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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 12, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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to go anywhere because billy curington is performing all morning. you can watch from home or join us live on the plaza. >> no doubt he will not lose his voice this morning. have a great weekend. >> bye! good morning, it is friday june 12th 2012. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck and this is a fox news alert. closing in on the escape killers, this morning, brand-new clues that have cops narrowing their search and what we have just learned about the female prison worker that could change everything. we are live on the ground for you. >> she's got quite a story. he was there at that now emphasis texas pool party. his take. >> this is not baltimore. this is not trayvon martin michael brown or eric garner or anything like that. >> he said that and after he said it he started getting death threats, but wasn't he just telling the truth?
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we're going to report and you'll decide -- you'll hear from him now. >> is he allowed to have an opinion? and a world war ii pilot proves he's still got it. when an engine fails, he dodge cars and homes and lands safely. in case you need to know and have it confirmed, mornings are better with friends and we were thinking us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> live from new york city it's a friday in the summer. it's all american summer concert series billy curington is going to be singing for us.
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he started singing in church. the preacher thought he had talent. >> he wanted to be a professional football player but he forgot to study his senior year. >> he says everybody thinks about that. >> we don't want 11th graders telling their parents i want to start singing. did you realize this sunday is the army's 240th birthday. they are working today and they are joining us live on the plas da za. >> keep the cameras on this guys. do you know why the band are wearing red? they have to address the inverse of their uniforms. they wanted to make sure they weren't getting targeted or shot. reversible uniforms for the band. >> don't shoot the guys with the fife. we've got a very busy
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friday. it's a fox news alert. day seven in the manhunt for two escaped murderers. new clues over night as bloodhounds track their scents not far from the prison that they broke out of. >> residents on edge amid news that richard matt and david sweat could still be in the area might have been spotted at a gas station. >> there was a report they might have been in philly that turned out not to be the case. anna kooiman is live in west plattsburgh, new york, where police believe they are closing in on the killers, don't they anna? >> they do. good morning, steve, elisabeth. brian. that gas station you are talking about just a couple of miles down the road where we're standing. we're at one of the many checkpoints that do remain still in place in the area but authorities are saying that a scent picked up by canines yesterday is the strongest lead they have had yet in tracking down those escaped killers. bloodhounds picking up the scent
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of richard matt and david sweat in hereby caddieville new york. leaves shuffled around like bedding. also evidence the two may have been digging in a gas station dumpster in an attempt to find food. this new search area a few miles from the maximum security prison where they used power tools to tunnel out and emerge from a manhole. the area is heavily wooded swampy and filled with black flies and ticks. the sheriff says if matt and sweat had left the area there would be clear signs. >> we've heard over and over from cell mates and relatives of these two that they are very dangerous, this they are not going to stop at anything that would tend to make me believe that they would be engage in some type of criminal activity someplace else if they were on the move. >> neighbors are remaining vigilant and they are keeping their firearms close by locking
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their doors but also getting frustrated with the road closures and they are sick of being scared since the killers are still on loose. >> i don't think i expected that on the way home from work and, of course people got kids in -- in the neighborhood that can't get out and you got to start worrying about what you would typically worry about for a hurricane, food water, and necessities, and the unknown, we don't know how long this will last. >> i wish they would hurry up and find them so we can get back to normal. >> residents are still back on edge
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>> as steve indicated before the relationship with both gave her a motivation to help them get out, but michael alig was on with megyn kelly last night. he talked about life on the inside. and he talked about two books that prisoners get and it's how to manipulate people. >> that doesn't surprise me either. the first thing you notice when you go to prison is that the -- is the outrageous noise that comes at you from all angles. it's like a night club. they have music blaring at all hours. it's unbelievably loud. the bars shake and rattle it's so loud. >> an engineer who looked at
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this said they had a lot of special skills or they had somebody else doing the cutting for them. >> they were trying to figure out how those power tools being used without anybody knowing. >> it's almost impossible to sleep there, but the message is don't go to prison. eight minutes after the hour. heather now, let's go to the other stories. >> finally friday here. 8 minutes after the hour. we've got news developing this morning. a second person is under arrest in connection with last week's failed terror plot on police in boston. 24-year-old nicholas rowvinski was pick up in his home in rhode island. he met with his nephew to talk about the plan to behead police. raheem was shot and killed after rushing officers with a military nephew. his nephew is also behind bars. the 17-year-old from virginia is now the youngest
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person in the united states who is accused of helping isis. ali amene admits to using his twitter account to help radicalize others. he now faces 15 years behind bars. and developing this morning out of washington, d.c. you know that cyber attack we've been telling you about on the u.s. government's office of personnel management that thing is going from bad to a whole lot worse. hackers stealing the personal information of every federal worker in the united states and not just the 4 million that was first reported. that's according to the president of a government worker union. we're talking about social security numbers, pittsburgh days addresses, military records and a lot more. the chinese are believed to have carried out this attack back in december. the nba finals heating up as seth curry and the warriors trying to take down lebron james and the kaves.
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he lebron slam his head into the lens of a camera. he return to the game after getting a few stitches to close that wound. the warriors went on to win 103-82 to tie up the series at two games apiece. those are your headlines. that's a huge blow to the head. evan the same player when he came back. he's probably got to go to concussion tests before he can get back on the court. >> he's one of the most resilient players along with the most talented. the internet is blowing up because apparently during a time-out or something like that it looks like he accidentally flashed the t.v. crowd. >> he did. yeah. >> it was accidental. >> i missed that part. >> meanwhile this week we've been telling you that pool party gone awry down in mckinney, texas. bennett emery is a black radio host who lives in mckinney.
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on monday night, he was on with sean hannity and he said this. it wasn't about race. >> this whole thing about this racial stigma i don't believe that that police officer came out there with the intent of throwing a 14-year-old girl down and starting this. this is not ferguson. this is not baltimore. this is not trayvon martin michael brown, or eric garner or anything like that. what this is is out of control pool party. that's it. >> yeah. >> this is what he said because he was there and he's a resident there. because of that he's now getting death threats. watch. >> without going into a lot of detail it was a little bit -- right over 20 death threats. i can't elaborate too much more on that because the government -- i can't even say the agency that's investigating, but no way did i agree with the cops actions toward this little girl. what we have here is two individuals in a charge situation that made poor decisions on both ends so that
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means there's fault on both sides, all the other things that happened and everything i'm glad the investigation is continuing to go forward. now we can get all the facts. we as a community, as a people as a nation cannot take seven minutes of a 30-minute incident and make an opinion, wait until all the facts come out before we have these knee jerk reactions. >> he's a learned guy who speaks his mind. he's not exonerating anybody. he lives in the community. we don't know. we've not been to mckinney, texas. you probably haven't either. now he's got to worry about death threats. i hope his career begins to boom right now. i hope program directors see he's a level-headed guy with a voice. >> there was a school principal in north miami that was actually fired for just voicing an opinion. he was reassigned for posting an
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opinion in the herald there. >> he says now what he's going to do going forward is he going to keep a lower profile. >> i have been to mckinney, texas. >> two of three haven't. he has. straight ahead, will america lose its power as a super power? not in our next guest has a say. what he says are the keys to holding a footing in the world. >> she spent years rooting for black civil rights. it turns out she had a secret. she is actually white. she was just outed by her parents. what a story.
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17 minutes after the hour now. in a slight military shift in the war on isis the white house is announcing it will send 450 troops to combat enemies in iraq but of course they are not going to fight. they are expanding on those theories this morning in the "new york times." our next guest says it's time for america to make a larger choice between three different paths our nation could take to secure our future as a global super power. a lot of candidates do a good job of calling ian gremer.
3:18 am
he's the author this brand-new book "super power, three choices for america's role in the world". we'll talk about the breaking news but i want to get the three categories that you talk about. >> indispensable we have to actually lead the war against isis. we have to lead the strategy to constrain russia. we have to promote our values internationally. >> a lot of people say i'm tired of that i'm tired of writing those checks i'm tired of the lack of gratitude for doing that. >> money ball america, that says stop promoting your values internationally. no one is trying to do that. play the same game the chinese are. focus on the areas that are most of use to the united states. go all in in those places and in nato is not going to do their fair keep them out of it. >> and independent america. >> both of those two strategies
3:19 am
sound great but if we don't have a president that is going to pay for it and commit to it the best thing to do is not to lie to our allies and instead focus on leading by example, focus on american values at home and only making the international commitments that are going to matter to us unilaterally. >> as you pick a candidate, see the one that mirrors is both. you see china, isis is a threat to us. who is a threat to us? >> there's no question that china represents the most significant threat to the united states. there was the most significant hack that's ever gone against the united states. four million individuals, that information is in the hand of the chinese government. the fact that they are spending over $1 trillion to try to align
3:20 am
countries in the region to their economic model. instead of promoting a free market and democracy, they are promoting things like using chinese currency and the chinese internet. they are the only country that has a big global strategy right now and we don't have one. we're talking about isis which is a threat but it's a much greater threat to people in the middle east than it is in the united states. we're talking about russia. much bigger threat to europe than it is to the united states. >> super power, three choices for america's role in the world. ings congratulations on the book. a lot of challenges facing all these candidates and the country. straight ahead, what does it take to catch a killer? these two escaped killers on the run. a former corrections officer here with insight. this story is incredible. this navy s.e.a.l. breaks his
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welcome back. quick headlines for you now. new overnight terrifying moments in the sky when a packed malaysia airlines flight is forced to make an emergency landing after an engine burst into flames. the pilot landed that plane. a former navy s.e.a.l. survived his 24 hours in the wilderness with the help of his iphone charger. he was riding a dirt bike when he crashed and broke his leg. he made a splint.
3:25 am
several hours later, good samaritans found him and called for help. 24 minutes after the hour. the hunt for escaped killers richard matt and david sweat and that search is zeroing in on the area around the prison itself specifically a mobile gas station where search dogs have picked up their scent. >> looking for food. it's almost a week since these two were sprung from the joint. what does it take to catch a killer? we thank you for being here. what are you seeing right now on day seven with these two fugitives on the loose? what's your move? >> if i was the lead investigator i would start by pulling visitation logs reviewing the
3:26 am
monitored calls, all the calls the inmates place are monitored, check on the mail status of the mail see all their family friends, contacts. >> going how far back jay? >> this is well planned. possibly from the time they were incarcerated. >> oh, my goodness. that's a while. they are searching right there in the area of the prison. day before yesterday, they were searching in vermont, yesterday they were searching in pennsylvania. where do you think they should be searching? >> the areas this -- that they are searching are perfectly fine. if they are not in new york state, i feel they are crossed the canadian border. >> the search has been hampered by internal strife between the police. >> who is in charge? >> it's between the fbi and the marshals.
3:27 am
>> are you expecting right now that these guys will stick together or are they splitting up by now? >> by now, it's logical if they split apart because they are being broadcasted all over the united states probably global as well side by side. if they look into -- walk into a restaurant or something, they are going to be side by side. they are going to stand out. >> are you surprised there was news that there was a prison employee this woman, joyce mitchell who may have helped them get power tools? are you shock? >> not the aall. they had help on the inside as well as the outside. there was a good chance she was probably never -- they never planned on her in the loop. eventually they probably were going to dispose of her, cause her harm of some sort. these guys are lifers. they have nothing to lose. >> now the goal is to comb through all the tips and she's in a lot of trouble. >> yeah. it happens. >> thank you very much. >> jay, thanks. still ahead, she spent years rallying for black civil rights
3:28 am
but turns out this naacp leader had a secret, she's actually white. she was outed
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> very nice. that was the u.s. army's old guard drum team and joining us right now to help us celebrate the army's 240th birthday this weekend. we've got major general bradley
3:33 am
becker and command sergeant major timothy gooden. >> good morning. >> the celebration technically is going to be on sunday when the army celebrates 240 years. my father was in the army one of the great honors of his life. tell us about the army today. >> the army today is wonderful because the soldiers in the army are so won it der -- wonderful. this is our 240th birthday. 240 years of selfless service to our nation and what makes it so wonderful is the young men and women who continue to sign up and serve our country and continue to do it for 240 years. >> it's a volunteer army. you had a choice you could have gone in the army navy any variety of service. why did you decide the army is going to be your life? >> the army's commitment to the nation is incredible and that's what we're here to celebrate today. with over 80,000 soldiers
3:34 am
deployed right now, we want to celebrate that and demonstrate our commitment to the united states. >> there were a lot of people who will set brat -- celebrate their birthday with a quake -- cake. you have a tradition. it involves a sabre. >> we're going to cut it in honor of the army's 240th birthday. >> which of you baked it today? >> i didn't. you have to put a hand on it. on three. one, two, three. it takes a round of applause. >> round of applause please. [ applause ] >> very nice! >> look at that. i've got some emblem. >> well-done, well dom. >> happy birthday. heather into you. thank you, steve and happy birthday to the army. a couple of headlines to bring you. the outlaw singer randy howard
3:35 am
has been killed in a gun fight with a bounty hunter. ♪ ♪ >> the 65-year-old opened fire on the bounty hunter as he tried to detain him at his home in tennessee. he was wanted for missing a court appearance related to a dui charge. a decorated war hero is now under investigation by the army for blowing the whistle on what he calls a dysfunctional and incoherent hostage policy. he says he's being punished for trying to save lives. >> after i made protective zloeshes to congress the army sought to court-martial me.
3:36 am
>> he revealed that the military allegedly tried and failed to pay a ransom for boweberg dal. saved by a boogie board. >> yes, we have a shark and here on ocean isle. someone just got bit. >> the four-foot shark was really going after the teens board but ended up catching her foot as well. she's expected to be just fine. that beach has now been reopened but frightening. and misleading people about her ethnicity, parents of a civil rights leader says that her daughter has been lying about being black. rachel dolezal is the president of the naacp in spokane, washington. her family wants you to know she's actually czech, swedish
3:37 am
and german. >> she's told herself and others this erroneous identity of her by now she now's believes. >> she says she's biracial. she says she hasn't spoken to her parents in more than a year. a little family drama there. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. that's quite a story. >> it certainly is. you might not know his faith, but the director of a rising star in the movie world is expecting big things for sure. >> let's step into the spotlight, the fox light. >> this guy -- he's good at making play. >> "spies" is burning up the box office right now. >> i got to talk to him about hollywood, his favorite leading lady and some controversy with
3:38 am
his upcoming films. let's check it out. ♪ ♪ >> what are you the pope? >> he might be the busiest man in hollywood. where did you get the idea for this movie from? >> i love spy movies and i love playing with genres with the heat we had fun with the cop genre and with made it was wedding genre. i love doing the little bit of action we did with heat. >> lock in coordinates. fire now. >> your miles an hour -- first time with melissa mccarthy, she's your go-go gal. >> she's a dream. our directions are were -- oh,
3:39 am
yeah, okay. no real words are spoken. we're telepathic. >> you want me to have your swedish meat balls. >> you are two ladies men, paul. >> i'm comfortable around woman. >> you have a new venture with yahoo. >> it's out on line now. you can binge watch them out. it's called other space. >> you've been handed two legacy pieces as it were. peanuts is opening up this november and ghost busters. what do you say to critics? >> give me a chance. >> i think you deserve a chance.
3:40 am
>> don't judge me until you see them. >> you have quite a track record. >> we keep tracking. >> thank you, sir. good luck to you. >> thank you, sir. always a pleasure. >> keep an eye on paul feig. you are back in the fox light spotlight right now. what is going to happen on monday on this television show? >> people have been asking on twitter and finally on monday we will have an announcement about this year's tenth annual fox fan weekend. >> your chance to go to a game a professional game. >> we can't even tell the game? >> you are not going to let him miss monday's announcement. >> we have topped ourselves once again this year. >> i had a conversation with brian cashman, he says if it happens to be yankees, he says i can play in the game. he better win. >> if you can't get enough of kilmeade. all kilmeade all the time. >> i'm on third. >> for ten years now, you've
3:41 am
watched and gotten tickets to various ballgames. monday find out if we're going to do probably will but where it will be? >> it is so much fun. i can't wait. how donald trumpian. announce that you are going to make an announcement. >> if we decide to run. >> i'm teased. his engine failed midair but a world war ii veteran pilot proves he's still got it at 92 years old. dodging homes and cars landing safely in a field. how did he do it? we're going to ask him when he joins us live. and the gettysburg address just get rid of it. ap courses rewriting history. teachers up in arms. you are going to hear from one next. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey honey.
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quick headlines now. pope francis has a new set of wheels. check it out. the pontiff unveiling his brand-new hyundai in vatican city available in new jersey soon. and a big shift from the last pope mobile a flashy mercedez-benz. ths the pope's latest view to be more practical and spend less money. take a lesson from that elisabeth. and macy's big royal moment with queen elizabeth in wales. outshined by this. >> ow! >> oh, no. >> she got hit in the head. we'll have the saluting soldier accidentally whacked her in the head. the queen is unfazed. just find. so is lebron james. ♪ ♪ well, u.s. history may be history.
3:46 am
the may flower impact you -- may flower compact, you won't miss it. the gettysburg address, and the i have a dream speech you as well wake up all these seminal works in american history have been all but dismissed for the new guidelines for the ap history issued by the college board and has professors and historians up in arm. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> why are they changing the ap history test? >> i don't know. it's really hard to go back and say we're going to change history. they are changing it because they have an agenda to push through altering these standards and after reading them and reading the practice tests, i think that they have successfully pushed their agenda and taken american history and
3:47 am
turned it into something for interpretation rather than actual facts. >> you have work with the 50-some-odd scholars who have written the boards and say are you kidding us. what are some of the things that are flying in the face of what we have known about history throughout history? >> it starts with the foundation. when we look at the founding of this country, we look at why people sought to explore the new world at the time and why various groups came to colonized the new world, a lot of it was to religion. when you read these, it describes like these were power hungry people who had no regard for anyone who was here. i think if we have our most advanced students we have more than half a million kids taking
3:48 am
this course and that's the perception they walk away with that's extremely frightening. >> so they have left the religion part out? >> you know it's there. it's kind of in -- almost as an after thought. it's kind of down the page a couple. oh by the way, sometimes the colonys were founded for religion. it was not really the emphasis of foundation that we know as to why we were formed. >> why are they doing this? >> i wish i can give you a better answer other than thinking let's this think about what happens. the ap tests are a money-making process right. if you can completely define and change their perspective on history, you've radically changed their ability as a voter, as a citizen, how they view engagement and how they expect their relationship with government to be in general. >> well it will be interesting. i know that this outrage has
3:49 am
gotten the people at the college board talking. they are going to review things. let's see if any changes are made. >> absolutely. >> whitney, anything else former history teacher. thank you so much for joining us live. >> it's 11 minutes before the top of the hour. it's the video that's sparked outrage this week. a cop wrestling a girl to the ground at an out of control pool party in texas. one mother says the kids are just as responsible. >> they restrained the black kids not the white kids. the black kids were running. the white kids weren't. >> his engine failed midair but a world war ii veteran pilot proofs he can still land it at 92 years old. he dodged houses and cars. he hand -- landed safely. he joins us live next. good morning to you, sir. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
92-year-old pilot forced to make a choice after a plane loses power. the world war ii veteran glided it safely into a vacant lot. here with this amazing story live from manatee airport in palmetto florida is that veteran bill orbeen. thanks for being with "fox and friends," sir. >> okay elizabeth, thank you. >> it's amazing here. i love it you're in the hangar right now. it proves to everybody that you're planning to do it again. i'll ask you in a minute what your plans are. tell us about that flight. there you are in your plane and you realize something has gone wrong, what happened? >> well everything just all of a sudden went very silent. i mean from the racket of the
3:54 am
engine to just play silence. i knew i was a glider then. so i didn't have much choice. i had to find a place to put her down. >> you sound calm about it sir. were you panicked at all? >> nope. it wasn't time to get panicked. i just had to look around and make a decision which way i was going to try to go. it seemed like there was always some sort of impedement. but, you know it was just looking around and trying to pick out a spot. so i never did really get worked up about it. >> absolutely not. you know probably drawing on your experience there from flying fighter planes in word war ii which is incredible. your grandson saw online that a 92-year-old world war ii fighter pilot had gone down in the
3:55 am
plane. he thought there may not be too many of those out there, it might be my grandfather. what did he say? >> my grandson? >> yeah. >> well you know we get along just fine. and so i don't know what did he say when he called you? >> he said he found you and he said he saw it online and he had to know if it was you. you told him you were okay. he came to pick you up. cool as a cukemcumber. how much of your experience in world war 2 flying bombers? >> none at all. this was a small glider. as far as coming back yeah, you have experience flying but, really the relationship is not that close. >> you know some people say you're too old to fly, bill what do you say to them?
3:56 am
>> well they may be right, but i don't quite agree with them as long as your paperwork and everything is in in order as part of flight testing and the medical and all that. it's a lot more than a lot of people driving cars. >> right. your grandson said if you decide to go up again he's going to go with you. will you fly again? >> yeah, after we get the airplane fixed i think i will yes. >> we would love to see that. we're glad you're okay. you have a great grandson. thanks for being here for your service. and thanks for sharing your story. >> unfortunately my grandson hurt his back in the movement. he's okay. >> good and so are you. you're more than okay i'd say. thanks. incredible. i love him. breaking up this hour closing
3:57 am
in on those escaped killers. cops have now narrowed their search. we are live on the ground at the top of the hour. billy currington is here performing on our stage on "fox and friends." save big on great father's day gifts at bass pro shops. like savings of 25% on men's and ladies' new balance 608 trainers. get our lowest price ever on leupold 10 x 42 binoculars. plus free catch and release ponds and giveaways this weekend.
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4:00 am
good morning to you, today is friday june 12th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. this is a "fox and friends." cops closing in on two escaped killers this morning. brand-new clues narrowing down the search. what we've just learned about that female prison worker that could change everything. we are live on the ground with the latest for you. one mom's response to outrage over the video showing a texas police officer pushing a young girl to the ground. taking the internet by storm. >> everyone has is in a uproar about they refrain the black kids and not the white kids. the white kids weren't running, the black kids were. >> that mom, guess what under
4:01 am
attack. she's live here to defend what she said. and is this what your dream vacation looks like during the summer? ♪ let's go get waves this summer ♪ ♪ hey there 18-25 years old ♪ >> many americans want to hang out with hillary on the beach. during the summer. it's true. got a brand-new poll we're explain it all. or is there somebody else you'd rather hang out with? >> you have explaining to do. >> i do. live in new york it's "fox and friends" today with billy currington. ♪
4:02 am
the crowds are beginning to fan into our area here. and billy currington will entertain you. in just a little while we'll have him on the stage and playing two songs. we'll go live online as well. something else to keep in mind. a lot of times on fridays we're tired. a new tradition starts three years ago. we put the stage together ourselves. >> it's been long morning for me out there. just giving credit to the crew that's been working on it. that stage is incredible. >> brian is being funny, but the stage is so cool. it's a flat bad trailer. they backed that thing in and push a button and boom -- it's like one of those rv's. it gets big just like that. >> billy currington is warming up the crowd. we can't wait for you to join
4:03 am
us. >> meanwhile north a couple hundred miles we have a "fox and friends." brand-new clues into the manhunt for two escaped killers. bloodhounds picking on their scent as police being they're zeroing in on them. >> the seven day search taking the toll on people who live in there. >> "fox and friends" co-anchor anna kooiman is live in platsburg new york. >> you're right, good morning to you. that gas station where canines picked up the scent. we're at many detours and road blocks in the area. the citizens are on edge. the school district canceling classes for the second day in the row. here's the latest. authorities say a scent picked
4:04 am
up bine canines is the closest clue they've had. >> ih they'd hurry up and find them. >> i can do all they can. >> 500 law enforcement in the hunt. authorities finding a boot hadn't at a site that may have been used to camp. the two may have been digging in a gas station dumpster in an attempt to find food. >> we're exhausting every resource we have at our disposal. >> crews covering a swampy area adjacent to the prison. implementing multiple checkpoints. >> the more time goes by the more dangerous they may become according to officials saying they've killed before and they're capable of killing again. >> i have the windows locks, doors lock and i have my firearms ready in case we need them. we want to protect our families and neighbors. it's a small community and everybody looks after each other. >> it makes me nervous.
4:05 am
try to stay calm and keep an eye out and hope that the police force will do their job. >> the cops are hoping that now that the sun is up they'll be able to find them corner them apprehend these escaped killers. many residents i've spoken with are skeptical thinking the canines could be wrong. we've had a bit of rain. they're thinking the killers could be long gone. >> that means they could be anywhere. thank you very much. they got out, apparently thanks to that prison employee by the name of joyce mitchell. there she is screen left. also known as tilly. her ex husband says she has been a serial cheatheart during their first -- her first marriage. she had two affairs during the five years. she was caught outside the prison having relations with the man she eventually married. >> people didn't like how close she was getting with the
4:06 am
prisoners here. she had been investigated in recent months by the state corrections department. after a fellow prison worker complained she had gotten too close to sweat and matt. there was no discipline as a result of that investigation. and as we now know for years prison employees and inmates are prohibited from having relations like this. >> richard matt and david sweat had access to her cell phone and smuggled power tools from her. she's in a lot of trouble, the grandmother who is 51 years old. >> one of the things about what they did. according to the experts, they preyed on her. michael was on with megyn kelly last night and talked about how these guys in the joint manipulate people to get what they want. there is something called the prison bibles. listen to this. >> you say that when you get into prison they give you these
4:07 am
two books that are the prison bible, what are they? >> the art of seduction and the 38 laws of power. and they're both just evil books that teach you how to manipulate people and how to imitate emotions like love and affection and make somebody really believe that you are falling in love with them. these women are coming from small towns, some of them it's the first time they've ever been chased after. it releases the dope mean and serotonin in their drug. it puts them in a trance. >> those two books, art of seduction and 38 ways of power. >> i had no idea. i thought lights out, that's it. i guess i got to rewatch oz. evidently it is like a night club at night. it is so loud. it is feasible they could have been drilling and sawing and no one would have heard it. listen. >> that doesn't surprise me either. the first thing you notice when
4:08 am
you go to prison is that the -- the outrageous noise coming from all angles. it's like a night club they have music going all hours. >> there explains the cover up as noise as the power tools were smuggled in by that woman we keep seeing on screen. >> look how perfect the joints were cut, probably with a disk grinder or sglng. >> looks professional. >> the guards never left his side they did an inventory of his tools. if something was missing he couldn't leave. he said either the convicts had great skill -- look at the cut on that -- were very proficient or had help on the inside to get to the outside. >> clean cuts there as we're looking at the images here. lots more to come.
4:09 am
we'll stay on it for you. we'll welcome heather nauert. busy morning. it is. we are following developing news out of boston. chill hae details we are getting in this morning about the second person charged in the boston terror plot to behead police officers it there. a 24-year-old was arrested last night at his home in rhode island. a search of his home revealed he subscribed to a online channel that was run by a syrian cleric on youtube. this is a picture of him right there h. these men went on to behead the british soldier back in 2012 in the uk. his account included a how to guide on making machetes. he's been on surveillance since usaama rahim was shot and killed. rahim's nephew is under arrest. three involved in that plot so
4:10 am
far. new information coming in about a close call in the sky. a russian fighter jet apparently coming within ten feet of a u.s. air force plane. it happened last month in international airspace over the black sea. the russian jet reportedly flew within feet of the american plane before breaking off and leaving the area. this comes a week after a similar incident happened north of poland. extreme weather back at home. powerful rain stranding drivers in colorado. you can see car after car stuck and abandoned in high water. in illinois hail the size of baseballs shattered car windows. louisiana declaring a state of emergency as the red river reached its highest levels in 70 years. texas is bracing for more heavy rain following last month's floods.
4:11 am
and then take a look at what i'm about to show you. a dizzying takeoff caught on camera. look at these test runs. a boeing 787 dream liner the plane taked off. gave me chills. vertically into the air. boeing showing off the power of the dream liner. displaying -- to show you how sleek the plane is. they say they will show fancier moves at next month's air show. boeing says the flight for passengers is not as extreme as this. >> unless we're going to mars i need to go gradually like this. >> they want to show how cool that plane it. >> it's a dreamliner. >> as long as i'm not on it it's okay with me. >> look at that. >> i would love to be in france to see it. >> this is a good summer vacation plane. >> no kidding. who would you like to go on
4:12 am
summer vacation with? would you like to go with hillary? if so it might be like this according to "saturday night live." >> we were about to hit the waves. >> that's cool. you know what else is cool? in two years i'll be 69. do you like that? bill told me to tell that to young males. >> cool. we got to go. i can hear the ocean calling. >> and i can hear the screams of a dying middle class. >> she may be on to something. a recent fox news poll asked what presidential candidate you would most want to spend the summer with. clinton is at the top. she came in on top who you would most want to spend summer vacation with. >> with all due respect -- you're missing the boat. if i had anybody to pick i'd pick donald trump.
4:13 am
he's got a 767, have you ever had a trump burger? >> he's got great family. >> the presidential candidate you would least want to spend summer vacation with? once again, this is odd, hillary clinton actually winds up number one at 31%. maybe it is because we know that she has not driven in 30 years and if you have an rv looks like you'll have to do the driving. >> the responsibility will be yours. >> do we need a breathalizer who took that? you can't have it both ways. >> which presidential candidate you'd most want to vacation with? send it in to us on e-mail facebook twitter. thinking about vacation it's the video that sparked outrage across the krount. we have a cop wrestling a girl to the ground at a pool party. one mom says the kids and their parents are just as responsible.
4:14 am
>> they refrain the black kids and not the white kids. the white kids weren't running, the black kids were. >> that message going viral. that woman joins us next. introducing the first ever gummy multivitamin from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you know, just because your bladder is changing it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena® let yourself go. ♪ be the one with the crazy laugh. ♪ and keep being their favorite playmate. ♪
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it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contrubutes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. everyone has or is in an uproar about they refrain the black kids and not the white
4:18 am
kids. the white kids weren't running, the black kids were. parents need to take ownership in what their children are doing and hold them accountable for their actions, as well as the parents should be held accountable. >> that mother's video message going viral more than two million views on the enter net. she posted it to her facebook page in response to the outrage in this video showing a texas police officer pointing a gun and pushing a 15-year-old girl to the ground. he would a couple days later resign. joining us live from dallas texas is they mother. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm doing okay. why did you -- why were you so troubled by the video that you felt like you had to hold your cell phone and make that video in the parking lot of where you work? >> i was just upset at the situation. you know, these kids were out of control. you know i never disputed that
4:19 am
the officer was also but he wasn't my concern. you know these kids are our future. i was just upset that they did not know how to conduct themselves with the authorities. it really bothered me. like they're safety was in danger and they had no clue. >> you're absolutely right. but you also say to the parents, come on parents, do you know where your kids are essentially? >> yeah, we have to know where our kids are. when i was saying educate them. i was just basically saying there have been a lot of you know police killings or you know kids being hurt you know when things aren't going right. and the parents aren't letting these kids know how to conduct themselves when those situations occur. that could have totally -- it was bad, but it could have been so much worse. or it could have just been we saw an irate police officer and these kids are sitting there,
4:20 am
then we would have looked at him crazy. >> no kidding. after you posted that and it's been seen by 2 million people. you got great comments very supportive. some people are really angry at you. are you shocked at the threats? >> i'm very shocked at the threats. i mean people are saying you know freedom of speech these kids have the right to be there. they can voice their opinion. but you curse me and you know call me a name and threaten my safety because i voiced my opinion. i don't get it. >> yeah. i don't either. you were just speaking your mind. >> i was. >> a lot of people saw that and they agreed with you. and are you sorry you did it? >> no, i'm not sorry. i don't take it back. i have battled with it. i spoke to my sons and they were like mom i'm in total agreement with what you're doing. i support you. don't take the video down so i
4:21 am
didn't. >> it's a powerful message. ma'am, thank you very much. >> thank you. all right. coming up next cooking with friends, cooking with superman. look there, it's dean cain in the kitchen. you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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4:24 am
it's 24 minutes past the top of the hour. time for your news by innumbers. $2.7 billion. that's how much taxpayer money the pentagon has spent trying to fight isis. >> $30 million that's how much the superdome is being sold for in detroit. they bought it six years ago for $583,000. >> $15,000. that's how much taylor swift
4:25 am
donated for a listener's fund. what a gift. >> i think she watched it on our show. it's a super -- very special time. >> it's a super man for this edition of cooking with friends. >> let me start it again. welcome back everybody, good job, elizabeth hasselbeck. it's the superman edition of cooking with friends. dean cain is here a man that cooks his own stuff. this is our stuff. you could do it if you have to. >> i cook probably 95% of the meals my son and i eat at home. >> you've been moving that meat around with skill. >> it's popping and cracking. >> you don't want to burn your meat. >> never ever ever. this is a meal my grandmother made for ever and ever. it's wonderful and great. i rarely make it but it's one
4:26 am
of my comfort foods. >> i know you're excited about your movie. before we start cooking, tell me about vendetta. i understand you kill a lot of people. >> including the killer of your wife. >> it's a knock down, drag out fight, fight fight movie. if you like action revenge flicks gory action revenge flicks this is for you. when i'm watching the movie i want the bad guy to get his comeuppance. >> you're a good guy after the bad guy. >> i'm a good guy that turns maybe anti-hero. >> does that matter to you? you have a persona of being a good guy. do you stay away from the rules to not blow what people think of you? >> absolutely not. >> really? >> it's a great character, a great role. and i fight paul white in there, big show. >> you're in a prison. >> i put myself in prison to go after him. >> who did you --
4:27 am
>> who killed in a way you studied under? >> the easiest way to kill in this one was to throw somebody off the roof. i was checking to see if he could fly. apparently he could not. >> that's the ultimate test. >> first thing about shepherd pie. everybody knows who used to make this my mom used to make this, we called it hamburger pie. >> smash the potatoes on the bottom. >> on the phone, it's your mom. >> mom? >> hi mom. >> hi. >> good morning, mom i know it's 4:15 in the morning. thank you for waking up. i know you have to go see the doctor today. mom's okay but she's got to go in early. >> she wants to check on you as you make shepherd's pie. >> how am i doing? >> he's got the meat in the pan. >> a little pepper right? a little bit of salt.
4:28 am
>> what else? >> i have to -- >> do we throw -- >> tomato paste goes in. the corn doesn't go in there yet. mr. doocy. worcestershire sauce there. get this going more. you have peas and carrots which you can and cannot use. which i usually done. my son doesn't like it. >> he's a basic kid. >> he turned 15 yesterday. happy birthday. >> now do we do the corn? >> after you've got it going and cooked here. then layer it i'll use this because it is an iron skillet. you do a layer of the good old meats. >> i have to know from your mom, did he eat his fruits and vegetables when he was growing up? >> pretty well. he's been a pretty good eater.
4:29 am
>> sharon did you say to him, if you want to grow up big and strong like superman you should eat your carrots and peas? >> it works. >> i'm sorry, what do you say? >> did you ever say if -- dean if you want to grow up to be superman you have to eat your peas and carrots? >> no, i never said that. >> that's the first honest them my mom said. >> he used to run around the house with a towel. >> now she's making stuff up. >> what should we know about him we didn't know? >> he had a towel around his shoulders. >> but that's all i had. >> he was naked. >> by the way, the finishing touch here a little paprika from way up high like this so it moves around. >> you put it in the oven for how long. >> 35 40 minutes until it's brown on top. then you have grandma thomas' --
4:30 am
>> does this look like something you should be proud of that you would make? >> that's pretty good dean i got to say. >> yea. >> that's the approval that was lacking in your youth. you finally got it now. >> right now. i feel better. i feel super. >> thank you very much. good luck with vendetta. it opens today. >> sharon thank you for joining us. >> thanks mom. for the recipe go to >> if you're underneighborhood ask sharon. >> wait as the camera comes down we can't say that anymore, the guys' part. apparently it's sexist. the pc police are at it again. >> this is next. this iraq war veteran ordered to take down his american flag. his homeowner's association stomping out the stars and stripes. he is not backing down without a
4:31 am
fight. ♪ you already had the best days of your life ♪ this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. ♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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♪ i know you don't know me ♪ >> this is the helicopter shot. welcome back to "fox and friends." we have a couple hundred people. you having fun? [ applause ] >> happy birthday to the u.s. army. 240 years young. way to go, goyuys. >> round of applause for the army. >> we also have a group from 1776 over here. >> whatever you do don't call them guys because we got three things we want to tell you about that are going viral this morning. there was a blogger on vox.
4:35 am
who said it's time to stop saying guys. you ever say, hey guys? because it is creeping sexism. >> there's a tech startup. remember when you were a little and you said a bad word? every time somebody at this company says hey guys, they have to put a dollar in a jar like a curse word because this blog says it's a curse word. >> we should use folks, people use group phrases. i will continue to use the word guys. am i right? women do not mind being referred to when they're in a group with guys. >> i think that's wrong. my mother once said to me. i said good morning guys she goes steven do i look like one of the guys? from that day on i always said good morning, people. >> you would fit perfect with alice walker. >> i understand what they're
4:36 am
say. >> you wouldn't charge somebody a dollar to say it? >> no. >> that's a company owned by a canadian and a french guy. so they're doing it voluntarily. >> let us know what you think about that. meanwhile, let's talk about going out to the airport. the tsa people they're very effective as screening people. i'm being funny. they're not very effective. from now on there is one particular atheist who says there's no reason to stop us because we would never run an airplane into a building. >> a man says i couldn't help but wonder if i had to wait an hour in plus lines since no atheist so far as i could discover has ever been accused of bombing and attacking a plane. atheists are too level headed because they believe they know all the answers to the universe. they should just say i'm an atheist and be let through.
4:37 am
>> i don't think god is the problem. >> if they were to adopt this and i was a terrorist the first thing i'd say is i'm an atheist. this woman had a seminar for california colleges. she said we have to stop what many people call the microaggression phrases, things like there is only one race the human race. don't say that. i believe the most qualified person should get the job. don't say that. things like everyone can succeed if they work hard enough. that could be insulting to those who are not succeeding. >> throwing red flags at these phrases. at a leadership seminar designed to infiltrate the school. you can't say when i look at you i don't see color. they see that indicates you're hiding the fact and don't want
4:38 am
to address race. there's a whole chart. you can go find it. >> especially if you're a white person. >> they're telling you what you mean and how people should interpret it. >> here's another thing that's funny, if you see somebody walking in the halls and they don't know where they're going. you can't say do you need help because that's an insult. >> making them feel bad. >> let them walk around aimlessly. >> i walked around these halls aimlessly for over an year. i was thoughtfulanksgiving thankful for that. >> those are the things you were talking about guys -- i means people. >> what about gals? >> you don't mind? >> what do you think? e-mail us
4:39 am
let's go to h.eather nauert. >> i've got a few headlines i want to bring you. 38 minutes after the hour. developing now in cleveland a judge there is saying there is enough evidence to charge two white police officers in the deadly shooting of a 12-year-old black boy. he was playing with a pellet gun when he was shot by officers last november. they were responding to reports of someone waving a gun near a play ground. a judge says one of those cops should be charged with murder the other with negligent homicide. a grant jury will decide whether to bring charges in that case. a flag fight at the home of a iraqi war veteran. he refuses to take down his flag despite demands from the homeowner's association. he got an e-mail from the manager saying he was allowed to fly the flag. al then he received another e-mail saying the flag pole was
4:40 am
a violation. the veteran remains defiant. >> you shouldn't have to ask permission to have an american flag on your property. that is a right according to congress. that's staying where it is. i don't retreat. >> good for him. that homeowner's association now says it plans on passing a resolution for owners to display flags in the month of july. wow. nba finals stefry keeping thing exciting. lebron goes down hard watch this. he slams his head into the lens of a camera. he cut his head and returned to the game later. he got a few stitches. it wasn't the only problem for lubon. after the game he flashed cameras while adjusting his shorts. >> do you think that went viral? >> do you think the head injury
4:41 am
caused him to drop his pants? >> no. he was adjusting his shirt and whatnot and got carried away. it's a beautiful day here in new york city. maria molina joins us. she's here among the crowd. maria, thank you for the fox cast. >> good morning, you guys good to see you this morning. and hello everybody alt home. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. we are tracking showers and thunderstorms today. there are storms across parts of the southern plains midwest and northeast. that could produce some isolated severe weather. watch out for some isolated tornados damaging winds and large hail that are possible from those storms we'll look at some marginal risk for severe weather overall. a lot of heavy rains across the plains and midwest. we're talking potentially up to six inches of rainfall. flash flooding will be a concern. temperatures across the eastern half of the nation and southeast will get toasty.
4:42 am
coming up this weekend we expect high temperatures out there to reach the 90s, you factor in the humidity it will feel very hot out there. coming up for the weekend, summer around the corner. it will feel like that across those areas. let's head over to you. >> a hot topic coming your way. celebrities are doing it all the time having babies in their 40's. some doctors saying there should be an age limit. what do you think about that? we'll talk about it. >> he's a mega country star now, but did you know billy currington almost didn't make it? he is live and we're talking to him next. good morning, billy. >> hi, billy. ♪ you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same.
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4:45 am
he just went number one.
4:46 am
he's touring the summer with tim mcgraw. billy currington! thanks for being here. number one, for you, the number one makes a lot of sense. ten number ones. does that make sense to you when you hear that? >> it's nice to hear. it went by so fast. it seems like it's only three or four. >> you had your sixth album come out on the second of this month. how's it been going? >> good. we're out promoting it right now. it's called summer forever. >> you must be having a great time. your fans are having a great time. [ applause ] >> this almost didn't happen. do you guys know this? you were actually on track for football. and this would have never happened if something didn't occur there, what happened? >> that's what i dreamed of as a kid. i wanted to play football. like my best friend he went on
4:47 am
to play pro ball. i wanted -- that was my game. but i ended up not making it there's a long story behind it. >> i love the fact you followed your dream. when you were 17 -- he started singing in church like a lot of people did. when you were 17 you met a preacher who had this flock, and they had a great band right? >> that's right. >> the band you sang for the band that underage kid is good he should be going to clubs with us. >> i was singing, and the bass player played in the country club. i was only 17 or 18 at the time. but the police snuck me in. yeah the police snuck me in. they got me to sing one song. then i got a call the next day to join the band. that became my job. >> last night my brother was at the concert. i was supposed to go but my daughter had an award show.
4:48 am
you had jones beach last night. is it hard turning around hours later and coming here? for your voice, it's a muscle? >> no, it's off. >> did you get some sleep? do you hang out with tim mcgraw after? >> i haven't seen him that much. we hang out more during the day. he's a work out workaholic. >> so are you. you are in great shape. >> thank you. >> in the beginning before you did the band thing, you poured concrete right? and you were a personal trainer. >> yes. >> okay since you were a personal trainer, can you help brian and elizabeth and i with that dumb bell thing. >> we can heldp you. you can come on out on the road. >> while you were training one of your clients knew somebody who asked you if you could sing tell everybody about that? >> i met somebody who was working for garth brooks' manager. i was there about a year before
4:49 am
he started talking and seeing a hat that he was wearing that said something music affiliated. that conversation led to hey, man, come sing for us one day. a few weeks later i was being offered a publishing deal. that is how i got my foot in the door. >> what we'll be doing is listening you play for the final hour online on are you ready? did the guys come with you? >> i'm ready. they're sitting back theren on go. >> get ready top of the hour. billy currington and company. [ applause ] >> the army is celebrating their 240th birthday today. we are going to be ready for you. when we come back there will be a hot debate on whether there should be an age limit when you get pregnant. >> show me the id please.
4:50 am
>> to what? >> no comment ♪ ♪
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
hollywood women in their 40's have proven age is becoming less of a constraint when it comes to bearing children. is it healthy or should there be an age limit? we have a contributor to cath almost and has eight children. including two she gave birth to after the age of 40 and we have the director of north western
4:54 am
university. why would someone in your mind wauntd to put a limit on when you can have a baby what's your opinion? >> i think there is a limit. it's called menopause. that's your limit. >> you're saying the body determines by itself when it should stop having kids. >> absolutely. >> if someone comes to you after the age of 40 and says i'm about to have a baby. would you recommend they don't go forward with the pregnancy? >> biologically we're meant to have children in our 20's and 30's. what's happened with new technology donor eggs invitro fertilization. we have pushed the envelope and we have women in 40's 50's or 60's who come in and say i want to have a baby. we have to be very, very cautious cautious. aside from the social issues there are real medical issues.
4:55 am
>> like what? >> first of all, 40 is very different than 50 and 60. as women get older there is increased risk of hood bloodigh blood pressure. we're not even talking about chromosomeal problems. we are talking about issues with the baby. you can hear the stories of women who do great, there are some just because you drive the wrong way down a one way street carefully, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. >> i want to go to patty for a second. i have heard those complications happen to women under 40 as well. would you say there are benefits to having a baby when you're beyond the age of 40? >> i think there's absolutely benefits. science has taken a look at it and there are quite a few studies that have been done that women who have children after 39
4:56 am
are more likely to live to 95 to 100. so you know that sounds like a pretty healthy thing to me. >> your son actually read did he have a comment when he read that study? >> we were waunchtching a program, and they said there a huge percentage of women who live to be 100 who had children after the age of 40. my son said mom, you're going to live to be 100. what about those considerations? to me that is nature saying that these women were healthy enough to have children. i'm not talking about doing artificial things. if your body is healthy enough to have children i cannot see any reason why you shouldn't. >> it's a great debate. we want to ask our viewers what they think. we want to thank you you both for being here. wale now this closing in. brand-new clues that have cops narrowing their search in the
4:57 am
hant for hunt for the escaped killers. geraldo virivera will weigh in. the army ♪ ♪ every backyard comes together around a grill and kingsford charcoal. gather 'round.
4:58 am
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good morning to you. today is friday june 12th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a search for escaped killers and what we have just learned that could change everything. she spent years telling people she was black. one problem, though her parents say their daughter who worked for the naacp is not black, she is actually white and that was a picture of her. >> that is he reacting to you reading. what candidate would you want to go on facebook with? barba said donald trump. he'd pick up the tab at a ritzy place. we have a survey and you'll be
5:01 am
shocked at what politician won and lost that survey. mornings are better with interactive friends. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
♪ >> we this morning billy currington is on our plaza rocking it with our all american summer concert. some ribs is on the grill and he's on the guitar. he will be playing don't it coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour. it went number one. his tenth number one song. >> if you want to listen to him this whole hour go to and we're streaming the entire concert live. >> i'd like to make an announcement. we have agreed to take music lessons and next year we're play on the concert series. we have to take lessons.
5:03 am
>> what instrument are you going to play? you played the clarinet. >> i'll make the clarinet back. i'll play the entertainer, it will be fantastic. newstime with heather. i'll do the triangle. we have headlines to bring you. we start out with a fox news alert. a first look at a third man involved in last week's failed terror plot. a 24-year-old was arrested at his home in rhode island last night. police find chilling online activity in his home. he has ascribed to well known a youtube account, a cleric known for radicalizing young men. some of those men went on to behead a british man in 2012. it also included a how to guide for making machetes. he'd been under surveillance after rahim was shot and killed. rahim's nephew is also under
5:04 am
arrest. dwrepeveloping out of washington a cyber attack on the u.s. government's office of personnel management has gone from bad to worse. it stole the information on every federal worker in the united states. not just the four million that were first reported. that's according to the president of a government worker's union. social security numbers, birth dates the chinese are believed to behind the attack. president obama stopping by a baseball game. the house decides whether or not to pass the bill. democrats say it does not give congress enough oversight over trade deals and could cost american jobs. this womenen spent years and years telling people she was black.
5:05 am
there is just one problem, though. her parents say that their daughter who works for the naacp, is actually white. >> i think she's told herself as well as she's told others this erroneous identity of hers enough that by now she may believe it more than she believes the truth. >> rachel is her name she's the president of the chapter of the naacp in spoke an, washington. she said she's biracial and selected white and black on a job application. al she said she hasn't spoken to her parents for more than a year. those are your headlines. huh raldgeraldo, you heard the story. i think the biggest story is you are bleeding. m. >> you are. i want to help him. >> what happened? >> i was bayonetted during the army drill team, the crack drill team they did a thing with the
5:06 am
rifles and baunate sticks i moved. who wants to -- >> i may have a band aid in my mom bag. >> did you hear about the story -- >> i'm a lifetime member of the naacp, i want a refund. it's like elizabeth warren when she supposed as an american indian to get into harvard. i'm actually swiss. >> we want you to weigh in on this next story. first we have a live report from upstate new york. >> here we go, this is what else we'll be talking about with geraldo. police are zeroing in on two escaped killers as bloodhounds and german shepherds are picking up their scent. >> cops believe they are still
5:07 am
in the area of the prison. despite yesterday there was a possibility they were in philly. >> anna kooiman has been following the breaking details all morning long. joins us miles from where the dogs first picked up their scent. what do we know now? >> good morning, some new details for you. we are located a couple miles down the road from where canines did pick up that scent you're talking about. we're at one of the many detours and road blocks here in the area that is frustrating residents. not only are they having a hard time getting in and out of their homes. they're worried these killers are still on the loose. in fact the central school district has canceled classes for the second day straight. here's the latest on the search. authorities say a scent picked up by canines is the strongest lead they've had. >> i wish they'd find them so we can get back to normal. >> if they broke out prison they can break in my home. >> 500 law enforcement now in the hunt. officers reportedly finding a
5:08 am
boot print and wrappers at a site they may have been using as a camp. also evidence the two may have been digging in a dumpster to find food. >> we're exhausting every single resource we have at our disposal. >> crews combing a swampy area shutting down several miles of roadway. >> we have the windows and doors locked. i have nighmy firearms ready. >> we want to protect our families and members. it's a small community and everybody looks after each other. >> makes me nervess. i try to stay calm and keep an eye out and hope that the police force will do their job. >> authorities worry that the more time passes the more desperate and dangerous matt and sweat will become. whether they're looking for food water, shelter, transportation. they could turn to violence. i will tell you, talking to many
5:09 am
residents here they're skeptical of the canines being hot on matt and sweat's trail. saying these guys are clever enough to carry out a plan to use tools to tunnel out and emerge through a manhole. they're probably clever enough to get out of dodge as well. back to you. >> thank very much. >> that's something to think about. their get away plan blew up. if you're to believe thestory we're getting from the press. >> it seems there could be a love triangle from a prison official. >> you say she's the critical link. >> she has not lawyered up. she's been speaking with the authorities regularly. she is not under arrest. she has not been charged. clearly this woman who is described by her exhusband as being a tramp. that's the exhusband's words not mine. she had the relationship with sweat, she keeps her job, matt comes in, matt is the one who
5:10 am
dismembered her boss and killed the american in mexico. he romances her. she goes for him. she cooperates in the escape plot to the extent that she provides the tools, she provides the opportunity. but then gets cold feet at the very end. where she is supposed to be outside that manhole with a car with the engine running. instead she checks herself into the local hospital, claims that you know, she's having this nervous breakdown. she never shows up. i believe that is the main reason they're concentrating the search around the facility. i don't buy any of the dog scent pick up or the candy wrappers. you go into the woods you'll find candy wrappers eventually. i don't know where they are, if they're still together. they have been on the verge of catching these people for at least 48 hours. we've heard report after report after report. they are there. they are there.
5:11 am
it's within three miles, one miles, five miles. now it's in vermont. then it's in philadelphia. i don't think -- although i do believe the broad structure of the case as i've described it a true i don't think that they have a specific lead as to where they are right this second. >> let's hope they find them shortly. they have nothing to lose. if they're cornered, that's trouble. >> they're vicious killers. >> they r. they know what happens. here they have humiliated all of the prison authorities. they get back and get rearrested. they're already serving life. how do you punish them? easy. solitary guards can be abusive. they will make these guys the pariah of the prison. they won't get star treatment. they will be isolated. i think their -- that's why they are driven. that's why they won't give up, they'll starve crawl on their bellies, black flies rain notwithstanding.
5:12 am
they'll get to vermont or mexico. >> look for charges against this woman? >> she could be charges already. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us. >> i'm going right to the infirmary. >> you lost a lot of blood. coming up why do so many young americans think it's okay to disrespect cops? the man who turned crime around in new york city has an idea about it. rudy guiliani coming up next. it was her big moment with the queen. this 6-year-old get upstaged by a very aggressive salute. ♪ >> we know what happened. it's the video -- geraldo will be talking about all day, as will we. >> and lebron. ♪
5:13 am
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16 minutes past the top of the hour. developing this morning, dangerous and becoming routine. the pentagon confirming a russian fighter jet came within ten feet of a united states plane over the black sea last month. it comes weeks after a similar incident near poland. more terrifying moments in the sky. a packed malaysian flight was involved. it w make a landing
5:17 am
after an engine burst into planes. this happened after a takeoff in australia where the pilot landed the plane. 6-year-old's moment with queen elizabeth in wales out shined by this. >> ouch. the saluting soldier accidently whacking the little girl in the head. sending her hat flying off. she's just fine, though. the imaging are disturbing. isis training children in fighting pits. that is not all. we'll show you the -- more of this ground terror group play ground in just a bit. why do you think young americans here think it's okay to disrespect the cops? a man who turned crime around in new york city has an idea about it. rudy guiliani american's mayor is coming up next. first, more from billy
5:18 am
currington. here is must be doing something right out on our "fox and friends" plaza. ♪ a woman is a mystery ♪ ♪ a man can't understand ♪ ♪ sometimes all it takes to please her ♪ ♪ is a touch of your hand ♪ ♪ other times you got to take it slow ♪ ♪ and hold her all night long ♪ ♪ you never know there's so many ways a man can go wrong ♪
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all right. strong words from the new york city's current police commissioner and past police commissioner blaming the anti-cop mentality we're seeing across the country. and liberal values. >> i think it's a general sense of liberalization in our society. and i think my average police officer on the street would tell you that he's encountering more besistance to his or her authority. and that's inappropriate. >> he's just speaking for new
5:23 am
york. commissioner bratton have a point? former new york city mayor rudy guiliani joins us now. do you think he's on the money? >> >> he's absolutely correct. there's been a breakdown in structure, a breakdown in respect for authority right from the very top. from president obama to our mayor. the sense that police officers have to be distrusted. the president always seems to come out against the police. he never comes out for them. even when he does it's always measured language never with a sign of respect. then the reality is that we're not policing the way we should. we've given up on strategies of crime that were very effective in keeping shootings and murders low. stop question and frisk has been reduced to as far as i can tell a bare minimum. no wonder murders are up 20%. >> i want you to hear more about
5:24 am
the commissioner about what he's seeing right now. >> less respect for authority, i think some of it's coming out of the fact we have so many home environments in this country that are not home environments in the traditional sense. there is no direction at home. >> is he overstepping by that? >> no. it's an area we can't do much about, the government, and police can't do much about what happens in the home except child abuse and beating of women. bill bratton and i devised one of the most domestic violence programs in the country. >> policing were so tough, it caused a lot of angst -- >> what's better murder or angst? >> i'm proangst. >> i'm going to travel to france tonight. when i go through france i'll get searched and sometimes tsa laughs because it's me. they search me. that's a stop and frisk.
5:25 am
that's a stop, question and frisk. why do i go through it? because of the possibility there might be a bomber on the plane. the reason you have to go through it in a neighborhood of high crime, even if you're innocent is because there is crime in the neighborhood. if i lived in a neighborhood where there were 40 or 50 murders, i would thank the police. >> a lot of them are backing you. the reason why you're such a viable candidate for president is because you not only understand the inner city but the world. you are globally sauvvvy. we are about to cut a deal with iran that has everybody unnerved. with this deal coming up july first you want to talk about another organization out there that helped us unmask a lot of the secret sight of this nuclear -- >> yeah. an organization being double crossed completely the mek. they helped us during the iraqi war. they surrendered their arms to
5:26 am
us. they have been declassified as a terrorist organization. they want to overthrow iran. they have a government that's run by a wumoman who you will see interviewed this weekend on fox. we will be speaking to 70 and 1,000 thousand 100,000 people. >> we didn't know about these nuclear sites. they unmasked them. we go in there caught them in a lie and were able to get leverage. >> there are about 3,000 stuck in iraq the government is not living up to its promise to take them out of iraq. we're breaking our promise. every general that commanded in iraq is embarrassed about this and testified about it. finally, they're the first ones that will tell you, the ayatollahs and the mullahs should not be trusted. the slightest particle of nuclear material. they do not -- iran does not
5:27 am
need the peaceful use of nuclear power. it's got plenty of power. they're doing it for one purpose. this is like playing poker with a guy who cheated you twice before. >> it is. there was a chance with the revolution the uprising for emk for them to walk in there and we decided to punt. mr. mayor, always great to see you. good luck going over to france. three minutes before the bottom of the hour o. still ahead on "fox and friends." your e-mails pouring in on this. what candidate would you like to go on vacation with? trisha says this please nominate yourself steve doocy i want to take a vacation with steve doocy. that's fantastic. >> let's go! >> all right, steve yelling in the background. you don't even know anything about them. he's making a big splash the story behind that video next. more from billy currington. here is people are crazy. and they are, by the way.
5:28 am
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...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. hillary clinton joined instagram yesterday. yeah. and her first photo, this is true was of red white and blue pant suits. with the caption, hard choices. yeah. everybody agreed it was a great joke and hillary was like what joke i'm really stressing with this. which one should i wear? it's not a joke. >> waiting for a regram on that one. >> is he on instagram? chris wallace joins us. are you on instagram?
5:33 am
>> am i on what? >> thank you very much. >> that answers that. what about this are you going on a summer vacation? >> i'm not exactly a ground breaker when it comes to all that stuff. all that newfangled stuff you kids play with. >> sure. >> get off of my lawn, steve. >> you are a social guy. fox news did a pool, sincell since it's a summer time. which presidential candidate would you like to vacation with hillary clinton, jeb bush rand paul and 25% couldn't figure out. of those on the list who would you most want to summer vacation with? >> those people it would either be none because, you know what really i want to spend my summer vacation with it? or trump because i figure it will be in a pretty nice place. that's where i'm going. >> here's the other thing about trump, he's fun to talk to. you don't just show up and say
5:34 am
are you worth a billion dollars. he's fun. he'll buy an apartment building because he wants to. >> what about this? part of the poll asked who would you least want to spend summer vacation with hillary clinton topped that poll as well. with 31%. so she's a person they'd most want to spend vacation with and the person they would least want to spend vacation with. how do you explain that one? >> it's like howard cosell was the most popular and the least popular. you know he just got a lot of name recognition. i would go for all of the above. the last person i want to spend my vacation with is any of them. it gets to a point, which is the question of likability. i think that's kind of important. my feeling has always been. it's a slightly different, you know kind of standard here. but i feel that when you -- are
5:35 am
voting for president to a certain degree it's like you're signing up to watch a tv show for four years because these people will be on the test. i don't think people elect elect somebody president if they don't make them smile a little bit when they watch them on tv. their policies are important, yeah go figure. but they got to have some kind of connection to them. >> sure. you know it's interesting you should bring that up. hillary clinton, they're trying to soften her image. got a big announcement from tomorrow on roosevelt island which used to be known as welfare island. jeb bush has a big announcement on monday. your impression of both and what they need to do on saturday and monday? >> well interestingly enough i think it's sort of same. they're both well known as we saw from the polls. there is high name recognition which i think is a lot of the question of who you'd like to spend vacation with it's not a
5:36 am
stranger. i think they would have to give a more compelling rationale for their campaign. at this point, it seems to somebody who hasn't been following very closely, it's my turn or my family or whatever. >> i agree. >> they have to explain in more compelling ways than each of them has why it is they want to be president and what they think they can do for us. >> the guy who is doing the best defining himself, rand paul he's been the clearest. >> i agree with that. these have the best name recognition but they haven't explained why they're running for president. that's what they need to do. >> you're going to be talking about all this i'm sure on sunday. who do you have lined up? >> we'll be all over because this event happening saturday on our watch. we will have a live record ed henry, who is covering hillary clinton is going to talk to us about what she said and the impact it has. we'll talk to one of her senior
5:37 am
advisors karen finny about it. and frankly the fact she's taken hits in the polls because of the private e-mails and also the huge amounts of floinmoney for the clinton foundation and we'll talk to paul ryan. he is the head of the house way and means committee. he's on the side of obama right now trying to get the fast track trade authority through the congress. we'll talk to him about that. and also about what happens if the supreme court strikes down the federal subsidies for obamacare. >> you know before you go going back to the vacation question who would you most like to spend your vacation with when -- the question was, clinton. i wonder how many people confused hillary with bill? were they thinking hillary, were they thinking bill. bill is a likable guy. >> well that's true. and you could play golf with him. lord knows it's a little bit like trump you wouldn't have to say very much. you could just say so what's up. >> you had me at hello.
5:38 am
>> yeah. or you can call george clooney and vacation with chris wallace they vacationed together. >> they're buddies but they didn't get invited to the wedding. >> i'm not going to make you choose between these guys. >> clooney, kilmeade or doocy? do you really want an answer to that? >> i'll take a double with kilmeade and doocy. >> i need some hip waders around here. we'll watch you on sunday. >> buy. it is 22 minutes before the top of the hour. we are following a press conference taking place in upstate new york. it is a fox news alert about that prison working that's accused of helping the inmates escape. the district attorney is saying that joyce mitchell did not provide those power tools to inmates. but she provided them with other
5:39 am
contraband but wouldn't say what that was. she could face several felony charges. we'll keep you posted as the press conference continues. new images just released shows how depraved isis is. take a look at this picture of children attacking one another in fighting pits. they are believed to be as young as 10 years old. children in mosul, crawling through some sort of an obstacle course. here is a picture of children reading the koran. their identities hidden by masks. he has taken on apollo creed in rocky. remember this? getting into the office of vogue, you know the fancy magazine turned out to be sly stallone's biggest fight. the actor turned away from their offices in one world trade center. he was with his daughter she's a model.
5:40 am
they were there for a meeting, there was a confusion at the security desk. that left them stranded and a little embarrassed there as well. you could have helped them? too bad you weren't there. making a big splash but for all the wrong reasons. take a look. not one, but two of the best swimmers from the filipino diving team showing off total flops during an international swimming competition. they guy landed on his back. his teammate stepped on the board but ended up knee first. both given zeros across the board. >> that's like my 5-year-old yesterday. >> why not do a canonnon ball. >> thank you very much. >> they tried. coming up still ahead they
5:41 am
were supposed -- >> i'll miss her. >> they were supposed to raid a pot shop. but as it turns out these cops ended up eating the evidence. >> oh, my. bernie sanders wants to give everyone a paid vacation. should that be the law? peter johnson jr. will weigh in. more from billy currington. here is more from football town with a drinking problem. ♪ ♪
5:42 am
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5:45 am
quick headlines now. bad behavior caught on camera is the theme. watch it develop. a band of thieves crash a car. they got out to check out the problem, they drive off empty handed. this isn't part of the job incops raiding a pot shop in santa ana, california they were caught on camera eating the evidence. they were seen playing darts and disables the surveillance camera. that's it all i had for video. listen how would you like to have all the paid vacation you could get? bernie sanders, who wants to be our president, thinks that's a great idea. >> require employers to provide at least ten days of paid
5:46 am
vacation. to workers in this country. this is already done in almost every other major country on earth. >> well only 13 other countries on planet earth don't do it. so should we do it here? let's talk to peter johnson, jr. round of applause for pjj. >> does everybody here want ten days of paid vacation? [ applause ] >> okay the question is who is going to pay for it. who is going to pay for it. bernie sanders, part of his family values program says ten days paid vacation for every employee in the company that has 15 employees. and he says this is what family values is about. we need to take care of the american people. listen european union, 20 days. france 30 days. canada and japan, ten days. but what kind of shape are some of these european union countries in? who is going to pay for it. >> exactly. who is going to pay for it. it shouldn't be shocking to think bernie sanders might
5:47 am
suggest it. he's described himself as a socialist. >> i don't think it's a bad idea if we can pay for it. there are too many people who work hard and they don't get paid vacation and working six days a week. >> we are surrounded by 500 people. we have tom and mike from long island. what do you think? >> i think you should have to earn it. i think it should be up to the individual company to set their policies. i don't think an individual or government should have anything to do with that policy. >> there are a lot of people that would say i earned it i paid tax and stuff like that. if my company can't pay for it maybe my government should. >> i think your government should have nothing to do with your vacation being paid for. and, again, bernie sanders, a socialist, all the way to the left come on? >> you're not on vacation today. >> no. >> you're paying for it today? >> yeah. >> is it fair not fair what should we do? >> i'm not sure who should pay
5:48 am
for it. but i think the working class and the stresses we face i think not enough working people spend time with their family. two weeks i think is fair. >> do you get a vacation? >> i sure do. >> do you get a paid vacation. >> yes i do i earned it and worked for it. >> if you're working full time in a company that's 15 employees, should you be able to get it? the question is should the government be dictating to you whether you can do it or not. is it in the bill of rights and constitution? so there's a lot of opinion on both sides of it. we all love a vacation. don't we? >> yes we do. and we love a free concert. in just a moment ladies and gentlemen -- thank you very much. billy currington will take to the stage. martha maccallum takes the channel at the top of the hour. what do you have going? >> dogs pick up the scent of escaped killers in the woods and could be closing in. we'll take you live for the
5:49 am
latest. the white house wants to make sure your neighborhood is diverse. they say they will enforce that. ucla professors should not call the united states the land of opportunity. that that would be racist. we'll see you at the top of the hour. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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are you ready, billy? all right. what song is he going to play? he's going to play don't get and his new album summer forever. this crowd is loving it already. are you ready? >> 13
5:53 am
million downloads. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mix, match beg, stack sneak, peek, tease taunt, like, love. because real cheese people bite with abandon. hold the sacrifice no compromise. sargento ultra thin slices we're real cheese people. a good way to say thank you to billy currington is download his new album summer forever. >> it's your sixth album, ten number ones. this is the highlight of your career is that correct? >> today is the highlight. i'm with the best crowd ever. >> it's got to be. we have loved having you here. clayton, how are you doing? >> you guys watch "fox and
6:00 am
friends" on the weekend? you better. we've got lieutenant colonel allen west. grilling dos and don't and last minute father's day gifts. did you shop yet? >> have a great weekend. martha: new developments in the massive manhunt for two killers. we learn that a prison worker has reportedly confessed to helping them escape. >> day 7 of the manhunt in upstate new york. the police team stepping up their search for david sweat and matt. martha:


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