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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  June 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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there. >> and incredible. >> hey, nice way to say thank you to lighthouse is download one of their songs. how about "hurricane"? have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye. see you tomorrow. bye, everybody. bill: there is breaking news on the taliban five and a newly discovered plan to recruit them for the united states. fox news learned we tried to get the terrorists to be on our side after releasing them from gitmo but that plan failed miserably. heather: the former gitmo detainees are living in a qatar. bill: this exclusive reporting from our chief reporting
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correspondent catherine herridge. what did you find? >> reporter: fox news learned there was an effort by the u.s. government to ask them to gather intelligence and influence their actions once the restrictions were lifted. the evident was to prevent them from returning to terror. but it was called a total failure. the terms of their confinement were recently extended but on a temporary basis. they are now joined by 65 of their immediate family and relatives. the administration critics say their i living conditions alone are allowed to reengage with their old terror neighborhood.
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>> without going into the details of the numbers they have had access to outsiders who in turn have had access to the outside and that can't bode well for american national security. >> reporter: a source tells fox news the gawn gawn guantanamo transfers will resume later this month. bill: catherine herridge reporting out of new york, thank you. heather: the u.s. saying it believes china is behind a massive cyber-security breach involving 4 million government employees.
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two years ago president obama proudly touted great cooperation with china after a meeting. >> what we recognize is because of these incredible advances in technology that the issue of cyber-security and the need for rules and common approaches to cyber-security are going to be increasingly important. heather: peter doocy is live in washington. how are the chinese responding to these allegations. >> reporter: the word from the chinese embassy is we don't know who did it. they say the source of attacks is difficult to identify. jumping to conclusions and making hypothetical conclusions
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is not responsible and you counter productive. the f.b.i. is working quickly to identify the source of the hack. richard burke is calling for more proactive cyber-security acts. the office of personnel management does h.r. for all of d.c. and has sensitive information on just about everybody who works for the federal government including people who work in our intelligence agencies. fit turns out their info is exposed the problem will be even more difficult to fix. >> have cyber-security experts ever seen malware like this? >> there is. and there is probably a link between this and the anthem security breach earlier this
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year. matt dean got word that only in the are the malware signatures from the same espionage group but they believe the hacks can be traced back to china. they will try to gauge how bad this breach is and we hope to learn a lot more then. bill: news on the economy. the may jobs number fills out sending a bit of a mixed message sport overall economy. unemployment rates inching up to 5.5%. the real unemployment rate is around 10.8%. people who have stopped looking for jobs. the labor participation barely
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budged beyond a record low. i'll take a look what the that means for you and your family. heather: we are hearing from the duggar family. two of the girls say they are being victimized all over again by the media. megyn: when you found out this was going to be on the cover of "in touch" weekly, what was your reaction? >> i thought they can't do this to us. yet they did. >> they said it was done to protect kids. kids make stupid mistakes, people who have problems like this in their lives this has
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greatly failed. >> reporter: megyn kelly fired back accusing the media of selective south rage sphm. megyn: how can you claim to be so outraged of what josh duggar did and have no south rage over the blatant violation of those same daughters' privacy rights here? heather: josh duggar apologized for what he called teenaged wrongdoing. he molested four girls two of them including his sisters. bill: megyn joins us live in the next hour.
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do not miss her exclusive interview with two of the sisters. that will air only on the kelly file here on the fox news channel. the popularity of this family is extraordinary. and you are seeing that coming up. heather: to the ferry disaster in eastern china. crews manage to flip over the boast as rescue turns to recovery. the official death toll tops 100 people. but the number of is expected to tries dramatically. over 400 people were on board when it was overturned by a tornado. bill: who needs the 4th of july to see a good fireworks show. that's an epic roman candle
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fight in the streets of one of america's largest cities. heather: does the -- do americans think president obama is doing what it takes to stop isis. bill: john kasich says he sees room in if the race for the white house in 2016. >> i'm not going to have bush money. wells fargo doesn't have bush money. one of the things we are deciding is can we have the resources we need to compete.
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>> we have the power to make things new again. to project america's strengths again and get our economy going again. [applause] >> that's why today i'm running for the presidency of the united states of america. heather: governor perry giving his presidential aspirations another go. announcing his candidacy in
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front a c-130 air force aircraft like he flew in the air force. june 13 is the date jeb bush will announce his presidential plans. that will be an event in miami. and hillary clinton set to begin the next phase of her campaign. she'll hold her first major campaign rally in new york city. bill: john kasich says he's serious about running for president. what date have you selected to announce your campaign? >> we haven't selected a date yet. we have a disciplined effort internally. we want to make sure the resources are there and the organization is there to be able
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to win. i don't want to get into this to just go around and waste everybody's time. i want a sense we can put it together or we won't do it. but i'm extremely optimistic. here in new hampshire john sununu is running my organization. they are like the a-team. you want someone to manage things for you it's john sununu. bill: are you 50-50 or more like 20-80-90-10. >> they have that big horse race this weekend i don't do percentages. here is four. 8 of the candidate right now. we can advance to the next screen. then there is you along with
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santorum. >> that's a silly poll. even barack obama and bill clinton didn't register in early polls. that's why you have primaries. what people think about me in alas case not relevant. it will be what people think about me in ohio, new hampshire iowa and south carolina. i think national polls at this point are not relevant. harris: hillary clinton had word about your home state of ohio and voting and access to it. she is going to sue ohio. >> the republicans are
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systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizens from voting. bill: what do you think about that claim? >> first of all i think it's demagoguery. if she wants to sue somebody, let them sue new york. they have 27 days of voting. in new york the only voting that occurs is on election day? what is she talking about? i like hillary but the idea that we are going to divide americans and use demagoguery i don't like it. to come into the state of ohio saying we are suppressing the vote when new york has only one election day and we have 27, come on, that's silliness. i like hillary personally. she has been kind me to me.
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in ohio we are trying to raise everybody. bill: she -- bill: you say republicans won't win by taking shots at her. you will have to build your own campaign. >> that's exactly right. but don't be running around the country dividing americans. don't come in and say we are trying to keep people from voting when her own state has less opportunity for voting and she is going to sue my state? that's just silly. bill: the secretary of state in ojai so said it's easy to vote, with 28 days to vote without even leaving your home. for this reason and others our state is a national leader in voter access. >> that's a nice statement.
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in ohio we have 28 days. in new york where she is from they have one day. why don't you take care of business at home before you run around the country using these demagoguic statement that we don't want people to vote. bill: let's talk about the republican field. here is what you had to say about governor jeb bush yesterday. >> i didn't think i was going to be back up here again. frankly i thought jeb was going to suck all the air out of the room and it just hasn't happened. no hit on jeb. bill: you also said wells fargo doesn't have bush money. that sounds like a hit. >> the guy has got a lot of money. i figured he would have all the money and all the support. it hasn't turned out that way.
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that's not a hit on jeb. i don't want to get into a race that i can't win bill. the field is wide open. if you ask the people in new hampshire who is winning they will say nobody. nobody is making a final decision on anything. i thought i wouldn't be in this, but at the end of the day if i can win it's likely i'll move forward. if i can't win i won't. i am enjoying myself and i'm able to talk about my vision for the country and how we can be part of making america better. bill: you said governor bush would suck all the air out of the room and it didn't happen. why not do you think? >> i'm not going to get into that. i like jeb. i think he's a good guy. it could be people don't think there should be a third one right now. watch out for george p.
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he's got a future. bill: we'll see you the end of june. john kasich the governor from ohio. act two and ready to go in new hampshire. heather: a firefight in the streets of chicago but it's not exactly what you think. we'll tell you what exactly is happening here. bill: a plumber hits pay-dirt. >> i have been playing the lottery since i was 18 years old. i always knew i would win but i didn't know it would take thatto long. at 62,000 brush movements per minute philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before. innovation and you.
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bill: did you see this in the dark in the streets of chicago? that's a dozen teens in chicago going after each other with roman candles. a few people were hit no one arrested and apparently no one injured. heather: do not try that at home. they say when fate comes calling you better pick up the phone. but this new york city plumber nearly left her hang together tune of $136 million. hi david lee. >> where were you on march 14. a 56-year-old staten island plumber is never going to forget. that's the day he bought a
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powerball ticket at his local convenience store. at the end of the day he was the sole winner of the $136 million prize. he did nothing because he didn't realize he had won. daves later a helpful friend told him a school teacher was the winner. he put the ticket alongside a pipe in his basement. six weeks later his truck broke down. giving him time to ruminate on powerball. he decided to check the tickets in his basement. >> i looked at the computer and saw they matched. i just was like. i tried to breathe in and nothing would go in. i thought i was having a heart attack.
6:27 am
so i grabbed the ticket thinking they would find tonight my hand. >> reporter: after that he called the good friend who told him a school teacher won. his first call was to his 27-year-old son with whom he's sharing the prize. >> i didn't believe him when he told me. then i checked on my phone and i almost had a heart attack. >> reporter: after taxes anthony will keep $38 million and change. his son gets $16 million. he says he has plans to buy another vehicle to supplement that damaged truck. >> it was the truck breaking down that inspired him to take a second look at those numbers. >> reporter: bad struck turned
6:28 am
out to be the best luck. bill: that's such a great story. it's just really good stuff. hot * i wonder if that good friend is going get any of that mommy. bill: colorado getting pummeled by weather. hail hammering the state as it deals with flooding in the aftermath of tornadoes. what is next in the forecast. heather: this pair of terror suspects planned to behead police officers but that wasn't their original plot. they wanted to kill controversial activist pam geller. >> the idea my work in defense of freedom would warrant cutting off my head is deeply disturbing. and of course it's scary. but to me it's scarier to do nothing.
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bill: sentencing today for two friends of convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the one was convicted of going into dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room and taking a backpack and thumb drive. a third friend was already sentenced for obstruction. tsarnaev is now on death row. he has since filed an appeal in his case. heather: a burial expected today for a terror authorities say he lunged at police with a knife. they planned on killing cops, but their original target was pamela geller who held the draw
6:33 am
the prophet contest in garland texas. >> do you relish being the target. >> who self-promotes to get killed? the southern poverty law center in who designated them the arbiter of anything? they are an uber left group. they don't track jihadist groups, they don't track groups who target the slaughter. richard fowler is a radio talk show host, and mary katharine ham. what do you think relish being targeted for beheading. >> here is something pamela
6:34 am
geller has and many free speech advocates have an issue with. she becomes the issue when we are talking about this story. someone on cnn asked "is this worth dying for." the question should be, "is this worth killing for?" we used to think we had the freedom to draw any cartoon we wanted to, even offensive one. the question isn't why is in so reliably a murderous portion of the population that wants to kill her for drawing. if we have restrictions on what we say and draw, we don't have free speech anymore. >> sadly pamela geller put herself in front our constitution and first amendment. we applaud and appreciate the
6:35 am
constitution. folks like this do these sort of things. a situation where all they wanted to do is inflame the group of individuals. they are really the problem here. no question she should have the right to draw what she wants to draw. but that's not what america was built on. when the pilgrims came to the united states they came here because they wanted to exercise their religion freely. i don't agree with terrorism but with that being said, you have to say to yourself why aren't they allowed to worship freely? even though she is isolating these folks whether they are radicalized or whatever, they are millions of americans that live in america that are made fun. let's be real. heather: mary katharine. what do you have to say. >> when you treat one person
6:36 am
different from another that's the problem. the person who makes if the piece of art is not the problem. the problem is the would-be murderer, not the artist. we do prize of freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country but the two complement each other. every religion in this country runs the risk of being made fun of. i think the issue is not pamela geller but there is as faction of people who want to go after her and after that poor cartoonist who is in hiding because she is on a target list. heather: are they taking this opportunity to target her group specifically and pamela geller? are they using this opportunity to do that. >> i do believe the freedom of religion and freedom of speech
6:37 am
are isymbiotic. you can make fun after group and think it's okay. 99.9% of muslims are peace-loving constitution-loving americans. so she is creating -- what's happening is a complete and total provocation. she is doing this to provoke them. let's talk about garland. the police department said to her, if you do this, you are going to provoke lone wolf attacks. and she decided to do it anyway. now she wants to take her loon show on the road. that's wrong. heather: we don't want to call names. why freedom. speech for some groups and not for others. >> you have should not be
6:38 am
provokable by a cartoon. it can't be a standard that people in a free country adhere to. if you say sure, whatever someone is likely to get killed over we are going to say we are not allowed to say those things anymore. the person saying those things is the problem not the murderer. when people are offended they will go after you and they will shut up. >> like we saw in the clip there. she is a hate group. and that has no place in our country. >> offensive speech has a place in our country. >> that's not what america is about. >> now you are talking over each other. thank you for joining us. lots of people have different
6:39 am
opinion on this. everyone is talking about it. we'll hear more -- we'll hear what pam geller herself has to say about why anyone would relish the attention from killers and what she thinks about being the initial target when she joins us next hour. golden state warriors. the best two players in the league. curry scored 26, including four key free-throws. le bron shifted 44, but could not finish off golden state. warriors take game one108-100. game two sunday night and we'll see if cleveland can even things up before they head back east to ohio.
6:40 am
heather: every play is a highlight for curry. i'll boat you a buck right now that the cavaliers won this bad boy. absolutely. heather: breaking new exclusive details on the taliban i five. fox news learning the u.s. tried to recruit the hard-core terrorists but the plan failed miserably. we'll talk about lieutenant colonel oliver north about that. bill: the majority of americans are willing to do whatever it takes to stop isis. >> in iraq right now we have the right strategy. a combination of co-leg airstrikes training, equipping assisting, and effective local partners. that is the winning strategy.
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heather: $ -- some scary moment for people on board a private plane that was forced to land without landing gear. all five people on board walked away okay. bill: breaking news on the taliban five. fox news learning the obama administration tried to get these five terrorists to flip and be on our side after releasing them out of gitmo. they were swapped for bowe bergdahl. that plan, though, failed miserably. catherine herridge broke this news last hour. you heard it and read it. what's your reaction? >> i'm not at all surprised.
6:45 am
we tried to recruit every single one of those people brought to gitmo over the last 14 years and the success rate has been just about zilch. there is one i know of and was an iraqi. these are committed jihadis. they are not about to be twisted or bribed to be working for the united states once they are out of gitmo. bill: you are saying we tried to flip all of these guys? >> absolutely. if it looks like they might make it through the program they are kept longer in theater. it is a commonplace procedure in this irregular war this undeclared war this kind of fight that goes on almost done with all these guys. the fact that they announced this somehow this information gets out.
6:46 am
sound a lot like the way i was trying to justify what they did. the bottom line is those guys are probably dead men walking because their pals in pakistan and along the border aren't going to take kindly to the prospect the attempt was made, much less some of them may have done it. >> i want to show you some fox poll being the battle on. >> i is. 66% say do whatever it takes. another one is obama prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat them. what about that number, colonel? >> the american people are frustrated with a lack of leadership. here is what has to happen for the west to claim victory in this. stop playing games with the kurd. arm them directly.
6:47 am
they formed a christian brigade of the peshmerga. put more advisers up north because the guys in baghdad aren't going do anything about it. put real air assets on the ground. more intelligence and reconnaissance and start doing an air campaign. they are proud of the fact we are doing 50 strikes a week. we used to do 1,000 a day when i was in ramadi. number three forward air controllers and advisers at the brigade level. number four we need to be doing everything possible to encourage and support egyptians, the saudis going in through jordan to secure the euphrates river valley. and finally there can be no safe haven. what we have done is declared
6:48 am
syria off limit for attacking the safe havens that make isis what it is. the last one don't do a nuke deal with the iranians because al-baghdadi will use that as proof that he's the savior of sunni islam. bill: that's a heck of a list, colonel. answer this question air show you this poll. does the administration have a clear strategy for beating isis? 71% say no. based on what you ticked through, how much of that is happening. >> none of it. we rejected the egyptian proposal toll put sunni troops in through jordan. we are actually doing absolutely nothing to give information that would deter the isis troops from doing what they are doing.
6:49 am
our information program call it propaganda stinks. we have to have a strategy that says we are winning and winning is destroying isis, and we are not doing it. bill: tomorrow marks 71 years since d-day. you can see a special episode of war stories with colonel oliver north. thank you and thanks for the work you do. we'll see you soon again here in new york. heather: it is being called viagra for women. the food and drug administration is set to give it the thumbs up. dr. siegel will be here to tell us about that. bill: that was intentional. they tried that. a grandfather's bucket list.
6:50 am
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bill: a grandfather in illinois with a taste for destruction. fulfill weighing says is a lifelong dream. watch it here, you can't make it up. that's a 91-year-old grandfather backing through his garage door with intent. he's going check it off his burke the list. his grandchildren hooked him up with a car he could wreck. the family's reaction is rather
6:54 am
priceless. >> what do you think about this bucket list? >> i'm glad he gets to do what he has always wanted to. bill: so are we. apparently he wondered whether the garage door would pop off or whether the whole frame would come down. the door just pops right off there. in case you are thinking about trying this at home. he has already done it for you. that's an original burke the list. heather: heather: nearly two decade after the fda approved viagra, they are advocating a female version of the drug. dr. siegel, what else the story behind this new pill?
6:55 am
>> it's sometimes called the female viagra. but with erectile dysfunction in men. it works directly on the brain. the source of low libido in wolfen usually don't re -- in women don't respond to drugs. >> there are many women for whom the drug will work and others that the drug will not work. the benefits are modest. but i think it puts it in good company with other approved drugs. >> amid protests from critics that women's drugs don't receive the same attention as men's do.
6:56 am
the fda says there has never been a drug approved that targets libido. there is no guarantee the drug will make it to market. heather: obviously the fda has denied it because of potential side effects like drawsiness. >> as a physician i can tell you the side effects of having low blood pressure or blackouts. they may be overcome by the fact that you get some benefits of improving libido in some women. bill: a selfie posted on social media helped ...
6:57 am
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>> new hour here and hilary clinton is suing the state of ohio over their voting laws and the state's governor is sounding off. i am bill hemmer. good morning. how are you doing heather? >> i am heather childers in for martha. last month's hilary clinton's campaign sued the state of ohio claiming restrictions are designed to keep minorities from note -- voters. the governor said this: >> the idea we will divide americans i don't like it. i have not said a word about hillary. but coming into the state of ohio saying we are repressing the vote when new york other than has election day and we have 27. that is silliness.
7:01 am
i like hillary personally. she has been kind to me. i like her. i am not for her for president. but you cannot do this and divide the country. we are trying to raise everybody in ohio and making sure everyone has chance. >> chris is here. how are you doing? good morning to you in washington, d.c. he said he holds his fire. he did not hold his fire there. high highly offended. >> the pittsburgh ease is starting to flow from him. here is the deal. for the governor and other governors hilary clinton went and intentionally in a speech in texas yesterday drew blood. she is in trouble with voters. she has serious problems she can not address. as a way to deal with that and
7:02 am
solidify this race, she is accusing republicans of racism. and that is as nasty of an attack you can do in american politic politics. rick perry, scott walker and now the governor is coming back at her. >> the governor says it is easy in the state to vote and you have 28 days to do it. back to the strategy on democrats. this came up especially early this time. >> she is in trouble early. he is out and exploring and looking around and ohio does have by standard in the state of new york city especially very liberal voting standards.
7:03 am
the only thing democrats don't like in ohio is voter identification. you have to show identification to vote. that is something democrats say is like the jim crow laws of the civil era. >> the governor said he was sure about running it was my understanding he will be in the race. but when you think about his comments for hilary clinton and he said i have not talked about her at all. in new hampshire he said we don't win going after her we have to come to the table with our own plan. having said that what is the strategy for republicans campaigning against hilary clinton? >> well the seat -- he embodied this by saying i am not offended
7:04 am
but what you said is outrageous. running as a man against the first female gnomeinominee. you don't want to seem like a bully for a woman of those years. how you attack will depend on how much trouble she is in once past the phony >> thank you very much, chris. the reverend, have a great weekend. >> the nation's unemployment rate picks up with the labor department reporting the unemployment rate has risen from
7:05 am
5.4 percent to 5.5 and 280,000 jobs added for the month of day and the people underemployed or who stopped looking stands at 10.8 percent. in a fox poll, 36% of americans are shown to think the president's policy helped the economy, and nearly just as many think they have actually hurt the economy. byron york is a chief examiner and a fox reporter. what do you think? is the policy hurting or helping the economy? >> a majority of the people think they haven't helped or done anything at all. there is not a lot of faith on this. i think what you will see as the 2016 race is getting underway the unemployment number is a big issuing continuing through the
7:06 am
race. when bernie sanders, the democrat challenging hilary clinton announced for president he said the real unemployment rate is not the 5.5 percent you read about in the newspaper. it is closer to 11% and the 10.8% is the real unemployment rate. those are the people out of work and are also discouraged and not looking for work anymore and not counted in the lower unemployment rate. until that number begins to go down more there is going to be huge concerns. >> let's take a look at the people who feel they have been hurt by the policies. we have another poll. 18% say the policies helped but 28% say that it hurt them. 53% say no difference at all. you say the candidates will be taking a look at this. >> yeah it is not enough for a
7:07 am
democrat to say president obama's policy pulled us out of the worst of the great recession. it is not enough to say that when america's standard of living is going down. we saw median household income down median networth is down before the great recession and all of those things contribute to people's sense they are being squeezed and not able to get ahead. the poll number you mentioned from fox about the jobs and economy being a bigger issue ahead of terrorism and health care that is not going to change. >> jobs and economy at 34% for the number one issue an people's mind. thank you for joining us. have a good weekend.
7:08 am
multiple tornados ripping through colorado. a storm chaser capturing video of the funnel cloud here. the twister slamming one town with hail the size of ping-pong balls. it was coming down. at least in this storm, look at the backyard getting covered, no reports of injuries. maria is live. how is it looking? >> reporter: it is looking active and some of the storms in colorado produced softball size hail. we have energy across parts of colorado and in eastern colorado there is the greatest risk and a
7:09 am
risk in portions of wyoming, and the central planes like kansas and nebraska. saturday we are looking at an enhantorms including omaha with large wind and hail possible coming up saturday. and how much hefbavy rain is another concern. we could see four to six inches of rain fall in areas out here in portions of the central plains and in the eastern pacific ocean we have a hurricane forecasted to bring tropical storm conditions into the cabo san lucas this weekend. isis sticking their thumb in the eye of america showing off u.s. weapons they captured on the battlefield.
7:10 am
why the next guest says this equipment should never have fallen in the hands of the terrorist. >> and pam geller accused of relishing in the threats of her own life after the boston terrorist threatened to cut her head off. and meganyn kelly's sit down with the duggars and megan joins us. >> when you found out this was going to be on the cover of in-touch weekly what was your reaction? >> people don't have a right to do this. >> and yet they did. >> and they did.
7:11 am
7:12 am
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7:14 am
>> we are learning a selfie taken by a an isis terrorist helped the u.s. target an isis command post. the terror group of social media has been unprecedented but it worked against them this time. the selfie was traced and they launched attacked attacking that air space. they found it online after seeing a picture of quote some moron bragging about his command post. meantime brand new video
7:15 am
showing isis with captured american weapons, the terror groups seizing the u.s. gear including thousands of armored vehicles from iraq forces. retired air force general tom is here. he is joining us. you saw selfies being taken giving away their locations but at the same time they are getting weapons they can turn against us. how is this happening? >> it is happening because we have the wrong strategy. when mosul fell we lost 200 hum humvees and we are modernizingize -- modernizing isis because when they see a target it must go back to the white house for approval before
7:16 am
they can target it. if it is fleeting they can lose it. it can take one to three hours to get approval and that is because they want perfection on no civilian casualties. in desert storm we had a 44 day campaign and a 100 hour campaign and defeated 600,000 iraqi troops. the fact is we are not using our air power effectively and that is becausef -- because of the constraints the white house is putting on the military. >> so are you saying we need to send in ground troops as well? >> they have the ground troops.
7:17 am
we don't need ground troops over there. our ground troops can beat it in three weeks. it isn't the same as having muslims defeat radical islam. that is why it is important the iraqis jordanians, kurds defeat radical islam and we help them. but we must take the handcuffs off the air power. >> let's look at this fox news poll we have talking about the fight against isis. those in favor of drone strikes, 71%, more airstrikes 68%, do whatever it takes 66%, send in u.s. troops 51%. would drone strikes assist? >> yes, they are very effective because they are persistent. they can sit over a target area
7:18 am
for 12 hours and any time anything moves in that area they can strike it. they get the same equal precision as manned air craft but the manned aircraft has larger weapons and is more versiltile. let's use all of our air power. we have the best intelligence surveillance, and reconnaissance and bill mentioned in a previous segment they saw isis take a picture of a selfie and they hit that target. well isis is using the social media for their command and control. so it is important that we are analyzing that. but all of these things put together without giving away our special sauce means we can destroy them if the white house only takes off the handcuffs on our airman. >> and the question remains why
7:19 am
are they doing that? thank you for joining us. appreciate your insight. >> 19 minutes past the hour. the mystery deepens in a murder quadruple murder in washington, d.c. why the police are looking at someone new; someone close to the victims at the time. >> and two of the sisters involved in the duggars' family speaking to megyn kelly and she joins us live with a preview. >> i am not going to justify anything he did or say it was okay. but i do want to speak up in his defense against people are calling him a child molester or pedophile or rapist some people are saying. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> the mother of sandra leavey reacting to the judge's decision for grant the man convicted of killing her daughter are retrial. the case is based on his former cellmate's testimony when attorneys claim is a lie. the mother wants the right person behind bars and supports the ruling. >> well i have always felt there were a lot of things that seemed to be unsaid and that makes me wonder. >> the retrial will likely be later this year or in early 2016. >> the police looking for answers in the brutal washington, d.c. mansion murders and are now eyeing the family's personal assistant searching 28-year-old jordan wallace's
7:24 am
car. the family was held hostage overnight and later killed in their home. joe is a retired colonel and with me now. what is the evidence they are picking up on? >> it is pointing to what they had which was the original suspect had an a/* -- had someone helping him and they took their time. >> he is the one that delivered the $40,000 to the home that night. right? >> yes. >> did he report that to the
7:25 am
police? >> i don't know if they know that. they kept a lot under the lid which is the right thing to do but a lot of the evidence proved to multiple suspects. there might be more than the two we are speaking about. there might be others. they are going through the phone records and every they have to tie him into it. the car is a lead on this they are very interested in. >> the car is a bmw found parked a block from the home the morning after the murders. what does that tell you? >> tells you this well planned out and his close ties to the family and his involvement may have led the investigators to say this guy has too much volvement over here. you will see what relationship you have with the original suspect on this.
7:26 am
they are going to see what phone records tied in not only prior to but after the crime as well. they are going to do the before and after to see what contacts they have and computer records as well. they will go through the whole gamut of evidence and make a case against him. >> they already made one arrest and there is a chance he could be talking. >> exactly. exactly. they will let it unfold and when you have multiple suspects they might get one to flip on the over but that is yet to be seen in this case. >> text messages can tell you a lot as well and we understand computers were found inside the bmw. are you suggesting there is no rush? or are you concerned about fleeing? >> no if they were concerned about fleeing they would have moved. they know his whereabouts and it is just about compiling
7:27 am
evidence. everybody wants an arrest made but you to make sure everything is aligned. >> if a man arrested already is a known associate of the 28-year-old you wonder where the initial report about the dna on a slice pizza came from. perhaps they knew they were in touch the entire time? >> i don't think that evidence with the pizza is going to change. i think that is consistent. i think they are compiling that with what they have now and make the relationship known later on between the two. it might not only be two. there might be more involved in this. they will take it step by step and strike when it is time to strike. >> good point. thanks for coming back. >> you are welcome. police say a pair of terror
7:28 am
suspects wanted to dehead activist pamela geller and she is joining us live -- behead -- about whether she is relishing in the threat against her life. >> billy joel on the verge of making history. how he is set to break a record with an upcoming performance.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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or high blood pressure. tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, prostate or bladder problems, or problems passing urine as anoro may make these problems worse. call your doctor right away if you have worsened breathing chest pain, swelling of your mouth or tongue, problems urinating or eye problems including vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at >> there is new criticism against pamela geller this time accusing her of enjoying the threats against her life. geller who held a cartoon contest was said to be the original suspect of the boston
7:32 am
terrorist. pam, welcome back here and good morning to you. with regard to boston when were you told about the plot? what day of the week was it? >> when shannon called me for comments. >> was that over the weekend? >> tuesday morning was when the suspect was shot and killed in that parking lot of the cvs. >> that was tuesday. >> what is your security like now? >> well i am under 24-hour guard with a literal army of security because that is what is required in light of the isis people calling for my death which is what was inspiring the jihadist in boston as well as what they were picking up at the terror mosque. no one is discussing the mosque in boston the same one as the
7:33 am
boston bomber and the chemical weapon terrorist. this is a mosque that needs to be investigated. but yet everyone is talking about me. it is not about me. i was targeted for beheading because i blasted against mohammed. that is why i was targed. we know rahim met on the beach with david wright and a third man who is at large plotting by beheading and i suspect that is why they were under 24 hour surveyillance surveillance. >> david wright was arrested but no one else has been. is the fbi in contact with you? >> the fbi is in contact with me regularly. >> last night you said what happened in garland texas was the first annual suggesting you
7:34 am
will do that every year. >> yes, i am not a muslim. people need to learn about the jihad doctrine. not shut people up talking about it. you have the media repeating what the family and they were fired from the university for telling them to grab their gun and do their job. koran says slay the non-believes wherever you find them. by shutting them up and disarming the american people at what is now the greatest threat to national security is a recipe for disaster. >> watch here of this: >> are you stoking the flames? do you relish being the target of these attacks? >> relish being the target?
7:35 am
who self promotes to get killed? >> that was two nights ago and this from the new york times dated may 6th. the attack of the charlie hebdo or the greatest threat posed by the islamic state can't justify situations like the garland event. this is only giving more fuel to the cause. >> this is blaming the rape victim for her too short skirt. this is the expectation of bigots on the left. why doesn't the left expect muslims to behave just the ways catholics, jews and christians do when their religion is mocked? they give a special class or status to muslims expecting them to act like savages. i don't. who self-promotes to get
7:36 am
themselves killed? anyone doing the work i do is smeared and libeled but we do it because what is at stake is our freedom. people need to go to or jihadist watch and learn about the doctrines. >> you said you can worship a stone as long as you don't stone me. ask you said if the prophet mohammed cartoon was printed ten years ago we would not deal with this. >> no americans or european media ran the cartoons years ago and that is when the jihadist got the power. if everyone ran the danish cartoons -- you could not kill everyone in the world.
7:37 am
and the charlie hebdo people were slaughtered. our cartoon is clever and no media would run it america and the american media is more cow cowardly than the europeans. this is striking. >> are you afraid for your own life? >> of course i am. but i am more afraid of doing nothing and allowing the bridgment of the freedom. this has to stop. i call on all of us americans to stand up. >> a lot to react to and unfortunately there will be more. >> there will be more. >> two of the duggar sisters are telling their story speaking to megyn kelly in part two of her exclusive interview and megyn
7:38 am
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7:41 am
>> instead of loosing faith we were drawn so close together to god and to each other. >> all of you? >> all of us. >> the girls too with respect to josh? >> the girls have forgiven him and josh is a lovely father and a godly man. sometimes people get messed up with drugs and alcohol in their youth and go on and get treatment and become great people. that is the reason we seal
7:42 am
juvenile records >> that is part of megyn kelly's exclusive interview with the duggars' family. the father said the family has forgiven josh duggar for touching four of the family members along with a family friend. megyn is on the line. welcome back to your old home here. >> great to be back. >> you bet. you know the controversy that followed this family and in touch magazine is claiming there were several contradictions in the interview. this is what the magazine says: the records were obtained through arkansas's records freedom act. in touch has a paper trail
7:43 am
proving city attorneys approved the record release. this deals with this young man's record and if it should be public. what did you find? >> we knew from the beginning the city attorney approved the police report. in touch is saying we had permission. the police chief got permission to release the free report. but what most don't know is the only personal who has jurisdiction over this matter the juvenile court judge, issued a ruling saying the release of those records was illegal and these juvenile records are protected. the city attorney is saying when they finally got around to investigating josh duggar he was 18 even though happened as a 14 and 16 year old they are saying
7:44 am
they can be released. and the judge, important to know this, the judge outranks the city attorney, said that is not correct. this is a violation not just of his privacy rights but of the girl's privacy rights one of whom is still a minor. one is a minor right now. and had her victimization records released. >> i think in touch takes it a step further making two other allegations. they say the parents legally have an obligation to report this and if they don't it is a felony against them. and they allege the father didn't fully cooperate with police. any truth to any of that? >> jim bob duggar parents are not mandatory reporters in the way a school would be. but obviously inside a home if there is abuse going on there comes a parent has an obligation to report it.
7:45 am
i see the argument of going from a discipline problem to a legal problem. on the other hand, the issue about not cooperate, they are pointing more on josh pointing out josh didn't show up at the police head quarters in 2006. he confessed in 2003 but in 2006 he didn't show up. he spoke to the judge but not the investigators. and they are right about that. >> josh the one in question is now married, has children now and his own father talks how he has grown into a great man and we saw a little of that so far. we are about to see an interview you conducted with two of the daughters. and both are married? >> one just had a two month old and the other is pregnancytpregnant.
7:46 am
>> do you feel like the victim of a molestation? >> well, i think in the case of what josh did was very wrong. i am not going to justify anything he did or say it was okay. but i do want to speak up against people calling him a child molester or pedophile or rapist some people are saying. that is so overboard and a lie, really. i mean people get mad at me for saying that but i can say this. i was one of the victims. >> what more do we learn in the program tonight? >> we taped what is going to air tonight at 9:00 last night and put it all together. to a person everyone in that studio was riveted and felt the daughters are by far the most powerful people in this story. the parents told a compelling
7:47 am
story of their own causing reaction from both sides. but the daughters are beautiful, smart they are passionate about their message. they are somewhat emotional. but they need to be heard. they have a lot they want to share about this story. >> how old are they? >> they are 22 and 24 now. >> they were 10 and 12. 9 or 10 and 12 when it happened. >> i didn't catch the answer to this question yesterday. they had a hugely poplar show on reality television and probably made a lot of money for the family and with 19 mouths to feed you will need a lot of money. i understand the father did quite well in real estate. why are they talking now? >> i think they feel they have been victimized. the family feels victimized and
7:48 am
the juvenile court victimized them because she said the records should have never been released. and they didn't want to come out and talk about this. they felt the family dealt with it with counseling and the police and moved on and forgiveness has been given. and in touch weekly went looking for the information got it and exposed their secrets. and now they filled they had no choice to tell the full story and not just what had been released by a magazine. >> is that show airing now? >> tlc pulled the reruns right now. they are not producing anything at the moment but haven't decided to pull the show. that is being considered. >> that is because of the controversy? >> just for the record i did ask them off camera whether they shared this information the
7:49 am
family's past with tlc/josh's past and they said they could not disclose that right now but i got the idea if the show is pulled we will learn a lot more about that subject. >> all right. listen well done. getting a lot of attention megyn. i had no idea this family had the following they had and i don't believe you had an inkling either. >> i didn't. >> thanks for coming on. we will check you out tonight. part two of megyn's special is at 9 p.m. eastern time only here. "happening now" now is coming up at the top of the hour. jon scott has a preview. >> a major blow to the defense as a doctor testified the accused gunman knew what he was
7:50 am
doing. and why republican candidates and democrats not named hillary, are getting a lot of attention. and good samaritans leap in the action pulling a stranger from a burning car and the rescue was caught on tape. we have it for you coming up. tomorrow, american farrowpharaoh races for history with a chance for the triple crown. a live report from belmont. when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts only duracell quantum because it lasts longer in 99% of devices.
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>> race fans flocking to the 47th running of the belmont
7:54 am
stake as american pharoah races to become the first horse to win the triple crown since 1978. rick is live. any american pharoah sightings and who are you betting on? >> it is tough not to rote for american pharoah who was out here after being let out for a morning run under his trainer and owner. they say he looks strong healthy and sharp but he is note floating over the track. this is the third year to race for the triple crown and the 14th horse trying after 1978. no one wants to see american pharoah win more than his owner. >> he is a special horse. but to win the triple crown, a
7:55 am
task that hasn't been done in 37 years, and only 11 doing it in the history of the sport i want it for the horse. >> he said it is like seeing your son win an oscar or the world series. >> interesting comparison. what about the competition? >> there is only eight horses in the race and american pharoah is the odds on favor. 5-7 odds. cross is next at 6-1 and materiality and made from lucky follow up. i asked david brening who he liked >> as a handi capper and you see you will not make money betting on him and you look for reasons to bet against him and i cannot find one. i cannot find someone to say with confidence that horse is going to beat him.
7:56 am
>> reporter: none of these horses have ever ran and a mile and a half and none never will again which is why it is the test of a champion. >> all right. thank you. belmont curse out there. >> you are going to be out there? >> i am going to drop in. i grew up in horse country. >> i saw american pharoah at the kentucky kentucky kentucky derby. he is fast. >> our entire government workforce could be vulnerable after the latest cyber attack and who the feds are saying is behind this one.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
who has played 64 shows. on jewel 1st billy joel performs the 65th concert in manhattan. >> food for him. bill: a lot of piano man. a lot of bread in my jar. we have to roll. "happening now" starts right now. jon: massive cyber breach striking the u.s. government exposing the personal information of millions of americans. names, addresses, social security numbers. the question is, who is behind it? and how far does it reach. good morning to you on this friday. i'm jon scott. >> good to see you. i'm jamie colby in for jenna lee. the breach of the office of personal management was designed to steal information covertly, not to cripple systems. right now china is the prime suspect. jon: one year ago the u.s. indicted five members of china's people's liberation army,


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