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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in the wild after treating for her burns suffered in the washington state wildfire. >> remember george's fiance susan? they killed her off because the cast found her too hard to work with. have a great day. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. explosive new details coming to light in an alleged plot to kill an american citizen on american soil. hi everyone. i'm gretchen carlson and this is "the real story." david wright in custody for conspiring to carry out a beheading. pam ella geller organized that muhammed cartoon contest in texas. he brought large fighting knives and decided to go after the police instead. officers moved in shooting and killing rahim after he refused to drop the knife. a third suspect under
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investigation. molly line follows the latest from boston. what are police saying right now? >> police confirming one of the initial targets mentioned was pamela galloner. then the plan shifted. the new plan to go after boston police officers. geller gained attention after organizing that draw muhammed cartoon. many muslims find that offensive. she responded specifically to this targeting with this quote, "this is a showdown for american freedom. we will stand against the savagery or bow down to them in silence. it won't end with me or the cops. it's just beginning. the effort to go after the high-profile targets discussed by the men like geller would be aspirational. the intent to kill cops proved to be operational. chilling new details of an fbi agent revealed the man killed in boston had ordered those fighting knives and was about to
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put his plan into being a. another man facing federal charges for conspiring to obstruct the investigation david wright making his initial appearance with media yesterday. the complaint alleges he conspired to destroy electronic evidence specifically in this case. the document says wright admitted in an interview with investigators he knew about that initial beheading plan. he agreed with it and supported it. >> why did investigators act? why pick tuesday to act on this? >> these knives actually arrived in the mail, the three fighting knives had been received at his address. he called wright declaring his new plan to go after the boys in blue saying it's the easiest target. wright then advised rahim to make sure he destroys his phone.
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investigators spent recent days at another scene down in rhode island. there was a third person repeatedly mentioned in the affidavit who met with wright and rahim on a beach in rhode island. it's there the three allegedly discussed that initial beheading plan. thus far, there's been no arrest. or a second arrest at this point in time. there is also word rahim's family will speak out later on today. >> a couple of hours from now. thank you. that alleged plot in boston a reminder of the enemies here at home. terror on our door step knocking at our door. are u.s. police ready to fight it off? we caught up with former mayor rudy giuliani who said it's time to stop vilifying our police officers. >> it is true for quite some period of time since last summer the police in america have been unfairly targeted. police in the united states by
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and large are some of our best people. they protect us while we stay at home nice and safe. then if something goes wrong, everyone turns on them. that's terrible. >> a u.s. special army veteran. what do you make of this? we are seeing more and more on the homefront. these guys were inspired potentially by isis. the social media dominance. how did the police thwart these lone wolf attacks? >> it's a difficult job. this is a fight we'll win or lose in this society together. that's up from the president's leadership down to the beat cop who is trained to look for anomalies on the streets. especially this enemy. they are able to recruit, train and launch these individuals in their living room. using the internet and social
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media. unfortunately, social media is what the intelligence apparatus has access to. there is that dark web they hive sites toe difficult for them to get through and find information. it's a hard fight. we need to use every tool we have. >> especially since we've been discussing the whole nsa battle. some would argue the police are less equipped. or if you agree with rand paul more equipped. i remain amazed they are able to thwart these things. they were monitoring this guy 24 hours a day. they knew the minute he called his father and said good-bye, they had to move in. >> absolutely. these police officers as mayor giuliani said they've been unfairly targeted from parts within the media i think they should be accorded the same respect as returning soldiers certainly as i was.
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people thank me for my service all the time. if you look at the number of threats like the nsa programs or others have stopped, it's a tremendous boon to what they do. >> i want to call your attention to this because what about the war on isis both at home and abroad? retired general and former cia director david petraeus said the u.s. may be losing that war in iraq. >> these are fights if you're not winning, you're losing. time is not on your side. >> we are not winning. >> well it's arguable in iraq we'll turn it around. we will win again in iraq. we've got to do more in syria. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi appears to point the fing baeshg at general petraeus. >> i remember going over there any number of occasions and hearing from him that he trained 175,000 iraqi troops and
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personnel. so they can take over their own effort. i would ask him about that. i think the number is far smaller than represented to us. >> is it time for reevaluation? >> this comes from nancy pelosi. i don't think i could have heard something more disingenuous from an individual. this is the same person who said we have to pass a bill before we know what's inside it. we had our best soldiers training their best soldiers. for years we did great work over there. when we left iraq we took not just some of our largest assets but we took their confidence. the iraqi soldiers are having to go out there without medical evacuation capabilities without close air support. they knew every time we would be there to help them out. we are not there so it's no surprise with a few years of support from us these guys are turning around and leaving the city. >> while everyone is pointing
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fingers at everyone else there is total turmoil happening overseas. ben collins, thank you for your service. >> you're very welcome. >> and your time on "the real story" today. a family and community and nation in mourning as the body of beau biden lies in honor in 2 dover. succumbing to brain cancer sunday after battling the illness two years. president obama will give the eulogy during beau's funeral saturday. he was a veteran, former attorney general of delaware and he was only 46 years old. now the tally comes to 10. rick perry deciding to take second try at the white house in 2016 making the ever-growing gop field a little bit bigger today. another he is earlier today. >> america has won the war, but
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our president failed to secure the peace. we have the power to make things new again. to project america's strength again and to get our economy going again. and that is exactly why today i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> time to bring in our political panel. >> so we are up to 10 now on the republican side. it might double that much. >> this field is more crowded than a miss america contest. >> funny you mention that. >> so many people out there with rick perry, i think his best chance would have been 2012 when he had momentum behind him. he was also considered a
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contender against mitt romney. what i think is when you look at his rescue in texas, the economy has done great. these are the positives. he's a d.c. outsider. those are things that will work best in his interest. he has to raise a lot of money. he is also one who is very competitive field. he has to do really well in the debates. >> which was his down fall last time. people said maybe he was on medication for back problems. >> at this point, he won't make the debates. you have to be in the top ten. he is polling 2% 3%. there are going to be five or six more people. chris christie will probably come jeb bush. bobby jindal will probably come. in when you are pulling 2% 3% you are probably not going to make it into the top ten.
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probably not going to make it on to the stage in cleveland. good for rick perry. he won't have to shame himself. >> politics is so fickle. you have no idea what is going to happen later today or tomorrow. three of those people could be out or three more in. he is breaking into the top 10%. >> because there are 10 people. >> listen to jeb bush. did he take a hit from a fellow floridian, marco rubio? >> hard to imagine my good friend marco would be critical of his good friend jeb. >> they are both from florida. they are friends, but maybe not for long. bush is trailing slightly behind rubio and he's taken this jab. rubio could bring in the young voters. co-bring in the hispanic voters. that's kind of why he is making those comments. with bush you've got the name recognition. he has a ton of money behind him, but i think he'll have a challenge with the conservative base when it comes to immigration and his views on
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common core. >> marco rubio has nowhere to go but down. his problem is -- >> you are mr. pessimism today. >> no mr. optimistic. i think the more you get to know marco rubio, the less you like about him. jeb bush has huge runway to make up. he was the presumed favorite and is trailing hillary. she's got 56%. he's got 10%. >> her numbers are going down. credibility is going down. >> thank you. catch an all-new hannity tonight. texas governor perry sits down with sean for his first full-hour exclusive interview 10:00 p.m. eastern tonight. a case from back in the early days in the bush administration hey not be over yet. remember chandra levy? why the man convicted of killing her getting a new trial now. judge judy has never been
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known to hold back. what does she think about the controversial stop and fiske laws? protection or illegal search and harassment. gathering in new york city for a good cause. the true blue softball game and how much money was made for the families of some of new york's finest. >> officers ambushed if you will. it was a poignant night to remember who they are, who their families are. we should respect the badge. that's the way i grew up. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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11:16 am's evening again. time for the perfect night time snack. ♪ beautiful on the tongue, delightful to the bite easy on the conscience. who said, breakfast has to wait until morning? kellogg's®. see you at breakfast, tonight.™ ♪ and enjoy a free one day dvd rental when you buy any specially marked kellogg's box. the man convicted of killing washington intern chandra levy will get a new trial after his attorneys claimed a key witness gave false testimony. a d.c. judge formerly granting their motion. levy's disappearance in 2001 captured the nation's attention after the 24-year-old was
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romantically linked to then congressman gary condit. he was ruled out as a suspect in the case. peter doocy live in washington. what is in your shoes 14 years ago covering the chandra levy story. it was nonstop. what's the latest now? >> latest is there is going to be a new trial. the prisoner who pointed a finger in the first place may not have had his story vetted well enough. he was serving time for other crimes he committed in rock creek park where chandra levy was eventually found more than a year after going missing when his cell mate said he told him he had gotten high killed chandra levy and stole her fanny pack. that alleged confession helped the government earn a conviction. public defenders say the other inmate made it all up alleging that other inmate regularly offered up help as a way to try to get treated better. so now, even though the government does not think there is a problem with their case
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there will be another trial. remember this story captivated the country and kept a dark cloud over gary condit at the time a democratic congressman from california who was married having an affair with the 24-year-old chandra levy who had herself just wrapped up an internship at the federal bureau of prisons. condit was never named a suspect. much talk about him faded when someone else was convicted of killing his former girlfriend. in the year since losing a primary in 2002 condit tried to run a few baskins-robbins franchises that went south and got him sued almost cost him $100,000. know he works at the phoenix institute of desert agriculture, and campaigned for his son chad's unsuccessful congressional bid three years ago. chandra levy's mother told "the washington post" that a new trial is going to be hard on the family but the levies want to make sure there is true justice. >> what a story, what a case. peter doocy, thank you.
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republican primary voters telling us which candidates they would definitely vote for in 2015 and which ones they would never pull the lever for. one ranks high on both lists. we'll tell how. little pink spill sparking controversy. fda now deciding whether to approve the drug known as the female viagra. that brings us to our question of the day. why do you think it's taken so long to get a female version of viagra? tweet me at gretchen carlson. use the hashtag real story. keep it clean. i want to read your comments at the end of the show. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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welcome back to "the real story." this is happening live at the white house. you can see president obama there. who is behind him? last year's world series champs san francisco giants visiting the white house today. i was just asking my executive producer jen, this is the third time the team met president obama in his time in office? taking after the pennant three out of the last five years. willy mays is also there today. you can catch the president's comments streaming live on 2016 campaign heating up. presidential candidate rick perry getting a lot of applause when he said this earlier today. >> no decision no decision has done more harm than the president's withdrawal of american troops from iraq. >> the white house responding to perry's comments. it happened a couple of minutes ago. >> based on my own experience
11:24 am
that candidates understandably believe the best way to win attention in a crowded primary field is to find a colorful way to criticize and in some cases insult the incumbent president and the other party. that's them doing their job. today i'm going to do mine and not respond. >> brand-new fox polls on who gop primary voters say they would definitely vote for, about 1-5 say they would pull the lever for scott walker. ben carson number two, marco rubio number three. bush cruz and paul. great to see you, guy. we are not surprised we are coming into the fray today. he made it clear he was probably going to do this and more are going to follow. i'm interested in your take on this poll. who would you definitely vote for, walker carson rubio,
11:25 am
bush cruz paul? are you surprised? >> not especially. i feel compelled to point out it is so early. all this polling comes with a huge grain of salt. however, if you look at the side by side comparisons, republican voters said they would definitely vote for versus would never vote for, there are only four people in this crowded field that are so-called above water on the question with more people saying yes they would definitely vote than never vote. those four are scott walker, marco rubio, ted cruz and ben carson. everyone else is under water on that question. >> there are so many people and it's complicated. this is part of the fox news poll. candidate republicans say they would never vote for. this is never would vote for. topping at 59%, donald trump. second place and this could be crucial, 37% governor chris christie of new jersey. then jeb bush. jeb bush is the only one in the top four of both polls,
11:26 am
essentially. >> polarizing at the moment. i'm gratified republican voters seem to understand donald trump is not a serious candidate. he's not a candidate. he threatened to run for office many times. he rarely pulls the trigger. the chris christie numbers are eye-opening. he's about 30 points under water on this question. i think chris christie more than most has a real opportunity in the debates to remind people of his political talent and why a lot of republican voters liked him at one point. i think it will be a ferocious competition to qualify for these debates. voters are hungry to see these guys plus carly fiorina in action. >> people would you never vote for. the two people who did the best in that got the least amount of percentage they would never be voted for was scott walker and marco rubio. is that because we don't know as much about them? they are fresher faces?
11:27 am
>> i think the fresh face element probably plays into a little bit. the reason these guys have such high up side if you will republican voters the core base knows these two, likes these two and trusts these two. they might not be their top choices in terms of the overall electorate. they may not be on fire just yet, but based on what republicans nationally have seen from those two in particular they like them and could conceivably pull the lever in the republican primary. they may not be everyone's top choice but are acceptable to a lot of people. >> it's so interesting. you are so right about the debates. they change everything one to the next. great to see you as always. have a great rest of the week. >> thank you, you, too. >> judge judy will weigh in on new york's controversial stop and frisk policy phased back while the at time new york crime
11:28 am
is rising. >> police are stopping them and frisking them when you get 23 murders in a month is to protect the innocent people. it's the same thing as the people who have to go through magnotometers. murder happens more often than terrorism. >> we'll talk about that. hillary clinton working to broaden her minority base. ed henry is with her on the campaign trail today. he got an interesting e-mail about interviewing the candidate. will he get to ask some questions? ed will reveal that e-mail to us first.
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welcome back to "the real story." the latest in the battle over policing in america. new york city has seen a recent rise in shooting and murder. mayor bill de blasio refusing to back down on his decision to cut back on the tactic known as stop-and-frisk. that's when officers search pedestrians for illegal weapons. former mayor rudy giuliani says stop and terrific saved lives. >> think about it this way. people get upset being stopped and frisk, right? if you live in a place where there are 43 murders, isn't it better you stop and frisk and they make sure there are no guns in the community? the same thing being stopped at the airport. we've all been frisked at the airport. i've been frisked at the airport ten times. of course you get annoyed a
11:33 am
little bit. i don't, but some people do. you do it because there is a chance somebody may bomb an airplane. >> joining us is judge judy presiding judge on the hit courtroom show "judge judy" which just won may sweeps again. great to see you. we hear the two opposing points of view. you have de blasio and giuliani. >> i'm going to tell you a story. in the early 1970s i worked in family court. i was a prosecutor. that time i think, created the person who sits here with you today. that all started with one case. it was the case of a woman who was 82 years old, who had no work. she walked from home every day to our office from the east side to west side through central park. this one day, two police
11:34 am
officers noticed a group of four young girls looking for trouble. they sensed she was the bait. they didn't do anything overtly, but they watched them from half a block away. stella shaeffer epstein was walking across the park. within a split second these four girls surrounded her, threw her to the ground and broke her hip, took her bag. the cops swooped down got the four girls, and i was assigned their case in family court. i went to visit dr. epstein in the rehab facility in white plains new york cornell. to take her statement and see when we could bring her down for a hearing on these four girls. she told me the story. i spoke to the police officers.
11:35 am
i questioned the police officers why didn't you stop them before? their answer was clear. they said we had no basis to stop them. it was our instinct. we knew that these four kids were up to no good. if we had stopped them we would have been accused of harassing them. so stella shaeffer epstein never came to testify because she never regained use of her leg. she ended her life in a wheelchair as a result of what these four young women did to her. would we have been better off and would she have been better off if based on instincts, the cops grabbed those four girls and told them to get out of the park? >> your instincts are why people love you on the show. thank you for that story. i want to share what people may not know about this program to mentor young women. >> it's called her honor
11:36 am
mentoring program. it's going into its ninth year. it's a boutique operation created to give a leg up to young women, mostly first generation college young women, financially disadvantaged young women, to give them a program where they could be paired with successful women who they would work with for a year get paid because women are supposed to get paid. learn what to do with that money through financial planning learn how to go for an interview, fill out college applications look for scholarships all those things. to me were important because when i was in the family court, the squeaky wheel got the oil. the kids who were creating problems the kids who were being arrested for mugging and burglary and for drugs and stealing cars those kids were provided with therapy and
11:37 am
computers, and the best teachers. all in a quest to make them better. most of the time it didn't work. because the residecidivism rate remains well over 40%. the kids trying to be successful that was the design of the program. >> it's a wonderful organization. great to see you again. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. always a pleasure. time for my take now. mentoring programs are so important. they are near and dear to my heart, too. i met judge judy when we both judged the miss america pageant several years ago. she was and still is a mentor for me because she certainly has proven what women can become if they believe in themselves and never give up. self-esteem is something that's difficult to build and even more tough to sustain. in a way, i was lucky i grew up a fat kid and had to build mine
11:38 am
from my inner soul. it's one of life's most important lessons. and still when i lost weight to be able to compete in the miss america pageant with a violin talent i hone made whole life one of my judges, a famous movie director told everyone in a tell-all book i was still chunky at 108 pounds. he even called me miss piggy throughout and labeled me a god-clutcher. i posted the picture on my facebook page so you can see for yourself. to honor the international day of the girl last year i did part of the show with no make-up on and why i've written my upcoming book "getting real." check it out. preorder at you'll get a free bonus chapter now and learn more about self-esteem and believing in yourself. thanks judy.
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we are waiting for hillary clinton to begin remarks on the campaign trail. she is at texas southern university in houston. working to broaden her appeal to minority voters and calling for early voting across the country. who is with her? chief white house correspondent ed henry. sounds like she is taking the mantra of no questions to a whole new level now? >> she really is. hillary clinton today wants to talk about voting rights. she is going to call for basically a new federal standard federally mandated there be an early voting period of up to 20 days in every single state in the country. that will be part of the debate in 2016. what's interesting is in an e-mail from texas southern university late yesterday going out to reporters like me it said "there will be no opportunities after this speech to interview hillary clinton. her speech will be her interview." it's interesting. obviously, this came out from
11:40 am
the university but usually they would run the logistics of this past the campaign. i've never seen a democratic republican independent campaign say the speech itself is the interview. no questions whatsoever. i'm going to have to get my shouting voice louder today. >> you did it last time. maybe make it 2-2. the clinton camp swears this is not going to be a coronation of sorts. she is not automatically going to become the democratic nominee. is this dnc cooking the books? >> interesting. a very senior official henry munoz, the finance chairman at the dnc actually helped put together a fund-raiser here in texas for hillary clinton, even though the rules within the dnc basically say flat out that you cannot show any impartiality to any candidate in the democratic primary process.
11:41 am
dnc put out a statement saying they look at the rules seriously and will remain impartial. look at this fox poll that came out late yesterday. 69% telling us that the race is not over. they don't want this to be a korn coronation. 28% saying it's over. >> people think she would be a better candidate if she got competition. let us know. send me an e-mail right away if you get a question in. >> i will. shocking video from a helmet cam. have you seen this? this is the most amazing video the whole week. this is a skier falling, not just to a regular hole there. no the horrifying drop and his dramatic rescue against all odds. plus men can take a blue pill when they are in the mood. why can't women get the pink pill? our panel will take on the fda fight over whether to let female viagra into pharmacies. something debated earlier today by the fda.
11:42 am
>> the apparent insistence that female sexual dysfunction has neither a place nor remedy on the same shelves as male dysfunction reminds us there is yet another arena where women are voiceless. ltiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. ... ...
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things are going to heat up real fast. panel of fda experts debating the drug described as viagra for women. it's facing an uphill battle for approval. let's bring in our power panel. melissa francis, dr. debbie and dr. erica hamilton. ladies great to have all of you. melissa, thanks for being on the show the first time. >> thank you. >> doctors, you want to go you first about the why why has it taken so long for this to even
11:46 am
be in front of the fda and be thought of for women? >> that is a great question. the patients i see every day are part of the 7.6 million patients women that are living with cancer, they're survivors. this is a complex problem. it's not necessarily an easy fix this drug is looking at desire. it's not as much as a physical performance drug but associated with desire. it doesn't fix the problem for physical reasons. >> do you agree with that? >> it works on desire which is more complicated. people in terms of the studies, people had to take this medication every single day, not just right before they wanted to perform. that's some of the issue with the fda. they say the risks may outweigh the benefits. in the studies there were benefits. people tended to have more sexually satisfying events. they reported they had less stress associated thinking about this but in terms of the safety risk there was a lot of
11:47 am
dizziness. issues with blood pressure possibly fainting. >> i guess they are going to make a decision whether or not to recommend it. from a business point of view melissa, do you think it would sell? >> there is a market for it. you look at what's gone on with viagra. this company raised $50 million out of the gate it's privately held. i think there is a market for it. i had the ceo of ashley madison on recently the website geared towards people cheating on each other. they said the problem from the female side you are married for a long time. you have kids. you're still best friends with this person but the spark is gone. that's when women stray. maybe this is a drug that solves part of that problem. >> i want to point out that video we are showing, this is live. they are debating viagra for women right there the differences we were discussing about viagra versus the female viagra.
11:48 am
it's not about performance. i was thinking that it would be better if it was about performance. sorry. full disclosure. women want what men have right? >> i'm staying far away from that one. >> to me i feel like why not make it available to women and let them have that discussion with their doctors and decide if it's right for them. >> it begs the question. this is a lot of the criticism. this is maybe a medical solution to something that is more of an emotional connection problem. it has different sources. i don't know if that's the criticism. is medicine right for a problem that may be coming from something else? >> i hate it when women get labeled like it's in their head something like that. could it be a hormonal thing? when we go through perimenopause? >> it is an emotional thing.
11:49 am
i think the fda does have a difficult job. in the study dr. devi alluded to the increase in satisfying sexual experiences, only one per month. one per month for a medicine that does have real side effects such as dizziness, fainting nausea you have to weigh the risks with the benefits. all right, ladies. to be continued no doubt, right? thanks so much. have you seen this video today? dramatic video of a skier being rescued from his helmet cam capturing this. he was climbing out of that hole in the swiss alps. more of that dramatic rescue against all odds. plus this -- charity softball game to honor fallen police officers bringing out political heavy hitters along with a bunch of sports legends.
11:50 am
>> the most important thing is to raise the money. but to have fun while you're doing it is a good bonus. what position? >> third base tonight. >> third base? nothing will get by you. no problem. get by you. no problem.
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welcome back to "the real story." check us these terrifies moments for a phrenman who fell while skiing on the french alps. listen. the skier said he thought he going to die. he fell into a glacial crevasse but a group of skiers heard his cries for help. rescuers helped pull that victim to safety.
11:54 am
>> boomer esiason and craig were here on "the real story" to preview their softball game to honor fallen officers. last night 17,000 people came out to yankee stadium to to theshire support donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to the victims' families and charities. political celebrities like rudy giuliani and governor chris christie and sports and music stars also in attendance. so we wanted to take you behind the scenes to give you the real story of the good work they did last night. >> this entire night is not about the yankees or -- it's about the men and women that sacrifice their lives and put their lives in the line of danger to protect us. >> our hearts broke for those families and our hearts break every day we hear of another cop injured in the line of duty.
11:55 am
>> can't bring their loved ones back. that's the sadness. but the good part is that people are coming together to help. the overwhelming majority of them are heros and should be respected. and i think that this is particularly in honor of police officers that lost their lives and all police officers deserve our respect. >> love you. >> son is extremely happy to be a police officer and really honored to be here tonight. >> thank you. >> going to rock it, and i think i'm going to have some big footsteps to follow after she sings. >> good way to raise money for them but it's a great event just to bring law enforcement together and let them know how much we appreciate them and give
11:56 am
them a fun night in yankee stadium. >> always been a huge supporter of u.s. military, fire department police department, especially being in new york for seven years now. a lot of the luxuries we have living in the greatest city in america is because of these people. so for me to come out here and support them and just to get out there in yankee stadium is really cool. >> just nice to be out here and recognize new york's finest in the way it should be recognized. ♪ i want you i want you ♪ >> they raised thousands of dollars to help the families of the fallen heroes, and others who have fallen before them. we'll be right back. protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of.
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>> john asked his wife the question. she glared at him and left the room. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> another day another candidate, this time rick perry republican candidate last time around. >> today i'm running for the presidency. >> more on perry. plus, jeb bush, offering a peek at his plan. the former cia director, david petraeus with talk about the situation in iraq. he says if you're not winning you're probably losing. today i'll ask the retired general, stanley mcchrystal. what the thinks. >> planning a summer vacation? we have america's very best and absolute worst places to visit. the list. let's get to it.


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