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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 15, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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announcement. i'm assuming he may get into the race. set your dvr so you never miss an episode we'll see you from new hampshire tomorrow night. . >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain too. >> hillary clinton trying to secure the presidency by continuing barack obama's war on the wealthy. tonight, we'll take a look at that strategy. >> if young black men are killing police officers at a rate six times higher than other american groups, the cops are going to be weary of them. >> a civil rights leader says i am wrong it report crime statistics about black men. we'll debate it. >> can i call someone fat? >> i mean, a fact is a fact.
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>> also ahead watters world the politically correct edition it. jesse in washington, d.c. >> you smell really nice. >> caution, you are about to enter nops. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary clinton for president. that is is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. on a saturday, secretary clinton announced she would like to you vote for her for president. gave a 40 minute speech, probably 20 minutes too long in front of a few thousand supporters here in new york city. now a few things about mrs. clinton. she is a smart woman and a political creature. republicans would be foolish to underestimate her. the strategy she is currently employing to convince americans economic system is rigged against the working man and woman. hope to put together a coalition of people who want
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government to redistribute money. that's exactly the same thing president obama wants. also hillary clinton well understands that most americans now loathe the media and by dodging us, she does not harm herself. talking points expects hillary clinton will continue the economic justice i don't need the stress today took a few questions in new hampshire. if you are a fair minded voter, someone looking for the best possible president you must embrace the obvious. that is president obama's economic policies have largely failed. yet, secretary clinton is endorsing them. salaries for working men and women are low are four than when mr. obama took office. the fundamental reason is that business is not expanding, therefore good paying jobs are not being created. in fact, in the first quarter of this your, the economy actually contracted. nevertheless, hillary clinton is running on the promise that she can imagine the private sector. >> you see corporations making record profits with
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ceo os making record pay but your paychecks have barely budget. while many of you are working multiple jobs to make ends meet, you see the top 25 hedge fund managers making more than all of america's kindergarten teachers combined. democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. [cheers] prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain too. >> as talking points has stated before, the federal government cannot -- cannot regulate the private sector. it would be unconstitutional for any president to try to tell private corporations what they can pay their executives or what kind of salary structure they must have for employees. what the feds can do is mandate a minute mum wage and congress can pass certain work rules like
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40-hour workweeks at standard pay. as hillary clinton well knows no president can regulate capital unfortunate. that's why communists and fascist governments have done away with it as the "wall street journal" points out today mrs. clinton's promise of regulating the private sector goes against her husband's policies. in 1997, president bill clinton cut taxes on capital gains in order to stimulate the economy. and it worked as did the reagan tax cut in the 198 os much the journal calls hillary clinton's speech, quote, false narrative. it's more than that mrs. clinton is per pet situating a ruse. >> this would be like president hillary clinton saying you know you guys at fox news here is what bret baier can make. here is what o'reilly can make, a lot less than he is
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making now, all right? here is is megyn kelly. who believes this stuff? that's what i want -- who believes what she is saying? >> bill, it would be all right with me if she could say i could earn what she and her husband have been earning just to give you an example of what a took thing it is for her about people making too much money after she and her husband have made fantastic killing over the last 10 or 12 years. apart from that though bill, obviously from an economic policy point of view, what you are saying is correct. it's absurd. but this -- and this pop police message is interesting for another reason bill is. this if anyone running for president in recent times ever had an easier path to the nomination, it would seem to be -- i mean, i don't know who it is. hillary clinton seems to be far ahead of anybody in the democratic party. and, yet she is running as if she is terrified that a challenger on her left is going to take her down. and, you know, in the end
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it's horn politics that you run right to the nominated and run to the left. you move to the center to get elected in the general election. it's always an awkward move to get from the left to the right to the center. she of all candidates would seem be the one least needing to make that turn. >> but maybe she believes that's a rigged game. >> which would mean all through the period of her husband's presidency she was dissenting from his policies. and in the meantime, of course, under the president she served as secretary of defense, this income inequality which she talks about has worsened. >> but she doesn't believe that i mean, and she actually took a question today in new hampshire about president obama. roll the tape. >> i think the president has done an extraordinary job in dealing with a terrible set of issues that he inherited. he also has given the american people for the first time through the
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affordable care act the promise of health insurance. now, are there things that need to be fixed yes. i have said that and i will be talking more about that. >> extraordinary job? when you have the median income for working americans down a few thousand dollars after six and a half years? that's an extraordinary job? see, my question is, i know most people don't pay close attention to politics and the policy but this so so blatantly crazy the facts you know, you can't change mrs. clinton with all due respect what private corporations pay their people. you can't do that executive order, by legislation, you can't. and to call president obama's economic policy extraordinarily effective it just seems crazy to me. >> well, remember this too bill. the obama people, he himself, like to take credit for averting a terrible depression.
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>> did okay with what you were handed. >> extraordinary? >> not only that the worps of that recession. the worst of that recession was over why the time the president took office. now, the economy was still shrinking but it was shrinking more slowly. and by june of the year after -- of the year he took office the recession was officially over. the economy had begun to grow again largely because of measures that were put into effect before he took office. the fed's interest rate policies. >> they are never going to admit that. >> the actions of the bush administration. the one thing that she is trying to give him credit for, it seems to me, is something that is easily challenged. >> but nobody is going to do it. and nobody is going to pay attention to it all so final question he is, she is running a pop police campaign trying to motivate the same voter that aim out to barack obama in the same way you are getting hofsed. you throw in with me, i will make it better. president obama failed on that promise. black unemployment is way worse than white unplymouth. poverty is about the same.
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he yes some people get free healthcare now but most people pay more for healthcare. she seems to be throwing in with the obama legacy. i will give you the last word. >> that would appear to me has a strategy that says i don't need to go after centrist voters. >> yes. >> i independents or republicans. all i need to do is assemble the coalition that elected barack obama twice. >> that is it. >> that means she has to be to the left and not ever move really to the center that she needs -- that will get her nominated and she believes get her elected. i have my doubts. i'm not sure that the people who turned out in such numbers especially in minority groups for him will turn out for her. >> brit hume, thank you. next on the rundown jeb bush announces he wants to be president. later, megyn kelly has the latest on two escaped murderers. why can't authorities catch them?
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impact segment tonight according to the latest fox news poll, jeb bush tied for the lead among liningly republican voters. mr. bush 12%. governor scott walker 12%. dr. bebb carson 11. senator rand paul. senator ted cruz 8 senator marco rubio 7. today mr. bush formally announced his run. >> with their phone it in policies the obama clinton, kerry team is leaving a legacy of crises uncontained, violence unopposed, enemies unnamed friends undefended, and alliances unraveling. they have offered a progressive agenda that includes everything that progress. they are responsible for the slowest economic recovery ever. the biggest debt increases ever. a massive tax increase on the middle class. the relentless build up of the egg regulatory state and
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the swift mindless drawdown of a military that was generations in the making. >> joining us now from washington juan williams here in new york city mary katharine ham co-author of the new book "end of the discussion" how the left's industry shuts down debate. makes america less free and fun so would you vote for jeb bush, mary katharine. >> sure, i would vote for him. i think he has things to commend him. the question is whether republican primary voters of which i am one will make that choice when they have plausible more conservative options with different names. >> we can't possibly know that what do you think governor bush's problem with conservatives is? >> well, i think the common core stuff. >> common core on education he supported. they don't like that. >> i think also conservative conservatives see a issue with the bush name. that is part of the equation. >> you think that viscerally very conservative americans don't like the whole bush arc. they don't like them.
8:15 pm
>> no, i think they have -- there is a little bit of issue with the domestic politics. they see it takes away in attacking point on hillary when you are talking about a bush and clinton tougher to differentiate. i think they see that. >> would you one vote for jeb bush. >> i'm not a republican primary voter but if i was i could vote for jeb bush. i'm particularly impressed with the by the idea that he has stood tall and not flip flopped on common core. some other republicans look like expedient trying to appeal to the base. >> can't flip flop on that, come on, juan. he built his career in florida on those things. >> what about rubio? didn't he just flip flop? what about walker? what about rand paul. >> i don't know what you are talking about, juan. if you want to get specific, i k. address these but i don't know what you are talking about. >> i just said rand paul on defense spending was a flip flop. >> maybe so i haven't studied it. you said you might be able
8:16 pm
to vote for him who jeb bush purr received. it's interesting that george will made a comment yesterday on fund. you don't get more conservative than george will he goes back to george washington and they both commiserated and he did run down his resume. he said no, no, george w. bush bush is very conservative guy do you buy that. >> i think i was a good governor. >> do you think he was conservative. >> i think he was curve. trying to communicate with everybody cans look lack look i have got a record you are going to like. please give me a chance and listen to me. i'm not sure is he going to earn that. >> do you think he made a mistake, governor bush, speaking in spanish extensively in his speech today, juan. negative strain on the republican party. hey, you are pandering now speaking spanish. do you think that was a mistake? >> no. i don't think it's a mistake. he might have gone on a little bit too long. it wasn't a mistake because again, the republican party
8:17 pm
needs to grow. it's not the obvious to some if the primary base but it's not just their party it's got to be america's party if they want to be a winning party. that's the key question here bill. it's not about whether you would vote for jeb bush and the republican primary. it's whether independents and democrats can see him beating hillary clinton. if you are a republican, that really should be your focus. ken, is this the guy with the best chance to beat hillary clinton? >> nobody knows until the debates and we will will see. ann coulter says mary katharine that the republican nominee whoever it is, should just forget about pandering to the groups that probably aren't going to vote republican and just go for the white people. i challenge that. >> yeah, i think you should. >> there are people who say look romney would have won had all of the white conservatives voted for him which they did not. >> i disagree with that notion. i think it's not pandering to reach out to all americans. and if that's something that is in your quiver that you
8:18 pm
can speak spanish that's great. ain't nobody complaining that marco rubio can speak spanish and i don't think they will complain that jeb bush can. >> some will. >> you don't have to win large groups of minority groups in order to get an edge but you do have to convince parts of those groups that you are looking out for them. >> very good guys, we appreciate it civil rights leader says that i your humble correspondent am being unfair when i report statistics on black crime. then watters in d.c. for the politically correct edition of watters world. up ahead. be♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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i like your place. oh, thank you, make yourself at home i'll be right back. hm. she's got x1. alright. huh, hm, ohh... monster?
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she seemed so nice at dinner. i'm back! ahh! uhh, hi... heyyy, whatcha doing? ohh, just... watchin' law & order. unless you want to watch something else. awww, you're nervous. that's so cute. ♪ unresolved problem segment tonight violent crime committed by black americans, according to the fbi in 2013, last stats
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available. african-americans committed almost 54% of all murders in the u.s.a. when race is cited in the police report. as you may know african-americans account for 13% of the population. so you can see the murder stats are way out of proportion. enter the president of the new york stifl rights coalition mike meyers who blames me and other fox news anchors for dehunizing other black americans. mr. myers wrote if truth be told crime san individual act. it's not a racial group or skin color. in this regard there is no such thing as the black male as much a black male problem in america just as there was and is italian. is he making fundamental mistake. there are certain plont with certain groups. the i jihadiys totally
8:23 pm
embedded. it was so so that pope francis exexphiewb indicated members as a group. irish woman demanded the violence cease. those are historical facts. with us now is mike myers. you know we love you but you are wrong on this. you have to look at the statistics about people committing antisocial act and find out, all right where these acts are occurring and why they are occurring. >> is it my turn now? look statistics aside we know that crime has been out-of-control in america. the majority of crimes in america are committed by white people, not black people. >> that's because of the population base. >> let me talk. >> population base. >> let me talk. you have a situation where you and others on fox news keep talking about black-on-black violence. the problem with black on black violence is racial rhetoric. black people are not going to attack people because they are black.
8:24 pm
they are killing each other quote, unquote because they live in the same segregated neighborhoods. white people by and large are killing white people. i think they have got to stop the racial -- >> -- -- >> -- i'm not going to disagree this is agree graphic can. it's segregation by choice. >> no it's not. >> electric speak. everyone doesn't have a chiss of thoirnts have been condition fined to certain dark neighborhoods. >> they do if they want. >> they will tell you about the dual housing market in new york state. >> you can't live where you want? >> thank goodness i can. >> yeah. and so can african-americans. >> well, you are not as economic self as she is. >> interest there are blacks that are and think can't get
8:25 pm
into certain residential pashedz because of prejudice and discrimination. >> it's against the law. >> so is it against the law nor is racial profiling like you believe. >> i don't believe in racial profiling. >> you said earlier play blacks are killing white police officers. >> six times then the police officers should be able to provide. >> in, i said they are going to be a little more weary. >> >> human nature. >> i agree with barbara boxer the family roomer congressman. every community in america not based on raws. every american is entitled to protection from criminals of any color. so when we in the so-called black community, i don't live in a black community. i don't live in a white community. i live in an american community. i live in new york city. every community has to be open to everybody. >> the only way -- and i say
8:26 pm
i don't care what color you are. thugs are thugs and we need he extra protection of the law from thugs. >> i don't disagree with that. >> i know you don't. >> don't talk about black-on-black violence. >> more cautious when you go in a dangerous area than if you go. >> if i walk into italian naciousz according to you? >> let's get to the crux of the matter. of the black crime problem all right? which exists, is flefer going to be involved fly out what people it ha has to be sastled by muslims. >> that's no than sense it will cam. >> >> in it's true. at this time has been hobby be has been. in any black family is any more or less than white
8:27 pm
families. >> i if he it's true of same problem that inner city black teacher has? >> majority are committed by white. >> that's because the population base is so big. >> let me tell you something when you had that black academic story about white males is a population in america. you jumped down his throat. stair yoi typing with there is no thing as the white man or no such thing as the black bell wally org organized cripple in mcproximate cause by robert kennedy if you remember as coorg. he intoorgd are italian families. >> did every family get condition signed to being be. >> nobody is assigning
8:28 pm
anybody anything. >> you are portraying black men as society's moral monsters. quit it. quit it. >> i'm not doing that. >> quit it. >> i'm going to continue to quote the truth mr. meyers. >> according to you in the no spin zone. >> fbi. megyn kelly with the latest on the two murder memberrers who escaped from prison still at large after nine days. also watters world the politically correct edition. >> is it okay if i call someone fat? >> i would not ever say that about someone. >> would you say large and in charge? >> no. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today.
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lock in moisture and odor, tena® - available at target did you know that segment tonight, fox news anchor gretchen carlson the author of a new memoir called "getting real" out tomorrow. see you tomorrow on the real story on fnc. did you know that? ms. carlson did not like the way she looked as a child scblvmentd so you were raised on the plains of minnesota? is that right? you at age 6 take up the violin. >> yes. >> did you -- at 6, did you go mommy, i want the violin? >>. no i guess the story goes that i heard commercials on television and i went to the piano and plunked out the tune and my parents thought oh maybe she is interested in music. neighborhood piano teacher and took one look at my hands and said she will never be any good because the violin -- her hands are
8:33 pm
too small. >> before you know i was playing violin before isaac stern when i was 10 years old. >> you get into teen years. are you still pudgy? >> no, i was fat. >> you were fat. >> i was 35 pounds. >> you don't say that now. >> i was fat. in fact, i was interested in a high school senior when i was in tenth grade. i heard him saying she is a nice girl but too fat to date. on that day i went on a diet for the first time. >> you go on a diet and turn into a beauty and then you get involved with beauty pageants. >> i went to stanford and oxford and really concentrated on academics. my mom called me up. she got a in the mail she said gretchen, i tried something for you to try in life. miss america pageant 50% of points are based on talent. you already have the talent. i really wanted to do it because she was right. i needed to make use of that violin talent. >> you become miss america. >> did i. >> in 1989. >> i did. >> miss america is gretchen
8:34 pm
carlson. miss minnesota. >> what are you thinking about when you had the little crown and walking out there. >> i'm thinking total relief because i worked so hard for that i dropped out of stanford. i was told by the college dean that was the stupidest idea that she had ever heard that i would try to become miss america. >> all of this risk, because it was. >> total risk. >> paid off and there you are. okay, so then you are miss america, you go back to college. a lot of beauty contestants want to be in tv news. do you that all the time. did you want to be in tv news? was that a goal. >> no. i was going to be a lawyer. bloopers and practical jokes with ed mcmahon and dick clark. >> watch gretchen's faces a she realizes she has to fake it. [ laughter ] >> gretchen, you are super bloopers and practical jokes. [ laughter ] >> and that's what catapulted me into television news because i got calls from tv agents after they saw me on that
8:35 pm
and said if you can do that, you can do it. v. >> so now you have some agents interested and you start your career. one thing stood out to me. you were in cleveland and you were teamed with another female anchor. i think it was the first two female anchor team in the country. >> it was. >> and it bombed. what happened? >> it just didn't work. so what happens is i come back from my honeymoon. i had been married one week. i get called up to the general manager's office and he said this thing isn't working and we are going to have to let you go. by the way you will be fine now because you have a husband wow that's not a good comment. >> not a good comment. i was stripped of my identity. toughest year of my life, bill. >> you began to make a come back. >> i did. >> get a job in texas and work your way up. >> how did you get to fox news. >> first i went to cbs news. >> i'm gretchen carlson thank you for joining us this morning. >> i got a call from roger ailes the opportunity to do that five days a week morning show had always been my goal. >> down with doocy and kilmeade at fox and friends.
8:36 pm
that is painful to have to get up and look at them every day right? >> not at all. >> he is always shopping. >> you mean for food? >> is that my husband? >> your husband is like that, too. >> oh, yes. >> that was fun and now you have got your own program right? >> i do. >> so your biggest message to young women who want to do what you have done, you got one message. what it is it? >> a fat little girl from a small town in minnesota who happens it to play a mean violin can grow up to go to stanford and oxford and become miss america and get her own tv show if i can do it, you can do it too. >> good message. thanks for being here. >> thank you bill. >> again gretchen's book getting real out tomorrow. we come right back, megyn kelly on the escaped murderers in new york and naacp woman who says she is black but may not be black or something. kelly is next.
8:37 pm
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weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and my biggest reason to walk... ...calls me grandpa. ask your doctor about lyrica. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. two hot topics ahead of the naacp in spokes can washington has resigned because she is not black but, first the search for two convicted murderers who escaped from upstate new york prison nine days ago. now here is the latest megyn kelly on.
8:41 pm
took them to home depot where they bought power tools where they brought them back and drilled through will 18 walls. she is in court today. >> under arrest charged with misdemeanor and felony for helping these two guys to get out. this story grows more bizarre by the day. this is so far the most successful prison break in u.s. history. they are out for 10 days now and old joyce, it appears was wined and dined by maybe both of them. >> how do you wine and dine when you in jail for life. >> you do it with your eyes, bill. >> with your eyes? you do it with your eyes. >> cow eyes. >> hard when you are somebody who dismembers people. in prison you find a way. that's what one of these guys did. joyce who we first thought 51 years old and she is married to a man and she was just taking advantage of. in a lonely position. >> yeah. >> well, maybe not. >> maybe not. >> because now there are reports unconfirmed by fox news that she wanted these guys to kill her husband who
8:42 pm
also. >> oh no, joyce. >> and also that she had an affair with one of the guys but ultimately fell in love with the other guy. >> oh, but it's hard to choose between them, look. >> richard matt he is the dismember error. older one. had a love affair. had sexual relations with david. >> wining and dining her. >> affections turned over to the other guy. joyce saw something special this them obviously. >> how could joyce think she was going to get away from this. >> ultimately joyce came to her senses. >> she came to her senses, yeah,. >> because she was according to authorities driving to pick them up when they popped out of the little manhole, let's be free, thank you joyce for the power tools and had a panic attack. >> joyce did? >> stressful when you break two convicted murderers out of prison the prison you work at and you want to hit on your husband all unconfirmed this stuff about the husband i want to stress that. drive to thetal having panic attack. wasn't hard for the investigators to put two and
8:43 pm
two together. >> i hope when they give her her cell they give her power tools as well. >> i'm not going to touch that one. >> don't know where these guys are still. had to have wheels. >> they have no idea where they are. stay inside and don't mess with them if you see them for the love of god. >> rachel dolezal. >> head of the naacp in spokane. >> correct. >> had to resign because she is not black right? >> well. >> as it turns out you can be not black and head off an office at the naacp and they did not force her out when they found out her secret. however, she resigned today because she has been under a lot of pressure. the thing is she defrauded them and everyone else. if you go in and say i'm racism, i'm white i identify with the cause i will help you. fine kosher, to go in and claim you are black has a lot of people upset including this is a column by jonathan capehart the "the washington post." he is quoting others. bizarre minstrel show.
8:44 pm
some critics say she assumed all the benefits of being black while experiencing none of the oppression. heading up the spokane office of the naacp. she was sort of reveered and had power. >> i don't care about this story at all, all right? if elizabeth warren wants to be an apache or whatever indian she wants to be. >> whatever she wants to be she can. if this woman wants to being black okay, that's fine. >> what if it's dishonest. she led people to believe she had a cultural and racial experience. >> now that's not right. >> that wasn't her own. not only that she went on to talk about how her parents used to beat her based on her racial identity. >> so her black parents beat her because she was black. >> her patience are white. >> how can she be black then. >> right. that's the thing. she is trying to say look, they are coming on my show tonight. you will see them in 20 minutes on the kelly file. i will ask them whether in fact they beat their daughter. >> the father looks a little dark. >> he is. >> tan?
8:45 pm
>> czech. >> tan. >> and don't. >> you know what, kelly i'm that interview and not me. do you know what i'm talking about? i have got enough problem with the black crime business. you think a woman who wants to being black who isn't. >> i'm going to get to the bottom of why racism -- haven -- hall of fame felt rachel get the need. >> now that she is in prison she will will have more. >> generally they tend to send you to all efail prison. >> there has to be upside for joyce. >> megyn kelly everybody watters on deck. politically correct edition. next, looking for fun books to read this summer is. i have got some for you. tip of the day coming up. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back!
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world as you surely know americans being paralyzed by politically correct nonsense. it's appear epidemic, it's super annoying. so we sent watters to dc to hash it all out. ♪ >>ry someone that's very politically correct? >> i would think so. >> can i can tell. now, if you and i were working together. >> sure. >> and i said, you know, you just look dashing today. >> i would think that might be a bit leading. >> now when i'm at work, am i allowed to compliment a woman's physical appearance? >> i do. >> if i say you have a really smashing tank top on. >> it depends. if there is that -- tatas sticking out. >> nice set of hooters you
8:50 pm
have there the owls are very beautiful. >> you smell really nice. >> i would not like that at all. >> i can't say she has really nice legs. >> that might make other people in the workplace feel uncomfortable. >> anything below the chin area i feel is kind of off limit. >> can i tell a guy he has a really nice suit on? >> yes. >> nice. >> is that a clip on? >> why can't i tell you a girl she has a nice pants suit? >> it's over until the lady in the pants suit says it is. >> can i say homosexual? >> i think that's fine. >> is gay okay? >> gay is fine. >> can i say someone dresses gay? >> no. i wouldn't. because, i mean, it's just offensive. >> what if you say that person dresses gay. >> that bothers me. >> nice as scott. >> i guess what does dressing gay look like. >> you know when you see it. >> if you are referring to oh that's gay that's almost like saying oh, that's
8:51 pm
retarded. >> wow you guys talk like grownups. >> can i call someone fat? >> i think people's bodies are something that's kind of offlimits. >> that boy is a pig pig. >> i like a little junk in the trunk. >> can i call you skinny? >> me, yes. >> would you say large and in charge? >> no. [ laughter ] >> that may be hefty. i don't even know i would say hefty. maybe fit. >> fat. fat! ♪ ♪ >> is the phrase illegal alien offensive? >> i prefer undocumented personally. >> what would you call a person that came into the country illegally? >> stranger. >> illegal. >> just a human being. >> borders. >> i wish the world didn't have any borders. >> what's worse illegal or illegal alien. >> illegal it has a legal connotation like you are a
8:52 pm
criminal. >> islamic terrorism. do you think that's offensive? >> the term terrorist could be associated to anyone who is causing terror. so you interviewing me and pointing questions at me i could say you are a terrorist. >> do you want to waterboard me? ♪ dream weaver. >> far too much association in this country of islamic terrorism with muslims in general. >> are the terrorists who are fighting right now presbyterians? >> >> if we can't accurately describe the enemy how are we going to defeat the enemy? >> maybe that's why obama doesn't have a strategy yet. ever watch bill o'reilly at fox news channel? >> absolutely. >> are you a factor fan. >> i am a factor fan. >> does bill offend you? >> quite frequently. >> do you ever watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters and you are in my world right here. >> oh, snob. >> what did she say? >> oh, what? >> snap.
8:53 pm
>> it's from the 90's. >> in the 1890s that's when i call all the trivia back then. okay. so most people, this was in georgetown, nice area of washington. and most of them are politically correct. >> very politically correct. i offended pretty much everybody. >> well, you usually do. >> i learned from the master. i was walching you for over 10 years and i said whatever bill would say. it worked. >> i don't go out of my way to offend anybody. >> you don't? >> i'm a reporter. i'm accurate. >> you are naturally offensive? >> well, whatever. can you categorize me any way you want but i tell the truth. i don't say you are fat. >> no. >> you say you are thick. >> i say you are zolofty. -- zofty. >> like row -- row fund. row rotund. >> strangers. >> in the night.
8:54 pm
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8:57 pm
you? >> why would i be fonded by him running for president is this just because i scrutinize a candidate, and they will all be scrutinized, it just means i'm doing my job. if corporate conservatives push jeb bush on us social conservatives, we will vote democratic. temecula california i can't believe that you think michelle obama has been a good first lady. are you for real? i believe i am. i too think mrs. obama has been a good first lady and cringe when people call her names. allen, escondido, california, you seem to enjoy making fun of bernie goldberg's age and it seems to genuinely upset him. he's only five years older than you. but he looks ten years older. o'reilly thank you for the smile. the look on bernie's face when
8:58 pm
you said they did not have colleges when he was young was priceless. gretchen. mansfield, texas. as a fifth grade social studies teacher, very excited about hitler's last days. my students are interested in learning about world war ii. this book is for them. loaded with pictures maps illustrations, it is very easy to read. we are proud of both books. they gave me a premium membership to bill o' best gift ever. you can hear the factor 24/7. i'll give you the inside stuff. you will hear that and no one else will. check it out for father's day. premium membership. and very nice to get mom that gift. finally the factor tip of the day. summertime. living is easy. some folks are asking me for summer reading tips. i've always enjoyed the spencer
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9:00 pm
i said it depends. no we'll interview him. that should be interesting for sure. that's tomorrow's factor. thank you for watching. please remember the spin here. definitely looking out for you. breaking only the, some of the oldest and most respected giants of american media. calling out the hillary clinton campaign tonight. for unacceptable behavior. this after the campaign bans a reporter allegedly because they did not like his reporting. although clinton says that's not the reason. welcome to the kelly filip, everyone. some of the biggest print media have only the issued a direct challenge to the clinton team. to better explain why they refused to let a fellow print reporter cover her campaign today. the latest dust-up, mrs. clinton has largely ignored since her presid