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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 1, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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month of paternity leave. should the u.s. follow? >> heck no the man needs to earn a living. >> if we give it to a women, yes to men. >> family bonding should be on the front burner in the u.s. have a great day. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning it's monday june first i'm kimberly guilfoyle. a fox news alert while you were sleeping. a patriot act expires. >> are we blithely going on and just say take it? i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. >> are americans better off or is our national security at risk. meanwhile, they're not going anywhere today. a last minute extension keeping these five terrorists from gitmo traded for bowe bergdahl on lock
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down in quatar. is this delaying the inevitable? how long before they rejoin the fight. >> wondering where elizabeth hasselbeck is? ♪ >> that's not all that she was doing. the biggest night in christian music going down in nashville. all the highlights from the cay love awards. >> what fun, she's a good dancer. >> let me just say my final line okay. >> sorry. mornings are better with friends. ♪
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huey lewis and the news and live from new york city we're live we just saw that elizabeth. in her place we have kimberly guilfoyle. >> it's a pleasure to be here. she's quite the fine dancer. she was running, doing all the stuff for charity. >> she hosted the grand old opry. that will be the biggest nightmare. why don't you dance? >> we're not dancers, she's a dancer. i bet kimberly is a good dancer. >> i dance well if i'm seated. >> i dance after a few drinks. >> we've got a -- >> welcome back steve. >> we missed you. >> thank you. >> we were falling apart without you. >> they have the patriot act lapse. we're going to talk about that in a minute. representative adam kinsinger is
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going to be joining us shortly. we'll talking about the news of the day with him plus donald trump governor mike huckabee and bret baier. >> also last week was the launch of kimberly's book. it's fantastic. we had quality time 45 minutes on the radio. you were here on the couch talking about it. what is it like to have your life exposed like that? >> it does feel like a bit of reveal. those dreams where you're naked and you show up for your test. that's what i kind of feel like. i have that dream, too. >> i have a different dream. >> okay. >> not about her dream. about your own dream. >> we'll talk about it on the break. the book is excellent. even though i have known you now for ten years, three quarters of which i did not know you. >> that's what people says it's very revealing in terms of getting a close look at your life. >> that's the name of the book. >> making the case. let's talk about this case
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down in washington, d.c. no last minute dill on the hill in the post 9/11 surveillance laws. several parts have expired. >> members of the senate couldn't move past the grid lock they could throw accusations at each other. >> james, welcome to the morning. have you been watching this. >> i have indeed. good morning to you. love him or hate him, there is no denying that senator rand paul has emerged as a polarizing senator. the lawmakers failed to renew three critical provisions of the 9/11 era patriot act. including the bulk collection meta data surveillance program the national security agency has used for the last decade to analyze cellular activity. he had bucked the wishes of his leader and used parliamentary
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procedure thooblock the programs from moving forward. >> people here irn town think i'm making a huge mistake. some of them i think secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. >> both of the last two presidents had argued for the necessity of the nsa program, as well as the necessity of the other two provisions that expired. one of which helped u.s. spies track lone wolf terror suspects. the other helped place roving wire taps on those who discard their cell phones frequently. >> these are parts of a fabric. none of these are silver bullets. that's one of the problems people like me have in explaining this to the american people. intelligence is fundamentally boring. it's just piece by piece, thread by thread. you're giving up threads. it may not make a difference for a while. then again, it might. >> the white house in a statement blamed republican
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leadersern both houses of congress for failing to grapple with the deadline. now, back to my "fox and friends" in new york and innever boring subject of kimberly guilfoyle guilfoyle's naked dreams. >> that was interesting. i didn't see that tag in the prompter. >> he was just listening, he's a reporter. what he was just talking about is certain parts of the patriot act have expired. they're going to be taken up by the senate in probably a day. >> are the lights going on and sirens behind us? >> they were. i think it's unrelated to the expired patriot programs. it involves the bulk collection on all of us stopped at midnight. the ability to track lone wolf terror suspects has ended. it's never been used. and roving wire taps on suspects who frequently discard phones.
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they would be able to look at them if they were on the phone, device cb radio. digitally they could track them. >> we have to talk about the politics and reality of this. here is the cia director for president obama. he was also there -- played a key role with president bush. here he is with what this means in expiring in two days. >> we have watched carefully what has happened. whether it's changed in the law and policies they're looking for the seams to operate within. >> since we have you, a lawyer. >> former prosecutor. all of the above. as a u.s. citizen and american concerned about the safety of the country, i'm just not entirely sure why the senator from kentucky feels this is something that he needs to be out in front of. >> it's his thing. >> it has been his thing, 100%. if you're trying to run for
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president of the united states and asking for this nomination. i think it's really, to me difficult to swallow this to say why would you put our country's national security at risk. this is someone who is asking to be commander in chief. >> and fund -- >> and fund raise off of it, yeah. >> you know you have a great point. he sincerely believes this. >> he's been doing this since he was a little boy following his dad around. >> true. when you become a senator, you're senator. if you 41 presidentrun for president, you run for president. how do we move forward? by tuesday this will pass. instead of going up and showing behind chambers. he doesn't decide to go up and debate and say this is what i really think and feel. instead he does not show up so they can't debate it. even mitch mcconnell in his own state say i can't debate
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somebody who does not show up. then he goes out and he's fund raising off it immediately. you got to decide what you're doing. you got to resign your senate seat and run for president. don't go in there and wield your power and leave us exposed. >> he's an obstructionist is how you see it. >> there are a lot of people who agree with rand paul. it was a couple months ago it was the second court of appeals looked at the patriot act and said it's illegal what the government was actually doing was not what congress had passed passed. what is going to happen going forward the senate will probably be able to take up the house bill which is called. >> usa freedom act. >> which essentially says phone company, you keep the records rather than the federal government. i think a lot of people are better with that. because, how many people really trust the government. >> they also know based on what the second court of appeals put down in their ruling they're going to be able to modify it and they have to make sure it does pass constitutional muster.
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this is a little bit gamesmanship there is a gap position in terms of the timing where this is going to go through. ultimately anyway. >> you'llville a big debate shortly. we're going to debate this all morning long. >> what do you think about it? e-mail us facebook us tweet us. if you do have a cb radio breaker breaker 19 joel is on the device. >> do you have a handle? >> dooce is loose. >> i was red badger. >> did you have have a red car? >> eventually. i was like nine. >> terrible. >> breaker breaker good buddy time now for the news are heather. >> i wanted to be a long haul truck driver when i was a kid. hope you're off to a great day. let's start out with a fox news alert. a terrifying scene at an
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airport. a car jumps the sidewalk at los angeles international airport hitting a young girl before it crashes into a terminal wall. the 9-year-old is a child of an airport employee. that child is listed in critical condition. the 67-year-old drive and his passenger rushed to the hospital. they are expected to recover. police believe the driver hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. targeted by terrorists the man who organized the free speech rally outside of a phoenix mosque says he is selling his home and taking his family into hiding. retired marine says he's received death threats claiming that islamic terrorists are calling for lone wolves to behead him. he says it's in response to a rally after several hundred people showed up carrying guns and drawings of the prophet muhammad. another hopeful is set to
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launch a presidential campaign. lindsey graham will be in central south carolina. he'll become the 9th candidate. the 59-year-old is retiring from the air force reserves ending his 33 year military career. and then prayers continue to pour in for vice president joe biden and his family as they mourn the death of his oldest so beau biden. president obama and the first lady visiting him. beau died on saturday after losing a battle with brain cancer. funeral plans haven't been announced yet. this is the first time in 50 years that a sitting vice president has lost a child. the last was back in 1963 when president's jf kennedy's son patrick died after a premature birth. all right. 12 minutes after the hour. good job, heather. coming up scary moments on stage for enrique iglesias.
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♪ >> wow that drone disaster that had him air lifted to the hospital. he played hurt and sang hurt for 30 minutes. >> then she touts herself as the people's candidate. our next guest says hillary clinton is anything but. what some of the people working closest to hillary are saying about her behind closed doors. ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ ♪ you're willing to sacrifice our love ♪
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she will clearly be the nominee of the democrat party and our nominee must take the fight to her. hillary clinton has demonstrated over and over again she is not transparent. her leadership as secretary of state has placed us in grave danger around the world. these are legitimate questions and they are questions that i would ask of her on the general debate stage. >> as hillary clinton tries to run as the people's candidate. gop presidential candidate carly fiorina firing back saying hillary's hiding a lot from the american people. our next guest has the proof. joining us is author of the first family detail. thanks for being with us. fantastic book. people want to know more about hillary. there's a lot of questions, suggestion,s she's out of touch and maybe not that nice to work with. >> that's worse than being out of touch. she claims to be a champion of
3:18 am
the little people. she'll help the middle class. the reality is that she treats those very same people with contempt. secret service agents assigned to protect her. says being assigned to protect her is a form of punishment because she's so nasty. she will blow up over nothing, just going over a bump in the road. she'll tell agents she doesn't want them to say hello to them in the morning on the way to an event. she will even say she doesn't want to see them. they should literally hide behind partitions so she doesn't have to see them. when she was in the white house she also didn't want to see military people or police. and to this day she doesn't want to see military people in uniform. this is the real hillary, which is quite the opposite of the image that she tries to project. >> most certainly. what a disconnect for somebody who is supposed to be commander
3:19 am
in chief and look with honor and distinction upon people like the military and law enforcement. secret service tells a lot. in your book you have the following expert. if an agent get the nod to be her detail that's a form of punishment. people believe if i get assigned to her i must be kind of in the dog house. >> so to speak. you know there's a sort of phony argument that well, because she's wealthy she's out of touch. bill gates gives billions to help people he's not out of touch. the reality is quite stark. and in the book by the way, it's a totally non-partisan book. it presents flattering and unflattering information about both presidents and candidates in both parties. but, you know if you knew someone who treated people like
3:20 am
that who was so shabby who could not bring herself to treat other people with diceecency you wouldn't hire that person as a cashier at mcdonald's. >> no, you wouldn't. >> she is being considered for president of the united states. >> she certainly doesn't seem to be a people person. it's interesting that secret service agents that i know they tell me that they actually like working with michelle obama, that she's nice to them. you see the juxtaposition. with your book out on paper back now. congratulations. thanks for being with us. while you were sleeping it was a show down on capitol hill over the controversial patriot act. >> are we going to so blindly go along and just say take it? i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. >> so are americans better off or is our national security at risk? a fair and balanced debate
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let's take a quick look at the headlines. danger above when a air conditioning unit falls 28 floors before crashing into the street. ten people hurt. secretary of state john kerry returns to boston today for surgery after breaking his leg in a bike accident in france. he is 71. he fell and broke his leg. the injury forcing kerry to end a crucial four nation trip early. he'll still be able to attend meetings via video conference.
3:25 am
steve? thanks brian. a fox news alert firework and finger pointing on the senate floor as key parts of the patriot act were forced into expiration. joining us are former congressman and elizabeth gotine. are we less save this morning now that parts of this program have expired? >> absolutely. this has been an instrumental part of our national security framework for the last 12 to 14 years. it's been helpful in identifying potential threats. it's part of putting together the fabric of keeping america safe. thankfully this gap will be filled probably within the next 72 hours. we will only be partially limited in our capabilities for a short period of time. >> with any luck it looks like the senate will take up the house passed usa freedom act
3:26 am
which would keep the records with the phone company. elizabeth, how do you feel about that? if the phone company has all the meta data just like the cable tv company knows exactly what movies you've checked out, are you okay with that? >> the phone company already has the meta data. what the act would do is leave the data in the phone company's hands and require the government to go to court to get the information. this would end the bulk collection by the nsa of american's phone records. i think it's high time that that happened. this is a very intrusive program that really affects the privacy of all law abiding americans. and it's ineffective. independent panels with presidentially appointed members have reviewed the classified evidence and has found it does not make us safer. >> it's true the patriot act was passed to keep an eye on the foreigners who were interested in wreaking havoc in the united
3:27 am
states. it has morphed into this thing where every american's phone data has been compiled and stored by the nsa. so going forward, americans should probably feel better knowing what? that the government doesn't have it but the phone company does? >> what you have to remember on this steve, even for the last 12 years that this program has been in place, for the nsa to be able to access this data they had to go to the court, get approval to go in and then access the data. this program was, you know all three branches of government have always been involved. the congress has been involved from the beginning. the executive branch and the courts. all we do now is we move the bulk collection program and the government doesn't hold the data. the phone companies do. as long as we are as quick and as agile as what we were before americans are protected and our
3:28 am
national security can respond as quickly as what it needs to to keep us safe. >> sure. elizabeth, this has been bipardonbi bipartisan. there are democrats and republicans. the white house would like to see some stopgap measure. they weren't crazy it patriot act expired. it's a bipartisan thing. people from all parties are interested in keeping us safe. >> yes. there is overwhelming support for ending the bulk collection program. recent polls show americans favor ending the program by a margin of two to one. the house recently passed the usa freedom act which is the nsa reform bill by a margin of almost four to one. this is a very broadly bipartisan issue. it's time for nsa reform. i think all parties agree to that. >> i think you're right about that. pete and elizabeth we thank you for getting up on this early june first. what do you think about that? e-mail us at
3:29 am a major scare in the skies. two planes collided midair and plunged into the ocean leaving families terrified. what happens next we're going to tell you. are you wondering where elizabeth hasselbeck is this morning? here's a clue. ♪ elizabeth is in nashville dancing at the grand old opry. biggest night in christian music going down there. all the highlights from the fan awards that she hosted. happy birthday to model heidi klum. she has 42 candles on her cake on this june first. or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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♪ last night was christian music's biggest night at one of the world's most iconic venues. the third annual a love awards at the grand old opry in nashville. >> here at a look with that. fox vp of marketing michael tammero. >> you got to love it. in case you were wondering where elizabeth is today. she was having a grand old time on country music's most famous stage. that's not all that she was doing. >> i have had so much fun back stage.
3:34 am
i can't sing. i can't really dance. but i can live in the moment and i'm doing that right now. and i think it's time for some more music and talent and fun right here at the opry. i couldn't fit brian and steve in my suitcase. but i promise that i'm going to bring a little opry spirit back to them. i cannot wait to tell them about my adventure here today. >> in that podium. that's like the biggest podium i've everseen. >> i've seen her suit case we could have fit. >> here is time to talk some of the big winners of last night. let's take a look. ♪ >> the sibling duo for king and country taking home three awards. chris tomlin winning big. picking up male artist of the year.
3:35 am
and franceska took home artist of the year. >> they put you on the stage. people on the stage. you have the huge audience and you have people singing around you. >> it's a tough gig. i heard you did really well thursday night for wounded warriors. >> next up george clooney big budget tomorrowland is turning into a big flop. >> i don't think this is a good idea. >> clooney is nearly $200 million movie had a rough weekend at the box office hauling in just under $14 million for a third place finish. it was the rock's disaster pick san andreas that destroyed others bringing in $43 million. the audience 51% were females.
3:36 am
>> was it because of the rock? >> you think they would be going to the george clooney movie. >> people don't want to go to the movies to be lectured about. >> it's like getting married. there's a fantasy thinking they're going to get george clooney, now that he's off the market they say they'd rather see an earthquake. >> this is what you spend your time for? i like george clooney, as a friend i would support him. >> you're a friend of george clooney? >> oh, my goodness. >> are you friend -- >> we went out before -- >> what about enrique inglacious. >> i'm not friends of him but i would like to tend to his medical needs. >> speaking of inenrique, he needs someone to kiss him, after his drone disaster in tijuana.
3:37 am
the singer uses the drone at his concerts for crowd shots. when he tried giving the audience a better point of view the aircraft sliced his fingers. >> it's got a propeller. >> he kept performing for another half an hour using his t shirt to soak up the blood. he was rushed back to la to see a specialist. >> we know those drones are trouble. we had one in this studio and one attacked joel. he had a bloody forearm. >> really? >> he lasted longer than 30 minutes. >> joel is maskculinemasculine. he would power through it. >> you're saying enrique isn't? >> he's a sensitive fellow. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, it's time for the news of the day. here is heather. good morning everyone great to see you all. we have a fox news alert to bring you. caught on camera, the terrifying moments two planes collide at an
3:38 am
italian air show. take a look. awful to witness that. dozens of families watch in horror as both propeller planes plunge into the sea. this in italy. one pilot was killed. miraculously the other survived with minor injuries. investigators say they're trying to figure out what went wrong. a circus performance goes horribly wrong in front of a live audience. that acrobat plunged to the ground at the circus in houston. the performer was hanging by her hair off a rocketship when she suddenly fell into the seats below. the circus says she never latched a safety cord during the routine. she wasn't seriously hurt and is walking away with bruises. she has been cleared to go back to work and the circus will have
3:39 am
shows there through july. that doesn't seem like a good idea. california lawmakers -- this is an unbelievable story too drunk to drive can call for a ride home and taxpayers are footing the bill. in the senate in california hired two part time employees to drive drunk lawmakers around. these people are making $2,500 a month, the drivers are. four state lawmakers have been arrested. they were asked about this and they said no kaumptcalm comment. >> that's a private organization. >> correct your dollars at work. >> in california when you say take a cab they're talking about caber nay. >> to extreme weather like a scene out of the wild west the
3:40 am
devastating flooding in texas forcing a mass cattle drive. >> ranchers on horse back are seen herding cattle to higher ground. >> the flooding concerns are not over yet. let's check in with maria molina with a look at the weather for this monday. man, it was wet out in texas again. the good news the drought is over then again they got too much water. >> they got too much water too quickly. they did wipe out the drought conditions across texas and parts of oklahoma and the forecast for this work week is for much drier conditions. hopefully that helps that water recede along the river and creeks. i want to take you further east. yesterday we had strong storms that moved through parts of the northeast. we have that threat for strong storms and heavy rain from them and the potential for flash flooding. a number of watches are in effect across parts of maryland pennsylvania new jersey and into parts of new england because that threat for continued heavy rain. otherwise, severe weather will be a concern today across parts
3:41 am
of the northern rockies and the northern plains. large hail h damaging winds and isolated tornados possible. there's a quick look at your high temperatures across the country. a little bit on the cool side across parts of the great lakes. only upper 50's for your highs. cleveland 60 degrees. much warmer further south across the gulf coast. highs in the 80's. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. up next you're not going anywhere. a last minute extension keeping these five former gitmo terrorists traded for bowe bergdahl under lock down in another country. congress wants to know why the deal went down in the first place. congressman adam kinzinger is here next. >> some of the finest going above the call of duty to play hoops with a group of teens who came out on top, by the way. ♪
3:42 am
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a quick look at some monday morning headlines for you. bell mont park saying nay to a large crowd. the track will only allow 90,000 to attend. the reason last year's turnout proved overwhelming. it was too big. a couple of new york city officers take a break from patrol to play basketball with a group of kids. >> oh! >> nice. the two officers getting basket after basket. they won the short game. the video posted on facebook has been viewed 3.7 million times and shared by 88,000. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. a fox news alert. at this hour 5 taliban prisoners released in exchange
3:46 am
for sergeant bergdahl are still in quatar. their travel ban extended. is this good news or delay of bad news? joining us now illinois congressman and veteran in the afghanistan and iraq war congressman kinsinger. what went into the delay? >> well look i think the white house and quatar are basically trying to negotiate what's the long term for these folks. at the end of the day, a year so you know we did the trade and said they have to stay in quatar for a year. the white house came out and that was a bragging point. we got a year delay. it's nothing. it's the same as we look at nuclear deals with iran. everything is pretty quick. now i think the white house is scrambling because they understand if these five are released back into the wild so to speak they'll be in essence these almost spiritual leaders of the taliban and al qaeda
3:47 am
because they survived gitmo. >> in a special report three of the five has sent overtures they're going back into the fight. >> that's the issue with gitmo. i was there just a few months ago. all these people are going to go back. these are the worst of the worst, it's like the power five out of the taliban. and they're going to go back and be these speariritual leaders saying i survived. they may not pick up a rifle, maybe they will. they will be the medal of honor recipients who went around and sold war bonds. that's in essence what they're going to do for the whole move. >> that's not good news. we have a short delay. let's talk about isis it turns out according to the washington times. bombers have held fire on islamic state. since the new year in 2015 for
3:48 am
the first four months 75% of the bombing runs have left without dropping any bombs because we can't find targets on the ground. >> yeah. this is directly opposite of the opening stages of afghanistan or iraq in 2003. this is not how america needs to be fighting wars. we don't have the ability to develop the intelligence assets on the ground because of the president's promise of no boots on the ground or anything else. i fly recognizance and developing these targets to bomb and take out is a long process. sometimes there's only windows of five or ten minutes where you may have an opportunity to drop a bomb on a truck. if the white house is having to make the trigger pull decisions or high up in the pentagon you lose that delay. you're waiting for a truck that's going to be on the road for an hour. in many cases these fighters that we're hearing are having to hold their fire and missing real
3:49 am
opportunities to take out enemies. >> it turns out the free syrian army are deciding not to be trained by us because we're not letting them go after assad which was their main onlybjective. the army that was supposed to fight doesn't want to fight and we're not doing it either. >> the free syrian army they're fighting assad. the crisis in the middle east they also fight isis. on two fronts they're having to defend a free syria. in many cases the united states's promises have been broken. a lot of them are saying i don't want to be in this training camp because i could be back in protecting my family. you can't solve isis without solving the problem in syria. >> congressman kinsinger, he fights wars and is now serving in congress. thank you for being here.
3:50 am
11 minutes before the top of the hour. he's the suspect in the d.c. mansion murders. his attorney police have got the wrong guy because he doesn't like pizza. is that a legitimate defense? the lawyer making the claims joins us live. it's something that would be crucial for the 2016 election. next curt the cyber guy with how candidates plan to give you a buzz. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it.
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3:53 am
well, they're off. nearly a dozen candidates from both sides of the aisle hoping to make it to the white house. could smartphones make or break their chances?
3:54 am
>> our next guest saysist changing the political playingfield as we know it. here to join us with all the answers. if you don't have them immediately you can get them on your smartphone. >> how unbelievable how last election cycle social media was very important, internet was very important. the smartphone in 2016 is the thing that's going to make it or break it for candidates that are out there. they're on to this. they know exactly now how to target in ways. because consumers now in terms of the way we take in media, 10% of people right now only get their high speed internet through their smartphone. that's a big change. that number may seem small. that's a huge number to work with when you're trying to engage the voter. >> let's take a look at the data. back in 2011 only 29% of people owned a smartphone. 55% of people get their news from the phone. 28% of voters get their election
3:55 am
coverage. talk about the last cycle. obama was all about the young voters. they were the main ones on the smartphone. now we've all caught up. >> everyone's caught up with it. now the technology is also caught up where we know that if you're a candidate, and you want to reach a particular audience you may need to sway. you can target directly with location based interaction online. you could be walking through your own neighborhood and you're in the neighbor hood that is red or blue -- >> stealth attack. >> how do they know we're here? >> it's location services the stuff you haven't done that i've been on here before to say turn this stuff off. most people have it on. >> i tell you who is using this hillary clinton and ted cruz. they announced on twitter martin o'malley used snap shot.
3:56 am
raut rand paul getting into action. >> this is the app like mere cat is another one. this allows you to broadcast from your phone instantly. an audience can see your video. they're using the newer technologies that a younger demographic is catching on with earlier. >> rand seems to like it. >> if they know we're in the neighborhood do they send us a message or what? >> you'll see variety of ways of reaching you. it depends upon how you bought in to how much you're going to offer that i am in the neighborhood. your location system turned on or off. one way might be just a simple political ad. you will not see long political ads that we see on tv. it will be ten second five seconds. >> bursts of political persuasion. >> we have smart attention spans. >> add nation. we'll see how it works out. >> go to how does three months of maternity leave sound? is that a good idea?
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is monday june first. i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert one man bringing the data collection program in a screeching halt in an extraordinarily late night session. >> are we going to take it? i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. >> are americans better with a key portion of the patriot act off the books? >> another republican about to throw his hat into the ring. senator lindsey graham has never lost an election. does he have a chance at the big election? his potential competition here live this hour governor hike
4:01 am
huckabee and a man we call donald trump. both live. just to repeat myself. guys has this ever happened to you? >> you don't know my name do you? >> yes i do. >> what is it? >> oh! oh! deloris! >> rhymes with -- men, scientists say it's not our fault that we can't remember names. we're going to explain that to you and so much more. thanks for watching us live from new york city. it's monday's "fox and friends." we can't say what the clue was. everyone who watches that show.
4:02 am
>> i watched it in the 90s. >> who just bought it? that's how much they like it. >> people watch it. it's good stuff. do you know who else is even better? you know it. heather. >> heather nauert is better than seinfeld? we're going to start out with troubling news out of baltimore. it is a fox news alert. the violence consuming baltimore is now officially the worst it's been in more than 40 years. three men shot and killed on sunday. the number of homicide in the month of may hitting 43. as those homicide rise the number of arrests there falling. many people attributing that to the increased scrutiny on police following the death of freddie gray. six police officers have been charged in his death. over night a terrifying scene at airport. a car jumped a sidewalk at los angeles international airport hitting a young girl before it
4:03 am
crashed into a terminal wall. the 9-year-old girl is a child of an airport employee. she is listed in critical condition. the 67-year-old driver and his passenger were rushed to the hospital. they are expected to recover. police believe he hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. secretary of state john kerry returns to boston for surgery after he broke his leg in a bike accident in france. he hit a curb the injury forcing kerry to end a crucial four nation trip early. he still plans to be able to attend meetings via video conference. all you new dads if you want to spend more time with your kid at home move to france. they are recognizing the challenges of becoming a new parent. sweden now plans to give new fathers three months of required maternity love. right now parents must split 16
4:04 am
months. but by making fathers more time off, sweden hopes to achieve better gender equality. there you go. >> my people thank you. >> all right. >> three minutes after the top out of the hour. thanks for joining us donald trump. the number one story is about the patriot act. we have gone dark for 48 hours because senator rand paul has gotten his way. he has delayed things to the point no decision can be made. how do you feel about that? >> he has his views. you look at the mad people out there in the world, i think probably were willing to sacrifice certain things for security. i don't know if the security is going to be better or not better. on the chance and the hope that it is, that we know something about what we're doing, i think security has to preside. it has to you know be
4:05 am
preeminent. so i'm looking at security. i think, you know if anybody wants to listen to my phone calls, it's fine. they're going to be very boring. be a boring conversation. >> there are a lot of americans who after 9/11 we understood that they were going to be going after foreigners. then it became meta data and they tracked all of us. they've got somewhere all the donald trump phone call meta data for a long time. the problem is a lot of americans don't trust the government. i don't trust the irs. i'm sure you don't either. i don't trust the va or the doj after what they did to our own james rosen. for nsa to say trust up a lot of people just don't. >> i don't trust the government either. especially this government and the decisions they make. i don't trust the decision making of our government. if it's a security situation and if they're saying we need this -- there are checks and balances. there are certain checks and balances. you just can't do exactly what some people are saying you can.
4:06 am
but i think we have to err on the side of security. it's certainly not something i or you like. when you have all these maniacs all over the world, i think we probably have to go that little bit of an extra step. we don't love it but we have probably not much of a choice. i just hope the government knows what they're doing a lot better than what they did with the obamacare website and with all the other things. you know it's such gross incompetence in our government that you really wonder what's going on. in the old days you had a certain confidence in government. you don't have that confidence anymore. you see where we get bergdahl and they get five of their leaders that are back on the battlefield. the decisions that are so bad and so incompetent. >> the nsa and cia didn't make those decisions the white house made those decision. >> that's right. >> should senator rand paul be fund raising off this? shouldn't he be a senator one day and a candidate the next? >> the interesting thing is it doesn't seem to be very popular,
4:07 am
what he's doing. maybe it's okay for a base he's got or his father has. it doesn't seem to be very popular what he's doing. most people seem to feel the way i do and the way most of you do. so i'm not sure that it's very politically popular what he's doing, actually. >> he's kind of putting himself out on a limb here campaigning off of this positioning, which i don't know how far that's going to get him. especially when all the polls show people are concerned about national security. >> right. he seems to be hurt by t. we'll see. and he seems to be backing up a little bit from it. we're going to see what happens. certainly it does not seem to be helping him politically. >> we should point out the nsa is reporting they shut down the meta data program last night at 7:44. that's the official time. meanwhile, is the official date donald trump, june 16th when you're going to say, yep, i'm in it to win it? >> i'm going to have a big deal going on at trump tower on june 16th. i'll be giving a decision as to
4:08 am
what i'm going to be doing. a lot of people want me to do it because they see we're just talking about incompetence in government. we have gross incompetence. we don't go what we're doing. we're losing our jobs manufacturing, you look at ford just announced they're going to build a $2.5 billion auto plant where they make cars, trucks and parts in mexico. that doesn't help us. mexico as you know just took another plant from tennessee, it was expected to go to tennessee it's going to mexico. we don't know what we're doing. we're losing our jobs. gdp, to me was -- it went down it never goes down. it doesn't go down. it just went down. you look at other countries where they go up 10%, 11%, 7% we went down. these are countries that we deal with. and honestly nobody can do better than that. you understand that. nobody. >> over the weekend somebody on one of the chat shows asked
4:09 am
carly fiorina who would like to be the president as well. look you've never been a politician or in politics. you know how do you answer that question? obviously you've been a businessman your whole life. >> i've made tremendous amounts of -- this would be released. i've dealt with china, i've made tremendous amounts of money. the largest bank in the world is in one of my buildings which is a chinese bank. i've dealt all over the world. i've had tremendous success of dealing with people all over the world. frankly, politicians that's all i dealt with. since i was a child i grew up dealing with politicians. politicians are easy. if you can't deal with politicians, it's something wrong. in this country the problem we have we have politicians, they're all talk they're no action. they get nothing done. they don't know what they're doing. they have one thing in mind that's keep their job. they don't want to lose. this country is really losing because of it. whether it's mexico or china or
4:10 am
japan, which by the way, is backed big league and taking our money get. we have people that truly don't know what they're doing. all talk no action. and that's what i'm basing my decision on. that will be on june 16th at trump tower. >> we'll get your reaction to senator lindsey graham. he's expected to join the gop race today. over the weekend, former maryland governor martin o'malley enter today challenge hillary, your thoughts? >> they're both nice guys. i like lindsey graham on a personal basis. when you talk about long shots, they're both very very long shots. they have their views and it will be interesting to see what happens. it's going to be an exciting year. >> right. so june 16th is the day it looks like you're going to get in. you're on the top ten to get on the stage august 6th. how much does that mean? >> it means a lot.
4:11 am
i'm not a debater. i've never debated these politicians. they debate every night of their life. they talk. i produce tens of thousands of jobs over the years. i know what to do. i actually think my best trait will be security. because i really understand what's going on. i was the one that said don't go into iraq because you're going to destabilize -- this is in 2004. i had emissaries from the administration coming to see me saying you know, please can you take it easy. i said you're making a mistake. you're going to totally destabilize the middle east. that's what happened. iran is taking over the middle east. isis and iran are taking the oil. if you remember on your show many times i said you made the mistake going in at least keep the oil. now isis has the oil. and i was the one. you call that vision you call it whatever you want. you know all these other people -- yeah, one of those things. >> donald trump, thank you very much for joining us. >> we look forward to the announcement. >> thank you very much thank
4:12 am
you kimberly. >> 16 days from today. >> right after he's going to new hampshire. it's hard for me to imagine saying i'm not running i'm going to new hampshire. >> it's a beautiful place to vacation this time of year. he is the prime suspect in the d.c. mansion murders identified by dna on pizza crust. his former attorney says cops got the wrong guy because he doesn't even like pizza. >> boy. >> what kind of defense is that in in ? the lawyer making the claim is next. how this veteran's field of dreams just came true. ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
a large crowd is expected today as funeral services for the family. the mother father and 10-year-old boy were murded in their mansion before it was burned to the ground. of you might remember the suspect in this case wint was identified by dna left on a pizza crust at the scene. but wint's former attorney says he couldn't have killed the family because his client doesn't like pizza. that attorney joins me now. thanks for being on the program. you can understand people are in
4:17 am
dismay to say the least that you suggest your client is not guilty of these crimes because he simply doesn't like that as a food choice. >> his mother doesn't like pizza, his sister doesn't like pizza, his brother doesn't like pizza. he's got five sisters, three brothers they're from guyana. there's no papa johns. it's a british speaking country in south america. it has 750,000 people. it's the size of kansas. they don't have pizza there. >> what does that have to do with anything whether it's like his top food choice? the fact of the matter is his dna puts him there at the scene. how do explain his dna is in the home? he was a disgruntled employee had problems with that. why is he there? you can't explain why your client has been there.
4:18 am
>> i bet you have someone's dna in your house who has never lived there. most people do. if i cut myself in this interview room and my dna is left here and a crime is committed here 12 hours later, does that mean i committed the crime? of course it doesn't. that is not his food choice. dna is a junk science. >> why is his dna on the pizza that was ordered during the time this family was held during the 18 hours that they were tortured, brutally slaughtered and their house set on fire? mr. wint's dna at the scene. that is what is persuasive here frenzically. in addition to the fact he knew the family and worked for the victim. that you cannot explain away. >> he works there 11 years ago. no one holds a grudge for 11 years. why don't they start questioning people who were recently employed there?
4:19 am
who knew that this man had the ability to get $40,000 in cash delivered to his home with no bank questions, with no police questions. they admit that there are lots of people involved here. why are they just holding my client's head on the totem pole? why are they doing that? because they've got blinders on. they're not saying -- >> because your client left a little bit of himself at the scene. that's how they know. because what is the coincidence 11 years later he decides to go to the family's house that they're being held and tortured and have pizza with them? does that make sense? your client is somebody who has a criminal record domestic violence and assault. all of those things are in keeping with conduct that we're seeing at this particular scene. and domestic violence. >> he's never injured anyone. there have been some threats. every young man utters threats.
4:20 am
they should start looking for people who had access to that home who were recent employees. there were many. the victim who was a very nice guy, mr. wint says that he was a very nice guy. he says he's never met the mom. he says he would never hurt a child. he's a father. he has a 14-year-old daughter. he's grown up with lots of brothers and sisters. he would never hurt a child. they've got the wrong guy. they should look else where at the people who knew about the large amounts of cash who might have held a grudge recently. >> this is someone who is a criminal resitivist with assault charges, crimes of violence it's quite in keeping, sir. i think you'll have a hard time trying to dissuade a jury especially when his dna is there when they were slaughtered. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. new jersey governor chris christie came out swinging at gop presidential candidate mike
4:21 am
huckabee for attacking the nsa and calling for reform. the message governor huckabee has for him now that it's been shut down. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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4:24 am
time for news by the numbers. $53.2 million. that's the rock's disaster flick destroying this weekend's box office. it was expected to pull in close to $40 million. that will put the rock over the top. five hours and 15 minutes and 15 seconds. that's how long a retired u.s. marine in san diego held a plank position. breaking the world record held by steve doocy. that was by 50 minutes. 70 years is how long a
4:25 am
veteran had to wait to fulfill his dream of pitching for the cubs. he was nearly recruited by the cubs as a teenager. in fact he was but went on to serve in the u.s. coast guard. when he came back he wanted to go to college. he finally had a dream come true there. >> book that guy. get him in here. meanwhile, we have a fox news alert. at this hour the nsa's phone data collection program shut down as of 7:44 last night. >> the patriot act expiring at midnight after rand paul derailed any hopes of making a deal. >> i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. why won't you stop this program now? the president has every ability to do it. we have ever ability -- >> time has -- >> i intend on protecting the constitution. >> joining us to weigh in is another 2016 gop presidential contender. former arkansas governor and friend of this show and network,
4:26 am
hike huckabee. >> that's why you call it "fox and friends" it was named after me. >> what do you think about the fact certain parts of the patriot act have sunsetted as of midnight including the mass data collection on all of us? >> the process is really a reflection of lack of leadership that's going on in washington. a dysfunctional environment. the president did not engage. that's one of the jobs he has. it's not to just wait until the last minute let the senate be in recess all week show up sunday and then it collapsed. this should have been dealt with through lots of meetings phone calls, through the engagement that you have. it's why i think a governor needs to be president. because you understand the process. the process failed. >> there was an engagement opportunity behind the scenes after the speech. senator rand paul didn't show to debate his own republican colleagues. >> look i've been very clear about this. i said it in my announcement speech. i think every person running for president needs to decide what they want to be when you grow
4:27 am
up. if you want to be a senator, be a senator. if you want to be president, let go of what you're doing because it's a fulltime pursuit. that's why i gave up the show. i would have loved to have cep the show. if you're taking a check trumfrom the taxpayers to do that job, if you want a different job, say i want to take a different job. be honest about it and go out and give the taxpayers a break and let them have someone on the job full time. >> you see this as more of a campaign ploy? >> i think he has been consistent. let's be fair to rand paul. this is not something he just took up he truly believes this. i respect that a whole lot. i respect anyone who has convictions and will stand by no matter what the consequence is. >> last week on this program, governor of the great state of new jersey where i now live.
4:28 am
chris christie was on talking about you. you and he see the patriot act differently. here is the governor last week on the show. >> i say to mike huckabee we used the patriot act ennew jersey to prosecute terrorists. shouldn't the burden be he has the point to one civil liberties violation? just one. you have people just making things up that the nsa is sitting and listening to people's conversations. they're not. >> okay. so certain provisions of the patriot act have gone away. you are okay with that. >> well i think that the freedom act that was passed by the house is a better version. it provides more protections. there's a couple of things. here's an interesting point. the author of the patriot act, was the one who sponsored the repplacement freedom act. why? because he think there's a problems with it. the author of the guy who
4:29 am
created the tsa from florida, he's been trying to push to get rid of the tsa. these are the guys who created the programs. let's remember the context. after 9/11 we were ready to do anything to protect ourselves. anything. so we hastily passed the tsa homeland security and the patriot act. we didn't have this extensive debate. now we're 14 years later and we have the opportunity to look at it in perspective. to say that they were so perfect they don't need to be changed, my gosh what has -- >> you're saying you're not -- you are for the refinement of it to make it -- >> the refinement. >> not the destroying of it. >> there is still very pressing interests at play right now. i think just as grave as when 9/11 happened. >> i think we're in more grave danger than we were before. we have to balance that with the constitutional protections the government should spy on citizens. here is what we have to remember. 14 years ago we were more worried about terrorists now we're worried about our government. look at what the irs
4:30 am
and department of justice hat done to people and what it's failed to do to bad guys. people don't trust government. >> i think they also don't trust the administration. >> give balance and protection to the citizens. this is not an either or situation. >> going forward, if you want to track somebody go get a warrant and get the records from the phone company. >> they say it's too slow. >> that's what we have to abide by. >> governor thank you very much. >> great to see you guys. >> great to see you. all right, meanwhile straight ahead, hour before their travel ban was lifted a sudden development in the case of those five former gitmo prisoners that we exchanged for sergeant bowe bergdahl. scary moments on stage for enrique iglesias. the drone disaster that left him covered in blood and had him irlifted to the hospital.
4:31 am
airlifted to the hospital.
4:32 am
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4:34 am
all right. here we go. extreme weather caught on camera in new york as lightening strikes the one new world trade center. this isn't an episode of back to the future. >> it happened yesterday afternoon as storms rumbled through the new york city area. the observatory, by the way, opened to the public this weekend. >> i think i'll take tomorrow off. >> somebody who is not taking the day off is maria molina. tell us about the weather today. >> good morning. that's right we're going to be tracking more storms throughout the day today. we had storms roll through the new york city area yesterday and produce flash flooding in other areas across parts of new jersey. today that risk is in place again. we do have a number of flash flood watches in effect stretching to maryland to parts of new england. otherwise the other concern is another storm system exiting the rockies that could bring severe storms to the rockies and the northern plains. let's head back inside. >> it looks like it's going to
4:35 am
be another wet one out there. >> crazy thunderstorms last night. >> at least you can't talk drought in texas. >> they got too much water in a short period of time and that's caused flooding. meanwhile, it is 35 minutes now after the top of the hour. we'll mix it up with our sister station, the fox business network for a special launch. joining us is maria bartiromo who is debuting program. we are simal casting. we put the two wires together? >> i'm happy that our time together in the morning will not end even though i'm on much earlier on the fox business network. >> did you to bed at 7:00? no, the truth is i went to bed early i try today get to bet at 7:30. i couldn't get to bed that early. did you guys go to bed this
4:36 am
early? you went to sleep early? >> i go to bed early every morning. >> i went to bed at 11:00 because i watched the greg gutfeld show. yes, i did. >> i know you had this -- >> you guys have this down to a science already. >> today is your first day. you're 96 minutes into it. in addition to covering the markets and business like that. you're going to be talking about the news. did you see this? you know hillary clinton who has said she's for the little guy and for students as well the foundation the clinton foundation has taken in more than a million dollars from colleges in three years in speaking fees. >> i know. >> no wonder the tuition is so high at these colleges. >> it's amazing. i was really struck by the story. it's amazing to me that these universities were able to pony up this money to get it to do their conference at those schools. there were three schools that
4:37 am
had the universities there. like you said in an environment where they're getting squeezed college is so expensive. they're ponying up this money so they can be amongst all the elite. you know to be fair cgi has some great goals, and tried to take money in to pay these goals, the issues that they deem as important. you have to question some of these colleges ponying up lp thethe money for it. >> wondering if o'malley will be going after it. >> we were talking about this. >> he's already going after it. that was the opening speech yesterday right after the wall street and hillary's connection. >> we're talking about the fact this morning he's zeroing in what has worked in the past. that is pile on wall street and pile on business. they make too much money. let's just pile it on and keep that train going. it looks like he's taking the
4:38 am
role of where elizabeth warren was. >> something's come between us. i'm glad we can still keep a connection. >> mornings with maria. we love it. you have a great crew with you. >> thank you so much. we'll see you. have a great day. >> so for the folk whose are watching the fox business network, you know where to find maria. if you are watching on fox news go to and there you will locate fox business in your neck of the woods. >> you navigated that well. >> keep in mind she's on at the same time we are. we give you permission to watch her during the commercials. >> that's about it. >> during our simulcast. >> we like to be supportive. >> it's a great show. congratulations to her. heather nauert you can't possibly take the show. i was thinking we should put together an early morning care package for her so we can help her get up so early in the
4:39 am
morning. good morning. hope you're off to a great day. let's start with a fox news alert. the five taliban prisoners released in exchange for bowe bergdahl are not going anywhere for right now. the state department striking a deal with quatar to extend their one year travel ban. just hours before they were set to be freed. earlier today, illinois congressman kinsinger revealed why this is a huge security threat. >> the white house is scrambling because they understand if these five are released back in the wild they will be almost spiritual leaders of the taliban and of al qaeda because they survived the big gitmo. >> three of the five taliban leaders have already tried making contact with their old terror networks. football player devon still asking for prayers as his young daughter has a setback in her fight against cancer. 5-year-old leah was diagnosed one year ago. she started the process of
4:40 am
getting a stem cell transplant last month. but is now suffering complications. the chemotherapy is affecting her liver. he is missing workouts to be with his daughter. enrique iglesias can be your hero but he needs someone to kiss away the pain. the singer uses a drone at his concerts to get crowd shots. when he tried to actually grab that drone to give the audience a point of view shot. it sliced his fingers. he continued performing for 30 minutes. you can see the blood on his shirt. he was then rushed to an airport in a helicopter where he flew to los angeles to see a specialist. i'm surprised they allowed that. apparently he does that in all the shows. >> just for liability reasons if that thing comes down on the crowd or hurts him. it surprises me that the lawyers
4:41 am
can allow it. >> i have a feeling it's going to stop. >> he needs to put on the michael jackson glove like the drone glove to catch it. up next victims of violent crimes furious with new york's mayor after a weekend of blood shed. they want to bring back stop and frisk. a former new york city police commissioner joins us. guys has it ever happened to you? >> you know i really think i'm falling for you. >> wow, i really think i'm falling for you. >> you don't know my name do you? >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> scientists say, guys it's not our fault. why we forget names and when we're told to bring home milk on the way home from work. why we forget. there's science behind it. we'll explain it to you live as we roll on live from new york city. you're watching "fox and friends." ♪
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new york city is now seeing a major surge in murders including four people killed in five hours this weekend. between january and mayor of this year there have been 133 murders. now grieving families are begging the new york city mayor, his name is still bill de blasio to bring back the nypd's stop and frisk policy. bringing back that policy make our streets safer? here to weigh in is former police commissioner. commissioner first off, your reactions to stop and frisk? what's the word inside the community of officer and what about outside?
4:46 am
>> fromstaff's perspective, it's a great tool. it's something they needed to go out and look for guns. it's something they needed to reduce crime. you can't take away the programs that were successful. and that's what this mayor has done. consistently. >> he has, but part of retraining isn't to bring back stop and frisk. the chances of that legitimately happening are low >> it's not going to happen under his administration. he campaigned on this issue. removing stop and frisk. but -- i said this when it all started. you're going to see a rise in shootings. if you see a rise in shootings you'll see a rise in homicide. >> let's take a look at the stats. 2014 there were 403 shootings, now it's up to 434. that's a 7% increase. when it comes to homicide it's up to 17.7%. at some point, the people of new york city are going to say i want to feel safe again, aren't they? especially in those high crime
4:47 am
areas. >> if you look at the stats on homicide from 1994 to now, there was an 83% reduction in homicide in the biggest benefactors were the minority communities which are now suffering and seeing an increase in homicide. an increase in shootings. >> commissioner the problem is in the minority communities they were the ones not happy with it in many ways. they said their voice was heard. >> i don't know if it's them or outside instiigators. you know the people that really were against it. the bottom line is you can't mess with success. nobody can question the success that new york city had. the biggest reductions in crime, violent crime, and homicide in the entire country. >> we'll see. this is not going away. by the way, your book is doing very well. it's called from jailer to jailed. my journey from correction and police commissioner to inmate 8488054.
4:48 am
you came to memorize that number right? >> i did. i did. >> commissioner it was great to see you. >> thank you. 13 minutes before the top of the hour. sorry fellows a new study finds women are better at remembering things than men. it's not our fault. the science that may surprise you. we have the battle of the sexes again. again, men lose. ♪ .is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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i really think i'm falling for you. >> well i really think i'm falling for you. >> you don't know my name do you? >> yes i do. >> what is it? >> it's -- oh! oh!
4:52 am
deloris! >> okay. some men forget names. ever think that men tend to be more forgetful than women? turns out it's true. science, a new study finds women are better at remembering specific tasks and plans for things in the future. what's the reason behind that? we're joined by holly and former nfl player chris. >> thank yous for having us. >> men are worse than women at remembering things to do in the future. if you called your husband -- because you're married -- and you said after work drop by the cleaners what are the odds he will actually do that? >> my husband has a good memory but a really bad short term memory. i find myself reminding him of things sometimes he's not going to do it. if i remind him too many times i become a nag. i have to find the right time of the day to give him what i call
4:53 am
his honey do list. if i add too many things into the list with too many stop and too many things to pick up. >> do you call your husband one minute before the end of work and say hey -- >> that's a better way for me to approach my marriage. >> it's a good strategy. this is a shocker. men are visual creatures. we know nat. a nice little post it note that says pick up the dry cleaning work. >> that's at the beginning of the day. there's a lot of day between the beginning and end. >> men have the attention span of a gnat unless we're interesting. >> i have the attention span of an elephant. if you tell me something i have to do tin two months i also write everything down. my husband chooses just to not magically remember everything without writing it down. >> the good news for us, chris,
4:54 am
is we have a get out of jail free card. now science when my wife says you did bring home the bacon, actually bacon, not figuratively. i've got an excuse. i forgot because that's what men do. >> we're going to frame this scientific study in the house. >> for men who are watching now and wondering why this could be true. they found this differences we found could be due to the care taking role assumed by women and the fact women have more responsibilities at home in daily life. women might form tasks involving prospective memory more than men. they say it could be hormones they say that men are better at multitasking. while women are good at doing one thing at a time. guys can do a whole bunch of things. >> it's a rite of passage to be
4:55 am
able to do many things at once. >> if you are doing too many things at work. checkts the outcome of the game, the problem is he's not hearing what i am reminding him to do. he's distracted and he forgets some. >> at some point, you're verging on nagging. >> if i don't nag enough it's my fault. >> we need a nagometer. >> there's a country song i love called the difference between a woman and man he's singing to his wife. he says i turn on like a light bulb you warm up like an iron. it's two stark differences. let's understand each other. i am pumped we have a real physical excuse. >> we definitely do. don't tell your husbands things too far in advance.
4:56 am
>> a need to know basis. >> yes. >> got something to do at the end of work call them five minutes before the end. >> all right. still ahead on this monday the patriot act has expired at midnight. hillary clinton has new competition on the democratic side. bret baier will join us live from washington with reaction. how about this? four year olds getting sex ed? pbs wants to use your tax dollars to do that. is that a good idea? i don't think so. we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up. ♪ you can stretch right up and touch the sky ♪ ♪ when the weather's nice you got women you got women on your mind ♪ ♪
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4:59 am
good morning. today is monday june first i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, one man bringing the nsa's data collection program to a
5:00 am
screeching halt. in an extraordinary light night senate session. >> are we going to so blindly go along and just say take it? i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. >> are americans better off with a key portion of the patriot act off the book snz bret baier joins us live from washington. hours before their travel ban was supposed to be lifted a sudden development in the case of those five former gitmo prisoners we exchanged for bowe bergdahl. what are they doing now? he was killed in a helicopter crash. this national guard soldier denied burlier at arlington national cemetery. this hour his father is here live as he fight for his son's honor. we'll bring you that story because mornings are better with friends.
5:01 am
♪ that's the cross roads of the world, times square. live in new york city. just about a block from where we're sitting right now. thank you for joining us on this june first. look who's here today. kimberly guilfoyle from the five is with the three today. >> you have to walk through single file, it is too crowded. if you're coming to new york city live somewhere else. >> here's the question. >> what is wrong with you? >> why are you going through it if you have a problem with it why are you doing it. >> >>i have to go through penn station to get home. i have to grease myself up to get home. >> turn that frown upside down.
5:02 am
>> fine. fine. fine. you two go to the subway i'll take the surface streets with the people. >> bret baier does the show from washington, d.c. he joins us live. good morning. >> does brian a member of the new york chamber of commerce? >> there's so many people. body to body. get away from me. >> he's a one man commerce killer. >> you got the ford theater, the white house tours. go there, don't come to new york. >> i already know bhautwhat your lead story is going to be tonight, it's going to be that rand paul grabbed the attention of the nation and the u.s. senate and kept them from trying to pass the house passed u.s. freedom act. which takes parts of the patriot act and changes them rather than the government holding all of our phone data it's going to stay with the phone company. >> yeah. it's a big deal. the fact that that has expired now, is a concern. and you talked to intelligence
5:03 am
community, you talk to people who track this very closely, that we're essentially naked now. it's important when you talk about this there is a lot of hyperbowly on both this as far as what it's doing, not doing. for the rand paul folks, this is a big win. it made a statement. they believe that they're going to pass on either tomorrow or wednesday this usa freedom act which will change the way that the bulk collection happens. it will reinstate some of the patriot act provisions. you know you've got to a point where this debate was heated. >> let's listen to a little bit of it. >> people say how would we get terrorists with that? with a warrant with their name on it where you can go as deep into the details as you want. when someone commits an act of atrocity there is no question we would get a warrant. people have brought up the boston bomber.
5:04 am
they say we need this we need the patriot act after the bombing to get his phone records. that's the most absurd thing i've ever heard. people here in town think i'm making a huge mistake. some of them i think secretly want there to be an attack on the united states so they can blame it on me. i'm not going to take it anymore. i don't think the american people are going to take it anymore. 80% of those under 40 say we've gone too far. that this whole collection of all of our records, all the time is too much. >> as those people under 40 post the picture of their birthday first communion online they're worried about privacy. a senator had the most biting criticism. he accused the senator of lying about the matter in order to raise money for his campaign. that's a republican. >> there are many republicans who are weighing in and saying some pretty amazing things about what rand paul has done what
5:05 am
he's trying to do. pointing to his campaign. you know senator john mccain a long time nemesis, if you will and legislative matters of senator paul said this is all about frundund raising. we should point out he has been fund raising over this issue. the paul people say they made a stand. yes, he's fund raising on it buzz he's doing something about an issue he feels is bad for the country. the important thing to point out is now the phone records, if this bill passes tomorrow or wednesday, will be in the hands of phone companies. the government will have to get a warrant to go in and look for it. a lot of people say that's a good thing. the intelligence community says listen you don't want to take any tools out of the toolbox when you're in a situation like we are in now and the terrorists environment that we're facing. >> right. critics of the patriot act say that never once has that phone data stopped a terror attack.
5:06 am
at the same time bret we all want to be safe. but at the same time a lot of us don't trust the government. we don't trust the irs, we don't trust the va we don't trust the doj. we don't know who the nsa is. >> do we trust our intelligence officials that need these data points to be able to pursue leads. part of it is not one direct link. there is a nexus they work with. >> they work through threads. when you have guys who have these impeccable records and they're in charge and they say they need it you tend to go with them. we have something else. governor o'malley used this weekend to say he officially wants to become the democratic nominee for president. here is -- what would you think about the way he launched? >> well i thought that the launch was what o'malley wanted to do was get his name out there, have a big event. he has an uphill battle with
5:07 am
the situation in baltimore, the economy in maryland. he's an attractive candidate on the democratic side. and the question really is will he run fully? will he really go after hillary clinton or will he kind of spar? and put on the pads? that's really the question -- >> i didn't see much combatness. i saw one sound bite where he took on bush and clinton. >> i agree. bernie sanders is saying some tough things out there on the trail about hillary clinton and her lack of taking a stand on trade. so i think so far, o'malley has not proven he's going to be really going after hillary clinton. >> no, he hasn't. one banner that said maybe it's time for new leadership. that was a mere suggestion, that people should choose him. somebody who is not afraid to put the gloves on take them off, anyway she can hit it is carly fiorina. take a listen to this. she's ready to go. >> she will clearly by the nominee of the democratic party
5:08 am
our nominee must take the fight to her. she has demonstrated over and over again she is not transparent. her leadership as secretary of state has placed us in jeopardy. there are questions i would ask her on the general debate stage. >> you did an interview and carly fiorina. it was terrific. she does seem to be the main republican going after clinton directly. >> yeah. it's getting a lot of traction. i think her crowds when you see her on the trail, they're increasing. she gets a lot of positive reaction. clearly, she is positioned to go after hillary clinton. and she has done that and even trailed her to south carolina and had a press conference outside a clinton event. she's getting attention. i think you'll see that in the polls. >> you know carly fiorina was outside the hall where hillary clinton was inside. hillary not taking questions. she took a couple a week or ten
5:09 am
days ago. how long can she keep that up not talking to the press? >> i think she'll do it like we've seen these sporadic go over to the scrum of reporters. i think it will be interesting to see when she does her first sit down long form interview. we'd love to have her back on special report. >> of course. >> she's leaning towards stephanopoulos bret. >> no. no. no. >> i'm not commenting on that. >> i wouldn't comment -- >> don't take brian's bait. >> that's the longest smile you've ever held. >> bret baier who i think is going to be in times square because there's a lot of people there. >> listen, i'm just saying it's too crowd coulded here. >> get off my lawn? >> thank you very much. have a great show. >> hi heather. >> good morning. good morning. >> you shouldn't complain about
5:10 am
people coming to new york city. >> that was kind of awkward, by the way, brian? >> what? when i tossed to you? here is heather nauert with the headlines. >> perfect. good morning, hope you're off to a great day. we have new information coming in. it was a terrifying scene at one of the nation's busiest airports. a car jumps a sidewalk at los angeles international airport. hitting a young girl before that car crashed into a terminal wall. the 9-year-old victim is a child of an airport employee. listed in critical condition. the 67-year-old driver and his passenger were rushed to the hmt hospital. they are expected to recover. police believe he hit the gas instead of the brake pedal. the family found murdered in their washington, d.c. mansion will be laid to rest today. the attorney for the accused killer said his client could not have committed those murders because he doesn't like pizza? investigators linked wint to dna
5:11 am
found on pizza crust at the crime scene. the attorney robert ficker appeared on "fox and friends" earlier. >> i bet you have someone's dna in your house who has never lived there. most people do. if i cut myself in this interview room and my dna is left here and a crime is committed here 12 hours later, does that mean i committed the crime? of course it doesn't. that is not his food choice. dna is a junk science. >> okay. that is the same attorney who had represented him in cases in the past. i think he went on to call him a good guy. he was on megan kelly's show a couple weeks ago. wint remains the sole suspect in the case but police expect to make more arrests. greg gutfeld's new show premiering last night. >> i think it could be bad in
5:12 am
the long run. do you agree? >> i can understand the conflict. legalization could not cause more harm than the war on drugs already has. aren't you worried we're creating a generation without ambition. >> freedom has consequence. every product be it automobile or a gun carries a risk. >> all right. if you missed it you can tune in next sunday 10:00 p.m. eastern or you can set your dvr. greg gut feld congratulations on that new show. >> the fact that we had cloned him -- >> all right. >> that was it. >> michael keaton multiplicity remember that rarely seen movie? he made 12 carbon copies of himself. >> sounds great. >> you didn't see it? >> fine. >> there you go. all right. coming up it started with violent riots and crime has gone up in baltimore. 43 homicide in one month. does this have anything to do
5:13 am
with the crack down on our law enforcement? lawmakers too drunk to drive. call the taxpayers they'll get you a ride. ♪ call me ♪
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5:17 am
we're back with a fox news alert. as baltimore's deadly crime wave continuing at shocking rates. last month there were 43 homicide making it the deadliest month since 1972. there were 106 shootings. could this spike in crime have anything to do with the crack down on our nation's law enforcement. joining us is the author of the big black lie, kevin jackson. these are alarming numbers. what do you attribute it to? >> well, i wrote a piece a while back why america needs a write republican president. if baltimore had a white republican mayor you wouldn't be talking about cops now. you'd be talking about the accountability where it lies. the idea that baltimore and the justice department are looking at police is ridiculous. and you're seeing the outcome. i predicted this when ferguson erupted. i told media and everybody
5:18 am
there, you're doing a disservice to the law abiding citizens of this community by supporting a kid who did the wrong thing. baltimore is essentially the same thing. we're not allowing the system to take its course. >> what about police? i think it seems now police are more concerned about their own well-being. they don't want to be arrested or persecuted for putting on the blue every morning when they get up trying to make these communities safer, especially we see this with the new numbers with baltimore arrests, when you compare the numbers from may of last year to may of this year there's a 69% decrease in the number of arrests. >> yeah. well we forget that police are regular people when they take their uniforms off. what we've done is we've made them into some sort of grotesque thing. it's just not the case. the outcome is not only are they cops afraid of their jobs and potentially being indicted for doing the right thing in the
5:19 am
case of darren wilson for example. they're saying if you don't want us to protect you, then we're going to respond a little bit slower. it's one thing for dmv to say i'm going to go slow in getting your your driver's license. it's a whole other when the police say if you don't care enough about us we don't have to care about you. i think when the media and the leftist leadership do this to the police they're effectively saying if this is the way you're going to treat us when we're trying to do our jobs which is what we've been tasked to do by you. we're going to respond in this way. >> it's tough. especially when you have individuals like marilyn mosby going aggressively against the police making activists comments saying we will get justice by any means necessary. that undermines the ability of law enforcement to keep people in the community safe. we've seen that with the number of homicides up the number of arrests down and with the amount of destruction of property.
5:20 am
it's difficult to stand by and watch. thank you for being with us on the program. >> thank you. all right. he was killed in the military training crash, but this national guard soldier denied burl burial at arlington national cemetery. his father here live as he fights for his son's honor. sex ed for 4 year olds. pbs wants to use your tax dollars for that. a fair and balanced debate next. ♪
5:21 am
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some quick headlines. in about two hours senator lindsey graham is expected to
5:24 am
announce his 2016 run for the white house. he's 59. he's strong on foreign policy. he'll become the ninth republican candidate. his announcement is set for 10:30 eastern time in south carolina. that is central south carolina. will he or won't he? donald trump setting the record straight earlier on "fox and friends" about a huge announcement. >> i'm going to have a big deal going on at trump tower on june 16thts. i'll be giving a decision as to what i'm going to be doing. >> trump says he's the only person that can fix our economy unless steve doocy decides to jump in. >> not my department yet. thank you. they get a piece of nearly $300 million in taxpayer money. if it were up to pbs, a public broadcasting service, lessons on love and sex would start in kindergarten at age four. pbs news hour arguing the dutch system of teaching sex ed to 4
5:25 am
year-olds should come to the united states. here for a balanced debate we have a former teacher, and a parenting blogger here in our studio. good morning. >> good morning. sherry you think the dutch model where they're teaching kids about sex at age four is okay? >> yes. i do. it's a difficult world we live in today. the children today -- >> 4 year olds? >> 4 year-olds. when you were four you didn't have the internet, the web. you weren't bum barded by messages today. there is a study showing that the earlier we start teaching our kids about sexuality and being responsible for your body and -- there is lower teen birth rates. there is lower amounts of sexual
5:26 am
abuse because they can identify it sooner. >> okay. and certainly that's a dialogue whitney, that should happen. but at age four? >> yeah, not at anyone four and not in school. i think the important thing here is that a parent has the right to decide when and how they discuss these issues with their child. >> that's right. i want to also say we're not hijacking what the parents role is. >> the dutch model is about teaching it in school and having the conversations in a group setting with an educator. i'm a parent i would want to have that conversation with my child. i'm the person who knows best when they're ready to have that talk and how we want to have that discussion with him. the idea that a teacher or a group setting is a better place to have the talk with a child is disturbing. frankly, it's another example of trying to take the responsibility for these things away from the parent.
5:27 am
we need to know this is the role of the parents, not the public school. >> i do agree we have a role in the household for our moral comp compass. children are so bum barded with information that this is guided. i just had to explain to my daughter what transsexual was based on all this information. >> how old is your daughter? >> she's 11 years old. >> okay. >> and the children are saying when they're younger, yeah, i like this one maybe i'm gay, maybe i'm not. children say crazy things. i think we need a group of people to help them and guide them through. >> whitney, i think at age 11 a lot of kids have questions because they have smartphones and stuff like that. at age four you don't think that parents would let children be on the internet. >> there's a difference between
5:28 am
a 4 and 11-year-old. one of them was to have four and five year olds identifying genitalia on a map. there are a lot of things that come to light that they're not prepared for. that's something an 11-year-old can handle but definitely not my kindergartner. >> great conversation today. thank you for joining us live. folks in tv land what do you think about starting at age four? pbs going from big bird to you know e-mail us. a circus stunt goes horribly wrong. the terrifying moments caught on camera as a circus performer hanging by her hair falls to the floor. and remember solyndra? the obama administration's $500 million green energy failure. it looks like that was not a lesson learned. stew varney look at him he's
5:29 am
outraged. he'll explain why as we roll on here in new york city. ♪ go on take the money and run ♪ is this the year you go grab life by the gills? then you belong at bass pro shops with great father's day gift ideas at incredible savings. like redhead gray's peak shorts starting under $20. and save $50 on a charbroil 4-burner grill. ♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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5:33 am
music's biggest stage. suddenly the music stopped. >> she guest hosted the grand old opry on saturday night. through all the excitement she was nice enough to remember us back here in new york. >> i've had so much fun. back stage i can't sing. i can't really dance. but i can live in the moment. i'm doing that right now. i think it's time for some more music and talent and fun here in the opry. i couldn't fit brian and steve in my suitcase. but i promise i'm going to bring a little opry spirit back to them. i cannot wait to tell them about my adventure here today. >> we're going to get the lowdown tomorrow. >> she did a fantastic job. and let me tell you something, she can dance. that was impressive. >> i know. >> elizabeth hosted the k love awards with actor kirk cameron. she'll be back in new york on wednesday.
5:34 am
>> i'm disturbed to think she would like to shove us in luggage. >> it would be cheaper. >> that was nice you did miss her birthday last week. you have a lot of mabking up to do. remember the president's solyndra failure. >> i'm barely recovered from it. a shocking new watch dog report revealed that the irs has handed out $14 billion taxpayer dollars to help energy companies. >> the problem is they have not followed up to see how the money is being spent. how are they getting away with it? let's ask stuart varney. >> coming up. >> coming right up. >> what do you think about this? >> okay what a deal this is. the irs hands out $14 billion and says to taxpayers get out all and get yourself some solar panels. get a windmill. we spend the money but we don't know how much extra green power
5:35 am
was generated by all this money. the irs also -- the government also handed out billions and billions of dollars to start up companies, green energy companies like solyndra. followed up to that how many billions were lost? we don't know? >> this shouldn't be shocking to you. the green lobby is in the president's corner. so he gave them money. just like he gave unions with government motors. how many billions did we get gm and we didn't know if we'd get it back. >> we're not getting all of it back. we chalked money at green energy because it was a good political issue. chuck it at green energy let's see what comes out. we chucked the money down there, but we don't know what came out of it. >> there's no accounting of it. >> there is no accountability. here is one thing we do know. part of this throwing money at green energy meant that utility must buy green power from local green producers. there's a mandate to do that.
5:36 am
that raises the cost of regular power to everybody else. so we've chucked a lot of money at it don't know what we got back in return. we know the cost of electricity is going up. >> what's your show going to be like? >> just like this a ramp one after another. >> are you going to have a couch? >> no. no couch i'm afraid. >> band? >> no band. no dancing. unless kilmeade does a guest appearance. >> i would like to see more jobs. i'll come over there. >> if you want to come on and dance, you can come on and dance. >> are you excited about this? you used to sleep till 10:00. >> sleep till 10:00? are you kidding me. i've also gotten up at 3:30 in the morning. >> this is not a problem for you? >> no, i'm a early morning guy. i drive my family crazy. >> this is perfect for you. we're excited for fbn. this is a wonderful lineup they've put together.
5:37 am
>> stuart varney and company starts 24 minutes from now on fox business. to find it go to >> a man you can trust. >> really? that was an old picture by the way. >> it's full torso. >> please. >> from this channel to the next one. >> i got to go. >> get up and go. just go. just go. gotta go. >> good luck everyone. >> his mind on your money. >> it starts in 23 minutes. >> if someone else toss to heather. >> you gave me rejection last time. >> a good morning to you, heather. good morning. great to have you with us. beautifully done. write that down brian. good morning to you all. we have a fox news alert to start out with this morning. caught on camera the terrifying moment the two planes collide at an italian air show. take a look at this.
5:38 am
awful to be there. standing by and watching. dozens of families saw that. watched in horror as both propeller planes plunged into the sea. one pilot was killed. mirac yaels miraculously the other one survived. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. a circus performance goes horribly wrong in front of a live audience. take a look. you can see it right there, there was an acrobat hanging by her hair suddenly plunging 25 feet to the ground. the circus says she never latched ad safety cord. she walked away with just bruise and has been cleared to go back to work. the circus will have their shows there through july. you may remember last year another group of acrobats fell n
5:39 am
similar stunt in rhode island. nine people were hurt. california lawmakers -- this is an unbelievable story. too drunk to drive so they can call for a ride home and taxpayers are footing the bill for two new drivers? the state senate hired two part-time employees to drive lawmakers around overnight. they're making $2,500 a month a piece. four state lawmakers have been arrested for drunk driving. now taxpayers have to foot the bill. they can't call a cab. >> they might stop drinking. >> uber is taxies. >> good point. >> stop ripping people off. >> i know don't show off, steve. >> you can do it to with the app. >> they couldn't get through times square. >> true. >> heather, thank you. >> wherever she is. a family devastated.
5:40 am
this national guard soldier was denied denied denied burial at arlington national cemetery. scary moments on stage. the drone disaster that left enrique iglesias covered in blood and into the hospital. >> ouch. ♪ roundup ♪ ♪ i'm a loving husband and a real good dad ♪ ♪ but weeds just make me rattlesnake mad ♪ ♪ well roundup has a sharp-shootin' wand ♪ ♪ i'm sendin' them weeds to the great beyond ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ yeha! [ whip cracks ] ♪ ♪ ♪ no need to pump just point and shoot ♪ ♪ hit 'em in the leaves and it kills to the root ♪ ♪ 'round fences, trees, even mulched beds ♪ ♪ 'cause the only good weed is a weed that's dead ♪ ♪ roundup ♪ yeha! [ whip cracks ] [ male announcer ] roundup... [ whip cracks ] with a one-touch wand.
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5:43 am
quick entertainment headlines. enrique iglesias needs a hero after a drone sliced his fingers. he performed for 30 more minutes. he was later air lifted to a hospital is expected to be okay. there will be another kardashian to keep up with. >> i just got a blood test back
5:44 am
and i am pregnant. >> kim announcing after last night's midseason finale of keeping up with the kardashians she is expecting her second child. dollarmore flooding fears in texas as overflowing rakes push more water into the rivers. a number of roads are still flooded as you can see right there. we have a reporter from fox 4 news in dallas. it looks like you're in the middle of a river or a lake but behind you, is a golf course. >> yeah, it looks like a nice little lake vocationacation home. we are talking about a two square mile area that is blocked off here on the monday morning commute. barricades like this are set up all over town.
5:45 am
you have this golf course which is typically quite lovely this time of year. this road i'm on right now has been closed for almost a week. there's a mobile police unit that has set up command post because of the flooding. i want to show you night time video. people are saying what's the deal with the flooding getting worse day by day. it's because the overflow from the lakes is just slowly making its way into neighborhoods. we're just now seeing the worst of it this morning. i want to show you daysome video as well. lakes that are 13 to 20 miles from here, which are awesome this time of year for boating and hanging out, already spilled over their dams. now the water is here in recyational and residential areas. what police did was make reverse 911 calls to people who live in the area to warn them. the traffic issue is nearby a
5:46 am
major freeway. behind me this is actually a road this is not a lake. it's not a river. it's not a stream. you see the do not enter high water sign. it's like this all over town. reporting live in dallas back to you. >> thank you for the live report. i got a feeling some people are going to be late to work because the road they go on is not open. >> unbelievable shot there. straight ahead on this monday a national guard soldier killed in a military training crash denied burial at arlington national cemetery. his father is fighting for this honor honor. he'll join us live next. let's find out what's happening in "america's newsroom." martha maccallum is here. rand paul gets a victory as the nsa shuts down the bulk collection data program. a dramatic show down.
5:47 am
senator rand paul joins us live coming up. the cia director repairs americans for a long fight against isis. says it won't be won on the battlefield. so where? we'll talk to a senator about that and breaking news on the taliban five coming up when bill and i see you at the top of the hour.
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
all right. staff sergeant thomas signed up afor the louisiana national guard. he was proud to be an american eager to defend our freedom. eight years into his service he died. last march doing a training exercise in florida. his family asked for his remains to be placed in arlington national cemetery. the army said no.
5:51 am
his dad joins us now, who is also a green beret. so sad for the loss of your son. nothing will replace him. this means a lot to you? >> yes, sir i appreciate this opportunity. what i'm looking for is after 81 days i'm looking for leadership. the position that was taken is a tragedy. and it was adding insult to injury. the position that my son was not on active duty he was not carrying mail or packages as a contractor for fed ex. my son was in a military aircraft as a crew chief and a gunner with 17 marines all who died training for combat. i take exception to that not being active. >> too, you said he was going 160 miles an hour. he's in a chopper, going through
5:52 am
exercises which are not standard exercises. there is danger you're serving the military you're signed up for service. technically they said he wasn't active? >> yes. and as far as the qualifications i find an irony here. george orwell said all men are created equal but some more equal than others. as we look at arlington and there are so many great americans there, there are civilians who were interred there that has not been in service. the fact my son gave his life in the line of duty i think is a strong qualification. >> so do i. since this thing became public what's the response been from the military community and from america at large? >> the response from my fellow veterans and the response from -- it's been overwhelming. i've received calls at my house
5:53 am
from congressman and legislatures who want to make sure the right thing is done. i've had people offer up their slots at arlington for my son. and i am humbled by that. but my son earned his place in arlington. and that if it has to come to decision with the secretary of the army or the president of the united states i would like to ask them if they had a son or a daughter that volunteered for service in the national guard and they were killed while training would they want the refusal of their children at arlington? that's the type of human response that i need here and not just a bureaucratic scrub. >> let me tell you what they said here's a quote from the army. the army military cemetery advisory group agreed that the circumstances while tragic did not warrant displacing otherwise
5:54 am
eligible service member or veteran. that's not the response you were looking for. >> i completely understand the displacing of other veterans however, if we look at who is entered in arlington as i alluded to earlier, there are commentators musicians, there are places for those people the place in arlington should be for those that gave their life in the line of duty and service. my son did that. he's not displacing others. the priority should be to people like my son. he's not a case number. >> exactly. and steven tell me about your son, why he joined and what do you miss most about him? >> my son liked the challenge. he called me two hours before. he told me on the telephone dad, i love this. he used to call me and say dad here's a quick view from my
5:55 am
office. i'm at 1,100 feet. he would text me. and he loved what he was doing. he believed in what he was doing. he knew not if but when he was going to go into harm's way. and when he was training with those seven marines, he loved what he was doing. he sent me a tape of what he was doing. what i miss about him the most is my son will never grow old. there are people who have died in their sleep of natural causes that rest in arlington, my son died giving his all. and i and my family miss him. and i told him at christmas when he asked me if i would watch after his affairs and take care of megan, that i would do so. and some years from now, i will hold the little girl's hand in arlington and i will explain to her who her father was. >> and it looks like your son took after his dad. two great americans. steven thanks so much.
5:56 am
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6:00 am
first of june. here it is making the case. how to be your own best advocate written by this woman who joins us today. >> i'm ordering mine right now on amazon. bill: we shall make the case now, good morning everybody. controversial data collection of the patriot act expiring overnight this after senators failed a reach a deal during a rare sun session. at center of that delay, senator rand paul. critics in his own party say his efforts left the u.s. exposed. what will he say to that? you will hear from him in a moment. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. on a monday, "america's newsroom." martha: good morning everybody i'm martha maccallum. this is one of three key provisions that expired at midnight after senator paul followed through on his pledge to block the bill. that delayed votes for several days. >> are we going to blythely give up our


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