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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 11, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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for me yes, they do. go to twitter and let us know what you think. we hope you'll set your dvr. thanks for joining us. o'reilly factor is on, tonight: less respect for authority. there is no direction at home. >> new york city police commissioner bill bratton lamenting lack of respect for his police officers. that's becoming enormous problem nationwide. tonight, talking points will cover it and rudy giuliani will respond. >> iraq has endured of its fair share of insults and slight even today there are still folks questioning his citizenship. >> first lady michelle obama speaking candidly to students of color. but what is her actual message? we'll take a look at that. >> i can only promise to continue to do our dead level best at reporting the
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news. >> also ahead nbc news has a big decision to makes a brian williams comes off suspension shortly. bernie goldberg has some thoughts. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. younger americans disrespecting authority. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know if you watch the factor often we have two running themes going on right now. first, did the nation's police officers have been so demonized by zealots in the media that some on the job are tentative. secondly that young people in america especially teenagers, now have a defiance toward authority not seen since the vietnam days. here in new york city, the uber liberal mayor bill de blasio has alienated his own
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police department of nearly 35000 officers by running them down verbally and instituting policies that make it more difficult to deal with criminals on the street. in addition, new york city cops are seeing a growing disrespect. >> it's just a less respect for authority. i think some of it is coming out of the fact that we have so many home environments in this country that are not home environments in the traditional sense that there is no direction at home. >> talking points has been saying that for years and it's true. if an american child does not have guidance and supervision in the home, there is a good chance that kid will get involved with antisocial behavior quickly. so for police authorities things are not good out on the the street across the country right now. and when you add in liberal mayors and prosecutors who handcuff the cops, pardon the pun things get even worse. case in point marilyn mosby, prosecuting six baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray.
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ms. mosby, we now learn was so concerned about drug activity in poor baltimore neighborhoods, she ordered police to step up aggressive action against street pushers. freddie gray was one of those dealers with a long rap sheet of drug involvement including heroin. so that's the most likely reason. the cops chased gray and put him into custody. he died a short time later. asked about her order ms. mosby stonewalled. >> i'm not going to litigate this case in the media i will litigate it in the courtroom. i'm not going to discuss my evidence or the strategy or any of that. >> speaking on this issue of drug use and cutting down on drug abuse you ordered the police department to follow the mountain street and north street area. >> i cannot talk about the specifics of any of this case proos could you recall ethics precludes me from doing so. >> that is not true. ms. mosby can certainly define what her antidrug policy was before the freddie gray incident. the woman is dodging no
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question. if you were around the late 1960's or early '70s you know history is repeating itself. the american establishment embraced the war in southeast asia that forced millions of americans to be drafted turned out to be a fiasco because of the u.s. politicians not the military. distrust among young americans skyrocketed. that led to a breakdown of authority and the rise of the sex drugs and rock and roll era. today we have the era of self-absorption where many americans simply don't care about society in general. they are locked into their own worlds, encouraged by high tech. the collapse of authority in america will lead to very bad consequences. we're just seeing the beginning of this situation. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. here in the studio former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. bratton is saying is he up against it is he not going to criticize his boss directly de blasio because that gets him fired. he is saying look i have
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35,000 cops and they are being disrespected every day and we have no backup from the politicians they are not helping us out they are hurting us they are making it harder to get the thugs under control is bratton correct? >> yes. is he correct on both respects. a lot of this has to do with the breakdown in family and all the things you have talked about for years. and i have talked about for years. although that hasn't gotten much better or much worse. that was the situation in 1992 when we had had 2200 murders or 19993 when we had two riots. we did have an interim of 20 years of being the safest largest city in america. >> even when the family. >> even with all those families and that condition. >> that's not a cause and effect directly now. but you are seeing in the public school systems across the country increased assaults on teachers physically and everything else. authority breaking down. >> there is no one that believes more strongly you have to deal with this two ways. strong law enforcement and
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rebuilt social institutions. and mostly we can do it through the schools. like the politicians the ones in baltimore who said the conditions here in baltimore are terrible. they are responsible for the companies in baltimore. >> in power 20 years. why aren't they favor in vouchers and charter schools? go up against the teacher's union and require pay for performance so the children can get a good education? they don't because they are afraid of the teacher's union. because they are cowardly politicians. and their people don't mean as much to them as the endorsement of the teacher's union. >> it looks to me like we have a lost generation now 25 and down in the public school system. they are lost. i mean, even the good kids are seeing the bad kids get away with unbelievable stuff that you and i would have never gotten away with. >> oh my goodness, when we were in public school. i was never in public school but when we were in school we would have never gotten away it. and public schools 25, '0
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years ago did enforce basic rules of behavior. >> absolutely. >> they don't enforce them anymore. >> had you to. if you went to a private school or parochial school they would and that's why you see such different outcomes. remember, it's mayor de blasio who tried to stop charter schools only overruled, thank goodness by governor cuomo. >> he is the in pocket of the unions. you have this decline for respect for authority. that was what happened in mckinney texas. those kids and the cops showed up and instead of following the commands of the police they did what they wanted and the f word and this, that, and the other thing to the cops. when the police now see disrespect directly to them, all right they're going i'm not even going to bother anymore in many cases. we have many cops saying that shadowed in this and that. i'm not going to bother. that's when everything breaks down. >> it may be a cliche but absolutely correct. it all starts at the top.
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with the president with the attorney general the former attorney general holder. we haven't heard enough from this attorney general yet with the mayor what are their attitudes? my attitude was you respect the police. >> do you think president obama is disrespectful of authority down the line? >> well, here is -- i don't say that. here is what i say. when the president finds himself so critical of the police all the time going way back to the incident in camden. when he has al sharpton sitting next to him which is how about like you carry a poster that says hate police next to you. and when he doesn't find the time to go out of his way when two police officers like ramos and lou were killed assassinated by a guy who came up from baltimore because of all of this turmoil. when he doesn't go out of his way to give that as much attention as he does these incidents that are supposed to be racial. >> so you believe the president should be speaking out. >> the president of the united states should say to all children, black white all children, here's the
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rule kids, when the cop tells you to go, you say. you say yes, sir, no sir. yes, police officer no, police police officer. >> he hasn't done that. >> you don't disrespect police officer. is he a symbol of authority. he is putting his life at risk for you. you owe him respect. >> what you are saying is that the leadership on both the federal state and local level here in america not everywhere, but in many, many places has collapsed. >> yeah, i brought crime down 59%. i brought murder down 65%. i took over a city that had two riots in three years. and it just reached 2400 murders and i left it with a city with 600 murders and mike got it down to 300 murders. >> that was by going by the rule book this is what you do and don't do. >> we had rules. if you want to protest, you can protest. you can't take my streets. if you try to take my streets, you get arrested. more cops than protesters. >> it's amazing that a city elected you how many times twice. >> bloomberg three times. elected you has now elected this guy who is about as
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opposite from you as you can get. it's amazing. all right mayor. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> next on the rundown the first lady addresses some black students telling them life in america is going to be tough. later, dana per perino on her top stories of the week. bernie goldberg on brian williams coming off there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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baby momma. >> that baby momma reference was right here on the fox news channel. it was printed on the screen, not said. and the mistake was dealt with. joining us from washington ed henry covering the clinton campaign. because secretary clinton isn't do anything shift over to the first lady. i don't know what her primary message is after all of these years. articulate. what do you think his primary message is particularly to younger people? >> i think there were two things going on in that speech in particular. remember at tuskegee it was very symbolic because you had the airmen, largely black, who were discriminated against and became one of the best squadrons in american history. she was trying to use that to say look, i faced special pressure in discrimination as first lady as well but have risen above it it the negativity listing she went much further than what you played. the negativity might not be
8:15 pm
that hopeful for graduates. but, on the other hand, i think she did i read the speech carefully went on to say don't let that junk get you down. as a student now graduating, you have got to rise to the occasion and pull yourself up that's a more hopeful message. some of the other stuff in that speech may be a bit more negative. why focus on that. i think she is trying to get across you are going to face obstacles. people aren't going to hand you anything. lift yourself up. so that's much more hopeful. >> i think she has been a good first lady, in my opinion. i have watched her from close up a couple of owe occasions and from afar, i don't have any criticisms of her she got off to a rocky start when she said this is the first time i have been proud of my country in a campaign situation. i don't think thee thought that out and i think she probably regrets saying it. maybe i'm wrong. i too think she came up the hard way in chicago. and she saw her father get
8:16 pm
discriminated against that stays with a person their whole life and i have no problem with her telling students of color look, it's a hard road. it's probably a harder road for you than it is for white culprits, that's compatriots. on the other hand she is sitting and living in the white house. i think that has been underplayed by all due respect by the president and the first lady. this country elected barack obama twice. and he is not a picture of efficiency by any means. and that's the truth. >> i think one of the things you are getting at is what i was trying to say a moment ago about the negativity that she sort of highlighted in this speech. there could have been a little bit more of despite all that as you say i'm the first lady. >> i'm first lady. >> pretty darn good and that actually speaks to the beauty of america. >> i think so. and has done well. has spoken out on behalf of veterans' families, has pushed the healthy eating and, as you say, has been
8:17 pm
pretty successful as first lady. what i also think is going on here in talking to people close to her is that she is reflecting, and saying some of the things in public now because this is not the only speech where she has brought up race recently. she is saying what her husband believes as well but doesn't always say in public because he will get a political backlash. it's similar, by the way to what people around the president tell me what happened with eric holder which is that eric holder was very tight as attorney general with the president would go out there and say a lot of things about race the president believed but didn't say publicly a lot of times for political reasons. some of those things made sense. other things like when the attorney general uttered we're a nation of cowards obviously blew up in his face. >> okay. i think and i'm giving advice here which i'm probably not qualified to give because i am a white guy. i think when someone is as powerful as michelle obama has a forum that you have to acknowledge and she did that, to students of color it's going to be harder for
8:18 pm
you. but then you i would like to see her say here's how you do it. here's how you do it here is how did i it here is how my parents did it here is how my husband did it you lay out a road map. i would like to see that done. last word? >> i bet look, i will tell you i have had private moments with her. you get a quick 30 second. last christmas i had my 10-year-old daughter mila there amend the first lady told daughter stop i haven't had any girl time with mila, i want to talk to her. when you say some of the positive things about the first lady she took a moment there i don't care what the handlers are saying here is a 10-year-old girl i want to talk to her about what she is reading in school. >> michelle obama is a very kind person to not only children to r. but to regular folks i have seen it
8:19 pm
over and over again. ed henry. >> good to see. >> you directly ahead obama administration wants to build low income housing in affluent neighborhoods. that might cause some trouble. also bernie goldberg thinking about what he would do with brian williams as the i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. i heard i could call angie's list if i needed work done around my house at a fair price. sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni... the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power
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impact segment tonight, social justice. here is a fascinating story hasn't gotten much publicity. a program affirmatively firming fair housing. that program would use federal grant money to encourage communities all across america to build affordable housing units in affluent areas. the goal to mix the wealthy with the regular folks. with us now john stossel who hosts his own program friday
8:23 pm
8:00 p.m., fox business channel. this is another social justice program and there is a lot of money that the housing people, the feds have but if you buy a home in a certain area and pay a lot of money from that home and right across the street there is a vacant lot and they put up three homes that aren't at the standard of the home you bought, your property values go way down this is going to be a problem if they start to do it. i don't think this is going to succeed what say you? >> i don't think it will succeed republican congress. they have been talking about ending segregation with hud money for 50 years since the acting act passed. they say you can't discriminated or refuse to sell or rent because of thinks race. that was going to solve it busing was going to solve it even in the end of busing even blacks were against busing. this arrogant idea that the government can micromanage life and end segregation
8:24 pm
everywhere, they are already spending 45 billion hud. now this is going to be more for bribes? west chester turned down $20 million saying we infringement on. you have a federal government under president obama that's imposing its vision of social justice. >> they all do. >> they are imposing. but some presidents don't care about social justice. all right. >> it's an awful phrase. if i'm against them i'm for social injustice? >> no, the left loons will say that but what i'm for is freedom. >> yes. >> now moderate housing moderate income housing is a good thing. all right? >> and if we have fewer rules more housing would be moderate price. >> and it shouldn't be put in places or banned, you shouldn't have places where you can't put it. but to just go in and go into a neighborhood that's not built for that, that's
8:25 pm
ridiculous that's crazy. everything has to be contextualize dollars. >> we have real problems. weave have isis. we're going broke and now they are going to spend more trying to socially engineer neighborhoods. >> i couldn't care less about isis going broke. what are other examples of social justice that you have seen? >> well, all the welfare state. we have spent $22 trillion to fix poverty. and we reduced the poverty rate when welfare started for the first seven years. but then what happened? poverty rate went down. >> yeah. >> progress stopped. >> stopped. >> because we taught people to be dependent. all of these programs have unintended consequences. >> the left is never going to ache a knowledge that and that's who drives the entitlement culture because it's in their mind theoretically the right thing to do. >> in my mind, too. integration is a good thing. but you can't socially engineer it from the top'. >> but we have integration now. there is nobody -- no real estate agent who can deny a house to any person of color or gender, whatever, without
8:26 pm
getting a massive lawsuit filed against them. so we have it. it's there. >> we have the rule. you are a big believer in rules. >> yeah, we have the law. the law is in place. ands that fine. we should have the law. >> many communities are still segregated for 1,000 reasons. >> different reasons i understand that. >> government can't fix. >> but i you mean when i brought up in leavitt town you couldn't sell to a black in leavitt town. >> that was wrong it? >> was wrong and it was corrected. now anybody can move into leavitt town. individual sales go through real estate agents. everybody should understand that the social justice has it ever worked? do you see anything where it's ever worked. imposition of social justifiable, ever? >> i'm sure if i had more time. >> you could find one? >> i don't know if it's ever -- i think the laws are good protective laws. >> and getting rid of the government's jim crow laws that kept people apart that's good. >> right. but, to massively infuse if you build these houses in this certain place across from stossel's house i'm
8:27 pm
going to give you this money, i think that's just ridiculous. >> agreed. >> okay. but i wouldn't want to live near you. >> and you don't. >> oh my god. all right. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miss dana perino selected her two top stories of the week and she will present them to us. bernie goldberg has some thoughts about it if you teach someone to fish, you might never see them again. this summer, join the movement and take someone fishing. there's no better place to get someone started than the bass pro shops gone fishing event. go online to learn more. what up wheels! mr. auto-mo-deal! hey, it's the wheel deal! hey, hey, the duke of deals! i know a few guys in the rental car biz. let's go, 'wheels'. rental car deals up to 40% off.
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indeed did you know that segment tonight shannon bream has been with the network seven years and regular slot on the factor called "truth serum." ms. bream has accomplished a lot in her young life. >> so you were brought up in the fort lauderdale, florida area. i understand your mom was really tough. is that true? >> oh, yeah. she laid down the law. she was a teacher first of all and always taught at the school that i went to. >> oh. >> you couldn't get away with anything at all. >> that's not good. >> i definitely group up in a home. christian school, church whole nine yards. when i got to college i started to question everything for myself. >> so then you go up to virginia to college and you enter the beauty contests. now for evangelical straight laced kid that's kind of a departure, how did that happen. >> it was interesting. i knew a little bit about the miss america pageant which awards most of its dollars in scholarship. our own gretchen carlson miss america.
8:32 pm
i it seemed glamorous but it paid for school, too. >> shannon miss virginia. >> so you go then. you don't win miss america. what were you? >> top ten. >> top ten. ' and then you go to miss usa. >> five years later. >> swimsuit a little skimpier. >> then you go to law school? >> um-huh. >> wow. >> um-huh. >> why did you do that? >> basically my dad gave me two choices medicine school or law school. >> you went to florida state law school? >> did i. >> you get through there. and what kind of lawyer did you become? >> i did labor and employment law. >> how long were you a practicing lawyer? >> a little over three years. that was more than enough. >> you didn't like it. >> it was a square peg into a round hole every day. >> so then you wanted to get into tv, rye? >> i was a current events and news junky. i didn't know i would be in front of the camera but i really wanted to work in news and doing something where i would get to travel and see history unfolding. >> you get a local job in florida, right? >> um-huh. >> you get fired.
8:33 pm
bream got fired in florida. >> i did. >> for what? >> for being terrible on television. >> for being terrible. >> that's what they said, yeah. >> were you? >> i guess i was. >> you didn't know? >> the guy told me that i was the worst person he had ever seen on tv and that i would, quote never make it in television. he said i should go back to being a lawyer immediately and hoped i was a better lawyer than a reporter. >> guys have told me that all my career. he is the worst. but i was the worst when i was in scranton, pennsylvania. i knew i was bad. >> yeah. >> now you got another tv job off that though. >> i did. >> you go to charlotte. from charlotte did you get into the fox news channel from there? >> no. they did not care about my tape my resume. they had no interest in shannon bream. i tried. but it wasn't until when i was in charlotte i took a job at nbc 4. of the local affiliate in washington and while i was there, he wound up meeting brit hume and that was my in. >> hume? >> iraq, immigration and national security are sure it be at the forefront as
8:34 pm
the democratic presidential candidates meet tonight. >> and then they hired you to do reporting out of the washington bureau? >> um. >>um now you are the supreme court correspondent correct? >> and i love it. >> the chief justice acknowledged that today's ruling will have an impact on how law enforcement does its job. >> do you get to talk to these justices? do they know you are there and stuff? >> um-huh. >> you do? >> i do. the press area because you know he it's a very small courtroom. unfortunately a lot of people don't get in to see it. you have to be there in person. press rows is right in front of the justices there are times they will make a point and look overs to the press corps to make sure we got it we heard them. >> not nodding out. >> some of them are a little cranky those justices. >> we love those days. it's so entertaining when one of them is bad mood and cranky. super interesting. they are all cordial. >> right. you are very successful here because you are on the factor. once you get on the factor that's it? >> listen, that's the truth. can i tell you no matter what i have done at fox it didn't matter, when i started showing up on the
8:35 pm
factor my mom called me and she said you have made it. >> truth serum. >> my baby has made it. >> your baby has made it for the truth serum segment that's two thirds of the states right? >> i talked to the senator about this. i wanted to understand more about what he was saying. >> ms. bream is a sunny presence. she is. she is not just acting. it's annoying sometimes. >> oh, no. >> happy wednesday. you know, but you are really like that. >> i do mean that. >> southern lady and you have a good optimistic viewpoint. >> i do. >> we're happy to have you on the "did you know that." >> the pleasure is mine. >> when we come right back, dana perino's top stories of the week. goldberg on seinfeld and brian williams moments away. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. each week we ask ms. dana perino to present her two top stories. as you may know her book and the good news is, big best seller. we're happy about that for her. here now is ms. perino. so you want to lead with the iraq situation. hasn't that been overreported? why is it the most important story of the week? >> i think it's the most important story of the presidency. and it's certainly one of the things i wanted to talk about is how president obama at this point starts looking ahead because his legacy, on
8:40 pm
this issue will be judged on how he leads, what kind of situation he leads to his successor. >> but it's os? >> that's right. >> and 450 advisors isn't going to stop the madness. >> right. not only that you have a military strategy, vacuum of leadership there but also, when people look back and they think petraeus did such a great job. remember petraeus wasn't alone. petraeus had ambassador ryan crocker. >> he had a lot of troops with him too. >> there is a diplomatic solution and it was part of the strategy was co-blended. and i think that the president would actually have more support than he realizes if he were willing to do additional things. >> that's what all the polls say. americans want what it takes to defeat isis. i don't think he has got any bang -- you know, just the far left kooks but who cares. >> he can take to heart when he has been working on the trade bill who has helped him the most, the republicans. i think they are willing to help him because they are worried about the state and
8:41 pm
the country. >> mccain and lindsey graham they are banging the drum. >> help him. president obama is not a war time president. he doesn't want any part of it i don't think he is going to change the next 18 months i just don't. >> and that's what i think is a huge mistake on their part because on january 17th 2000 -- january 20th, 2017, when the next president takes over, whatever sort of situation they inherit is going to be a big part of barack obama's legacy. >> they can blame obama like obama blamed bush. >> none of us should want the chaos. >> that's what happens. >> we should want it to be more stable. >> the second story is the republican political scene. i have got to tell you now a lot of people are saying, look, i have got a headache already. we have got had 5 days and one lady running for the presidency here. look at that that looks like. >> hollywood square. >> it looks like the merrill lynch all star. >> well, they are dressed up that's true. >> but what -- i have a hard time even reporting on these
8:42 pm
guys now. >> it's a lot to keep track of and there is going to be more this weekend. john kasich, the governor of ohio is planning to get in sort of the end of the month. >> yeah. >> i think people ought to watch him. the folks are going to. >> he is doing a good job in ohio. >> he has relevance and very recent experience. >> you know why he is succeeding. >> because he was here. >> because he was my substitute host on the factor. he learned from us how to be efficient and no spin that's what he did. >> he knows how to communicate and tell a story. >> he never shuts up like me. he has got to keep it pittier. but, jeb bush, all right big lead in big lead in new hampshire, they like him up from in new hampshire. >> in iowa they hate him.
8:43 pm
>> they are not feeling the love in iowa. >> so, why is his -- everybody we have known he has been running for six months. why doesn't anybody care? it's like hillary on sunday nobody watches that. >> people are frustrated. they are ready to get this show on the road. they are ready to start narrowing down hot candidates are going to be. this is important. you have got a huge hurdle to clear. >> who? >> jeb bush. >> what's the hurdle? >> he has got so many people. if you look at the numbers of people, g.o.p. primary voters who say they would never vote for a candidate. the number one person they would never vote for in the fox poll last week was trump at 59%. jeb bush is not too far under that i can't remember the exact numbers. his negatives are so high. >> among conservatives? >> his goal on monday, g.o.p. primary voter, you have got to make sure that you can at least get them to keep an open mind but. >> there is a difference between trump and jeb bush, jeb bush is a known political guy. trump is known for what he is known for. trump is going to be on the factor after he announces on
8:44 pm
tuesday. i will grill him a little bit. i wouldn't put that negative up against him until he starts to out platforms and solutions. i know people don't like him. i like him because is he scorch earth. throw hand grenades in there. it's great for cable news. you must know that. >> great for ratings. >> right. >> i don't see how the iowa, new hampshire, south carolina strategy will play out. >> it's up to trump to make that happen for himself. not up to me. i have to report so do you on the five. >> i will be watching it on tuesday. >> interview with him. if we don't then we will make it short. >> dana perino, everybody there she is. bernie goldberg on deck, brian williams coming back from suspension and jerry seinfeld challenging political madness bernie is next. laura baker is about to refinance her home. her daughter lilly is about to spell the word "scary" for the first time. neither is afraid. buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power.
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back of the book segment tonight, weekdays with with bernie. and here is the purveyor of bernard joins us from north carolina getting out of miami heat up there in north carolina already. >> you should know, bill, it could be miami the sahara desert i'm cool wherever i am. it doesn't matter. >> ice. >> i'm cool. >> so brian williams, you are the president of nbc news now he comes off suspension in a couple of weeks, a few weeks. what are you doing with him? >> i have nothing against brian williams personally. i want to make that clear. i don't like to see a person in the kind of humiliation that he must be in right now. if i conducted internal investigation as nbc news has, i don't know if this is the case. if i turned up many examples
8:49 pm
the situation becomes untenable. there is nothing you can do about it. the reason is he in the situation. i spoke to somebody who is very close to brian williams when he came over to nbc. very close. and he said brian williams wanted to be walter cronkite. that's great. nothing wrong with that. he also wanted to be jay leno. you can't be both at the same time. they play by two different sets of rules. an entertainer can make stuff up, simply to be entertaining but a journalist can't. that's why brian williams is in this situation. so i guess i would have to say, brian, i'm going to try to find something else for you because the situation just can't go on like this. >> all right. so try to find him another job we would work that out. going to make $10 million doing something else. by the way bill, i think the ratings would go up if they put him back in the anchor chair. >> they lost about it 2 million viewers since he
8:50 pm
has been out of there. >> right. >> and i don't think just temporarily. i think americans -- the american people love a second chance story. if he came on, not only with a sincere apology but chance story. if he came on not only with a sincere apology but with some kind of explanation for this kind of craziness, i think from a business point of view he would do well. but you still can't do it because this will never go away. >> all right. here's what i would do just -- i'd give him on the "today" show. they're doing five hours. they're exhausted. they collapse at the end of the day. so many -- hoda kathie lee, lauer. i don't know who's on. surely they find stuff for him to do and a good sense of humor. that's what i would do. >> right. >> i like seinfeld. you know, i don't know him well. run into him a few times on long
8:51 pm
island. he seems to be a level headed guy. pleased to see him attack political correctness and you say? >> i say -- so was i. i say, really jerry? really? you just discovered that the politically correct culture to use your word is creepy? welcome to our world. conservatives have been called sexist and racist forever. simply because liberals don't agree with us. and it isn't just the sank moan you liberal twits on college campuses jerry was talking about but the twits in hollywood who think conservatives are bigots so here's what i would suggest. if jerry, if you're watching here's what i suggest. next time on a radio or television show to bemoan the politically correct creepy culture, why don't you say that liberals created that creepy culture that too many liberals have become awe her touthoritarian
8:52 pm
and too many liberals forgot how to be liberal? >> i don't think he gets political about it. he's getting more socialist college kids -- >> it is political. >> i agree but calling college kids essentially morons which is true. i was a moron in college. i understand. i don't think they had college when you were at that age but -- >> come on. that's not -- that is so wrong. >> i know it is. >> so wrong. >> politically incorrect. anyway he's calling college kids morons. i don't think he's going to up it the way you would like to see it upped but the campaign is getting through and we have ham, she's got a book on this. pow earls has got a book on it. everybody's saying the same thing that knows anything. it's the left who's driving it. last word. >> yes. but what -- i've read a lot of stories about this. none of them are saying but liberals created this situation. they're just saying jerry seinfeld is outraged over the politically correct culturement it's been going on forever and we conservatives know that.
8:53 pm
we're the ones who have been called -- jerry just discovered it? this is like captain reneau in "casablanca." >> at least he's speaking out about it. bernie goldberg, everybody. back to theip of the dabefore i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new, or worsening depression or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands,
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check out the factor website and the factor. name and town if you wish. word of the day, do not be discursive when watching to the factor. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight. the man who changed your health care system forever is now pushing to change your neighborhood. that is if uncle sam feels it is not inclusive enough. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm meganyn kelly. an idea to promote fair housing choice. critics say this is the most radical politically explosive change president obama has attempted in his six-plus years in office. calling it social engineering of the worst kind. the feds now want to take billions in housing grant money and condition it on communities proving that