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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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he came close. >> oh, man. >> but the front tires didn't come to a complete stop when he landed as the rules require. i don't know i guess you should get some points for that. >> ouch. >> so you walk away nothing. >> flip around. >> eric great to have. >> you good to be here, jen mah. >> thanks for joining us. >> and "the real story" starts right now. >> thanks guys. jeb exclamation point getting in the race and shocking new details about the woman accused of helping the new york prisoners escape and some flattering and unflattering photos of me growing up. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. fox news alert for your monday. woman accused of helping two dangerous inmates break out of a prison in upstate new york went before the judge as officials say the convicted murderers could be anywhere by now. 51-year-old joyce mitchell waved
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a hearing on criminal contraband and criminal facilitation. officials say she was supposed to meet up with the convicts after they escaped but she didn't show up. the two have now been on many the lam for ten days. peter doocy outside the prison in den amor new york. what are we learning about plans to killjoys mitchell's husband? >> reporter: grichen, officials who have been talking to that alleged accomplice joyce mitchell addressed this just a few hours ago. we know from what she has been telling them what the plan was at midnight after the escape to pick up matt and sweat in her jeep and drive them somewhere seven hours away but the next step has been a mystery. it has been widely reported the plot included killing lyle mitchell who days ago thought to know something about the escape and officials not getting too specific about the possible reports about the murder right now. >> statements that she may have
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law enforcement agents or that somebody else may have made to law enforcement agents about an agreement between joyce mitchell and both matt and sweat as toss whether they were going to take any type of physical action to harm -- to harm lyle mitchell i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: and the attorney representing mitchell today just met her minutes before the hearing as the public defender who has been representing her in her proceeding stepped aside citing a conflict of interest. gretchen. >> very interesting. what's the latest now on the search effort? ten days they have been gone. >> reporter: it's been costing $1 million a day and so far zero confirmed sightings. still though even though they don't have any idea where these two are local authorities felt it was safe enough to open schools back up which they did and later on tonight they will close one of the nearby
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roadblocks. other roadblocks we've been driving through to get here and get around. seen officers pointing rifles and pistols into car trunks while others come around to see if there's anybody hiding in the back and u.s. marshals have been going door to door checking on residents asking if they have any structures on their property they want searched. as for the manhole cover that the murderers crawled out of it's been sealed off and the new york gof has order an official investigation into how this happened and also how to figure out how to stop it from happening again. the weather here today not so great. it's been raping on and off, but just as long as there is daylight outside 800 law enforcement agents and officers are out there in the woods on the street going door-to-door and checking cars looking for anything trace of these two fugitive murderers. just a few minutes ago up the street at the coffee shop i've met with one of the men out there very bravely searching for
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two fugitives. i asked him how it's going, and he said it's not raining. gretchen. >> interesting. they got to find them. they have been gone days. for more on this time to bring in fox news anliest lise wiehl. we heard there's a report out there and authorities didn't really comment on it today that possibly this joyce mitchell allegedly wanted to get the help of these two convicted murderers to kill her husband and then they were all going to flee together somewhere else but she chickened out. >> chickened out and checked into the hospital. i'm thinking the reason the prosecution is not going on the record right now is because she hasn't actually been charged with that solicitation or conspiracy and it's one more thing to hold over her while they have got her in custody. if she knows anything right, knows at all about their plans or whereabouts, their family. her cell phone was used, who was it used by who were they calling, all those kind things and if i was taking that case i would hold that against her and say i'm not going to charge you with that now and let's see how much you give us and maybe we'll
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settle with the eight years which is what she's looking at right now. >> it's so interesting because how would they have even found out that that was the actual plot unless she said something? >> exactly. she actually said something to law enforcement. she had a panic attack. she checked herself into the hospital. all of this happened and they did escape and the nationwide manhunt and scare really and she knows she's at center of it. she probably blurted it out to law enforcement. >> very interesting. we also heard peter say that an inspector general now is going to be doing an investigation. i mean it's a fine how do you do that now. don't want it to happen again. >> five weeks this was in the planning five weeks and maybe her husband was involved. he's being investigated as well not just as a potential victim but as a potential person who helped them. this happened in the prison for five weeks and nobody saw or did anything about it? she's bringing in all these tools and nobody saw or did anything about it gretchen. that's really appalling.
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>> we know that there's surveillance cameras, of course everywhere in prisons. >> right. >> and people are just not watching them or -- i mean, kind of scary for what else to be going on in other prisons. >> absolutely. this going on at this kind of speed and record five weeks of this happen heavy duty tool not a nail file heavy duty what's the culture there and at other prisons is what i'd be asking? >> lise wiehl, legal analyst, thank you. >> we're waiting a news conference from the hospital after two teens were attacked by sharks in north carolina. we are going to bring you the very latest. as you can see nobody there just yet, but that is going to happen momentarily, and we will bring that to you when it does. hillary clinton making the rounds in the granite state holding several public events but turning away some reporters. plus here's well guess who it
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welcome back to "the real story." jeb bush taking center stage soon where he'll announce his bid for the white house. big event taking place less than an hour now from miami. governor bush posting this photo of himself checking out the stage earlier along with new videos highlighting his experience and achievements. >> we led. we reform.
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we got results. that's what's missing from washington. i see a great country on the verge of its greatest century, and i'm ready to lead. >> the campaign also posting a short time lapse video of an artist spray painting their new hashtag slogan all in for jeb. mercedes let me start with you, since you are affiliated with the bush family now we have another bush running for the white house, officially going to kick off in just a couple of minutes from now. is he going to be different from the other candidates and if so in what way? >> definitely trying to make his case to the conservative voters out there. he's basically saying look give me a chance. listen to my story, what i have to say, and i think he's going to make a very strong case. obviously his setting down in mime a place he spent so much time in in a very multi-cultural institution like miami-dade
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college. he's making the point of bringing compassionate conservatism back in style, so i think he's going to make -- try very hard to persuade these voters. again, it's going to be tough but he won't give up that easily. >> gemu getting some of the excerpts of what he's going to say. he'll say florida under his direction was number one in job creation number one in small business creation. is that enough to woo the voters? >> well if it's not enough that exclamation point in his logo might help him. just kidding. i think that he has to make a case to a different type of voter though. that's going to be his challenge, and the soft things we aren't going to hear is that under governor bush florida actually went from $15 million in debt to $23 million in debt and that's going to be significant, but i -- i do think that governor bush's biggest challenge is going to be a very
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lukewarm reception from the gop primary voters and i just don't see how he overcomes bringing compassionate conservatism to a party that has turned its back and said we just don't care. >> that's definitely going to be one of his challenges. listen though to governor chris christie of new jersey who took a bit of a jab at jeb earlier today. listen to this. >> i've worked with a legislature of the other party. for the last nearly six years now, and we've had some significant accomplishments along with significant disagreements. you need to learn how to do that if you're going to be in weesy. >> jeb bush did that as a governor? >> had a legislaturech his own party, george a much different thing. listen i have great respect for jeb. he was a very good governor but if you're asking what are the things that make me different, i think i'm combat ready. mercedes mercedes combat ready. he does have a point. he did have to work across the aisle and get things done in new jersey but is that good enough? >> for chris christie i think it's not going to be good enough. i mean when you look at record
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in new jersey you start seeing the fact that they have lowered the state's credit rating. he's had an issue with a very high unemployment rate and, again, he's been ridden by scandals. you have all this kind of shadowing over governor chris christie and quite frankly he's a little bit behind on race in terms of fund-raising and building a sophisticated campaign operation. >> all right. sorry, got to wrap it there. jemhu, i owe you the first question next time. thank you, ladies. >> now to the dems. hillary clinton facing new criticism after relaunching her presidential campaign over the weekend. some like former presidential nominee mitt romney saying that despite her efforts to appear relatable clinton just doesn't seem genuine. >> when you see her on a stage or when she comes into a room full of people she's smiling with her mouth but her eye is are saying you know where's my latte? it just doesn't suggest that she believes everything she's saying. >> joining us now former minnesota congresswoman michele
11:15 am
bachmann and former presidential candidate herself. great to have you here on "the real story." >> thanks so much gretchen. >> what do you make of mitt romney's comments about hillary clinton? >> i think that mitt romney is exactly what right, what a lot of americans are saying right now. hillary has done this to herself over and over. look no further than the big e-mail scandal where she said she was e-mailing back and forth with her husband and her husband said just the opposite that he'd only sent two e-mails and they weren't to her and she had talked about why she only carried one device when she carried multiple. no one believes hillary clinton anymore. it's all about her, not about us. >> all right. she's actually one of two women now in the field for president. carly fiorina on the other side. you were the only woman on the republican side the last time around. >> that's right. >> my question is how do we get more women into politics? i want you to look at these statistics now. women hold 19% of the seats in congress. ten years ago they held about
11:16 am
14%. coast to coast 79 women hold statewide executive offices and only about a quarter of what's available. record number of women serving as governor and at the same time nine of them back in 2007 and then in 2004. how do we get more women into politics? >> well based on the numbers that you gave women are getting more involved in politics and i think they will continue to do so. we're going to see that number widen and broaden because i don't think the barriers to entry into politics are what they were. i think the recruitment for women is much higher. i know the republican party has been actively recruiting women so we'll see quite a few more women i think involved as we are now this year in the presidential contest. >> all right. i know that you're no longer in congress and something else people may not know about you, you were my trivia question last week and here's a picture. that is michelle amble as i knew her and me in the pool and why
11:17 am
were we there together michelle? >> because i was your baby-sitterer, your favorite baby-sitter. >> of course. and i tell the story in the upcoming book about how you always let me drink grape soda when my mom said no grape soda for gretchen and had you beautiful long hair that was down almost to your back side. >> yeah. no it really was, but you were the best kid ever. >> yeah, right. >> and made me want to go on and be a wonderful mother. you were just a pure delight. >> well it's so much fun to know you all these years, from the same hometown. you have certainly gone on and been a of the foremom to so many kids and, of course, your career in congress and you're a lawyer and everything else. so great to have you on "the real story" today. see you soon. >> thanks again. good to see you, bye-bye. >> time for my take now. we need to work harder inspiring more women to go into politics and we need more respect for way in which they are treated and covered by the media along with the questions they are sometimes asked. as a professional journalist for
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more than 25 years covering major events like presidential elections and the september 11 attack i know what it feels like to still not always be taken seriously. same thing happens to women who decide who run for office. hear a lot about female candidates fashion choices, their hairstyles and their weight. in my new book "getting real" i set the record straight fighting for all women. in the book i joke when i joined fox news i hit the bimbo trifecta yeah former miss america, blond, fox news host. i've learned that sometimes who people don't like what you have to say and don't want to debate you on ideas it's just easier to call you a dumb blond from fox. my goal is to empower all young women to go for their dreams work hard never ever give up. the american dream, still alive. and you can always get my take at and today my full op-ed on the about imo trifecta at fox news alert for you now
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as we're getting an update from the hospital on two teenage victims both attacked by sharks during separate visits to the beach. and jeb bush's upcoming announcement that he is running for president could shake up the 2016 power index. how he fares against potential candidates like governor scott walker and fellow florida republican senator marco rubio.
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11:23 am
isle peach where another teen was hurt by a shark just three days earlier. jonathan what's the latest on these attacks? >> reporter: hi gretchen. both of the victims remain hospitalized but good news coming out of the hospital news conference. at least one of the victims, the 16-year-old boy, his condition has been upgraded. he's been upgraded from fair to good condition. both swimmers were attacked sunday at that -- in that same relative area. the 12-year-old girl suffered serious injuries to her left arm and leg and then just less than 90 minutes later that 16-year-old boy lost his left arm in another shark attack. friends and bystanders administered first aid and called 911. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> we have somebody shark -- a shark attack. there's a girl whose hand has been bitten off by a shark, 14th
11:24 am
street beach access at 16th street southeast. we need an ambulance right away. >> and while the ambulance was en route the 911 operator was able to give instructions to people at the beach instructing them on how to slow the bleeding. bystanders went into action. authorities say they did exactly what they needed to do and prevented a bad situation from getting much worse. gretchen. >> i just can't imagine. i mean for any parent out there to think of these two children. what are the conditions like at this beach right now? >> reporter: yeah. well the beach remains open but authorities are taking precautions. you know it's eerie because these are very shallow waters and both victims were only 20 yards offshore. the water was only waist high in the wake of these attacks. authorities have been patrolling the water with boats and a helicopter so that they can warn swimmers if they spot more sharks coming into the area. shark attacks along north carroll coast are extremely uncommon and yet these two
11:25 am
attacks on sunday occurred just three days after a 13-year-old girl suffered lacerations on her foot in a shark attack just west of oak island in the nearby community of ocean isle beach. her injuries were relatively minor compared to the attack that occurred on sunday but you could see several large chunks taken out of her boogie board as a result of the shark bite. federal reserve chairmanen. >> jonathan serrie, live for us in atlanta. thank you, sir. back to politics now. the 2016 field set to grow by one as jeb bush announces his presidential presidential campaign. a look with a look at who is up and who is down in the race for the white house. plus, startling new details about the american sergeant released from the taliban in exchange for five terror leaders. what bowe bergdahl did after leaving base in afghanistan and before he was captured. and zoo animals running amuck in city streets after major flooding damaged their
11:26 am
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bottom of the hour so let's check out some headlines we're following for you. a teen charged with burglary and robbery, but here's the key. it was an invasion at his own father's home in california. prosecutors say the 17-year-old was the mastermind of the incident. all captured on surveillance camera. pennsylvania bridge closed a second night in a row because of
11:30 am
a swarm of may flies, and they are so thick there they were causing car accidents. nobody hurt. zoo workers pleading for residents to avoid killing wild animals that escaped from a zoo in a former soviet republic of georgia amid devastating floods that left at least 12 people dead. all right. today we have new information on bowe bergdahl. remember he's the american sergeant swapped for the taliban five. ground intelligence revealing he walked off his base and then got high before he was captured in 2009. the revelations seemed to support critic claims that bergdahl deserted his post. catherine herridge live for us in d.c. where is this new information coming from? >> reporter: at the hide of the afghan violence an american contractor set up a network of informants to secure the release of a western journalist sometime after midnight on june 30th 2009. it came across surprising information about another case.
11:31 am
according to a former cia officer speaking publicly for the first time. >> an american soldier along with two or three afghan soldiers had been captured. they were using the word duwanna which means high on hashish. >> he had no idea who the american soldier was at the time but it was later learned it was believed to be sergeant bowe bergdahl who was traded for the five taliban commanders at guantanamo bay this. unclassified information was passed through military intelligence channels and pushed forward into afghanistan. but within 96 hours bergdahl had apparently been told to the had a -- haqani terrorist network.
11:32 am
>> they were try to sell the soldiers probably to the haqqanis. i can't say precisely, about i think it was certainly within four days and maybe less. >> reporter: this new intelligence gathered immediately after his disappearance undercuts reporting that bergdahl intended to leave base to report problems in his chain of command. gretchen. >> the big question in all this is how credible are these claims? >> reporter: well the former number two at special operations command in florida during the 2009 time frame now retired, lieutenant general david freidivich said the intelligence was deemed credible and highly useful and at the white house briefing last hour fox asked if that factored into the white house decision to make the controversial trade and there was no denial? >> there is an ongoing military justice inquiry into the circumstances of his disappearance, and i don't want to say anything about that
11:33 am
ongoing investigation that may in any way interfere. >> reporter: lawyer for bergdahl whose military proceedings have been delayed until september declined to answer fox's questions. gretchen. >> very interesting development. catherine herridge always on top of all the stories, thank you. the pentagon confirming a u.s. air strike in libya targeting an al qaeda leader responsible for a deadly attack on a gas plant in algeria that killed 35 hostages including three americans. the air force saying he was probably killed when two u.s. fighter jets bombed a campaign in libya. results of the air raids still being studied for confirmation. you know the music. time now for our 2016 power index where we look at who is up and who is down in the race for the white house. so we're seeing some significant shifts among gop presidential hopefuls. fox news digital politics editor is here and first a look at gop power index as it stands right now. all right. good to have you here.
11:34 am
so we have florida senator marco rubio up one spot to second place. wisconsin governor scott walker down one place to third. former texas governor rick perry up three spots to seventh so what say you? >> well do you like mass car? >> of course i love all sports. >> because you love america. right now walker and rubio are trading paint. they are chasing jeb bush who is the front-runner on money, front-runner on establishment support. he's the front-runner in all those structural ways but he's struggling with voters. both of those guys are right behind him, right on his bumper and as they go they are nicking each other. what marco rubio did the last week and you talked about it, we talked about it when the "new york times" hit at him over his personal finances they made a mistake. they called his fishing boat a luxury speed boat. they blew it and rubio very effectively used it exploit that and say the "new york times," how dare you, and i called it a
11:35 am
checker speech like richard nixon said you can say whatever you want about these things but my family likes to go fishing and we'll keep the boat and it's a great way to blunt the criticism and rubio played it well and did it well. why scott walker down? >> because only one person can be in second place and that's why. >> i want to look at some of these campaign logos. we have jeb bush coming out in 20 minutes or so from now. let's look at jeb. he has the exclamation point. >> yeah. >> 2016. a similar one we've seen before is it not, when they ran for governor? >> like exclamation points big on exclamation points creates enthusiasm but as i wrote there's still a lot of question marks surrounding jeb bush and whether or not he's going to be able to overcome what is a very strong field that he's running against. these are not chumps. >> let's go on to his fellow floridian and marco rubio and
11:36 am
his logo. what do you make of this one? >> it's good and clean and modern. going for generational change sorry, alaska sorry, hawaii, you are not on the map but both of those -- their electoral votes are shown up anyway. >> why are they not on there? >> can't have hawaii randomly floating out over the "b" and it's clear and it works. >> maybe they are offended in those states. >> tet cruz the flame here i don't know what does that look like? it looks like a camp fire to me remember a camp fire girl. >> i don't remember camp fire girls, i'm glad that i can say, is it a flame or tear tear drop shaped flame but maybe it's the tear of a bald eagle. >> oh, okay. very patriotic. i like color scheme. >> the hillary clinton logo is a move in some sort of a direction, right. >> red crossing through blue. i can only imagine the tens of millions of dollars that were
11:37 am
devoted to looking at exactly what kind of logo and she can change it and make it rainbow for pride month and do whatever she wants to it but the reality for hillary clinton is nothing is by accident so i'm sure that the red and the blue together is exactly what she's trying to sell for the general election. >> very interesting. >> speaking of hillary, let's talk about the democratic power index. so we have of course hillary still number one still but bernie sanders up one spot to number two. who did he overtake? >> martin o'malley. >> number two now. what's your analysis of this? >> the deal for senator sanders is this. he is telling democrats he represents the true heart of the democratic party at this point when it comes to issues on domestic spending and foreign policy and everything else this is the true heart, and i've described him sort of -- the republicans have rick santorum and the democrats have bernie sanders, the jeremiah telling the party don't moderate don't go away from your guiding
11:38 am
principles. be true to it but as it turns out since hillary clinton is running this very canned very phony kind of campaign bernie sanders is out doing it. he's outdrawing her at events in iowa, a poll some note little but some note where he's closing on her in new hampshire a little bit so something may happen. >> let me pick your brain on this. do you think any other democrat is going to get into the race? >> it hows weakness and continues to show weakness somebody else will get in. i expect to see jim webb. i think there is a space for jim webb is what i would say. whether or not -- a couple of democrats in the country, particularly former massachusetts governor devalue patrick who have to be looking at this race and saying is there a space for me to get into because as soon as they head the debate stage you create the possibility of change and that may happen. >> the reason they wouldn't do that because of money or pause she's still the foregone conclusion. >> she is a prohibitive
11:39 am
front-runner. that doesn't mean she can't be defeated and with every passing minute and passing day the democrats get closer to saying this is the way it is and let's be about our business. >> the 2016 power index in person today. >> you know it. >> chris, you bet. >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> much more on jeb exclamation and we'll have his speech live without commercial interruption and nearly a dozen other republicans are running. we'll speak with a reporter from about how she says governor jeb exclamation can distinguish himself from the rest of the pack and his own family and we'll speak with a former special assistant to former president george h.w. bush who says a crowded field helps jen exclaration. that's coming up at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting "". >> so much explanation about
11:40 am
exclamations between chris stirewalt and shep smith reporting. thanks shep look forward to your show. there's a new reportration concerns about the privacy of medical data being stored for obamacare. here it is. associated press finding the government plans to store those personal medical records forever with no clear plan for destroying old records when they are no longer needed. the system lists all kinds of personal information that hackers love to get ahold of including social security numbers, bird dates, employment status and the all important financial account. another big deal for cvs. the drug store chain buying target pharmacies and their clinic. the nearly $1 billion deal will give krfgs 1,700 more locations in 47 states. target pharmacies will be re-branded now as cvs pharmacy and will operate as separate stores within target stores. last month cvs agreed to buy
11:41 am
omnicare which distributes drugs to nursing homes for more than $12.5. change on the horizon for summer airline travelers and they may affect what you can bring on board. and how did i end up here? i'll give my story on how it all began. my mom got a brochure in the mail on miss america pageant and she called me up and i was studying at oxford at the time and she said i found exactly what you should do, the miss america pageant and i said no way.
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right now we're awaiting the speech from former florida governor jeb bush who is expected to announce his presidential bid at the top of the hour in miami, florida, ending months of speculation on whether he's actually going to throw his hat in the ring. well of course we know what he's going to do right, but we're going to bring it to you live as it happens because it's going to happen right here on the fox news channel.
11:45 am
growing debate on proposed downsizing for carry-on baggage for flights. some questioning what's behind the recommendation from an airline trade association. while there are those who say crowded overhead compartments are becoming a problem others like senator chuck schumer say airlines are just looking for a way well to you know make more money. >> we say to the airlines you're making record profits. you've added extra fee after extra fee after extra fee. enough already. >> well of course smaller carry-ones mean passengers would have to pay more for additional baggage. the airline is on track for an 80% rise in profits this year. tomorrow is a big day for me. it's when my book "getting real" hits book stores. here's a quick peek at what's in my memoir as i get real at home.
11:46 am
>> kindergarten, ice skating, my mom chronicled my mom is like 35 scrapbooks and so this is my baby book. i grew up on mississippi river which is so much fun and we were really a close family. all my relatives lived within one mile of me in my hometown of minnesota and my grandfather was the minister in town of the lutheran church and i learned my religious foundation from my grandfather who grew our church from 800 members to 8,500 members. my mom wrote down what prayers we said at night, and i think one of the biggest lessons i got from my mom is when she would say my prayers with me at night she always said afterwards you know gretchen you can be anything you want to be in life and i heard that every single day, and i really think that that has so much to do with building the self-esteem inside of me. >> this is one of the first photos ever taken of me playing the violin at my first recital.
11:47 am
i was 6 years old here, and that's when i started playing. this is my violin. i think one of life's greatest lessons for kids is that when you put time into anything you get better at it and kids love, that even if it's ten minute a day at a sport or at the piano or the vie len. they say that they get better. it's part of me. it's part of my soul and you'll have to read the book to find out if i have gone back to it or not. >> my mom got a brochure in the mail on the miss america pageant, and she called me up and i was studying at oxford at the time and she said i found exactly what you should do, the miss america pageant and i said no way. >> so after the break find out what happens next. how i got into that pageant and more pictures like this one, of me as a young reporter with a heck of a lot of shoulder pads and what's up with that hair?
11:48 am
so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score.
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welcome back to "the real story." right now we're awaiting former florida governor jeb bush's big announcement he is going to run for president. pretty big crowd. this is a live look. this is the kickoff event in miami, florida. today he tweeted this image showing a run-through of his speech he is going to give after unveiling a new campaign logo. we'll bring his announcement to you live as it happens at the top of the hour right here on fox. >> just how did i get into missmer? as you might have guessed my mom happens to be a big influence. >> i had been in the miss teen pageant one time before. i hadn't done it my whole life. i was a novice. i said, mom i'm not going to do
11:52 am
that. well she encouraged me and convinced me, and over time i decided i would give it a go. >> miss minnesota gretchen carlson. >> my dad mailed me one time, the crown. >> arch loved my dad and after i became miss north america and the sharks started coming out i was so upset and he gave me the bested a vials i've heard in my life which was gretchen, now matter how hard you try you are never going to get everyone to like you. actually got into tv on a whim. i was going to be a lawyer, and during miss america i was on a show blooper and practical jokes. >> expressions on gretchen's face. >> you're on superbloopers and practical jokes! >> after it aired tv agents
11:53 am
called me and asked me if i'd ever thought about doing tv. i said not really. they said if you can do that show you can do tv. started in richmond, virginia, and became the political reporter. then went to cleveland for my first anchor job the weekend amp anchoring and reporting and then was promoted to be the main anchor one. to get mid-and the week i got home i was called into the general manager's office and he said this two-woman anchor thing is not working out. and we're going to have to fire you, and we're going to replace you with a man and by the way now thattor married you'll be fine. that was the toughest year of my life. >> live in washington, back to you. >> then i got hired by cbs news in new york and came to, in to be a correspondent, which was the best thing because i had said to my husband on our third date look, if you don't want to eventually live in new york, and you don't want to be married to somebody who is going to work and have a career, then don't
11:54 am
call me back. and luckily he wanted both. when i came to fox news, i got to do a morning show for eight years. steve and brian were my work husbands. i said i saw them more than i ever saw my real husband. i always say if a fat little girl from minnesota who happened to play the violin will could become miss america and get her own national tv show, if i can do it, you can do it, too. >> so, it's all about inspiration. i recently told fox news insider ten things you may not know about me ahead of my book release. go to or my facebook page. one has to do with jump roping. didn't know how to do one jump. i taught myself how to do that. i also used to be able to stick this finger between my two front teeth. guess what my nick name was? goalpost gretchen.
11:55 am
you can catch me on o'reilly tonight and tomorrow morning i'll be returning to fox and friends, 8:20 eastern. so we're awaiting former governor jeb bush's big announcement he is running for president. that is about to happen in miami, florida. we'll bring it to you live as it happens top of the hour. right back. [music] when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap.
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i've been enjoying this music in the commercial break from the jeb bush location. in minutes former florida governor jeb bush expected to announce he is running for president. we will bring today reside
11:59 am
announcement to you live. stay tuned right here on fox. >> as "game of thrones" fans recuperate from the finale, a time well by holding a george r.r. martin night and sport special "game of thrones" jerseys, and organizers have promised to change the name of the team for one night only. >> earlier former congresswoman michelle bachmann joined me. she ran for the white house and before that she was my awesome baby-sitter. here are some of your best and worst baby-sitter stories. win her sitter fell asleep she tried to do the dish friday the bathroom. the didn't turn he water off and then it was raining in the house, when george's parents went out his brother gave him a hair cut and tried glueing the hair back on. love that. tony liked his baby-sitter. he says he was horrible but she
12:00 pm
always told his parents he had been a little angel. he got off free. thank you for being part of "the real story" today. for a merchandise. i'm gretchen carlson now let's head over to shepard smith. >> just when you thought in the prison escape couldn't get any weirder, accusations this woman plotted with the inmates to kill her own husband. he is still alive. she is behind bars and the convict killers are still on the room. the william whom hack saw made feel special may not be the only one in trouble. >> based on investigations there's other people that may be arrested. >> the investigation in the manhunt coming right up. also just moments away from jeb bush's official announcement. we'll take you to miami for his presidential campaign kickoff and of all the republican candidates who has the best chance to against hillary clinton. let's get to it.


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