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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 9, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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intensifying for two escaped killers. brand new information is em americaing about-- emerging about the worker who taught tailoring. kelly wright has the developments. >> they are looking at every lead questioning and searching the home of the female prison employee trying to determine how the men pulled off the greatest scape. joyce mitchell reportedly taught inmates to tailor clothing and has been removed from her job investigators trying to see if she had a personal relationship with one of the suspects. convicted murderers richard matt and david sweat were last seen in their cell on saturday morning they were gone. each cut scare holes into the air vents the paint on the walls so old you could hardly notice the holes. they followed a steam pipe
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climbed down 6 stories broke through a 2 foot thick brick hall and they cut their way through a pipe then crawled right through it. before climbing out a manhole a block away from the prison the killers are gone without a trace and could be my where. >> this was a really elaborate plot. if it was in a movie script you would have thought it was over done. there are a lot of questions about how they got the equipment primarily. >> it is not a movie. it is real. what you are looking at are pictures of the two suspect's tattoos hoping it could help identify the escape pees. they are considered dangerous people. hold not to approach them. police are guarding schools in the area as a precaution. >> where do people think they may be?
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>> they would like to have an answer to that but they do not. there is an international manhunt for the two killers. they are beefing up security along the border. there is some talk they could be as far away as mexico. >> they are increasing checkpoints and canines and increasing security level and heightened awareness. >> there is some talk they could be checking the border in mexico. these men are very dangerous. >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. thank you kelly. >> developing this morning, hundreds of protestors demanding this officer caught on camera there pinning a 15-year-old girl to the ground be fired. (chanting) >> demonstrators chanting and holding signs in mckinney texas they can't corporal out of the job claiming he used successful force to try to break up an out
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of control pool party. a dozen counter protestors rallying one man at the pool party with his family who saw the whole thing speaking out on the kelly files saying the officer did nothing wrong. >> it was chaos when he arrived there. he had to match that situation with a good amount of aggression to kind of calm the crowd down. the only people he was going after are people who got up and started running. it wasn't just one kids there was a white female was the first one i saw in handcuffs. >> he insists it was not rashnally motivated. he is on administrative leave. >> all of the protests just the latest example of police verses the people. rick hume says the way police are portrayed from the government down has a lot to do with it. >> i think to some extent the
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willingness of people to disobey police orders has been encouraged some of what we have seen by the portrayal of people who get in trouble with police as victims, by the portrayal of police as racists, by the attitudes shown bee people from al sharpton to president obama himself toward the police. >> no strategy. 10 months into the fight against isis president obama admits on the world stage there is no strategy to take down the terror group. >> this stunning development as isis captured dozens more christians in libya. kristin is with us with more. >> it has been less than 10 months since the start of the u.s. led campaign against isis in iraq. yet yesterday at the summit president obama admitted the administration doesn't have a complete strategy to defeat the
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group. >> when they finalize plans presented to me by the pentagon i will share it with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of iraqis as well. >> as you listen to the full remarks it does appear the president was strictly talking about one new tactic in particular in the giants isis not the overall strategy. here's how the state department explains his remarks later in the day. >> if you watch and read the transcript of what the president said i think it should be clear he was speaking about how to accelerate and optimize the training and equipping of iraqi forces including the int fags of sunni fighters not the overall strategies to fight i say sillsil. >> critics are jumping all over these comments saying they so complete policy failure and a lack of direction aror as
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congressman mike mccall put it it is no surprise they don't have a strategy for training iraqis, what is surprising is the president admitted it. a recent fox poll says 70 percent of americans also believe the administration has no clear strategy to defeat isis. >> did the president make any progress in his talks with the iraqi prime minister in germany? >> president obama will says they agree they have to speed up the rate and he is awaiting a final plan from the pentagon on how you can do that. one more thing. you have to see the awkward moment that took place between the two leaders. watch as president obama appears deep in conversation when the iraqi prime minister sits down right beside him and president obama never even turns to talk to him. some thought it was a snub but the white house says the president simply didn't see him. either way you have to admit it makes for good television. >> i saw that all over social
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media. >> thank you so much kristen. appreciate it. >> another u.s. government web site attacked by foreign hackers. the army claiming to take control of the u.s. army's official web site. the de classified site went down temporarily after they posted error messages. another post appears to feature the e-mail addresses of military employees. the group is known for hacking major news web sites like the new york times and "washington post". >> a daring raid on an isis leader's home last month. u.s. special forces stormed the house of abu saeff. the information revealing valuable information on isis and contacts. it shows abu bakr al-baghdadi uses his wife and other spouses of key leaders to pass along
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information. >> 73 airport workers linked to terrorism allowed unrestricted access to secured airport areas and even to planes themselves. this according to inspector general saying they ran background checks missing the red flags. they don't have access to the complete terror list. this coming one week after homeland security said they were able to speakeek 95 percent of the items passed the tsa. >> dennis hastert being arraigned on claims he agreed to pay a man more than $3 million of hush money to conceal sexual misconduct. it involved one of his former students a wrestling coach in illinois. veteran washington criminal defense attorney is running up his legal team. >> a federal judge giving the irs until friday to tell why
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they haven't released all of lois lerner's e-mails. more than 400 tapes said to have been completely lost still haven't been made public by the agency. the to reveal the exact number of e-mails. nearly two years ago learner admitted to targeting groups over the tax exempt status. >> severe thunderstorms marching east bringing flash floods to some areas. in louisiana flood waters from the rising red river swallowing houses. >> all of that rain stretching north. drivers in nashville getting stuck. several homes damaged high winds. maria molina tracking more wind. >> some other areas that have to deal with severe storms across northeast. pennsylvania and up state new york dealing with tornado warnings yesterday as the line of storms quickly raised. early this morning we are still tracking the storm system. you can see there are areas of
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rain across north carolina stretching up into parts of new england and further back across parts of west virginia and also the state of virginia. the storm system will continue to move eastward. there is potential for isolated weather in new england up state new york and across pennsylvania and northern new jersey. there's a second area we will be tracking as well across parts of the midwest. you are looking at isolated tornadoes damaging winds and more storms tomorrow into the plains into portions of the interior northeast. temperature wise across the nation things are heating up out there. you are at 91 degrees for your high minneapolis and also in rapid city. the entire center of the nation climbing to highs in the 90d. parts of new england on the cool side only in the 60d in care beau maine. >> thank you maria. a decorated afghanistan war veteran who lost both of his legs in battle is hoping to serve his country in a new way. >> my service was the honor of
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my life. i really believe in my heart the best i could do for our country, the best defense i could provide is still ahead. i believeic be a loyal voice for you and represent you with dignity and integrity. >> brian mass just announcing he is running for president in florida's 18th district. that's the seat that was once held by lieutenant colonel allen west. he spent five years in the military and lost his legs after stepping on an ied. we will find out why he says it qualifies him for a seat in washington when we finishget to the 8:00 hour. >> the presidential medical of freedom. signing a petition on the web site calling for the 90-year-old hall of famer to be considered. hitting the required 100,000 signatures with over an hour to spare and now the white house nuss respond.
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berra's granddaughter is a driving force siting his military service and status as a military icon. it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. an aspiring cop who had his plans derailed after leaving his gun closer to being a cop. >> how a woman managed to survive a cop after being stranded in the water. >> a new way you can get your coffee from two of the most popular chains. >> american pharaoh is the first mores in 1978 to win the triple crown. another proud moment for pharaoh.
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>> a former police off
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indicted on a murder charge after he shot and killed an unarmed black man. a video of the incident shows officer michael sreeinger firing eight times at walter scott as scott ran away from him during a traffic stop. >> the grand jury made a decision to indict mr. sleigher for murder. we are pleased with that right now. >> we are going to patiently wait for the trial in the the case. and we will see if the chief will accept responsibility in the civil suit. >> he shot scott in self defense over the scuffle over his hand gun. >> the moment a terror suspect in boston attacks police and fbi agents. a group of officer started to surround osama saheem and that's when he pulled a military knife.
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he was planning to debehead boston cops a plot inspired isis. >> remember the aspiring police officer who had a felony committed with his gun. >> through this ordeal i lost everything. >> you did the right thing. you have been punished. it would be governor christie. i know you are watching right now. it would be great if you could look into it. >> one week after making that plea on fox and friends he is pardoned. nearly two years ago he admitted during a traffic stop he had had a gun in the car. he hid it in the glove box that day. he took the plea deal but it derailed his dreams of becoming a cop. josie davis will come live in the studio to see what it means now. a mississippi family no longer facing jail time for cheering at a high school graduation.
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>> a north mississippi school superintendent just dropping the disturbing the peace charges one day before they were due in court. he filed the charges when that family cheered for the graduate after the superintendent told the crowd do not cheer. >> one of the most sacred music venues looks a whole lot sleeker. starting today you can visit the $14 million expansion of nashville's famous ryeman auditorium. thys is all over the walls. it has more space for performances. >> when you are performing you feel like you are telling these stories. as a listener setting out there you feel as though you are sitting in their living room and they are telling you stories about the song and they sing to you. it is very personal. >> the site is expanded outside with a brand new restaurant.
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that is called cafe lieu law. >> loren simonetti is here to explain. loren? >> well apple music, that's the new streaming music service that launches at the end of the month. the cost between 10 and $15. you will get music down loads streaming radio and even a way to interact with artists directly. apple also announcing the new operating system for iphones and ipads ios 9 this fall it has a better battery and security measures plus you won't need as much space to upgrade. eating at chipotle and working there, too. giving all employees including part-timers paid vacation sick pay and tuition reimbursement. this starts next month. it wants to recruit more high school and college kids. a double dose of coffee news for you this morning.
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first duncan doughnuts is delivering. the company is developing a way to place your orders on the phone. rival starbucks is already delivering in the northwest. second six new frappuccino flavors at starbucks they are based on desserts. caramel cluster, cinnamon rolls, cotton candy, lemon bar and red velvet. they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the frap. >> i don't know about cotton candy flavored coffee. no thank you. >> 28 minutes after the top of the hour. riding high. what the border patrol found in a teenage's tires that let the air out of a close to 2,000 dollar deal. >> and putting on a show in the sky. the city trying to compete with manhattan manhattan's fourth of july fireworks that may help you rethinking your plans. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great...
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>> caitlyn jenner is named in her first lawsuit one week after introducing herself to the world. hollywood agent jessica stein dorr of was driving a prius car in the deadly crash on mal lupas civic coast highway. she is suing the reality star for more than 25,000 dollars for lost wages and medical injuries. jenner is facing a wrongful death suit in the crash. >> the 21-year-old woman survives inside a submerged car for three hours thanks to a pocket of air. her and her boyfriend brian arquila and her sister they were driving to massachusetts when their car veered off the road and flipped into a pond. the siblings were killed but
2:25 am
vasquez found a small pocket of air in the car and kept her head above the water until help arrived. >> talk about a high roller police arresting a 17-year-old in an arizona border town after finding his bike tire stuffed with more than 3,000 pounds of pot. it was all wrapped up in the tight coil there it was like a rubber tube placed inside the tire. the straight value is-- street value is over 1500 bucks. >> this is so funny. this tiny dancer knows how to demand respect. ♪ >> little joanna stealing the show at the dance recite el. her mom posted this video on facebook two-days ago. it has been viewed more than 18 million times. her dance teacher purposely
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choose the song respect because she knew this tiny tapper would make it around and she got a standing ovation. >> demanding her own respect right there. >> the time is 25 after the top of the hour. new clues in the massive manhunt. what we have learned about the prison worker in the case that could have investigators closer to a break. >> a major breast cancer break through. why scientists say they have solved one of the most deadly secrets and how it could help millions. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific
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you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. oh oh>> it is tuesday june 9th. the manhunt for two escaped murderers expands internationally. >> this was a really elaborate plot. if it was in a movie script you would have said it was over done. >> what we have just learned about the prison worker who
2:30 am
might have helped them break out. >> and listen to this. tsa workers tied to terror. the startling report about dozens of airport employees that are on the terror watch list exposing new holes in the security screening process. >> a rare look at a love lasting decade. what is inside the just released love letters between president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara and what they can teach all of us. "fox & friends first" conditions right now -- continues right now. >> good morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. the hunt intensifies for two escaped murderers who broke out of an up state new york prison. >> this as brand new information continues about the married prison worker who helped in this
2:31 am
case. >> this prison break was so elaborate police say the two convicts likely had help from the inside. authorities are questioning and searching the home of joyce mitchell. she taught inmates to sow. they are trying to determine if she had a fernl relationship -- personal relationship with the i say scape pees. richard matt and david sweat were last seen on friday night at ped check. daily news gives an account of how they broke out. each cut into the wall broke through a two-foot thick brick wall and climbed through a pipe before escaping oh you tell a manhole a block away. a manhunt is underway.
2:32 am
they released photos of the man's tattoos hoping it will help identify the men. >> we want to get these guys back. these are really bad actors these are killers, murderers. they are going to be desperate. they killed once they will do it again. >> they should be considered extremely dangerous and the public is urged not to approach them at all. heather and ainsley. >> have there been any signs at all any sightings of the pair? >> that's a good question. there are reports one couple encountered the men who were walking in their backyard the night of the get away. they approached the men told them to get off of their property not realizing who they were. the killers said they were lost and kept walking. one of them said to be carrying a guitar case which was missing from one of their jail cells. they think they hid their escape tools in the case. very fortunate for that couple.
2:33 am
>> very very lucky. suburban dallas with the firing of the police officer caught on camera for the teenager thrown on the ground. (chanting) >> fire him they are saying. protestors lining the streets of mckinney, texas most of them asking for him to be removed from the force. they show him using excessive force. not everyone disagrees with the officer's actions. some are making signs of support for the police. one man speaking out last night on "hannity"." >> the whole thing with the racial stigma. i don't believe that police officer came out there with the intent of throwing a 14-year-old girl down and starting this. this is not ferguson. this is not baltimore. this is not trayvon martin michael brown or eric gardener or anything like that. what this is is out of a control
2:34 am
pool party, that's it. >> the mckinney police department insists it was not a racially charged incident. case bolt remains on leave. influence spreads. president obama now admitting there is still no complete strategy to take down the terror group. >> the stunning admission comes as isis captures dozens more christians in libya. peter doocy is live with the latest for us. >> ainsley and heather the whole world looks to america to help squash terrorists. this morning the world is surprised we don't have a plan to stop isis fighters as they try to terrorize their way to their own state. >> when a finalized plan is presented to me by the pentagon i will share it with the american people. >> we don't have a complete strategy because it requires
2:35 am
commitments on the part of iraqis as well. >> does that sound familiar? it should. he talked about stopping isis last summer and not much has changed between then and now. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> military officials are explaining we have given him lots of options. he just hasn't acted on them. in the state department they say president obama wasn't speaking clearly and military and diplomatic efforts are sticking to some sort of a plan. >> we are speaking about how to optimize training and equipping the iraqi forces including inted grayings of sunni fighters and not the strategy to fight isil. >> we know isis has a plan. fighters just kidnapped 86 christians in libya. now we wait to see what will change for president obama to
2:36 am
choose a specific course of action to take them out. >> if he does. peter any idea why president obama would ever admit something like this on the world stage and send that message to the terrorists? >> that's a good question. no president would want to give out information on we are going to come get you at this time on this day. that's not what somebody was asking. somebody was asking generally how are we going to work with iraqis to take out the terrorists. it is very surprising to have heard him reveal that that plan has not been completely thought out by now especially since it was last summer in august when he first revealed, but then there was no strategy. peter doocy live. thank you. >> you can image it has been intense overnight. the president saying he has no strategy. charles krauthammer, he disagrees. he says his only strategy is
2:37 am
surviving the rest of his term. >> he's got a strategy and the strategy is make it through to january 2017 and turn it over to the next president. he hasn't had a strategy on iraq since the day he came into office. he has had one objective the campaign promise. remember what he said i am here to end wars not to start them. he thinks you can unilaterally declare an end to the war when other guys want to wage war against us. >> we have extreme weather to tell you about. severe thunderstorms are marching east. in louisiana the flood waters swallowing up homes. >> all of the wayne stretching north high winds knocking down trees and power lines in peoria illinois a teenager swept away by rising flood waters found clinging to a tree branch after a 12-hour search. maria molina tracking more
2:38 am
storms today. >> good morning heather and ainsley. good morning everybody at home. we have severe storms in the midwest northeast and down into parts of the gulf coast. you can see the storm system is on the move early this morning. we have areas of rain across north carolina and stretching up into portions of new england. the potential for severe storms is still there later on today. across up state new york connecticut massachusetts and up into new hampshire and vermont. isolating tornadoes damaging winds and large hail will be possible. that's more so in place across parts of the upper midwest. out across wisconsin, minnesota, michigan you could be looking at severe weather as well. for tomorrow more widespread severe storms from the plains into the northeast. we will keep you updated in terms of all of that activity going on across the nation. temperature wise you are very warm. really starting to heat up and feeling a little bit more like summer out there. you are in the 90s as far north as rapid city and minneapolis. that also stretches down in
2:39 am
texas very warm as well across parts of the northwest. the cool spot parts of new england high temperatures there only in the 70's and 60's. heather and ainsley. >> thank you so much maria. >> when it comes to the 2018 winter games people are talking about that. x marks the spot. they approve a new high flying event featured in the x games. they call it snowboard big air. it features jaw dropping stunts in every run. it has mixed doubles krurling and team skiing. >> incredible. >> expect a fireworks faceoff this independence day. one city is taking on the new york famous fire work show. nashville tennessee planning to have 40,000 shells bursting in air this year making it the largest display in the country. of course there's a huge one in new york city. they normally had it on the hudson river now they are having it on the east river. >> can't wait for that. >> 20 minutes until the top of
2:40 am
the hour bravenltd new about the clinton cash. what it reveals. >> tsa workers tied to terror. the shocking new report about the workers connection to terrorism. >> caitlyn jenner cover shown all over the world. >> is that a movie star? >> is she a former amish girl? >> model? >> must see edition of watters' world. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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he paid for ya. experience the audi a4 at your local dealer today. >> a fox business alert. airport workers with ties to terror cleared by the tsa. cheryl casone from our sister network fox business is here with the stunning new report. cheryl? >> good morning, ainsley. one week after it was discovered the tsa missed 95 percent of
2:44 am
hazardous items at security checkpoints a new bombshell report from the department of homeland security inspector general showing the tsa hired 173 employees with ties to terrorism. they were working for airlines airport vendors across the country. the process for hiring tsa workers is being blamed the agency does not have full access to terrorism related information. they don't have all clearances to terror watch list information. in some instances it was discovered they were farming out hiring process to local airports with very little over site from a national level. the report also kiss discovered the employment records had incomplete or inaccurate information like the lack of a first name or missing social security numbers. many were legal presidents who came to the u.s. on student visas. this report recommends the
2:45 am
government gives the tsa more clearances in the future. >> this is ridiculous. cheryl casone live in the studio. cheryl. you can log on to >> another u.s. government web site attacked by foreign hackers as the syrian leblg tronic -- electronic army claiming to take control of the army's official web site. the de classified public sited went down temporarily after they hosted error messages. another had e-mail addresses of military plies. they are known for hacking major news web sites like the new york times and "washington post". new questions this morning of funny money arising out of the clinton records. new tax documents show a little known private clinton foundation donated money to a new york sometimes charity fund. the same year the same paper
2:46 am
endorsed hillary clinton in the presidential primary. at the time there were reports that the times editorial board wanted to endorseback barack obama but was over ruled by the chairman who chaired the fund receiving the clinton donation. >> revealed for the first time decades old love letters between former president george h.w. bush and his then fiancee barbara pierce. written on u.s. stationary he describes his elation over their recent engagement. here's an example of one of the quotes. he wrote this. i love you precious with all of my heart and to know that you love me means my life. and their love is just as strong today. the entire bush clan getting together, this was in maine, to celebrate the former first lady's 90th birthday. >> so sweet. remind me of ronald reagan's love letters with nancy. a major health alert as doctors trace a tuberculosis
2:47 am
state where they span several states where more people could be affected. >> miss congeniality is not the only one who strawing elled with heels. why it might be time to give the heels the boot. >> let's see what's coming up on "fox & friends." hundreds marched in texas last night after a white cop takes down a black young woman in a bikini. but now people in the neighborhood say the public has the story all wrong. we are going to tell you what they are saying right there in that town. >> plus the president admits he doesn't have a strategy to combat isis. like we haven't noticed. a former navy seal is here to give the president a piece of friendly advice. sabrina carpenter from girl meets world and former a team star mr. t making a comeback right here on the curvy couch.
2:48 am
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welcome back to fox and friends first. a former police officer now indicted open a murder charge after he shot and killed an unarmed black man in south carolina. a video of the april 4th incident it shows officer michael slayinger firing eight times at 50-year-old walter scott. >> the grand jury made a decision to indict the officer for murder. we're happy and pleased about that. we're going to apparently wait for the criminal trial in this case and the family is going to apparently wait to see if the
2:52 am
city and police department and the chief is going to accept responsibility in a civil suit. >> slayger claims that he shot scott in self-defense during a scuffle over his handgun. a 26-year-old mother of two identified as the seventh victim of an accused serial killer. marilyn gonzales left her home in 2003 and never returned. her body was recently discovered in an wooded area behind a connecticut strip mall. the prime suspect is already behind bars. he is serving a 15-year sentence for one of those killings. a health alert from the cdc after a woman contracts an extremely deadly form of tuberculosis. officials are trying to find those who may have had contact with the woman in the nation's
2:53 am
busiest airports. a major break through in breast cancer search may want day stop the spread of this deadly disease. british scientists have found a trigger chemical. caitlyn jenner has broken social media records since she made her debut on the cover of "vanity fair." >> millions around the world have seen these images. those in amish county apparently missed the memo. >> it is watters world, amish edition. ♪ ♪ >> so what do you guys do for fun around here? >> for fun? work. >> do you take a lot of girls in
2:54 am
there. >> usually not. >> you want to go for a ride in my gugy. >> i'm a wife mother grandmother. >> have you seen the latest "vanity fair"? do you know who that is? >> i don't know. good looking. put together ride. >> is she a former amish girl? >> i like them wide. is that a guy? >> that is bruce jenner. >> whoever she may be. >> that's bruce jenner. >> bruce jenner? >> that's a man. >> that's a man. >> a man. >> that is. >> do you know who this is? >> it's caitlyn. >> what do you think of that? a man becoming a woman? >> it's ridiculous. >> are you accepting of that? >> no. >> if it means being happy, then he should be happy. she should be happy.
2:55 am
>> i don't have a problem with that. he turned into a beautiful woman. >> how do you think kanye west feels about all this? >> i don't know her. >> he will appreciate that one. coming up thrk video causing controversy across the country. an officer shoving a teenager to the ground. what people are demanding this morning. there's no crying over spilt milk but what about beer? the delivery that turned into a major buzz kill. ♪ ♪ oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted..... i always do. he seemed nice.
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well, in the news this morning, before you leave the house, here's what's happening today. the fbi joins the hunt for two escaped killers in upstate new york. police are stationed at schools as a precaution. and officer casebolt is on leave after a video surfaced showing him taking a teenager to the ground. time now for the good the bad and the ugly. >> first, the good the sweetest singing ever. that is mr. steve, a beloved illinois school janitor, signing yearbooks. the kids waited in this long line for his autograph.
3:00 am
>> and the bad, it might be time to give heels the boot. the injuries have doubled in the last two decades. ugly a delivery guy going viral after trying to move more than he can handle. he knocks over several cases of beer. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you, today, is tuesday, june 9th. i'm elisabeth hassle beck. the man hunt for two escape killers intensifies. did this woman make it all happen from the inside? new details about a prison worker off the job. hundreds march in texas overnight, demanding an officer lose his job after taking down a teenager after a pool party. now, the


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