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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 19, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a positive note we're happy for the marine corps god bless them and their service. >> thank you for your service. anyway that's for us. happy father's day. we'll see you back here monday i'll be back tuesday. special report on next. relatives of those shot down in the south carolina church massacre speak directly and emotionally to the accused killer. this is "special report." good evening i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. we're learning more tonight about the young man who has reportedly confessed to murdering nine people in a south carolina church wednesday night. dylann roof appeared in court today for an extraordinary session in which relatives of the victims directly confronted him, and some forgave him. a vigil is about to begin to mourn the dead. we are also getting first person accounts of the grief and despair he allegedly caused the
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living. correspondent rich edson is in charleston again tonight. >> reporter: dylann roof the 21-year-old police accuse of murdering several worshippers wednesday night at emanuel ame church made a court appearance by video from jail. at an afternoon hearing on nine counts of murder. >> what is your age? >> 21 sir. >> 21 years old. are you employed? >> no sir. >> you're unemployed at this time? >> yes, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: off camera we heard for the first time from the victims' families. >> we welcomed you wednesday night in our bible study with open arms. you have killed some of the most [ mute ] people that i know. every fiber in my body hurts. and i'll never be the same. >> reporter: eight miles away, hundreds of mourners from across the street and across the
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country are bringing to the crime scene flowers, cards, gifts and prayers. >> today i brought an artwork that i had made for me. i feel like the lord told me to bring that to here just to maybe to be my one little part to help heal our hurt. >> when i first heard that this had happened i felt like i had jumped into a time machine and went back in time to the civil rights movement. >> i think the community response has been awesome. i think the nation's response has been awesome. i think everyone of all races and all creeds and genders are tired of hate. >> reporter: police say roof fled to shelby north carolina after killing nine worshippers. that's where a driver said she saw roof's photo on" fox and friends" then saw roof on the highway and called the police. >> i believe god had a plan in it. and as i was driving to work i was running late. i actually seen -- i looked over and i seen the car. it looked familiar to me. and i wondered why. and now as i look back over it's because of the pictures they seen on the news.
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but i actually went past him. and i seen the south carolina tag on the back of it and i seen the white tag on the front of his car. >> reporter: at a focus now on racist comments he reportedly shared with friends. one of the worshippers wednesday night. federal investigators are determining whether as so many suspect this crime was racially motivated. if so federal prosecutors could add hate crimes to his list of charges. the department of justice says it is also investigating whether prosecutors can classify this as an act of domestic terrorism. before then potentially months of legal procedures and a community in need of healing. >> i forgive you and my family forgives you. but we would like you to take this opportunity to repent. repent. confess. give your life to the one that matters the most, christ. >> reporter: roof's next scheduled court appearance is october 23rd and february 5th.
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chris? >> rich edson reporting again from charleston rich thanks for that. president obama is doubling down on his comments yesterday following the shootings. a few moments ago the president said he's not apologizing for bringing up the subject of gun control on the heels of the tragedy. >> i refuse to act as if this is the new normal or to pretend that it's simply sufficient to grieve and that any mention of us doing something to stop it is somehow politicizing the problem. >> the president also said racism remains a blight we have to combat together. the two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york are now on the u.s. marshalls' service 15 most wanted fugitives list. rich art matt and david sweat have eluded capture for almost two weeks. officials say the search has been widened to the entire
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country. the search is also on in and around milwaukee for a suspect who shot a detective this morning. the wounds to the 52-year-old plain-clothed officer are not believed to be life-threatening. the suspect reportedly opened fire after being confronted by three policemen investigating a burglary. he was able to run away. president obama may say we have terrorists on the run. but the number of terror attacks is rising dramatically. that's the conclusion of a state department report that is full of data about how widespread and deadly the epidemic has become. chief washington correspondent james rosen is at the state department tonight. >> reporter: in presenting its annual report on global terrorism, the state department acknowledged that the number of terrorist attacks rose by 35% last year that the number of fatalities from terrorist attacks surged by 81%, and that the seizure of territory in syria and iraq last year by the terrorist army known as isis was quote unprecedented.
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the report did not address developments this year in yemen, a country president obama had previously held up as a model of counterterrorism success but whose capital is now controlled by rebels aligned with iran the chief state sponsor of terrorism. nor did the report address the finding of the rand corporation that the number of jihadist groups has, on president obama's watch, risen by 58%. >> considering all of these objective metrics, how do you see a record of competence or success for this president in the area of counterterrorism? >> it's not something we can do by ourselves. we clearly have to talk to our partners in terms of bringing all the methodology to bear that we possibly can. i we have done that we continue to do that. and they are in fact responding. >> reporter: a state department spokesman was asked to identify where in the world the u.s. is rolling back terrorism. >> we have had success against isil in iraq and in syria. we've made progress against al qaeda. that doesn't mean that at any point in time certainly not
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today, we're willing to declare ultimate success against these groups. and there are worrisome trends in that report. >> reporter: critics of the obama administration including veterans of the bush-cheney white house -- call the report a devastating indictment of the incumbent president's approach to combatting terrorism. >> president obama when he came to office told us that he would fight terrorism in a smart way, surgically and with a light footprint. in fact we've seen the obama way has led to this explosion in violence and death and the emergence of a radical islamic jihadist caliphate in the heart of one of the most combustible regions of the world. >> reporter: state department officials have denied that their four-month delay in releasing their annual human rights report was rooted in a desire to avoid complications in the ongoing nuclear talks with iran. the terrorism report catalogs multiple means by which the regime in tehran continues to sponsor and support terror networks. but officials were reluctant to say if the regime's conduct is
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growing worse or more challenging for u.s. interests. >> whether it's expanding or decreasing that's hard to judge. the point is they're still doing it we're still concerned. >> the ambassador pointed out almost 60% of last year's terror attacks occurred in five countries, iraq afghanistan, pakistan india and nigeria. chris? >> james rosen reporting from the state department. james, thanks for that. here at home another arrest of an accused isis sympathizer today. the fbi says 38-year-old amir al ghazi whose name used to be robert mccollum, was taken into custody in north olmstead ohio. he is charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization. it has been a big week and year for counter terrorist organizations. laura ingle reports from new york tonight on the recent surge. >> reporter: samuel topaz, a 21-year-old from fort lee, new jersey is one of the several arrests this week in the u.s. with ties to isis.
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federal investigators say topaz had plans to travel to iraq or syria to join the terror group. he has been linked with mother omar omar saleh. accused of conspireing to build a bomb. men and women, legal citizens and noncitizens have been charged with helping isis al qaeda and other militant groups. >> it's the most intense period of terrorist plotting in the united states since 9/11. >> reporter: former cia agent peter brooks says these latest arrests make it clear that efforts to track down terrorists need to be increasingly sophisticated to keep up with evasive types of communication, including heavily encrypted messages. >> what is it that we don't know on the dark web that could end up in an attack? we cannot become complacent about this threat. >> reporter: fbi director james b. comey says the agency does
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not have the full capability to investigate all terror-related threats on social media, but that arrests are a sign of be making headway on breaking up recruitment efforts. >> isil has spent about a year investing in trying to reach troubled minds in the united states through social media. to either recruit them to come to their so-called caliphate to fight or to kill where they stand. >> reporter: some lured by isis have been killed trying to carry out acts of terror here in the u.s. and overseas. including the two men who opened fire at the drama contest in garland, texas last month. terror experts warn the u.s. still faces threats from abroad. the u.n. reports there are some 25,000 foreign firefighters active in iraq syria and other war zones. many holding western passports, giving them easy access to the u.s. a federal law enforcement source tells fox expect to see more indictments ahead of the fourth of july considered a symbolic date to harm the united states. chris? >> laura thanks. up next big rig drivers may
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have to clean up their act if they want to keep on trucking. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver with a final day of the prosecution's case against accused movie theater shooter james holmes. among the last witnesses, a woman whose 6-year-old daughter and unborn child were killed. and she is now paralyzed. fox 23 in albany new york with the crash of a cruise ship into a lock on the saint laurence seaway. officials say 19 passengers and three crew members were hurt but none seriously. and this was a live look at los angeles from fox 11 the big story there tonight, tiny crabs invade the beaches of orange county. millions are washing up. lifeguards have been asking beach goers to avoid touching the animals. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we'll be right back. ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream.
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some big change ahead for big rigs. the obama administration is going after heavy trucks as part of its ongoing regulatory war on greenhouse gas emission. but not everyone is on board. correspondent doug mcelway explains from the white house tonight. >> reporter: on the same day president obama was to attend a dnc fundraiser at the san francisco home of billionaire environmentalist tomstire he rolled out a welcome gift for his house. phase two of new greenhouse emissions standards for u.s. heavy and medium duty trucks. >> the total oil savings under the program would be greater than a year's worth of u.s. imports from the organization of the petroleum exporting countries or opeq. >> reporter: the proposed standards announced in the conference call today cover everything from long haul big rigs to concrete trucks to heavy duty pickups. the obama administration claims it will lower co2 emissions by 1
3:16 pm
billion metric tons. cust fuel costs by $170 billion. reduce oil consumption by 1.8 billion barrels and save $150 a year for the average household by 2030. all a part of the zrag's effort to cut pollution linked to global warming. but opponents say it will be virtually ineffective. >> these regulations will result in a savings of .003 of a degree year 2100. you won't be able to see it. in fact if the u.s. shut off all emissions from carbon dioxide you'd only have a savings of about .2 degree. >> reporter: still it is less controversial than other administration efforts to curb greenhouse gases. >> fuel is a big expense for the trucking industry. last year we spent more than $150 billion on diesel and diesel fuel. so anything that has the potential to reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy is a good thing for
3:17 pm
trucking. >> reporter: the proposed regulation would be the 499th under this administration. this one is 1300 pages long and while many of its technologies to increase truck efficiency are known, such as aerodynamic devices, lower rolling resistance to tires, automatic inflation systems and weight reduction, others are not. >> the proposed standards may ultimately force changes in the engines, the existing engines that are not yet ready and not tested and not proven. >> reporter: the government admits these new regulations could add between 10 to $12,000 to the cost of a new truck but it maintains those costs will be more than made up for over the life of a truck by lower fuel costs. chris? >> doug mcelway reporting from the white house. doug thank you. stocks were down this friday. the dow lost 100, the s&p 500 was off 11 nasdaq fell 16. for the week the dow was up two-thirds of a percentage point. the s&p 500 gained .75.
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nasdaq gained 1.25. let's talk more about the economy. joining us from our sister network, fox business anchor melissa frances. melissa, there was a report from the cbo today that repealing obama care would increase the federal deficits by $137 billion over ten years. how did they come up with that? >> it's really interesting to peel back the layers of this report. because basically where that number came from was lost tax revenue. so it was less money that the government would take out of your my pocket out of our paychecks. but they also went on to say that repealing obama care would increase the labor supply create jobs and increase gdp, expand the economy, more growth by .7%. that doesn't sound like a lot. but when you have an economy that's growing about 2% .7 is a lot. they admitted there would be less tax revenue, more growth and more jobs. those sound like good things. >> meanwhile, big concerns from other corners of the world
3:19 pm
starting with greece. >> oh, yeah. greece has another deadline on monday to try to get together and figure out their funding situation. they've had emergency funding from the ecb twice in the past two weeks. so the market once again on edge looking at this deadline on monday. but you really need to keep an eye on china. china's stock market had the worst week in about seven years. big down draft. down about 13%. the concern there is that the government has problems up the economy and fuelled the stock market causing a bubble. that sounds familiar. >> is there concern that all of that could hurt u.s. markets? >> there is. there are people looking ahead, especially looking at what's going on in china. when you look at wait they've managed their economy and managed their stock market, there's the fear that there'll be both a contagion and that we're doing sort of the same thing. i mean this week for example, the company fitbit went public in an ipo. they raked in $.75 billion
3:20 pm
dollar. they make a wearable bracelet that tracks your movement in your exercise. almost nothing else. $.75 billion, chris. that's worrisome. >> melissa, thank you. don't miss melissa on our sister network fbn. if you can't find it log onto finder. still ahead, new jersey governor chris christie on when he'll make his decision about running for president. first a huge burden on some public schools from the children who came across the southern border last year. the citi double cash card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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educators say they're fighting a losing battle in trying to deal with last year's influx of the illegal immigrant
3:24 pm
children from across the southern border. tonight correspondent brian yennes reports from new york. >> reporter: cash-strapped public schools are shouldering the burden of taking care of unaccompanied minors teaching children many whom have never stepped into a classroom before but are now expected to graduate on time. some need mental health counselling after experiencing gang violence or sex trafficking in central america. the federal government is spending close to $1 billion on these kids but just 14 million has gone to schools. >> most of that money went to the border and really trying to manage this from a migration point of view and not thinking that all these kids are going into local school districts, are going to be here for a good while. >> reporter: officials at the hempstead school district in new york say they are overwhelmed by 1500 new students many of them undocumented forcing them to spend $6 million in emergency
3:25 pm
funds. >> we need more space we need more teachers we need more social workers, we need more staff. i would plead with the federal government and state department of education to come up with a cohesive plan with the school districts so we could work together so we can do what's right for the students. >> reporter: a quarter of the unaccompanied children living in just five counties. in houston, los angeles, miami and new york. at miami jackson high school in florida, they are finding a way, teaching 150 unaccompanied minors 38 of whom have graduated over the last two years. >> they're coming to a place where teachers know how to work with our students. most of our population the demographics here have changed a lot. and most of our students are at one point were an esl student. >> reporter: the department of education does not know how many unaccompanied children are in our schools, but they reiterate that by law, every child is entitled to an education. chris? >> brian, thank you.
3:26 pm
former "nbc nightly news" anchor brian williams says he let his ego get the better of him. the network announced yesterday williams has been demoted to cable station msnbc for telling tall tales about his news-gathering experiences. today he tried to explain why. >> i said things that were wrong. i told stories that were wrong. it wasn't from a place where i was trying to use my job and title to mislead. looking back it had to have been ego that made me think i had to be sharper, funnier, quicker, than anybody else. put myself closer to the action. >> williams is scheduled to begin his cable duties later this summer. no grapevine tonight. when we come back chris christie is apparently just about made up his mind.
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3:31 pm
freedom now is under attack in ways that we've never seen before. we need to make sure that we protect the right not just of having religious views but the right of acting on those views. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie said to him being pro-life extends beyond abortion politics. >> it becomes much harder to be pro-life when they're drug addicted on the floor of a jail cell. that is a gift from god as well. we need to save lives in this country, not dispose of them. because every one of those lives is a gift from god and deserves a chance at redemption. >> reporter: bearing witness to how faith changed his life neurosurgeon ben carson recounted trying in his teens to stab an adversary in the abdomen. >> i was trying to kill somebody over nothing. and i locked myself in the bathroom and i started contemplateing my life. i fell on my knees and i just said lord unless you help me i'm not going to make it. >> reporter: former pennsylvania senator rick santorum who ran in 2012 and won 11 states and new
3:32 pm
york governor george pitaki took part in the forum today. ohio governor john casick says he'll bring nationally the same inclusive politics thats have worked in the nation's bellwether swing state. >> we've done it in ohio. it's a big state. it's an important state. i'm here to tell you it can be done in america. whatever you should desire don't fracture don't divide. give hope. unify. lift everyone. >> reporter: louisiana governor bobby jindal noted there is more at stake than a religious right to oppose abortion and gay marriage. >> this fight is about religious liberty. this fight is about whether we really do have first amendment rights. whether without religious liberty rights there is no real freedom of speech or freedom of association. >> reporter: the conference wraps up tomorrow night and the saturday night headliner will be wisconsin governor scott walker who in most polls of the most conservative voters routinely lands in the top tier. chris? >> carl thank you.
3:33 pm
governor christie told the audience today laws cannot stop the outbreak of gun violence in this country in a reference to the south carolina shootings. tonight senior national correspondent john roberts reports it appears christie has made up his mind about what role he wants to play in the nation's future. >> reporter: if there was any lingering doubt whether chris christie will run for president, it was all but erased in a family meeting two weeks ago. >> we all sat around and talked. they all encouraged me that if was something that i really want to do that they're with me. >> reporter: months of uncertainty and the bridgegate scandal have seen christie drop from frontrunner to tenth in iowa sixth in new hampshire and ninth in south carolina. his strategy for rince voters that through events like hurricane sandy he has what it takes to be president. >> when you're the guy sitting at that table hearing all that bad news and everybody stops talking and looks at you and you've got to decide how do we recover? there's no book that can teach you that. you certainly don't learn that
3:34 pm
in some senate subcommittee marking up a bill. >> reporter: christie's criticism of senators in the race doesn't stop there. he childed ted cruz for requesting flood relief in texas after voting against it in new york and new jersey. and he ripped rand paul for his opposition to the patriot act. >> what senator paul led in the senate was an effort that has made america weaker and more vulnerable for political gain. that was it. and he's wrong on the issue. he doesn't know what he's talking about on the issue. >> reporter: certainly christie has his share of detractors among them republicans still upset over how he embraced the president in the closing days of the 2012 election. but after this town hall in hampton, new hampshire, he'd won over at least some of them. >> i was so angry with him after the last election with hurricane sandy i kind of thought he helped the republicans lose the election. however, he redeemed himself completely. >> reporter: christie raised eyebrows among many conservatives recently when he declared climate change is real. he just doesn't know how much is man made. and though he's a devout
3:35 pm
catholic, he's not willing to sign onto the pope's new declaration that reckless human behavior has pushed the planet to the breaking point. >> the pope has a right to his opinion just like everybody else does based on the science. but as a catholic i take teachings from the pope about religion not other issues. >> reporter: the voters i talked to here all said they were impressed with chris christie though no one was willing to commit to him just yet. there's a long time between now and the february primary, they told me. and with so many candidates in the race they've got a lot of shopping around to do. chris? >> john thanks. the surge in terror. we'll look at some frightening numbers about just how dangerous the world has become. the panel joins me after the break. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing:
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3:39 pm
large. it's not something we can do by ourselves. >> james rosen questioning the state department's counterterrorism coordinator on a big spike in attacks last year. let's bring in our panel. tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend. kiersten powers columnist for "usa today." and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. well the state department's latest numbers on terrorism around the world last year are chilling. let's put them up on the screen. there were 13 500 terror attacks globally. that's up 35%. and 33,000 people were killed in those attacks. that's up 81%. tucker the biggest increases were in afghanistan and iraq and nigeria. >> right. what do those countries have in common? weak or collapsing central governments. that's the lesson here. there are a lot of evil countries around the world. and not all of them are tonightfonts with terror. the countries with weak central governments are.
3:40 pm
strong men though we might find them reprehensible or repugnant in that region are the best hedge seems to me against terror. this is one of the obvious lessons of iraq. yet this administration didn't learn it or they wouldn't be attempting to this day to destabilize leaders in that region or knock them off as they did gadhafi. >> kiersten your thoughts about that. >> another thing they have in common we invaded both of them. i think we helped destabilize countries. so let's not lay all the blame at the obama administration's feet. that said it's true that they have not handled fighting terrorism very well. i think view the fact that the president really ran on the fact that the terrorists were on the run has clearly been proven to not be true. that they're not on the run. they were already growing in power, leading up to the election. but i think this is a much more complex situation than to just sort of put it at obama's feet. >> while state relays the terror report it has another report about human rights abuses which was supposed to be released in february. that was delayed until april.
3:41 pm
now we are at almost the end of june and it still hasn't been released. let me pick up with you on that kiersten. are we being too cynical in wondering whether or not the obama administration is purposely delaying that because they don't want to antagonize iran with its human rights record in the midst of its negotiations over a nuclear deal? >> i don't think it's too cynical. it's possible that it's just being delayed as reports are often delayed. but it's also just as possible that they're doing that and it actually would be defensible to a certain extent if you're in the middle of negotiations and very close to getting a deal. we don't know what's going on. let's just say they're close to getting a deal june 30th deadline. they don't want to upset the government. that's not an unusual tactic to take. so i don't think it's actually going to come as a big shock to anybody that there were human rights abuses in iran. but there is a larger issue here which is to try to stop them from getting a bomb. >> charles. >> i don't think you have to be cynical. i think it's pretty obvious. it's not just the administration
3:42 pm
holding back what would be a very bad human rights report on iran. remember for example, it's holding a "washington post" reporter on completely trumped up charges, which are obviously a violation of human rights -- also a thumb in the eye to the united states. we've ignored it completely. even worse, that would be the most minor of all the concessions. the most important thing that happened ten days ago, john kerry said that woer abandoning our position on requiring iran to come clean on previous nuclear programs. the administration had assured us for 18 months that was a nonnegotiable position. because as every expert on nuclear weapons will tell you, if you don't have the baseline of the previous activity there is no way to know what they're doing in the future. there's no way to know where to go and what to look for. and kerry said this casually in a conversation ten days ago. and they apparently are sticking with this caving in.
3:43 pm
so i'm not at all surprised that i'm sounding as relatively trivial as a human rights report we are also delaying it on purpose because we don't want to upset the molas. >> do you think that's okay as part of a negotiation to delay that report or are you troubled by that? >> i'm troubled by the real stuff. the cave on the idea of getting their previous programs. the complete cave on the idea that we're not going to lift sanctions at the beginning. the complete cave on the idea that we're going to inspect everywhere at any time. all of these things have been given away in advance by an administration -- >> wait we don't know that. i mean seriously. we don't know that. the administration officials say that they're going to insist on inspections. >> oh, yes. and you believe that? >> i'm going to wait and see. >> you are way too undercynical i guarantee you. >> nobody's ever accused me of that. meanwhile i want to pick up tucker on laura ingles report about the fact that in recent months i think it's just the
3:44 pm
last six months, 40 u.s. citizens or legal noncitizens were arrested because of their involvement in terror. they'd apparently been radicalized over the internet by isis or other radical groups al qaeda, others. this is a big and growing problem, isn't it? home ground terror. >> it's absolutely real. the locus is midwest populations. i'm wondering why there is so little concern why is this happening. they're on the internet and quite sophisticated. why would their message find resonance with people who live in the united states? it's very odd. and it strikes me as one of those things that we ought to get to the bottom of. when the riots broke out in watts in 1965 there was a federal commission empanelled to figure out why did this happen? i'm not sure they reached the right conclusions but at least they tried. it might be worth pausing and asking that. >> do you have some thoughts as to why at least for some people
3:45 pm
this is an attractive message? >> this is like a trap into which i fall every time speculating on this. >> i'm genuinely asking. >> if you ignore the fundamentally religious, theological appeal of isis you're kind of missing the point. and the secular mind hardly endorsing it. the secular mind has a lot of struggle to the appeal of the tran transcend ens to people. they need meaning. that's a bigger problem. >> they also talk about they need a wife. >> there's that. >> there's that, too. stay tuned. the increasingly crowded gop field, a disgraced news man gets a second chance and of course winners and losers. the friday lightning round is next.
3:46 pm
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my belief is that religious freedom now is under attack in ways that we've never seen before. >> it becomes much harder to be pro-life when they're drug addicted on the floor of a jail cell. that is a gift from god as well. >> i fell on my knees and i just
3:50 pm
said lord unless you help me i'm not going to make it. >> just a few of the republican presidential candidates speaking at the faith and freedom forum today in washington. we're back the friday lightning round. a busy week in politics. jeb bush got into the race. so did donald trump. there were a couple of candidate forum. one of them right there the faith and freedom forum. charles, what was the biggest development and why? >> the biggest news, without a doubt was the bush launch jeb's launch. it was unexpectedly good, energetic and his strategy is an interesting one. he is he sort of well-known, so-called establishment considered not conservative enough. he is running as an outsider as the guy who is going to be coming into washington and reforming it, which is exactly the right strategy. and i think he got quite a good bump out of that. >> kirsten trump is already attacking quite openly some of his rivals from bush to walker to carly fiorina. how big a headache is he
3:51 pm
going to be for the g.o.p. this year? >> i think is he going to be a huge headache. there is no filter. he says whatever is on his mind. he turns it into a bit of a circus. the g.o.p. is doing a good job not that they have any control over it this time around it's a serious group of people and you weren't having this clown car overlay which i think he really brings to the race. >> tucker? >> totally. i mean, look, on the question of trump. he is filling the role that newt gingrich filled in the last cycle a guy who has his opinions. some of them are kind of interesting. some of them are right by the way. he can say exactly what he wants. i think it could potentially be a problem. i agree with charles 100%. jeb bush has positioned himself as an outsider. whether that's basically a plausible question or not is a question but it's the right place to be. >> brian williams got a job back at nbc.
3:52 pm
not his old job. today news anchor at msnbc. tried to explain his falsehoods. >> what happened is clearly part of my ego getting the better of me to. put myself in a better light to appear better than i was. >> that's the process here. >> tucker, what do you think of his explanation and of nbc's decision? >> he went to the confesser in chief matt lauer. i'm rooting for brian williams. is he a decent guy. uglyiest. feel bad for the o -- some people are going to be out of their jobs soon. >> kirsten what do you think of his explanation and, do you think he handled it in a way that he has kind of put an end to the story? how well did he he control the damage. >> first of all nbc controlled the damage.
3:53 pm
they punished him took him off the air. he has shown contrition. he has given an explanation and i think we are a forgiving country and people do feel like let's give him another chance. i think it's good for msnbc to have him there. i think, in the end, you know, it's probably a net plus. >> charles? >> i thought, you know, we don't want a pound of flesh. i don't believe in the death penalty, the real one or the vocational one. getting a chance. i'm rooting for him as well. >> okay. winners and losers of the week starting with tucker. >> it's obvious buy but i have got to say the president getting up there in the wake of this tragedy and using it for political gain was just contemptible, so he is the loser for sure. the winner is donald trump. why? because donald trump is always the winner, by definition. donald trump is a winner, okay? and also classy. so, he is always the winner. >> classy? >> very. extremely. >> irony alert. >> my heart is breaking.
3:54 pm
everyone is talking about donald trump. >> i don't think he meant it. >> i like donald trump actually. >> go ahead. >> my loser donald trump because. >> the classy donald trump is your loser. >> the classy donald trump is my loser. he already by his very -- the low bar that he normally rises to has managed to outdo himself with this ludicrous diabolical announcement. so i just -- i just think he was. >> i think the truth is somewhere between classy and diabolical. your winner quickly. >> my windsor the family members of the people who were slain in south carolina for coming out and really showing true christianity and saying that we forgive. >> you extraordinary scene. and talking directly in that tv screen to dylann roof, your winners and losers? >> my winner is the penguin who escaped the georgia zoo when the flood wiped out the enclosures and liberated all 600 animals. he was found in the.
3:55 pm
>> let's make it clear the liberated the animals. wasn't the penguin. >> no, no. he is a strong penguin but not that strong. he was found in the neighboring country having swum 50, 60 miles to freedom. sort of unbroken. >> maybe he walked it. >> no. penguins tend to swim when it's a distance. the co-winner is the zoo hippo who was found wandering through the streets. was tranquilized, brought back to the zoo and then went into what radio free europe has called, quote a depression. as you would as well if you were tranquilized and woke up in the hippo enclosure in the zoo. he is recovering and is eating again. that's the good news. >> i'm for one am relieved. we don't have time for the loser. frankly who cares after those winners. stay tuned to seat strange gifts a few young people gave their dads for father's
3:56 pm
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finally tonight father's day is this sunday i hope everyone, especially my kids will remember to call your dad. our friends at late night had their own celebration this week, per situating people to tell their fathers one thing they had never told them before. >> well, when they used to take my cell phone away when i would get in trouble, i was younger i actually bought a track phone that i secretly had. i had a phone but they never knew about it. >> i never knew about it. >> >> i got a tattoo about a year ago. [ laughter ] [gasp] >> when we had had a dog i fed him like five popsicles in a day. >> why? >> he liked it. >> you fed the dog popsicles? i guess that's why the dog is not with us anymore. >> that's why the dog isn't with us anymore. that's "special report" for
4:00 pm
tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. join us this weekend for "fox news sunday." we'll have the latest on the charleston shooting and sit down with former governor rick perry and cardinal donald westerville. "on the record" with greta van susteren is next. two vicious and very dangerous men killers including a cop killer on the loose. >> a massive manhunt is on the way. >> they managed to make cuts on the steam pipe they crawled through. >> this could have been years in the making. >> we are here just a block away from the prison. this is the manhole cover where david sweat and richard matt escaped. >> the woman accused of helping two killers escape conspired with the murderers to kill her own husband. >> she brought contraband in this facility. >> they have nothing to lose. >> the allegations are that she had intimate sexual relationship with either sweated or the other person matt. >> she was afraid for her life. she was afraid for her husband's life. >> i


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