there is a guy i don't believe. you want to protect the american people, why the hell did you trade the taliban five in the first place for a desserter. as enemy combatants, the taliban five could have been held indefinitely. they didn't have to be released. the taliban is not a country.
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everyone knew bergdahl was a desserter, but you. >> i was in command. i have been in command about a month or so when he left. >> in what year? >> 2009. my initial understanding that he had walked off intentionally. i do not know whether he walked off to be picked upon up by the taliban. >> mr. president, you couldn't wait to run out to the rose garden with your arm around mr. and mrs. bergdahl as mr. bergdahl changed him in the rose garden. we already know that at least three of the taliban five have reached out to the terrorist comrades and one had the taliban come and visit him in qatar. i feel better. so back to my original question, mr. president, why are we fighting in this region instead of focusing on the impending and the wave of isis attacks.
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sure to rain hell here on american soil. that's my open. me what you think on my facebook page or twitter. just janine. with me is the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. good evening, mr. chairman. >> good evening. >> all right, the taliban five scheduled to be released within hours. your reaction? >> i think the national director of intelligence gave us a good sense of what to expect when he said the chance of four of them coming back into the fight is probably nine out of ten. the chance of a fifth, maybe ten. you have five of the most dangerous released i believe because the administration wants to clear out guantanamo. i think this was an excuse to get rid of people that otherwise would not have justification for releasing. he went around the requirement. the notified congress 30 days
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prior. >> we know that the ones who were -- >> we have to brace for this. >> i don't mean to interrupt you, but there is no question that the ones who were last held in guantanamo were the worst of the worst, correct? >> correct. is a deputy director of intelligence and another is commander. a third is a regional governor. a fourth was a deputy defense minster. the fifth had ties directly to al qaeda as did several of the others. you have people who between them are responsible for thousands of civilian deaths of afghanistan. they now as of tonight will presumably be free to travel. >> of course free to return to the battlefield. no one is monitoring them. no one has a hold on them whatsoever.
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what makes this administration think that the years they spent in guantanamo have rehabilitated them? >> of course the situation is such that in past conflicts, we have held enemy combatants who owe o liege yens to those who want to destroy us. we held them until the end of the war. in this case al qaeda has not been defeat and neither has the taliban. they are making war against u.s. service members and our allies. this was a very dangerous thing for the administration to do. >> all right, now the administration according to reports, you heard the sound of general mcchrystal believed that he was an observer. my understanding is that initially on a website, the pentagon said he was a desserter. why would the president trade this man for five of the worst?
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it's bad enough we were releasing the taliban. why not for steve or james foley and isn't journalists. why for this man? >> i think this was a convenient excuse, something that temporarily worked for the administration in terms of clearing the five out. this is not the only example we have -- my committee is looking into six individuals that were transferred to uruguay and as we have seen the evidence, they have been spotted about 40 times around the u.s. embassy in uruguay. they are no longer under observation. they have thrown caution to the wind and it has been a reckless act. again what we are talking about is an attempt to close guantanamo down and i believe what he is believing to do is transfer it back to cuba.
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under these circumstances. >> i was going to ask that. does it go back to cuba? is it part of the deal with the resumption that they get guantanamo back? is that a valuable area? >> well, we have a long-term leasing arrangement there. one of the things we are trying to make certain of is we pass legislation that guantanamo not be closed and not be returned to cuba by this administration. all evidence right now points to a real fixation on getting that closed. >> what would we do with it? >> what we would do with guantanamo? >> if it's emptied out. >> the point is what we use it for is to hold those who are taken into custody overseas trying to kill americans or kill our forces overseas. it beats bringing them here to the united states and giving
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them a platform and making a target in state penitentiaries or in the united states. this is the preferable way to handle these terrorists. >> let's talk about iran. you are going to have hearings on tuesday. june 2nd with the discussion of americans missing or detained in iran. yet today, interestingly enough, we have got the resumption of the iran nuke talks. is one american, this gentlemen by the name of jason on trial in iran, is that leverage by iran to try to get the nuclear deal signed off on in exchange for releasing this guy that the president says he won't rest until this journalist is released? >> i think that's a very interesting question because iran has a long history of taking american hostages going
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back to 1979 and trying to use them as leverage. you will recall that president reagan put an end to that when he was inaugurated. they were quick to change their method of operation with hostages. now they are back at it. we are having a hearing tuesday with the brother of this "washington post" editorial. we also have family members of three other families. americans who were held in iran. this shows frankly the attitude iran has towards the united states. i would add one other thing. the broadcast attitude. every time the ayatollah said death to america or says we are going to mass produce icbms here or the iranian regime announces they will rebuild the tunnels and transfer $20 million and give them rockets and missiles to replace the inventory lost in the gaza war, it tells us the
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real intentions and that is why the administration seems so blind to the reality. attitude said a lot when they tell you what they intend to do. >> speaking of attitude, with far more equipment and soldiers in iraq, isis shows up and the iraqis that we have been training i don't know for how many years, they just take off and they drop everything. why? >> i think this shows the influence that iran has had on baghdad. baghdad will not allow the equipment or weapons to be put into the hands, for example, of the kurds. the foreign minster has been out to see me several times. his argument to my committee is we are fighting with small arms fire over a 600 mile front. we need that artillery. long range mortars and we need the weapons and we can't get
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them because baghdad won't release them. why? because they tell their allies not to do it. likewise the sunni tribes that were fighting say we can't get the tank weapons and the support. why? because these decisions are made by baghdad and those generals who ordered the retreat, their political appointees who did not stay and fight. i would suggest that if we have those who want to do the fighting in the kurdish ranks and among the tripes, they allow them, but don't run through baghdad as long as it will go to the iranian government. >> thank you very much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. >> and coming up, more on the taliban with ambassador john bolton. the taliban five, free to travel within hours. where would you send them? facebook or tweet me at judge janine justice is fox. that d.
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. continuing on the taliban fight, joining me is former u.s. ambassador to the contributor, john bolton. the taliban five being released,
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do you expect them to return back to the battlefield? >> i think as ed just said, it's a near certainty by most estimates. this was a matter of indifference to the obama administration. i do think the objective is to close down the detention facility at gitmo and the prisoner exchange was just an easy way to get five particularly troublesome prisoners out of the way. >> what do you think would happen to guantanamo. if they close it down and take everybody out of there, is there a deal to give it back to cuba? >> i'm worried about that. this has been an ideological fixation of the american and international left for over a half century. it's a very valuable facility to the united states. has nothing to do with the detention center there, but just having that as we have since the spanish-american wars and an incredibly valuable for the navy and the western hemisphere. there is no reason to give it
6:21 pm
back except this ideological obsession that was the result of american imperialism 100 years ago. >> josh talked about the fact that something about we have all these partners around the world and our 50 or 60 nation coalition and they will watch these guys too. by the way, who are those 50 or 60 countries and what are they doing with respect to isis and people like the taliban? >> the statistics over the last eight or nine years really, even going back into the bush administration is of those we can verify and those released that we can verify, a majority can go against us and taking up terrorist activities. a lot, probably more than that, we can't really determine where they have gone. that's almost a sure indication that they slipped under the radar and they are back in the fight too.
6:22 pm
the idea that somehow the release of these prisoners into somebody else's custody keeps us as safe as if we had kept them there is flatly wrong. >> let me ask you a more general question. can isis ultimately win. iraq i don't believe is a nation state anymore. >> i quite agree. the state of iraq is gone and the kurds will never come back in voluntarily. i don't know who will force them back. the sunni arabs will never agree in my view to be in a government dominated by shia arabs who are dominated by tehran. isis has been able to pick up so much sunni support. it's not necessarily on a support for isis as it is opposition to the government in baghdad. we have to recognize that our subjective should be to destroy isis as soon as possible. >> we can't with the number of
6:23 pm
those without bombs. that's not going to happen. >> not under obama anyway. the best we can do is hope that nothing goes terribly wrong for the next 20 months. he is not going to do anything effective. if you had a real president with a real strategy work with the turks, you work with the arab monarchies and the oil producing monarchies at the arabian peninsula to put together along with the kurds an effective force that could destroy isis. that has nothing to do with the military under the control of baghdad. they are under the control of tehran. i wouldn't give them the time of day let alone the army. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us. christian persecution continues in the latest violence, two pastors in sudan may be put to death because of their faith. my next guest is the president and ceo, david curry.
6:24 pm
he joins me now. tell us what happened to the two pastors. >> these two pastors were arrested in sudan for preaching the gospel. the first pastor, pastor michaels was arrested december 31st and was held away from his family, not able to talk to them. isolated in an unknown location. the other was arrested for going to the government and asking what happened to my friend? sudan is number six on the world watch list. they have been cracking down on christians and we are concerned that they will be put to death or given a life sentence just for being christians and practicing faith. >> you talk about a watch list and you talk about number six. where are the top most violent countries for christians in the world? >> the world watch list is the open doors academic studies with the facts related to persecution and number is afghanistan. a dangerous place for christians and not a lot of freedom. number four, syria.
6:25 pm
very free for christians until the civil war, but that devolved. christians are caught in a crossfire and trying to hold on to power and isis and the extremist there. number three is iraq and there is episodic violence for the last decade as the politicians failed to keep the peace. isis controls a wide swath of iraq. the second most dangerous place is somalia. pribl influences there and extremists and islamics who are attacking christians regularly and dangerous place to be a christian. somalia. the number one on the watch list is north korea. the most dangerous place to be a christian and share your faith and be caught with a bible and do anything that the most basic of religious freedoms. >> when you go to those countries, does appear that there more countries becoming more dangerous that you are adding to your watch list?
6:26 pm
>> absolutely. it's harder to get on the list because it's more dangerous. this is the first year that we had every region become more difficult for christians. it's harder to be number 50 on the list, in other words. it's getting that much more difficult. of course that's because of the extremists and because of totalitarian governments. like sudan who is holding these two prisoner, they have an autocratic way of dealing with it and pressing out christian faith. he will likely put them to death unless people make that. >> let's hope so and my understanding is that your organization launched a petition calling on the president for assistance. >> open doors has petitioned to call for the president to point a special envoy. it's been a year since he promised to do it. we need a point person to find out what's happening to christians in these regions.
6:27 pm
>> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next, hillary clinton's controversial role in the u.s. arm sales. plus, is the left putting free speech under attack? one democrat said they are. that's next. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped
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. from america's news headquarters, more thunderstorms and showers on the forecast from southeast texas. stressing the severity of the storm. no identification has been released pending the results of an autopsy. this is the seventh body to be found. at least 30 people have perished in oklahoma and texas since the storm started last weekend. a massachusetts light house is on the new resting spot on martha's vineyard.
6:32 pm
the light was moved 135 feet away because of a cliff. the next phase of the operation gets under way next week when work starts on a newfoundation. officials hope to turn the light house beacon back on sometimes in july. now back to justice. . >> now my view. under federal law, it is illegal for foreign governments to contribute to political candidates. all efforts by foreign governments to buy american made arms must be cleared by the state department. the policy to prevent cash from influencing or jeopardizing the national security. nothing says you can't contribute to a foundation run by politicians who may or may not campaign in the future. under federal law, the state department that gives clearance for such sales as required to
6:33 pm
give the human rights record into account when purchasing military equipment. in 2009 with hillary clinton about to be secretary of state agrees to disclose cash contributionings from foreign governments to the clinton foundation when he is asked whether she would refuse to accept foreign money to her foundation since it could be seen as a way to curb the favor and possible future president, she had a true clinton two step since they oversaw and approved $165 billion of sales to 20 nations whose governments gave millions to the clinton foundation, including algeria, qatar, kuwait. that figure nearly doubles to countries that donated to the clinton foundation compared to george bush's second term. hillary clinton's state department okayed pentagon deals to the countries that donated
6:34 pm
leading to a 143% increase from the bush administration years. algeria is one of the countries that hillary forgot to put on the clinton foundation disclosure. was the national security for sale? you be the judge? that's my view. free speech under attack all over the world. my fear is it may be too late for free speech in america. earlier i sad down with the political analyst to talk about in her words, the silepsing taking place in america. take a look. >> thanks for being here. i have been reading your book and it's a great book. how the left is killing free speech. i'm fascinated by the topic. you are a liberal and yet you take on the liberals and the left for what seems to be and what i believe for a time is a growing intolerance of left free
6:35 pm
speech and free debate in this country. >> i make a distinction between your average democrat or principal liberal and i call the group i'm talking about the illiberal left. it is a group of people who i may agree with on policy issues, but not the tactics they use to shut down debate that they believe is the truth and the debate is over and there is nothing to discuss. >> what's amazing is that for the longest time, the right was seen as intolerant. you yourself, a liberal, are taking on your own party. the democratic party because of this intolerance. have you gotten push back? >> it's all a high and mighty debate. the people who have been pushing back have not read the book. it's clear because they describe it as being not what it is. it's not a book about conservatives. a lot of people who are silenced are christians and a lot are
6:36 pm
liberals and people who are not political. they happen to say the wrong thing and find themselves that they lost their job for saying the wrong thing. in that case, giving a donation to an anti-same-sex marriage initiative. i support same-sex marriage, but we should be able to tolerate different views without calling them homophobes. >> if you say something against someone who is an islamist terrorist, even the word is frowned upon. we got to the point where political correctness is taking away our ability to say what we think. >> i think it's more than that. one of the examples that happened recently was christina hoff summer who is went to overland college and equity feminism is what she believes in. that's liberal feminism. doesn't sound that scarey and yet she had to have security. see had not had to have security
6:37 pm
before she arrived and do signs that said save space if you can't handle what christina is saying. trigger warnings like people are being psychologically damaged that. sounds crazy, but what is so problematic is intolerance is just i'm not going to listen to it. what the liberal left is doing is taking an extra step. >> i want you to listen to it. >> what's with the free speech. it's a fundamental tenet. say what you want. you do you want well with footnotes in your book that if you want to say it over here. are we getting to the point where there is an effort now kind of carve out exceptions possibly? >> most of the book is nonofficial silencing and not about first amendment. there examples on campuses of blatant first amendment
6:38 pm
violations with the so-called free speech zones where students have to get 10-day advanced notice to express their speech. separately, what you asked is the most important question. what is happening with the first amendment. i interviewed floyd abram who is is an iconic liberal. he said the lawyers that the progressive scholars that he had is through the first amendment center, they have been taught it's not against the government, but it's an impediment to policy. you have legal scholars that are giving us too much protection for speech. you have major first amendment scholars suggesting that maybe we need that. we now at the point where there these icons who are saying the first amendment is not what the founding fathers intended it to be and don't use it as a defense because if you can get involved in hate speech, we are
6:39 pm
coming after you. >> that is where we are headed unfortunately and it's terrifying. >> great powers. the silencing how the left is killing free speech. you should get it. >> thanks. >> coming up, my justice exclusive. to leave islam and convert to christianity. why would she do that? next. we all enter this world with a shout, and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year. and that would be something worth shouting about. cvs health, because health is everything.
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he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices. . >> welcome back to justice. after converting for islam to christianity, she lived in fear of becoming the victim of an honor killing. now they are saying why they risked it all. take a look. >> thanks for being with us.
6:44 pm
you were raised a muslim and wh 12 made a decision to convert to christianity. why would a 12-year-old do that? >> you know, judge, i lived in a really abusive islamic home. to give you an understanding of what that was like, i was 12 years old considering suicide. i remember thinking if this is what has to offer, i don't want it. there were two events that happened that showed why is so hard. i was sexually violated by an extended family member. normally in america you are punished for that. in my culture the shame is cast on the victim. i was seen as this defiled person that would bring shame on the family. my family moved because of that to retain our honor to the united states of america. >> from sri lanka to the u.s. you make that decision to be a christian at the age of 12 and
6:45 pm
at 16, how was it that your family finds out about it? >> throughout the years, i really tried to hide it as best as i can. my parents find books and stuff, but i say it's for school. my father confronts me and asked me these questions and i never had seen him this angry. he said if this is true, i will kill you. i believed my life was in danger. the mosque got involve and it was a negotiable for my father. she said if you do not deal with your daughter, we will. >> you knew if this came out and apparently they started finding out that your life was in danger. your was in jeopardy. an honor killing where a family member kills their own family member might occur. do you believe that your family would have killed you? >> i do. my friends knew i was terrified. it was not just one decision to leave. i would hide my faith for four
6:46 pm
years. my friends knew i would hide my bible in the locker and i was secretive about my faith during that time. in that moment where my father confronted me, i did not expect to be alive. i really believed my life was in danger. that's why i left. >> what did you see as a difference between christianity and islam? >> i saw love as the biggest difference. in islam, i found that the motivation was punishment and fear. i was living in a suffocating environment where everything was control and i found love was so compelling and how that was just an amazing experience of i experienced the love of god and that pulled me in. >> what about your mother? was your mother the kind of person who would help you get away or was your mother have been in agreement with your dad? >> my mother does not have a voice. from what i saw growing up, her opinion is my father's opinion.
6:47 pm
she grieved the decision that i made and there was a confrontation where she spit at me and said the mosque will take care of me if our father doesn't. she was in agreement with my dad. even if she doesn't want it, she didn't have a choice. >> finally when you made the decision to run away, you ended up in foster care for years. now once you were 18, you were considered emancipated and you are now in a secret location, but you are in school. what do you want americans to know in your book, hiding in the light, what do you want them to know about islam and what is happening politically in the world? >> i want them to know that i am one of many and there many situations like mine. our responsibility is to stand up and fight for the weak. my story is -- i hope my story sheds light into what's happening and my hope is to send the message that girls can leave.
6:48 pm
they have a choice to be able to leave their home. >> but what do you say quickly to the women who were going-over to join isis, the young american girls. what do you say? >> it's a false promise. it's a promise that will leave you -- look what is happening. women are committing suicide. i found freedom in my faith and in christ and i really think it's a destructive and members promise. >> all right. great book heighting in the luck. good luck to you. thank you. >> thank you. . >> this is a fox news alert. we are just getting word that joe biden's son beau died of brain cancer. the statement read in part it is with broken hearts that haley, hunter, ashley, jill and i announce the passing of our husband, brother, and son, beau after he battled brain cancer
6:49 pm
with the same integrity, courage, and strength that he demonstrated every day of his life. the biden family is saddened beyond words. he will live on especially through his wife haily and two children, natalie and hunter. the chief white house correspondent henry join us live on the phone. >> obviously very sad news. he knows the biden family well and they have been through a lot of tragedy when joe biden was elected to the senate in the 70 70s. he had to come back before he was sworn into the senate. beau was sick and it worsened in recent weeks. they were very private about it, not uponing to bring a lot of attention. the family gathered. what is significant as well, he
6:50 pm
was just 46 years old. that is a very sad part of this. we knew him as the attorney general and joe biden beyond th man, and also someone who served in the delaware national guard. and people forget that but should remember it. he was an iraq war veteran. even though he was in politics, he joined the national guard and was awarded the bronze star. so this is someone who served his country in numerous ways, and that are's all kinds of political battles going on right now. a lot of talk about the presidential race, and a lot of people have wondered why joe biden hasn't made his intentions clear. this is really part of the reason, he was dealing with this privately, and i think presidential politics was the furthest thing from his mind right now and a lot of heavy
6:51 pm
hearts all around the country. >> and we had all heard a couple months ago that beau was hospitalized with a quote, undiscrundi undisclosed illness. there was very little said. apparent lay it was kept under wraps. it is so sad, and this happened today. do we know exactly when this happened? >> caller: just, it sounded like it just happened in the last hours. remember, he had had a stroke a few years ago, and as i said, he was very young. and people thought that came out of the blue and then he had brain cancer. and he died from it. >> we're going to be right back. thanks. boys? (music) stop less, go more.
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some say isis started in a military defense center in iraq. so is our prison system a breeding ground for home-grown terror? patrick, are prisons now a breeding ground for terrorism in the united states? >> prisons are a microcosm of society. if we have issues in so the with
6:56 pm
homegrown terrorism, don't be surprised to find it in prisons. >> the catholics have a priest in the prison. and then, you know, the jews have a rabbi. and the protestants have a pastor. there are imams in prison. how do you become an imam in a prison? >> that's a good question, because when imams first came into the prison system, most prison administrators could not tell the difference between a sunni or shia or, so they just hired a bunch of ex-defders. >> i'm sorry, we're going to have you back next week to talk about this. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack, sneak, peek, tease, taunt, like, love.
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the police in america. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." and welcome to this special edition of hannity. it's that time once again when college graduates get ready to enter the real world. some of the advice is great. some of it's shocking. for the hour, we're going to examine both. but here's some of the best advice given to graduates so far this year. ♪ >> those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, i say well done. and, as i like to


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