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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 16, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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and unkbenctional accidents do occur. >> go batman! it's all in fun people. we will back at 5:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. please join us. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. good morning to you. today is tuesday, june 16th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. she is out! the white naacp leader resigns after lying about being black but just when you thought the story couldn't get more bizarre, another shocking revelation surfaces from her past. we'll tell you about it. kept away by the clinton campaign. this reporter says he was banned by hillary clinton's events yesterday. this morning, he's here to tell us live what happened behind the scenes. >> this football team's entire season was in jeopardy when someone ripped off their gear. but this morning, after "fox & friends" viewers stepped up to the plate, a major
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development. it's not what you might expect. let me remind you in case there's a quiz later, mornings are better with friends. >> that's the answer. ♪ ♪ oh, how nice is that? i remember that picture, young brian kilmeade. >> this is prom time and it is prom season and it's time to look back to 1954 when i was actually at the prom. these are my friends. we have one goalie in our group and john coopey. >> brian, was there women at the prom? >> yes, there were. we actually brought women. they just weren't in the picture. >> i believe it was celebration. it was new then. >> coming up this morning, our
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own peter johnson, jr is going to tell you during prom season how do you protect yourself. before you send your kids out to prom there are things you need to know. >> as you know this is a very exciting time for the fox network and news corp in general for the first time ever fox sports and pga have formed a bond and they are going to have their first major coverage this week. on thursday the u.s. open is here. >> the 115th u.s. open. >> is that why there's a caddie over your shoulder? >> hi matt. >> he's got elisabeth's book. >> ths a little caddie rescue. >> thank you. >> you are going to help us with whatever we need? >> absolutely, anything you need. >> have you seen my iphone? >> all right. thank you very much man.
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>> what else do you have in there? >> matt just -- >> hey, matt hold on do you have my chap stick? >> of course. >> have you seen my kids? >> i have. they are great. >> good. >> they love you. >> this is all part of the caddie rescue. you are going to see a bunch of fun videos the caddies are rescuing every day americans on the street. >> it kicks off on thursday on fox sports 1. matt can stay all day. let's talk about the naacp because we have not enough. it turns out rachel dole zol is going to resign as president, the spokane, washington. turns out she won't answer the question. it turns out she is white. she also has something else in our background. >> she's on facebook saying this is just a continuum, that this is not the end of her fight for
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rights for all. she actually sued howard university. she filed a lawsuit in 2002 against howard university for discrimination because she was white. she alleged they favored african-american students and the judge there dismissed it in 2004 and ordered her to pay almost $3,000 in a bill of costs. you just think it can't get any worse for her. it did. her parents explained how this all started. >> they did, watch. >> it was around 2007 when we first saw a newspaper article from spokane, washington area that rachel had represented herself to the press as being african-american or biracial. >> were you shocked? >> well, we thought what is this? she's not telling the truth. >> did you call her up and say what are you doing? >> no she did not want to
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communicate with us about anything. >> do you think she's pathological? >> i think rachel has some very serious issues yes. >> the parents hope they can reconcile with her. apparently there was a falling out a number of years ago where she said -- rachel said the family was violent with her. the family denies it. we're going to have her brother ezra with us just about an hour from right now. nonetheless, she has resigned but she does refuse to apologize for lying about being black when she's really white. >> 2007 she cut off all relations with her family. she also claimed a family friend -- a friend of hers that she befriended in idaho, albert wilkinson as her father who happens to be black. it sounds convenient and it sounds like an elaborate lie. >> apparently she asked her brother not to blow her cover, that brother we're going to speak with. in the meantime let's say hello
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to our dear friend heather. are you calling the caddie? >> i'm calling the caddie. we need lots of help. i've got some serious news for you. it's a fox news alert. al qaeda's number 2 man is dead according to u.s. officials. the terror group confirming overnight, in a brand-new video that nasar hashi was killed in a drone strike. he was deputy to al qaeda leader al-wahishi. >> tragedy to tell you about california's magic mountain theme park. a child collapsing moments after stepping off the revolution roller coaster. ten-year-old was rush to the
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hospital and died the next day. the cause of death is not known. there's no evidence at this time that the ride is to blame. the family is awaiting autopsy results. this morning, a teen was tackled and tased. this morning, a sheriff's deputy is defending his use of force. he said he was trying to get the 13-year-old child in his cruiser. he had runaway five times and refused to cooperate. banks says he was forced to pull out that taser when the boy bit down on his arm. that teenager is facing charges for resisting arrest. let's talk to politics now. 2016 notable name set to make a decision new york city donald trump will set us whether he plans to run for the white house. he will reportedly reveal $9 billion net worth.
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this comes a day after jeb bush made his announcement. going to be quite a day. thank you very much. >> we have some great news today and a huge update on a story we covered yet. lafayette bobcats football in colorado they had all their equipment in a trailer. it was stolen. $150,000 of kids football equipment taken right out of their trailer and it was gone vanished and with it went their opportunity to have their season. it was about to be canceled. we spoke with them yesterday. we spoke with the kids. one of them was incredible. his name was julian macado. he said football is everything to me and now it was gone. we talk to their coach and president of the league who was devastated about this and someone saw it on our -- >> they did. >> a marine. >> if you saw this segment yesterday, you saw the sad faces on the kid. there was a marine recruiter who saw the story and said wait a
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minute i know where that trailer is. it's over in the apple bee's parking lot. they went over. and they surmised it was probably made off with in the last couple of weeks. there it is right there. the good news is everything is inside. nothing was stolen. they have got all the stuff back and including the fact they suddenly have to deal with a cash problem because when they came on the program with elisabeth yesterday they had about $1,500 or something in a go fund me account. look at that. it's touching $5,000. so apparently what they are going to do is they are going to offer people -- anybody who donated, if you want your money back let us know we'll give you the money back. otherwise we could upgrade some of our stuff. >> a lot of people wrote and said why do you need all that money? it was the whole league's equipment. not the team's equipment. there was one name for an entire club sometimes. >> really just keep these kids playing and on the field.
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the nfl runs a program called 360. they want everyone to play. someone took all their stuff and the license plates are gone off that trailer but we're happy the team has their stuff back. thanks to the viewers who paid attention. >> indeed. it's exactly 10 minutes after the hour on this tuesday. coming up on fox news alert, day 11 of the man hundred and the prison employee accused of helping them escape could be key to their capture. we're live from new york with the very latest. access denied a reporter set to cover hillary clinton's campaign shown the door even though he was invited there. that reporter is going to join us next. he's invited here.
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good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on. >> explain how a pool works. you were designated as the pool reporter. what's that mean? >> well when a campaign has events that are too small for everybody to fit in if they are doing something in somebody's living room rather than close it to the press, they ask the reporters to choose somebody to represent everybody and be their eyes and ears and as reporters we love that because in addition we don't have to pay to travel for 14 or 15 events we can each go to one. it's a very common thing. in the white house, there's a daily press pool so one reporter or one organization is designated each day to send somebody to follow around the president. it's a very good system and in this case the clinton campaign asked for a pool to be set up to follow her. >> right. so on sunday night, i believe, you were designated as the print pool reporter. you were emailed where to show up. you show up yesterday morning and what are you told by the hillary clinton campaign? >> i'm told that they have
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requested somebody else come not me. i wasn't allowed to get on the pool van. they had set aside a van to schlep reporters around and they said no no you can't get on. they denied the print pool the opportunity to send the journalist of their choice of the day and it did not go over well. >> you talked to a number of the people in the campaign there. come on the story is about to start. what kind of lame excuses were they giving you why you couldn't go in with your notepad? >> well, initially, first, they said they had an objection to foreign press organizations. although the daily mail the newspaper is in london. we're based in new york just like you guys are, and we have got over 200 people in new york. so eventually the campaign conceded that we're not actually foreign press. even the white house considers us domestic press. then they said oh, no it's not that. it's we want to mirror the white house pool and you guys aren't officially in the whitehouse
3:17 am
press corps. that was wrong. we've got frances ka chambers who has the same credentials as ed henry and associated press. they ran out of reasons. most of the observers i've talked to think it's because daily is very thorough and doged. >> that's the winner. they don't you, david. they don't like your coverage because you have been very thorough. many of the things you are done you are the guy who uncovered that hillary clinton had something like 2 million or inactive twitter followers. that the campaign was driving in supporters to an iowa event and very famously that the campaign security scooby truck was going 92 miles an hour. and a couple of days ago, you tweeted out this it is truly astonishing how many journalists at the hillary clinton speech today reported exactly and only what the campaign wanted them to. so you know what david, your
3:18 am
probably is you are not a stenographer for the campaign like a lot of people in the mainstream media and they didn't want you there. >> well, that may very well be the case but they don't get to pick and choose who covers them. that's the kind of thing we see from other countries that we don't want to be like. it's a very slippery slope. i give a lot of credit to the rest of the press corps. 14 news organizations, including ours signed a statement that said it's completely unacceptable what the clinton campaign did yesterday. if it's the level of accessibility and transparency that mrs. clinton is exhibiting at this point in the campaign imagine what the west wing will be like in 2016 if she wins. it's not good for journalism and the first amendment and you have to stand up and say this is ridiculous. by the way, it happened last night as well. i showed up at a flag day dinner event where hillary clinton was
3:19 am
the keynote speaker because i was supposed tos athe pool reporter and i was told i'm quoting, you need to leave, they threw me out of the building because they didn't like i was the designated reporter of the day. that's completely unacceptable. >> you were there to cover the story but instead you became the story. david martosko from the daily mail. thank you very much. we hope you get in today. >> today is jeb bush but it will be a different kind of fun. >> it will indeed. thank you very much. what do you think about that? that hillary rodham clinton campaign is trying to control who tells the story. email us you can facebook us or tweet us. making marijuana legal in more states but does that mean you could lose your job for getting high before you go to work? what a judge just decided straight ahead. pop quiz which president was packing heat just about
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you now. more than a dozen passenger were taken off a flight from fiji at l.a.x. report after coming down with gastrointestinal problems 12 of them were staying in the same hotel in fiji and may have picked up a bug up there.
3:24 am
and sydney blumenthal will be testifying today about benghazi today. an exclusive look inside the white house like you've never seen before. our next guest uncovers little known facts of american history while researching his new book. the new book is "the president's shadow." it's always great to see you. what you'll do is you'll take a fictional premise and go back and gets facts. first, the book opens up and the first lady is in the rose garden at 5:00 a.m. she puts her hands into the dirt. she smells the mulch. a moment she can just enjoy and out of a dirt she pulls a severed arm. she has no idea how they got there and how they got past
3:25 am
security and she has no idea of the puzzle hidden inside the fist of the arm. >> that's where the book begins. you go to the secret service, what would you do if the first lady said i just found an arm in the garden. what did he they will you? >> that's not what they want to do but they said the first thing i would do secret service to me is i would renovate a room. i would put down some wallpaper, repain the wall if i do that i can get the first family out of the house, i can do a private investigation and the public and press won't know and now they said now you can have an investigation. >> here's interesting. it turns out that's something they always do and then you found out that they rent vated a room with the obama administration bush administration and clinton administration so possibly there were investigations going on at the time. >> i said it's gone on before.
3:26 am
he said won't believe what's gone on here in the name of home renovation. >> something happens, it's an emergency, you are trying to develop your story and you want authenticity. what happens to a president during an emergency situation? >> it's interesting. one of the interesting places i've found is mount weather. it's shut down now. what happened after 9/11 is she started rebuilding it. i love to show them this amazing things. i'm always careful and change security because i want to keep it safe. >> it's very interesting too. you won over the bushes with your personal and your writing and your mom. you found out little known facts about some of our most recent presidents. >> i was in secret service headquarters and going through their museum in the back and they they want to hear a really good secret whrk the secret service says you want to hear a
3:27 am
little secret lean in. they said ronald reagan used to carry a gun with him. he used to carry a .38, put in a briefcase and take it on air force one. >> you must be kidding me. after he got shot he felt he wanted to be prepared. >> he says if anyone comes for me, i want to be ready. i called up former president bush sr he wanted to know what raegan had. he also carried his own drivers license as well as bush carried. clinton used to carry a billfold with pictures of his family and a prayer. w. used to carry a first responders batch. president obama doesn't carry his own wallet. he's famous for saying where's my money. >> he's going to have to do that in a year and a half. >> you spent last week with the bushes and jeb was there prior to going to europe. what's the sense of the family?
3:28 am
>> we raised money for literacy for barbara bush. she looked amazing. the whole family is great. that's amazing to me i was there with w. jeb, and president and mrs. bush you forget it's a family. at the end of the day, if you or i run for president, obviously, it's all politics and with them though it's your brother, it's your son. you are watching someone you love get torn apart or pushed up in the press and that's just makes it far more emotional thing. to me as an outsider watching in i'm amazed how they pull together as a family for this moment. >> they have 41 43 and who knows, maybe 45. >> yes, that's exactly right. >> this is a great father's day gift. people looking for a gift from an established author. congratulations. we'll see you in new york city signing books. a fox news alert, day 11 of
3:29 am
the manhunt. you are not going to believe it. new details about the prison employee accused of helping those killers escape we're live with the latest. jerry seinfeld who isn't the only one who thinks the p.c. police is destroying america's sense of humor. >> liberals are definitely more p.c. i used to fight with this audience all the time. >> should liberals be blamed for killing comedy? a panel of comedians to debate something. happy birthday for golfer phil mickelson. he's 45. i wouldn't be surprised if he wins fox's first u.s. open.
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we are here with a fox news alert now for you. a search for a pair of escaped killers enters its 11th day today. >> the governor of new york state is finally getting answers and wants to put these men behind bars where they escaped from. >> we have the latest. >> now an independent investigator has been called in by the governor to offer some fresh eyes and an outsiders perspective in how the escape happened and how to prevent it from happening again. the big question about the breakout remains. did someone put power tools in the hands of dangerous convicted killers? and so far, there's no obvious answer. >> if they had power tools, they in all likelihood found those from a contractor that was working in the facility so nothing really -- nothing really new on the inside. we're working really hard on what happened on the outside.
3:34 am
>> reporter: the suspended seam stress has a new lawyer since hers bowed out for a conflict of interest. questions about a possible deal that involved the fugitives killing joyce's husband lyle are getting a big no comment from the d.a. but the d.a. says there could be soon more arrests of possible accomplices in this case. so now we wait to see if anybody gets hauled in or if they catch the fugitives on a day where there is a lot of rain in the forecast. back to you in the city. peter doocy live in upstate new york. they cover the tabloids in new york and the story in the post is she was sleeping with both inmates. shaw-skank sex triangle. >> i've never seen a governor so detached. by the way, they could be in
3:35 am
mexico they can be around the block. got at that to run. >> these are known killers. >> no kidding. >> on a lighter note. no kidding. you know it's prom season and coming up very shortly peter johnson jr is going to fill you in on what you need to know if you are hosting a prom party at your house or your kids are going out to one. a woman by the name of janice dean has submitted her prom picture and janice -- >> wow! >> janice tell us about that hairdo and that young man. >> that's dave picket he was a colleague at work because i didn't have a boyfriend at the time and it took me about eight hours to get my hair like that. >> worth every minute working every single minute. >> memories! i love the 80s. i love the 80s. we're going to be showing your prom photos all morning long on fox news alert. look how skinny i was. ah! ♪ memories ♪
3:36 am
look at that hairdo. incredible. let's take a look at the maps. i have a tropical storm that i want to tell you about. if you live in texas, oh, my gosh it's going to be a deluge unfortunately, yet again. this is tropical storm bill. 50-mile-per-hour sustain winds. it's not the winds i'm concerned about. it is the epic rainfall that's going to soak the southeast texas coastline up toward dallas and oklahoma. there's your track and look at the rainfall we're going to see. again, areas that have seen epic historic rain in texas up toward oklahoma could get upwards of a foot more rainfall and that could be really devastating. so certainly we will watch that throughout the day today. back inside -- ♪ memories "♪ >> i will love to see you dance at the prom. >> 80s music, i am there. >> we should do a prom day here. >> we're doing it right now. >> where we have music and we dance and we get corps sajs.
3:37 am
>> like a mirror ball. >> it would jack up the price a lot and make it too costly. >> heather is around. sign me up for that prom. i'm all for it. good morning to you all. got some headline to bring right now. two children attacked by sharks in separate attacks on the same stretch of north carolina beach are in good condition and said to be improving despite having lost limbs. 911 calls giving us a glimpse of the terror unfolded. >> we have somebody shark attack. the familiar is in too much shock. there's a girl whose hand has been bitten off by a shark. >> the left arm is completely missing and also a bite to the left leg. >> thanks to those on the beach have said to have saved those children's lives. the watches are wrapping up it's legal to smoke pot in colorado but not without
3:38 am
consequences. state supreme court up holding the firing of a employee. he lost his job in 2010 after he failed a drug test. he claims he was never high at work and his medical pot smoking was legal under state law. the court justified it because it's still against federal law. you can called chris pratt a scared-o-saurus. he becomes the vic of some prank sters. take a look at this. >> you scared me. oh this is great. >> you can see it right there. dressed as a dine asour obviously. he was a good sport about the whole thing because that's his job. those are his headlines. elisabeth, when do we get to
3:39 am
your prom picture? >> i'm withholding. soon also soon. >> listen to this bill marr is just the latest comedian to say political correctness is hurting comedy. he has a theory. >> liberals are definitely more p.c. i used to fight with the audience all the time because we used to get the audience strictly from liberal sources and then we get the audience from everywhere and i've had a much better time. >> has the left political correctness gone too far. here to discuss is three comedians. ryan you actually had an incident where you had someone complain when you went on college campus. >> that's right. i did a college in rhode island and a student left my show four minutes in and hand wrote a letter to the dean. he said -- he said i created an unsafe environment with my words. >> you are too dangerous.
3:40 am
>> with my words. >> did you change what you did in your next act because of it? >> no not at all. but i did have to apologize to the college to get paid. >> noted. corey, when you are hearing the changes here you had to apologize apologize, is comedy no longer given the pass it was given before? >> i don't think that you can kill comedy just the same way you can't kill literature or art but you can suppress it and that is what we're worried about. to bill's point, i totally agree. a mixed audience or a conservative audience almost always is a better crowd. >> why? >> i noticed that conservatives are able to laugh at themselves. liberals are so afraid to be yeah oh, yeah that is funny, we do do that. >> the idea of comedy being suppressed. you are not having it? >> no. >> just the mention of it where do you go from here? if your livelihood is at risk
3:41 am
you you are not going to be paid what are you going to do? >> i'm a half jewish half german married to a black woman. i would have no act if i can't talk about my life. this is my life i'm talking about. this is our lives we're talking about. it's our truth and the truth is funny. so hopefully we're going to be able to continue to do that. >> right now, you are having snugses like universities say you are offending me. what you said is not p.c. and they are actually blocking comedians out or you face potential lawsuits. >> well, the irony -- used to be we'll go to a college and all the kids wanted to hear was about reckless intercourse or drugs or you know the stuff that people laugh at putting things in your butt. now, you've got a whole list of stuff that you can't talk about. you can talk about uggs and dominos pizza.
3:42 am
that's it. >> what's a lesson to liberals who aren't able to laugh to themselves right now? what do you say to them? >> it doesn't do you any favors. i'm for hillary. but i can laugh at a good hillary joke. hillary is about as sincere as a lap dance. it's a hilarious joke. i'm a hillary fan. it's better when we're able to laugh at ourselves. >> sure is. i'm shocked that bill maher and i agree on anything. love that. this coming up the first draw mohammed contest ended in a gun battle in texas, someone else is planning the same kind of event. can that organizer be on the hook for any violence at such an event? judge in a pal i tan know next.
3:43 am
did this fun go too far?
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to ask about levemir® flextouch®. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. in response to last month's isis-inspired attack on a mohammed art contest down in garland, texas, this new hampshire man has planned a similar event. >> if we back away from our freedoms as citizens a little bit at a time next thing you know we don't have any left. they want to fight over it if that's where they want to go then we'll have that fight. >> there's no doubt he has the right to hold that event but could there be legal ramifications if something does go along. judge andrew napolitano is here to discuss. what are his responsibilities here? is he culpable should it go wrong? >> the issue is the flip side
3:47 am
what's the responsibility of the part of the country to protect his free speech rights? the responsibility of the government is profound. if he brings people to an environment, the message is it's safe. if some people come there to aggravate or destroy the environment because they disagree with his speech he cannot be held criminally responsible for his behavior. if that were the not case then you would have what the law calls a heckler's veto where a heckler in the audience could crash the speaker down. the first amendment says you have the right to utter speech that is hateful, speech that nobody likes and the government has the duty to protect your right to do so. >> the argument is this will draw so many resources as far as police you are taking away what they could do elsewhere as far as fighting crime if they need to be there when your event is going there?
3:48 am
>> the whole reason we have the government is to protect our rights the foremost is the freedom of speech. the goff has to prepare for that. they have plenty of time to prepare. we're giving them notice and telling them about it now. >> clearly, it's protected speech but clearly there are a lot of people who don't like the idea. he's trying to make a point, but the question is is it worth it? there's a security problem. >> well that's a great question because that's not one that can be answered right away is it worth it? the clip that you just ran of this guy, and i really like him, was if we start shying away from our freedoms today -- >> they will vanish. >> we'll be going down a slippery slope. his argument is and i agree with him, it is worth the risk because the first amendment, if the government does what it's supposed to do it doesn't always do it the first amendment will be triumphant. >> thank you so much for dropping by the couch. >> a victory when you are always here. it's 11 minutes before the
3:49 am
top of the hour open this tuesday. she's out. this white naacp leader has resigned yesterday after and another revelation surfaces from her past. her brother joins us live on the couch shortly. he said he would propose if she made him 300 sandwiches. she did it. now they are happily married. that's next. >> so celebrate my new book "getting real" i'm sharing a few secrets about my mef. my struggle with weight and my struggle to overcome that challenge. what else don't you know about me? you can find out more at 2:00.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
well the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, within woman found the perfect recipe sandwiches. in fact 307. after whipping up the perfect turkey and cheese sandwich, he said you're 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring. details in the new book "300 sandwiches." >> with us right now is the newly wed couple stephanie and eric shultz. good to have you. where did you come up with 300 sandwiches? >> it had to be a number attainable and also difficult as well. i told her 1,000, she would have never done that. 100, she would have gotten through it in a weekend. 300 was a good number. >> when you heard it what was
3:54 am
your initial reaction to that? >> i had never heard anybody want 300 sandwiches for anything. so i was shocked. then i laughed. then i thought okay what would happen if i actually made them? so then i decided to start cooking, start a blog and track our story, sandwich by sandwich. >> was it a little insulting? wait a second this is what i have to do to get this relationship to work? >> i didn't take it that way. he cooks most of the meals we have together. mine lobster, scallops everything. the only thing he jokes that he wanted me to make for him was sandwiches. >> pay dirt. we actually have the first sandwich here. the number one sand switch which one? >> the turkey and swiss. that is a basic sandwich. turkey swiss, toast the bread. >> then you move on to the fish killer this is 257. >> that is a sandwich i made right before he proposed. we were in barbados. >> when he -- and there you are.
3:55 am
look how pretty that is. when you came up to number 257, you said of that number -- >> i said it's my number. >> that's the first thing i think of. not where is the mustard. >> it all worked out for the best. the woman i already loved tried really hard to impress me by becoming a great chef. we got a book out of the deal and both get to come on ""fox & friends."" >> and you just got married on june 6th. you tied the knot. so was there anything that came along with that? what does he have to do 300 -- >> 300 loofdzads of laundry. >> i heard page 6 covered your wedding. is that true? there was controversy? >> page six was there. >> well you are page six. >> what is the lesson in this? >> there is something deep in the relationship where you ask for something and being honest with somebody. this is sort of a joke. what is the lesson in here?
3:56 am
>> i think it shows you, you do one nice thing for someone and look what magic can happen? what i do made one sandwich. i kept doing that nice thing over and over again. >> of course it is a relationship. so what in return does he do? >> oh, gosh. so much. like i said he still makes four out of the five dinners i'm having every week. >> you know what i see? variety isn't everything. you didn't just make ham and swiss. >> 300. >> lunch, dinner dessert sandwiches ice cream sandwiches anything. all in that book. >> i absolutely love it. >> great. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> if you could have a sandwich today, which one would you snik. >> lobster roll. >> good choice. >> i sense a reality show. all right. thank you very much. >> all right. coming up on this tuesday, new developments in the two vicious shark attacks miles from each other on the north carolina coast. we're live on the ground with the latest coming up here shortly.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is june 16th. we're expecting a major announcement for the race for the white house. is donald trump throwing his hat in the ring? he'll reveal his plans today along with how much he is worth. all right. she is out. the white naacp leader resigns after lying about being black. but just when you thought the story couldn't get more bizarre, it just did. another shocking revelation this morning and her brother will join us live this hour to react. and it started out as a fun father's day gift. a batman photo shoot for the dad. but now this family where a dad is batman the son is robin and the mom is the dam sell in distress is facing online outrage. critics claiming they put their child in danger being on those
4:01 am
train tracks. really? did the fun go too far? what do you think? e-mail us right now. friends is the live program you're watching right now live from studio e. ♪ >> father's day is here and what better way to say, son, you're special to me and, dad, you're important by racing with him through obstacles, physical tests and more? those kids have broken from the course itself to wave at the camera which is very high. >> we're going to be out there part an spartan racing together. kids that race together stay together. >> these kids go over the wall where i'm so discouraged to even go up to the wall. they go over the wall like it's
4:02 am
a little step stool. they've been here before. i hope like the last spartan race we did, there is advil at the end. >> there is. >> gosh. >> aches and pains for the dads. >> meanwhile, peter johnson jr. is joining us shortly. it is prom season. there is liability if you host a prom party or if your kids go to one or a graduation party, he's going to be joining us. and that prompted us to ask you to send us your prom pictures and i've g in the day. there i am with teresa brown, my date at clay center community high school. i went out with her all through high school. >> was this your prom song steve? ♪ make a change now come on baby do the loeka motion ♪ >> no i think that year it was "we've only just gun,"" " just begun." >> that's a long slow dance. >> we would love to see some of yours.
4:03 am
anna clair and her prom date sent us in -- that looks like a more recent prom picture. >> that is last week. >> i love the pictures. keep sending them in. this is evelyn who sends us her photo from 1969. she mardried her prom date three years later. congratulations to you. what a picture of what's to come. >> this is our prom song. ♪ on our way ♪ ♪ we only just begun ♪ >> brian come on it's a slow dance song. at prom you want a slow dance song. we saw your picture. >> we'll have more celebration. we're upbeat. we're on our toes. we were weeping. >> what is it "staircase to heaven". >> "stairway to heaven". that is awkward. >> how do you dance to a guitar solo? >> you can't. we would love to see your prom
4:04 am
photos. heather, we have to see yours. >> it's called air guitar. that's how you dance to that. >> i didn't have my air guitar there. >> you stop doing the bump and do the air guitar. >> exactly. come on over to my house, we'll dance sometime. >> really? >> can you come too. >> you have ever done karaoke? >> all right. i do have serious news to bring you. a little bit of a tough transition. it is a serious story. it is a fox news alert. al qaeda's number two man is dead this morning according to the terror network. that allegation coming out overnight in a brand new video claiming that he was targeted and killed in a seau-ay say cia-led drone strike. he was once osama bin laden's personal secretary. he was the head of a dangerous splinter group in the arab peninsula that claimed responsibility for the attacks
4:05 am
in paris. the u.s. government has not confirmed his death. we'll watch for. that. another alert to bring you. a woman accused of helping two killers break out of jail could be key to the capture. joyce mitchell confessing to brand new details about the plot to police. yesterday she was in court. you could see her right there. she waived her preliminary hearing and now new york governor andrew cuomo demanding answers as a search to find the men enters the 11th day. he launched an independent investigation into their escape. >> and in breaking overnight, five people are dead following a balcony collapse. we're learning the balcony was four flights up before it came crashing down about 4:00 a.m. eastern eastern time. some of the injuries are considered to be life threatening at this time number word yet on how that balcony fell. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. then this batman themed photo shoot mentant as a father's
4:06 am
day gift leads to threats against one family. roxanne daily planned the photo shoot for her husband mike. just as quickly as the photos went viral, they became the target of on line critics who accuse them of endangering their son and promoting illegal activity on train tracks. listen. >> some people posted our address on the internet and made threats that they're going to show up to the house in the middle of the night. >> i was begging him to go to a hotel for the night because i was terrified. >> daily said they didn't realize they needed authorization to be on the tracks. what do you think of the story? good idea? bad idea? we'll talk about it later. i'll see you back here in a little bit. >> the last time i saw that exact scene was underdog and i thought for sure this is the time she gets the train and it's not going to hit her. he took the special pill and was able to untie her just in time. >> brian, you're fired. >> everything turned out okay. >> everything turned out okay.
4:07 am
that's what i think happened in that picture. i survived my childhood. i'm sure robin will be fine. >> there you go. what do you think? is it appropriate? it does look like a live railway. let's talk about. this we told you the story of rachael dolezal. she was presenting herself as black and was quizzed about this in the this interview. she resigned yesterday as head of the naacp. she refused to apologize for lying about being white. >> yeah that's right. this is what she said in the eye of the storm the separation of family and organizational outcomes is in the best interest of the naacp. it is complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice that i step aside from the presidency and pass the baton baton. this is not me continuing. this is a continuum. the parents said look we
4:08 am
thought in 2007 she had gone through a divorce in 2004. this may be first time she started completely claiming false race and this lie. this is her mom and dad whether they first addressed it. >> did she grow up hunting for food with a bow and arrow? >> no but i did. >> and the other allegation she makes is that you two would punish her and her siblings by skin complexion using something called a baboon whip which was to ward ga ba boons away in south africa? >> false. >> that isn't true. when we were raising her, we didn't have her sib linglings. >> do you have a baboon whip that you use to punish your children? >> we had a baboon whip in south africa. >> and did she live with you when you lived in south africa? >> no she did not. >> were you shocked?
4:09 am
>> well we thought what is this? she's not telling the truth. >> and did you call her up and say what are you doing? >> no she didn't want to communicate with us about anything. >> do you think she's pathological? >> i think rachael has very serious issues yes. >> we'll see. not much truth there. so you'll find out more when the brother, rachael's brother joins us at 7:30 about the baboon whip and everything else. on a lighter note donald trump is going to make it official. no one believed he was going to run. they said over and over again he's just pulling our leg. the premier experts in all the land. donald trump said you just watch. today he's going to make it official. he's going to say here's my financial disclosures. i am worth $9 billion and by the way, i'm going to run for president and i don't need any money. >> that's right. he's going to really shake up the race. he's a guy with a big personality. keep in mind in 2011 donald
4:10 am
trump was the front-runner on the republican side. he led mike huckabee. he led newt gingrich he led sarah palin. he led mitt romney. and nobody can say you didn't build that about donald trump because he is somebody who has built a gigantic empire not only here in new york city but across the world. >> he has to make the debate august 6th. >> and right now he would. >> he won't be intimidating by anybody jumping into the race. they said we're going to take each other on. one day after jeb bush announced that he is entering the race as well. >> jeb was very strong yesterday. i thought it was great. i thought that was the most natural he seemed in front of a crowd since he started the i think i might run campaign. >> yeah. >> i thought he got off to a really strong start. >> people feeling good about his record. >> a direct shot at hillary. >> speaking of -- >> yeah their campaign denied a reporter access to events with a
4:11 am
pool reporter. they didn't like his liberal take apparently on some of the writing. >> here's the thing. campaign doesn't get to choose who gets to cover them. and the print reporters all got together and they formed this pool as a suggestion of the clinton campaign. so they said to david, okay you're the guy for monday. he showed up yesterday morning. they go oh, you're that guy from the daily mail right? then they started making up these excuses. >> there is no room in the van. >> yeah. they had foreign ownership of your newspaper. big problem. it was because he has been very critical of the campaign. and in fact when she announced on roosevelt island he sweeted out it is truly astonishing how many journalists at the hillary clinton speech today reported exactly and only what the campaign wanted them to report. unlike some other reporters in the mainstream media, he is not a stenographer for hillary clinton and he just calls them as he sees them.
4:12 am
he was on with us about an hour ago. >> they don't get to pick and choose who covers them. that's the kind of thing we see from other countries that we don't want to be like. it's a very slippery slope. look i gave a lot of credit to the rest of the press corps. 14 news organizations including ours signed a statement last night saying it's completely unacceptable what the clinton campaign did yesterday. everybody understands that if they can mess with one of us they can mess with all of us. if this is the level of accessibility and transparency that mrs. clinton is exhibiting at this point in the campaign imagine what the west wing will be like in 2017 if she wins. if something is just not good for journalism not good for the first amendment, eventually you have to stand up and say this is ridiculous. >> ed henry's frustration yesterday after she takes a few questions. he was sitting right up in front and she totally ignored him. >> really denying not only reporters but american people. >> sure.
4:13 am
>> the gentleman you spoke to there, that reporter from the daily mail he was denied twice. >> three times. >> he went to dinner. >> he went to an event last night and they said no still can't do it. >> all the print organizations got together and said look we're all in this together clinton campaign. the next time he is designated as the pooler will they allow him in? if they don't, i think a lot of the other major media simply will stop covering it. >> they should. >> plus, there is no news coming out of that camp anyway. it's insulting to the entire team that follows them around. >> nothing. >> meanwhile, 13 minutes now after the hour. >> coming up two vicious shark attacks taking place just miles from each other on the north carolina coast. and now an entire town on edge. we're live in north carolina along the coast coming up. >> and hillary clinton making a play for the young vote by releasing her favorite song. listen. ♪ i'm a little bit jealous
4:14 am
i'm a little bit slow ♪ ♪ i'm a little bit hurtful and i don't want to let it go ♪ >> could her favorite tune work against her? we're reading between the lines for you just ahead. >> she's been spotified. >> let it go. 24hr gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
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4:18 am
we have a fox news alert. two children attacked by sharks on the same north carolina beach are listed in good condition this morning after losing limbs in separate attacks. >> wghp reporter is live in oak island where the terrifying scenes unfolded. good morning you to michael. the photos are so hard to look at. what's going on here? >> good morning. we're talking about a 12-year-old female and a 16-year-old male who are the victims here. i'm actually standing right next to the pier where the 12-year-old was attacked. and we're talking about a two mile stretch of beach right within 90 minutes of each other. officials have been kind of combing the area looking for any sharks that could come more inland for the last couple of days. and they haven't ruled out the possibility that this is a rogue shark or a single shark that is responsible for both of these attacks. but if you take a look on that pier you can actually see a lot of people walking by and most of them are pretty hesitant to get
4:19 am
into the water. the fire chief told us yesterday that he would definitely go in but people out here really aren't buying that and the major concerns are just how vicious these attacks were. the 12-year-old girl actually was bit in the arm and the leg. she had to have her arm pew take theed amputated near the elbow. the 16-year-old boy had his arm taken off at the shoulder. these are two of the most vicious attacks that they have seen in the past 80 years. we've had 52 shark attacks off the north carolina coast. and we actually had a third attack on friday before this weekend which was just a few hours away from where these two attacks happened on sunday. so people are definitely pretty flustered. they have a couple questions. one, why this shark or these sharks came so close to shore and, two, what kind of sharks they were. here in north carolina we have
4:20 am
three of the most dangerous sharks in the world. we have the great white but people are saying that they don't believe it was a great white because they think that they would have seen it. these two victims were in waist to shoulder high deep water and they think that the great white would have basically beached itself if it was the culprit. then they also have the tiger sharks here one of which was caught swimming up a river in wilmington last week. and lastly we have the bull shark, notoriously aggressive. they love the shallow water. they love the dark water and experts say if they bump into something, chances are they'll bite down on it. >> michael hennessy joining us from north carolina.thank you very much. terrible. >> scary. >> and now this. a fox news alertd five people dead and more hurt after a balcony collapses in california. the details coming in right now. >> and does this guy look like a trouble maker to you? brian could be in your throwing
4:21 am
inept. could you be in trouble if you're throwing a prom party. why you may be trading that corsage for a lawyer coming up. >> oh, boy. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at morning ted. scott. ready to hit some balls? sure. ooh! hey buddy, what's up? this is what it can be like to have shingles. aw man. a painful, blistering rash. i keep thinking how did he get this, he's in such good shape. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you.
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4:24 am
really excited about this. help me out to make sure it works, it is fox sports 1's own matt. you've been watching the game for the last hour. how it is going? >> rolling slow from left to right. it should be a good read. >> what do you think i should start with? >> hockey. >> okay. there you go. thanks a lot. bring you back for the next one. >> quick sports headlines. the chicago blackhawks are stanley couple chapup champions.
4:25 am
watch. >> he scores! >> how great is that? the blackhawks making it look easy beating a very tough tampa bay lightning. the first time in 77 years the hawks fans saw their team win the title at home. matt, what do you think we should do right here? inspirational story? >> inspirational story. >> thanks a lot. no arms, no problem. take a look at. this he was born with no arms throwing out first pitch of the mariners-giants game. he does it with his feet. it is part of a pitch for awareness national tour. it looks like a strike. and matt joining me now coming back in. matt no advice here how to play this. what do you think we should do when the u.s. open starts on thursday? >> you should tune in. 12:00 p.m. eastern fox sports 1. >> you'll make sure it goes well? >> wouldn't have it any other way. >> thursday friday and then saturday and sunday in the big poppy. it is great. joe buck, greg knorrnorman and maybe
4:26 am
even matt. see you there. >> over tow liz beth. >> -- over to elizabeth. >> thanks matt. and that's a good question here. so prom season is here. but is it time to ditch the corsage and get a lawyer instead? ♪ >> looks like fun. the parents are worried than ever about the post prom or graduation parties. what you need to know right now to keep you out of court. we're bringing in fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. who is looking out for you. >> it's a happy time. we don't want to go to court. this is the best time of the year for kids. >> a lot of the parties are going on now. i heard that sometimes they sign a release. are the parents still liable if all the guests and parents sign a release form? >> i have one here. you go in there and get a lot of them. they're phonies. the releases and waivers don't mean a thing. so when the xl asks you to sign a release or another parent asks
4:27 am
you to sint release, they can't sign away their obligation to take care of your kids nor can you sign away your obligation to take care of other people's kids. so releases and waivers don't mean a lot at all. >> you're still liable? >> you're still liable. >> what about this? what if the parents aren't home? a situation that we've seen in movies like this. >> this is way more than 100 people. >> of course it is it's plus one. >> i got another call. i'm sure the neighbors are exaggerating. >> what if my parents see it? >> nobody is going to see. this i promise. >> okay. so parents are not home during the party k. they still go to jail if something like that happens? >> that is the absolute reason they will go to jail. in almost every state in the country, if you negligently supervise a group of minors or you contribute to the delinquency of a minor, you can be charged. you can go to jail. and people have gone to jail as a result of a lack of
4:28 am
supervision. a prom party, graduation parties, halloween party, "playboy" stripper parties, all kinds of parties. you have to be really careful and you need to be there if you are having a party. >> can parents set the rules of the house? >> let's talk about specific that's people can do. the releases and waivers, i like to the extent that yeah, you lay down the rules of what is going on. but make it clear, no booze. no drugs. no hooking up. straight up. those three policies if you get involved with any of those, we're going to put you out of the party. a search policy. it sounds terrible. but if you show up with drugs or alcohol and we find it we're putting you out. and we're also going to call the police. >> okay. what if you have a pool and there is a pool involved? do you need a lifeguard? >> you absolutely or two lifeguards. if you have 100 people you need two lifeguards. you need security other parents, you need chaperons.
4:29 am
>> what if you set the rules and someone shows up having had a drink or two or more than that what do do you? >> you have to call their parent or drive them home. do not allow them to drive. even if you didn't serve them the alcohol, do not allow them to leave your house. >> with that risk if you don't set the rules and the party is busted at your house? >> two risks. one is social host liability. that means you can be sued if something happens to the child there. number two, criminal liability. you can be criminally charged. the police may not pull you out of your home in the middle of the night because they want you to look after the 40 children that are still there. but come morning, they will come back with the handcuffs. this is a dangerous season. but a very happy season. so be careful and if we do things prunltly and reasonably set lists. but be aware. releases and waivers don't mean a thing at all. at all. all of us have an obligation to look after each other, especially 17 and 18-year-olds
4:30 am
in this great, great season. >> we sure do. great message today. looking out for the families out there. >> absolutely. >> coming up next she is out after this white naacp leader resigns after lying about being black. this story got more bizarre. this morning her brother is going to join us live to react for you next. and we're heading outside. we've done it before. a spartan race. but with father's day coming up we're hitting the pavement on 48th and sixth hard we are some kids to celebrate dad's day in an active way. get ready. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough.
4:31 am
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makes all the difference. that's why we're partnering with toms to help them give 55,000 pairs of shoes to children in need in the us during the summer of audi sales event. [engine revs] so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries.
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our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. well look at this. extreme weather this morning. southern texas bracing for
4:34 am
impact as tropical storm bill bare he barrels to the east coast. winds expected to reach 50 miles per hour and rain totals 12 inches in some area. >> steve knows all about it. the calm before the storm or is it already raining? >> it's just drizzling right now. there is blue still in the sky and a light breeze here in what is shaping up to be an ugly day. the storm is still about 90 minutes from land fall at the very least. so we're really getting the first outer bands here inland. the real concern though isn't the wind. the wind gusts could get 40 to 60 miles an hour especially in the coastal areas. but the concern is if the rain. anywhere from 6 to 12 inches in some places. that rain could come down very quickly. the concern is about inland flash flooding, especially in cities. houston git hit hard a month ago, several people killed. they were in cars or on highway underpasses and they can't get
4:35 am
out. there are a number of rescue teams deployed to make sure that doesn't happen again. when you go around the city, you go into stores you see a the love empty shelves. major airplanes are still open right now. more and more flights are either delayed or canceled. back to you. >> all right. down in the texas coast, here comes bill. >> that's right. >> a foost rain. >> they're ready down. there thank you for. that now heather stands by with what is going on here? you have a fox news alert. >> we're getting breaking news out of the west coast. five people are now dead this morning following a balcony collapse in berkeley california. we are now just getting the pictures in to fox news. we're learning that the balcony was four flights up. it came crashing down around 4:00 a.m. eastern time today. eight other people were injured. we're told that some of those injuries are considered to be life threatening. no word yet on how that balcony fell. we'll bring you the latest as we get it coming out of berkeley california this morning. >> well then over here east coast, outrage over a bumper
4:36 am
sticker reading shoot a cop. it is displayed on back of a black bmw in rich monld, virginia and drawing attention and anger from the state's fraternal order of police. while the first amendment protects that cop killing message, the fraternal order of police president calls that sticker a danger to officers and says this kind of message makes finding good police recruits hard. a local tv station reported on the bumper sticker after viewers told them about it. >> well a family in england saying they are simply heart broken and devastated after they spotted their teenage son in an isis photo. you can see this young man right there. 17-year-old tal azmal is believed to be the youngest british homicide bomber. he blew himself up in iraq over the weekend. his family said he joined isis back in april. they say he was lured into terror by an online recruiter. hillary clinton showing she is not out of touch with young
4:37 am
voters by releasing her play list d she check the lyrics beforehand? a lot of her favorite songs offering up themes of jealousy a lack of strong conviction and even a failed marriage. take a listen to the song "believer" by american authors. ♪ i'm a little bit jealous i'm a little bit slow ♪ ♪ i'm a little bit hurtful and i don't want to let it go ♪ >> okay. well in showing that she's in keeping with the times, all of those songs were released since 1999. so a little more current songs. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a little bit. all right. everybody, welcome back. we're on the plaza. the crowd is loud and so are the kids. guess why? joe is back as the ceo and founder of the spartan race. this guy one is of the finest conditioned adults in america right now. >> i don't know about.
4:38 am
that thank you for having me. >> and today is a big day. for father's day, we're talking about the spartan race. you say it's a great thing for kids to start doing this and be a spartan kid y? >> kids don't get outside anymore. this say great opportunity for kids to get out and play. i asked all the kids here you would rather play video games or do spartan race? emphatically spartan race hands down. so we got get kids out. we'll give free entries away to dads and families that want to race. >> let's take a walk. >> you set up a course for kids. and for father's day this is perfect. if i find out there is a spartan race in my area, where do i go? >> >> you are setting up a podcast? >> we have a whole thing on father's day coming up thursday. >> look at these kids. they've been going nuts. >> these course have done this course 100 times this morning. they're laughing at you. >> i know. >> he doesn't visit. >> joe, what is about it this and the i can do attitude? >> when we were kids this is the stuff we did every day. our parents used to scream get
4:39 am
back in the house. now the parents scream get out of house. this is just typical play stuff for kids. >> right. >> do you tell them to go over the ramps. you go up that ladder and down. you're doing. this they're not complaining. >> this is normal stuff that kids should be doing. >> all right. so joe, what i like to do is i would like to adopt a child and so would elizabeth. we want to race each other with a child with a young man or woman that you pick for us. >> that's fine. >> you coach us through. is that possible? >> let's do it. >> you get set up. let me get a couple kids. give me two kids. give me jack and bennett. jack come here. >> so we're going to give this a try. >> we have a competition. >> you're with her. you two are a team. >> hi jack. i'm going to really need you. >> you're with him. >> you all get behind them. >> this is who? >> this is ben. >> all right. so you guys are going to lead us all right? elizabeth is with jack. >> i don't know that i can. i chuck my good friend to get
4:40 am
over for me. i'll meet you on other side. i promise i'll do it in the 8:00 a.m. hour. how about that? stay behind them. they're a team. let them go out front. it's a little sweaty. they've been running just a little bit. >> you've been running hard we love it. >> you guys ready? let's go. let's go. >> i think this is as far as i can go that way. >> go around elizabeth. >> all right. go through. >> i'm going to watch you going through. hurry. >> get through it. >> i'm just going to walk for encouragement at this point. you're quick. get over. elizabeth, get moving. hey, that's not fair. >> you're lowsing. in here. let elizabeth pull the rope. let her pull the rope. >> help her. >> carry it down? >> hold hands to the finish.
4:41 am
let's go. >> what a good guy you are. here we go. is this the finish? yeah! nice job. all right. i'm going to toss this back inside to you. we're going to give this thing a try in about an hour. thank you for everything. >> you have to run to the finish with your sandbag. >> yeah, get the sandbags. that's awesome. for more information go, to coming up to teach or not to teach? that's the question. now one english teacher is saying no to teaching shakes spear in class. why? because the legend airy playwrite was white. that story next. but first, the trivia question of the day on this date in 1984 this nhl star played left wing on the new york rangers. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you're going to win something.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
right now a fox news alert. breaking right now, five people are dead in california after a balcony crashes to the ground from four flights up. a group of irish students are among the dead. we have a reporter live in berkeley with the latest. what do we know at this point? >> this was a horribly chaotic scene here at 12:40 this morning. we talked to a passer by who gave the victims friends rides to the hospital. and he says that indeed these were college age students and if ire land. we're not sure if they were here on a trip or if they were here
4:46 am
permanently. they were having a party up there on the fourth floor. and you can see the french doors right there. that is where the balcony used to be. and then it fell on top of the balcony below. you can imagine there is a lot of blood here. five people were killed. four of them eight of them actually so seriously that their conditions are considered life threatening. all the victims are scattered at area hospitals the berkeley police had to request mutual aid. the apartment building is located near berkeley high school if you're from this area. not far from the uc berkeley campus. this apartment building was built in 2006. it has 176 units. so it's not an old building by any stretch. berkeley police launched a full investigation and the inspectors and city inspectors are going to be out here at first lite to get a better look. right now that is pretty much all we know. we'll stay on top of this morning and let you know if we
4:47 am
have any developments. >> five killed. >> shocking. shocking. moments ago the naacp leader who resigned after lying about her race speaks out. and just when you thought the story could not get more bizarre. it did. this morning her brother is going to join us with his live reaction next. >> but first, on this date in history in 1903 the ford motor company was incorporated back in 1978 u.s. president jimmy carter ratified the panama canal treaty and sinldy lauper was topping the charts with her hit "time after time" in 1983. ♪ i will catch you i will be waiting ♪ fact. advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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4:51 am
rick nash a winner is anthony in new jersey. you'll be getting a book. that's what rick nash looks like. >> ask the question. >> there is no blurring the mind to suffer the slings and air rows of outrageous fortune. >> the answer to be or not to be is not to be. that's because one high school english teacher wants to say good-bye to shakespeare in the classroom. why? because he's way too white. writing in a "washington post," the high schoolteacher says what i worry about is that as long as we continue to cling to one white man's view of life as he lived a long time ago, we perhaps promote the notion that our other cultural perspectives
4:52 am
are less important. so should we ban this book? our next guest says that's absolutely ridiculous. like you're saying at home. matthew truzdale is an english teacher in piedmont south carolina. what is wrong with banning shakespeare? after all, he died. >> he did die. my feeling about whether we should ban or not ban shakespeare really has nothing to do with his skin color. i think shakespeare should be taught because of the relevance of his words and the power of his stories that still resonate with i would say students of all occur tours and backgrounds today. >> for english speaking people i believe he's considered the best writer ever. i don't think that was beyond dispute. what do you say to this teacher who says the kid can't relate to him. >> i think they can relate to him. i think that anybody can relate to shakespeare. i think the mirror that he held up to human nature in his time we can still hold that same mirror up today and see
4:53 am
ourselves. and i would even say that if students couldn't relate to him, that wouldn't be a bad thing either because, you know, my feeling as an english teacher is we should be reading text that challenge us and make us be kind of beyond ourselves. so to me it's a win-win for the kids that they get to read shakespeare. >> does it worry you that someone involved in education would have this view? it's okay not to like a writer. but for a classic writer like shakespeare, to focus on the color of his skin the fact he's from britain zshgs that does that worry you? >> it only worries me in that i feel like her kid are going to get, you know be deprived of the opportunity to read his work. the part about whether he's relevant or not that, concerns me. he certainly is relevant today. i taught shakespeare to students of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and i've had success with it. and so i would say that the tradition of shakespeare should
4:54 am
stay in the classroom. >> it bother mez that teachers are looking at students and seeing skin color and not kids that hopefully aspire to be well read knowledgeable adults. >> well and i would agree with that. i would say that, you know i would hate for us to look at shakespeare and reduce him to a skin color as well. one of the books, you know one of the points she tried to make is she wants to teach the african oral tradition in her class which i'm all for. and if i was, you know knowledgeable in that, i might try to teach that as well. i would not teach it to the exclusion of shakespeare. >> matt, finally, you know what has to happen for shakespeare to be related to a high school student? you have to teach. you have to understand. you have to look at the language of that day, understand the themes of that book of that play and then relay it to today. because the themes still hold up to day if you do this thing called teach and translate, correct? >> that is correct. and one thing i was thinking about was that when i do shakespeare? class, you can't just give a
4:55 am
child a book and say shears shakespeare shakespeare, go and expect them to get anything out of it. you have to prepare them for it and let them know what is coming and try to draw connections. let them see that they are in that book and they can find themselves in shakespeare's words. >> and kmued this morning, the way you explained yourself i can tell that your students are very lucky students. thank you so much matt. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up straight ahead, moments ago the white naacp leader who resigned after lying about her race speaks out. up next her brother here live to react. and access denied. a reporter set to cover hillary clinton's campaign shown the door even though he was invited. what's going on here? well he tweeted out something perhaps they didn't like ♪ i don't have to say a word ♪ to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks
4:56 am
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good morning to you.
4:59 am
today is tuesday, june 16th. this is a fox news alert. breaking her silence. this white naacp leader speaking out for the very first time about the controversy swirling around her. >> i did feel that at some point i would need to address the complexity of my identity. >> what she is saying this morning about her identity and why she says she wasn't deceiving anyone. her brother is with us live on the curvy couch in moments. >> meanwhile, kept away by the hillary campaign this reporter says he was banned from hillary's campaign events yesterday because they didn't like his newspaper's reporting. hear from him, the official buller coming up. and guys welcome to your new life. mr. mom mandated. >> yep. the new push for men to do half
5:00 am
of all housework. a national campaign. morning are always better with "friends." ♪ >> all right. we had a logistical problem. we do have in the studio the brother of rachael who called it quits yesterday as the president of the spokane naacp. he will be with us live on the show in about 90 seconds. >> that's right. we're actually looking forward to talking to him, especially since she has spoken out for the very first time. heather joins us with breaking news happening overnight. good morning, elizabeth. good morning, everybody. i have a fox news alettered. breaking overnight, five people are now dead after a fourth floor balcony collapses at an apartment complex in berkeley california. among the dead, a group of students. eight others were injured and we're told some of the injuries are life threatening.
5:01 am
no word yet on how that balcony fell. we're get being a loog at new pictures coming out of berkeley now. the complex has not been evacuated. police are continuing their investigation. we'll bring you more as we get it. another fox news alert. andrew cuomo launching a state probe as the search to find richard matt and david sweat enters the 11th day. the woman who is accused of helping the two killers break out of jail could be the key to their capture. prison worker joyce mitch sl now giving police brand new details about the plot to escape. the da still refuses to say whether or not they were planning to kill her husband. and then take a look at this. there is a former inmate and friend of matt who now reveals the escaped inmate was an artist. he is showing off the celebrity portraits. how bizarre is this? to try to prove that matt one of the escape guys has a softer side. well heart stopping moments to tell you about on a north carolina beach. 911 calls now giving us a
5:02 am
glimpse of the terrifying scene when two children were attacked by sharks. >> a shark attack. >> the family is in too much shock. there is a girl that that lost an arm. we need an ambulance right away. >> his arm is gone. >> the left arm is completely missing and also a bite to the left leg. >> both victims are now in good condition and they are improving despite having lost limbs. the quick response of those on the beach, that is what is attributed to having saved their lives. police in oak island spent yesterday positive pa troelg that the wear looking for sharks. the watches are now wrapping up. and the media now getting back at the clinton campaign for censoring one of their own. the u.s. political editor of the daily mail his name is david mortosko has been banned from three clinton events yesterday because he wasn't approved by the campaign. in and out wall street jrnl ushgs "new york times," "washington post" and others are demanding to know why he was
5:03 am
refused. he says he's been critical of the clinton campaign which is exactly what a journalist is supposed to do. but he says that banning him is simply a slippery slope. listen. >> that's the kind of thing that we see from other countries, you know that we don't want to be like. this is the level of accessibility and transparency that mrs. clinton is exhibiting at this point in the campaign. imagine what the west wing will be like in 2017 if she wins. >> the clinton campaign says he is being denied because the daily mail is not a part of the official white house press corps. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> all right. thank you very much. meanwhile, the naacp lead every who spent years proetending to be black resigned as the spokane chapter. rachael z rachael dozeal. i do everything in my power to
5:04 am
help and assist. this is not about me. it's about justice. this is not me quitting this is me continuing. here to react is rachael's brother. your sister has been in the news a lot. at what point when you know of when she started pretending she was black? >> i noticed that she started to actually gradually change her appearance and her hair and her skin tone using makeup. i noticed actually whether she was 11. >> what did you say? i didn't have anything to say about it. i didn't know how to say anything. i don't know. i just didn't. >> you just noticed. >> i just noticed, yeah. >> this is a sound of her when she started deceiving people at a young age. watch. >> on the "today" show. >> whether did you start deceiving people? >> i was actually identified when i was doing human rights worth in new york idaho as first
5:05 am
transracial then when the opposition and some of the human rights work i was doing came forward and started the next newspaper article identified me as being a bi-racial woman and then the next article when they were actually burglaries nooses et cetera was this is happening to a black woman. i never corrected -- >> why didn't you correct it? you knew it wasn't true. >> well because it's more complex than you know, being true or false. >> she says it is complex. is it complex or is she lying? >> i don't think there is anything complex about truth, what is true and what is not true. i don't really know how she is saying that it's really that complex or that confusing. it's really not. i mean either you're -- i think she's making it into a bigger issue or a different issue than it actually s it comes down to her integrity and what she's actually doing is she's not
5:06 am
saying she had originally what she was saying is she was not identify herself as being black now. she originally did say she was always black. and that's not really not. she is trying to say that she has been correct them. what she actually did is she go out of her way to actually say. that and she easily could have said i'm maybe considered black now but i was not born black because then she started making up all the stories about living in a tepee and all this stuff. >> she made that up before. your parents were on yesterday. what has this done to your family? >> it's been really surprising. first time they've ever been in the news and the entire country knows the family story. >> you mentioned the brown crayons. she talked about that this morning. here she is. >> i really don't see why they're in such a rush to whitewash some of the work that i have done. and who i am and how i've
5:07 am
identified. and this goes back to a very early age with myself identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> whether did it start? >> i would say about 5 years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> i was drawing -- >> do you remember that? >> no it's not true. she -- she's only done all this within the last i'd say three or four years. growing up it was like when she was in high school is when she got interested in african-american studies. but she actually never considered herself black or tried to say she should have been born black or anything else and the crayons and all. >> this is your sister. so if you could say anything to her today, chances are she might be listening. what do you say to her? what is your message? >> i'd say, honestly, as a lyliy lyly
5:08 am
is a really important characteristic. she should be honest and also to not be so angry toward the family. i mean she's got some really built up anger against the family for some really confusing reason. >> she said they won't talk to her. >> haven't talked to her since 2012. >> is that when she told you don't blow the cover? >> yes. >> what was the context? mainly because me and my younger brother were there visiting over in coeur d'alene when she was living there. she was telling -- they were telling me not to till anybody over there about her family from montana or her real appearance. she was saying that her dad was over in -- over there in coeur d'alene with her. >> she would show a picture of an african-american man who was not her father. >> oh, yeah. i never saw a picture until now. i didn't know who she was talking b. >> he is a friend in idaho. >> yes, one person she used to
5:09 am
work with over there. and i was kind of surprised about that because i didn't actually know exactly wloit was until this past week she was trying to pass off as her real father. >> she said he's my dad. not everybody man can be a dad. he's my father. how hard is that to hear about your father? >> well she changed from her original statement. her original statement was was about saying that wasn't her father much it's one thing to say someone is your faejther figure. there are multiple people that can be father figures. i don't know i don't know why she would say that. >> did you -- you were familiar with this -- whether she went to howard university. she's white. it's a historically black university. she sued the school for discrimination because she said they wouldn't hire her because she was white. and eventually they settled and -- they didn't settle they threw the case out. and they just said there is no discrimination.
5:10 am
what was going on in her life at that point? >> well i think that was around the time when she was first married. i think that is around the same time in 2000. and she was just trying to finish up school and stuff, art. she was an art major. and i actually don't -- i don't really know why exactly they didn't do. that the main reason i think is because she was actually white and they thought she was white when she applied. >> sure. >> are you adapting? >> yes. >> how does it make you feel that this is your parents biological daughter who is white, does it make a difference? >> not really. the only thing i was saying is i do think that when she was saying she actually knew was, knew what it was like to grow up as a black child and say she was black her entire life i don't
5:11 am
think personally it would be -- i really didn't have a problem it with. i'm thinking that other people probably would because she obviously doesn't know what it's like to grow up black in the world. i mean she never been black until the past four years. it's not like she had to grow up with the racism. >> that bothers you? >> yeah. >> she's been brutal on your parents. what is that like? tell me about the parents you know and tell me about the ones she described. >> well she exaggerated a lot of things and also lied about a lot of things. >> like what? >> like the whole abuse and other stuff and trying to say like her -- she was grew up like a slave. >> lived in a tepee. >> yeah. >> is any of that true? >> no especially that tepee thing. that was actually my parents when they were first married for a month. i don't know why she would even -- like i don't know how that would help her cause to say she was born in a tepee. >> i want to ask you about this. she says her son knew her as a
5:12 am
culturally black. >> your two sons eye day why and franklin are in the studio. >> they are. >> if i were to ask them if you're a black woman or a caucasian woman, how do you think they'd answer? >> well i actually was talking to one of my sons yesterday and he said mom, racially you're human. and culturally you're black. >> what do you think about that? >> well that's really different than what she has been saying. she originally didn't say that. she said she was biologically black. that's a different statement. i don't know. i guess she could be culturally black. it's one thing to be culturally black and say you're biologically black. but, i mean -- >> ultimately why did she do this? >> there are multiple possibilities. we don't know for sure. some people are saying
5:13 am
attention. some people are saying she thought i was going to help her cause. i think she went about it the wrong way. >> why are you here? why was it important for you to be here? >> because i actually did grow up with her. i've known her my entire life. and she actually did tell me about what she was doing before all of this actually -- about two years before she -- four years before any of this actually anybody else found out about this. >> what did she say? >> admitting to what she was doing and saying that she was going to want to be like -- want everybody to think she was black. like the whole birth family thing over there. yeah. >> what a storey. ezra thank you very much for coming to new york city and joining us from your home out in montana. >> thank you. >> we thank you very much. >> we appreciate that. >> thank you. well we just heard from
5:14 am
ezra, the brother of rashchael dozal. up next, we'll have laura ingraham.
5:15 am
5:16 am
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no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. i put on a black face as a foremanance. i have a huge issue with black faith. this is not some freak birth of
5:18 am
a nation mockery black faith performance. this is on a very real connected level. i've actually had to go there with the experience. >> well tlashgs is zrased former naacp leader rachael dolezal speaking out this morning claiming she never meant to deceive anybody about being black. theer react, laura ingraham. what is your reaction to this bizarre story. >> >> i thought when i first heard to the day show snag the interview with her, i thought is she going to show up as an asian-american or is this going to be a new interperson? >> is this a significant story? >> i think it tells us a couple things. number one, there will be every exception and every accommodation made for an individual who is not being honest if that individual happens to be a liberal. if that individual sees the world a certain way, folks like
5:19 am
al sharpton and others will bends over backwards to say well we have to look at this in a nuance way. we can't jump to conclusions. i would imagine if rachael had been more you know i don't know right of center in her political views and had tried to pull this thing off, i think al sharpton and jesse jackson, the entire you know racial crowd would be all over her. but she, you know she sings from their choir book and so she gets the pass. >> you are satisfied with the resignation through the facebook post? >> whatever the naacp wants to do locally, it's up to the naacp. i do think that ezra her brother, got to the point that we all in our own little way and our own lives face you know different points. honesty. being honest with what you believe, who you are, that is
5:20 am
supposed to count, right? whether it's for politicians or people on television or someone who purports to live a certain experience. her brother pointed out, it is great to get him on today, look she didn't go through her childhood what a discriminated against black child goes through and she lied about their parents. i mean for a brother to go on television and say what she said about our parents is untrue that was stunning. that goes right to the core of your personal integrity. >> absolutely true. laura, i know we intended to talk about something else today. this popped up. everybody is talking about it. thank you very much for joining us. >> no problem. >> great to see you. >> and sock flexible. >> thanks. >> now go do your radio show. >> this coming up. more than a dozen people suddenly get sick at the same time on the same flight. what happened mid air? >> and she's been a morning bringing you the news from the curvy couch for decades. now my former work wife is here
5:21 am
to talk about her brand new book and all about her and it's great and even mention us, steve. >> excellent. >> how's it going? ♪ ♪ food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty. dressing, clean. debates should be healthy. hatchets buried. tables should be full. and good food should be good for you. we're not saying these are the rules we should all live by. but it's a good place to start. panera. food as it should be. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up
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gretchen carlson spent years right here on our curvy couch. >> yes, now she's the host of "the real story" but sometimes things get too real on live television. >> are we going to do that? >> that didn't happen. i know your name is gretchen. >> i know the difference. >> all right. no problem. >> shepard smith, shepard preferably. >> you don't have a belly
5:25 am
button. >> if this were on tape quo edit that part out. >> no but i saw that you -- and you knew that model did not have a belly button. and you got me twisted. zbh i love you. >> that was the belly button super model is out. that is the super model without a belly button. >> you mention to keep it real. and that message of the new book is fantastic. it is called "getting real." how exciting. gretchen carlson, everybody. first of all, i love you. i'm driving through the pickup line for school. i listen to your show every day. if i'm home i get to watch it. >> thank you. >> i love this book. i feel like i got to know you so well through it. >> that's the whole point of it. to know my struggles along the way. sometimes people that tv personalities don't have any struggles. and this book is almost all about always striving for the best and the american dream is alive and well. >> you sat on the couch for many years. i thought i knew all the stories. you opened up with a story after you were crowned miss america
5:26 am
there say reporter in the back of the room who thought she was going to put you to the test. >> she put me to the test and she cut me down. she asked me a series of questions ending with have you ever had sex on my first press conference as miss america. so that was my first encounter with wow, i guess my whole resume evaporated after i game miss america. and people were going to shou you hate. >> so your whole life very dedicated to everything did you. one of the first things that comes out, you were a little chubby. >> i was fat. zbh people were saying that. >> one person came up to you and said that you to. >> one of my judges a famous film director he wrote a scathing book about me the next year called my chunky at 108 pounds. he called me miss piggy throughout the entire book. >> the whole book is you about? >> pretty much. >> he owes you something. zblun believable. here's the thing, i want to inspire young people to build their self-esteem from inside of their souls. i did grow up a fat kid. that's how i built my self-esteem. and through my violin music and
5:27 am
self worth of who i was. that's the inspirational message here. >> you tell a story about getting fired and whether they told you were out, they said don't worry, you have a husband. >> week after i got married, i got fired. that's what they said to me. >> good news and bad news. >> hardest year of my life to be honest. i have great pain and empathy for people who lost their jobs. i give advice about what i did to get back on my feet. >> all right. first a light note. i want to read the part i did not know is how you met casey. so you're out an a date with him. he's a very successful good looking great guy. you're on a date with him and handsome. he said you remind me of somebody famous. so he does look like j.f.k. jr. that wasn't your guess was it? >> some people told him that because of his hair before. i said you're so funny. i am having such a fantastic time. you remind me exact live the famous funny actor jim carrey. and the look on his face was like -- i went in the bathroom and called my friend who set us up on the blind date.
5:28 am
i said i don't think there is going to be another date after this. and he does look like jim carrey this third grade. >> in third grade. >> you also talk about a really tough time. and for the first time you unveil a period of your life forever four years that you never spoken about before and it was life threatening. it was a about a stalker. >> yes. he also stalked my parents. he followed me to richmond virginia. he followed me to cincinnati ohio. i want to tell the story because the laws seem to favor the perpetrators in stalking and not the victims. and nobody cares until the woman is dead. and in my situation, the only reason i felt safe to finally tell the story is because he has now passed on. and in writing it book i found out that he was no longer on this earth and i felt safe to be able to tell the story and hopefully to help the thousands people who are also suffering from domestic violence. >> something else you address, you have a beautiful family. >> thank you. >> but in the beginning, it didn't look like you were going
5:29 am
to be a mother. >> at 35 i was told my eggs were prematurely aging. my mom had kids. my sister got pregnant. it was a shock to me. i always wanted to be a mom. you know? and through the grace of god and faith is a huge theme in this book as well casey and i were lucky fluff to have two children. and we're so blessed. >> could you do it without that faith? >> no. nope. and you know i speak openly about my faith and the number one thing that people will say to me is f. they happen to recognize is thank you so much for standing up for your faith and talking about it and for talking about values that i hope we are passing along to our children. >> fantastic. gretchen get ready. you're coming to jersey tonight. >> i know! >> she's going to be over at book ends in ridgewood, new jersey. one of the finest book stores in america. that's tonight. >> and then tomorrow you're here in new york city at barnes & noble. >> look, you're going back to the village. >> i can hardly wait. i love the village. >> you good get your entire tour
5:30 am
online. >> yes. >> thank you. thank you guys. thank you so much for letting me come back. >> pleasure. >> i hope you say nice things about us in there. >> i had a fantastic eight years on this couch. thank you. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. gretchen will be on the radio show in a short time. get ready. all right. meanwhile, it's 8:30 in the east. coming up the white former naacp leader who faked her race breaks her silence for the first time. >> i did feel that at some point i would need to address the complexity of my identity. >> well dr. keith ablow is here to put her on the couch next live. you don't want to miss that. >> he's going to start charging us. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine
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5:33 am
and this goes back to a very early age with myself
5:34 am
identification with the black experience. as a very young child. >> when did it start? >> i would say about 5 years old. >> you began identifying yourself as african-american? >> i was drawing self-portraits with the brown crayon. >> we just talked to her brother and he said that's not true. there you see the former spokane, washington naacp leader rachael dolezal breaking her silence after admitting she was lying about her race. joining us is a psychiatrist. what do you make of this? >> good morning. >> tangled story she has been telling. >> well what i make of it is she's asserting that her i had "is that of a black woman despite all biological facts to the contrary including the fact that she was born to caucasian parents. and so here's what i make of it. i warn right, i warn during the
5:35 am
caitlyn jenner experience that it would pave the way for people to pave the way for gender identity and also other kidz of identity including racial identity. we have rushed into this steve. we rushed into letting people say i feel therefore i am. and we have done it without a lot of psychological study and without clear facts to guide us. this is a threat a massive threat to our children. some of whom may claim because they are troubled i might say bs others might say because they're actually black when they're biologically white or actually biologically black and say they're white, either way. i would say that that would be confusion. others will say, no they know who they are. they are in the wrong bodies. and they're going to end up in big trouble with the wrong
5:36 am
doctors. >> i'm a little confused. what do you mean wrong doctors? it is that big of a deal? let them do it. >> it's a huge deal. number one, i don't think there is data to support that people are born into the wrong skin color. i don't think that we have that data. and the idea that i would be pressured by doctors at an academic medical senter to support the notion of my 10-year-old being tattooed head to foot black because he or she feels that that's her identity is a direct parallel to what is happening today at children's hospital in boston where kids are getting injected with hormones because they say i'm a girl not a boy. >> let me ask you this. this is one sound bite. i love your reaction. rachael said she was offended by the black faith comparison and
5:37 am
then your analysis. watch. >> i also don't, as some of the critics have put on black face as a performance. i have a huge issue with black faith. this is not some freak birth of a nation mockery black faith performance. this is on a very real connected level, how i've actually had to go there with the experience. >> so her experience here. take it to the next place where how it would affect her children. she says she identifies as culturally black. so how does it affect them psychologically? >> well listen the sad truth is she may not be lying. that is sad. because to my mind that would indicate a complete separation from fact and reality. how does it affect her children? well they're going to be asked to support their mom because they love their mom. but more than that they're going to be asked to share her vision that the truth, that
5:38 am
facts, that reality don't define what you say you are or how you conduct yourself in the world. and i'm telling you, it doesn't have to just be race or gender that people assert and then change by tattooing or surgery. it can be age. people saying they were born at a particular time but they're really much older or much younger. it can be species, people saying i know i look human to you, but i'm not. i'm something different. and don't discriminate against me because i wear a zebra outfit. >> a lot going on there. >> and a tail grafted on to the lower part of my back. there are surgeons in america who will do that. you know how i know? because they're doing it could kids right now. with surgeries that change their gender. >> but the truth is simple. thank you for that. >> all right. thank you. switching gears. politics. the battle between democratic
5:39 am
presidential candidate hillary clinton and the president intensefied after her campaign blocked a pool reporter from multiple events yesterday because he probably didn't like the coverage that the newspaper gave of hillary. >> that reporter is the united states political editor at daily mail. he joined us earlier today. >> they don't get to pick and choose who covers them. that's the kind of thing that we see from other countries, you know that we don't want to be like. it's a very slippery slope. everybody understands if they can mess with one of us they can mess with all of us. faen this is the level of accessibility and transparency that mrs. clinton is exhibiting at this point in the campaign imagine what the west wing will be like in 2017 if she wins. >> great point. how much damage could this do to her campaign going forward if any? here to discuss, radio talk show host maybe the best in the business author of the brand new book oit queen," the epic ambition of hillary and coming of a second clinton era. the news of the day and how it plays into the theme of your book. >> thank you.
5:40 am
>> the former secretary of state for actsing like a queen whether the queen drops. you know i didn't know she was going to announce her campaign this weekend when the green came out. i'm happy about. that but then to bar, like regally, you should not come on my press pool. thank you, mrs. clinton. i appreciate it. >> a media mote around her. is she going to get away with it? >> yes, except for people like you. i'm glad you had him on this morning. by the way, terrific interview with ezra. that is going to be the take away for the day. i absolutely believe that giving attention to the press pool thing yesterday is a hole in her dike. >> what do you mean by that? >> other people she'll never be able to do it again. when they tried to cut fox out of the white house press office in 2009 the media came together and pushed back and that ended that. so i think this will be the same. >> and back then it was because they excluded us from the pool stuff. we're not going to work with fox. then all the other networks said wait a minute if you don't work with fox, we're not going to work with you.
5:41 am
and it's the same thing yesterday. all the print outlets including "the new york times," "washington post," they all said you can't do that mrs. clinton. >> right. kudos to all of them for rallying around the idea. she does act regally. she does want to have distance from the press. she didn't want to take questions. she took ten minutes of questions in iowa yesterday. now in "the queen," i channel my inner axelrod. she ought to try to do that for as long as she k it's our job to not let her do that. >> in your mind, who beat her? >> there are many who can beat her. i said on adam's show she is the prohibitive favorite. she is a 10 to 11 favorite. jeb bush is 7-2 and marco rubio 7-1. but she's not unbeatable. we need to pitch a perfect game or a no-hitter to beater. we be republicans. i'm the conservative in the debate. i don't think we lost. i think they set up this the way it is to try and minimize the knife fight among republicans over the next --
5:42 am
>> look at hillary clinton. she does not have the talent of barack obama or her husband tazhas a campaigner someone to beibility r interviewed or debated. do you agree that? >> she is a dreadful candidate but she's got money, a machine, she has moef of the media at her back. >> "the new york times" went after her. they were on the same beat with the "washington post" with peter's book. >> early. >> early on. early on they're doing it to immunize her. i expect she'll do your show. >> she has in the past. >> i advise her to come here and come and do o'reilly early so she gets immunized and then never to see you again until november. >> machiavelli wrote "the prince" and hugh hewitt has written "the queen." it's a great book. >> congratulations. >> thank you. always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up on this tuesday, teenagers attacked by a shark are alive thanks to quick thinking. so what you would do if you came face-to-face with a shark?
5:43 am
would you survive? you would be able to if you knew what to do. that's next. >> let's hope we don't have to worry about that. intense competition between dads and kids in honor of father's day. we're telling you and your child to spartan up on our spartan racecourse made just for the elite people called children.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
back now with a fox news alert. a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy both losing arms on sunday in separate shark attacks on the same beach in north carolina. those attacks occurring within two hours of one another. so just how common are shark attacks? should you be afraid to send your kids into the water? joining us now is the founder and president of the shark research committee and director of the global shark attack file.
5:47 am
thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> so tell us about that. should parents be afraid to put their kids in the water right now? given that we reported on so many of these shark attack stories recently. >> no. not really. sharks are going to be found in areas where you find their prey. unfortunately, sharks move up and down the coast, pacific and atlantic. and you're going to find them in areas where their prey is. and the prey will be there because of maybe the fish are spawning. maybe they're coming in to feed on plankton blooms. >> but there have been reports that there was chumming in the area close to the fishing pier where people were out there fishing. do you think that's what potentially attracted the sharks to that area? >> no i don't. we have piers along the pacific coast here in los angeles area. we have a number of piers. people fish from them. and we still have sharks in
5:48 am
other areas where we don't have those piers. but those are areas where we have large fish assemblages that the sharks are coming in to feed on. >> isn't it odd we had two shark attacks in the span of just an hour and a half. it is the same shark that attacked these two people or -- i mean this is scary to a lot of parents out there who are headed to the beach. >> first of all, it's highly unlikely it was the same shark. and the close proximity in time that these two events took place although it's unique it's not that unusual. we had two shark attacks last year up in sant why barbara county, 30 minutes apart and about 100 yards apart. probably by the same shark those two attacks. >> goodness. >> in this case because -- >> one of the things that is being credited for having saved those children's lives is the quick response from people there on the beach.
5:49 am
also 911 called so quickly. if something should happen if someone is in the water and should experience a shark attack or witness one, what is your advice? what is the best way to handle that? >> well the first thing is of course get them to shore. also you should have something to help control bleeding. especially if you have arterial bleeding. that's when you could use a leg leash on a surfboard to tie it off. that's what a couple of the quick responders did with those two unfortunate victims. they controlled the bleeding which helped save their lives. >> certainly. sir, thank you so much for joining us and good advice for parents out there to know what to expect. thank you so much. have a great day now. >> you, too. thank you. >> coming up a spartan race like no other. kids and their parents squaring off on the obstacle course just in time for father's day. we're out on the plaza with. that first, let's check in with a look at what is coming up at the top of the hour. good morning, martha.
5:50 am
>> good morning. so rachael dolezal spoke out this morning for the first time and her parents will be here live with us with their first reaction to the claim that their daughter says she has always identified as black. we'll talk to them about that. and also tropical storm bill is rocking texas, breaking news on. that and jeb gets in the race and hillary gets in hot water with the press. we'll see you at the top of the hour.
5:51 am
you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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5:53 am
it is the extreme obstacle course known around the world for pushing people to the limit. today as can you see on "fox & friends" world headquarters we have the spartan race already. we've got heidi and we've got jack. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> do you have any idea why
5:54 am
you're here? >> i don't know. >> you're going to run the spartan race. you are paired up with elizabeth and, jack behind you. brian kilmeade is your teammate. >> i have to tell you about jack. jack is joe's son. >> yeah. >> joe is the founder of spartan up. he started this whole spartan course. he already ran the boston marathon this kid. >> aand he's been running this spartan race on our course all morning long as heidi. we're doing this in honor of father's day. >> that's right. thursday we're going to -- people with start signing up and we're going to give free race as way to any parent any family that signs up. >> >> and it's important. kids don't get off the couch these days. >> you know i run a lot. i'm seeing no kids playing outside anymore. they're playing video games am we have to get them outside. >> what did you say about us we're fatter as a nation? >> we're 20 pounds heavier.
5:55 am
>> jack heidi. >> where do we start, here? >> get the information about the spartan races across the country here. ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? >> okay. >> start on this side. >> all right, heidi. i'm going to follow you, okay. you tell me what to do. >>. >> starting time. >> the rules are you have to go through every obstacle. do what they do. >> all right. >> okay. they're in the wire for now. >> okay. they're flying through. looks like your two contestants. >> brian his mike pack on. lucky it's not barbed wire. we won't be able to hear him. holy cow. where are the spartan races across america? >> we're everywhere we're in 52 locations. 130 globally. 20 countries. anywhere we go people come. >> fantastic. >> and the good thing is you get the t-shirts so you look cool. >> you get t-shirts and you get to brag at a cocktail party that you are a spartan.
5:56 am
and they'll be proud of all of us. >> 30 seconds, you guys come on. jack and heidi. elizabeth and brian. >> brie is autopsy the back. >> nice job. nice job. >> five seconds left. come on! >> let's go. >> he is carrying two sandbags. >> come on you guys. look at that. >> nicely done. i'm going to declare heidi and elizabeth are the big winners. they're going to win it. in you go. nice job. nice job. once again, people want more information about the spartan race? >> >> very nice. we'll step aside and continue live from new york city in two minutes. brian, head to the showers. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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>> all right. what is coming up thursday at noon on fox sports 1? >> it's going to be the u.s. open is finally going tore here. fox sports is having all the coverage thursday friday and then over to the big channel, the network. thanks matt for being so quiet. >> you got it. >> wave good-bye, kids. there has been a tragedy in northern california, the town of berkeley. a balcony collapses from the fourth floor of an apartment building. at least 5 people reported dead. i'm bill hemmer live from america's newsroom. martha: this building is blocks from u.c. berkeley. there were 13 people on it. we don't know what caused it to small four stories and the building is reportedly less than 10 years old. bill: what is the latest on what we know


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