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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 6, 2015 12:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and for all of you watching. hope to see you right here next week. a fox news alert. two convicted murderers now on the loose after breaking out of a maximum security prison in northern new york state near the canadian border. prison authorities say richard matt and david sweat. take a close look at these two men's faces. were missing at this morning's bed check. matt is serving 25 years to life for the kidnapping and beating death of a man. sweat is serving life without parole for killing a sheriff's deputy. they both escaped from the clinton correction facility in northern new york about 75 miles south of montreal. police say they are dangerous and should not be approached by
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anybody. new york governor andrew cuomo is planning a news conference at the prison. we'll bring more on this breaking story as soon as we get it here on fox news. meantime family friends and political dignitaries joined together to say goodbye to vice president biden's son beau biden. >> it was a tribute the likes of which the state of delaware has never seen. vice president joe biden giving his final farewell to his son whom he often called his hero. beau biden died at 46. one of delaware's most popular and well-known public servants. hundreds turned out to remember the former soldier and state attorney general, including president obama. in his eulogy the president referenced beau's time as attorney general and prosecution of one of the worst pedophiles in american history. >> think about the day that dawns for children who are safer because of beau. whose lives are fuller because
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of him. think about the day that dawns for parents who rest easier and families who are freer because of him. >> doug mctellway was there. doug the bidens must have found some comfort listening to the words of so many people close to beau biden. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine the level of grief that this family must be experiencing at this point in time. but i think you're right. i think they did find some comfort in really strong reassuring words, especially from three people in particular. first we'd like to mention the army chief of staff, ray odierni who delivered the first eulogy and whom beau biden served under in iraq when he was a member of the delaware national guard jag corps. listen to what odierno had to say about beau biden. >> beau possessed the traits i have witnessed only in the greatest leaders.
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inspirational, humble intelligent, insightful always building a team. and a man of incredible moral and personal courage. >> odierno was one of several people who asked beau biden, he said to run for the senate seat in delaware after his father had become vice president. beau biden declined that offer as he declined it from several other people who had made the same suggestion wanting instead to continue his service as attorney general in the state of delaware. and then the eulogy by president obama. you know, president obama has developed a reputation for not showing tremendous amounts of emotion. no drama obama has become the moniker. that was not the case today. the president clearly shed a few tears in talking about a man he deeply cared about. >> he did in 46 years what most of us couldn't do in 146. he left nothing in the tank. he was a man who led a life where the means was important as
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the ends. and the example he set made you want to be a better dayd or a better son, or a better brother or sister better at your job, a better soldier. he made you want to be a better person. >> we are told that the president wrote that eulogy himself. that's a rare thing in this day and age when speech writers handle most of those kinds of duties. he was also among the first to learn of beau biden's worsening conditions in the final weeks, and apparently granted joe biden his vice president all the time he needed to be with his son in those last few weeks. kelly? >> doug mckelway, thanks for that report. this isn't the first child that vice president biden has buried. in 1972 his first wife and their daughter died in a car crash. beau and his younger brother survived that crash. they saw their father get sworn into the senate in the hospital. you can see beau here on the lower right. he was just four years old then
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still recovering from his injuries. we'll have more on the tributes and final farewells to beau biden on fox throughout the day. later today, president obama will leave for the g 7 summit in germany where he will be meeting with the iraqi prime minister amid rising violence in the fight against isis. kevin quirk is live across the border from the site in austria with a wrap up. >> reporter: julie, great to talk to you. it's an important bilateral meeting indeed as the president and the iraqi prime minister once again come together to try to map out a strategy that will help the iraqis not only defend themselves but fend for themselves. and this is important. with limited u.s. led coalition support. unfortunately, iraqi security forces simply did not hold up well in the battle for ramadi. we've all heard about how isis simply routed them there. you may have heard even the week after the iraqi prime minister himself albadi saying we're not getting enough support from the
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worldwide community in this battle against this terror group. the real issue is is that a white house strategy that the president could support? security experts tell us not so much. >> as he sees his country being -- huge parts of it being swallowed up by this terrorist group, what he wants is more weapons faster anti-tank weapons, he wants additional support on the military and communications and intelligence side. >> and that's the real crux of the issue. can the u.s. support the iraqis in a way that's effective for them without getting back involved in a protracted years long or even worse decades long war in iraq? and i should also add that tens of thousands if not more 150,000 iraqi security forces have already been equipped and american forces. so is it paying off? does it actually lead to a better iraqi security force? i posed that question to the white house press secretary this
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week. >> the strategy that has borne some fruit there are some areas inside of iraq where coalition-trained iraqi security forces have succeeded in taking back important strategic objectives from isil. there are obviously more fighters we would like to train, some of whom are part of the iraqi security forces some of them are local tribal fighters. >> we were told in the lead up to the upcoming bilateral, julie, that we should not expect to hear any announcements afterwards about more money or even more training. we'll be listening very carefully to how the read out goes. but for now back to you. >> kevin quirk, thank you very much. live in austria. meanwhile another big weekend for republican presidential hopefuls gathering this afternoon for the first roast and ride fundraiser in boone, iowa. john roberts is here live with the latest. john? >> reporter: kelly, good afternoon to you. this is one of those great iowa events that makes covering politics here so much fun. this is the joanie ernst roast
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and ride. had a motorcycle ride from des moines all the way up to the central iowa expo just outside of boone earlier today. features seven presidential candidates. there she is with scott walker who will be coming up here in just a little while. rick perry was also there. he did his own separate ride with a bunch of military veterans. rick perry, of course the subject of intense criticism by hillary clinton earlier this week. along with a number of other republican governors secretary clinton did, casting laws to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. that's the sort of thing rick perry does not like to hear. we asked him about that earlier today. >> it's a very popular law in texas. and you have to have i.d. to get on an airplane. texans believe you have to have an i.d. to vote. >> rick perry says it makes common sense if you're going have to have i.d. to get through an airport you should have to present a photo i.d. if you want to vote. perry, by the way, in addition
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to riding with navy s.e.a.l.s, rode on a bike that was given to him by a veteran named taylor morris. he had bought that motorcycle went to afghanistan, lost all of his limbs in an ied explosion and turned the keys to that bike over to rick perry. another one of the presidential candidates is going to be appearing at the roast in ride in a few minutes is marco rubio. marco rubio the subject of a "new york times" story earlier this week in which it was pointed out he and his wife jeannette have wracked up a total of 18 motor vehicle infractions in the past 18 years. a number of people both right and left thought that article was an unfair hit at marco rubio. i asked him his thoughts about that earlier today. >> fair unfair? >> you're running for president. people are going to look at everything. that's fine with me. it is what it is. i want to keep focused on the issues that matter to americans on a daily basis. we have a $18 trillion debt. two-thirds of americans are making less today than they did in 2002. i'm going to focus on that.
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the media can focus on what they want. >> marco rubio, of course one of three candidates including mike huckabee and presumed candidate jeb bush who have said they are not going to be at this location at the beginning of august to participate in the famous iowa straw poll. it could be that at this host and ride the first of what senator ernst hopes will be many annual events there could be more presidential candidates than at that famous iowa straw poll which kelly looks like it's not going to be as famous in the future as it has been in the past. >> very good point. john thank you so much for that report from iowa. well the republican party is changing. what new polls are revealing about the views modern conservatives hold and what it means for the future of the party all together. we'll debate that and an update on the situation in the northern plains as more severe weather sweeps the region including the threat of tornadoes. and at least one area still trying to pick up the pieces after a major hailstorm this week. and the fda backing a version of viagra for women.
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time for a quick check of your headlines now. recovery teams finding hundreds more bodies in the wreckage of that cruise ship in china. the discovery brings the death toll to nearly 400 after workers managed to pull eastern star upright. the ship capsized on monday. veterans and their families return to the beaches of normandy to remember d day, gathering at the u.s. cemetery overlooking omaha beach where american soldiers stormed ashore 71 years ago today. >> wow. >> to begin the invasion that led to the defeat of nazi germity in world war ii. and we are watching the sky across the nation's heartland. severe weather is forecast for the northern plains affecting several states bringing heavy
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rain flooding hail, and maybe tornadoes. a new gallup poll finding a shift in the views of a conservative voters in a telephone survey. the percentage of republicans and republican-leaning independent who describe themselves as both social and economic conservatives dropping to 42%. the second largest group see themselves as moderate or liberal on both social and economic issues while 20% describe themselves as moderate or liberal on social issues but conservative on economic ones. now, a group of young conservatives next gen gop is pushing to change the party stance on social issues like gay marriage. arguing it will help bring younger voters into the fold. with me now, the spokeswoman for that group rena shs shavolar.
12:46 pm
gay marriage is it something republicans are now trying to push the old gop to adopt? >> we abe absolutely are, kelly. pew research looked at fast backs last year. we saw 58% of young republicans support marriage equality which is same-sex marriage. >> so why are you pushing for this when the gop has taken a stance that same-sex marriage is not viewed as the proper way to go because of the fact that they recognize traditional marriage? >> that may be the party stance. but let's be honest. the republican party is dwindling. it's a sad truth for those of us who are proud to call ourselves members and haven't left the party simply because we differ. our viewpoints differ. and changing american demographic, the changing viewpoints across this country, that's the reason. those are the reasons the party is dwindling in membership. and gay marriage is a perfect example of that. >> how do you view what mike huckabee said about gay
12:47 pm
marriage? >> mike huckabee is not representative. unfortunately he's not a representative of what the young republicans think. those of us who are more moderate seek to compromise with those who don't perhaps see eye to eye with us. we want a more big tent party, one where there's room for compromise there's room for differing viewpoints. somebody may be socially liberal yet fiscally conservative. i don't think mike huckabee's comments are really something that is going to play well with the young demographic and those who will hopefully show up to the polls next year. >> let me ask you. how should the republican party be reaching out to -- in addition to those who are gay, also reaching out to people of color? latinos, hispanics, blacks? >> it has to be genuine and it has to be long term. this engagement cannot happen at the 11th hour when we are looking for votes. attentionly the republican party needs to sit down and figure out how we can change our policy stances to include those who have traditionally been left out of the party, have felt there's no place for them in the party.
12:48 pm
we really need to stand up. we were the anti-slavery party. we've done something wrong with our messages and our policy stances in the past 40 years, particularly in the past 20 years. and we've alienated a great number of people who really love freedom. and we're the freedom-loving party. we have a place for those people in this party. so we need to reach out. it has to be genuine. >> rina we thank you for joining us today. rina shabarar. thank you. new details, kelly, on an apparent overseas hacking attack. the breach possibly effecting millions of federal employees. what the government is asking them to do now. plus texas doctors making history. this is such an incredible story. with a procedure that has never been done before until now. >> with appropriate planning good collaboration, team building the medical organ donation you can actually break a barrier for patients and actually achieve something that wasn't possible before.
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this is a fox news alert. american and mexican officials investigating after someone shot at a border patrol helicopter and forced it to land in laredo texas. it happened friday. bullets reportedly hit the side of the aircraft and a roadtor blade. the pilot able to land with no injuries. more on this story as it develops. being called a medical miracle. my goodness. this story is incredible. texas doctors say they've performed the world's very first partial skull and scalp transplant to help a man with a large head wound in cancer treatment. bring in dr. dina radcliffe,
12:53 pm
practicing physician and anesthesiologist. a pancreas and kidney and skull and scalp and actually -- doctors managed to do this using ten-inch long skin grafts carefully replacing his skull, removing it piece by piece. incredible. >> it is. one of the reasons i love being a physician. it's exciting every single day. took 15 hour almost 50 people in planning stages almost four year the but took time to find the right donor. took tyke toime to get to this point. >> his pancreas and kidney were damaged because he has diabetes. since he was 12. the cells were damaged. some might think is he the right candidate? 55 years old, and organ donation typically they are very selective in who they go to. why was he chosen for this? >> interesting is after he got those organ transplants he was
12:54 pm
put on immunosuppression medication. we do tissue matching making sure we can match close to the recipient with the donor to decrease that chance and still have to take medications. it were see it as a foreign invedder. when our immune system is suppressed it fights off cancer. his cancer was rare called the lyomyosarcoma. attacks involuntary muscles, in short. it's anything that happens without us telling. like for example, our heart. when we get goose bumps when it's cold we involuntary have goose bumps. hair stands up erect, on edge. that's exactly what happened. he happened to have it on his scalp. removed tumors put him under radiation but difficult time healing and that led to this unhealing wound. at the same time his organs he
12:55 pm
did get transplanted is failing. there with an open scalp, a pancreas failing and kidneys failing. a problem for him and this is the benefits of medical miracles and phenomena. >> incredible. shedding so much light on the importance of organ donation. two weeks and doing great. a great sign. and a panel of experts recommended the fda approve a female version of viagra. controversial despite lingering questions about the potential benefits and side effects. i want to talk about the side effects. doctors might be required to inform patients of potential side effects, low blood pressure fainting nausea and dizziness and physicians might have to be certified to pre prescribe the drug thinking is it dangerous? >> when you take a medication that's prescribed you want your physician to inform you of side effects. interesting, we call it female
12:56 pm
viagra. it's very different from the way viagra works. >> for men. >> for men, yes. it dilates smooth muscle and increases blood flow to the areas needed. in this situation, this drug is more like an antidepressant. it elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine working by different mechanisms yet have side effects like most medications. whenever we prescribe a medication we want our patients informed. if you have questions, speak to your doctor. low blood pressure that can result in concussion and injury. >> making women more willing and wanting to have sex. i can see a lot of husbands going out and getting their doctors to prescribe this to their wives. that said we have to take a quick break. we'll be right back. ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door so print all you want
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three is company the musketeers. and in the eyes of real cheese people never, ever a crowd. new sargento balanced breaks. we're real cheese people. hello. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a brand new hour inside "america's news hq." >> a political rally with attitude. gop hopefuls hopping on their hogs heading to a big roast. get your leather jacket on. got one, kelly? >> i do as a matter of fact but i don't ride. >> sure you do. plus a pair of inmates escapeing from a new york prison. one a cop killer. the northern border on alert. the biggest hacking attack on our nation and now at least 4 million federal employees forced to take precautions to make sure
1:01 pm
they're personal information is safe, but is it too late? first, at the top of the hour a family a community, and a nation in mourning as boweau biden's friends and family say their final good-byes. ♪ services today held at st. anthony in wilmington delaware for vice president biden's eldest son. white house staff, cabinet members, friends and family coming together to honor him. president obama delivering one of several eulogies today. quite emotional, including those from beau's brother hunter and half sister ashley. the president calling beau a military vet, former delaware attorney general and father of two, calling him an original. >> beau biden brought to his work a mighty heart. he brought to his family a mighty heart.
1:02 pm
what a good man. what an original. may god bless his memory and the lives of all he touched. >> live at st. anthony church in wilmington, delaware with the latest on this emotional time for the biden family as well as the obama family. >> reporter: yeah. incredibly emotional scene here today, kelly. 1,000 people inside this church including not only the president, former president bill clinton, his wife it's former secretary of state. many members of the senate members of the house, cabinet officers ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy and others. the most powerful words we heard here today the eulogy delivered by beau biden's younger brother hunter describing one of his first memories lying badly injured in a hospital bed awakening up to the sounds of
1:03 pm
his other brother beau also baldly injured in the car wreck, reaching out saying i love you, i love you, i love you. as his eulogy ended today he describe add scene 43 years later, lying by his older brother beau's bedside, the family gathered around. >> as it began -- so did it end. his family surrounding him. everyone holding on to him. each of us desperately, desperately holding him. each of us whispering i love you. i love you. i love you. and i held his hand and he took his last breath. and i know that i was loved, and i know that his hand will never leave mine. >> many speakers here today praised beau biden as a natural
1:04 pm
born leader. many say he could easily have stepped into his father's senate seat when his father assumed the vice presidency he declined wanting do finish his work at attorney general here becoming the most admired politician in the state of delaware. by the way, this church behind me is now completely empty. the crowds have moved on. they're setting up for festa tall yawn italiana a sign that life moves on. >> thank you for that report from delaware. president obama is heading to germany for the g7 summit amid rising security tension around the world. crisis in greece and ukraine. increasing violence of a battle against isis in the middle east. meantime thousands of demonstrators in germany are taking to the streets. they are protesting many of the issues on the agenda at the two-day summit and kevin cork is just across the border from the site of the summit reporting live in austria. hello there, kevin.
1:05 pm
>> reporter: hey there, julie. you're right. the protest about five miles from here. no sign of them anywhere here but obviously it is very important of an economic summit coming up here 0 in austria and over the border over in germany. the president will hold a major bilateral meeting with the iraqi prime minister here tomorrow. an important one. obviously a lot of americans and obviously a lot of people in iraq want to know what if anything can be done in the battle against isis? the terror group stormed ramadi. they continue to spread not only throughout iraq but syria. you should expect a couple things to come out of the meeting. number one, what changes of strategy might happen especially to tamp down the advance of isis and maybe the second thing, what if anything can be done to further engage the larger economies of the world in this battle. keep in mind isis is not an iraq problem alone. isis is a global problem, and that should be a major part of the conversation. another thing we expect to hear a great deal about during the
1:06 pm
summit is what to can do about ukraine and specifically russian aggression. we already know that vladimir putin has orchestrated the annexation of crimea. we are told by observers on the ground he is amassing a large number of troops right along the border of ukraine. perhaps planning to invade eastern ukraine again under the guise of liberating secessionists it's heard that argument played out before by vladimir putin. again, the world's economies will figure how to provide economic pressure. point it out quickly, the european economies are very dependent on russian energy. gas, for example, they have to be careful how they trian gooying atriangulate this. for now back to you in new york. >> kevin, thank you very much.
1:07 pm
well time to pass a slew of gop presidential hopefuls heading to a pork roast in iowa hosted by senator joni ernst. that's boone, iowa on your screen you're looking at. governor scott walker is riling up the crowd now. these candidates didn't roll up in a typical motorcade or in their campaign buses. you see, this is a political motorcycle rally. ♪ >> yeah. does it all in style. candidates including former texas governor rick perry riding in on their hogs. pretty appropriate for a pork roast. john robertson is live at the event in boone. john, where's your motorcycle? >> reporter: it's back home in atlanta, and i wish i could have brought it. i have a 200955 fat boy and would have loved to have it on the road today.
1:08 pm
and republican senator, elected last year. hearkening a steak fry, and the motorcycle ride here and seven presidential candidates doing their famous retail politicking that everyone knows iowa is -- so famous for. up now scott walker. rick perry just took the stage. carly fiorina, ben carson more to come. and walker perennially led the crowd. iowans like what he's done in wisconsin as far as how he dealt with the unions there and many other issues but some good news on the poll front. from carly fiorina, the first time cracked the top ten. if she keeps it up on the stage for the all-important debate on the 6th of august. critical for not doing more to prevent the chinese hack attack where millions of employees may have had their information
1:09 pm
stolen. i asked her about that just a short time ago. >> it is yet another demonstration that our federal government is increasingly inept. i mean we have far greater technology than china does. we ought to be able to repel these kind of attacks, yet we're not. so that's ash ineptitude. >> reporter: at latest entrant into the race rick perry, famously flamed out in 2012. remember the oops most at the all-important debate jt? we asked perry before he got on that motorcycle what he thought about coming back out again for a second try. here's what he told us. >> i think people are going to give you a second chance. i mean, this is a country about second chances, and people are going to look at the record and they're going to look at what our vision is for the future. i'm very optimistic about the future of this want country. we're on a few good policies and
1:10 pm
leadership change at the top in the best days america's ever had. >> reporter: he said a short time ago on the stage, a show me not tell me people voting on records. an extensive record he believes voters will gravitate towards. we'll see. >> john robertson, thank you. in the thick of iowa. now to the battle against isis in iraq. in the western province of anbar, iraqi security forces apparently lyly repels isis attacks including car bombers. using anti-tank missiles to take out the isis leading with u.s. coalition aircraft one week after iraqi security forces began a military offensive driving isis out of ramadi. and now to the war in yemen. iranian backed huttyi rebels.
1:11 pm
the first time a case like this used in the conflict. saudi arabia meantime is leading arab coalition air strikes against the rebels trying to restore the previous yemeni government. the u.s. government now asking federal employees to change their passwords and put fraud alerts on their credit reports after hackers stole the personal information of millions of government workers. investigators say the cyber attack apparently came from china. live in washington we have the latest. >> reporter: yes, even asking those federal employees to watch out for attempts by foreign spy services to use or recruit them. this is after a massive cyber hack. millions of personnel files for government employees past are and present, accessed. but by whom? federal officials and some members of congress are pointing
1:12 pm
to china. the white house has been careful in its reaction. >> i can't speak to who may or may not have been responsible for this particular incident but as a general matter we have very significant concerns about the way that china and individuals acting on behalf of the state of china have acted in cyber space. >> reporter: a spokesman for china's foreign ministry was shocked, shocked, that the u.s. would point the finger towards the communist nation saying "we hope the u.s. can stop being constantly paranoid and mate groundless accusations and instead show more trust and cooperation in this field." one cyber security analyst says the u.s. has the technical capability to respond in kind even on a bigger scale, but we don't do it. >> the problem is we're the good guys. we always fight with one hand tied behind our back. we're constrained by rules others don't constrain themselves to like china, like
1:13 pm
russia like north korea, like iran. they attack targets and infrastructure we kind of consider off limits. so it is a policy issue. >> reporter: this latest cyber hack happened in december. officials say. and remained undetected until april. kelly? >> all right. molly, thank you very much. a baseball fan fighting for her life after being struck by a baseball bat last night at fenway park in boston. the woman was carted out of the stands during the a's/red sox game after oakland infielder brett lawrie broke his bat on a groundout to second base. take a look right there. >> hmm. >> so the barrel basically hurdling into the box seats where the woman was sitting. her head bloodied by the impact and those sitting nearby watched in complete horror. reportedly sitting with her husband and son. terrible incident. we wish her and her family the very best and a speedy recovery.
1:14 pm
>> we do indeed. our prayers go out to her and her family. still a year away from the next presidential election and already voting rights an issue. >> right. >> today republicans are systematically and deliberately trying to stop millions of american citizens from voting. >> hillary clinton says young people and minorities face losing the right to vote because of laws in states run by republicans. now, gop governors part and present are firing back. plus -- two convicted murderers breaking out of prison and making a run for it. they are dangerous. putting more than one county on alert where these inmates could be heading. and these police officers smashing through that car window and it wasn't to make a rescue as the driver screams for help from the cops. >> i need your supervisor. i am asking for -- i am asking him for his supervisor. i am asking you for your supervisor --
1:15 pm
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1:18 pm
and of the headlines for you, the death toll for china's ferry disaster rising to nearly 400. the cruise ship capsized in river in a storm earlier this
1:19 pm
week. authorities say more than 40 people are still unaccounted for. and an intense manhunt is under way in upstate new york now after two convicted murderers, 48-year-old richard matt and 34-year-old david sweat escaped from a maximum security prison. the facility is about 20 miles from the canadian border. and two southwest airlines planes bumping wings at an airport in southern california. it happened while one of the planes was pushing back from a gate and an airport spokesperson says no one was injured. now hillary clinton may not have had to show an i.d. to get on an airplane in a long time. she just went into my home state and dissed every person who supports having an identification to either get on an airplane or to vote. >> secretary clinton doesn't know the first thing about voting rights in new jersey or any other state she attacked and my sense is she just wants an opportunity to commit a greater acts of voter fraud around the country. so -- you know i'm not worried
1:20 pm
about her opinion. >> to come into the state of ohio say we're repressing the vote when new york has only election day and we have 27 days? what's she -- come on! that's silliness. >> voting rights making a splash this week as republican candidates take on hillary clinton. the former secretary of state slamming some states' voting laws calling for automatic registration and accusing republican governors of trying to strip the vote from minorities and the youth. bring innin tammy bruce, a radio talk show and richard fowler radio talk show host as well. thank you for joining us today. there you saw how republican governors were reacting to what former secretary of state hillary clinton mentioned, and they didn't take it too kindly. i want to go back to what kasich was saying. kasich pointed out he likes hillary clinton personally. this is war. talking about an election. is hillary acting out of
1:21 pm
desperation or what she feels is right? >> there's a couple things here and he's right about new york. look that's her home state, a senator from new york. she lives here and they have some of the most restricting voting rules in the country, and it's run by democrats. it's a state run by democrats. i think that it's clear that she wants to have questions and the conversation be about anything other than what she has done to the country, and, also what a lot of people might not know george surros is understand iffing the effort funding the suit in ohio. not given to her pac yet or to her. with the super rich at the expense of everyone else. americans, if she was caring about voting rights every false vote eliminates the vote of every citizen, and this is clearly an issue that when it comes to the quality of life all americans need to do especially people of color, demand it stop being used like
1:22 pm
dirty dish rags and want real solutions to real problems. >> richard, you're shaking your head. right to you. >> before they can demand to be used like dirty dish rags they should all demand the right to vote. across the country we've seen more and more laws in place making sure young people don't vote. laws in place making sure seniors don't vote and laws that communities of color don't vote. the thing, where we can all agree. voting is a critical part of our democracy. yeah why shouldn't every american be automatically registered to vote like en automatically in the draft, taxes taken out of a paycheck. work as a country to make sure every american can vote. make sure elections are safe and that esectionlections or fair. folks like chris christie, john kasich kasich even former texas governor perry, we need to stop voter fraud. i ask one question -- please. i asked them to show me these cases of fraud these tens of
1:23 pm
cases of fraud, that they're talking about, because i clearly must have missed a headline. >> tammy? >> look and i want to address something richard brings up. he suddenly is wanting another gigantic database of americans that the answer is -- >> there we go. >> the answer is more heavy-handed government? >> no. i think -- why can't we automatically -- >> americans can -- i'm answering that. americans can make a choice to vote. it is their choice. i think every american should look very cynically at the? ed we're going to be forced into another database and every country that has done that has eventually made it a crime to not vote. americans can vote. some people choose not to because they're disgusted by the system. it is classic for a so-called liberal -- >> go out to vote to change it. >> that's it. the answer is not to have the government automatically register you again. >> automatically take or taxes, tammy, and automatically -- >> understand it richard, that's not the --
1:24 pm
>> if i can jump in and referee a moment. heard from tammy. rich, final word. we're running out of time. you made your points well both of you. richard, final point. >> like i said where i disagree with tammy. this is not a big government system. the government actually working for the people. right? it is. because the idea we are a democracy and the only way we can be a democracy, every american has the right to vote. >> they do. >> and part of that democracy. >> it s. and automatically registered a great idea. a lot of countries like australia, mandated to vote. a voter holiday. >> we have got to go. >> end it there. i know the two of you will continue discussing this long after we've gone. so tammy, bruce, richard fowler as always thank you for joining us and obviously a very heated debate as we move forward about this entire situation that hillary clinton has raised, and republican governors giving it some of course, resistance as well. thank you. >> thank you. renewed fears of
1:25 pm
isis-inspired lone wolves after authorities in boston fatally shoot a man who they say was the target of a counterterrorism surveillance operation. we're going to take a close are look at that case and how the bureau tracks these suspects with a former fbi profiler coming up next. also a massive cyber attack striking the u.s. government. exposing the personal information of millions of americans. names, addresses, social security numbers. so who's behind it and how far did it reach? get the complete balanced nutrition of ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. and now with... ...twice as much vitamin d ...which up to 90% of people don't get enough of. the sunshine vitamin! ensure. take life in. my lenses have a sunset mode. and a partly sunny mode. and an outside to inside mode. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. ask for transitions xtractive lenses. extra protection from light... outdoors indoors and in the car.
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if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. and time for today's "beyond the dream" focusing on the american dream. from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur and educator tr israel. meet professor uda kahana believes the essence of the american dream, pursuit of happiness is universal believing the dream very much alive and in need of a reawakening.
1:30 pm
>> the first time i came to the united states, i was a young student in '68, and i was invited to talk with some college kids about the american dream. the american dream at that time in the '60s was amazing. it was just before the first man landed on moon, and now the american dream is very different. when i talk to youngsters they focus mainly on the economic success. they like to be rich famous. they don't understand that to become famous you have to do something. >> the doctor grew up in israel but he cares deeply about the american dream. he spent many years in the u.s. teaching at the prestigious wharton school at the university of pennsylvania the university of texas in austin and the university of florida. he teaches finance and insurance. he is currently the head of an
1:31 pm
institute for business and the environment and tel aviv university. >> many people have experienced, and i thinkey think experience is the most important thing. i'm looking for people that will put things into action and they will change the world. >> reporter: i met with the doctor in his home town of jerusalem in israel. since becoming a nation in 1948 israel has been moving forward in business and development. it is now called start-up nation for its innovation and inventions. he is an example of that educator entrepreneur and leader in the insurance industry focusing on risk management as he states risk opportunity. >> the game changes are in science, and in business in engineering in the government. they should be there. >> reporter: he is leveraging experience and insurance to challenge corporations to do business differently. he launched the yk center to
1:32 pm
influence business leaders to focus on improving the environment to deal with climate change and increase food production to combat poverty and to save mankind. he calls it rebooting humanity and he believes the private and public sectors can learn to improve lives. >> and i came to the conclusion that the major risks wr ss we are facing are not economical bit environmental, and we're on the verge of bankruptcy financially and looking for resources. >> reporter: the doctor believes all of his companies should have three priorities. making a profit helping the environment and society. one example of that is his company pango. he made parking easy for millions of drivers worldwide by creating a cellular parking company. you simply pay your parking by using your phone. the company donates part of your parking fee to various
1:33 pm
charitable causes. for example, in phoenix, arizona, pango helps ease the burden of homeless u.s. military veterans. he says the best resource to be found is in people. people who desire to succeed. and an outlook based on his personal experience. >> how does a kid growing up poor in jerusalem become a world player in business and social and environmental change? >> i was motivated by a very innovative and inspirational family. second i have fantastic teachers. sometimes luck play as role. timing plays a role. the wave takes you up with it and you have to return to the society what it gave to you. >> reporter: the professor living life beyond a dream. quite a talented man who's doing a lot of good things for the world globally. thank you.
1:34 pm
now shifting focus to lone wolf terror plot following the tags shooting of usaamah rahim. authorities say the terror suspects lunged at officers with a knife then refused to drop it. federal investigators say he and his nephew discussed beheading conservative free speech activist pam geller before turning their sights on law enforcement. here now to talk about this suspect and other lone wolves mary ellen o'toole, former fbi profiler and author of "dangerous instincts." thank you for talking to us. investigators say rahim had been working on his plan for a week before calling his co-conspirator and relative and changing plan bes to go after "boys in blue" or police because "it's the easiest target" according to an fbi tapped phone call. how does the fbi track these terrorists down? >> the fbi would use multiple
1:35 pm
methods to identify someone and detract them. certainly now social media is an excellent way to both identify and to track. then you also have human sources, which means other people that come to law enforcement and make us aware of something. and then in addition to that you have some of the old standards, which include such things as wiretapping. so it's not just one method. it would be multiple methods. >> so this may be the work of a lone wolf in this case but evidence shows he may have had at least one comp policeaccomplice. the question could there be a wider network? how do we become aware of that? >> in this case could be a wider network, but the term lone wolf is a misnomer. often these individuals will confide in someone else. they'll get advice from someone else. >> sure. >> and they exchange information the same way. via social media, their cell telephones and law enforcement
1:36 pm
becomes aware of it through that. they also become aware of these conspiracies through human resources. people that come and tell us that that's what they're doing, and in this case for law enforcement, it ends up being a good thing, because instead of one cell phone we track, now we have three or four that we track and get records from. so right now with technology the way it is it's very hard to communicate with someone without using it and that's really a benefit for law enforcement. >> investigators say the initial target was pamela geller who held the deadly draw the prophet contest in garland, texas, but by switching his target from geller to police speaks alarmingly about the nationwide anger now towards law enforcement. especially those who want to harm them and actually believe it would be easier because that's the words right out of his mouth, to get eway with it. i guess my concern now is what should be done to better protect our men and our women in blue and the fbi? and law enforcement in general? because now they are potential
1:37 pm
victims. >> i think this case is an example of that that these individuals can switch so quickly and clearly there's multiple police officers when you compare it to one targeted victim, but through, again, through the law enforcement investigative techniques that they are really applying to these kinds of cases, and we're attempting to become much more aware of these individuals, well before they decide to act out, and that's using phenomenon calmed leakage. these are young men who's want to talk, brag about what they're going to do beforehand. almost like they can't help themselves. law enforcement is becoming much more aware of the techniques that we need to use in order to identify someone, not the day before not even two weeks before. but a month, even a year before and i think we're getting a lot better at that. >> good to know. mary ellen o'toole. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> kelly? talk american pharoah getting ready to run for the triple crown. wow.
1:38 pm
he will take on seven rivals in the belmont stakes this evening. our live report coming up. and we're going to take a look at a cell phone video. can you see it? it's a police officer in texas. smashing the window of a car. we're going to tell you why. >> the same thing -- i need you to stand down and give your -- >> open your window now! or i'm going to bust it out. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction to namenda xr or its ingredients. before starting treatment, tell their doctor if they have or ever had, a seizure disorder, difficulty passing urine liver, kidney or bladder problems,
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that fly cleaner and farther on less fuel. that redefine comfort and connect the world like never before. after all, you can't turn dreams into airplanes unless your passion for innovation is nonstop. ♪ ♪ china is dismissing new allegations of a massive cyber attack against the u.s. government, but investigateors saying chinese hackers have a way of seeking information from our government database. what can we do to keep our information safe from foreign intruders intruders? the founder of online safety consulting firm ssp blue and a former prosecutor for online crimes at the justice department. thank you for joining us. let's get right to this.
1:43 pm
china is denying this saying the united states is wrong for finding fault, or casting blame on them. what do you say about all this? where's the cyber hack coming from, on 4 million federal employees? >> yeah and i happened to be possibly one of those, because i actually was in the justice department and my data sits in that database you're talking about. the fact that the last known location came from china tells us that either somebody is setting up china and making it look like them that hackers sometimes do that for that matter it could be russia or it really is the chinese government. especially in light of the fact there's diplomatic discussions that aren't going so well for the white house and the chinese government around how to cooperate better on cyber security right now. >> i want to bring up that question. what you just talked about, because on the campaign trail, we heard from carly fiorina who said we should have been able to preempt this strike able to stop it to block it and
1:44 pm
concerning her past experiences, she should know. so why isn't the government able to preempt these kinds of strikes? >> yes. well i look at this at all hands on deck for the u.s. government i am frankly surprised it's not like that. if you look at the intrusion detection systems that would have detected this last year if they were actually paying attention using those systems, those systems have been around in the private sector for more than ten years. that's a really long time for the government to be behind. >> let me ask you another question. what are they looking for? those who are hacking into the system getting the information. what are they trying to do with this information? >> well and i will add just one more point from earlier. there's a lot of counterintelligence akctivity going on. they may have enough information to know it's the chinese government. if it is what they're going to look for is people who have different types of clearances.
1:45 pm
data about them. are they vulnerable? could you turn a particular individual because when you get a background check like i did on myself they knock at every door you have lived. they talk to your neighbors. they look at your financials. they ask questions and so when the government or the hackers get this data what they're going to find out is are you vulnerable? can i turn you? maybe i can pay you off. or they're going to do the opposite which is let's act like an american. there's a good profile of a really solid american and let's just act like an american. or could be both for that matter. >> like a trojan horse. thank you for your insights. thank you. >> thanks kelly. other horses have come this close, of course. how american pharoah will try to do what no other horse has done since 1978. win the triple crown. live at belmont, next.
1:46 pm
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now for a look beyond the headlines. >> our president won't be going to normandy for the d-day anniversary this weekend.
1:50 pm
and that's probably a good thing. there would be something sadly incongruous and uncomfortable about his presence at a ceremony to remember young men to died in the great invasion. the generation of normandy hardworking and formed by judeo-christian values. they had little time for being cool and less for those who required airs. they also spoke the language of a free broad shouldered society where good humor didn't classify as hate speech. rich and poor merged into a fighting force that marched on the moral high ground. the worst of the carnage bled out on omaha beach, one of the five landing zones. at least 2,000 americans died
1:51 pm
that day. thousands more suffered wounds. in the mad dash for the beach weighed down by heavy gear many perished in the rough surf or stumbled on land mines, as they struggled to reach the shore, out in the open in the early morning light shall the germans simply mowed them down from the high ground. brave doesn't begin to explain the act of walking into a barrage of machine gun fire since our schools bangle history or don't teach it at all this this digital age, the film saving private ryan is perhaps the best modern tutorial of what happened at omaha beach. it's worth reading about. time has thinned the ranks of d-day veterans and their families yet the memories persist. the country had braised itself for war in europe in the pacific. voices lowered at the sight of gold stars in neighborhood windows. honor rolls of the dead went up
1:52 pm
in small towns everywhere. the air raid signals and blackout curtains at night reminded us of the danger. everyone waited for the gi letters from abroad that military sons had turned into confetti and always the great hope that the men would return from wherever they were. one of my uncles a burley soft spoken man came home not long after we learned of the allied victory on the coast. many years passed before he would admit to landing on omaha beach. he went in as part of the initial wave one of the combat engineers clearing the way for our troops. since he never spoke about the war, one day i took a chance and asked him how he had survived omaha beach. his eyes watered briefly, and he simply said we hugged the wall and then he changed the subject. that was it. no war stories. history would fill in the blanks
1:53 pm
for what would be known as bloody omaha. telling tales of men who kept the faith and asked nothing in return. a race horse with a chance at immortality. american pharaoh getting ready to ride for the triple crown today at the belmont stakes. he'll gallop out about two hours from now. rick leventhal is just outside the track in new york. how are you? >> reporter: hey kelly, the ex excitement building outside the track. and things are running very smoothly at belmont today. not as crowded as in years past. but they limited the crowd size. they did have an issue because they add extra trains and people got here so quickly that there was a little bit of a backup at security because everybody has to be wanded before they go in.
1:54 pm
but everyone is getting wapded and it is a beautiful day for racing. about 90,000 fans will make the most of it and join the sights and sounds with the focus and most of the talk about whether american pharaoh can become the 12th triple crown winner in history and the first since 1978. he is the third in four years to win the kentucky derby and preakness. the biggest question is can he do it? >> i would love to see history, but i want a new york horse to win this race. this is our -- how many have tried in the past 15 years? a lot. and he come up short because this is our home. >> triple crown. >> reporter: you think it's going to happen in. >> we were here last year hoped it would happen. >> reporter: did you wear a funny hat last year and those same shorts? >> no. >> reporter: maybe that's the key. who do you like today? >> american pharaoh.
1:55 pm
i hope it happens. let's put it that way. >> reporter: that of course joe torre, one of many people hoping to see his dream made today. right now the odds are 1-5 that he will win a triple crown. >> i'm just jealous of you. you're out there, and you talked to joe torre, dude you got the plum job assignment today. >> reporter: terrific assignment absolutely. >> thanks. a traffic stop for speeding getting pretty serious after that officer smashes through the window. the traffic infraction that caused this take down. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. the video of a driver in texas, refusing to listen to a cop going viral. let's play it. >> sir, i need to see your driver's license and registration. >> so the driver attempted to school the cop on texas law, asking questions like what right do you have to stop another man. but after an hour of back and forth, the officer lost his patience and then this happened. >> i need you to stand down and get your -- >> open your window now, or i'm going to bust it out. >> now you're going, okay, i need you to call i need to you get your supervisor out here. i need your supervisor out here. i, i am. >> so the driver was booked and
2:00 pm
charged with driving with an invalid license. there you can see the koch busted open the window just as he threatened, having an expired license plate and failing to produce his license upon demand. provoked him. >> just a bit. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is the five. tonight, part two of the fox news exclusive interview with the duggars. the christian conservative family has been under intense national scrutiny following admissions there was impro viet in their home more than a decade ago. at 9:00 eastern on the kelly file we'll hear from two of the four sisters victimized by their brother josh and re-victimized as the story bec


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