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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 2, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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they say to win the presidency, you must first win flord florida, and for republicans, it's been a double disappointment losing this state in the last two presidential elections, but republican presidential candidates gathering in orlando today hope to come up with a plan to change that. and for the next hour, we're going to pick the brains of the men who would like to be your next commander in chief and what nay plan to do to set this forthright for the nation's economy. among those will be speaking with jeb bush scott walker rick perry, bobby jindel mike
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huckabee all on one show this show and it starts now. good afternoon, i'm neil cavuto from sunny orlando, it's sunny, but 59% humidity, and the former governor bush says it's okay. he's used to it. frankly, governor -- >> i resemble that remark. >> i bet you do. nice to see you. >> you too. >> what a great pow wow, economic issues money issues talked to competitors there who want a slice of the republican nomination. are you still keen on running for president? >> well i've got a decision i'm going to make in relatively short order. if i go for it i'm not the last guy in. >> no. there's about 20 before you. >> i spent -- well certainly not the first in but i won't be the last in either. >> what --
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>> i don't know. not much. i'm excited about the prospect, but i just wantsed to go through this in an orderly fashion. >> now, part of the theme today in orlando, for those who don't know or have been following all day, it's all about the economy. >> realm >> yep. >> you talk about getting businesses going, get government out of the way, big picture stuff. >> yeah. >> what would you do specifically that you did as governor where you argue you could do as president? >> reforming the tax code is maybe the highest priority. it's hard to do because of the entrenched interests, but lowering rates and limiting as many as deductions as possible dealing with the worldwide income issue creating inversions of companies relocating overseas. our regulatory system i mean, a day does not go by where i met people small and large
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businesses whether it's the epa rule on greenhouse gas emissions or last week the waters of the federal government these vast expanses of the federal government's power in the areas that have never been intended that they should be a part of it. the fcc using a 1934 law to regulate access to the interpret across the spectrum, there these ton a thorough review giving men and women with expertise in the subject and balancing our economic interests. that can be done without a lot of changes in law. i think shifting as much power back to the states is another way to lessen the power of washington. i think we need immigration reform to fix a broken immigration system and create a broader economic driver. you narrow the number of people coming by family and expanded the number of people coming for economic purposes rs it's like having the first 500,000 first round draft picks every year, and you could do that.
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it's not a zero-sum game competition. it's equal for everybody. >> rules and regulations, offer up on that tax relief. >> completely not might. >> okay. one of the things you did give today in the remarks was social security. now, chris christie says we have to means test raise retirement age, and governor huckabee went the other way in his varied remarks saying that would be a mistake and a social security is not broke, so there's no need to do that. where do you stand? >> look it's not as broke -- it's less broke, i guess, than medicaid and medicare which will explode from our lives creating huge structural deficit deficits deficits. social security,ic, we need to adjust it because life except tan si has gone up. >> when you say adjust -- >> by retirement age going up. >> the foreseeable future? >> no that's the point.
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the point of this to understand is if we fix it for the next 250 -- 50 years, we have to start working on it now and progressively raise the retirement age. people near retirement or in retirement i don't believe -- >> ten years from now in. >> something like that. i don't have a plan yet because i'm not a candidate. >> you seem like it. we interviewed all the people look around here. >> well -- >> we can -- >> home field advantage, brother. >> might be home field advantage. they think they are running. >> most of the people are the press, i don't know. >> oh really? how many of you are the press? all right. one guy. >> they all raised their hands. >> they expect with all the money you've been getting in the campaign the support you've been getting, that you're the guy to beat. are you? >> well if i'm a candidate, i want to be the guy to beat. i'm not a candidate yet. it'll be a competitive field. there's a lot of really good people running, and i think my record of accomplishment as governor of florida is one that
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i can take to republican voters and if i'm successful there, to a larger audience. >> because -- >> to say that -- >> it's been a while. >> yeah. >> it's been 20% of florida -- >> it's been awhile since a governor has touched taxes every year holding $19 billion. it's been awhile for a governor to shrink the work force to 19,000. it's been a while to go to aaa bond rating status. it's been awhile for the kind of prosperity that we had in restoring that. >> you know your likely opponent chris christie his bond rating cut nine times. >> well, that's different than ours. ours went up to aaa and federal government was aa. >> that was not -- a reference to christy. >> no it's a reference to florida. i'm a positive guy, neil. i'm all in on that. >> uh-huh. do you get a sense as governor the way things are going right now, florida, for example, you
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and marco rubio, who is the loser? >> you are so processed driven. >> i know i know. do you buy that? >> that you have a big head? >> no no. >> no i don't i respect that. >> that's fine. it's been a long day. >> no, look -- >> to the point -- >> i don't buy any of the horse race stuff. i just -- the -- this is a long process, and if i become a candidate, i'll win, if i show my heart, if i advocate ideas that give people a sense they can rise up, and if i share that i have the leadership skills to make it. >> this is a win or take all stake? >> yes. >> by that time, close to half the delegates -- >> i'm a competitive guy. if i become a candidate, i campaign everywhere and to win. >> would you use your brother? >> absolutely. i'll use my brother, my sister every relative every person i
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can. i think a campaign that's winning is inclusive for sure and i love my brother. that's a shock for people. >> that is a shock for people. depends on the day with mine. did you ever get a sense right now that this battle in washington as is goes back and forth for votes on capitol hill for funding of the nsa, how far government agencies can go is dividing republicans? is the red bull wing pretty much everyone else? >> tell you what that's not the big divide. the big divide is how the democrats moved away from a traditional scoop jackson view view of national security while rand paul and a few others expressed concerns about civil liberties, although i respect that, but i don't see a shred of evidence of civil liberties being vooilted. those who want to turn the page are on the left. we have to give people room in the democratic party to be
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strong supporters of defending the homeland again. i think we need to restore a bipartisan consensus on that. great majority of republicans are supportive. >> you're right. candidates by and large, but rand paul says focus on getting the bad guys. don't do these megadata -- the -- jump. that's something that the senate's voting on. >> if we were to go inside your e-mail your cell phone and listen to your calls, see your e-mails like the russian do, the chinese do, by the way, if we do that that's a violation of civil liberty, but if you have a program tracking calls of terrorists you identified overseas calling into the country, and then you go to a court to be able to get a wiretap, that is how beprotect civil liberty, and i think part of the problem today is that everybody -- >> but we were -- we were bypassing thattings right?
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>> no, no. if there's any violation, i've not heard, but if there is prosecute. >> do you feel comfortable with verizon collecting 20 million american's -- >> i would rather have the nsa do it, but if it's the company, keep the records for a certain period of time in a certain fashion. >> what do they hang on to them for? >> make it 18 months, a period of time and make sure that you get the right information. right now, the law says that the new law if it passes the house, they have to keep business records. they don't have to keep the records that would help us be safe but it was possible that this could be a disaster. it's still a work in progress. i hope the senate has amendments that actually create -- ? >> those votes are ensuing as we
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speak. i want to touch on what the other side is saying. martin o'malley says hillary clinton is not left antiliberal, or antibusiness. >> wow. >> shocks him that a banker has has -- why aren't they? do you think if you were president, would you be aggressive should you be aggressive in going after the financial types who believe triggered the financial crisis? >> if they committed crimes. if they committed crimes fine, year six of the recovery and if they have not identified people who committed crimes there may be a reason for it. i don't know. >> no witch hunt at this stage? >> we need high sustained economic growth back to the middle class where people have a chance to rise up again, and disposable income grows, take home pay grows again. we have to grow at %, not 2%. that's what our focus ought to be, lift people's spirits with tangible changes in our economic policy.
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>> do you think -- your dad was famous ronald reagan economics, cut taxes, everything proven wrong in that case did ignite economics. >> there's another example of jeb having a disagreement with a family member i love a lot. >> you are open to regressive tax cuts even if in the outset it sinks the deficit with the hope that like reagan it bursts long run. >> we have a trillion, 200 billion of so-called tax expenditures. rather than spending money which congress does well with the caps in place and all the other things in existence off and on over the last 25 years, new way to do it is to create a tax deduction or tax credit. we have thousands of the critters. if you shifted that down and let people decide how they want to invest the simplicity of our code would unleash hundreds of billions of dollars of investment and you don't have to have a supply side beginning to get a supply side result.
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you can grow economy and generate revenue for government that pails by comparison to the most exotic form of taxes that the left offers up. growing at 4% the revenue for the government -- >> could be a mute point. >> absolutely. >> the president said today, look at what happened stewardship, economy's booming. look what i inherited, look where things stand. he was talking about your brother. we are now the most respected country on earth. >> yeah i saw that interview. breathtaking. it was like our president is living in an alternative universe. median income is down in the sixth year of recovery. disposable income for families is down. work force participation rate is lower than 30 years ago. >> okay. >> people just have given up. he's saying that things are better. you know, look -- >> you do not agree? >> mark me as no. >> governor jeb bush thank you very much.
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it's fair to say you got a bigger crowd. >> welcome to orlando. >> yeah. cool it down no humidity and it's perfect. >> it's paradise brother. >> yeah i guess. we're at the big event, and where is the economy in america? much more after this. an't put a feeling into words, why try? at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you. philips sonicare. there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we
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1:17 pm's handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises. and then there will be ten or 11 depending how you count. texas governor rick perry expected to announce his hat in the ring here in orlando for the big event, but this governor has something else going for him. rick perry. >> we could be a couple days away from a big announcement? >> could be. we will be there. in dallas. for an announcement. i hope you can come. >> quite a few veterans will be there. >> there will be. being one of the few, myself, and lindsey, probably the only two people potential are candidates who are already announced that wore the uniform
1:18 pm
of the country. >> you were captain in the air force. >> captain in the air force. >> you said that's an important element to being president. >> i do. i think the experience, it paints your world view not just a pilot in the united states air force from '72 to '77 living in those areas today that are very confrontational. i lived in saudi arabia in 1975 flew out of turkey multiple times in the middle east and all through the european theater, but having being the commander in chief of the texas national guard and military forces over the last 14 years, that gives me a unique perspective on what these families go through, what the individuals go through, and the preparation that has to be in place for us to be able to keep our communities safe and, frankly, to keep the world safe. >> now, if you enter the race ted cruz your friend -- >> and jeb, a texan as well.
1:19 pm
that's okay. >> how do you get along? >> incredibly bright and, i mean ted is a brilliant united states senator, and we got a great working relationship. >> he's not here today, rand paul is not here today, marco rubio couldn't be here today because of the back and forth vote but other two senatorings declined earlier. what do you think of the dust up of the nsa, homeland security funding, and the rest? what do you think? >> since our country was found and balance between our safety as a country and our privacy, and then that's what is going on there today. i think it's very important, particularly with isis particularly with this challenge we got from cybersecurity from some of the rogue nations and others but also from isis in particular and being able to track those individuals, know what they are doing. i don't think that anyone who is really thinking about how this technology is made us be able to
1:20 pm
make the country safer would try to restrict that in a way that allows us not to be able to do that. >> do you think rand paul what he's doing does that? >> well i'm -- i'm glad rand is in the united states senate. i think he plays a good role there. he is a voice that needs to be heard, and -- >> but you don't agree with this voice on this issue? >> i don't. you know rand and i have our disagreements, but that's okay. i hope we'll be able to do those in a very civil way. there's probably more things that we agree on than disagree upon. >> you said in the senate all the senators are running, stay there, we need a governor? >> executive experience is incredibly important. when you look at whether you're going to have a major piece of surgery, you want the most experienced surgeon that you can have. i think why would you not want the most experienced leaders of the country in a most trying time economically foreign policy wise, people who have track records. i think this election is a show me don't tell me election. >> think about it, rick perry
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notwithstanding, if florida is jeb bush's or marco rubio's state to lose what the heck is scott walker doing here? i'll ask him. next.
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all right. i want to show you something for just a few minutes. look after jeb bush was done with me the media right afterwards went around the governor. some of the others when they are done i do note mean to dismiss then all good fine human beings did not have a fraction of this attention or get the reaction that that governor just got now. does that mean anything? does that mean that he's more worthy or the go-to guy? no but in the eyes of the media
1:25 pm
and fans here who gather for the summit he's certainly had that attention here. that was the presidential kind of attention and not a single vote has been cast. again, it's still early, isn't it? my friend reminds me of that. carl good to see you. >> hi neil. >> watching the guy in action -- >> i was in that strum. >> i know. what can you learn and take away from the conference? >> well we've had so many catapults. every weekend, there's one a week or two, and a lot is familiar but we saw jeb bush coming to florida, marco rubio stuck in the senate. that's why jeb got the attention here. there was a lot of anticipation -- >> had rubio been here -- >> would have had an opportunity to measure and what you just said might have been different. there's a big faction of the republican party down here that sees rubio as an opportunity, not just because he's latino but his name is not bush.
1:26 pm
in florida, they love him for his record here but might not carry out as well out of florida, and the big name bush is not easily forgiven as it would be here in the sunshine state. >> if you had a handicap is this jeb bush's state to lose, and if he did, is it failure? >> florida is more important this time than ever before. before decades, these people have been trying to push forward ahead of iowa or south carolina to get great influence. by being on march 15th when half the delegates will have been select the, being the first win or take all state, it may get the muscle it wanted and the winner here may well be propelled so far ahead of the pack he or she is unstoppable. >> wow. >> only one can win. if it's not jeb, it's notmarco.
1:27 pm
maybe they be both be down, and walker floats. >> thank you very much. speaking of scott walker, he was telling me he thinks there's a credible case to be made that he emerges from the alligator bite off? yeah. that spiral and he thinks he's the guy just to do it. this is scott walker earlier today. >> i notice you're not skipping this date or this event. everyone said this is a state that either bush picked up or rubio, not a walker. please. >> well if we get in, no announcement yet but if we get in competitive everywhere. >> what makes you not run? >> well, i'm going to get through the state budgets as i talked about before. end of the month is done, we'll have the fifth and sixth year in a row of lowering property taxes, but after that intentions will be made well known. >> later in the summer? >> not long after june 30th. >> okay. what is your sense, i want your remarks, the senate vote what have you, saying in the prepared remarks, our outdated leaders cling to outdated ideas.
1:28 pm
do you think he was referring to jeb bush? >> no. i think it's really about higt hillary clinton. think about it. asked about the feelings of different voters. new voters these are the clear cuts. hillary clinton believes in top down washington knows best telling you when to do it how to do it. that's what he was talking about. >> lumping bush in there with hillary clinton? >> ask him, but i think it's a stark contrast with people we talk about. we have to say to all voters we want to build the economy from the ground up new, fresh, ogranic, and dynamic. as long as you don't violate the health and safety of your neighbor knock yourself out, live your life start a career do your own thing. >> you're a 40-something guy birthday greetings to fellow 40- 40-somethings last week maybe that's the ticket the two 40-something guys but the wrap against that is we tried a young
1:29 pm
guy for president, and many in the room listening to you said that was barack obama and did not work. >> i continue as untested it was not the age as before the president elected never won anything. united states senator, freshman term that's why americans historically before -- >> including the remarks saying things are a lot better than they were respect for the united states is a lot higher than it was, and under his stewardship, things are doing better. >> the world under the obama-clinton doctrine the only place where you can say we have a better relationship today than we did before the obama administration took over with foreign policy cuba and iran not good kparms out there. i think the american economy is getting better despite the lack of leadership for this president, and the gdp numbers we just saw recently suggested a long ways up. go from the stagnant growth today upwards to 4.5% with
1:30 pm
pro-growth policies. it's about pulling back on regulations, unleash innovation and technology in the country, repeal obamacare, and use all the abundance of the energy policies we have and fair and open trade, levels the playing field so american workers are competitive. we're competitive again, and we can beat anyone in the world. >> what about huckabee? leave skurptecurity alone, curtailing benefits means test that's the way to do it not do it? >> entitlements, medicaid medicare social security. medicaid go back to the state, lump sum, no strings attached. state governments provide services for needy people seniors and children in the state. push that back there, you provide better services -- >> means test any benefit? >> no. social security we'll talk about reform but only for those -- i was born on november 2, 1967 anyone older than me we are not tauching social security. people made discussions about
1:31 pm
their career and retirement age based on that. people my age and younger, yes, sir, we have to talk reforms, specifics on that a clear distinction between those, and my generation and younger. >> a road scholar with a plan to help the economy, but most think he's going nowhere. you might think again. bobby jindal is next. with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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mike huckabee says hands off social security. fat cats scared of hillary clinton? i want you to meet the guy who is working to make her the next president of the united states. here in orlando. >> meet the world's newest superpower. natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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well it looks like the freedom act wil law of the land. the senate just approving essentially what the house voted on to sort of reign in security agencies without going too far. the vote was 67-32. that goes to the president where he is expected to sign it and this drama over what to do about the nsa, and all the stuff they do to protect our security at the same time how all of that balances out. we shall see. in the meantime the focus on what jeb bush who was at least -- a judgment of a lot of folks who follow crowds and interests and just overall fan support, seem to get the most
1:36 pm
attention here today. jeb bush with me moments ago. >> i don't buy any of the horse race stuff. i just -- this is a long process, and if i become a candidate, i'll win if i show my heart by advocating ideas that will give people a sense they can rise up, and if i share i have the leadership skills to make it. >> all right. don peoples listening to that, former obama fundraiser, will be, i guess, playing that role for hillary clinton? i'm not sure what your exact role will be but what can you tell us? >> look my role is not right now to raise money for hillary clinton. i think that jeb bush not by accident that governor bush is getting a lot of attention in florida. all the candidates jeb bush is clearly the most qualified on the republican side. if you want to look a a measurement of accomplishment either in the private sector or in the public sector leading his state in a transformational
1:37 pm
basis in a very difficult time in our nation's history. he's done a great job, and if you look at all the republican candidates out there, and you say based on their experience and who they are, who is best qualified to run the country, and jub bush is head and shoulders above the other candidates. i think, look marco rubio has an amazing personal story, but we don't need a good personal story to run the country. >> very complimentary of jeb bush have not committed to hillary clinton, but i see you as a close friend to the president of the united states jumping over to a jeb bush so is it just a matter of time before you make it hillary clinton? >> well actually i could. i supported governor bush both times when he ran for governor of dplorzflorida. >> governor, that's very different. >> he's the most qualified candidate candidate. i've been a lifelong democrat partially, of course like
1:38 pm
others my parents were democrats, and so consequently lyly i became a democrat early on. the party i remember was a party of opportunity. today's democratic party is not one of opportunity anymore. the republican side has a dozen candidates running for president. here we have on the democratic side, we have one candidate dominating the air space, and they have been in politics for 24 years. so that's not an environment of opportunity. i think the challenge -- >> wait, don dong maybe i got it wrong. it's my fault. you sound so-so on hillary clinton as i do on vegetables. it does not sound like that's happening. >> i'm frustrated with the democratic party. if we -- they are, look you know we have -- they've been talking about this wealth divide. frankly, it's going to be a devicive discussion dividing the
1:39 pm
country rather than bringing it together. there's attack on affluence. in fact, go back to 2009 when our president criticized those of us in the business world for flying on private jets and he spends a quarter million dollars to fly on air force 1 for an hour and $8 million for a family trip to europe. >> okay. all right. you could be turning, young man. they are there watching. i want to pick your brain more. because that would be a big development if you, don, were to jump over a fence on a presidential level. we shall see. thank you, my friend. always appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right, bobby jindal, mike huckabee here next. new york state is reinventing how we do business by leading the way on tax cuts. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified bu sinesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years.
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? they say the third sphere candidate should be seen but rarely heard. bobby jindal did not get the message because when he decided
1:43 pm
to come to orlando for the big summit, he was loaded for bear, and, perhaps, the biggest explosive work of all. >> we have one hell of a mess here in the united states. as -- it's as simple as that. there's no point in sugar coating it. let's put it to the american people. if they really think the obama policies worked for us, give hillary clinton a third term. the american people know better than that. $18 trillion in debt more people on food stamps. >> i hear everything you are saying sir, but polls are fleeting as you know. >> sure. >> she swamps all you guys. >> she has a lot of great name i.d. but she's not talking to reporters or voters. do you want to keep obamacare or more affordable health care? energy independence? continue to send our money to other countries? do you want to build the keystone pipeline or listen to
1:44 pm
the radical environmental estistsenvironmentalists? do you want to give iran nuclear power? do we want to stand with israel? issue after issue, the democratic party is taken over by the radical lift. bill clinton said the era of big government was over. that was the biggest lie dwarfed anything about monica. look where you are -- >> you mentioned her, if you were to be the party's thomnominee, is that fair game? his scandal, his problems should be fair game? >> no look the election is about the future. the american people do not want to look backwards. if hillary clinton is the nominee -- >> what about the recent past then? the move in congress to limit state department funding or cut it because it is slow in responding to questions on benghazi benghazi do you agree with
1:45 pm
that? >> it's ben ga si e-mails, the mown foundation. it's not about hillary clinton or potential republican candidates. the reason hillary clinton does not win is because the american people do not want four more years of radical, liberal policies. they know. >> what do you do what if your prescription wows them? >> the american dream is not about redistribution or envy, but growth and opportunity, about the fact you don't have to be born into a wealthy zip code to do great things in the country. i think the majority of country are center right, want their kids to inherit the opportunities we got from our parents. they know government dependence is not the solution to the problem. >> let me ask you this. we had one road scholar. we had nine who never went on to college. scott walker has not finished college. should that be an issue? >> not at all. i would take look i like
1:46 pm
scott. i like governors. we have in our current white house, we've got a president yeah educated but never ran anything before being legislated president. we can't afford four more years of on the job training. >> all right. still another entry on this mike huckabee on why he says do not ease the touch, even casts a shadow on social security. next. making a fist something we do to show resolve. to defend ourselves. to declare victory. so cvs health provides expert support and vital medicines. at our infusion centers or in patients homes. we help them fight the good fight. cvs health, because health is everything.
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let me put it this way, if all the other republican candidates for president stand on one side of the stage and cut people's social security and medicare benefits after they paid in for 50 years of work, and i'm the only one on the other side of the stage saying i won't do that, happy to be in that short line. >> that means it's politically
1:50 pm
proven. >> no, it means i believe the government ought to honor promises to people. >> you heard it from mike huckabee no touching social security even though said that he would cut social security because there will be problems if we don't do something about it. brenda what will had, then? >> we are headed to insolvency. the governor is preaching to the choir in florida. we have to do something. inaction is not an option. the next president is going to have to deal with entitlement. >> what do you think of that gary that you have to do something because here governor huckabee is saying there is no urgent need to do something like this? social security was never envisioned to have life expectancies in the 80s and you
1:51 pm
cannot fit those numbers into something successful going forward. it's going to run out of money eventually. >> huckabee, in your eyes if he were to ignore this would be a risky president? >> no doubt. you have to do some changes, the retirement age. i don't know about means testing because those people already put the money in. maybe going forward you change it for the people going forward so you're not talking about the people who have already put it in. >> start it a year older than me. brenda you and i have covered this so many times. we have to adjust entitlement. we know what happens when somebody proposes just that. >> i don't think the american people are so stupid. one out of four workers today said they don't think they are going to be comfortable in retirement. they know the politicians are going into the social security
1:52 pm
trust fund and if you don't deal with entitlements you're dealing with pennies on the edges of the budget and i don't think the american people are going to like that. we're not as dumb as some politicians think we are. >> yeah, but everybody wants their social security, don't they gary? >> everybody wants their money. but when you're dealing with. -- this is the bohemeth. i'm amazed they didn't do it years ago. they tinkered with it and we're going to get to the point of no return, unfortunately. >> if that happens, brenda maybe the chris christie approach is the way to go. >> you're going to have to deal with means testing. you have to address it. you cannot just say, hands off. >> guys i want to thank you both. brenda gary appreciate our friendship all these years. all right. when we come back the guy who
1:53 pm
orchestrated this. he must think he's a big deal to get all of the future presidents under the same roof at the same time as well as me. a lot of egos. the man who runs the hottest date in the country right now. i'm not talking about the actual temperature. just the most economically best. that's next.
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that's why we rebuilt scottrade elite from the ground up - including a proprietary momentum indicator that makes researching sectors and industries even easier. because at scottrade our passion is to power yours. all right. the host with the most the one who made all of this possible got them all in one room. >> how many times do i get to have neil cavuto in the great state of florida? >> and you were very hospitable and very nice. this was an usually productive event. did any of the candidates press you more than others? >> i like all -- i got to know all of them in the last few years and a lot of them campaigned for me last year. chris christie is down about once a month. >> yeah. >> and rick perry, i've been
1:57 pm
competing with and bobby jindal. >> now, he's presumably going to announce on thursday. what do you think his chances are? >> i thought about this yesterday. i think it's just like my race back in 2012. if you're working to pour your heart out, anybody can win. you have to have a plan. >> you know what you did in portland just a couple years, people forget a time ronald reagan looks like a long termer. did you tell a lot of these guys it takes time? >> i don't think anybody is that patient. you just go after it every day and work it every day and tell people what you are doing every day. >> why does this and cruz and rand paul decline? >> i think -- when i talk to senator cruz he said he had a vote. >> right.
1:58 pm
>> and that -- i'm not sure -- i think rand had that same issue. >> but he didn't know this particular vote was coming. marco rubio did. a lot of people are going to -- >> the crowd stayed the whole day. >> there was a huge media moment with bush that he was the rock star of your attendee. would you agree? >> first off, a lot of people knew him. governor bush has been great. >> would it be catastrophic to be a smaller group by then? >> i understand that. if he were to lose here it would be -- >> i want all of them to campaign here. i want all of them to -- >> what's in it for them if they
1:59 pm
do though? why should i waste my time? >> i walked in with all of the establishments putting my opponent in the primary, i won the primary in seven months. even in five months. i won because i had a plan. i think anybody who comes in here with a plan has a chance to win. >> you're the guy who threw them all in. three years from now -- >> here's what i think. if we have a president -- if i had a president the last 4 1/2 years, then think about what we have accomplished. >> let's say a republican loses. does that clear the path for you to run for president? >> well i've got 3 1/2 more years of this job. i'm going to do this the best job i can. >> are you interested in elected office post governorship? >> i want to make this the number one state. we're on the paths. we're beating texas right now. >> are you really?
2:00 pm
>> yes. first time in years. i never did while my friend rick perry was there. >> you're going to rub that in. >> make sure he knew it. >> thank you very much. it's an incredible event. hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, geraldo and eric bolling and dana perino. this is "the five." the media reactions since the recent second amendment defense is as unsurprising as it is fact-free. piers morgan using that showed up to a gunfight for the opinion


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