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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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n southern california, 66 athletes breaking a world record for the most people riding a surf board at once. the surf board measured 42 feet long. >> kind of a big sur of board. >> and a perfect landing. hello kitty branded airplane landing in houston for the first time, twartd of a taiwanese carrier carrier's route direct launch. and time for "real story" and jamesy in for gretchen. >> the prisoners, convicted murders, now being questioned. a former executive chef at the white house turns up dead. how his body was discovered and what investigators are learning this hour. and taylor swift calling out apple for their failure to pay musicians and the tech giant they changed course. i'm jamie colby in for gretchen. "the real story" starts right now. the manhunt for two convicted murderers takes
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another term. search remembers swarming a wooded area outside a prison where the two escaped over two weeks ago. hard to believe that much time has passed. efforts to find the men have gone far and wide across new york, from the area around the prison, near the canadianown to the pennsylvania border where there were reports of possible sightings, but investigators have come up empty so far. so now the search is heading back upstate to the hamlet of owls head where officials say they have got a new lead. >> we have developed evidence that the suspects may have spent time in a cabin in this area. we have law enforcement officers from around the state and around the nation here today searching for more evidence. >> clearly everyone remains on edge. rick levanthal live in owls head. rick, what is the latest? >> reporter: a heightened sense of emergency and heavy police presence in franklin count we authorities getting their first break in this case since matt
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and sweat broke out of the maximum security correctional facility. local law enforcement and state police troopers here with roadblocks set up in owls head mountainview, vehicles and trunks are being inspected and teams of heavily armed police are going door-to-door and searching the words along with canine and aviation units after a tip led to conclusive evidence that both escaped killers may have spent time in a cabin. police found boots, bloody socks and even prison-issued underwear and made a dna match to both men, this after a local man armed with a handgun went to check on a hunting camp and saw a jug of water and peanut butter inside and yelled who was in there to run out and someone ran out of the back door. police won't confirm the specifics of the details but did find clifs evidence and made a conclusive determination. jamie it is clear from the scenes that we're seeing here that they believe that they are
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closing in on these suspects. >> everyone there hopes so and in every community they have been in there and the search has picked up and waned people are hiding in their homes. what are they being told where you are to do today. >> well they are being told to go on the lookout and don't go anywhere near the men if they see them and certainly call 911. folks on edge and they are vows. we spoke to a woman would said she wouldn't go home until her fiancee got there because she heard these men might be on loose in her neighborhood, and we saw a man earlier this morning walking down the road in full camouflage carrying a shotgun patrolling his own property. >> trying to protect myself my wife and my property. >> what are you care schnegg. >> i'm carrying a 12 gauge shotgun shotgun. >> and if you see them, what are you going to do? >> i'll give them a chance to give up and i'll start shooting. >> reporter: well, if he does shoot him he stands to make $150,000, a $100,000 reward for
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both state and $50,000 more from the u.s. marshal service. >> let's hope it's the professionals who do detain them and not somebody who might get hurt. thanks so much rick levanthal. appreciate it. all weekend long and today as well days of remembrance, mourning all ahead in charleston. that community is beginning a long road towards healing. mourners are leaving flowers at makeshift memorials and holding prayer vigils arranging funerals, too, for the nine victims who were murdered inside their historic church during what was a bible study class. mike tobin live in charleston for us. mike, it's still so hard to imagine what this community is going through. the community there pushing back on the gunmen's efforts to divide them though. they are strong. >> reporter: it is really remarkable to see all these examples of unity, of coalescense,les people streaming by the church right now. they continue to do it. lay flowers, stop pray and pay
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respects and a real dramatic example came at dusk when people went out to one of the historic bridges out here. the organizers had hoped they would join hands and form a unity chain across the bridge but by the appearances of it simply too many people showed up to form a single file line or single file human bridge human line across that particular bridge, and that followed this dramatic day in which the doors to the mother emanuel church once again old. it was packed to capacity. the interim pastor gave a message of forgiveness and if people expected riots they don't know charleston. >> some strange and demented twisted racist bigot terrorist who decided to do this senseless act, and he wanted to trigger i believe riots in the street screaming and marching against everything. that's not going to happen because of the people of faith and the good people of
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charleston and the state of south carolina. >> reporter: and now sad lit attention will turn to a long line. nine viewing funerals and burials. first will be on wednesday, a viewing for state senator clemente pinckney who will be viewed in the rotunda of the state capitol. jamie? >> even hearing presidential candidates talk about the confederate flag and controversy over there being flown there and the community must be speaking about it as well mike. what are you hearing? >> reporter: quite a bit, and the governor's of course now the official channels at the governor's office say an announcement is coming from governor nikki haley as wire reports are citing leaks that the announcement will be removal of the flag from the state capitol. many calls for removal since the masz ker here. a press conference to that effect earlier today in north charleston. >> for them to tell you that the flag does not represent hatred
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oppression, discrimination means that either they are flatly lying or sorely misinformed. >> reporter: the interim minister at the mother emanuel church here is one of the voices that says now is the time to pay respect for the lives lost. debate about the flag can come later. >> jamie? >> mike tobin, thank you starting with a fox news alert and we're awaiting the announcement from the south carolina governor nicki heal who said she would hold a news conference. during the civil rights movement in the 1960s the flag was flown above the capitol while democrat fritz holings was governor. in the late '90s there was a bipartisan compromise to move it to a confederate memorial on the grounds know, a but removing the flag is a matter of state law. now the presidential candidates as i mentioned, are weighing in on that issue.
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many 2016ers speaking out about it saying in florida we acted to move the flag from the state grounds to a museum where it belonged, he said. following a period of mourning there will rightly be a discussion among leaders in the state about how south carolina should move forward, and i'm confident they will do the right thing. potential candidate scott walker declaring as well -- declared candidate rick santorum not being quite as direct. listen. >> do you think the flag is a symbol of racism? >> you know like i said in deference to the debate about that, a number of people have asked us to wait until the families have had a chance to bury the dead and -- >> who have asked you to wait? >> i spoke to governor haley and others about that. >> did she ask you to wait? >> we think that's a respectful decision. >> i don't think the federal government or federal candidates should be making decisions on everything and owe pink on everything. let the people of south carolina go through the process of making this decision. >> democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton yet to weigh in on the flag controversy instead calling for an increase in gun control. dr. russell moore, president. religious liberty mission and southern baptists joining me now. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> i'm sure you have an opinion? >> it gives me conflicted emotions every time i look at it because it's the flag of my home state and yet at the same time the battle flag has -- has represented division and hatred in many people's minds for a long time and so i think the confederate battle flag is communicating to african-american citizens a sense of distance and even hostility to them and i think it's time for us to listen to them. >> so you feel that it's a dividing norse, but i would like to ask you why then it has
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remained. >> reporter: you're annate sift. ethically why has it remained in your state and in this state? how come? >> because people want to honor their heritage and remember the past and that's a commendable influence but i think we can do that in ways that symbols have been used especially in our all too recent history when people were during down church buildings and burning crosses on the law of people who were preaching -- i was in arleston this weekend on sunday morning. i saw people black and white and latino who love each other and i think south carolina will teach the rest of the nation about who it means for unity. >> your decision then if you
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were making it take it down? >> i would move the flag and i would put it in a museum where it belong and i think that's what governor haley will do. she's a good leader. she's shown strong leadership through this crisis. i think that's what she will do. >> dr. russell me, nice to meet you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well this is a bizarre story. the body of a former white house chef discovered in new mexico after he went missing for more than a week. what officials are saying about his death. plus, economist jonathan gruber back in the spot light after those controversial comments he made about obamacare and taking advantage of american voters. the plows played down his role in creating the president's signature law, but there are some new details and they paint a different picture. >> lack of transparency is a huge political error and basically, called it the stupidity of the american voter offer what, but basically that was really critical in getting
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remember the guy who landed a gyro copter on the lawn of the u.s. capital? well, he says he's rejecting a plea offer. on april 15 he flew a contraption carrying letters to members of congress into restricted airspace and he says it was to call attention to the influence of big money in politics. he's pleaded not guilty to six federal charges, including two felonies. this afternoon hughes is scheduled to appear in federal court for a status hearing. he says he was offered a deal that included significant jail time, so he's more likely to go to trial. there's your update on that. new details coming to light about the controversial obamacare advisor heard on tape talking about the, quote, stupidity of the american voter. the obama administration argued that m.i.t. professor jonathan gruber played only a limited role in crafting the health care law but new e-mails, ah yes,
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they always come to light, provided to "the wall street journal," they indicate otherwise. joining us now from our sister network fox business network blake berman is joining us now. my other net borque too. having a great time over there. welcome >> it is indeed. fun over here. hi jamie. >> nice to have you. it appears jonathan gruber was held in higher regard than the administration would previously acknowledge? >> yeah. that's exactly right, james. one advise err to the white house and health and human services not only called jonathan gruber an integral part of the affordable care act and also, quote, our hero. that's according to "the wall street journal" which reports it's reviewed roughly 20,000 pages of e-mails between gruber the white house and hhs. gruber, of course is the m.i.t. economist who worked on the affordable care act and was caught on tape in 2013 mocking, quote, the stupidity of the american voter. after those comments president obama tried to separated himself from gruber. however, "the journal" reports at times there wasn't much
11:17 am
difference between gruber and the administration at all. the frequent communication between gruber and administration officials they say shows gruber had a bigger role in creating obamacare than previously known. jarm? >> well so what does the administration have to say about it? >> the white house press secretary josh earnest was asked this just a little while ago, and here was nothing surprising about the report. he also questioned the motive of republicans for, as he said leaking the story now. >> i don't think there's anything that is revealed by these e-mails that is at all surprising to anybody who works here. again, maybe some republicans in congress that think that releasing the e-mails gives them some kind of political advantage of one sort or another, but i'm not really sure what that is. >> hhs also released a statement to us in which they said gruber is a widely respected economist and questioned the timing as well. they called it old news. jamie? >> thanks so much for update. how about this story.
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he was a former executive chef at the white house, and he turns up dead after being missing for days. how his body was discovered. going to tell you that story coming up. plus have you seen se of this crazy weather? it's happening in much of the country. high winds grounding hundreds of flights today. where this massive storm system is headed next. and think you're having a bad monday at work. check out this guy quilt literally stuck in the mud. how did he end up there?
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welcome back everybody.
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new video capturing a fire crew rescuing a man who sadly got himself stuck in waist-deep mud in new jersey. he's a utill worker. he apparently walked into an air pocket in the mud while surveying a project that was going to upgrade transmission lines. the rescue team had to use their hands and eventually they got a shovel to move the mud away interest his legs and then they placed plywood and a ladder in the ground to make sure it was stable. why do i tell you this? because you never know when you're going to get stucked in mud. the worker has been driven to a hospital there, he goes. he's okay and is being examined. this is a tragic update. in the case of a missing former white house chef. after his body was discovered close to a hiking trail but not quite on it in new mexico. our trace gallagher live with more on that. trace, is this about more than just a hiking trip do you think? what do we know at this point? >> we know, jamie, no sins of foul play but still investigating.
11:23 am
the body of the 61-year-old was found in a river 30 to 40 feet off the hiking trail. he went hiking on june 13th, and authority say around 3:00 that afternoon his cell phone did get to a cell tower which means he either hate it to the top of lobo peak or got very very close. the frame climbs up to 3,700 feet. no word yet on the cause of death but sometime during the descent he got into trouble and the weather service says right about the time he was near the summit the area got pounded by severe thunderstorms, and it also looks like the former white house chef was only planning on taking a day hike. listen >> he had at best a very light jacket and hiking shoes, more like running shoes for the wilderness, as opposed to real hiking boots. >> and he didn't tell anyone he was going. his girlfriend report him missing the next day, and his
11:24 am
body was found about a mile and a half from where his car was packed. walter scheib became the executive whoutd chef in 19949 and continued until 2005 cooking for two first families dozens of world leaders. he was known for refocusing the kitchen to serve distinctly american cuisine and also appeared on the show "iron chef" and on this show called "the moment." listen to him. >> when you're the white house chef you real rerepresenting your country and if you're ignorant to other country's cultures and norms you really are not going to get job, period. >> reporter: he also wrote about a book about his time in the white house saying his goal was to give the first family an aland of normal in a very very crazy world. by the way, the former first lady laura bush extends her condolences. some 2016ers are talking gun control now over weekend in
11:25 am
light of the south carolina tragedy but is their conversation striking the right tone? our political panel here for a fair and balanced trouble. more e-mail trouble for hillary clinton. select committee on benghazi today releasing even more messages sent to and from former secretary of state and her devices. what's in them? you got to stick around. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in
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former baseball player darryl hamilton found dead outside a home in houston. he was fatally shot in a murder-suicide. that's what they suspect. the bodies of hamilton and girlfriend monica jordan were found yesterday at a home. officers were sent to a home after an emergency home came in about a disturbance. investigators say it appeared hamilton had been shot more than once and that jordan died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the 13-month-old son was there found unharmed. hamilton was the drafter -- he was drafted in the '80s by the brewers. i remember that. he played 13 seasons as an outfielder with several teams before becoming a major league baseball network analyst. well quick check of your headlines right now. the fbi is saying that a 19-year-old north carolina man is under arrest accused of trying to provide material support to isis.
11:30 am
in addition to planning also a mass shooting against u.s. citizens. there's major taliban attack to tell you about in the afghan parliament. it happened in kabul. a car bomb exploded right at the building's entrance and it wounded dozens of civilians that were there. seven gunmen then tried to storm the parliament but security forces held them off and eventually called them and took them out in a fire fight. fire fighters in california are still work fog contain a wildfire that is 45 miles south of carson city nevada. it's grown to about 8,000 acres and crews say it's high winds and severe drought conditions that have made it so difficult to fight. it's spreading quickly. there's already some severe weather slamming texas, and you have to wonder how much more there might be. dallas and the surrounding areas are getting hit really hard with
11:31 am
heavy rain. floodwaters damaging homes and prompting highway closures. meteorologist janice dean following all of it. i'm going to say you're in the fox extreme weather center and i know, j.d. you're out there and i'm listening to your weathercast more than ever. >> i'm glad. thankfully you're in the safe confines of the studio here. folks across the midwest though be on aileen especially overnight tonight where we could have a line of thunderstorms that could produce straight line damaging winds. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for a good portion of michigan here until 9:00 p.m. eastern time as this first batch of storms move through, but we have the potential for more on the way, especially later this afternoon and overnight tonight. severe thunderstorm warning for eastern iowa so let's track this radar over the next several hours. chicago as we head through the next several hours, watching the potential for large hail damaging winds and tornadoes across this region.
11:32 am
the great lakes, upper midwest as well as portions of the owe hoe river valley and tonight. that orange shaded area i'm concerned with as well. this is the tornado threat. we call this a hatched area with 10% or greater probability of ef-3 or ef5 tornadoes within 25 miles of a point. jamie we're all concerned and this will all move across the northeast affecting millions of people tomorrow. we'll be on it. back to you. >> folks should do what i'm doing. i'm watching from the road. thanks for your help. >> all right. in the wake of last week's massacre of nine parishters in charleston, south carolina some of the presidential candidates are use the tragedy to renew the debate over gun control. here's democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> the stakes are too high. the costs are too dear and i am not and will not be afraid to keep fighting for common sense reform, and along with you achieve those on behalf of all
11:33 am
who have been lost because of this senless gun violence in our country. >> reporter: meantime another democratic presidential candidate saying congress has fallen under the sway of white racism saying quote, if the thousands of young men killed by gun violence were young, poor and white rather than young, poor and black it is hard to imagine that our congress would continue to block what he calls common sense measures to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. how many acts of violence do we have to endure as a people before we stand up to the congressional lobbyists of the national rifle association? how many more americans have to die? doug schoeen is a former advise err to president clinton and mers mercedes sclapp folmer spokesperson for governor george
11:34 am
w. bush. doug, is it an appropriate forum for a presidential candidate to talk about it now? >> well look, the bulk of the funerals are going to be this week, but it is such an important issue, and i am an advocate of gun control and think it's an important and reasonable issue. i would say what hillary clinton said to me was exactly right. i think introducing racism as martin o'malley did is going too far, but i think that as a society this is an issue we need -- >> why? why do you think? >> because this is not an issue about race. this is an issue about the role that guns play in our society. i believe that getting things like assault weapons and unregistered unlicensed miss tolls out of the hands with those with severe emotional problems is something that's right, reasonable and responsible. that's not a racial issue, jamie. that's just as i put, it common sense. >> mercedes? >> but the shooter clearly in his -- you look at his facebook page clearly stated that he was
11:35 am
basically wanting to start a civil war. this was a killing based on hatred and racism. that's why he chose a historically black church to go in there. >> i was talkinged about the issue, not the shooter. >> but -- >> when you look at shooter, would tougher regulations have made a difference? >> no absolutely no. you look at what the liberals have proposeded from private transfer loopholes to even on the background cases, i mean it didn't stop him. a criminal is going to go into a gun-free zone that he can kill people that are defenseless and have no way of self-protection and that's what criminals do. you see it in the case of virginia tech. you saw it in the case at new town. with the gun control measures that's not necessarily going to stop a see it in france that has strict gun laws stricter than the u.s. and the terrorists came in and killed 12 citizens. >> doug let me ask you this. it seems to me the more violence we see from people who get guns
11:36 am
that shouldn't that people will want to arm more not support gun regulation. at some point and are we at that tipping point now where america is going to think more and more about protecting themselves however they have to? >> i have no problem with lawful and legal ownership within the context and confines of state and federal law and the second amendment. when we're talking about is doing things precisely like mercedes alluded to clothing the gun show -- closing the gun show register. it will help save lives. >> i have to leave it there. our discussion can be had on any day at any time separate and apart from any tragedy. i hope we continue to at least discuss it. >> i hope we do, too. >> thank you, jamie. >> thank you, both. new developments in the search for answers on benghazi.
11:37 am
the select committee on benghazi, they are continuing to take a look at this, and you know what they have done? they have released more e-mails that were sent to and from former secretary of state hillary clinton. chairman trey gowdy saying the e-mails were uncovered following the deposition of clinton ally sidney blumenthal. ed henry is live with that story. ed this is not going away, and now there's a lot more information. the new questions about when sidney blumenthal was doing behind the scenes for hillary clinton. >> reporter: that's right, jamie. democrats on the commit reseiing what they want is they want a transcript of sidney blumenthal's deposition to this benghazi committee to be released because they think it will vindicate blumenthal and secretary of state clinton but they are, the republicans, putting out e-mails shedding more light on what was going on between blumenthal and clinton. let's look at the e-mails. one sidney blumenthal writing, hi got all this done.
11:38 am
complete refutation on libya smear. felipe can circulate these links. sid. interesting because they were pushing back on political attacks from the state department, political attacks against hillary clinton and when gadhafi himself is finally removed you should of course make a public statement before the cameras wherever you are, even in the driveway of your vacation house. the most important phrase is successful strategy so he's advising her even though he was not the -- the obama administration had banned her from working from the state department, advising her from the outside and clinton responding greetings from kabul and thanks for keeping this stuff coming. what's coming about that last one is hillary clinton publicly said she didn't solicit any of this advice any of these e-mails from sidney blumenthal but you can see right there keeping them coming. >> is she ramping up her solicitation of fund raiseing? >> big time. fox has obtained a list of hillary clinton's fund-raising. between today and fourth of july
11:39 am
weekend she's got nearly 30 fundration events. why does she need to do that? number one, all candidates both side trying to raise big money by the june 30th deadline and secondly bernie sanders keeps surging. over the weekend 5,500 people at a rally in denverch the energy from the left is for bernie sanders. she needs to get out there and raise money and pick up some of the energy and wednesday right there in new york city. raising money. lady gaga and tony bennett having a concert for hillary clinton this wednesday night. big money, big show. >> no kidding. you're the big show ed. great to see you. >> good to see you. the investigators are continuing to comb a wooded area. now they are still searching for two escaped prisoners, convicted murderers. they have new evidence though found in a cabin near the prison. plus a never before seen photo emerges of a very famous artist. the legendary painter smoking that pipe.
11:40 am
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hello. i'm gregg jarrett. investigators say they have their first confirmed lead in the search for those escaped killers. reportedly a pair of underwear. now as police in upstayed new york say the convicts got help from a prison worker there is word that other prison staffers may have accidentally aided in the escape. accordinged to the "new york times" guards didn't make sure inmates were inside their beds an cells during bed checks, and on the night of the escape the guard towers guess what empty. we're going to have more on the manhunt and the holes in security coming up on "shepard smith reporting." jaky, bam to you. >> and we look forward to seeing you, gregg. thanks. i want to give you more on our top story right now. law enforcement officials are combing a new wooded area of northern new york state. it happens to be jstd 20 miles from the maximum security prison where richard matt and david
11:44 am
sweat excape more than two weeks ago. state police have discovered new evidence that ties those convicted murderers to a cabin nearby. lis wiehl is a fox news legal analyst and have invited her to talk about this case. >> great to be here. >> another update is that there's another prison worker who is involved maybe up to four prison workers involved. just think about this for a minute, jamie. how did they do and plan it out and all that? one of the things they did is put rumpled up clothes in the beds so the guards didn't see that they were there. come on. watching the movies back in grade school so it's incredible to me it a this happened but the qualifications for new york correctional officers are really minimal really low. >> that's why i asked you here. it occurred to me today that you have to wait until something happens before they review what workers are doing. maximum security. >> exactly, exactly, murderers. >> what does it take to get a
11:45 am
job? >> you have to have a high school diploma, no felony but a misdemeanor would probably be okay, a misdemeanor violation, you actually went to prison and were inside the prison that now you're guarding. that was incredible to me. you do have to pass a background check once. >> they don't go back from time to time. >> no. you do have to pass a physical exam. they do do the physical exam more than once but don't have to pass a psychological test more than once. what if something happens in the 20 years you're there as a correctional officer that makes you unfit? you're not challenged on that. >> here's what i was thinking and went back and read the requirements as well. it says may be dismissed, may be dismissed if the background check doesn't work. >> right. >> not a will. the only will be dismiss federal a felony conviction comes forward and you didn't tell them about the felony conviction. these are stayed jobs lots of benefits y.doesn't new york change the law this this case? >> why doesn't everybody. >> a wake-up call.
11:46 am
when i looked at these two i think i was as shocked as you are and know that qualifications are minimal for such an important job. >> what would be the punishment let's say? they are on administrative leave at this point. >> for right new. >> while the investigation continues. mitchell so far is facing one felony charge and misdemeanor charge. they are having the come-to-jesus moment. how did they get the cell phones, who were they talking with and who could be out there helping? is she's lawyered up. at this point will they get much more information out here? >> probably not unless the prosecutors say we're coming up and we'll beef up those charges lady. you're not looking at one misdemeanor and felony. >> shackles will frighten you. >> that kind of squares you. >> lis wiehl, thanks so much. going to stay on that. let's talk about what
11:47 am
america is clicking on today. a squirrel who disrupted a philadelphia phillies game against the st. louis cardinals. i know what some people do with squirrels, but by scrambling up the net behind home plate that's what it did and took a flying felipe into the phillies' dugout. amazing. negotiations reportedly under way for what may be the only photo of vincent van gogh as an adult artist. experts say they are pretty sure he's the one that's seen here on the left. and billy horschel frustrated with how he was playing. slamming his putter into the greens. a lot of other ones so a soccer player tries to head the ball in for a goal. bet you can't guess what happens next. we've got the full video to show you. get ready to cringe. and apple in the news. they did an about-face after pop superstar taylor swift takes on the tech giant over royalties.
11:48 am
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one soccer player's attemzb# pain. check it out. in the match between two -- well with sporting kansas city and real salt lake you can see luke rams his head right into the goalpost. ouch. thankfully he is fine. >> and there will be none of that here. taylor swift though, did slam apple in an open letter, causing the tech giant to swiftly change its policy. the pop star explaining apple streaming service would not get her latest album writing, we
11:52 am
don't ask you for free iphones. don't ask to us provide you our work without compensation. spotify, a different streaming service, released data on how much artists make in july 2013 they said indy artists made just over 300 compared to massive global hits that can bring in more than 425,000 in a month. they estimate big albums like that could potentially earn two million dollars from streaming. those are the kind of numbers charles payne deals in every single day. >> the operative work there -- word i potentially. the taylor swift took her album off spotify. jay-z started title in part because all these artists feel like they're not getting paid, they're getting ripped off, and someone has to down load your album a gay sillon times.
11:53 am
these artists are getting the shaft and it's good taylor swift has stood up for them. >> what blows my mind as lawyer who used to file briefs on these things in the entertainment industry, she goes on her tumblr page and gets it done. >> she does. she has a hoe profile thing with spotify. spotify didn't change practices. millions of millions of people use their products around the world, and so they've gone their situate -- separate ways. something interesting going on in corp practice america. the mea culpa management style. different than a couple years ago. remember when lemon had the problem with her yoga pants the guy said that's because yours thighs are too big.ut turning off your potential customer, it's gone. >> they let got too long with lemon. yoga pants. >> they blamed the consumer. we saw this a couple weeks ago. green mountain said we blew it.
11:54 am
netflix, they said we blew it. more recently, companies like mcdonald's saying we're not listening tower# mia cull. a you're right we're wrong. taylor swift has a lot of juice but a lot of companies are come around to that way of thinking. >> good move? >> amazing. >> does it cost them less money? >> dithey pay the people, getmer street cede with their lynners and artists. apple wants to be the cool company ahead of the game. they're come tolling this lat but did the right thing. >> i adopt want to come to this late, guff me my monday clip. >> expedia. also some of the other companies they own travel velocity and almost any --, anything with an annoying mascot or spokesperson they own it. the boom around the world is
11:55 am
phenomenal. the stock is a little volatile but a you can make 20% between now and the end of the year. >> that beats the s&p. >> thank you charles. had to see him. only here for a little while. ion on the road now doing "string inhair taps" airing monday through in friday on the foxes news. >> i run down and start brushing away the dirt in the stand from where i was digging and i see an arm and a leg below the arm and -- woo-hoo! but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps.
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11:59 am
family ranch and along with that came few pretty exciting surprises. i knew i had a claw. so i run down and start brushing away the dirt and the sand from where i was digging with the machine, and i start to see an arm, and i start to see a leg below the arm and woo-hoo! son of a gun there's another dinosaur in here. >> it's one of the greatest dine sore discoveries our our lifetime. "straining inheritance" monday through friday on fox business network. i'm shooting season two and many of the episodes come from you. just e-mail me@jamie sat straining and you can follow my antics and my experiences on social media instagram, facebook, twitter and at the fox web site as well. i'd love to stay in touch. from the past to the future as we lon hover bikes are about to become a reality.
12:00 pm
featuring overlapping rotor to blades. researchers said could be an;/e alternative to the helicopter. wow. it's been great to seeee $u you today. greg jarrett up next in for shep. take care. >> tracking the escaped murderers. could a pair of prison underwear of all things help investigators find the suspects?l##b we'll look at the clues searchers found inside a cabin. in the city of charleston, thousands coming together in a show of unity days after a killer opened fire inside a church. the marchers meeting hatred and intolerance with love and unity. developing news about the future of the confederate flag at the state capitol. >> president obama's controversial comment about racism in america. >> she is just 25 years old but this singer, taylor swift took on apple and won. all of that distraught ahead.


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