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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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[cheering] >> that's incredible. bill: sure is. >> tried to make the first frontflip ever made in monster truck. the front tires didn't come to a complete stop. he will try the double backflip next week. gymnastics, you have to stick it when you land. he didn't quite stick it on the landing there. bill: for getting about landing on a comet. look at that guy. we have to run. >> bye, everybody. jenna: what a lead-in with the monster truck. hopefully not a metaphor for any politicians out there today. we'll talk a little politics. jeb bush set to officially launch his presidential campaign a few hours from now of hope you're off to a great monday. i'm jenna lee. >> i'm eric shawn for in for jon scott. jeb bush released his video touting, as the greatest
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century. current gridlock we're experiencing in washington, d.c. take a look at part of that video. >> we reformed. we got results. that is what is missing from washington. the d.c. crowd talks about what's wrong with america. i see what's right. they talk about problems. i see solutions. jenna: all right. preview there. mr. bush will make it official at a speech and rally at miami-dade college. where we find of course our political correspondent carl cameron who is there now. carl? >> reporter: the wind is kicking up and heat is blistering at miami-dade college. one of the biggest in the country. over 100,000 students and most diverse. up to 70% minority student population here. that is part of the theme jeb bush will be talk about reaching out to grow the republican party. reaching out to help those who in the past overlooked by government. putting those who have been in the back of the line at the front of the line. that is the thing he will focus on what is his populist and
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conservative launch of his presidency today. as you noted and as we've been talking about the sign over my shoulder is jeb with exclamation point. it leaves out his last name bush. that is not new folks. jeb bush has always run with a logo just his first name, not his last. his brother and father, last two republican presidents will not be here. rest of immediate family will be here. his wife columba is mexican. his children will be here as well. he will emphasize reaching out to the republican party. a experienced conservative. governor who led florida successfully. he will talk about his record of success here and will make the argument time for new leadership. a lot of his rivals that he doesn't rep new leadership as a bush, that he is part of the yesterday's politics. particularly one of his closest friends in the field senator marco rubio. rubio is officially declared candidate. like bush he is in the top tier of the polls, basically pretty much a three-way tie between bush, walker, marco rubio.
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scott walker governor of wisconsin. in the case of rubio these two have been mentor and protege for many many years. now they find themselves as rivals. rubio makes argument it is time for new blood. perhaps, jeb, his friend is part of the last generation of leaders. he argues it is time for new face and he would represent that. not today but bush campaign will make the observation that marco rubio is freshman senator. the country experimented with a freshman senator not all that popular in many republican minds with barack obama. they will argue that the country does not lead a legislator. they need a leader. he has executive experience, bringing that jeb bush, former governor of florida to announce here in a few hours. jenna: we'll look forward to that carl, thank you very much. >> on the other side hillary clinton is taking her campaign to the road this morning. the democratic frontrunner set to speak a few minutes from now in the state that hosts the first primary of the presidential race. mrs. clinton is hosting a launch
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party at an orchard in concord new hampshire. this of course after her big weekend rally in new york city's roosevelt island. in the four freedoms park. that was named for franklin delano roosevelt four themes what our country represents. mrs. clinton's speech focused heavily on income inequality. >> no president would be a tougher negotiator on behalf of american workers, either with our trading partners or republicans on capitol hill than i would be. >> ed henry, live at the clinton event in concord, new hampshire. hi ed. >> reporter: good to see you, eric. what is interesting in the speech hillary clinton tried to build on legacy of fdr saying that she wants to be president of not some americans but all americans. interestingly later attacked republicans specifically by name suggesting they were being racist by opposing voting rights initiatives that she supports. also charged that republicans
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want to take millions off of the health care rolls. so an interesting dichotomy there about coming together while also going on the attack. that bite you played was also about the issue of trade. interesting because she is taking heat from the left. liberals like bernie sanders who is in this presidential race saying she needs to take a position on the trade deal that president obama is pushing, suffered a big defeat on late last week. interesting, within hours of this speech saturday she went to iowa and yesterday finally came out against the current trade deal. listen. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi to make sure we get the best, strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal. >> reporter: so, interesting because i mentioned that she had
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criticized republicans. she also there seemed to be criticizing president obama by suggesting he needs to know, show more leadership on this issue and listen to nancy pelosi. on that criticism of republicans at one point saying on saturday they're the party of yesterday. you heard carl cameron saying that republican marco rubio has been responding. take a look at this ad he put out right after the clinton speech saturday. >> yesterday is over. [cheers and applause] we're never going back. we americans are proud of our history but our country has always been about the future. >> reporter: so you can see the battle is joined. we're hearing that hillary clinton, who has taken very few questions so far in this campaign is taking some heat for that. did a couple interviews in iowa. may take questions from national reporters here in new hampshire after one of her events, eric. >> ed, last time you did a couple weeks ago in iowa. hopefully you can do that again
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today can in new hampshire as you do so well. thank you ed. jenna? jenna: new information on the prisoner swap that brought sergeant bowe bergdahl back to the united states in exchange for the "taliban five." ground intelligence revealing more what happened when bergdahl walked off his base in afghanistan. our chef intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. catherine? >> reporter: jenna an intelligence network was established to gather information on a western hostage who was already being held in the region and the morning after sergeant bowe bergdahl left his base in afghanistan the network of informants came across some surprising information. according to the former cia officer who was running the operation and for the first time is now speaking publicly. >> an american soldier alongwith two or three afghan soldiers, had been captured or
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taken by a group of nomads and that they were using the the word, diwana, which in this case meant high on ha sheesh. >> reporter: he told fox that he had no idea at the time that the american soldier in fact was sergeant bowe bergdahl who was later traded as you recall for the five taliban commanders at guantanamo bay last year. this unclassified information fox has confirmed was passed through military intelligence channels and pushed forward into afghanistan. within 96 hours bergdahl apparently were sold to the haqqani terrorist network and was beyond u.s. government reach in pakistan. >> they had an opinion that the nomads would try and sell the soldiers probably to the haqqanis. i can't say precisely but i
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think it is certainly was in, within four days and maybe less. >> reporter: that is incredible information. the timing and also the allegation that bergdahl was high when he left his base. former number two at sew come the special socom special operations command the retired general is familiar with the events in 2009. told fox news the information passed was deemed at the time was credible and useful. this new intelligence gathered immediately after his disappearance significantly undercut reporting that bergdahl left baseballs he intended to report problems with his chain of command. bergdahl's attorney declined to answer fox's questions, jenna. jenna: catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> this just in. prosecutors in colorado beginning to wrap up their case against accused murder james holmes. jurors hearing from 190 witnesses the past seven weeks during testimony and the trial
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raising troubling questions about whether holmes could have been stopped before the horrible theater massacre that left 12 people dead and some more wounded. alicia acuna is following the trial and the case in denver. hi, alicia. >> reporter: hi eric. the judge has given the district attorney until june 23rd to wrap up his case but prosecution says they may be able to rest by this friday. the jury in this case must decide if james holmes knew right from wrong at the time of the shooting, something two state appointed psychiatrists testified he did you about he suffered from a mental illness. there is still a question whether the prosecution will call dr. lynn fenton to the stand. she was holmes university psychiatrist while he was student on the day of the shooting holmes mailed his notebook with meticulous planning for massacre. jurors heard from james holmes ex-girlfriend who testified she urged him to see a therapist after he sent him an instant message talking about killing
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people and saying he considered himself evil. also on the stand, friend and fellow member of the navy, petty officer john larimer protected his girl from gunfire was killed. his friend explained to the jury the moment he realized larimer was gone. >> he wouldn't answer. i said come on. he's gone. let's go. let's get out of here. but he still wouldn't get up. so i said, greg, get his legs. we're not leaving him here. >> reporter: they had to leave him there because someone warned the gunman might be coming back. throughout the seven weeks of testimony the defense has not cross-examined any of the survivors or victims family members from the night of july 20, 2012. eric just a reminder under the law in colorado the defense does not have to prove that james holmes was insane. the burden is on the prosecution to prove that he was sane the night of the crime.
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eric? >> such powerful testimony. alicia, thank you so much. jenna: "happening now," hillary clinton is holding her first public event in new hampshire. will the democratic frontrunner say anything to help the president salvage his trade bill after criticizing it this weekend? our political panel weighs in and why the one bill means so much. a court hearing for a man who murdered an entire california family who disappeared one day and whose bodies were found much later in the desert. jeb bush is expected to announce he is running for president today. what do you think aboutth? would you vote for jeb bush for president? vote on to join the live chat.
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♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. eric: now here are some crime stories we're following for you. a long-awaited plim ney hearing for a man who was killed an entire family. he killed his business partner and his wife and two young sons
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and who were 2 and 4 years old. mcstays bodies were found in shallow graves three years later. charles mayor rick is pleading not guilty to four counts of murder. in the 2012 killing of a new orleans dancer who performed in one of those places on bourbon street. he and his former girlfriend are charged in the case. he dismembered his lockhart before disposing her body along the coast. fatal shootings of four people in an ohio home this weekend. police have not provide ad motive for the killings but looking now they say for a second suspect. jenna: back to some politics now, the president suffering what has been describe ad major defeat on friday when congress failed to pass a bill giving him fast track trade authority. the president may not want to look to his former secretary of state for this bill.
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during clinton's first remarks on the trade agreement in iowa on sunday she encouraged president to listen to house minority leader nancy pelosi and work with democrats in the house to try to negotiate a better deal for american workers. here is our political panel. dana hopper, online editor for "the weekly standard." betsy woodruff political reporter for "the daily beast." nice to have you both on this monday. betsy, this bill this one bill has a lot of emotion around it. i would like to leave out the economics for a moment. why is this so politically significant for republicans and democrats? >> i think part of the reason that it galvanizes democrats so much is that over the past years and decades we've seen the labor movement take major hard hits. this particular trade deal, labor leaders believe will be devastating to them. it will be devastating to workers in the united states. for them it is almost like a ride or die situation. if they want win this, labor will have trouble winning anything. it is important not just in terms of policy but also symbolic they would support
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primary challengers to democrats. they put moratorium on donations to democratic campaigns because they're so worried and so invested in keeping this deal from going forward. jenna: interesting dana, that speaks to how powerful labor still is in the democratic party. >> totally. it gives a ton of money and relies on it financially tremendously. hillary clinton helped president obama pivot to asia. this was a big thing when she became secretary of state. she isn't helping him now. she created a lot of distance so democrats can follow her lead and sink the bill which effectively what they have done so far at least. this is rebuke of her former boss president obama tremendously but also positions herself. she is still a little squishy, a little clearer but still a little squishy still allows her to come out in favor of trade if the political winds change. she is basically not taking a position so she can go either way depending what is right.
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that is not politically courageous move even though it might be politically expedient. jenna: what do you think of hillary clinton being swish think on the trade bill. >> i think that is right on money. her campaign chairman john podesta said on sunday shows and very clear about her stand on trade. poe lit fact checked on the that and said it was mostly want. she hasn't said what changes she wants. she hasn't said what political problems there are. what stances members of congress would be to. she is. this is issue that gets her in trouble. either she upsets big business corporate supporters or make her base labor and progressive activists absolutely irate. she is being vague and it is understandable. jenna: we should mention this legislation is a big package daniel. there is a question how this package will move itself through the house now. you have the part that is the
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fast track authority that the president is asking congress for. you also have the part that is labor part, that some democrats want and republicans don't. this may be an issue for democrats but also an issue for republicans because there has been disagreement within the conservative movement as to the way forward with this bill as well. >> absolutely. the conservative opposition to the bill is so different. it tends not to be as substantive. tends to be more process driven. conservatives tend to be upset the process which congressional leaders which are republicans they negotiated this bill in secret. the bill hasn't been released fully. that is what upsets them. democrats it is very substance-based opposition which is really hard to overcome. because it is just from a totally different place. they think these, that these laws in general once such as bill clinton passed nafta right? ones former democrats have supported have been at fault for jobs going oversavers and i think that is a lot harder to overcome. i think hillary clinton has given them a big gift, allowing
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them to effectively follow her lead move away from the president and allow i don't know, we'll see what happens in the end but, it doesn't look like democrats are going to follow the president. he is now a lame duck president. jenna: interesting. there is a few pathways forward for the legislation again all together but there is timing on that as well. we'll see this week what actually happens and whether or not back to the drawing board for the whole deal. who knows. daniel betsy, great to have you both. thank you very much. >> thanks, jenna. eric: jenna can vladmir putin be stopped? well now the u.s. is increasing our military presence in eastern europe to try to deter the continued russian aggression but will the beefed up strategy work or will the allies in the region suffer the same fate as ukraine? dozens of homes are damaged and flooding after a major water main break. coming up we'll take a look where this is happening. >> i'm 64 years old and i ain't never seen nothing like this. >> i actually haven't grasped it yet. i'm trying not to look at it.
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eric: a massive water main break in philadelphia sense millions of gallons of water just rushing through the streets. take a look at that up to three feet deep in someplaces of the dozens of homes and several cars of course are damaged. flooding forced temporary evacuations there. crews dug up the street to try to seal the broken pipe. it was laid-back in 18985. water service has been restored but officials are trying to assess all the damage. it is an old pipe but still unclear what caused it to break. jenna: wow what a mess. new information on u.s. efforts to deter russian aggression in eastern europe. according to new report the pentagon is considering sending heavy weapons to baltic and eastern european countries that could be at risk of an attack. it comes amidst russia on going
8:26 am
aggression in ukraine and apparently sent to send a message to vladmir putin. we'll talk to the author of the fiction book, the palace of treason. we'll talk to him a little bit about that book. just so our viewers know jason, i spent three decades as cia operative. you spike six languages and managed cia stations and this area of the world we'll talk about. nice to have you on the program jason. >> good morning, jenna. jenna: what is your reaction of this news of us moving equipment to eastern europe just in case with the intention of sending a message? >> listen, vladmir putin is concerned with only one thing. that is to preserve the russia he has built and to protect his kleptocracy. if therefore he thinks that he is in for a ruinous fight in the baltics or eastern europe, he won't do it. but, he is constantly assessing
8:27 am
u.s. resolve and if he feels that the administration does not want to engage, then i think we better leave the keys to those tanks with the estonians and the poles because they are going to need it. jenna: how good is our intel network inside of russia, inside of eastern europe? >> i have been out of the game for about five years so i'm not, i'm not really informed about it. there are three kinds of intelligence that we basically depend on. human intel against humint. imagery intelligence from satellites and the signals intelligence what nsa does. i think all three of those provide a mosaic of information and sometimes one lags behind the other and we, we have a incomplete picture sometimes of what's happening in russia. jenna: the reason yes asked because i was looking at this other headline over the weekend
8:28 am
about british spies being impacted by the secret cache of documents stolen by edward snowden. apparently according to this report russia is among the countries along with china who finally gotten into these files, know the information. that has cause ad reaction huge reaction within the british intelligence service. how damaging do you think that is to us especially when we look at news stories like this today, jason, about our next move in that part of the world? >> edward snowden has has caused irreparable damage. signals intelligence sigint, those sources are perishable, and when which lose them, we lose them for good. the whole snowden affair has been one giant ruse in my opinion to downplay a tremendous intelligence harvest that the russians are enjoying. there has been a ponderous and highly documented fiction of
8:29 am
snowden's escape to russia, to hong kong first and then russia. his time allegedly in the transit lounge in moscow airport which is all nonsense. the fact that he is protecting the documents he took out with him, total nonsense. the fs. about, the internal service the russia, had the documents right from the start. jenna: you're imaginations get the best of us with stories like snowden's. jason, you have taken your career, the only former cia operative who had an entire career 33 years at cia then have now turned to fiction. your book, your first book, was "new york times" best circle. you're out with your next one which we mentioned at the top "house of treason" which we're anxious to read. some have been surprised what you have actually been able to write about. you have had to go through some pretty interesting clearances to get permission to the write the book. the big question that comes with any sort of spy novel jason,
8:30 am
how close is fiction to reality? when you look at your own book, how close is it jason? >> my book sin formed by my three three -- 33 years in the agency. there is authentic tradecraft in it and insider vocabulary. i work very closely with cia to have them review and approve the manuscript. there is nothing classified in the book but it is, i have opened the furnace door and given people a look of secret life that not many know exist. jenna: and this particular one focuses on iran and russia, is that right? >> that's correct, yes. jenna: timely as it is. >> well, the i wake up every morning and thank vladmir putin for being vladmir. he is a great source of content for me. jenna: i wonder if he says the same thing about you jason after all that work that you have done. it is great to have you on the program. we look forward again reading your book and having you back on especially with the expertise you bring to the table, jason.
8:31 am
thank you very much. >> thankor having me. thank you. eric: fascinating inside look especially about snowden. jenna: you wonder sometimes about these writers. he is legitimate. set real thing. eric: whether what we're told is actually true. i know what is true. after months of speculation in a few hours jeb bush makes it official, his run for the white house. we'll have a look at that. a terrifying scene for beachgoers. there were two shark attacks in the same area. >> there is a shark attack. >> what, ma'am? >> i saw --
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jenna: new details on the shark attacks in north carolina. two young people are in stable condition after they were both attacked on the same stretch of beach. jonathan serrie live in atlanta with the latest. john that? >> reporter: jenna both of the victims remain hospitalized after undergoing emergency surgery yesterday. authorities say they have a long recovery ahead. the 12-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy were attacked in relatively shallow water, waist-deepwater about 20 yards off the shore of oak island, north carolina. this is east of oceanside beach where a 13-year-old girl on a boogie board suffered lacerations on her foot she said was a shark. this was three days from sunday's attack where two the
8:36 am
young people were injured. in yesterday's attack the girl suffered serious injuries to the left arm and leg and the boy to his left arm. bystanders applied first aidop the leading. authorities say that prevented bad situation from becoming worse. they released recordings of the initial 911 calls >> reporter: the ambulance did get this quickly. meantime the 911 operator was able to provide over the phone instructions on how to control the bleeding until first-responders arrived at the scene. today the beaches there are open but authorities have been patrolling the water by boat and helicopter so they can warn swimmers in sharks return to the
8:37 am
area. they say it is unclear what type of shark was involved in sunday's attacks and they don't know whether it was the same shark or two separate sharks responsible. unconfirmed reports from witnesses on the beach describe a shark at least seven feet long involved in one of those attacks, jenna. jenna: much more on this during the 1:00 p.m. hour of "happening now." jonathan, thank you. eric: jenna jeb bush set to maybe it official just a few hours from now. the former florida governor will enter the race for the white house this afternoon at his announcement in miami. some political analysts are saying it will take a lot more work for him to break away from the republican pack. others say he will surprise people. the media pundits are in overdrive this morning. will his treatment be fair or slanted? alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show, nationally syndicated on fox's radio. tammy bruce, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. >> we're on overdrive already. eric: absolutely.
8:38 am
just a few hours ago. interesting tammy "washington post" this morning saying is stashment favorite. he is more conservative than most people thought. he has gotten rust off. that is good review from the "washington post." >> shocker. >> liberal media. >> let me explain why that might be happening. they want him to be the nominee. >> conspiracy. >> you would agree. you would agree. i think liberals want bush to be nominee in general. >> no. >> when you're looking at that kind of a matchup, who is it hillary can beat, some of the latest polls she beats two people ted cruz and jeb bush. same thing happened to mccain. call it the john mccain syndrome. the media treated him fabulously through the primary season. moment he became nominee, they turned on him. he was shocked suddenly he was treated badly. get him as nominee and turn on him. eric: the scorpion will sting you and kill you? >> i'm worried about the shark story. >> right. >> if the media so-called
8:39 am
media "washington post" liberal media, legacy media if they say anything positive about a republican there has to be big conspiracy behind night so you think "the washington post" suddenly loves jeb bush and he is really conservative? don't underestimate him? >> fair and balanced analysis. >> if that what is the "washington post" always does. >> he is more conservative than people give him credit for. he has money. >> really? >> he is the establishment candidate. everything they stated there was factual. eric: do you think that will last? >> depends where you get your information. there are opinion pages and there are straight news pages. if it i could just finish for a he can, i don't have this automatic media out to get whoever. >> well you're a liberal. >> thanks for letting me know. >> when "the washington post" turns on jeb bush then we will revisit this. and compared to of course "the new york times" and what they did to marco rubio. you look at the difference between rubio is viewed as a threat. either nominee will need florida.
8:40 am
around so this is why jeb bush you figure you have to have somebody from florida. even hillary maybe could win florida if jeb bush is the nominee. maybe not so much if it is rubio-romney. >> media never goes after democratic candidates. hillary is too old. flip-flopped on this. now suddenly she sounds progressive is where the media has been all weekend. where did she get the positions she didn't have a few months ago. to single out the media goes after republicans is not -- >> we should ask george stephanopoulos about fairness to hillary. >> ouch. eric: speaking so-called elite media talking about liberal new york media, "new york" magazine jennifer senior, very highly-touted and respected magazine writer. on npr a lot. wrote award-winning magazine article, dreaming of obama. she said to howard kurtz. she said she was impressed by
8:41 am
jeb bush. >> you agree with jeb bush on exactly nothing. >> yes. >> but you were impressed by him. >> yeah well, he is very endearing. well endear, he works hard. i appreciate his work ethic. he he has a command of policy. he thinks, he reads. absolutely. eric: is he seducing -- >> a liberal said something positive about jeb bush. can you believe it, tammy. >> he thinks and he reads. isn't that the standard. no other republicans really do. that proves my point. you will not hear that about any other candidate. you will hear it about the one that they want. >> who is they wants jeb bush? i think jeb bush has probably good a chance of anybody as beating hillary clinton if he is the nominee. i don't know who they is that you think wants jeb bush to be nominee. >> if you want amnesty candidate, like common core vote for hillary or jeb. people will want to voter the person who embraces those issues
8:42 am
and they see with a decent economic past which is the clintons versus the bush history. >> i want santorum-cruz ticket. >> that is it. there you go. eric: that is what make this is so much fun. alan tammy, thank you. couple hours into the announcement. we'll get the review tomorrow. thank you. jenna? jenna: she is accused he have helping two killers escape. joyce mitchell in court on charges she gave two convicted killers they used to dig themselves out of a maximum security prison. we'll look at her case and the manhunt for two very dangerous men. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today.
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eric: at the top of the hour comes "outnumbered." let's check in with andrea and harris. >> always good to see you eric. soon there will be 11. jeb bush entering the white house race today. can he break away from the crowded field of candidates? >> plus multiple polls show most people don't find hillary clinton trustworthy but her campaign manager denies it. what numbers is he looking at? >> he says the polls do not
8:46 am
exist. >> to teach shakespeare, not to teach shakespeare. that is the question. one teacher is making headlines with the answer no shakespeare for you. >> we'll see you on "outnumbered" at the tom hour. is. eric: see you about 15 minutes from now. the prison worker accused of helping two killers escape the maximum security prison is in court as the manhunt for the two killers is in day 10. joyce mitchell who worked in the taylor shop at prison, brought hacksaw blades chisels and dangerous contraband used by the prisoners to escape. will they catch them and how much trouble is she in? joining us to talk about the potential charges are criminal defense attorney and a former prosecutor, anna young. let me start with you. she essentially befriended them in the taylor shop. when she popped out of the manhole she was supposed to drive them a place seven hours away from the jeep.
8:47 am
maybe have them kill her husband and live the rest of her life happily ever after in a cap bin in vermont. what was she thinking? >> she is in big trouble eric. the d.a. and even the governor gone public and made it very clear they will punish her to the fullest extent of the law because they want to set an example of her. they want to send a message if you're prison employee and aid and abet a prisoner to escape you will be punished and go to scale. it is interesting, as of now she only faces seven years in prison which really doesn't seem like a lot but we know the investigation is ongoing. it is very possible she will be charged with additional crimes. and god forbid, if these two men commit any crimes now out on the loose, she can certainly be charged as an aider and abettor. it is not looking good for the woman at all. eric: anna let's say for example, these two are out on the run and tragically, god forbid someone gets killed or police officer or law enforcement.
8:48 am
can she be charged defacto with conspiracy, a charge or something because she allegedly helped them escape? >> that's right eric. she could potentially be charged with conspiracy. it is really dependent on the facts and timing w conspiracy, keep in mind, two or more people intend to commit a crime. there has to be what is called overt act an act for furtherance of the crime. whether she is mart of the conspiracy whether she con communicated that to the corespond spirittores and timing of everything. conspirators. her defense attorney will say she had nothing to do with that the prosecution can certainly look at conspiracy for her. that is something i want to add. just because she is facing two crimes right now doesn't necessarily mean she won't face charges in the future. i wouldn't be surprised if the d.a. adds charges not only send a message but put pressure on her to see if there is any additional information we can find. like you said, we're day 10. every day that goes by there is
8:49 am
less after chance finding the two dangerous men. eric: talking about more charges, is it possible there is something under the law acting in concert, part of this plan. could they have misled her so she is feeding law enforcement information that may not necessarily be true as governor cuomo said yesterday? they could be anywhere around the neighborhood or in mexico? >> absolutely they could have. these are convicted criminals. they are con artists. they are by nature, they're manipulative. they're con men. so, really not uncommon to see situations like this, eric. i've seen situations where prison guards have gotten pregnant by inmates. there have been romantic relationships between inmates and prison employees. prison employees often times smuggle in contraband for the prisoners. they bring in cell phones and drugs. the inmates know how to target and groom their victims. they know how to pick on most vulnerable which i think what happened in this situation. they compliment them. they love them. they will take care of them.
8:50 am
these women get drawn into the web and do basically whatever the men tell them to do. i would not be surprised if they did mislead her if she did go to the police she wouldn't blow their cover and tell them what is going on. with an elaborate plan like this -- eric: we're out of time. what do you think is going to happen? >> we'll see what happens with her because she is going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. she is not the victim here. the victim is the public. her choices helping them made the public so afraid to go outside people are living like prisoners in their own home. talking about prisoners, people at public afraid to let children outside and play until the two men get captured. who knows where they are and when they will get captured. eric: it is frighten startling and so said. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, eric. >> thank you eric. eric: jenna? jenna: a growing bird flu outbreak is now impacting food prices. what the government is doing to try to get it under control.
8:51 am
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8:54 am
jenna: fox news alert. this is coming into our newsroom that we have an air force base in little rock arkansas, on lockdown due to an incident that happened approximately two hours ago, 9:15 central time. we don't have that much information. all we know is, this is according to the air force, at approximately, approximately 9:15 in the morning an active threat occurred at the front gate to the little rock air force base. the bases gates are closed to inbound and outbound traffic. we have two individuals transported to a local hospital. we have first-responders on the scene but no details as to what happened with these individuals, absolutely nothing. all we do know, little rock air force base on lockdown right now. earlier incident. we're working to get more
8:55 am
information. eric: the impact of bird flu in the midwest is spending a-- spreading across the country. millions of hens have died. that means a huge shortage of eggs. that means you know what. we'll be paying higher prices for eggs at the grocery store. the usda is clearing way for imported eggs into our country but will that be enough? garrett tenney live in chicago on egg duty. garrett? >> reporter: eric, this egg shortage is bad news for some of our favorite summer staples like ice cream. eggs are used everywhere, in cakes, pastries like these as well as cookies, salad dressing and, even mayonnaise. all of those things will be more expensive going forward thanks in part to the worst outbreak of bird flu in u.s. history, that has killed more than 47 million birds this year. wholesale egg prices are already more than double what they are in april. the usda expects prices will continue to increase throughout
8:56 am
the rest of the year. that is despite the agency announcing that it will allow imports from the netherlands to help ease that void that is now there with all those chickens that have died. canada is the only other country the u.s. allows egg imports from. food producers are pushing for more countries to be allowed to import eggs. a lot of bakers and food producers as a whole saying even that might not be enough. >> the issue is of course the added expense of importing eggs from overseas. how they will come over, with the airfreight cargo ship. all that adds to the cost. >> reporter: egg producers say it could take additional two years to rebuild the supply there of egg-producing hens. they say the prices are going to stay high until that happens. and they're worried that the bird flu outbreak, it could come back again in the fall as birds start to work their way south again for the winter this story is far from over. eric: you know what that means?
8:57 am
we have to eat lucky charms. garrett, thank you. jenna: next hour of "happening now," u.s. forces launching airstrikes in libya. officials believe they killed a top al qaeda leader there. the latest coming up.
8:58 am
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