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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 9, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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homer and marge splitting. hopefully it will only last an episode. there was also a bomb threat somewhere. the dow off, it's up now. but marge and homer are splitting. there's something to think about. heap you have a nice day. here's cavuto. it had to be the blue hair. and you thought the evacuation at the white house was scary, you should see when these two financial titans go at it over who should be the next occupant of the white house, let's just say it gets even scarier. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto, just call it when wall street legends let loose. morgan stanley john mac backing hillary clinton. in the other corner home depay backing one chris christie. the venue not the biggest casino right here on cavuto coast to
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coast. >> with the politics trying to get the nomination. >> so she's just trying to get the nomination? >> well if you are running, you got to win. as well as you read the tea leaves -- >> you don't think she could exercise that if they came president? >> listen i think she's a very smart individual. >> john believes that. i feel bad for john. if john is effectively saying she's saying things she doesn't believe in. very frankly, it's the johns of the world that allow these people to be leaders to get elected to do something totally different than what they say they're going to do. this is what's wrong with politics. >> john is what's wrong with politics? >> no -- >> you just trashed him. >> i didn't trash him. >> john's my friend. >> really? with friends like you, he doesn't need anybody. >> i didn't trash him. let's get ready to rumble! follow the money, both of these
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guys certainly have enough of both. place your bets, i am betting, if our telecast is right, there's a chance that the fat cats are going to let things rest. what did you make of that? >> fascinating, but it does encapsulate the debate going on on wall street. both men, like them both. >> one of them doesn't -- >> well i appreciate ken, i don't necessarily like him. i appreciate him. he's a very honest decent guy. there's a reason i have to say this name - he's a good man. >> he hates it. >> join the club. >> i will say this about what john's saying this is the debate going on on wall street is what hillary clinton doing right now say,ing right now, the movement to the left, left paritying liz warren.
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with all of them they believe that she's going to go back to what one of these guys once told me go back to normal. meaning she's going to be the old clinton -- bill clinton/hillary clinton. >> she's done this to appeal? >> that's the theory. i've had this conversation with people like john. i was saying i think you're missing the boat here. this is not bill clinton's democratic party anymore. this is the democratic party of warren de blasio the far left. this is a party where progressives are the -- the base of the party which is moving the party to the left. >> isn't that saying if she became president she doesn't believe this stuff? >> she will have to. she'll be a one-term president. she'll get a challenge from de blasio who already looking like he might want to run some day. >> what you say, if she gets there -- >> there's no -- if that's the case -- >> what's the case? >> there's no way a democrat is
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going to win any sort of reelection preaching it and saying it because she'll immediately get a challenge to the left. that's the party that's the strongest right now. when is the last time you heard the term new democrat? that's bill clinton. the democratic party has moved to the left. >> you do think hillary clinton is to the left of her husband? >> you know they both were ideological liberals when they started. an incredible transaction of candidates. they went with the times to get re-elected. i think she'll go with the times to get elected and re-elected if she has to. i don't think -- the parties have been made so much between by clinton's presidency and barack obama's presidency. i'm just saying how she's going to govern. and i think john is fantasizing
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to think it's going to be anything different. listen we should point out john i think, supported mitt romney. >> he did? >> he supported obama that. >> he did. he wanted -- >> then he supported bush early on. listen he wants health care. he wants a health care solution. i wonder how he feels about obamacare. >> not a fan. saying though if this is what you're doing spiriting a candidate playing the game what does it same -- >> let's be clear, i like john as a person. full disclosure. peoplewise. but john is representing the establishment view of hillary clinton that this is a big game. and she's going to be -- she's going to go back to normal. ken is realistic and saying it's not a game. >> he's realistic in supporting
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chris christie? >> he's a very real guy. i don't think chris christie is going to win. he's a very good politician. he's not dead yet. ken is an outsider. being an outsider he can tell the truth. the truth is the democratic party has moved to the left and hillary clinton is lying. and if she's a liar she's going to have to be an liar for four years. you know what i don't care i go after everybody equally. i'm an equal opportunity supporter. republicans, democrats. chris christie jeb bush. hillary clinton. >> sure. all right, thank you, my friend. thank you for that. meanwhile, 24 hours after the president said we still don't have a complete strategy to take on isis indications that it has become an even bigger crisis. >> don't have a strategy to defeat isis that's totally
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unacceptable. i'd like to see -- the incomplete strategy. i'd like to -- i'd like to see something. >> we are not degrading nor destroying isis. and it's time that this president gets serious. >> all right. back and forth, back and forth. forget about what they're saying focus on what isis is doing. setting the sights on baghdad as we set our sights on i don't know bruce jenner caitlyn jenner marco rubio's traffic tickets. rubio's home equity loan. the former navy s.e.a.l. says it's time to get real friends. nick irving says it's time to get serious. nick we begin with you, it's clear isis is serious. isis is setting its sights right now on baghdad. and they're not laughing off their chances. what about you, what do you think? >> i think it is time to get serious with them. a big thing in my community
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right now and amongst guys like navy s.e.a.l.s or delta force, whoever you want to call out, we were winning when we left. i guess the roe changed and we took our skill sets out of the playbooks to defeat isis. and they had a chance to take over the same cities baghdad, you name it. >> the fact that we don't have a strategy caller one that's in sync with all of our partners what does that say at this stage of the game? that we don't really care? we don't care none of us care that we're running out the clock, what? >> we've been in there ten years it hasn't worked. let's go to the bruce jenner thing. if isis gets a foot, it doesn't matter what bruce jenner is wearing. we need to focus on things affecting america which is isis going to take over baghdad which i've been predicting for months
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now. >> if that were to happen that is correct would be akin to the fall of saigon, taking the helicopters out of there, nick all of these things we've been fixated on don't matter much do they? >> no we took our foot off their throats. i think it's time to put our foot back on their throat and let them know who's boss per se. that's my ideology. that's what i believe in. i think it's time to put special operations back on ground to defeat isis the way we have been doing for years. >> you guys have been in battle. carl you can give a perspective on what isis is thinking what it sees the issues that we're getting sidetracked on in this country. you know the enemy, what is the enemy thinks? >> isis keeps seeing us failing to support iraq. failing to do anything about it. our troops are being sacrificed
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for political correctness and it's costing lives. now, the fact of the matter here we can't win this war. so we need to clearly define a goal that's going to create our success if the best interests of america. if that means severe collateral damage on behalf of the american people so be it. i'm interested in the american lives and protecting the home front. define a goal. take back the ground that we lost. take back the ground that we're going to lose if we don't do anything right now. also weed me to complete serious resources for this because we pulled everybody out and we lost it. >> nick i'll save you the time on the sound bite here but it is it's going to take time to put something together we had all this time. the fear and the cynicism seems to be building that we're really not interested in finding that consensus on this. that we'd rather not be bothered that we'd rather not keep being dragged into this. we'll let them fight it out there. we'll see what happens.
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the experience of the bias but certainly the administration would never wanted us throb in the first place to just stay the hell out. do you think, for the men and women with whom you fought that that is -- that is a scary message? >> i believe that guys like me we go in there, full-hearted. it's like going into a door on a breach. we don't have to commit. we fully commit to our engagement and execute until our engagement is destroyed and follow on and continue on with the objective. don't go in to defeat isis half-hearted. we have to go in full-hearted if our goal is to destroy isis let's go in there and do it. we do bad things to bad people in our community. don't send us out there to nation building. that's not our job. if we're going to defeat isis let's go in there with a full-heart and destroy isis. >> gentlemen, i want to thank
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yo reminders that we forget. in the meantime say it ain't so. marco rubio, first of all, he gets a lot of tickets. now, the report is, he's got a mortgage.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. all right. first, it was a traffic ticket. now, the "the new york times" is going after marco rubio over his, quote, struggles with finances. the newspaper is focusing on his student loan debt mortgages. then zooming in though on what it calls surging on a luxury purchase after getting a book published. if you're loaded they come at you, if you're not loaded they come after you. it is if you're a republican. i get the feeling it goes all
1:16 pm
ways. this may be helping marco rubeiorubio. explain. >> maybe they're trying to tear apart marco rubio or report on this financial record. they've.effect of actually boosting the campaign. it makes him more relatable to the average american. there was a piece talking to iowans before this piece came out, talking about he's relatable, he has student debt. i don't know if any of this is actually hurting marco rubio's campaign. i wouldn't be surprised if marco rubio is send evening mails trying to raise money off of it. >> what the "times" is referring to is that getting rich is not what has driven senator rubio's financial decisions. his goal is to provide his four children with a good home quality education and safe and happy upbringing. the times he brings up more than a few times he's run into
1:17 pm
financial hurdles as with as many folks. that he tapped his 401(k) when he urgently needed some money. we can assume that was for education. what are we to make of it? >> my view is almost nothing is off the record or out of bounds if you're running for president. so i don't have a problem with the "the new york times" writing a story on marco rubio. >> anything is fair game. >> yep. >> but i will say, it should be fair game for everybody and everything. >> if you actually look at the way they treated barack obama when he was running for president. he wasn't super rich and had problems of his own. they almost painted it at look at this guy, he can't come from much. look what he was able to do he was able to win a senate campaign against a financial behemoth and then win the presidency. they kind of framed differently which was kind of interesting. i guess the nut of it is this
1:18 pm
doesn't really hurt marco rubio. there's nothing there. maybe there's more to be found. what we see right now, if this is the best they have on him, there's not much i think you have to worry about with marco rubio running for president unless there's something else there. >> i'm wondering this is the same stance they took with chris christie now it looks like they're doing this by design. a lot of players they don't see them doing this? >> this is the second piece they've had on him. one more point, neil. much better than-these politicians that interoffice with nothing in a bank account and come out ten years later, multimillionaires not understanding where they got that money. it's much better than finding out he's amassed a huge fortune while in office. >> i'm all for this if you want to bring it up, but bring it up for everybody. >> yes. >> jamie, as always great having you. meanwhile, so much for this -- >> there will be no more
1:19 pm
tax-funded bailouts -- period. >> well i think the president just removed the period -- period. oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted..... i always do. he seemed nice.
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well forget your kid's college loans, are you about to pay for hundreds of thousands of others? the government announcing a bail outfor student loans at corinthian college costing taxpayers 3.5 million bucks. on the phone is the heritage foundation -- am i getting this right rocozsky -- >> that's right. >> the argument for this is the corinthian online school accreditation, it went belly-up.
1:23 pm
so a lot of those students who were taught there, got loans to go there, they're out. and so they're a different case are they. >> part of the problem here look it's the government actually helped this university go belly-up. look they made it very clear, the administration, they don't like for-profit institutions. and the claim here was corinthian was misrepresenting its placement rate. you know the jobs that folks are getting once they graduate. corinthian actually disputed that. we'll really never know the answer as to whether or not the government was were right or not. it was that claim that caused them to basically go into bankruptcy. >> hans that's a slippery slope then. by that measure, a small private college or public goes out of business for whatever reason we're ready to provide the marker to compensate kids who might now see this as an opportunity, i'm not going to pay the loan?
1:24 pm
>> no that's exactly right. and sigh, frankly, suspect if you took a look at the claims being made by private institutions frankly and state universities all over the country on placement, you might find the same kind of issues. but the government didn't go after them. they, instead, went after this university for profit. and now, we're going to have huge amounts of money, federal tax monies going out. look this is part of the problem with the government taking over the student loan business which now, you know they basically control 93% of it. >> i just think they've found a window here to keep doing it. >> oh they certainly did. but the many americans across the country who don't go to college, don't get undergraduate degrees, they're now going to be paying for these loans. >> yeah. one way or the other. hans thank you very much. scary stuff. meanwhile it turns out that hillary clinton likes chipotle
1:25 pm
not just for the food. the presidential candidate is lending her support. hill li hillary said the company did this on their own without any government help. you like that? >> i do. at the same time sunday neil you and i both know where she was speaking. she was speaking to a room of fast food worker employees where she basically was the fight for the champion of 15 movement. today, she's the champion of the free market. the other day, she's the fight for champion of 15 movement. really is the champion of her own self interests. i think it's important to realize in a free market system the innovation that comes from tuition reimbursement from places like chipotle means a happilyier work environment and happier workers and better sales. it produces better results in
1:26 pm
companies like this when they have the ability to do so without that federal government entity. >> that's their goal. companies if they have that ability and they feel so inclined and they feel that it's a great recruitment vehicle and keep it so be it. but it's not the government sort of forcing a one size fits all on everybody. that was slight encouragement, hillary clinton tipped her hat to this company. but i'm wondering she was signaling this is the way i want to go on the part of the government. or what she's signaling the way you're doing it is the way if i became president, i'd espouse all companies do that. what do you think of that? >> yeah, i think maybe it's a way to support free market. i wouldn't say that based upon her track record. i think she things the president's plan to provide free community college education is probably a good one. i don't. i think in the segment just before this, you were talking about bailing out student loans.
1:27 pm
it's just not economically feasible to expect the taxpayer to pick up that financial burden when so many people are already struggling to put themselves through college. is it fair to put that economic burden on families and students. >> i think that we've now set a precedent for this or will. >> sadly, i think you're right. what the issue here is the more government getting involved with things the worse off we are. look at every program that's been mandated by the federal government. obamacare say great example. it hurts small businesses. it hurts people it hurts families. it hurts staffers. it hasn't hurt many people. but now with the federal government with the local businesses or franchises or corporations like chipotle we saw that picture of obama reaching over the counter at chipotle that's so symbolic of what this administration has done and when it comes to the
1:28 pm
fast food chains. they expect to be savior for them. >> ashley, thank you very much. in the meantime this billionaire backer said it's time to cut folks like him. what does another presidential think, former new york governor george pataki. >> i may go low. i don't know the numbers. i haven't studied. i'm telling you, we've got to fix this. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses. we have the right people on-hand to answer your questions backed by a trusted network of attorneys. so visit us today for legal help
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>> when mike huckabee tells me that's a dangerous route. >> it's surgery on politics. this is what we need. not what we want to hear but what we have to hear. the guy's making a couple hundred grand a year. they own two homes getting a check from the government every month -- time's out. >> you would bring it down to a couple hundred grand a year? >> i may go low. i don't know the numbers. i haven't studied. i'm telling you, we've got to
1:33 pm
fix this. >> not holding back on my new business show "coast to coast" is that we've got to fix it. he is not holding back. the former new york governor 2016 presidential candidate george pataki what he's saying look the time for debating social security is gone. those like governor huckabee is saying leave social security alone are clueless. what do you think? >> first, the security is different because i don't have that an entitlement. people have money from their paycheck and contribute for years. but we have reform entitlement, but the bigger problem too many people are getting entitlement because they don't have opportunity in this country. the key to reducing entitlement is creating greater opportunity. when someone has a good paying job they're not on medicaid. >> your gist would be get a good
1:34 pm
job -- in the meantime what guys like governor christie are saying is that the social security you can call it a rye toast sandwich. it is what it is. the math didn't favor it going much longer than it is. what would a president pataki do? >> i'd start with what the bowles commission did. raising the retirement that protects everybody remotely near retirement. >> it would mean social security -- >> no they don't mean that when they take it out of your paycheck. >> i'm paying for welfare and food stamps. i don't get it. >> well, social security you have earned. you've earned that. i would look at raising the age as bowles-simpson recommended. you can certainlile raise the
1:35 pm
co-pay and deductible. by the way, a lot of intelligent reforms we should make through entitlement. >> governor christie governor says that is unsustainable. that mass trajectory is unsustainable. you do have to start revisiting it because it's not going to be able to keep going? >> i don't think that's the x-rays with social case with social security. when you have trillions in debt and you continue to run up debt yes, it's unsustainable. we have to look at the entire system get rid of the loopholes. lower the rates, lower the economy. in new york we have over 1 million fewer people in welfare and entitlement when i left than when i started because we replaced it with opportunity. medicare for example, if you're make a lot of money and on medicare there's no reason not to have higher deductibles and higher co-pays. there are things like that that
1:36 pm
can be done. >> with republicans, they avoid it like the plague, governor. avoid it like the plague even when i was living in orlando, you know it's suicidal to go against, or to try to tackle social security. and it would be damaging politically. he's right it would be. don't you think it's damaging longer term to ignore it. >> i don't think it's balancing politically to tell the people what you honestly believe can work to help our country and help individuals have entitlement like health care. >> in a new york minute governor you just said that ends with me? >> we're going to fix the problem, there's no question about it. you don't you do it on your own. paul walker outlined the medicare proposal. obama and the democrats immediately pounced on it. now, i don't like his medicare proposal. >> well what about if we don't have a strategy for isis?
1:37 pm
would a president pataki say, my strategy would be, would president pataki say i'm going to bring in ground troops? >> five things. better supplies to peshmerga on the ground. secondly i would create a safe area in anbar for the sunni chiefs on our side anti-isis but also don't trust the baghdad government. supply them with arms and commitment. >> wait a minute friends can turn into enemies, isn't that what happened with isis? >> no isis were never our friends. >> but they're trying to topple assad? >> when they took ramadi they were taking a sunni town from sunni residents who were anti-isis. >> they were trying to topple that? >> they're the troops on the ground. and i'd also dramatic increase the bomb attacks.
1:38 pm
the air power. we need to have observers on the ground. you have to know where the targets are. we have not done that. the bigger point now is that this president has no strategy because he's continually underestimated the risk of radical islam. it's a clear threat. >> real quickly, i don't mean to race you here. the upstate new york prison escape currently we're not on their tail. we don't know where the heck they are. >> i've been there, governor. it's just inexplicable that somebody should get out. >> you mean they had to have help? >> they had to have help power tools. this was well organized. the plan took days. it's just incredible. >> what about the people being teased with a $100,000 reward if you help capture them? >> i think anybody is going to turn them in. these are bad actors. these are murderers, people who should never have been allowed
1:39 pm
out. >> do you think it's feasible in your mind, it had to be months where they were sawing their way out thereof, making incredible noise. people would have had to be aware? >> of course they were aware. power tools make noise when going through concrete. it's incredible. lack of security lack of oversight or cooperation from people on the inside that they were able to pull this off. it's outrageous. and a danger obviously to the people of new york. >> all right. one of your successor, andrew cuomo is saying there's a lot of ifs. he like you, thinks there had to have been help on the inside. how do you think he's handling it? >> you know i don't know how you handle something like this. you run the government in the state of new york and you have professionals. i don't think the governor's role is to be up there interviewing inmates or workers. you have professionals in the security forces that do that. you just put in place the emergency procedures empower the security forces to do what they have to do. alert the public and then --
1:40 pm
>> just from the point of something more sinister here help on the inside helping bad guys on the inside that could be pretty embarrassing? >> you have to do it not just for this incident but a thorough investigation of security at all the prisons. >> thank you for clarifying that. when you knew that was not the position of inmate? >> together. >> thank you very much george pataki. drones on the attack. and this is how one neighbor is fighting that. >> hargs don'tey don't touch that. >> what the hell.
1:41 pm
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hey, don't -- >> what the hell. what the hell. all right, this guy knocked his neighbor's drone down. and now he may need to lawyer up. the owner of the drone wants it
1:44 pm
fixed. and now this guy is going to fix it. should he fix it? should he not? >> look neil i think a case like this is a giant waste of time. where is this case going to go to? small claims court. they're going to settle it. it's going to be $700. it's not even worth it. >> it's $700 not a big deal to her. >> oh my -- >> to somebody with a drone, that's a big deal. anytime you have property damage whether it's a drone or somebody's windows. we see a lot of this with boyfriend/girlfriend breaking out windows. >> drones are everywhere. a judge ruling on this. >> what we're talking about here there's a line now that we're going have to decide as drones become more popular especially with recreation drone use. >> the guy warned him of a drone. just said enough of this.
1:45 pm
>> yeah. i'm not sure -- now, the crime here is walking outside with no shirt on. that's a real crime. >> well there is that issue. it's a sensitive one for me so let that go. but i am wondering now if you destroy someone else's property you destroy someone else's property. >> yeah but there is some -- there's a reasonable fear that is this going to be trespassing on his property. was there a reasonable fear -- >> it's on the street. >> listen oh my god, eric -- >> he was made out to be this elitist -- >> anytime you destroy something, you're liable for the repairs. >> what if that property is getting in somebody's face? >> the factual circumstances are always going to matter in these cases. >> like facts matter to lawyers. >> they do matter. >> i was hoping that the drone
1:46 pm
was flying him at a pool and hovering over him. >> no these two -- neighbors have a history and this issue has come up. >> but he's clearly sick of this drone being on his reasonable property. listen i'm not saying that this -- >> if somebody has the drone on your property to threaten you, would you -- >> i think i might give it a little whack. >> okay. >> absolutely. if the drone is filming a family member or a relative of mine oh yeah it's gone. we're from become become we shoot. >> in new york. i just give it a push. >> well, we're going to see is because this could be one of those cases that establishes some precedence. >> could be. >> i definitely think we'll see more cases like this. >> like the guy having drones in airspace. i fly every week. that's a scary thing. those people -- >> oh my. i'm with you neil.
1:47 pm
>> guys i want to thank you very much. meanwhile, we've got another medical scare in the air. a passenger carrying a deadly virus unlike ebola, this one is airborne. and this is scary. should it be? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪
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health officials scrambling now to find anyone who came in contact with a woman being treated for a deadly form of tuberculosis after she traveled to three states. missouri illinois and -- what do you do? >> reporter: what happened here is this woman flew on an airplane. the first thing we're going to do is track down the passengers on the plane especially those in close proximity to her.
1:51 pm
airplane circulation is pretty good so the passengers who were seated far from her are not at high risk but there is a small risk of transmission to those passengers who are seated close to her on the flight. >> how is it transmitted? if she coughed? >> it's transmitted through the air. if she coughs for example, or even speaking singing, is enough to propel small droplets containing this bacteria into the air. any sort of close contact with the air surrounding an infected person is enough to spread the disease. >> let's say someone arrives into the emergency room and is exhibiting any of these symptoms. what do you look for? >> the first thing we do is a chest x-ray. and a lot of times this will show a specific kind of lesion we look for in tuberculosis. we place them in isolation, negative air pressure rooms that
1:52 pm
prevent circulation to the rest of the hospital. >> if a person has bronchitis or pneumonia they can sometimes mimic each other? >> it has a very characteristic appearance. once we see that lesion we test the bacteria to see if it is tuberculosis and what kind of antibiotics will work against it. this woman has an extensively drug resistant form of the disease. unfortunately a lot of the treatments we most commonly turn to will not work in her case. so officials at the nih are working to look at the kind of antibiotics that might be effective in her case and work to help treat her. unfortunately only about one-third to one half of people who get this kind of drug resistant tuberculosis are able to be treated effectively. >> what does that mean? do they die? >> yes unfortunately tuberculosis can result in death, yes. >> all right. erin thank you. >> thank you. >> scary stuff. so need to be up on what's going
1:53 pm
on. here we go yet again after anthrax the call for more spending after baltimore, the call for more spending. and now that the psa is failing to find bombs? >> we've got to remember as we all sit and pound the desk about how bad tsa is we keep cutting the amount of money they have. about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing humira for more than 10 years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are
1:54 pm
common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work.
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through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. tsa wouldn't be missing fake bombs if we threw it more bucks? >> there is a price to be paid for us continuing to cut and cut and cut the domestic side of homeland security. >> all right. earlier today our fox business coast-to-coast home depot founding hammering back. >> the issue is not money. the issue is the wise use of money. we go into these different programses in the government government. if you went in with business people who know the bottom line i think you will elevate the
1:57 pm
service and lower the costs. so with all due respect to the senator who i don't know i've never met, i think she's 100% off base. >> have you noticed how common this theme is? every time. more money. >> that's the whole point. >> which brings me to democratic strategist mark hannah. really? more money? >> hey. look the congressional republicans have cut $300 million from the tsa budget. so i don't think that's directly attributable to these failings $8 billion budget. we have a lot of money. but every time republicans say throwing money at the problem isn't necessarily a solution. as though just we're taking tax dollars and literally throwing money. we're actually making investments -- democrats say investments -- in programs. and i don't think it's -- why did amtrak go off the rails? i don't think it's necessarily because of specific spending cuts. >> why is money always the great
1:58 pm
solution? can we throw good money after bad? spent trillions on the war on poverty and still losing that? >> if you have a bad strategy. >> i think that's the problem. maybe it's strategy. at tsa maybe we're spending too much time looking at liquids and the size of someone's shaving cream than the guy who's working at the cinnabon behind the desk that might be a terrorist. >> everybody who has to toss out a water bottle or soda can is miffed to hear a guy who strapped a fake bomb on his back got through the same metal detector. >> i'm saying maybe we do it to focus on their strategy what they go to do. but throwing more money at them? >> you need to change a lot of things. you need leadership. it doesn't help the congressional republicans have been blocking for months the president's nominee to head the tsa. it's been without a leader and without the kind of accountability. >> it was a republican president who came up with homeland security and with the tsa. >> yeah.
1:59 pm
>> republicans started the funding over a lot of bickering from democrats would said that there was going to be cross purpose and overreach and overlap. so i think we can criticize both parties here. but having said that, maybe it's just money throwing at something isn't the answer. by that definition our defense would never be having problems in iraq because we spend so much money on the military. >> i don't think you can attract top talent when every time congress throws a hissy fit and threatens to shut down the government as in 2003 or -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> want to stop wasting money and your side is not. >> tsa employees who have to go to work aren't getting a paycheck because congress is shutting it down? i don't think it should be surprising to anyone that they're having a hard time - more pay for congress, too. >> no. i think you should tie it to incentives or merit-based.
2:00 pm
>> how many terrorists you catch? >> you'll be able to recruit people based on the incentives and talent like any public sector. republicans want us to privatize airport security. that's what we had at 9/11. >> that will do it. hello, i'm dana kimberly guilfoyle guilfoyle, greg gutfeld, bob beckel eric bolling. i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> but he's promised to destroy them. >> we're going to achieve our goal. we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isil. >> degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist groups. >> with our allies and partners we are going to ultimately destroy this terrorist group.


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