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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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suspended service between philadelphia and d.c. as you look like at the capitol and the white house. it's nasty out there. we will keep you up to date, fair balanced and still unafraid. were this is a fox news alert. state police and federal agents may be closing in on those two killers on the loose right now intense search underway. road blocks going up as police helicopters and hundreds of officers converge on a site near mountain view, new york. but the fugitives two killers, one dismembered an elderly man and another a cop killer they are still on the run. one thing is certain they are extremely dangerous. now, local media saying the killers were spotted last night close to where the police are were swag right now. plus, the husband of joyce mitchell the prison worker accused of helping the fugitives escape is now telling his story. his stunning comments just minutes away. first we go to fox news rick leventhal in owls head new
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york rick? >> greta we saw a rapid response this afternoon like we haven't seen before with waves of officers and fast moving care caravans racing to a scene. 100 officers converging oan area after another reported sighting of those two escaped killers david sweat and richard matt who have been on the run now for 18 days. we made it to the edge of the search perimeter before the state police pushed us back. tactical vehicles, troopers warmed shotguns. two helicopters hovering overhead. the search lasted for close to an hour. it was sparked by someone who thought he saw something in the woods but it didn't pan out. just another of the more than 2,000 leads that didn't pan out. of course there was one lead that has proven legit. that was on saturday when a man went to check on hunting cab binel. saw a jar of peanut butter and jar of honey inside. police went to cabin found
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bloody sox prison issued underwear and fingerprints. we have confirmed with multiple sources that there was a d.n.a. match to the escaped killer. police know they were within a couple miles of here on saturday and they have been aggressively searching this part of franklin county to try to flush them out. but a tip last night that the pair might have been up on titus mountain didn't pan out. today a tip they might have been close by didn't pan out. they have keep searching down and hunting down these leads and so far the men are still on the loose. >> one thing i don't understand mixed reports on it one person seen running away from the cabin on saturday. was d.n.a. found for both of them in the cabin because it seems odd that only one was seen running away unless the other one left earlier, they split up or something. d.n.a. from both of them in the cabin or just one of them. >> our understanding is that evidence found in that cabin was linked to both of the escaped convicts. the state police as far as
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we know as saturday believe the men were still together. >> all right. we will wait to see that all right. so today they had this massive search and that didn't turn up anything. where do we go from the search on saturday? how far away is that search from where you are? >> it's all within a few miles of each location is within a few miles of the next. and their location on titus mountain only about three miles from here. the location in mountain view where we raced to today also two to three miles from here. if you talk to law enforcement officials off camera they will tell you they still believe these men are likely i still in this area so many officers positioned at so many strategic positions on here keeping an eye on this place they don't think these guys can slip through that dragnet. >> are they absolutely certain that the man running away from the cabin was one of the two. it seems to make the most sense that it might be. also possible the two were in a cabin a week ago and somebody else was a squatter and took off. are they absolutely certain? did the person get a look at the man?
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>> no, he did not. he couldn't say whether the man was running from the cabin was in fact one of the two escaped convicts. we know based upon police statements and sources that the evidence they found inside that cabin was directly linked to both of the men. >> but we just don't know when it was linked. they is been missing since june 6th. seems most realistic you would think this was the man or about that time, it is also possible that this could be two week old d.n.a. sitting there right? >> well, the word that we got from state police was that they believe that these men were in that cabin on saturday. that's what we were led to believe. so that's why everyone converged on this part of franklin county because they believe this was the first legitimate lead that they have had that these men were here as recently as this weekend and that's why they focused all their resources on this area. >> well, with all do respect to the police and they have got a big job and very difficult. they also told us within days of june 6th that they thought they were close to getting the person. i know that their hearts and souls are in this and they
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are working really hard but sometimes the facts can be sort of a little bit -- maybe something else. anyway rick, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> but are police really closing in on the killers? "on the record" griff jenkins is in the middle of it all. evidence spoke with fronczak fredericks who owns 88 acres who police spent the day inspecting. >> they are searching quite heavily on this hill road aalong salmon river. >> did the trooper tell you why they were searching so heavily along that road? >> they had i guess picked up the scent of the people, the two coming across toward studly hill road. >> from the cabin? >> yes. >> "on the record's" griff jenkins joins us. griff? >> greta we have spent this very intense day of
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searching trying to get inside these perimeters. the search that just happened a few hours ago that rick spoke about we were inside with the local resident along mountain view lake. that happened right where that cabin is he we were along the water's edge as one of the residents mike quillen to us. it's the first time he seen three helicopters. we have seen hundreds of officers going. in helicopters flying very low over that mountain view hamlet in the area where they first got that d.n.a. on saturday. there was, of course, as we spoke to some of the other witnesses, the gentleman fronz frederick on mountain. they are concentrating a few miles away in mountain view. in fact, greta, you were asking rick about where they are. why they think they are here. law enforcement tells me that when they catch these guys they're gonna find maps. maps of trails of railway beds of snowmobile tracks because they don't believe
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with the denseness of these mountains and difficulty of traversing this terrain and number of police and road blocks on these roadways every 100 feet there are cops. swarming every time they get a tip now. they believe they must be following a map. we spoke with that local resident mike quinlan earlier about what he has seen living so close to the action. here is what he had to say. >> i woke up to helicopters overhead at 5:00 this morning. state troopers inspecting the property and outbuildings to make sure nothing was broken into or being habitatted by them. all day nothing with but convoys of state trooper vehicles, helicopters up and overhead. we are lucky to see one state trooper vehicle in a summer up here. there has been 300 by today. >> greta i'm joined by any colleague ted williams a former detective and federal agent. ted, we are learning these tips so fast.
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we learned there was a searcher, not a resident but actual searcher who believes e. may have seen something. it turned out to be unfounded. it is just coming so fast that it's hard to keep up with it and it's very fluid. they believe they are zeroing in on him here still. >> it's like a needle a haystack. you have law enforcement officers who have swarming in these areas. every time they get the tip they must -- this is a necessary in this kind of an investigation. but it's very frustrating i might tell you for law enforcement to g locations to swarm and not unfortunately, find these two convicts, greta. >> that brings me to another question is that i'm a little perplexed. one man seen leaving that cabin, the person who saw it cannot say it was one of the killers. it wasn't two. now the question is it the killer the escapee and where is the other one if it is? that's the first question. they said they found bloody socks inside and they found prison underwear inside but we know that the people who
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own the cabin are a bunch of correctional officers. you know, is it underwear -- why would they ditch their underwear, number one and two, bloody socks? i mean how old is this blood? why would someone leave socks and shoes behind? there is that question. d.n.a. could have been left there 10 days ago and they could be way down the road from where they are. all of this is frankly these are fascinating pieces of information but we can't just seize upon them and go from there necessarily. we consider them, but they may be misleading. >> you are absolutely right greta. that's one reason why when you look at this from methodical standpoint as you have here, it is -- leaves a lot of question marks. yeah, they found the blood. they found the d.n.a. they found somebody running out, but then we don't even know if, in fact, these were the convicts. not only that greta the question mark is have they split up? the person running out of
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the cabin nobody has been able to identify, greta. >> griff confirm for me, i may be confused about the facts. has law enforcement confirmed that the d.n.a. belonged to these two killers or is this something the media just keeps reporting? i always worry about the telephone game on some of these pieces of information? has law enforcement said "we have their d.n.a.? >> >> that's correct greta. fox news has confirmed with multiple law enforcement sources that d.n.a. belonging to these escaped convicts was indeed found in that cabin. this is these guys. in talking to the law enforcement officers off camera the question we are asking is are they together and are they not? based then on the theory that i'm hearing that he they're following a map of these trails. they believe they are sticking together. remember, that prison, dannemora is 2 0 miles that way. and joyce's house is about 16 miles that way. >> griff i know they believe they are sticking it together, but they believed a lot of things so far that
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just simply didn't happen, so i'm really reluctant to say what they believe. i'm focusing in on the facts. let me ask one last question. do they know was the blood on the socks recent blood or were these old socks? do you know that? >> no. there is no more details on the blood on the socks or the items found. we are, of course, trying to learn more from what was found in that cabin but we have no confirmation there only what we're getting which is trying to follow their lead as they come to this area. and the very narrow areas they have to transfers here because of the roads in the dense forest. >> and i know for one second. i know they are doing everything they possibly can. and i know it's a very difficult search but, you know, so far this started june 6th. and they are still on the loose and they are very dangerous. anyway, thank you both. >> and joyce mitchell, that's the prison worker accused of helping these dangerous killers escape and
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plotting murder her husband. she is still sitting behind bars. now her husband lyle is making some stunning new comments. >> how can it happen? she said that this hold my head and i was scared she said i have got something else to tell you. i said what's that? she said their plan was they want to kill you. i said what? they wanted her to come pick them up. >> so she admitted to you at that moment that once these two escaped from clinton and made their way to that map hole. >> yeah. >> that she was supposed to be the one to pick them up and drive them away? >> she told me that matt wanted her to pick them up. she said i never leave nowhere without lyle. never. he said i will give you some pills, they give him to knock him out and you come pick us up. she said i am not doing that i love my husband. i am not hurt hadding him. then i knew i was over my head. she said i can't do. this and then she told me started threatening her inside the facilities was
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going to do something to harm me or kill me. or somebody outside the jail if she didn't stay with this. >> according to your wife, they were going to kill you for what reason? >> just to get me out of the way. she said she would have never gone through with it that's what she told me. that she really loved me and she was in too deep. >> the "on the record" legal panel joins us. former homicide detective and criminal defense attorney ted williams is still with us. now we have former prosecutor katie phang. katie, that last question by matt lauer, why would they want to kill you? and the answer was just, i don't know, something is just not quite right in this story. >> you know, somebody lost out on the love lottery and it's definitely lyle mitchell. it's pretty amazing to me that he says he is still in love with his wife. given it's not going to go away overnight. basically telling the world that his wife contemplated killing him to escape two of
4:14 pm
convicted murderers from a new york prison. at this time he is not saying whether or not he is going to testify against her. there is a spousal privilege that belongs to her in new york under the law where you can't force people to disclose confidential communications during the course of a marriage. he seems to be talking plenty all on his own already to the media let's see what else he has to tell us that his wife told him about the escape. >> you know, ted lyle seems so honest in relating this story. you know, i believe that's what she told him. the problem is her story is just sort of bizarre. you know, there is no reason why you would have killed lyle. there is no reason to hook up with these two guys unless you are up to no good. her story now it's almost like she is trying to make herself look like she has been duped. >> yeah, lyle mitchell to me came across as a victim of innocent circumstance. i think joyce mitchell made a pact of two devils.
4:15 pm
talking about income prison possibly a lover is just odd and bizarre. >> i don't even know that -- i mean that could be totally made up. i mean, that could be a totally made up story that lyle, they wanted me to kill you so that's why i had to bring in the hack saw. someone who is sitting in the slammer. we have all talked to people sitting in the slammer. they have a lot of time to think. and they have got to lot of reasons to explain their behavior. maybe there wasn't in attempt to murder, this pact what do you think katie? >> well, that's possible. she might be doing some self-serving statements like i'm really the hero in all of this. there was this plan to kill my husband but i stepped up at the last minute and i said. no i mean, she may be trying to safe herself but really she is just digging herself into a deeper hole. and i don't think she is going to be able to get out of it as easily. we mentioned this last week when we spoke about this greta and ted. she is only looking at two charges right now. i would not be surprised if they keep adding more and more charges.
4:16 pm
>> if those two suspects get a gun and someone else gets hurt or someone gets killed, you know, she could very well be looped into this continuing conspiracy, continuing crime as an aider and abetter. >> oh, absolutely. the charges that would be a game changer greta. the charges would clearly be vacated. as you have said, greta,and as katie has said. we don't know if this woman is embellishing the truth to cover her own butt under the circumstances. one thing we do know is she was involved with two killers, greta. >> ted, i make the assumption that she is coloring it in a light most favorable to herself. the problem is her story is really bad even in that light. the problem is a lot of these people get messed up in these situations and talking from the jail. they don't come up with the best stories right katie? i assume that this -- she is telling it to make herself look as good as possible as what she thinks looks good. >> listen, the only people that are going to be able to corroborate her story are whom? sweat and matt, in terms of
4:17 pm
this whole plot to kill her husband. who knows maybe as she is sitting in a jail cell, other jailed inmates and other jailed people and defendants are telling her had hey listen, if you you say, this it might help year story and she may be stupid enough, remember i said she was dumb. she may be stupid enough to say all of this to try to save herself. >> terksd you are out there in that area. if you had had been at that cabin on saturday and you are on foot, how far away could you be right now? >> well, you know, when you look at the thick underbrush and the fact that it was immediately reported and the fact that law enforcement immediately swarmed into that area, really, greta it appears to me that you could not go too far. but the biggest problem we have in this area is that they there are nothing but numerous cabins and hunting lodges throughout the area and they could be in any one of them. it's a needle in a haystack, greta. >> let me read to you a statement that we have just gotten into fox news. this is from the lawyer for
4:18 pm
the other correctional officer gene palmer. he has been put on administrative leave. we have been trying to figure out why is he on administrative leave. here is his statement that the lawyer for the client has just released. statement for andrew broughtway. common practice for inmates to be able to cook inside of their cells. my client had no knowledge of what was the on the inside of the meat and he definitely 100% did not know these two individuals who were planning on escaping. i submit that the only three people that 100% did know were the two escapees and joyce mitchell. now, that statement to give you a little background on, is that there is an allegation out there that joyce mitchell put the hack saw in frozen meat and that she used this other correctional officers, gene palmer to bring the frozen meat to sweat and matt. and now this lawyer is saying that -- making a statement the way i read it is that husband client, the correctional officers didn't know what was in the frozen
4:19 pm
meat. and, of course, my first thought when i first heard this story an hour ago or so is what in the world are you bringing frozen meat to someone in a cell. and now he is saying that is that the common practice for inmates to be able to cook inside their cells. i have never seen a grill like maybe you have seen this. either one of you katie ever seen a grill i mean a barbecue inside these cells at maximum security? >> i have been in a lot of jails, i have been in a lot of prisons federal and state level. i have never seen a little kerosene cooker. a grill a foreman right? i haven't seen a george foreman in any correctional facility cell. >> but, let me just say he this, gene palmer does not have clean hands. he has worked in that system for some 20-some odd years. he knew you could not bring any foreign substances in that prison and that's what he did. >> back off a little bit and give him a little sprumtion of innocence. has got a lot of explaining to could i doo why is he
4:20 pm
passing frozen meet and whether or not knows there is a hack saw in the frozen meat or not. i mean, he certainly has a lot of explaining to do. but, this one is really bizarre. a grill, i guess they are having -- i have to say let someone have charcoal in a prison? i mean fire? >> anything flammable in a jail? >> both of you stay with us. >> don't just speak to the warped mine of joyce mitchell. >> ted hold it right there. both of you stay with us. "on the record" is closely monitoring this manhunt. the second there is news we will bring it to you. and baltimore city states attorney marilyn mosby in vogue magazine getting star treatment while in middle of another major case. the baltimore case. what is she thinking in the "on the record" legal panel is back. also new england patriot quarterback tom brady news. a live report straight ahead.
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more trouble tonight in baltimore. the freddie gray autopsy leaked and just today "the baltimore sun" publishing details from a leaked copy of freddie gray autopsy report. prosecutor marilyn mosby's office claimed they didn't leak it and lawyers for the six indicted police officers say they haven't even seen it so who leaked it? legal panel is back ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, someone has got some explaining to do. >> yeah. this is a pretty significant leak to the media and by all accounts it is legitimate. and by all accounts, this autopsy report concedes that the medical examiner acknowledges that the injuries sustained are actually consistent with an accident. however, they are calling it
4:25 pm
a homicide because there was an error in terms of the lack and emission made on the part of the police officers in the transport of freddie gray. this is a huge, huge, i think, win for the defense even though they are couching it as a homicide because if the medical facts support the idea that this was an accident and not a murder, it's going to be very difficult to get that conviction when you go to court. >> you know, ted the thing that is disturbing about this besides the fact that it leaked to the media and good for "the baltimore sun" they got it, where did they get it? did they get it from mosby's office? i mean, all you have got to do is copy and xerox and they get it from the medical examiners. they didn't get it from the defense lawyers because that has not been surrendered to the defense lawyers. she says she doesn't want to try it in the press. she seems to have lost a lot of control over her case if a document like this is being leak to the media before she even produces it to the defense. >> well, i have to agree with you greta. we have to look what is behind this leak? let's be candid, marilyn
4:26 pm
mosby does not have a very strong case. this medical report as katie has said, actually shows that there is a huge problem in this case. you have got six baltimore police officers charged. and you can't show what each of them did and when you look at this medical report, you are left to speculate about what they may or may not have done, greta. it's terrible. >> katie, you know, if she is supposed to have seriousness and purpose she has these six police officers quharnghtd very serious crime. maybe she ought to take greater custody of her case and documents than appearing on stage with prince or sitting in a fashion magazine doing an interview for them. she really lose confidence when you look like, you know, you are more interested in yourself than you are in the case. >> she loses total credibility, right? because she ends up in vogue. she strikes this dashing pose. she has her picture taken by
4:27 pm
anna liebovitz. and then she says i'm not trying this case in the media she ends up talking about her history and what she is doing. she talks about how disenfranchised the people feel. well i understand you represent the people of baltimore, but ms. mosby you are supposed to enforce the laws. if you want to champion for them, why don't you become a legislature like your husband. but, in terms of leaking from office, absolutely. if you have got a report that's crucial to your case and leak to the media before it even ends up in the hands of the criminal defense attorney that's a problem for your office. >> i can't get over what was she thinking thinking it was going to go over with a led balloon sitting down with vogue and putting the attention on herself like she is a tv -- i don't know, like something. like -- i don't know what it's like. anyway, ted and katie, if you will stay with us. >> and look out severe weather right now around the country and it's on the move. a live report from the fox
4:28 pm
extreme weather center. that's next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪ this a fox news alert. massive storms ripping across the great plains. the midwest the northeast all around america hail, wind even possibly tornadoes tearing across the country. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox weather center. looking out the window here i'm told it looks awful. >> you are under a severe thunderstorm warning right now, greta. of course around the capitol we are dealing with a
4:32 pm
potential for large hail, damaging winds heavy downpours as well. this was the system that brought over a dozen tornadoes across the upper midwest as well as a der ratio across the central midwest to the upper midwest. very strong winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. so we have several severe thunderstorm watches in effect within these watches and a tornado watch for the boston area until 11:00 p.m. local time. we have severe thunderstorm warnings in and around the d.c. area. up towards massachusetts connecticut, boston you could get slammed with very gusty winds as well as hail. and, of course, heavy downpours. at laguardia over three hour delays as well as boston. you are dealing with at least an hour delay. so, a lot of push back the airports and that's going to cause a ripple effect across the country. let's track it here. there is d.c., if you feel, new york. and there is boston. we're going to watch this line of thunderstorms continue to press more to the south and eastward. we still could see the
4:33 pm
potential for strong to severe storms across the delmarva, up towards massachusetts, as well as long island and connecticut. not done with this storm yet. the temperatures have dropped significantly. in some cases 20 degrees as this cold front moves through. that is the main ingredient that we need is that cold front slamming into warm unstable air. that's going to continue for the rest of the evening and overnight tonight greta we will be watching the plains tomorrow. the tornado threat is still there for parts of new england overnight. back to you. be safe. >> janice, watching from the airport complaining about that three hour delay. i would rather have that three hour delay in the ground than circling 3,000 feet circle ladies and gentlemen tornado. >> i agree. >> janice, thank you. >> of course. >> it's 1394 days. that's how long our american marine amir hekmati has been held by iran. and tonight his family heading to europe. why europe? and why now? tv host and marine veteran
4:34 pm
montel williams has been helping amir from the beginning. nice to see you montel. >> nice to see you greta. >> why is the family going to europe. >> i'm going to be going along with them to uranium. follow me on twitter at montel underscore williams. what we are going to do is go over there and see if we can gain some international press and international human rights organizations to do what we don't want to seem to do here in our own country. i'm literally tomorrow night headed to london with the family and we intend to be in london and go on to international footprint to say free amir. >> he we are coming up against june 30th deadline when president obama and iranian government may or may not have a deal. hanging in this is amir
4:35 pm
abidiney. a "the washington post" reporter. former fbi bob levinson. where is he? we are up against that deadline. >> up against the deadline. i intend to be in people's faces and reach out to as many organizations we can get to raise the ire. around the world people would say the same thing how dare a country reach into our nation, find one of our citizens just because his lineage happens to be iranian and arrest him for serving in our military when that is completely against the law and even the supreme leader has stated people can do so. what's really interesting is right now this is 1300 plus days. are we at a point now can't we say enough is enough? it doesn't matter what's going on in the talks. raise the ire internationally to get our boy home. >> what's the obama administration saying to you as you elm bank on this journey. >> we are being kept away from it that's why i need the public's help.
4:36 pm
give amir. maybe your interest by tweeting as much as you can #free amir now will get the state department to say something other than stay out of the conversation. >> let me remind everybody "the washington post" reporter christian pastor, a u.s. marine and a former fbi agent who all over there. anyway, thank you montel and safe journey. >> follow me on twitter. >> donald trump's biggest fan isn't old enough to vote. he is doing everything he can to help the donald become president. 10-year-old shae doyle is here and ready to go "on the record." plus, new england patriots quarterback tom brady news. a live report straight ahead. ds actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to
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side effects may include diarrhea nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. breaking right now, the office of baltimore states attorney marilyn mosby clearly watching "on the record" and sending us this
4:41 pm
statement directly from her. it reads i want to make it very clear that the states attorney's office did not release the freddie dr. gray autopsy report. as i have repeatedly stated, i strongly condemn anyone with access to trial evidence who has leaked information prior to the resolution of this case. that statement from marilyn mosby as she was watching "on the record" tonight. well, he is not old enough to vote but 10-year-old shae doyle is doing everything he can to make sure that donald trump is our next president. the fifth grader is here to go "on the record." first, take a look at these new poll records. this is big for donald trump. the trump second place in a very crowded poll of new hampshire g.o.p. voters. he is winning 11% support. only 3% behind jeb bush who has 14% support. now 10-year-old shae doyle joins us. good evening shae. >> good evening. now, tell me why are you supporting donald trump?
4:42 pm
>> he has been my idol for so long. he has been my idol for two years now and i have always been supporting him. >> have you ever met donald trump? >> yes i have two times now. >> and when was that? >> first time it was at wilbur college. at first i didn't know i was going to meet him i thought i was just going to his speech. a reporter came up to me she said give me three minutes. then we go to meet donald trump and that was just amazing. >> well, let me just tell you that yesterday i spoke to donald trump but. here is what he said. >> really? >> i asked him about you. here is what he said. >> your thoughts about shae doyle. is he out there stumping for president trump. >> wow i think it's fantastic. and i love that he is doing that. and some day maybe he will be president. that's good, as far as i'm
4:43 pm
concerned. i love it. >> so, shae he is obviously thrilled that you are stumping for him. what do you tell people why they should vote for donald trump. >> he will increase the quality of the education in the united states. he will bring jobs back to the u.s. and support our veterans. >> how long have you been interested in politics? >> for about a year now. it's been pretty wild ride i would say. it's really cool the world of politics. >> so, do you actually go door to door in iowa and knock on the door and say vote for donald trump? >> well no, not exactly. i have been spreading the word as much as i can. >> how about your other classmates in fifth grade. are they donald trump fans or are they interested in politics or do they have somebody else in mind? >> no one is really interested in politics in my school as far as i know. they are all talking about sports sports, sports, you know? i'm just like the one vote
4:44 pm
for donald trump. and then they are just like what? and then one of them comes up to me and says what about jeb bush? i'm like no. >> why don't you like jeb bush? >> um, i have always been a trump supporter. i don't know, but i would rather support trump. >> all right. shae well, i hope you will come back. it will be a long election season and i hope you will come back. thank you very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> and you don't want to miss the donald this wednesday. now he is going to join me for a greta talk podcast that you certainly don't want to miss. there is so much you never knew about donald trump. for instance, was he ever a hippy? find out. plus find out so much you never knew about donald trump. go right now and subscribe free on itunes, tune in, or stitcher. it views wednesday night right after "on the record." and new england patriots super bowl winning quarterback tom brady news.
4:45 pm
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developing now, deflate-gate is back in the news just hours ago tom brady appealing his four game suspension at the nfl headquarters in new york. russ sulsburg joins us. russ, what happened? >> that's what everybody is waiting to find out greta apparently he went in, brady and his group went in roughly about 9:30. there was supposed to be an unofficial deadline of 5:30. and, you know, it hasn't wrappeped up yet or at least when i came in here there was no word that it wrapped up. people are waiting to see. quite frankly i wonder what has taken so long. the only thing i can think
4:50 pm
about is they gave thursday as a secondary date, if needed for further testimony. i couldn't see what would be needed. so maybe they just want to make sure they wrap it all up now. it just seems like it's a ridiculously long time quite frankly. i don't understand what's taking so long. >> am i right that the commissioner was the decider at the trial -- at the first level and on appeal he is also the decider? >> he is -- they asked for commissioner roger goodell to excuse himself. he said. no is he listening to the appeal. to me, it's a simple case of -- now the appeal from what i also understand. >> he made the first decision right? and so he would have to -- >> no, the first decision, really was sent down by troy vincent. >> okay. >> the first decision, i don't know what his official term is dean or discipline, what have you. then it went to the commissioner. the commissioner does not recuse himself. the hearing is done under
4:51 pm
oath. you can can lie in an nfl hearing, but i think the reason it's done under oath because in case it ends up in court and the guessing here is if brady does not get a reduction he will take it to federal court which i think would be a bad for all parties concerned. he we will be watching. >> and rap star sean diddy colmes also known as p. diddy and puff daddy in trouble tonight. rap mogul. scream at diddy's son a player on the college team. now sean diddy colmes saying any action taken by colmes defensive in nature to protect himself. our legal panel is back. and, ted, you know, parents embarrass you in junior high but you never expect them to show up and and at college and get arrested. >> absolutely, greta. diddy clearly was acting nitty in regards to this
4:52 pm
incident. but, i must say he was acting as i have seen as a father who felt that the coach was mistreating his son. he did something that was inappropriate. but, greta he was charged with a terrorist act. and i can't see that charge going anywhere for threatening the coach. i think the charges in this case will be eventually dropped. >> well, i think that there is a little bit more than saying something. it was described as, quote: super heated. i think it's a little rougher than that katie? >> from what we understand, there is actually five counts that have been lodged against p. diddy. three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the deadly weapon being a kettle bell which for those of you that exercise or those of you that don't exercise, that could be a deadly weapon. it's very heavy. he has also been charged with one count of terrorist threat that ted mentioned and one count of battery. there were also interns that were present during this. we don't know if they were the alleged victims.
4:53 pm
as for my dolphin fans out there. solve -- sal was famous in 2010 for tripping nolan carroll running down the sideline answered he got suspended indefinitely and finally had to leave the jets. we are definitely not fans of sal down here in miami. if he is he a true and legitimate victim then p. diddy may have a battle ahead of him in court. >> ted, let me just tell what you has reported. says that the coach reportedly suffered cuts on his face and a torn shirt. so, i don't know who did that unless he did it to himself. i don't think he did. >> well, greta that would certainly be be serious. it was my understanding initially may have swung this kettle bell at the coach. but, if there was this kind of touching, that is serious. also my understanding that there is a vape and i'm sure that that videotape will speak volumes for what took place here. >> indeed it will.
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
this is a fox news alert. stunning new details on the hunt for fugitives in upstate, new york. griff jenkins is in owls head, new york. griff? >> greta, the attorney for the gene palmer indirectly confirms to us that his client is not being arrested at this time. he only adds that gave meat to richard matt. it's very commonplace for them to be given meat and gene palmer says he wasn't even sure that there were tools in there. now, the part about being commonplace to give inmates we confirmed, fox news confirmed with law enforcement sources that that indeed does happen. on the honor block. inmates have hot plates, things they can cook various things to include burgers in their cells. there is even in the rec yard things called burn barrels and there is an inmate known as the pie man
4:59 pm
that bakes pies in the rec yard. all this does add up to what attorney for correctional officer gene palmer is saying at this time. again, is he not being arrested. but apparently these inmates are cooking burgers in their cells and this certainly fits the pattern and, in fact, i would add that this law enforcement officer said that's just part of the prison reform problem here that inmates serving life in prison who mutilated before, killing their victim, would be allowed to cook burgers in their cell on this honor block. greta? >> you know, griff this is a maximum security prison. i guess i mean, want to try to make it as -- i guess humane as possible within the facility. anyway, now we see what happens with them smuggling apparently allegation he smuggled weapons in meat into their cells with hot plates, i guess there will be some more reform up at that prison. griff, thank you very much. and thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m.
5:00 pm
eastern. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c. and go to my facebook page and like the facebook page. we will see you on gretawire. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there is definitely a narrative where black people are consistently and historically being, you know described as violent savage wild. >> the anti--american propaganda continues with a number of far left zealots trying to divide americans along color lines. tonight a no-spin analysis. >> i don't like the fact that i'm being beaten up for allegedly going after a widow and children because the lawsuit was filed long before she was a widow. >> life has not been easy forte a kyle wife of the slain "american sniper." she will tell us her story this evening. >> you know, hillary clinton has done a lot. especially for women.


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