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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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a laughingstock. that won't happen under president trump. >> you want to get americans back to work? >> we are going to make america great again. >> as always thank you for joining us we'll see you back in studio tomorrow night. >> the donald trump took you on in a speech today about common core and immigration. i want to ask you. >> [ laughter ] >> sorry. i shouldn't have done that. >> the candidacy of trump making some people laugh. but is that a big mistake? karl rove will analyze. >> in some cases hillary clinton is reversing course on policies that she embraced before for the benefit of clinton donors and i'm saying this warrants investigation. >> is is the american press really investigating the clinton foundation? watergate legend bob woodward will weigh in. also ahead look at this picture. a raccoon ride on alligator in florida swamp.
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is that possible? martha maccallum has been investigating. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. perhaps, the best reason we should all leave the united states right now. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you will not see this story in most media because it's devastating to the democratic party in particular. this week the nonpartisan congressional budget office issued a report that says the rising federal debt in america may doom the economy in the future. now, i understand most americans don't care about the federal debt. it's not real. just a fuzzy fantasy. but right now the u.s.a. owes about trillion with a t
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dollars. which is catastrophic. under president obama that debt increases about 3.3 billion with a b dollars every single day. when the president took office 6 and a half years ago the debt was 10.6 trillion. so mr. obama racked up $7.6 trillion in debt since he has been in the white house. that's simply hard to believe. yet, mr. obama and his ache lights will tell you he is cutting the deficit which really doesn't matter when you are racking up debt to the tune of 3 billion a day a smaller deficit is inconsequential. here is the warning and i'm sorry to have to give it to you. the cbo says if congress doesn't start balancing the budget the long-term situation will be dire, taxes will go up on everyone, they have to. interest rates will go up because people around the world won't lend us any more money unless they get paid through the roof. in other words the american economy will be strangled and could very well crash and burn in 10 years. taking the savings and welfare of all americans
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with it responsible politicians know this yet they continue to tell you the voter they will rebuild the american military, stimulate the economy so everybody can have a good job, that they will provide health insurance for people who can't or won't pay for it who is really going to pay for that? people who lend america money. that's who. so we sink deeper in deeper into debt. it's long past time for politicians to finally be honest to level with us in the pursuit of votes both parties, but especially the democrats. have irresponsibly spent money just to pander to the electorate. america at this point in history is a great country but we are getting weaker by the day. and the reason we are getting weaker is because our debt is simply out of control and getting worse every second.
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$3.3 billion in debt a day. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight brand new poll which politicians americans favor. according to mammoth university in new jersey which registered most people running for president aren't popular. hillary clinton 4: . jeb bush: trump. 18% favorable. a 7% unfavorable. 25% don't know. governor scott walker, 23% favorable. 25% unfavorable. a 2% don't know him. senator ted cruz 25 favorable, 34 unfavorable. 41 don't know him. senator rand paul 26 favorable, 34 unfavorable 41% don't know him. and finally the only
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politician who scored in the favorable range senator marco rubio 31% favorable 27% unfavorable. 42% don't know him. joining us now from southern california karl rove. so how do you process those numbers? >> well, first of all i'm not certain that the general election numbers mean that much right now because people's opinions do tend to change. if you look inside the republican primary however and inside the democratic primary. you will find hillary clinton's favorables unfavorables deteriorating and among the republicans they are all but two candidates are either in the race or talking about the race. more favorable than unfavorable and. >> no, no, no, no, only one favorable. >> no, that's among all voters. so that -- i'm talking about the -- you take a look at the may. >> you are talking about all republicans.
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>> in the general election doesn't really matter right now because if you say republicans so and so, the democrats immediately say we don't like him and independents say we don't know about him. >> maybe that's true. >> if you take a look inside the republican primary numbers, take a look at "the washington post" abc poll for example last month which had them all the republicans actually are in pretty good shape with the exception of chris christie who sort of pulling back but still upside down and trump who had a 23 favorable 65% unfavorable among republicans. >> all of that as you said is going to change. you know what's really a stealth thing here that people don't understand, is that it is very early on but it's really not very early on because the first fox news debate is a month and a half away. >> yeah, but look. >> wait, wait, wait. listen to my logic and then you can make fun of me, all right. a month and a half away. not a long period of time. the top ten in the polling get in. that's devastating for those
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who do not get into the republican debate. so therefore, all of these candidates have to get well known quickly. in order to get in that date which is going to be enormous. go. >> well, first of all look. we have a long time to go. we already had like seven or eight debates by now in 2012. we got going early. so there is a long time to go. but, do i agree with your point about if you are among that 10 that get on the stage, that's going to be important. now, remember. >> vital. >> the difference between number 7, for example and number 12, is going to be measured by a point or two in the polls. because these -- nobody is a frontrunner. right now you have several candidates who are bunched at around 10 to 11%. which means by the time you get down to 88, 9 or 10.king about them having 1% or 2% or two.5% of the vote. >> that's right. there is going to be very little. >> that's fox news debate is
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going to be one of the most important debates in this campaign. the first one to establish people. >> that's right. there is going to be one other part of that debate though that's going to matter. since fox has agreed to have a debate during the day among those who are below. >> nobody is going to watch that debate. >> it's going to create some hubbub for somebody. somebody is going to he show up out of that thing and people are going to say. >> you know how hard it is to get recognized. that's why everybody is getting in now. my talking points memo, you know neither side talks about this. >> i disagree. >> this is so important. >> the media doesn't cover it this year senate republican budget committee
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arrived budget revolution. conference differences. arrived at budget plan for this year. and for the next 10 years. now, this year is going to have a big determination in starting us down that path. that budget plan, in essence, balances the federal budget within 10 years and puts us in a place where these dire warnings of the cbo which were based in if you don't change what you're cooking. >> but you have got to change it faster. >> entitlement. that budget plan this year that the republicans pushed through, not a single democrat voted for it is going to govern the size of the federal budget this year and you can't solve it overnight. but you can begin turning it and ramping counsel the spending. it's a great. >> i would say 90% of americans have no idea about this federal debt and how bad it is. i would say 9 out of 10 of us don't. >> i think more people do have an understanding of how grave a challenge this is. not only to our country but to our kids. >> absolutely.
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>> well, 10 years is the cbo's dire warning framework and that's not a long time. >> and in 2 a years. >> all right mr. rove. >> all right sir. great. >> next on the rundown, the woman who says she's black but she is really white now becoming a political pawn among left wingers. and then later the best of dennis miller outrageous things he has said this spring. factor is coming right back. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, exercise... and may take an omega 3 supplement but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. look for savings in this sunday's newspaper.
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black. did means that she may not be african-american. black in the cultural sense. struggles, identified with them. a lot more black people would support rachel doll than would support clarence thomas. >> when she says she knows what it is like to experience blackness. i'm like no, you don't. just stop. and i find it offensive that you would suggest that you do. >> so that's interesting. two far left guys one sympathetic and one hammering the woman. >> co-host of outnumbered degree tantaros. >> do you care about this story. >> yes. >> have you been doing this story. >> why? >> because it's news. >> spokane local naacp person no real influence over anybody thinks she black and she isn't? >> because it's such a bizarre story. you know why bill, because the level of deception and lies this woman created.
8:15 pm
i think that's the issue. i don't care if she self-identifies as a rooster or purple. i don't care. what i care about and why people care is because she is using the historical suffering of african-americans it explicit and benefit herself. people have a problem with that kind of deception. >> she would say look, i'm trying to improve. >> herself. >> the situation for blacks. >> bill, she got money she got benefits, and she took them away from somebody who actually was deserving of them under the guise of a lie. >> do you see it that way? and i think that's the issue. >> the facts are she did get a job a few jobs representing african-american cause and fighting for them whether naacp or teaching african history course was it her intent? a little crazy. >> you think she is crazy. >> a little off. >> i wouldn't say this is normal behavior. you know, maybe she is. but i don't know. >> she is 50 shades of cray.
8:16 pm
>> you haven't convinced me that anybody should care about this. but you got in trouble. ms. tantaros got in trouble because she said and correct me if i don't have the quote right "can i be a cat and not pay taxes?" is that what you said? >> i was wondering if i could self-identify as a cat and not have to pay income taxes? i was talking about the deception. people just start declaring themselves
8:17 pm
rq transgendered. >> make the leap. >> are you kidding me? >> absolutely. >> she didn't compare african-americans to a cat. >> surprise i'm a democrat. >> she just set she wanted to be a cat. >> if she wants to be a cat. >> she doesn't have to pay taxes if he is a cat. that has nothing to do with african-americans. >> bigger issue here is that rachel dolezal whether she is intentionally doing this for her own benefit or it was just her delusional mind set. republican narrative that we live in post racial society. the problem is that he we don't live in a post racial society. >> it's not a republican narrative. >> you lost me. >> you lost me too. now you are taking in a narrative. >> i only have 30 section. you guys are both greek americans. >> we self-identify as greeks. >> how's come greece doesn't have any money? >> we all left and made
8:18 pm
money here. >> all the smart people are here? you are going to get in trouble. you are in trouble. how come the greek's don't have any money over there. >> they will say drinking, dancing, partying. >> it is socialism. >> it is socialism. >> they get so many benefits and don't have enough people working to pay for the benefits. >> that's true. they ran out of money. >> lesson here greece might be a lesson for america. >> she should have owned the fact that she was white. i don't think people like the lying. >> now we're back to dolezal off the cat and the greeks we are back. >> off the cat and greeks and the fact that i'm apparently don't like transgendered community. >> i don't know how that happens. >> nomiki and her friends like to smear us. >> i still don't care about the woman. why is the american media investigating the clinton foundation more aggressively. watergate guy bob woodward has thoughts on that. university of california saying phrases such as america is the land of opportunity cannot be used in the classroom.
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impact segment tonight the clinton foundation. as you may know a book called clinton cash has listed a number of people that could very well be illegal surrounding the charitable enterprise known as the clinton foundation. russia has purchased a russian uranium mine in the u.s.a. that was okay by clinton and other agencies. in the process $2 million was donated by the clinton foundation by a guy who stood to benefit from the uranium sale. also former president bill clinton was paid a half million dollars for one speech in moscow by a russian bank linked to the deal.
8:23 pm
and there is more. joining us now from washington the legendary watergate reporter bob woodward. so initially there was some reporting in the "the washington post," "new york times" on the clinton foundation but not much lately. how do you see it? >> well, first of all, this is a giant story and to do it right, you have to be very systematic. if you go back to the nixon era, he had a campaign re-election committee and the story was that it had really very little connection to the white house when you dug into it you found that the re-election committee was taking orders from the white house. the question here in the clinton foundation in all of these activities, including the speeches, exactly how is it organized? who decides to get that story will take weeks and months. >> how long did it take you and bernstein, how long did it take you to put the trail together before it really got to be critical mass?
8:24 pm
how much time? >> certainly months and then to really fully comprehend what was going on and the extent of will illegality and criminality took a year or even more. up to two years until nixon's resignation. >> do you believe -- there is only really three or four vehicles in this country because television news is certainly not going to do it. there are fine investigative reporters like brian ross at abc. but, by and large, it's a newspaper story. because it's going to take, as you said, a lot of time to put all of these things together and shift around and sift through the bs and get to the heart of the story. do you believe that newspapers have assigned a team of investigators to do this? >> i do. and. >> do you know the "the washington post" you have a relationship with them -- >> -- certainly. this week serious meetings about it it's going to be looked at clearly in the "new york times."
8:25 pm
>> in the "the washington post" serious meetings this week? >> of course. >> well, now now now don't geoff me of course. you know how the medias has changed over the years. would are ideological media. it wasn't the way it was when you and bernstein were running around. it's not that way anymore. it's corporate there is a lot of money involved with this. there is a lot of politics involved with this. you know that. come on, bob. >> i tell you if you were there, there is independent aggressiveness, let's look at in this in detail and i think it's going to happen. now, the big question and you've raised it, are there illegal transactions here? and that really requires digging. >> here is the thing on that. i don't think the press can get to that because the level is so high, unless you have a deep throat. the guy who spilled it to you and bernstein. >> only one of many sources
8:26 pm
keep going. >> you need somebody from i called for the fbi to investigate this and the fbi tells us, the bureau, well, we can't say if we are investigating or not. well guess what? the fbi is investigating the st. louis cardinals for hacking into the houston astros. that's all over the place. they can announce that but they can't tell me they are investigating the clinton foundation? what's that. >> the yes for the media an important one. you discover what would be called incremental coverage, that you are going to keep going at it. you are going -- i mean, one of the questions and let's talk about it in six months or nine months, too we really understand how much money in dollars and cents not generalities, that the clintons walked away with or that people in the
8:27 pm
foundation who work for them, you know. >> shouldn't the fbi be taking the lead? i want the press to investigate it because i want honest government. but the fbi has subpoena powers. you know, they can go in and get all of this stuff. whereas you and me and others we can't. we have to rely on other people. last word. >> sure. but the fbi relies on other people too. and they need credible evidence that a crime has been committed. >> the fbi? >> let's step back and be fair minded about this. >> fair. >> i think we should be watchdogs and aggressive, too. >> i'm all with you. and what i want to know is what's the worth? what did the clintons have in terms of money and assets? you know, there will be a lot of smoke between this and between that. i think it's important to know and i think one of the measures of how successful or unsuccessful the press is
8:28 pm
in this is getting that answer, not some big number. >> we will continue to encourage everybody to try to get that bob thanks very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. millions of people all over the world have seen this amazing picture. a raccoon riding on top of an al garrett in florida. there may be more to this story and martha maccallum is investigating. miller gone wild this spring. >> we should do to iran exactly what harry reid's bow flex machine did to him. there you go. that's a good look. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet grew up in a family of boys... married my high school sweetheart... and pursued a degree in education. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain.
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truth serum segment tonight. two hot topics beginning with the obama administration releasing a number of dangerous illegal aliens. chuck grassley from iowa. 121 murders have been committed by aliens set free by the feds. is that true? with us now, fox business anchor melissa francis in for shannon bremen and correspondent eric shawn. tell me about the illegal criminals. >> unbelievable. illegal alien here ill ely. you have a conviction, you are a criminal. you are in the deportation process. >> you have a conviction other than coming here illegally? >> that's correct. >> a separate crime you have committed once you are here, go? >> in the process supposed to be deported instead they release you. this is what is going on in the administration.
8:33 pm
yes, 121 of these guys who were released in the deportation process back on the streets later than charged with murder. >> over what period of time? >> that's a period of four years. every year the administration, get ready for this number? 30,000. 30,000. >> so they release 30,000 criminal aliens. why did they release them? >> shah right of reasons. department of justice discretionary issues there is a backlog. court orders, and there is a supreme court ruling that says once you are in the deportation process, you can't go for more than six months. you have to be released. >> so fur if you are being held by the federal government to be deported to another country and you are not put on that plane or the skateboard or however the hell they get them out of here in six months, the supreme has ordered you have to be released no matter what? >> back on the street. >> no matter what you do. >> back on the street. >> even if you are in for manslaughter. >> deportation holding center, you got six months or you are back out. now, the obama administration, is it just
8:34 pm
chaos there because all of the 121 murders have fallen under the obama administration. is it chaos? what is it? >> well, some say it's their discretion, the administration's discretion. >> why would they continue this if they know 121 people are dead because criminal aliens have been released wouldn't when they shouldn't have been? >> sometimes they don't know. astounding heart breaking case in mesa, california. 21-year-old young guy a clerk at convenience store in and this illegal from mexico in the deportation system is. released by the government on $10,000 bond. he allegedly, in january goes into the store asks for some cigarettes, dumps the jar of change on the counter and when grant says you need to pay are to the cigarettes, he allegedly shoots him in the face. steps over the body, grabs the cigarettes. this guy had injunctions against him. orders of protection against him. he was out on $10,000 bond. >> still here not deported. >> the feds say they didn't know anything about that.
8:35 pm
>> let's turn to crazy woman joyce mitchell. you don't know her personally, do you? >> no, no, i don't. >> way up in new york state. everybody knows everybody up there. >> right. >> okay. let's roll the tape on this woman. >> we heard about joyce being involved and how she was just right down the road just not something you expected around here. >> they are good people. there are always good people, to me they waived to me. scared for the last week. i can't sleep at night and stuff like that. it's going through our minds. >> you always hear that. wave to me and good people. this woman let's two killers out of jail. and what if they kill somebody else, it's on her. now she is charged. >> i was a local news reporter. the locals always say this. they never saw that coming. they say she went to church. she loved nascar that she would -- her husband was a volunteer firefighter. she would go to the station and cut vegetables for everyone made salads. normal person. only person who did see it coming was ex-husband's
8:36 pm
ex-wife who in a lot of reports said wow she blew it. there were very few jobs up here. did it for a little bit of attention. basically no one saw this coming as is always the case about the neighbors. i got to tell you made a lot of phone calls. got hung up. people up there are getting sick of this story because their town is in chaos. >> makes them look bad. this woman makes them look bad. >> it does. >> i said she should get at least five years and these guys still on the loose after 11 days kill anybody or hurt anybody should get more. dennis miller has been out-of-control this spring you may have noticed. we will put forth his most outrageous comments. martha maccallum on the university of california banning the phrase "america is the land there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it. it's called whooping cough. and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date.
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spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit miller time segment tonight some outrageous things the d man has said this spring. we believe miller is somewhere near the artic circle right now on vacation so he can't be here. however, factor producer rob none mick co-has compiled his latest hits. california congresswoman barbara lee. she says, quote: women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change particularly in poor and developing nations where women regularly assume
8:41 pm
increased responsibility for growing the family's food and fuel and other resources. food insecure woman with limited socioeconomic resources may be vulnerable to situations such as sex work transactional sex. unquote. so, we are linking global warming to prostitution industry. did you ever think you would see it? >> of course, billy look what it did to al gore. he turned into a prostitute for it. some people sell their bodies. some people sell their souls. but i'm telling you that moron is not going to get happy until we have a carbon tax. >> that is the big deal because the left wants to eliminate fossil fuels and i do too. but i don't want to ruin the economy and take people's livelihoods away from them in the process. i think we have to develop the alternative fuels and when they're ready replace the fossil fuels but you are right.
8:42 pm
>> those wind power is going to work, billy. my car now i hooked the beanie copter hat. i put it on dog's head and he fuels the car. alternative fuels are great. at this point we need a big honking dinosaur mausoleum. we had to run a pipe into it and suck it drier than memoirs. these people are nuts right now with these alternative fuels. they don't work. i'm not going to pull electronic thing and have my car turn into some sort of chaotic scene where it's like frankenstein's castle. >> it's aislive! >> the other cars. >> ethanol. >> helium stuff like that. i want to be on the 405 with hydrogen cars. >> oh the humanity. >> little hamsters running in the region. i heard rumor that the bunny
8:43 pm
ranch in nevada is now just candlelight because of candlelight not using anymore. [ laughter ] >> so netanyahu miller, what say you? >> well, my favorite line is when he said iran's promises were as empty as nancy pelosi's stare. huh? what was that all about. heavily remodeled house. i was hoping pelosi and boehner would have a cry off later in the day. >> tears because i love israel very much. >> and the reason he had to come over here and say this is because it's a madhouse. the world is a madhouse. everybody knows that we should do to iran exactly what harry reid's bow flex machine did to him. ♪ ♪ >> there you go. that's a good look, huh harry? read the bottom line. you are a drip. >> you know what? i'm happy.
8:44 pm
>> i heard announcers saying that they thought that netanyahu's speech was dystopic. >> that was ms. amman poor. >> >> putting a guy in a cage and lighting him on fire seems a dystopic. >> what's going on? i feel like charles heston waking up in the field and the chimp is on top of the pony. at this point you should be thankful didn't arrest netanyahu like that benghazi film maker guy. i don't know what's up. all i know is this i'm with the jews and. this i think the other people are crazy. it seems like half our country is wavering on that. >> in new york city, i don't know whether you know this story or not. there was a lawyer who worked for al sharpton, who was charged you think it was rape. they dropped the charges. in the investigation, the cops the new york city cops
8:45 pm
found a prescription in the lawyer's house for viagra. but, guess whose name was on the prescription label? al sharpton's viagra bottle in the house. the cops who hate sharpton leak it to the new york daily news. can you imagine? >> my problem with sharpton isn't that he takes it. it's that he wants to sue pfizer because they're little blue pills and he thinks they should be little black pills. that's my problem with sharpton at this point. all right? and by the way anybody out there listening, if you are in the middle of a corporate shakedown that lasts more than four hours contact the physician. and. >> side effects to those too shakedowns. >> dangerous side effects. >> what a great line that was. quick reminder if you want the ultimate gift for father's day give dad or granddad tickets to see
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did you see that? an unbelievable situation in california. training guide for the university of california teachers reportedly okayed by now runs the system in the
8:50 pm
golden state is almost beyond belief. it says the phrase america is land of opportunity is not to be used by the college professors because it implies that the playing field is even in this country. also you are not supposed to say everybody can succeed in this society if they work hard enough because you are implying that people of color are lazy. this is madness. did you see this? >> i wish i could explain further. this is so unbelievable. america, the land of opportunity you wouldn't want to suggest the playing field is equal because far too many people invested in making sure the playing field is not equal. you don't want to suggest that people need to submit to the dying culture of the united states of america. >> the california university system is the largest in the country. they have a guide book they give to the teachers. in the book it says don't say that. don't be pro america or give the
8:51 pm
kids advice. if you work hard or obey the law. >> they say it is derogatory and making them feel their curlture isn't good enough and might create a hostile learning environment. >> has there been any dissent from the good professors out in california? >> a couple of professors. i think that is somewhat encouraging. they are saying this is crazy. they are saying this is a sign of how crazy this has become. one of the other things they point out is that they see this as a trap. so if they said something in the past and they are untenured they can be disciplined or fired. two years later some kids can say that teacher asked me where are you from? what does that mean where am i from? unbelievable. >> you hang around swamps in
8:52 pm
florida. i am a swamp person. there is a picture, a swamp. that is a raccoon on an alligator hitching a ride. when i saw this i went no way. no way. you have investigated what did you find out? >> i can tell you it is not shaped like adrian barbo. they gave this to a dartmouth professor who determined it was not photo shopped in his opinion because of the way the light lands on the back of the alligator. this raccoon looks like it has been stuck. it is mangy, in a weird frozen position no tail. no big tail. it looks like somebody stuck it on the back of the alligator. >> and glued it on to the
8:53 pm
alligator. >> the guy who took the picture says it ran off. he thinks it walked on the alligator thinking it is hard land and then took off. >> i think raccoons have a little more sense than to walk on an alligator. >> raccoons don't come out in the day. if they do you want to stay away from them. >> how many people have viewed this? 85 million? >> it's a billion hits probably. this has no news value at all. i want to get in the swamp thing stuff. tip of the day, remember the group america, ventura highway. they are doing pretty interesting things these days. the tip moments away.
8:54 pm
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back to tip in the day. father's day everybody should be nice to dad and grand dad. if you get them my history books they will love you for it. become a premium member you get any of the books free of charge. we hope you check out the website. and now the mail. o'reilly the interview with trump was entertaining. he is not going to win but the campaign will be more fun. trump is not a serious candidate. i was surprised you didn't press him harder. you badgered trump and tried to put words in his mouth. >> i think that is impossible. harry young, trump is resonating with the american people and can solve many problems in this country. i tried to watch your interview with donald trump however the arrogance you both showed made it hard for me to digest.
8:57 pm
o'reilly your remarks about working hard and getting educated were things ronald reagan used to say. today too many people telling the poor they don't stand a chance. that industry is growing. bill i retired after 34 years as ceo of big brothers bissisters. your endorsement of our organization has been invaluable. my pleasure to do it. rainbow city alabama. last days of hitler was riveting. last day is the number one best selling nonfiction young adult book in the country right now thanks to people like you. i'm glad you enjoyed it. bill we really enjoyed the entire legends and lies series. we'll be back next season second season on american patriots. by the way the series was up more than 100% in the key
8:58 pm
demographic from what was on fox news last year. and the book remains a huge best seller. we thank you all. our community is honoring frank soboleski, one of the last standing members of the 101st air borne. easy company was featured in killing patton. and finally the fact tip of the day when i was growing up most americans heard the same kind of music, a.m. radio. some songs became almost national anthemes. radio is fragments. you have rap, country, classic rock. when new music happens americans miss a lot because it isn't played on the radio. enter the classic group america which had big hits with the horse of no name. tin man, sand man. i saw them in concert and they
8:59 pm
have a great new song. ♪ ♪ >> now the album is called "lost and found" and it's good. i feel bad that groups like america can't get their stuff out there which is why we are doing this tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the website which is different from billo'reilly billo' o'reilly at fox name and town. you will find word of the day. good word. tomorrow. the pope on global warming. that will be interesting.
9:00 pm
again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops here. we are definitely looking good evening, this is a fox news alert. officials at the charleston police department say it happened in the downtown area. a local newspaper reports it's not clear if the gunman fired inside or outside of the church. there are reports of injuries. that has not yet been confirmed. we're working on getting that confirmed and will bring it to


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