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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 1, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

1:00 am and you can be part of our your buzz feature. as you know we'll be back here next saturday at 11:00 and again at five eastern with the latest buzz. right now, in our nation's capital, lawmakers are trying to save three key provisions of the patriot act that are set to expire in a few hours, at midnight eastern. our producers on capitol hill are telling us this. the nsa programs will stop tonight. the senate began a vote moments ago and the bottom line is, even if they did manage to pass an extension, it's too late. the bulk data collection part of the patriot act will lapse, at least for a short time. it's often called the nsa snooping program. the part of the patriot act carried out by the national security agency to collect american phone records in mass.
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kentucky senator rand paul has called it the government's illegal spying on americans. in fact senator paul has been a driving force in the tough debate over parts of the law, specifically focusing on the nsa surveillance power. it's a bipartisan issue. democrats and some republicans pushing for an extension, saying that the patriot act tools are necessary to keep them away from terrorism. mike emanuel is live for us on capitol hill. mike what happens at midnight eastern? >> caller: well, at this moment they are finishing up a procedural vote on a bill that will fix these problems. the problem is it's oem a first in a series of votes. so here's what is due to expire in about five hours. collection of phone records, phone numbers, date and length of phone calls, roving wiretap authority which would allow the fbi to continue tracking terror
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suspects who use disposable cell phones to avoed surveillance and there's a lone wolf provision for people plotting attacks on their own. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the house's freedom act, which they just voted on seemed to be the only option with time running out. >> the house passed bill it certainly is not ideal. but along with votes on modem amendments to attempt that the program can work as promise, it's now the only realistic way forward. >> reporter: speaker john boehner issued a statement late today saying, "al qaeda and other terrorists across the globe continue to plot against america and our allies i'd urge that the freedom act be passed and do so expeditiously. it takes a long time in the united states senate to get something through unless all 100 senators are on board.
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harris? >> well we although senator rand paul 10 1/2 hours on the floor last week he's been fighting the tide and the argument the flip side is some of the lawmakers say it would be left unpro equitytected if certain parts of the patriot act is set to expire at midnight. now i understand that the ball will be in his court, giving him maybe another 30 hours of debate. will he take it? >> reporter: well that's the question of the hour essentially. bottom line if all 100 senators consent they can quickly pass this house-passed bill to stop any lapse in the security programs but if rand paul decides to hold it up then of course the clock runs for another 30 hours, as you said and much of washington seems prepared to blame rand paul if there is a lapse. for example, senator john mccain on the floor earlier said several times that rand paul should learn the rules of the senate. mccain also told reporters paul's tactics are successful fundraising exercise for his
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presidential campaign. yet the senate's top democrat played republican leader mcconnell. >> the job of a leader is to have a plan. in this case it's clear that the majority leader simply didn't have a plan. we're not in the mess today because of a junior leader in kentucky. >> reporter: not surprising that harry reid would take a swipe at mitch mcconnell. but many warn rand paul this may be a dangerous move harris. >> they can shore up their side of the argument. part of the problem has been the bulk collection has not always proven to work. we saw they had a lot of metadata but they were not able to stop that. i'm curious to know is senator rand paul talking about this fight at all tonight? has anybody spoken to him? >> reporter: well yeah. the phone data is
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unconstitutional and paul is telling all who will listen that he thinks the authorities should be forced to get a warrant before they get a potential terror suspect's phone data. >> i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. why won't you stop this program now? the president has every ability to do it. we have every ability to do it and i intend on protecting the constitution. >> so there was rand paul making his case on the senate floor before the clock ran out earlier this evening and may be a long night ahead on the senate floor. harris? >> mike emanuel, you'll continue to cover this. i can see it we've got it on a big wall here inside the fox report studio. they are still doing this vote. we'll see it as it happens. thank you. >> thank you. five of the most notorious members of the taliban will not be free to roam the globe just
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yet. the united states made a deal with qatar to keep them in that country and got an extension on that deal. it's been a developing story on this sunday with a cliff hanger of where those former guantanamo bay detainees would go if they went free. they are the so-called taliban five who have been under surveillance allbeit loosely since the release of bowe bergdahl. the travel ban that was set to expire at midnight eastern sparked fears that they would return to the battlefields immediately. they say it's a delay of the inevitable. let's bring in conor powell. some members of congress were not even notified that they were negotiating to keep these five from going free. >> reporter: yes. there's been a lot of concern expressed about this entire situation and even going back a
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year when this deal was struck for the release of sergeant bowe bergdahl and these five guantanamo bay detainees. now, it isn't clear what exactly is happening other than this extension of the travel ban is sort of extended for a few more days possibly for a few more months. what we understand at least from d.c. officials is that the negotiations with the qataris are continuing. we don't know if that's indefinite for months for weeks. there's still a lot of questions right now to go with really this entire situation which has made a lot of people angry on capitol hill particularly the lawmakers. but even with afghan officials. so we're sort of in a wait and see. what we know right now is these five detainees will not be leaving qatar tomorrow but according to this agreement they will have the ability to leave qatar but it appears to be extended. clearly the white house thinks that they despite that there is
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a probability of these guys returning to the battlefield was low, there is some probability so they are working to try to extend this travel ban. so the white house backtracking a little bit on this harris. >> how will they know that? statistically what we know about the recidivism of these guys is we monitor them so we know who they are talking to and we know recently one of the members of guantanamo bay that we were watching was looking up with his buddies, so to speak. do we have any idea of the travel plans that these five were anticipating to make? they would have been making them thinking that they were traveling tomorrow. what do we know? >> reporter: the afghan government was not part of this original agreement. there is a question of how they would have traveled and there are answers that are not clear and that's why lawmakers on capitol hill and officials in the region are frustrated. they just don't have any information about this.
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there is concern about these guys returning to the battlefield. there are practical questions about how they would leave qatar and where would they arrive? obviously in a place like afghanistan and pakistan, there are ways around this official travel requirement. but there is just a lot of questions about everything to do with its entire situation. and that has had so many people frustrated harris. >> conor powell, thank you very much. and now condolences are coming in because vice president biden's son beau biden has died of cancer. >> reporter: it's hard to believe this is the second time the vice president has lost a child. his first wife and daughter were killed in a car crash in 1972 and his son beau was also in that accident. here he is talking about it at the democratic national convention in 2008.
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>> my brother hunter and i were seriously hospitalized for weeks. i was just short of 4 years old when my earliest memories was being in that hospital and my dad always at our side. we my brother and i, not the senate were all that he cared about. >> his father was, again, at his side when he passed away last night after a two-year battle with brain cancer. the 46-year-old was an attorney, a public servant, a husband and a father. he was recently delaware's attorney general and just last year announced his plan to run for governor. in a statement released by his father he said, "beau's life was defined by service to others. as a young lawyer he worked to establish the rule of law in war-torn kosovo. as delaware's attorney general, he fought for the powerless." but in the words of president
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obama, "for all that beau biden achieved in his life nothing made him prouder, nothing made him happier, nothing claimed a fuller focus of his love and devotion than his family. just like his dad." >> we're going to take a pause. can we bring up that live picture of the senate floor? here's what we just learned. it will lapse at 8:00 p.m. eastern. even though the debate is going on and the cloture vote is open. 77 votes to 17. it's now passed the senate. it needs to go back to the house. they are not going to reconvene tonight and that is why the bulk data collection of americans, their phone records, phone numbers, length of phone calls,
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so on and so forth, that we've been reporting to you in the last few minutes, will lapse at midnight. and however quickly they can get back and make a move going forward, we'll see whether or not an extension gets extended beyond that whether they vote into place this house version of the patriot act. let's watch and listen a voice that has really pushed this debate into the forefront. senator rand paul of kentucky. >> people have brought up the boston bomber the tsarnaev boy. people say, we need this we need the patriot act after the bombing to get his phone records. that's the most absurd thing i've ever heard. he's already committed a bombing. in fact i think he was dead at point and you're saying we couldn't get a warrant to look at his phone records? it's absolutely absurd. how do you get more information
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about this metadata collection that uses a less than constitutional standard? he said without question you get more information with a warrant than you do through the metadata. when come one commits an act of atrocity there's no question we would get a warrant. but i would go even further. i would say i want to get warrants on people before things blow up. we need to analyze data and try to find out who we have suspicion for so we can investigate their records. i think we spend so much money on people for whom there is no suspicion that we don't have enough time and money left to go out to the people who would actually harm us. the people who argue that the world will end at midnight
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tonight. >> senator please suspend. please take your conversations off the floor. thank you, senator. >> the people who argue that the world will end -- >> if he wants it he'll get 30 hours to debate the bulk data collection that lapses at midnight.
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secretary of state john kerry's diplomatic session overseas is now on hold while he nurses a broken leg from a biking accident in france. he apparently hit a curb. he was rushed to a hospital in geneva and will be flown to boston tomorrow to be treated by the same doctor who previously performed his surgery on him. elizabeth prann is live in washington with this. he's had quite a weekend. do we know when he'll go home? >> secretary of state john kerry will remain in geneva.
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doctors suggested he stay overnight for observation after his accident sunday morning. the secretary was enjoying a break after scheduled meetings with his iranian counterpart. he was traveling at a low speed on a flat ground outside of a town called scionzier. the pass climbs more than 5,000 feet. the same path that competitors take during tour de france. he suffered a right femur break and never lost consciousness. he rides abroad occasionally. as far as impacting his future travels, we know it's unclear for how long. looking forward, we know he'll not be traveling to madrid or paris this week as he planned. instead, he'll participate via video conference. as you know his job is exhausting. so far this year cease traveled
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to 63 countries in 356 days. the state department has not said if this injury will inhibit negotiations between participating nations and iran. harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. i want to go back now to the senate floor. kentucky senator rand paul making his case there about why the nsa phone data collection program should be allowed to expire beyond midnight tonight because it's going to last regardless. but maybe it would be only temporary if congress reaches a deal in the coming days. we've been watching and listening to the senator and he did this for 2 1/2 hours about a week or so ago. we know that he can talk for a while. the way that it works now, the cloture vote that they took at the top of the hour live here on fox report it would allow for 30 more hours of debate. we don't know how that will look whether or not this will be the beginning of that and it will go on from here or what. but no matter what they do at this point, it will lapse tonight. we're watching it. also the travel ban on terror leaders released in
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exchange for sergeant bowe bergdahl has been extended. our greg gutfeld host of the brand-spanking new "greg gutfeld show" joins me at home base to talk about it.
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fox news is america's business headquarters. it's a busy sunday as many people are looking to get out of the oval office. ten declared likely candidates from both political parties making appearances on network news shows. among them wisconsin governor scott walker. while he's not yet announced a white house run, he did talk about what he thinks it takes to be president. >> i think the next president
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can't just be -- it's not enough just to have a republican. you have to push a big bold growth agenda. not just austerity but understanding people. >> iowa holds the first in the nation's caucuses is giving walker plenty of momentum for his possible run. the governor leading all of his potential republican challengers. walker lands seven points ahead of senator rand paul and dr. ben carson who tied for second. joining me now from our new york city is brian llenas. >> scott walker is picking up ground and the poll shows 45% of iowans would never vote for him.
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bush saying today his decision to run is coming soon. >> i prayed about it and talked at length to my wife of 41 years who is the love of my life and my kids and they are totally all in. >> when do you think that will be? next month? >> it will be soon for sure. i have a trip to germany, poland and estonia a week from monday and after that i'll have to make up my mind. >> meantime former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina has seen her favorability jump big time from 15% to 41% since she made her announcement on the 24th. her attacks are the most important factor in deciding to support her, say some. today she defended her clinton offensive on "fox news sunday". >> it is entirely legitimate when someone is running for the presidency of the united states to ask whether they are being
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transparent, whether they are trustworthy and have a track record of leadership. hillary clinton has demonstrated over and over again that she is not transparent. >> meanwhile, former governor martin o'malley wasting no time to announce that he's running for the democratic presidency. now, today o'malley defending his policies as the former mayor of baltimore for eight years after critics say his tough policing policies contributed to the distrust among police in the community, fueling the recent unrests there. >> for all of the progress that we make there's always so much more that needs to be done. i would not have been elected with 91% of the vote the first time or re-elected four years later with 88% of the vote if we were not making substantial progress. >> nine months before the iowa caucus harris and things are certainly heating up. back to you, harris. >> brian, thank you very much. let's go back to the developing story, the five
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taliban terrorists are not free to travel around the globe just yet. yacht qatar has extended the travel ban. greg gutfeld, whose new program premiers tonight at 10:00 eastern on the fox newschannel -- first of all congratulations. >> thank you. i'm very excited. >> we weren't sure if the taliban five would be free at midnight eastern but this deal maybe it just delays the inevitable according to some critics. your thoughts? >> two things. my suggestion is, let them go let them stay at rand paul's kentucky house. that way we know where they are without having to rely on the nsa programs because they are evil. at least if they stayed at rand paul's place, we would know where they are. three of these people have made contact with the taliban. they have made contact. i don't think it was to catch up on old times or talk about
1:28 am
opening an arby's. they were reconnecting. >> we talked about this earlier in the program as the news was breaking. i said part of the recidivism static that we have on these guys is because we've been monitoring them. we know that they are talking and that they are buddies. >> exactly. >> that's not brain surgery to know who they are talking to. >> exactly. we never used to play catch and release with evil. when we knew something was bad -- and by the way, evil today is different than evil back then whether it was nazis or communism, they were evil but not apocalyptic. we are dealing with an apocalyptic enemy. they are happy if the world ends. that's what we're dealing with. that's why security and nsa is more important than any grandstanding. >> you know what i thought -- i don't know if you caught this on maria bartiromo's show earlier today. the former prime minister of qatar was on and he called it noise. he said we do this deal with you
1:29 am
and it was supposed to really help and no i don't like all of the noise. i'm paraphrasing him, the criticism that's happening about this deal. >> you know what it's a terrible deal. i think it's a terrible deal for us because we know exactly what is going to happen. and that's what he means by noise, i prefer to call that truth. this is not a good deal. >> all right. we'll bring that and part of our chat to a close and find out about the show because in a couple of hours i'll be popping corn waiting for "the greg gutfeld show." with my flippers on. >> i love flippers. i have an entire onesie. it's going to be a great show. it's strange, it's surprising it's a combination of hr pop and stuff and capital gain. >> really? >> yeah. >> all wearing onesies or just you? >> just me. but in the a block we'll talk about isis and hillary clinton and racism all in the a block.
1:30 am
>> you're doing news? >> i'm doing hardcore news. and i have quite possibly the most interesting liberal panel you will ever see. also two things you cannot miss the beginning of the show and i'm not going to tell you why. >> you're not? >> no. >> you winked at me. >> and at the end of the show it's quite interesting, too, and everything in between. it's a beautiful messy sandwich. >> wow. just like you. >> i'm sweaty. i ran 20 blocks to get here. >> he did. the traffic in the city is horrible. i appreciate it. >> my exercise. >> i'm excited. now i can go to bed at a decent hour after watching you. >> that's nice to hear. >> 10:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> thank you, harris. >> i can hardly wait. all right. the ongoing battle on capitol hill lawmakers versus national security. let's look at a live picture. this looks like file footage but
1:31 am
it's not. it's kentucky senator rapd paul still speaking and making his case about why he believes the data collection case must be going away. it is going away at midnight at least temporarily. for now, the fox news political insiders will step in to talk about all of it and what's made news in politics this weekend. which side is striking the right balance and the collecting data to help stop terrorists? we'll want to hear from you. senator rand paul or other surveillance critics who have it right. by the way, the white house, some democrats and republicans on the same side against senator paul. chime in while you tune in. hit us up on facebook and twitter. we're coming right back. stay close. a
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. i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. senator rand paul speaking right now on the senate floor against the nsa surveillance program which collects data on the phone calls of all americans. he call it is illegal, he wants it gone he began speaking at 7:08 eastern. the program will lapse at midnight no matter what the senate does tonight. we don't expect the house to come back. so even if they did push something through, the house would have to push something through and on and on we go. tonight at midnight it goes away, this portion of the pat patriot act. the surveillance powers play a
1:36 am
pivotal role in keeping us all safe say the white house. former congressman for new york pat cadell and fox news contributor and doug shone and fox news contributor. doug you're up. >> well they are expecting me to try to capsulize what is going on. we're in a point now where those who believe national security is at risk they believe the government has overreached. what we don't disagree about, harris is there is dysfunctionality when we can't come to closure on a program that's designed to promote and protect national security at a time when american foreign policy is in chaos in the middle east in russia and ukraine and in asia with china. these are topics we're going to
1:37 am
get to. but harris think how we look overseas to our adversaries and friends when we cannot even come to closure on protecting ourselves. >> i tell you what my grandmother used to say. she would say, pat, we look constipated overseas. we can't figure out how to keep things moving. >> no we can't. and the worse problem is anything we touch seems to fall apart. tonight and also at midnight but i think it may already have happened the taliban five that we traded for the now accused officially accused deserter mr. bowe bergdahl another one of susan rice's great moments of promotion when she said that he served with honor, we turned over five high-level people who are now free to travel to go back to the war. >> well, we have an extension on that. >> we do? >> well what you're talking about is the inevitably after
1:38 am
the extension. john? >> i don't even know where to begin because i think i like to go big along with doug for a moment which is if you look at america from afar we've become what pat had warned us about a year ago. we look like a banana republic. we don't make laws the right way anymore. we make them by executive fiat. thank god the court has said to the president, you can't do that. meanwhile, the republicans run congress have done nothing in the six months they've run congress. nothing. i really wonder when is a leader going to step forward and say, enough is enough. here's where america has to go. and i will lead you there. >> can i ask you something just about what we're seeing? >> sure. >> in terms of what is happening on the senate floor right now? i know pat, you guys were watching all of this unfold moments ago. senator rand paul effectively has pushed back the white house, has pushed back some of the establishment members of the party. just talk to me if you can
1:39 am
about what is happening right now. >> the polling shows that his position actually is the majority opinion in america. they think that the government has overreached on the nsa thing. not so inside the republican party. >> can't you easily fix that? >> yes. >> mitch mcconnell says they have a house reform bill. >> that will do it. >> but he's going to talk for 30 more hours potentially, if he chooses to speak that long. so they could fix this by putting warrants in there or is it more complicated than that. >> so simple. and the thing is you can't imagine how simple. you have a bill that came out on the house almost 400 votes. you have one thing which is how long can the companies hold the data? >> phone companies. >> phone companies. most people think that's reasonable. they bill us. they have our records. they should hold them rather than the government. and concern for privacy is very real as is the concern for security. this is a no-brainer. >> and the difference is rand paul is running for president. >> right.
1:40 am
>> and let's not forget that part. >> harris i want to go back to where i started. think about where we are. iraq is falling apart. >> uh-huh. >> yemen is in a civil war. syria is collapsing. isis is on the move. and we are unable to make judgments about our own national security in our own national interests. >> and doug you know what has royaled this thing? we keep coming back to it. what has royaled the middle east is this president and iran nuclear deal. america siding with tehran has -- they look at this and say it doesn't make sense. >> we've thrown in with the iranians and militias. >> as pat was correctly pointing out, in iraq the only way we can retake ramadi we the forces of democracy, the iraqi government is by throwing in with volunteer militia shiites that are actively armed,
1:41 am
supported and facilitated by -- >> it goes even further than that. because this past week we saw leadership inside of iran come out and say, you know what, the lead general from the revolutionary guard said we're the only ones who can fight isis. not even the americans. they are blaming us for the fall of ramadi saying that you guys were the ones who lacked the will to fight, so on and so forth. we have seen that being the push back. your thoughts? >> sad. it's true. actually he's right. we've had the -- pardon my expression -- let's not really fight but pretend we're fighting. we have the fiction writer from the national security council ben rhodes this week the protege up there telling us it's okay and whatever. no it's not. it's a disaster. >> but it's a technical -- it's a disaster. we don't arm the kurds.
1:42 am
by the way, they are the one fighters we do have. notice the iranians didn't mention the kurds. they fight and win but we don't supply them because we have to go through the nonfunctional government in baghdad. >> something else popped up on our scope this week because we're so hyper focused on i guess kind of half doing it the way that you said that we were doing it and some other things that are failing for us china has popped up on the screen. they are creating islands. >> right. >> that previously didn't exist the way they wanted them to. they built them up and put weapons on them. we are going to talk more about that. some experts suggested that they could be used for military purposes for china. a lot of questions over what the chinese are doing. the fox news political insiders are coming back and hit us up on our fox news social media pages and twitter. i'll g conversation. i'm reading my tweets right when we come back.
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well, with all of the talk of the islamic state saveages this went under the wire. china has been building up artificial islands in the south china sea creating 2,000 acres of land since january. now, china is positioning heavy artillery on those islands. the political insiders are back. why? >> they are doing it for one reason and it's unusual china has not been an external power. they are now. hundreds of miles away from china and now what they have done is spread our weakness built these islands and threatening our plains and this is from a former administration which has turned out to be a disaster. they see weakness, i think. >> pat's exactly right. it's broader and more scary than
1:47 am
he describes. >> why so? >> because the issue consistent with what pat said their own strategy now suggesting that their navy was offensive and would take specific action against nations like us if we want into their. -- this is very scary. >> remember what i said about proceed if you encounter mush continue. if you encounter steel, retreat? obama is mush in the eyes of putin poroshenko and china and all of them. even our allies. >> countries that are not far away. >> vietnam, philippines.
1:48 am
we have some problems with the chinese. >> you should be selling weapons and planes to the vietnamese because we had to arm our allies and strengthen support. >> you know what we had done with vietnam, we gave permission to have a nuclear program. the very thing we don't want the iranians to have we're helping vietnam build. >> but what these islands -- philippines, vietnam, japan, they all have legitimate claims. >> instead of international body you know arbitrating and dealing with this the chinese are moving forward. these are choke points. think of this. the choke points on some of the most major commercial -- >> economically the chinese are setting up their own asian development bank to finance the region again, excluding us. we want you to do a transpacific deal to bring in our allies for trade.
1:49 am
we can't get that through. whether you're for or against the deal harris we're in a situation where the chinese, as john said the russians are on the -- >> i want to get this in. jan on my twitter page said "your hearts are troubled over china"? she doesn't think it's a big deal. let me tell you what is at stake. when the chinese, if they become an aggressive state, we will end up in a situation that will be far more deadly and, remember we're dealing with a country that has -- that has been buying our debt and therefore, we are on our knees to keep financing. this is a serious economic military -- this is real business. >> they can own us and they can destabilize the world in a way that would be able to do
1:50 am
incalculable damage. >> jan, we're glad that you tweeted because it gave us an opportunity to talk to you more about it. stay close. we're coming right back. ta
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presidential candidates entering the race in the last few days. each with the hopes, obviously, of winning the white house. but why run now? do they see weaknesses in their opponents or a gap in the political spectrum that perhaps only each one of them sees that they can fill? john's laughing at that. so a friend of hillary's across from me here you made an interesting comment, that hillary clinton doesn't bridge 50%. >> right. >> no matter who she goes
1:54 am
against in the republican party and why does that matter? >> let me take you inside what is going on inside the clinton camp. they see these numbers and say, hillary has universal name recognition. hillary only beats rand paul by 4 points. she's at 46. which means 54% are either against her or undecided. >> same thing here. >> same with marco rubio. she's still in the lead. she's got a very good chance to be elected president but candidly these numbers are reason for panic and i use that word in the clinton camp they see only storm clouds on the horizon. >> i want to talk iowa now. and if you look at recent pollings you see two things that pop out. the names are governor scott walker of wisconsin and senator marco rubio.
1:55 am
he's moving up. and look how far ahead scott walker is it. so why do you see the movement with rubio and then the far out front with walker? >> well first of all, walker because of iowa is close to wisconsin. >> he was born there. >> and he's traveled there a bunch of times. >> and he's traveled there a bunch of times. rubio is frankly, doing -- every time you get inside any poll you see his potential. even the highest favorability people having the most willingness to say they consider voting for him, compared to other candidates like jeb bush. but the other absurd thing happening is the carly fiorina who was bold enough but her favorable because of the last few months went from -- >> she did something this past week when she showed up at that event where hillary clinton was at that same hotel and called around on a couple of things and
1:56 am
said looking i'm here to stand and we'll take every question. we've got to take a break. we'll come back for final thoughts. we want to go on forever but we can't. stay close. ♪
1:57 am
carly fiorina, presidential candidate, your thoughts? >> i think she has a great speechwriter who is giving her great attack lines against hillary. republicans love it. a woman taking on hillary is very good. but, it's not solving for
1:58 am
herself or any other candidates the basic problem, which is an attractive positive republican vision. this we're not getting yet. >> quick thoughts about how she's doing in iowa? >> i think she's starting to move in iowa. and as we said the reason -- a section on her in the iowa poll. a lot of the negative race people are talking about she's getting somewhere with capitalists. but nobody yet has taken on the revolving door of corruption. not any of the revolving 25 candidates. when they do it will break out. >> good to see you gentlemen. >> it's monday june 1st. a fox news alert. no deal on extending nsa surveillance. controversial portions of the patriot act expiring overnight. >> i am not going to take it any more. i don't think the american people are going to take it any
1:59 am
more. >> with isis' influence spreading what it means for our security and the fight against terror. >> people plunging into the ocean after a crash as horrified tourists watch helplessly. what sent them spiraling down? >> dads you want more time with your babies? three months paternity leave is now mandatory. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday. thank you for joining us. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day with us. no last minute deals on the hill. the powerful post 9-11 has
2:00 am
expired. >> senate could not move past the gridlock. they had plenty of time to throw accusations at one another. >> james rosen tells us what this means for you. >> it seems like all of the official washington is crouched in a familiar posture and they are finger p pointing. after a rare session failed to renew three expiring provisions of the patriot act collecting bulk data from telephone records was ready to officially stop. this was what edward snowden drew attention to soyears ago. it is a program that both of the last two presidents despite their world views have occasionally argued was integral for the detection and thwarting of ter rits plots. the military maverick and


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