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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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country's biggest airports. under cover agentsable to smuggle weapons and fake explosives through security checkpoints in 96 percent of the tests around the country. jackie ibanez is here with the department of homeland security's reaction to all of this. >> shocking isn't it? this troubling new report finding an under cover team posing as passengers trying to ban get banned items through at 67 percent of the tests. they were challenging pushing the boundaries of the screening systems set up after 9-11 to prevent weapons from getting on planes. an agent was stopped after setting off a body screener. but it failed to detect the explosive device taped to his back. they are taking immediate reaction. melvin care away he took over as acting administrator since
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january. jay johnson said we take these findings very seriously. the numbers in these reports never look good out of context, but they are critical elements in the continual evolution of our aviation security. foreign policy experts agree these tests could help improve airport security in the long run. >> ser getting through. are they getting through then you are trading the force and is the force better at stopping the technique or are they gust getting through all of the time. >> the vast majority of plots are thwarted by today intelligence not pat downs. >> jackie ibanez joining us live. thank you jackie. keep an eye on that. but to another fox news alert now flax fears spreading. defense department officials saying the military also sent those active samples of the bacteria to three canadian lab
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stories. 24 labs in 11 states and 11 south korea and australia also received active samples. the military's handling of the bacteria now under review. it is sentencing day for the boston marathon bombers. di one pleaded guilty to removing items from tsarnaev's dorm room. officer collier's death's death could have been stopped if he came forward and cooperated. he has restored the u.s. as quote the most respected country in the world. that claim coming adds isis ransom recruitment efforts and gets his hands on even more military equipment, american military equipment.
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rich edison has more on this. >> with a year and a half left of his pregnancysidency he is touting his history. he also refers to u.s. involvement in two wars iraq and afghanistan. the illustration's policy to end deep american involvement there. at a town hall event because of that and the foreign policy the u.s. is more respected globally now. >> people don't remember when i came in office the united states ranked below china and barely above russia. today the as you states is the most respected country on the earth. most of that is because of the work they did to reengage the world and say we want to work with you with partners with mutual interest and mutual respect. >> republicans are label willling
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the foreign tol see as a failure. they point to isis as it recently took control of the key city in iraq and syria. the allies will meet in europe today to discuss their fight against isis. heather? >> rich speaking of isis we are seeing reports that isis is expanding into recruitment efforts. how so? >> it is using highly produced broadcasts to fight for it. recruit tors are promising benefits to those who join. >> huge backlash about the comments on social media. >> president obama's comments also not sitting well with a lot of people including the ceo of concerned veterans for america.
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they are so out of touch with reality they live in a bubble that none of us can relate to at this point. not only did they not end two ground wars but they cited a war in libya invited a war in ukraine and exacerbated the war in syria through not having a strong policy on red lines and what we are going to do there. he has invited ban dora's box of chaos. >> amtrak is in the hot seat today in a few hours law americas are expected to grill the railway on the lack of safety upgrades just weeks after the deadly derailment in philadelphia. amtrak 188 was going more than 50 miles an hour over the speed limit when it jumped the tracks around the curve killing eight people. the ntsb also expected to release the preliminary report on that crash. a some der scene as the
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savopoulos sisters say good-bye to their father mother and 10-year-old brother all brutally murdered in their washington mansion. 19-year-old abigail and 17-year-old katerina who were away at boarding school at the time of the killings stood side by side as you can see as hundreds of mourners paid their spreekts. >> it was a wonderful ceremony and all of the family members moved. >> these three amazing people have gone to a better place. >> police say the family and one of the housekeepers were held hostage and tortured before their house was torched. darren went is the only person charged in the killings. police do not anythink he acted alone. >> extreme weather now. 45 million americans across the state now under a flash flood warning. days of heavy rains flooding the streets in elizabeth, new
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jersey. overflowing ponds and rivers sending fish swimming into the streets. down the coast to your neck of the woods jamestown north carolina a storm snapping a tree like a twig sending it into this house. maria is here with what we can expect today. >> good morning. it looks like the same storm system that brought all of the heavy rain to parts of the northeast and mid atlantic is still effecting us. early this morning we are tracking areas of rain across parts of new england and across portion of massachusetts and parts of connecticut. it is going to be a slow commute as we head out to work early this morning. you can see it is still overall very slow moving. over the areas that have been dealing with flash flood potential. we have a number of watches across delaware and maryland over parts of rhode island and into massachusetts.
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a pretty widespread area there along the i-75 corridor that could look at flash flooding through out the day today. we have a lot of humidity very moist air mass with warm temperatures and that will be enhancing the risk for severe weather, large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes and by tomorrow you are still looking at more severe storms slightly further off toward the south in nebraska kansas and colorado. the risk will also be in the place tomorrow. you can see very warm across the nation 80's and 90's across texas even 100 across el paso. new england well below average temperatures. temperatures forecast in the upper 40's across portions of new england. it will be a chilly one up
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there. not paying attention to the fact that it is summer. >> a man arrested for bringing a hand gun into an office building. he had a unloaded 9 millimeter gun on him. he is charged with carrying an unlicensed and unregistered firearm. the kansas native on the job just a few weeks now on temporary leave. >> the fight for power heating up on capitalism hill. they hope to add a vote today after amending the legislation to include parts of the patriot act including one that would extend the time the nsa has to shut down the controversial phone data collection. the house is signaling it will oppose any bill with changes. >> new overnight secretary of state john kerry landing in boston where he is going to undergo surgery on the broken
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leg today. kerry snapped his feature when he hit a curve while bike riding in the french alps. he is continuing to work on the iran nuclear deal as this deadline quickly approaches. >> then they were 9. lindsay graham making it official. >> i am lindsay graham and i am running for president of the united states>> the south carolina senator joining the ever growing list of gop presidential contenders. graham emphasized his stance starting on day one he is going to focus on defeating our enemies terror policies on isis and radical islam. the biggest threat to security is iran he's nuclear ambitions. the air force lawyer will retire from his military service when he is 60. >> he will be the most blunt candidate. >> yeah he is very honest.
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a college student studying in the nsa loses his life trying to stop an isis attack. how his actions saved hundreds. >> let's go kill some birds. >> have you shot one of these things before? >> vince vaughan delivering a message to those trying to restrict our second amendment. >> the city of love breaking hundreds of thousands of hearts. >> my lock is on there somewhere. >> why paris is unlocking a big heart.
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wichita state university chased away a terrorist as he was standing guard outside a packed mosque. the attacker detonated his explosive in that parking lot killing himself ala rosh and two others. >> knowing he was so brave made it a lot easier. it makes me happy that he saved allotted of lives, but i am still going to miss him. >> he had just returned home to saudi arabia to get married. breaking overnight hundreds feared dead after a chinese cruise ship carrying 458 people sinks in the river during a powerful storm. rescuers now frantically working to find any survivors. they are listening for sounds coming from the partially submerged hull. 17 people have been pulled from the water alive. five bodies also recovered the ship's captain and chief engineer are now in police custody. we have seen it far too many
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times dangerous close calls on african safaris just like this one. >> oh my gosh. i didn't know they could do that. >> yes, they can. now an american tourist has been mauled to death by a lion as a popular lion park in south africa. the 22-year-old was in a car surrounded by three roaming animals when she rolled the window down to take pictures which is against park rules. the lions lunged at the car and attacked. a man in the car was also hurt trying to fight off that animal. caught on camera a russian fighter jet flying way too close to a u.s. war ship. the department of defense releasing this video to down-play reports of aggressive encounter with ush are shans some say it forced the ship to change course. officials say that is not true and the jet and ship never even
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communicated. now to a fox business alert a bombshell investigation reveals tsa agents failed security tests nearly 96 percent of the time but they are still trying to get fliers through airport security faster? how? lauren simonetti is here to explain. >> you may not feel safe on an airplane after hearing about the lapses in u.s. security. you may have plenty of time to spare. they are speeding up boarding. delta looking at service that pro loads preloads the carry on in the over head area. here's an update on the exploding deadly tackkata air bags. they will testify and say they will stop making a air bag with
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volatile chemical. they will replace the bad ones either made by takata or by competitors. it as ford expands it to include a million mustangs and gt sports sportscars sportscars. the army is getting a new uniform. next month you will start to see soldiers wearing this what is called the operational cam flauj pattern. it is greener than the ones you are used to seeing. they have four years to make the transition. good news for 50 shades of gray fans author el james is authoring a 4th book called "gray "grey." the movie brought in more than half a billion bucks. ladies. flakes reaking in the city of love. hundreds of thousands of the lover's lock taking out the bizarre bridge over the sin
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river. that is happening in paris. the weight of the locks damaging the integrity of the bridge. a big portion of it fell down into the river. traditionally couples placed the locks on the metal grills as a symbol of their love and throw the key into the water. flexy glass stoodz where it once lived. my husband and i had lockses there but it is nowhere. >> it will be somewhere on display. >> we have it on video. >> the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. after the top of the hour i should say and half a million tax dollars paying for the government to crack down on conservatives. the social media study that appears to be looking in the wrong direction. from the cover of the wheat tee's box to the cover of vanity fair good-bye bruce jenner and
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hello kate hello caitlyn.
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>> call me caitlyn. caitlyn jenner formerly known as bruce paining her stunning debut on vanity fair cover. >> it is reaching more than a million followers in four hours breaking president obama's record. >> simone voice takes us behind the scenes. >> sansas soon as the vanity fair cover comes out i am free. >> it is the transformation that the world has been waiting for. we say good-bye to bruce and hello to caitlyn. >> the last few days of doing this shoot was about my life and who i am as a person.
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>> after years of identifying as male olympic gold medallist bruce jenner caitlyn jenner makes hiser debut on vanity fair. >> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> she wouldn't reveal her new name or look. >> caitlyn doesn't have any secrets. >> in the spread caitlyn dawned several fim minute looks from glamorous evening gowns to long lingerie lingerie. she revealed a twitter page with this tweet, i am so happy after a long struggle to be living my true self. welcome to the world caitlyn can't wait for you to debtget to another her, me. jenner's daughters took to twitter to share their support. kim kardashian west shared this how beautiful. be happy, be proud. live life your way. >> jenner's biological daughter
2:25 am
tweeting bee free now. -- bee free now pretty bird. >> some fear caitlyn's endless resources set the bar too high for most transitioning women living within average means. >> there's another unrealistic but great image set for transgender women. we are being accepted in the area. >> any light which is filled with darkness is a good light. >> caitlyn's first scheduled public appearance is at the espy awards where she will receive the arthur ashe courage award. >> oo it is time now to brew on this. vince vaughan's characters might not necessarily like guns. >> to the right. but the actor showing major
2:26 am
support for the second amendment in the interview with a british gq. he says quote banning guns is like banning forks in an attempt to stop making people fat. taking away guns taking away the drug the booze won't rid the world of criminality. send us an e-mail to after the top of the hour beyond the badge the story behind these photos that will make you proud of our police. >> the simulator that helps forecasters better predict storms. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology
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>> it is tuesday june 2nd, a fox news alert. major trouble with the tsa.
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fake bombs smuggled through security almost 100 percent of the time. the bombshell report in the overnight news to make sure it doesn't happen again. a oo air strikes slamming the mideast and terror threats rising. the president said his administration has restored respect. >> today once again the united states is the most respected country on earth. >> the fallout mounting this morning as world leaders signal the u.s. foreign policy is failing. >> i am going to put a little al low on your back to make it feel better. >> just in time for beach season a new device that means you are never going to get a sunburn again. "fox friends first continues right now. >> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up early.
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it is 5:30 on the east coast. we begin with a fox news alert. bombshell showing a bombshell across airports across the country. failing 96 percent of tests as under cover agents carry weapons and fake explosives through checkpoints. we are live at reagan airport with details of how homeland security is now responding. what do they have to say? oo the head of the tsa is now out. he is being assigned to a new job within the department of homeland security. melvin care away had been the acting director he had been in the job for a little moefrover five months. it is a stunning report. they tried to get mock weapons through checkpoints and they
2:32 am
were able to do so 65 to 70 percent of the time. >> the screening done is not much more effective than civilian screeners. it is the nature of bad screening. it is imperfect. it was meant to be a deterrent not the thing that is going to stop the next 9-11. the secretary of homeland security jay johnson who oversees the tsa is calling for new standards and training for ts aishg. agents say the failure rate of 95 almost 96 percent should be taken in his words in context. back to you guys. it seems ridiculous. what type of training are our it,sa agents getting and what happens now to improve the situation? >> well we don't know what kind of training they are talking about instituting now as a result of this. just a general statement from the tsa that they are going to
2:33 am
offer enhanced training to agents. the specifics they are just not getting into on that. >> hopefully we will see changes. doug luzader live in dc. thanks, doug. >> anthrax fears spreading. defense department officials saying the military september active samk -- sent active samples to three canadian laboratories. this coming from an army facility in utah. 24 labs in the united states and south korea and australia also received active samples. the military's handling of the bacteria is now under review. >> it is sentencing day for friend at the boston marathon bombers. diaz cat rabiof pleaded guilty to removing items from dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room. officer shawn collier's death could have been prevented if he
2:34 am
had helped police track the tsarnaev brothers instead of hindering their investigation. they are recommending no more than 7 years in prison. the world's most respected country and his foreign policy is the reason for that. that claim comes as isis bolsters the ranks and gets powerful new weapons. rich ed son is live in washington with the latest. rich? >> good morning ainsley. president obama reengaged global partners and their opinion of us was better than it was when he took office. he points to growing economy in iraq and syria. the president in awith a year and a half left are is talking legacy. >> people don't remember when i came into office united states opinion ranked below china and barely above russia. today once again the united states is the most respected country on earth. part of that i think is because of the work that we did to
2:35 am
reengage the world and say we want to work with you with mutual interest and mutual respect. >> foreign policy is a failure they point to recent capture of key cities in iraq and syria. this is iraq case prime minister says his country's military lost 2,000 humvees to isis while the u.s. officials question the u.s. army's will to fight. greta van susteren was told they are converting them to explosives inside them. iraq case partners need to have a greater sense of urgency in addressing these issues this as the administration is trying to avoid deeper involvement in the region having reduced its presence in iraq and afghanistan. >> thank you. rich. the president said he has restored america to the most respected nation in the world but syndicated columnist charles
2:36 am
krauthammer explains why that wouldn't be mur they are than the truth. he said we are the most respected country in the world once again. you wonder what planet he is coming from. the chinese russians iranians isis. it is our allies. you think the ukrainians respect us for the polls or lit waynians how about the saudis and back rainies. the king was supposed to come to the summit in camp david but the president of the united states he stiffs the president and the foreign ministry of bahrain issues a statement saying that on that day where was the king? at a horse show in england. physical that's a sign of respect we have got problems. >> to some extreme weather now. rain pounding down on the east coast. this morning ten states under flood warnings effecting 45 million americans.
2:37 am
>> here in newark new jersey overflowing ponds and rivers literally sending fish swimming fish right into thestreet. >> catching them with a net there. down the coast to washington, d.c. gusting winds thunder litening pounding the area for hours a storm snapping trees and littering the roads. >> maria molina is in the weather center tracking this for us. >> incredible there would be fish on the streets out there. we have the same storm system that has been responsible for flash flooding in new jersey and other areas of the northeast still on the move. it is a very slow mover. we are seeing rain across similar areas parts of the northeast and down into the atlantic. the rainfall accumulation into later today. they could potentially be looking at 4-6 inches of rainfall. we have flash flood watches in the corridor and the northeast.
2:38 am
>> kurr p represent temperatures out there across parts of the eastern u.s. are quite chilly this morning. in chicago you are only at 45. 46 in boston. you are at 50 degrees in new york city. it is a chilly start to the day. as far as how warm it is going to get very warm across the center of the nation with highs widespread in the 80's. triple digits in el paso. not bad 60's from seattle to san francisco. >> thank you, maria. a great story to tell you about nouchlt beyond the call of duty a texas police officer who had to tell an 18-year-old his parents died in a motorcycle crash. he kept his promise and showed up at the teen's high school graduation. (cheers) >> well the crowd erupted as he
2:39 am
walked across the stage to accept his diploma with sergeant eric ellison waiting to give him a big hug. his parents passed away just the week before when a pickup truck hit their motorcycle. lieutenant ellison says breaking the news to him was one of the toughest things he has ever done. >> it is now 21 minutes before the top of the hour. silenced on the side lines, who is telling a football deem to stop the pregame prayers? >> cracking down on conservatives the study that you are paying for. >> saved taylor swift. how a souvenir helped rescue teenagers from this awful car crash. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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>> the fight for america's surveillance powers heating up on capitalism hill. the senate hoping to hold a vote today after adding amendment to original legislation to restore parts of the patriot act including one that would extend the time the nsa shuts down the controversial phone data kl collection. pregame prayers under attack. the university of toledo football program just the latest group to be harassed froo the freedom information. the religious group filing a complaint after seeing this leading the team in a pregame prayer. freedom from religion claims this is the first amendment violation and adds pressure to the players who are not religious. is this statue rashcist? it held a prominent place on the
2:44 am
st. louis university campus for years now but was moved after they evoked trishian and white supremacy. they are focused on jesuit missionaries. you the taxpayers are paying half a million dollars for the justice department to concentrate on far right leaning groups. cheryl casone from our sister network here to explain. good morning, cheryl. >> good morning. in the age of privacy debates in government intrusion the government will be collecting more data on individuals. the justice department awarded michigan state university almost 600,000 dollars for the targeted study to quote collect posts made in forms used by members in islamic extremist community. they will analyze facebook twitter youtube other sites to document ideological content for members from each movement. they will be looking at location
2:45 am
among other things as document postings. they will be given specific data about the posts the authors and everything. according to the university looking at right wing forums inhabited by islamist extremists. they praised a study one can only assume this information can be openly shared with government agencies at the least the justice department's. no doubt privacy experts will be debating on this for some time. how much information is too much in the age of social media and technology. heather? >> thank you cheryl. >> to find the fox business network log on to >> a stalker escapes from a mental facility. what police are doing now to find them. >> why don't you go to the end of the line. what was the question is what we are wondering.
2:46 am
she through down the hammer. >> first let's check in with brian kilmeade. end of the line brian. >> ainsley says that to me every single day. great show as usual. let me show you what's coming up at the top of the hour. the u.s. is the most respected country in the world again. what does the former u.s. mayor say. he is here to react. laura inge gram in a second >> we will learn to shoot pool like the prose the hustlers are alive don't waist a minute e. get ready. what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day.
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>> hurricane season is officially here and they are hoping they can improve how they predict the storm's dangers. phil keating takes us into the largest simulator at the university of miami. >> a cue question puzzling the world's climatologists when it comes to hurricanes. what makes one storm develop into a cat one while another one develops into a category five. this $15 million state of the art, one of its kind in the world tank is something that um researchers, university of miami, really are hoping to find out and unlock the key to that question that could save lives. that's because climatologists and meteorologists studying the satellite of an impending hurricane need to forecast an accurate trajectory of where it's going to hit. number two, if they can, how
2:51 am
strong it will be. that will lead mayors and governors and fema whether or not to encourage or order a mandatory evacuation of potentially millions of people all heading inland at the very same time. >> if you have enough advanced warning you can target the process in order to allow people to move in an organized way. if it comes too late and people all of a sudden decide it's going to be a lot stronger than we thought at the last minute then you have chaos. >> so far the 2015 hurricane season got off to an early start in late april. with tropical storm ana east of the carolinas. so far, nothing on the near future horizon. although the meteorologists are saying probable tropical development in the bahamas by this weekend. >> thank you, phil. now to this a celebrity stalker on the run.
2:52 am
stuart lindunne has lived at the facility for two years after pleading no contest to stalking the actress. officials say he's fixated on her and considered dangerous. police are working closely with the hospital to figure out where he made be hiding. we're learning more this morning about the drone scare that sliced enrique iglesias's hand. he has undergone surgery in los angeles after the drone sliced his fingers when he tried to grab it on stage. he continued performing 30 minutes after the accident before he was air lifted to a hospital. he is expected to go back on tour next month. taylor swift fans thrown into danger after attending the pop star's concert. they credit the light up
2:53 am
bracelets for saving their lines. they were driving home when they fell asleep at the wheel. >> we needed to get out of this car. and you could smell like the gas and the smoke. >> with two of their phones dead and one missing, the girls made the swift decision to use the bracelets as impromptu emergency flares. swift heard about that story and tweeted her well wishes to the girls. the time now is almost five minutes till the top of the hour. vince vaughan standing up for the second amendment saying that banning guns is like banning forks. call it hazard of the job, how this reporter ended up covered in gatorade
2:54 am
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three minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the head of the tsa reassigned after investigators find huge failures in airport security. agents posing as passengers snuck bombs past them in 67% of the tests. amtrak getting grilled on
2:58 am
the hill on the safety measures. secretary of state john kerry undergoing surgery in boston on his broken leg. snapped his femur. president obama touting america as the most respected country in the world under his leadership. what has his presidency done for our standing in the world. head to our facebook page for a live debate. it's time for the good bad and the ugly. we'll start with the good. never get a sunburn ever again. a newly developed wrist band that contains an ink that lets us know when it's time to get out of the sun. fear of skin cancer has some people staying inside being deprived of vitamin d. hillary clinton caught on camera telling some supporters to go away. >> go to the end of the line. why don't you go to the end of the line. >> the supporters were trying to
2:59 am
get an autograph. the ugly, caught in aa gator gatorade cross fire. that's a baseball reporter getting soaked by some texas rangers. he felt so bad about it he was towelling her off as you can see as she continued the interview. time for your brew on this responses. actor vince vaughan delivering a message to those trying to restrict our gun ownership. he compared banning guns to banning forks. >> it's a perfect analogy puntsils doentd misspell words either. >> susan says it's not the weapon used that kills. it's the person holding the weapon. stiffer rules for owning a gun
3:00 am
but allow those who pass the test to own a gun to protect the people the love. >> wonder if we see him in any other films. the rest in hollywood will black ball him. >> some of the analogies may be somewhat stretched. the removal from firearms from the u.s. won't guarantee a drop in crime. >> thanks for watching. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning, it's tuesday, june 2nd i'm kimberly guilfoyle. fox news alert, dozens of security breaches in our airport. investigators able to sneak fake gun and bombs through checkpoints. we're live from reagan national airport ahead. it's all about perception right? >> today, once again, the united states is the most respected country on earth. >> great, president obama touting his success, but does


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