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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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announcement. i'm assuming he may get into the race. set your dvr so you never miss an episode we'll see you from new hampshire tomorrow night. washington. record"on the record" is next. >> this is absolutely terrifying and it is real. shark-infested waters. two teenagers more than an hour apart more than a mile apart suddenly became shark bait off the carolina coast this happened. tonight the terrifying moments captured in these horrifying 9/11 calls. >> 911 what your emergency? >> oh my god. >> hello? >> my son just got bit by a shark. >> we need an ambulance now. >> blood in the water coming over with the white wash. the kid was in shock. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> we have somebody shark attack. >> hi, we're on island. a girl whose hand has been bitten off by a shark.
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14th street beach access is. 16th street southeast. we need an ambulance right away. >> are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looks like her entire hand is gone. >> 911 calls chilling. fox reporter joins us from oak island, north carolina. joe, what happened? >> greta just a horrific situation i'm told by eyewitnesses. that the 12-year-old girl was in the ocean directly behind me there are no lifeguards at this beach. she was only in the water up to her waist about 20 yards from the shoreline. she had to walk out by herself when she was attacked by that shark. eyewitnesses tell me she was in a state of shock. her arm you could see the muscle hanging from her arm almost completely gone. and she had a gash in her leg. now, i want to show you something, greta just a couple blocks up the beach not too far but far enough where it would be impossible for them to know about this
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shark attack. another person, a 16-year-old teenager from colorado springs was also attacked by a shark. unfortunately for him his arm had to be amputated. now he is in fair condition as is the 12-year-old girl. but we have been here at the beach all day talking to people who are still vacationing here. they say they are taking extra precautions especially since there are no lifeguards here. they are only staying in the water to about their ankles but it does make them nervous that that 12-year-old girl was attacked by a shark and she was only in the water up to her waist. >> joe is this a really crowded beach? i realize it's a little after 7:00 now and people have probably gone home for the day is this typically a really crowded beach? lots of people in the water or is this remote? >> >> greta, this is a fairly remote beach. if you think about mirlings beach, atlantic city, ocean city, it's nothing like that. if you are coming to oak
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island beach it's because you have been vacationing here all your life pretty much. that's why it's a complete shock in this community. two serious injuries from a shark attack. many of them not knowing how to react. taking all the precautions they can. >> what -- did anyone seed shark or is it all of a sudden this young girl had a devastating injury? did anyone actually see this go down? >> well, they saw the girl after she was bit by the shark. but we don't have a good description of the shark right now. now, they are going to examine the bite marks on both the girl and the guy who were bitten by the shark. if they ever do catch a shark that they can compare to see if it is a match if it was the same shark that bit these two teenagers so close to each other. but right now it's really impossible to tell whether or not what kind of shark it was and whether or not it was one or more sharks that did this attack. >> absolutely stunning. two teenagers. one arm totally amputated and one amputated from the
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ello down. joe, thank you. moments after the terrifying shark attack. one man and his wife captured it all on camera. they called scene right out of jaws. steve bowzer joins us on the phone. you were on the beach with your wife just enjoying the day and what did you see? >> all of a sudden everybody is saying and my wife said it was like something out of jaws. people are yelling "get out of the water get out of water. call 911." somebody was carrying in terribly wounded girl it was one of the more distressing things. also inspiring things to see to see how everybody responded very quickly and started treating her. i'm not sure if she would have made it if it wouldn't have happened to have been a woman there who was paramedic who started immediately getting to everybody start fashioning, you know, all kinds of ways to stop the bleeding.
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>> just unbelievable these pictures are just -- it's extraordinary. were there a lot of people on the beach? a lot of people on in the water when you there were yesterday? >> i would say a moderate amount. it wasn't really crowded like it is sometimes. >> i mean, it's just amazing. this young girl's life was saved because these people were smart enough to know how to respond and they responded so quickly. it's amazing. isn't it? >> yes. and it was quite something to see and our hearts go out to that little girl. and i pray that she will get better. >> i take it she was there with her family or friends and, that, what, a helicopter? how did she get out stlf? >> she was evacuated by helicopter as i understand it and not long after that there were more helicopters with the young man who had lost his arm. it was quite markable. almost unheard of to have two attacks like that in a row in such a close area. >> did anyone say that he or
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she had witnessed it, you know, as people were standing around and watching this go down? anyone say i saw it? >> did i not hear anybody say that. it was just -- i think it happened very quickly and by the time anybody was aware. the shark was gone, you know. out of sight. >> how long have you been going to that beach? >> we come here every year for maybe the last 10 years. we live inland in a place called southern pines. >> and have you ever heard of a shark being spotted there? >> yeah. i mean, i have seen them myself. but, you know, it's an occasional sighting. it typically further out and i have never heard of anything remotely like this happening. >> how did you find out about the young boy the teenager who then -- was the second one to get builten by the shark? >> we immediately came back here and turned on the tv and became aware of that plus there was a lot of, you know, stuff going on with social media and everything.
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>> it's just incredible, pictures are incredible. this poor child. i understand that, you know, she is going to make it but terrible, you know, what a tragedy. steve, thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> and the shark attack highlighting the terrifying danger of sharks. what should swimmers be aware of this summer? dr. robert -- has studied sharks with more than 40 years. he joins us. good evening sir. is it possible to even determine whether one shark did both of these attacks? >> no. greta, it's not possible at this stage. it's very possible that these were two separate incidents that were just very strangely linked in time and space. or we really can't rule out that it was one shark. we really don't know at this point. >> why do sharks attack? kids and young people and adults are swimming there all the time. what would make them suddenly come in this shore and attack? >> well, the fact is that the sharks are there. they are actually there and north carolina is a fairly
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sharky state to be honest with you. we have a pretty large commercial fishery for sharks in that area and we have about 1 dozen different species that frequent those waters. and they don't bother people. this is a very rare thing. we don't really like to talk about attacks too often but in this case these were severe enough bites that, yes, these were attacks. why this happened we'll have to see if we can get more information about the size of the shark perhaps the species. there have been specs about whether or not to was a bull shark. based on the severity of the wounds, that could be. but, we don't want to jump to conclusions. and we certainly are thinking about the two victims. it was horrific thing for both of them to go through. >> all right. have you been studying this for about 40 years. let me ask you. would you go swimming there now? >> what i would do is do what the local authorities are doing. which is to sort of monitor the situation.
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take a pause and see if there is anything unusual going on in terms of, perhaps, larger sharks feeding very close to the beach right now. maybe there is a group of fish that the sharks are feeding on or something even larger. just make sure that there isn't something unusual happening. and then slowly lead people, you know, go about their business again. but everybody needs to be very arare that sharks live in the ocean. they are a normal part of our ocean. they are a sign that the ocean is healthy when the sharks are there. there are things that we can all do to minimize the risk which itself is extremely small. >> i guess the problem is it's extremely small. it's 100 degrees out. everybody goes to the beach. you hear about these two shark attacks. i hear at least i'm reading into what you say a pause on your part into terms of whether you would go back into the water now. these are a very dangerous situation. these two young people probably don't feel lucky tonight but they are lucky
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they are alive. >> i mean, i would go back in the water because i would want to study what's going on. so i would be in the water. >> would you send your kids in? >> with me, yeah. i think i would. i mean, i would again i would look at the situation and see what we can tell from the air and see if there is anything unusual. and if we don't see anything unusual, then i think it's okay. remember that we have millions of people in the water every year. and around the world last year there were only 7' 2 recorded incidents like this in the entire -- on the entire globe as documented by the international shark attack file. and only three fatalities. and they weren't in the united states. they were in australia and south africa. so sometimes when these things happen together in time, we he want to look for a pattern. we want to look for an explanation. and there may not be one. it may just be sort of a random event and nothing may happen at that beach the ummer. but prudent to study the situation and make sure, as i said before, that there
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isn't an unusual group of young sharks feeding close to shore for whatever reason. >> doctor, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and developing right now the beach where the sharks attacked are now open for more swimming, but is it safe? oak island town manager tim hollowman joins us. good evening sir. and the beach is open, right? >> yes, it is. >> okay o would you send your children into the beach there today? >> if i was with them, i would. i'm always with my children when they're at the beach. >> what would you do if you were out in the water with them and a big 7-foot shark shows up. i don't know how much you could protect your children or could you. >>? it's always hard to try to children. i'm usually within arm's reach of them. it's not something i would want to experience myself. >> what do you if a shark came at you. i know every parent wants to stay with his kids, the problem is if you are out in the water, you know, 20 yards, 30 yards with your kids, and a shark attacks
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you know you would guess 7-foot shark is not much of a match. >> no, it is not. >> you would still let your kids go in the water you? you would still take them out there now. >> i would take them as long as i was with them. i would not let them get more than probably 5 or 10 feet away from my position. >> even though -- even -- even knowing that you couldn't fight off a shark if a shark came after you and your kids? >> i don't always look for the worse event to happen. so i wouldn't do anything out of the ordinary, i actually probably for a couple days i might try to keep them out of the water if at all possible to make sure there is no imminent danger, but i'm not looking to find a shark. i was looking to swim and have a good time with my kids. >> is there something that the town is now doing differently? are you having helicopters to fly over the area. looking see from the air if there is sharks out there? is there anything you you can do? >> we are doing that the sheriff's department is helping us out with that.
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brunswick county sheriffs they will be here throughout the day tomorrow. and possibly on wednesday. we usually coordinate late in the afternoon to plan for the next day. and they do have two boats also patrolling the coast line looking for any abnormal activity. >> how about the beach today, as crowded as it was over the weekend are people now fearful? >> we didn't sees a many people in the water today. this is only like the second week since school has been out here in north carolina. so we have average crowds. so usually our weekend attendance is a little bit up, so we don't have any anticipation that will be lower this coming weekend. >> thank you sir for joining us. >> thank you. >> this is a first alert. female prison worker helping two killers break out of a maximum security prison is back in court today. news today of more stunning allegations that 51-year-old joyce mitchell had a possible plot with the two
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escapees to murder her own husband. at this hour the two killer fugitives at the center of the story still on the run. hundreds of state police officers and federal agents are more than days into this manhunt and so far nothing. they are nowhere to be found. tonight, "on the record" has a team on the ground investigating. >> we're here just a block away from the prison. this is the manhole cover ted, where david sweat and richard matt escaped just about nine days ago. >> our griff jenkins and ted williams show you what they uncovered in moments. first, fox news peter doocy joins us in upstate new york peter? >> greta we saw seamstress and joyce michelle in court wearing a brand new black and white prison jumpsuit and bullet-proof vest. and aside from saying that she understood the charges against her michelle was quiet in court apparently there behind closed doors she is telling the court a lot about the tools she allegedly gave escapees when they were still prisoners and she was inked in as the
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get way way driver set to pick up two fugitive passengers at midnight for seven hour ride to her jeep. when she didn't show there was a scramble. still richard matt and david sweat disappeared into the darkness into a hiding place or hiding places or stayed hidden for 10 days now. this is a-million-dollar a day manhunt with 800 now exhausted officers concentrating on 13 square mile grid near the clinton correctional facility. the u.s. marshals were going door-to-door this weekending asking any residents if they wanted any structures on their property searched and some road blocks officers are pointing guns at close the trunks while others carefully lift the lid. even though there have been no confirmed sidings of the pair. we are told today was quiet and schools in the search area are now open again. at one point today in the courtroom d.a. asked reporters in the courtroom if anybody knew any jokes somebody piped under and said a guy walks out of jail. >> and the d.a. piped back
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two guys walked out out of jail. >> laughed. only light moment we have seen in what has otherwise been a very intense dragnet here in dannemora. greta? >> peter, thank you. of course, it's also very dangerous. stunning new development joyce mitchell accused of helping two. conspiring with the two killers to kill her own husband during the escape. brendan joins us on the phone. tell me about this plot to to murder her husband. >> well, we learned about this conversation that they were that took place when law enforcement talked to us on saturday and said that during some debriefings that joist mitchell gave which they were at least is 10 hours each that she apparently disclosed that at some point there was a discussion about possibly harming her husband or killing her husband. we don't know if that was
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the plan that they finally agreed on or if they were going to do that before they fled or not. it's interesting today that the district attorney, when asked about it, apparently did not -- he did not deny it. he did in the react to it. he just said no comment. he said there could be additional charges that she faces. as you know, if she made an admission like that, they would probably -- they need these two guys in custody to it see if they can corroborate that i think before they would try elevate charges or try to pursue that charge if it's something that they can pursue. >> how about we only have 30 seconds left but what about lyle her husband? what's he saying about this when he finds out his wife not only helped two guys to escape but kill him. >> i'm not sure. both he and his wife have been off the grid so to speak since last saturday. my assumption is that they have been sent somewhere by the state police or were while they were being questioned. he shut off his cell phone or maybe they took it from him, perhaps. and so, you know, i'm sure his reaction would be shock.
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it may have been that this was conversation that took place, you know, over the many weeks or months that they were concocting this plan and she was assisting them. it will be interesting in the end to see whether she is indicted for additional charges. >> indeed it will be. brendan, thank you very much. >> okay. you bet. so how did these dangerous killer does it? former homicide detective and criminal defense attorneys ted williams and griff jenkins are following the fugitives first footsteps outside of the prison they escaped from. >> this is the manhole cover, ted where david sweat and richard matt escaped two weeks ago ago. >> what are you thinking about. >> this was intricate plan by sweat and matt. this is not something that they planned overnight. here it is you have got the prison here and they had to tunnel their way from that prison to this manhole cover
11:19 pm
here. griff, when you take a look at this manhole cover this is not something that easily to lift. so, they had to know about this manhole cover. griff, the more i look at this, the more i think that they had internal help above and beyond joist mitchell. >> just to give our viewers gee grask call perspective stead ted. that's north. this is south. east west. >> right. >> we know if you are going to canada, you go kind of west and north over a mountain range. you know, if you go dew north, you have got the entire prison facility, so they are not likely to go that way. we know if you go east you are going into platsburg you are getting more urban. if you go south particularly that way, perhaps the most fertile ground if you you want to get lost. what do you know? >> well, griff as you know we talked to one of the
11:20 pm
residential individuals who live in this neighborhood. one of the things he was able to tell us is when you look at this monday hole cover here and when you look at the prison here, that there is a tunnel that leads in a southerly direction here to this coal plant. >> the neighbor was telling us that there are hunt camps. hunting is not in season right now but those camps are boarded up. all he needs to know is there is one hunt camp there where they can hide out. maybe get some food in a freezer and that's where they begin their hunt. we also know, obviously this theory is supported by law enforcement because they are down there now. >> now greta we talked to law enforcement and when we talked to them privately off camera, they say the trail has gone cold. they are waiting for a break as we mentioned in the southern eastern where this the they are searching over the mountain where joyce lived close to an hour away. we came, even questions being asked tonight if joist michelle chilly was ever plan a.
11:21 pm
we have more for you greta? >> griff, thank you. our coverage of this breaking news continues plus stunning new agencies against joyce mitchell the woman accused of helping those two murderers. that's next. cops in baltimore demanding more cops on the street. that's next. donaldsent me an email today. is he running for president in the email you must see for yourself straight ahead. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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the pastor of a baltimore church in one the city's most violent neighborhoods now calling for more police to face head on the massive spike in baltimore violence. renchd dr. lee a joins us. good evening doctor. >> good evening, greta.
11:25 pm
>> doctor, i understand that you think you need more police. or you need more police attention, tell me. >> well, we have seen a definite decrease in law enforcement presence over the past several weeks. and we definitely need a strong presence in our city especially in times of unrest like right now. >> why do you think that the police presence has gone down? >> well, clearly clearly there has been a breakdown in the relationship between law enforcement and the community and if we are going to have a strong community, then every aspect of the community must be working together and so we have to repair this relationship and get our officers back in place so that we can have a community where everyone, everyone feels safe and secure community where our young people are safe as well. we have lost 22 young people
11:26 pm
since the beginning of this year. that is sun enable. >> you -- that is unacceptable. >> you know ohio hold he had responsible for this breakdown. i was in baltimore talking to some police and it's these politicians in the community. they get money to try to fix these problems and they don't fix the problems. you know, there are no jobs in the inner city. there are no -- the education system is bad i see a lot of mothers who want the very best for their children. i mean, they have got this horrible situation. and the police are sort of stuck between. and they get blamed a lot because a lot of the promises from the politicians aren't fulfilled and a the love these communities are really really rough and resentful toward the police. >> you know, greta and that has been a point that we have been working on over these past several weeks because we understand that unless we are all united working together for the good of the people and not for any one's personal agenda then we are not
11:27 pm
going to fix these problems. we absolutely must fix the underlying systemic problem that have led us to this point. it's going to take a village to change a village. >> well, the police are feeling pretty bruised and i understand why. i hope that it gets fixed pretty soon. doctor, i hope you will come back because i have a feeling this problem is not going to go away fast. >> i certainly will. and keep us in prayer. >> all right. thank you. and family roomer florida governor jeb bush making his big announcement. did you see who endorsed governor jeb bush and should
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well, the race is on. former florida governor jeb bush making it official. he says he wants to be your next president. but that's only part of the story today for the governor. he picked up some critical endorsements, beating out senator marco rubio in his own neighborhood. all three cuban american republicans who represent the miami area in the house of representatives say they want jeb. joining us now two of the three lawmakers. congressman and congresswoman ross leyton, first to you why governor bush and not congressman who is cuban american senator rubio or senator rubio. >> i represent them both. they are both constituents. marco lives in west miami. jeb lives in coral gables. when we to pick one. jeb was my first campaign
11:32 pm
architect when i ran for congress back in the civil war. and marco rubio was one of my first interns when i got to congress. i have a big affiliation with both of them. but, jeb has the chief executive officer experience as governor of a vast diverse state like florida to do the job as commander and chief from day one. so experience was the leading factor for me. >> all right com. you are brand new to congress. had you to make a big decision. what about you and why today to make announcement for who you were endorsing. >> well, i wanted to be very respectful to both jeb bush and marco rubio. i have great respect for both of them. but for me, greta, when you look back at these six and a half years, president obama and the white house i think what has been most evident is the lack of executive experience, the lack of that decision-making ability that is so important to the
11:33 pm
presidency. and we, in florida saw governor jeb bush take on tough issues as governor during 8 years bring people together, find solutions. that is what i think the nation is sorely lacking. i can think of no republican that has the executive leadership skills, plus the record of success conservative reform governor bush. that's why i'm so proud to support him. >> congresswoman it is no secret, your endorsement in that area in the state of florida is big. so tell me, did they both lobby you and did you make a call to senator rubio saying that you picked jeb? >> no, i love them both. i owed marco a call and i did, to tell him that i'm supporting jeb. and he understood that because jeb and i we worked together for so many years. those eight years that jeb was governor, boy he worked with the legislature to bring down taxes to get rid of regulation, to strip away
11:34 pm
waste in the florida government and bureaucracy. he really has that leadership experience. marco is wonderful man and he has got a great future. what a wonderful healthy debate we are going to have in our party. and it shows the diversity of the republican party. look at all of our candidates. all with different points of view. so i think that people will really wake up, that the republican party is the party of the future. and jeb is the leader to get us to that next century as a big issues that confront us. >> congressman can governor jeb bush get the hispanic vote? can he get it away from another in the race ted cruz and of course senator marco rubio? >> absolutely. i think jeb bush is the candidate that is the most prepared and most able to win over hispanic voters because as governor of florida, he focused on an issue that is critical to hispanics. and that's education. what does every single
11:35 pm
american household especially hispanic households want for the future of their children? a good education. and jeb bush was one of the first people in the country that said hey these low income children, and these low income neighborhoods they have to count too. we have to take them into account and we have to make sure that the schools work for them not just for the adults. >> thank you both and i hope you will come back. it's going to be a long race. of course, florida is ever so important. every four years we pay a lot of attention in florida along with other states. >> thank you greta. >> good night. >> the "on the record" political panel daily beast jackie kucinich and "weekly standard" john mccormick. john, first to you right away the day that the announcement is made he grabs those two endorsements. >> it shows he has a lot of friends up in florida. he has a great conservative record. he has a lot of fans down there. the only thing is he office
11:36 pm
a decade ago. he needs to remind those people is he a conservative and ready to face the challenges of today. did a great job with that speech. he gave a conservative speech. he talked about how obama is a liberal can't hand it off to hillary clinton who is a liberal. talked about religious liberty. something that a lot of candidates run away from from. he took on hillary clinton. and taking it to the little sisters to the poor. he thought that was interesting as well. >> jackie important to get those two endorsements today, sending a message to marco rubio. both of those could have waited but it was today. >> also because of their respect to marco rubio they wanted to come out there and not play footy with him and string him along. she goes way back with jeb. jeb caught an add in a very tight race down in miami-dade this last cycle. so i think they both owe a lot to him. >> did senator marco rubio
11:37 pm
not help both of them too? >> i'm sure he did. they had to pick un, one guy from florida and they went with jeb. certainly not great for marco rubio. i don't think this kills him. the other thing i noticed during that announcement, they introduced all of these florida establishment officials that were in that room when jeb announced. peej like adam putnam. really young guy. pam bondi huge republican star in the state who is also young. they wanted it show jeb might not be a spring chicken like marco rubio but he does have a lot of young people that have supporting him. >> i thought that too jenna. there was a lot of muscle. sort of lot of muscling of senator marco rubio in that. he was -- governor jeb bush was saying basically i own this state. >> remarkable. think how much of the -- when jeb bush said he was going to run. people said he couldn't one run. looping.
11:38 pm
it's a wide open race in florida i have seen neck be a neck polls between marco rubio and jeb bush. candidate are going to have to get out there and make their own cases he is not a title to anything. interesting how wyde open enthis race is. jeb and marco have real opening. >> we did see barbara bush she showed up for her son. >> i thought that was great. he paid a lot of attention to her during the speech i thought that was a great moment to see that she was there. >> indeed it was. bar are bra bush back on the campaign trail. >> definitely. >> panel, thank you both. stunning video of wild animals on the loose not in the wild but in the city. live report on incredible story straight ahead. first, the manhunt for two killers underway right now. at this hour shocking new details into the investigation of the woman acan you seed of helping the two killers escape prison. the you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support
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this is a first alert. the man humidity has now gone international hundreds of police officers, federal agents are all on the lookout for two kilters who escaped from maximum security prison. joyce mitchell in the slammer itself. facing serious criminal charges. helping accused killers break -- the convicted killers break out. >> what's next in the process? >> we are going to be moving this case up to county court and i will be speaking to mr. bruno as to whether we are going to be going by indictment or spear year court information and we will know that o'er the next couple of days. >> the "on the record" legal panel joins us. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams and katie phang. ted, this woman joyce, is in a heap of trouble. she has got one or two charges hanging over her now. that's just to hold her. she is really going to get a lot of charges dropped on her. >> you are absolutely right.
11:44 pm
in your earlier segment you talk about the fact that there may very well have been a conspiracy to murder her husband. and that is a huge charge, greta, because our viewers need to know when you are speaking of a conspiracy you are talking about an agreement between these individuals, matt sweat and joyce mitchell. and anything she would have done in further ransz of that agreement is the conspiracy. we do know that he she went out, she bought hack saws. that she bought screwdrivers. she did a lot of things to try to help these guys escape. if that was part of the murder, she is in a heap of trouble. >> katie she sure doesn't get a prize for being a great wife tonight. she might have a lot of information. what do the police try to do to get information out? i realize now she is in custody. she has been mirandized and under arrest. if given the chance to talk to her she might be able to lead the police to these two guys or give them some
11:45 pm
strong clues. how do you get that out of her? what do you offer her? >> you offer her the type of deal that is appropriate for the prosecution. if you are the prosecutor you basically tell us look you give us all the information you have and we will consider whether or not we continue to add charges to the two that she is currently facing. as the facts keep on developing in this case, it becomes more and more bizarre that this love-hatched crazy plan to be the get away driver from what we understand, she was never told what the ultimate destination was approximately seven hours away. joyce mitchell is pretty much living the story of "fifty shades of grey" prison jumpsuit it sundays like and we don't know if she had a relationship with anybody other than sweat. she could have had with the the other guy. according to her ex-husband she is a serial cheater. we don't know if she had more people involved in the prison system that would have helped these two guys get out of prison. >> ted, as i look at her in that 1930s movie's black and white jumpsuit where it looks like some old movie i
11:46 pm
think how can anybody be so stupid. not insane. not going to get insanity defense. it's unbelievable. she made a decision not just a split second but apparently part of a plan that went on for quite some time. it's just incredible, isn't it? >> it is absolutely incredible. i watched this morning this morning walk into a prison in a prison jumpsuit into an automobile and all you could think, in my mind is what were you thinking? and all i can see is that these two guys matt and sweat, they were the ones who were able to persuade her to be intimately involved with them where she was willing to risk her whole life i don't take that they were able to persuade
11:47 pm
her. she is a willing participant. maybe katie feels differently. she is up to her eyeballs. i don't think she is some poor victim in this, katie? >> i agree with you greta. i have no sympathy for this woman. she may be looking with her head down she is in court. she may show remorse now. she cheated on her husband and helped two murderers escape from it would be one thing if she said i had no idea what they were charged with he she saw them on a daily basis. her husband works in the prison system as a maintenance worker. she knew exactly who these guys were and she helped them to get out of prison and there is no excuse. she should be launched for what she did and should be looking at more than two charges she should be looking at dozens more at this point. >> she probably will. >> ed terks the interesting thing is on the very fact on saturday she could make a decision that she decided not because she got cold feed and suddenly had anxiety attack shows she knew better. she knew this was a really bad idea. she wasn't confused. she wasn't mistaken. she wasn't nuts.
11:48 pm
she knew exactly what she was doing. >> she knew exactly what she was doing. she has worked in that system before. there are allegations that she was involved in the past they did do an investigation. she continued to work in that prison. she knew exactly what she was doing. this is no right and wrong situation, greta. they do have 22 hours worth of it. >> you know, i don't know that she is going to be the fodder for more information. you would be hopeful if you are law enforcement. i don't think that they gave her as much information. they being the escapees. i don't think they gave her as much information more so than what she has already given over to law enforcement. i would have some optimism but she doesn't seem to have much guidance for them now. >> which suggests to me that they intended discard her very quickly if they didn't bring her into the intimate details. >> you know, greta. >> i have got to go ted.
11:49 pm
>> katie is so right. i'm sorry. i think that she would have been access baggage she is luckia, i think that she is still alive. >> i was teasing katie too. teasing both of you. katie and ted, thank you both. >> "on the record" will continue to monitor the prison break investigation and manhunt. the second there is news, you will get it right here. coming up, wild and dangerous animals taking to the streets of a major city. how did it that happen. what city? a live report in a moment. plus, donald trump's email to me. you've got to read this. it's next.
11:50 pm
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hippo, oh my. and yes other dangerous animals all on the loose. massive flooding destroying a zoo. now animals are taking to the streets to georgia. these incredible videos showing the animals on the loose. at this hour all of the escaped animals are accounted for. the floods causing damage across the city of more than 1 million killing 15 people and more are missing. one of the victims of the massive storm was a zoo keeper who worked at the zoo for 25 years. more rain and possible flooding says expected over the next few days. and is donald trump running for president? the real estate mogul making a big announcement tomorrow. i wanted to know today. i sent donald trump's office an email and he sent back handwritten note. you know the answer donald trump. and tonight fox news con if you remembering that trump is expected to file a financial disclosure with the fec within 30 days of his announcement and tomorrow a one page summary
11:55 pm
of his network -- net worth. the "the washington post" is likely run for president. what's his decision? we report, you decide. you saw my email. he says i know the answer a. coming up, i take you off-the-record. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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friday night we were interviewing fox news molly line who was upstate correctional. now check this out o. see the guy sending something up the wall of the prison. the back wall in well lots of viewers spotted and emailed in. our staff quickly checked it out and told it's legitimate. if you ask me even if it's been going on generation from the ground to towers. i think everything should go through the front door of the prison not a back wall at the pully. you never know if something could go wrong. beyond that how about the optics? this is a reek in which someone sneaked more than a file and a quake two vicious.
12:00 am
that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night from washington. but go to my facebook page i'm putting something brand new up in the next few minutes. my facebook page gretawire live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. residents new year's eve galveston, texas are preparing for tropical storm bill. it has formed in the gulf of mexico and is expected to make landfall later this morning and moving across south central texas by this afternoon. bill is packing maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour. but it should weaken once it hits land. and scary moments across northern illinois last night when a severe storm triggered a tornado warning. there were floods and the cancellation of hundreds of flights. at one point officials activated the tornado warning sirens forcing office workers to scramble from the highrise windows. and now 11 days


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