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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 26, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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under alert. understandably so. at least ten individuals injured in this attack as well and we will continue to follow the very latest developments on this story as it continues to develop throughout the day. a terrorist attack has occurred in france. let's go now to "fox & friends." this is a fox news alert. happening right now, terror strikes in france. one person beheaded. one suspect, under arrest. >> witnesses say this morning that the suspect walked into air products, a chemical company in grenoble, france, which is in the south and east of france, holding an isis flag, and then beheaded a man, and then sent off several gas can explosions with canisters filled with gas. others were hurt. >> all right. the severed head, reportedly found with arabic writing by a nearby fence, get that.
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a knox if you see -- fox news producer confirms that at least ten other people hurt in this story. >> >> we're going to go live to kathryn fields. she joins us by phone. good morning to you. what do we know to the minute? >> reporter: to the minute what we know is a little over two hours ago, has you've been reporting, two suspects arrived at this particular factory which produces gas canisters. the factory is in eastern france, and then they forced their way into the area. now, really within the next half hour before the french interior minister is on his way to the once he once he gets here, we will have more information, but we do know that the man was carrying an islamic state flag. this man was known to the anti-terrorist organization here
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in france. we also know that investigators from france's authorities are on the way to the scene trying to pull as much information together as we can. what we do know is it's a situation ongoing there, a lot of what we're hearing may turn out to be false in the next couple of hours, but certainly it is still going on, still a security situation and as you rightly said, the french prime minister has put all sensitive targets in that area of france on alert. >> what could you tell us about the company, if anything, that was attacked? >> reporter: all that we know is that the company produces gas it's situated it's situated in a very large -- it's almost like an open industrial area in the southeast of france. anyone who has been in france and traveled from say from the capital of paris to this area, they would have passed this
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it's area. it's very open. there are lots of other factories in that area. even though we've been in france since january, the attacks in january have been under a security alert, these particular areas are open, people would have seen them. there are other factories in the area as well. mostly it's an industrial complex rather than a complex which is certainly more for domestic groups. >> kathryn, we are receiving word from sky news that apparently there were two men who were on the scene at the time identifying themselves as with isis. one of the attackers has been killed at the scene. the other has been arrested. now, going intothis, this morning's telecast, apparently the authorities said the attacker was known to them. the local authorities. do we have any idea what they are talking about? did they know him for a while or did they just see him driving around the neighborhood? >> what we know this particular man is in his early 30s.
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he's known to the anti terrorist groups. what that what that means is that he has been on some sort of watch list and had sympathy with groups operating in syria. that's what that key phrase mean when they say he was known it is authorities. it is much more than a guy driving around the block. >> they did talk about once you got into the perimeter, driving around in circles? >> that's exactly what they are there are two there are two suspects in the car. the the question that is still unknown here, who was the man who they are reporting has been was he was he someone who work in the factory? was was he actually brought to the factory in that car? >> that is such a good point and kathryn we're receiving word from our fox news producer in paris that apparently the man who was beheaded was brought
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into the car at some point, does not belong to the plant, so it sounds like they pick the guy up along the way, cut off his head and it sounds like they dumped the body right there, but, of course, now, the worry is more terrorist attacks in the area. >> yeah. >> it's exactly that, and the french authorities sense the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january have always said to journalists, we have also been up against this. our guard has not been let down. it's not always if, it's when. they have had so many possible attacks all the time, it's really was always it's not if, but when. >> we'll let you do your job. we'll check in with you as you continue to get more information. before we go out to another terrorism expert, maybe the best around, let's go over what we know. >> we are >> we are now talking about a terror attack, an explosion on a gas factory in southern france. one person was killed. found decapitated outside the factory entrance.
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arabic writing was found on that severed head. >> that's starting to make sense to us. because the initial reports were these guys pulled up at 10:00 france time, which was two hours ago, and they decapitated somebody who was at the entrance of that facility. there was somebody found decapitated, but he didn't work for that particular plant. then the next news flash was that apparently he had islamic writing on his head. how could that be? it turns out, it sounds like along the way they took this man in to their car, cut off his head, when they pulled up to this particular chemical factory, they dumped the body with the head. put it right on the fence, right outside that place called air >> products. >> the two attackers were apparently wearing islamic one has one has been killed. the other arrested. ten people injured inside of that factory as reported to the
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minute here and the prime minister there has tightened security measures on sensitive the sites. the site is close to an airport as well. >> they did apparently set off some gas can explosions of some sort that caused explosions inside that particular facility. >> let's go out to walid phares. he's a terror expert. he officially works for our government. walid, in walid, in france, in january, they bolstered their anti terror roles, everything from separating them in prisons and putting 2,000 more people on the streets to stop attacks like what this. what do we know so far? >> the french most likely now are showing that they can respond and i am -- i noted that the jihadists and the anti
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terrorism unit has been on the scene and killing one and arresting another. if you look at the location is located within the county, now the capital of that county is it's it's much closer to a big city where in the past the french has been encountering many of these jihadist activities. this makes more sense to me. they would be coming from -- from the city of leon for the french to determine where they come from. though gren noble o -- grenoble is the capital of the county, this area is where they have identified many jihadists. you will you will see there have been attempts in this area for the last five years. >> how closely are people looking at a potential second
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event? just six just six months ago, "charlie hebdo," 17 people there were killed and three days later another attack at the jewish super market also resulted in deaths. what is what is the situation there in terms of how closely they are looking as a secondary attack possibly related? >> i was just speaking with french counterterrorism experts right now after i made my first interview with you and the issue that this is going to be even more -- i don't want to say important -- but troubling for the french public, because "charlie hebdo" and a jewish center are high visible targets. especially, charlie had he been bow. this is this is a target that exists all across france. i just came back from france and i crossed many areas of france. you have these kind of so if so if you combine the fact that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of individuals who are sympathizers to isis, let's say dozens of them are train or willing to conduct such
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operations, with these targets, it's practically impossible to pr the french the french -- we could be the best, but once the jihadi population is that large, it's becoming a problem. >> what's their problem with fac >> >> well, in this case, as we just learned -- are learning, it's really about provoking expl what these what these individuals most likely wanted to do is to create sort of -- send an image to the public in general and also send an image to isis leadership that we can do it in france. we have cells and individuals who support you. this is a high visibility attempt, and they are we are successful. we are talking about them. >> sure. it's a chemical plant there. there are gas canisters. they set off some explosions who themselves. who knows what they thought they could actually blow up. walid, what about the beheaded
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man may have been brought in the car, beheaded ahead of time and they decided to symbolically dump him and his head right >> >> the beheading, the inscriptions on his body or his head, hanging hid head -- his head on the wall and everything that looks like that is the signature -- if not of isis, but isis-related rift -- activity. we were looking at this horrific video of what isis is doing in iraq and syria. these individuals connected or not are trying to say, we follow the isis method. ths the khmer rouge. you have a number of jihadists who are hesitating and they have seen this cell will be able to do it, then they will be excited to do it. >> the french interior minister and prime minister are headed to the scene right now.
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the french responded quickly calling this a terrorist attack. does this tell you how much they knew about these two suspects or >> >> about the individuals, about the methods, beheading, sacrifices, inscriptions, attempt to blow-up canisters, all of that with the french, when they compare it with previous or parallel attempts in the area, then for them it's they they cannot tell the public this is not terrorism. with beheading and a flag, they cannot say this is violence and random shooting. this, they cannot do. the prime minister himself said a few months ago that we are facing a war against the terrorists. actually, actually, he called it radical islamist movement. >> that's very interesting. they are bolstering their anti
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terror activities and cracking down and naming our enemy which are islamic extremists. continue to work your sources. we'll check back in, okay? >> thank you. if you are just waking up, you are watching live coverage right in the center of the screen is a live image out of southeastern france where just about two hours and 15 minutes ago, there was a terror attack on a factory. one person beheaded. apparently did not work at the his his body was dropped off there. a number of others were injured in explosions. >> about ten. >> they have already classified it a terror attack by the government of france. a lot of breaking details. we will have it all right here on fox news channel. stay with us on this friday. i've lived my whole life here in fairbanks, alaska.
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. this is a fox news alert. if you are just waking up. 10:00 in france this morning, there was a terror attack at a company called air products. a car drove up to the front of the building and there you can see the factory right there. a man entered, said he was a member of isis. tried to set off some bombs there were some there were some explosions, and then they dumped a beheaded head there. the the head actually had islamic writing on it. they also had an isis flag. >> yeah, they had an isis flag. they are obviously looking to terrorize a town, a community, a country, that is just fresh off another terror attack that had gotten the whole world aides
3:18 am
attent many people many people are worried this could be one of a chain of attacks. >> we saw this six months ago at charl"charlie hebdo" and a jewi super market there. we're going to bring in lieutenant ralph peters. good morning to you. we're thankful that you are we're here. we're just updated that the anti terror team that's been deployed in numbers to the scene to we investigate. we know one attacker killed and the other arrested. what is your assessment to the minute right now? >> well, i'm waiting for a statement from the white house blaming this on the confederate battle flag. >> i get your sarcasm. >> yeah. no, but i have to find our reaction to this a bit h this is this is the new normal. you know, there's going to be more of this. we're going to be dealing with it for decades, and -- >> what do you mean the reaction is hysterical? >> you know, islamic state are
3:19 am
brilliant propagandaists, they are absolutely terrific. they have a creative department that knows how to pull the right we we apparently had one death in france, a partially successful terrorist attack and it's making global headlines. we have to report the news. i understand that and people want to know. but isis is able to manipulate us even through these lone wolves to continue their propaganda campaign and this inspires other lone wolves or small cells -- this sounds like it was a small cell of perhaps two people, so we're really allel prisoners. we in the media are prisoners of the islamic state. >> i get your perspective and it's a solid one and it might be 100% correct. if we start taking these things in stride, then the american people, the western europe public, saying i'm not worried about that, i'm not going to be aware, i'm not going to report my crazy neighbor next to me,
3:20 am
i'm not going to report some suspicious activity down the block from me. when this becomes routine, then we start looking the other way. >> i'm not arguing for that at what what i'm saying is that we can't respond to acts of terror by letting ourselves be terrorized. instead of wringing our hands. we need to fight back. we can cover this all we want and say how bad it is, until we recognize that fighting terror requires something beyond civil law, before we're willing to take the fight to the enemy seriously, we're not going to make progress. >> until we have leaders that link what's happening in syria, iraq, and here, it's not going to work. >> i'm not belittling this attack if france by any means, it's a horrible event. but at the same time there's one dead so far in this attack. today, there will be dozens, probably hundreds of dead in
3:21 am
iraq by terrorists, you know -- >> colonel, we're up against a hard break. especially -- >> i'm sorry, i can't make you happy but the truth is the >> truth. >> you made us happy. >> thank you for being here. >> back in a moment. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at
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this is a fox news alert. isis strikes again. a terrorist attack in france. one man beheaded at a factory in southern france. a fox news producer confirming at least ten other people were wounded in the attack. more on this just a moment. heather has breaking news for you in the states. >> good morning to you. a vacation tragedy to tell you about this morning. eight cruise ship passengers and a pilot skilled when a sight seeing plane crashes into a
3:25 am
cliff in alaska. the group was traveling on board holland of america western ship. there was bad weather at the time we're told, but the cause of the crash is not yet known. rescuers were unable to reach that sight yesterday. they will try again when light breaks. for two predominantly black churches set on fire in the south, now investigators are launching separate arson fire fire destroyed god's power church of christ in macon, georg and and briers creek in charlotte north carolina. >> we've already forgive them. we know that anger does nothing but perpetuate something else to >> happen. >> at this time, investigators say that there's no evidence
3:26 am
that either fire was a hate crime. house republicans considering impeaching the irs commissioner after a watch doing dog reports that evidence was reports destroyed. reports say emails were deleted ten months after there was an order to save them. and those are your headlines. thank you very much. let's go out to our european bureau right now. greg palcott is in london. a terror attack two hours ago at air products in southeast france. apparently, apparently, they had been on alert in that area. >> reporter: we've been tracking the areports. what i can tell you is there are a variety of different versions
3:27 am
of this story. french authorities are taking this very seriously. here is basically what we are hearing. one or two men in a car approached this company. it appears that they actually smashed through a barricade, although i've seen pictures of the company, it seems like you could get in pretty easily. got out of the car, and either produced -- what it seems line -- the latest reports is believe it or not the man that we were talking about that was decapitated was already decapitated. decapitat was brought decapitated. was brought in the car. we had thought perhaps that decapitation happened at the site of the factory, but there were no reports of how it was done, whether a machete was branded, et cetera. the new report that we're getting is that there was a decapitated person brought in the vehicle seems to make sense and the body and the head of the man was put on a fence nearby,
3:28 am
and arabic slogans were affixed to it via some notes. also some gas canisters were exploded there at the scene. a fire ensued. that was put out. the man who was responsible for putting that head on the fence, including carrying isis flags, was detained. again, no sign -- no reports also that he was saying anything. no no allah ak bar, no shouting, the isis inkripgses and flags, clearing shows he was alive or interested or in favor of the isis organization. what we also don't know is about the whereabouts about a possible second person. there have been reports that that person was killed who was perhaps driving the car. there had been reports that he is out there and not yet tracked down by the police. there are third reports that basically this was a pure, lone wolf. again, again, the interior minister are of france, the equivalent of our
3:29 am
attorney general is there at the scene and the area has been shut down and there were reports prior to this attack that such terror incidents could be happening. france is on alert, of course, they have been high alert since the incident that we covered back in january in paris. >> we'll learn more why they chose air products, was it just random, location or was it to just generally terrorize. thanks so much, greg. we're continuing to follow breaking news out of break -- one one terror attack. one person killed and several persons injured. it's friday, you are watching the knox news -- fox news channel. when you travel,
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one suspect apparently under arrest in france. >> we'll have much more to know. we can tell you this, though, two men reportedly stormed the headquarters of this company called air products. >> witnesses say the suspect walked into the air products factory in grenoble, france holding an isis flag, beheaded a man and exploded several gas canist there is some there is some speculation that person was beheaded prior to entry there. >> a producer in france confirms this at least ten other people are wounded in the attack. >> because there were >> >> amy kellogg is live in our london bureau where she has been falling -- following all the details about this. what are we learning this morning? >> we also have reports that the head and the body may not belong to the same person.
3:34 am
the sheer horror for the people at the fraryct is -- factory is absolutely unimaginable. we want to know why air products, an american company, was targeted. it would have security around it being a chemical plan, was it targeted because it was american, was it targeted because the owner or the ceo is said to be of iranian descent or was it just a target of opportunity for these possibly two attackers which we now believe and reportedly facilitated with isis or some other terrorist organization. apparently the one man who has been detain was known to police and that is another frightening prospect for the french people because as we saw with the "charlie hebdo" attacks back in january, one of those at least had been known to police, and so who are these people and how are they slipping through the france france has stepped up its anti
3:35 am
terror legislation over the past few months and it's introducing something akin to a patriot act, but it seems the job is too large for them to handle and questions will be asked about how this particular person now in detention may have slipped through security services there. are concerns about possible further attacks in the area. we don't know if the second attacker is on the loose or died in the car when he ran into the canisters of explosives in the factory. there there had been concerns that another attack was imminent without specific details. >> it's clear to you that france was worried about this in january they changed their they got they got more agracie sieve when it comes to surveillance. they also feel the amount of terrorists in their country has gone up significantly in the
3:36 am
last few months. joining us now is mike baker joining us now here at "fox & friends." what's your initial assessment of what we know? >> it's more -- i hate to say this -- it's going to sound flippant, it's more of the same. the french authorities understand the problem they have got from domestic extremism. the biggest issue within the e.u. is there in france. it's been building for a number of years, so what we see here, half a year after the "charlie hebdo" attack is again it's symptomatic of what they have been experiencing in europe. sort of this idea that over the years, rather than assimilate, they have been doing this -- celebration on culture, so there are -- it's almost a bottomless well of people, young males, especially who feel disconnected, unaffected, the the unemployment rate in france is huge problem. this is more of the same. >> here in the united states,
3:37 am
when we talk about -- and there are some suggestions this could be a lone wolf operation, no connection to isis headquarters. here in the united states, a lot of it is on social media. over there, there are a lot >> the idea to put this in a like minded people who gather together. >> the idea to put this narrow-defined lone narrow-defined lone wolf coring. that's something they don't know. as long as they can as long as they can whether whether it be a nut job or a drew believer to commit act of violence, they could care less what the motivation is. they just want the violence. >> instead of looking at their mosques and talking about the past, they can look over to syria and iraq and go, wow, i have momentum. they are winning. my guys are winning over at iraq and syria. i'll go over there and i'll get
3:38 am
trained and come back. that's what's happening. france says they are now following 1,100 different extremist suspects. that's up 130% in just one year. >> the fbi here in the u.s. has open investigations in every state of the union except for alaska, and they have got an unprecedented number of cases of potential domestic -- over in france, when we -- again, we do this, here in the u.s., we want to define things in very narrow terms, but if you look at the islamic state and you look at what that means for their ability to recruit people to do things such as this morning's attack in france, the idea of being that they have got a physical manifestation of a caliphate from their perspective, this is what they have been jonesing for for generations, now they have got the territory, they are experiencing more success now over the last couple of days in syria. >> >> you noticed the age of the
3:39 am
suspect was in his 30s. when you think about "charlie hebdo" and the people killed there and the attack at the jewish deli, what is your assessment for risk of a secondary attack following this one in the region? >> these tend to spawn copy cat or others who are motivated because they see this is something they can do. the cry has been for years, come to the center of the fighting, whether it was iraq or afghanistan or pakistan. now it's do what you can wherever you happen to be. every time you have an incident like this, again, it spurs whether the person is psychotic, just looking to latch on to something. >> >> it's not coordination. >> that's why this is such a problem. this is this is where we get the law enforcement concept of the lone it's it's not a lone wolf. it's motivated by a very concerted, aggressive, increasingly successful effort
3:40 am
by the extremists. >> to the extremist, this was very successful, because in terrorism, you want to terrorize >> that's exactly right. you you sow the instability and confusion and the fear. every time you have something like -- french service is extremely capable. you try and get your hands around a problem such as this, we know how difficult it is here in the u.s., the access to those countries, the flow across the borders, the problems they have established trying to create this free flow of movement, embracing these various cultures, this has been a problem for them. >> stay with us, mike. heather has got us the latest breaking news. a couple other things going on. a a brave little girl leaped from a moving car, saving herself and her baby sister from being kidnap you can you can see her mother as she chases a sedan. a man jumped inside with those
3:41 am
girls when the mom went inside the store, that's when the ten-year-old grabbed her two-year-old sister and jumped out. >> the >> the instincts of a small child is amazing. >> the girl just had a few bumps and bruises. their accused kidnapper still on the run. police need your help. driven to anger in france as anti uberprotests turn violent there. taxi taxi drivers catching cars on they say they say uberis cutting into their business and stealing their jobs. it's been illegal in france for months now. courtney love was caught in the chaos. they have ambushed our car and holding our driver hostage. they are beating the cars with metal bats. this is san francisco -- this is france? i'm safer in baghdad. and a stunt goes horribly
3:42 am
look wrong. look at this. >> get down. get down. get him out. >> oh, goodness. that is the escape artist spencer nearly drowning in a water tank, 20 feet above the ground. his hands his hands were restrained. he wasn't able to get out. it was during rehearsals of criss angels show. we're looking more into that company in france where this attack occurred. >> it's american. >> there are reports about that. >> air products, all right. thank you very much. if you are waking up a terror attack in france, two hours, 45 minutes ago. one person beheaded. apparently two flags were found at the scene. one white one. one black one. both with arabic inscriptions. nearly a dozen people hurt as we're well. we're live with breaking details
3:43 am
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tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept that i'm not as fast, but i'm still going for my personal best... and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. if you are just waking up, we're following the breaking news out of france, and it is not good. we have some other headlines, let's go to it. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is now at the penitentia he's he's being held there in a different part of the prison. a dramatic police chase in california. a a suspect running from roof to roof as officers chase him on the ground. he was eventually caught.
3:47 am
police share video of the unusual chase on their facebook page so we're sharing with you. republicans still pushing to repeal and replace obamacare after the supreme court upheld 6-3 the health insurance subsidiaries for more than 6.4 million people. >> that's exactly why we need to have our next president not just be a republican, but a republican who can actually fully repeal obamacare and replace it with something that puts patients and families and not government back into our health care decisions. >> and judge andrew napolitano, your thoughts. >> a firestorm is going to die down, justice scalia and roberts can start car pooling together. i'm kidding. justice scalia was about the most ascerbic and sarcastic.
3:48 am
the court forgets our government is a government of law, not of we're men. we're governed by the terms of our law, not you unelected will of our lawmakers. we should start calling this law what it is, scotus-care. >> what chief justice roberts did is essentially is he rewrote the law to save it. >> yes. that's the second time he does -- he's done it. >> is that his job? >> no. he did it because six million people lose their tax deduction, it's calamitious for them. he took four words and said they are ambiguous. the justice scalia, says it's
3:49 am
not to the state. it's not government. he interpreted the state to mean government. >> >> judge, do you think the president's remarks saying do the right thing, essentially, play it straight, those messages to roberts seem to have gotten >> through? >> i disagree, i think that the chief justice wanted to save this for the reasons that we talked about, for social and political reasons. i don't think anybody in the court is moved by a president, whether it's the president who nominated them or another >> >> how do you explain it then? >> i explain it by his lack of fidelity to first principles and thinking like he's a larger rather -- legislator rather than thinking he's the chief justice of the supreme court. there's two more challenges coming. catholic catholic challenge, whether they have to provide the individual mandate for their employees.
3:50 am
another challenge is coming, the constitution says any law that affects a tax has to originate in the house of representatives, and this originated in the >> >> they don't play by the rules in washington anymore. nobody does. >> there's no appeal beyond public opinion. >> meanwhile, coming up, did you see see this facebook post that's now gone viral. i'm offended that everyone is offended by something. i'm offended by what our country has become. a lieutenant in the army national guard is going to join us next. you are going to want to hear from him. if you are waking up, a terror attack if france, one person beheaded and an islamic flag raised. nearly a dozens injured. breaking details coming up next.
3:51 am
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3:54 am
we are back now with a fox news alert. a terrorist attack in france. one person is dead, two people injured after a pair of terrorist attack an air products factory there. >> just breaking now. witnesses say the suspect walked into the building in the southeast of france holding an isis flag and set off several >> explosions. >> that's right. one person was decdecapitated, their head held from a fence one one white, one black. >> thanks brian.
3:55 am
ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to jordan thompson, infantry officer in the u.s. army and second year law student. he's fed up with political correctness writing in a facebook post that's gone viral. he says, quote, i'm offended that everyone is offended by s i'm i'm offended what our country has become. i pray one day we can change our country for the better and hope our offenses turn into progress. joining us is thompson who's in the alabama army national guard. lieutenant good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm fine thank you very much. inspired by your words, what inspired you to go to facebook and finally put down what apparently was just gnawing at >> you? >> i was just pretty fed up. i feel a lot of people get offended by minuscule things that aren't as significant as they make them out to be.
3:56 am
instead of being proactive, people sit around and complain about it. that really bothers me. >> i'm going to share an excerpt about the confederate flag debate. you say i'm offended people care more about taking down the flag but don't get riled up when their american flag is being burned in the street. why did you write that? >> i understand people's passion and everything, however, i feel like people should be more offended by a flag that actually represents them and represents our country as a whole. that flag to me is a symbol for unity. it's not a divider. it's not a wedge between the north and south, what used to be 150 years ago. that flag, the american flag is really what a should solidify our country as a whole and bring us together. yet when people are on social media websites and do a challenge when you stomp on the
3:57 am
flag or burn it in the street, that strikes a cord with me. >> you're not the only one. we're going to link to it on our web page. sir, thank you for joining us >> live. >> thank you. we're going to step a side. the latest from france and the terror attack next. because clean dressings, taste better. panera. food as it should be. which is good for me a 200-degree range of sight. hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now with our most vitamin d three ever.
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easy on the conscience. who said, breakfast has to wait until morning? kellogg's®. see you at breakfast, tonight.™ good morning good morning to you. today is friday, june 26th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. isis strikes again. terrorist disguised as delivery men attacked a factory in france leaving behind a severed head and raising the islamic flag. ten others were hurt. we're live with the breaking news. overnight, a vacation tragedy. a a sightseeing plane goes down in alaska. nine nine dead, wreckage just found. what might have caused the crash we'll share with you in a moment. meanwhile, is this how a member of media should be talking about a presidential
4:01 am
brand brand new fall out for univision over an interpretation of trump and comparison to a mass busy murderer. busy two hours kicks off live thousand. this is this is "fox & friends." we're getting to that fox news alert for you. france under attack. ruthless terrorists leave one victim without their head and two others hurt. now the french president is confirming the very worst, this is terror. we're going to the field now. catherine field, our grn reporter live in paris with the breaking details. good morning catherine. what do we know now? >> we know what's confirmed by the french president hollande. this is a terrorist attack, treated as a terrorist attack.
4:02 am
he's calling for all areas of the country under extra surveillance and protection. he they had this will be he investigated. he has called on the country to remain united, not be split off as people wanting revenge. he said that france needs to stand together at this particular time and come together and show this is a country that does not like having the time of attack in the countr it's it's prepared to stand together and say we can move on from we this. we will be a country that's stronger because that's how we react to this attack. >> all right. catherine field, live from paris, thank you very much. what do we know so far? sounds like this happened three hours ago in the south and east of france at this company called air products. it's based in the united states. we'll tell you what we know about that right now. heather has been working the
4:03 am
phones and looking up -- what do we know about air products? >> i've been on the phone with the company. they have locations in the middle east, europe, china, all over the world. they make specialty gases and chemicals used in every aspect, they say, of american life. the security department speaking with me, not giving a ton of that is one that is one of their locations. they're listed on the new york stock exchange. this is a significant company. they're listed as 276 on the fortune 500. publicly traded company, american-based company. allen town, pennsylvania one of their locations. >> did the security official mention heightened security there at the headquarters? >> not just yet. we have calls to other people in the company. i wanted to bring this initial information and highlight the fact this is an american company that may have been known to >> >> we'll work on that.
4:04 am
>> in that area are chemical weapons. i don't know i don't know if these were used in any way, shape, form as maybe weapons. maybe that could be some type of >> it >> it appears the company is largely involved in kinds of chemicals used for american i'll products. i'll look into that. >> we don't know whether or not they have connection to u.s. >> military? >> i do not know that as of this ti they are a u.s. they are a u.s. based company a, on the new york stock exchange, publicly traded. this is a huge story. allen town, pennsylvania. >> the reason we're interested in the products that is the company the terrorists drove up to in france and started setting off explosions, ten people hurt. they dropped the body of a decapitated person they had taken in along the way, cut off his head. they had written islamic slogans on the head and had isis flags.
4:05 am
>> one attacker has been killed, the other arrested. they've apparently been on a list in france. french wasted no time calling this a terrorist attack. >> a real game changer in this debate if attacker did say know this was a u.s. based company. this should put, would put u.s. companies around the the globe on heightened alert as they should be. >> they've got america in france. >> >> apparently according to french press account this is morning, intel agencies in france had been on red a alert. be ready for something. maybe they had a heads up something like this was >> happening. >> heather, thank you. >> i'll make phone calls. >> you've got other news? >> i do. another fox news alert. following a tragedy that nine happened. nine were killed when a sightseeing plane crashed in alaska. holland america
4:06 am
holland america westdam ship. that's 800 miles outside of anchorage. there was there was bad weather at the time. rescuers have been rescuers have been unable to reach the debris but will dry again this morning. final farewell. president obama set to deliver the eulogy at pastor pinckney's funeral today. he was one of the nine murdered inside the emanuel ame church last week. the first two funerals for ethel lance and coleman singleton were held yesterday. donald trump planning to sue univision after the network said it will no longer carry the miss usa message in response to trump's recent talk about
4:07 am
trump mexicans. trump called the post disgraceful and said the network broke the contract with him and he has no choice but to sue. >> univision wanted to do a republican debate. wonder if they would be fair? >> not so sure. >> don't go far. we want to talk to you again. it's six minutes after the hour. let's change gears. that's right. the attack many france we've been following for you. mike baker joining us on the curvy couch here. one attacker was killed, the other arrested. one or both said to be known to french internal security what what do you know now? >> they were both on a list as far as the french intel service of their involvement in social media discussions and association with others that were also monitored. again, you can't -- what you going to do? put 24 hour surveillance on
4:08 am
everybody you're concerned with? not going to happen. >> sounds like garland, texas. we were following those guys for years but doesn't mean you can watch every second of every day. >> people talked about garland and boston marathon attack and all these things. you say how could they not stop they were them? they were being reviewed but at same time you bump up against what you're allowed to do in the we want jurisdiction. we want everything, privacy is, civil liberties, but absolute >> security. >> they said we're going to give our guys more freedom, hire 2700 people over years. they saw that. people approved the threat. >> there's no doubt. national security council in france is meeting shortly and going to talk about this. they meet constantly and talk about this all the time. they're very good at what they do in terms of trying to prevent incidents like this.
4:09 am
the problem with counter terrorism, anyone that's been involved understands, you can't stop everything. >> let me ask you about your instinc heather heather telling us about the corporate headquarters for this company in allen town, pennsylvania, not t far from do here. do your instincts point to increased security after the terrorist alert there in france. what do you do here? >> no doubt the security department will look at this. the thing is raise your level of i concern. i suspect the attackers weren't doing corporate research and thinking this is a u.s. company. i think they thought this is an infrastructure company from france perspective, attractive that it's a soft target. they were able to access it. i don't think the connection to the u.s. company was on the top of their mind. >> there was a video. catherine e mayed the company with details.
4:10 am
well known isis propaganda from january threatened u.s., belgium and french assets directly. it said quote, we advise we'll come to you with car bombs and explosive charges and cut off your heads. they came in a car, had ex employees hivs and cut off at least one head. >> absolutely. they do what they say they're going to do. we have this thing -- we constantly make this mistake -- not to get off on a tang ent. they'll come out and make a statement saying we're not going to allow inspections of our sights. the white house the white house says he's doing politics. extremists extremists come out and say you can't paint all with a broad we have brush. we have to work to figure out how to minimize. enough is enough. we have top line a significant extremist problem. we have to call it muslim extremism and quit being so
4:11 am
sensitive. sensitive. we've got to get over we've got to get over sensitivity. took sensitivity. took us a little while to talk from the french perspective, this is a terrorist attack. they wrote on this man's a forehead before they cut it off. they had isis banners, an isis what what do you think it is? >> this is an american company even if you feel it's not going to be a link. i would add to this, i think there's got to be somebody, some leader, to draw the link from iraq to syria to libya to france. until until then, there's going to be no appetite to get their headquarters to stop this flow of attackers. >> absolutely. we've got to function more. we tend to want to put things in a box and say here it is. we've got to operate on different levels. we've got to reach out to communities here in the u.s. and elsewhere. the the best way to identify individuals going off the rails is through families, through people that know them. at the same time, only way we're
4:12 am
going to stop this is take back the territory and stop their ability to say we have what we always wanted . >> isn't the problem is that's their territory. they're going to move it somewhere else. >> it's like cockroaches, step on it here, they show up over i don't hate to say it. here. it's not a bad analogy in a sense. you're right. we have you're right. we have to be pragmatic, deal with the problem in front of us. we'd love to think somewhere down the road we're going to get to root causes of extremism. >> it's not attractive, not something you should do. not a lifestyle that's ende looks looks like something glorious. afraid to attack a. >> what would you like to hear from the white house today? >> a, talk in very explicit terms about this being an isis
4:13 am
terrorist attack. a muslim extremist attack against -- once again, freedom, democracy, allies. step up and be strong. what we see didn't see. the president walking in the line with the leaders out front. i would like us to get to the pointy edge of the sphere, take the world stage. >> president hollande of france is going to be making a statement at the ue summit in we'll see what he brussels. we'll see what he has to say. mike baker, thank you. coming up, more on breaking news out of france. this is the story. one man got decapitated, several others injured in the terror over attack. over ten. the suspect the suspect was dressed as a delivery man. his disturbing ties to isis next. the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand,
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some serious side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney failure. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. a fox news alert. one man decapitated and several others injured in the terror attack at a chemical factory in eastern france about six hours >> ago. >> french officials report two attackers arrived in a car with
4:18 am
good morning banners. good morning what what do we know now? >> we've been able to confirm the intelligence community as well as counter terrorism officials are aware and we have we have confirmation of details. we're getting from the french interior ministry and local media reports the men went inside and launched series of e after after that, the decapitated body was found. there are now photos online of the scene and area that's been courted off by police. you can see, hanging if you will, from the fence what appears to be a t-shirt. that appears to be where the head was located, reportedly 30 feet from the rest of the body. the reason i want to flag this
4:19 am
now, this is identified as a company called air products. this is multithat shat it is it is based in pennsylvania. it doesn't appear it was an attack directed at an american firm in france. >> you sent out information that talked about the video that came out from january. what did it say? >> that is correct. this is a two minute video. isis has been almost prolific with the propaganda. this particular video sort of came to my mind this morning because it was specific in that it said it would target u.s., france, belgium. it talked about how isis operatives would drive ek videos with gas canisters or explosives and behead individuals. i'm not saying the two are connected but this would appear
4:20 am
to be a carbon copy of this threat from january. >> there are parallels. i also get the sense the french authorities knew this guy, knew who he was. the one that is dead or the one they have in custody now. they've been very aggressive, france, since january about the terror threat in their country. >> they have. you're correct. based on reports, they have a handle on at least one of the sus the the french are in the same position that u.s. investigators are in that they simply do not have the manpower to provide 24 hour surveillanceier this year journalists, we were able to meet with the french interior minister. he said the key is tracking individuals because they simply cannot stop them from from going to syria and iraq. >> thanks.
4:21 am
coming up, did the charleston church shooting suspect have bigger plans? we have new details in a live report just ahead. ahe ahead. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. ♪ introducing the samsung galaxy s6 active only from at&t. tested to withstand pretty much anything life throws your way. get a galaxy s6 active for zero down and get a free samsung tablet.
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4:24 am
. . a fox news alert for you now. new new proof that accused mass killer dylann roof was planning a bigger massacre. >> the charleston community plans to come together for the pastor of clementa pinckney. the president will deliver the eulogy today. >> phil is live in charleston with more. phil, the church may not have been his ultimate destination, the shooter. >> reporter: yeah, some are wondering this morning t massacre, extreme massacre of
4:25 am
nine inside bible class in the basement of mother emanuel church wasn't the final plan of roof. a new report out a new report out of south carolina involves a police report a few months ago it was found an assault rifle and six banana clips. according to the officer, dylann told him he was hoping to obtain an assault rifle. apparently he never did, but what if he had? last night the seating will be packed to the rim for the funeral of this church. finally had the last viewing last night. last night, two and a half
4:26 am
hours, hundreds if not thousands lined into the ame church to pay last respects, make a prayer, as they looked at open casket of pinckney who was also a long term state summer. outside the street, outside the arena now, even though we're hours from the funeral beginning, there are more than a thousand lined up in hot heat and humidity in charleston. >> thank you very much. a fox news alert for you at home. attackers attackers reportedly carrying islamic flags, rammed a gas factory, set off explosion and beheaded one person. we have details about the frds for suspense. unbridled jealousy.
4:27 am
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4:30 am
. . back now with a fox news france alert. france under attack. one person savagely beheaded, two others injured when explosions rocked the american company which is, has a location in south eastern france. french president francois hollande confirming the worst and says that was a terrorist >> >> the suspect said to be radicalized to jihad. another suspect was shot and killed in the fire fight. one of them was known. we have the latest with amy live from london. this is developing fast and furious. what's the what's the latest? >> reporter: >> reporter: hi brian. according to accomplices, the interior minister was just speaking saying accomplices are
4:31 am
held and more being sought. islamic flags were found at the crime scene. clearly a terrorist attack, call had the officially. i don't think there was question all along. i think initial reports suggested isis. we don't know exactly the af we don't we don't know a whole lot about the main suspect who is being questioned now. he had radicalized according to french authorities. the number of young muslims radicalizing has been rising at such a rate. those going off to syria and coming back, it is clear it's more than the authorities can they're handle. they're short on man handle. in the meantime, president hollande in brussels dealing with a host of important issues here in europe from the immigration crisis to greek economic crisis is hustling back to france to be there, conduct emergency meetings.
4:32 am
he has appealed for rational. he's asking people not to get too emotion and wial and worked. both he and the interior minister stating france needs to assert values, not be cowled by these threats. france had been on a red alert several weeks, on top of the heightened alert after the attacks at "charlie hebdo." two injured, one person beheaded. he had been he had been carjacked apparently by at least the main suspect, beheaded and then this suspect and possibly another and accomplices went on and carried out the attack at the chemical factory. back to back to >> >> that's interesting. carjacked and beheaded. that explains the scenario. >> one other tidbit by the press conference of the foreign apparently apparently they have not
4:33 am
translated the message inscribed on the beheaded head of the man they murdered. >> they were trying to figure out if the head and body belonged to one another. that translation ahead. meantime, founder of the thank you for thank you for being with us this what's morning. what's your reaction? >> we are seeing a trend devel if if you look at recent years, it's not just "charlie hebdo." we have the attack against the canadian parliament, the cafeteria attack in australia. let's not forget the british soldier who was decapitated on the streets of england. this is a new trend in jihadi attack, taking the fight to the mainland of infidel. this is a very serious attack because allegedly it was not just a decapitation, they were tempting to blow up this
4:34 am
they had they had gas canisters in the vehicle. if that if that proves to be correct, they are upping the game to next level of ferocity. >> steve mentioned they're working on translation of what was written on the head of the decapitated person. have you seen that before where someone is writing on the head of a decapitated person? >> there have been examples of this before in the region where fighting is happening in syria and iraq. never before in infidel countries in the west. that's also new as well. >> dr. gorka, what do you make of the fact the intention was, as we heard from katherine in january, isis put out a slid yoef they were going to behead peopl stuff like that. what do you make of the fact the apparent target was based in united states of america called air products? apparently it's a gas company.
4:35 am
they do things like liquid nitrogen and oxygen and gas do you think it do you think it might have been aimed at united states company? >> both are absolutely possible. terrorism is about spreading you want you want to look for a symbolic you want you want to look for one that creates as much drama as from possible. from the point of jihadis, we are all infidels. after they established the caliphate in the middle east, they want to come after us eventually. of course of course the west has -- america is seen as the pinnacle of person civilization which must be destroyed. if you take the attack to europe, france, it makes a lot of sense to find a very, very attractive, american target. >> doctor, thanks for joining we us. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
4:36 am
now let's go out to the islamic expert. fox news contributor. welcome back. >> great to be with you. thanks for having me. >> first off, i've got to share this report. turns out french are saying they've been following one of these suspects since 2006, linked to a caliphate group way back then. they've been following this guy a long time. can does this surprise you? >> not at all. the interesting thing, counter terrorism operations have when changed. when fighting al qaeda, it was a top-down organization we targeted bin laden types, those setting up operational attacks. isis is more of an separationle less organizational groups. those that believe in caliphate or islamic states or i call it
4:37 am
islamic patriots, those that die any time, anywhere, any place. those are people that could commit these facts. i don't like to call them lone they're wolves. they're not alone. the conveyer belt from these attacks come from groups that believe in dominance of islamic states over the west, secular >> democracy. >> these are the worst of the >> worst. >> the they are the those that believe everything has to be done the way it was in the seventh century. doesn't intend they want to commit acts of violence. this implies those that want to bring back everything that was done in the seventh century. they are the pool, if you will, that isis gets recruits from. >> we spoke to dr. gorka and
4:38 am
asked about the inscription on the head of the individual beheaded, left on the fence outside this factory. when you see that -- he indicate had the technique, we'll call it for now, has not been seen in this area before but had been in what does what does this indicate? >> this individual wants to make it clear and not let anyone mistake the fact in the west this is part of isis, part of terror operation to let the west know they've been victimized, let leaders of isis take credit. leaders of isis didn't necessarily do this or ask for it. they were they were inspiring it. he wants to make sure it's obviously what was done and no one mistakes it. we targeted the leader who asked for attacks in paris on the
4:39 am
"charlie hebdo" magazine in january. we can't we can't ignore this may be a pushback for that. >> you may be right. dr. gorka, let us ask you about thi something something new in this particular we heard we heard from amy a moment ago, apparently the beheading victim dumped there at the air products in south eastern trance, apparently was car jacked somewhere else. they symbolically brought his body to that facility and posted his head with arabic writings on his head. that adds different dimension. that's not somebody they killed on location. they brought in the body. >> right. it reinforces the fact everybody is a target. we've seen this in the region. even if this is operationally run by isis, it's definitely,
4:40 am
absolutely inspired by isis. we have lots of images from the middle east, syria, iraq of people being decapitated and heads put on a curb, on a fence this is post. this is the message they want to whoever you whoever you are, whether driving to work in your car, you're an infidel and must be targeted. >> let me ask you this. when bin laden hit us on 9-11 we knew there was a terror group this afghanistan, therefore game we we technically did get hit. this is an american company. we know where terrorists are. they're in syria. raqqa is their headquarters. would it make a difference if we hit them? >> absolutely. we have decided as a nation to deploy 450 trainers. the truth is only 120 of those soldiers are trainers. the rest are a security force to protect them. isis has tens of thousands of fighters in the middle east. now they have cells in europe.
4:41 am
we're deploying 120 personal they will. we don't look serious. we look like the jv team. >> sure. we thank you both for joining us on this friday. >> keen insight. thanks. now this. if you're just waking up, a brutal terror attack carried out in france in an american one company. one person has been beheaded. we have learned there's multiple people now arrested. presidential candidate governor bobby jindal reacts to breaking news to you at home next. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps.
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4:45 am
yesterday univision announced they would not air trump's miss usa. >> >> they didn't like how trump described problems at the >> >> there's a five year contract apparently and a lot owed. i'm sure lawyers are involved now. also alberto, univision president posted this last week with a side by side image. it's horrible. donald trump side by side with the charleston, south carolina killer dylann roof saying no >> comments. >> that's can defamation. could you imagine if that was you? this site this site received a ton of backlash including donald >> trump's. >> keep in mind, that's the guy that runs univision programming.
4:46 am
univision had been saying republicans come on to do a we'll debate. we'll be fair and balanced. he was upset what trump said a week ago talking about mexicans in this country. here's a flash back. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending its best. it's sending people that have lots of problems. they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. some, i assume, are good people. >> that was last week. >> donald trump said this in "the kelly file" last night. >> i think it's disgraceful. he immediately can deleted it. lawyers will have a field day. we have a binding contract they pay a lot of money. they broke it. they have no right to do it. >> would you sit at univision for a forum after this?
4:47 am
>> based on the polls i easily i qualify. i guess i would probably go. i would go and defend myself. >> special council to mr. trump said there are no words to describe this. placing his photo beside this racist murderer, it was totally they're insensitive. they're calling for his immediate resignation from >> univision. >> i say no boycotts. say what you want to say, but go to the stage and do it. >> before the boycott, apparently trump is going to be suing. according to according to tmz, trump will sue for hundreds of millions of dollars because they're breaching hah five year contract. >> donald trump already has a lot of money. >> he does. >> it could be trumpvision if he wins that. more terrorist attack a france. a gas factory targeted.
4:48 am
bobby jindal will weigh many on the breaking news when we come back. on the breaking news when we come back. on the breaking news when we come\ b \n on in on the breaking news when we come back. back. in on thin on the breaking news when we come back. in on the breaking news when we come back. in on the breaking news when we come back. our eyes...they have a 200-degree range of sight. which is good for me hey! ... and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now with our most vitamin d three ever. we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology
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4:51 am
fox news alert. just about ten minutes before the top of the hour. continuing our live coverage of the brutal terror attack on france. joining joining us to weigh in is newly announced republican candidate louisiana governor bobby jindal. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having he back on the show. >> good to have you. it's a breaking news day. of course there's a beheading in apparently a apparently a couple guys, isis sympathizers or members of isis dropped off a beheaded body at a company in south eastern france.
4:52 am
clearly terror. they've labeled it there. what do you have to say? >> couple things. our heart goes out to the this is this is an american company. you're exactly right. we need a commander in chief that will name the enemy. our president does not like to use those words. he likes to apologize for america, criticize the crusades and medieval christians. enough of that. we need moral clarity and we honesty. we need a commander-in-chief that says we're going to hunt down and contain these terrorists. we've seen the attack we've seen the attack in garland, garland, texas and again in france and australia. they're not just beheading and killing innocent in the middle this is this is an evil, evil terrorist group that wants to kill innocent westerners and let
4:53 am
americans. own and kill them. >> you've been criticized. now you vocal about the assimilation as it relates to radical islam. >> it doesn't make sense to let people come in our country and use the free freedoms as other if if you want to come to america, come in legally, do the work. i'm tired of hyphenated americans. we're we're not rich, poor, we're americans. my my parents came here legally 40 years ago in search of the american dream. they came, their children, my brother and i, were born here. they wanted to raise us as they're they're proud of indian heritage, but if they wanted to raise us indian, they would have stayed in india. >> there's not purpose of
4:54 am
assimilation when it comes to radical islam and home grown please tererror. please >> >> we we used to call ourselves the melting pot. in europe's second and third generation immigrants do not consider themselves part of that they're using they're using the freedoms of western societies to undermine freedoms of others. they recognize the lib terty of othe it's it's not enough to condemn acts of terrorism. they need to condemn the individuals and say heir going straight the to hell and not reward in the afterlife. >> why do you think the president says that? >> i can predict. it is non sense. we've got a president who loves to apologize for america, first commander in chief that doesn't believe in american he's
4:55 am
he's trying to change the american dream in the european nightmare useing government dependence here at home. he doesn't try to deter putin to stay out of the ukraine. he's about to give a bad deal to iran who could start a nuclear arms race in the middle east. he doesn't understand peace through strength. >> governor, you rolled out your campaign a couple days ago, have been going strong sense. there are so many candidates. how did somebody break through their message so the american public goes wait a minute, that person is my favorite? >> couple of things i'm doing differently. we have we have got to embrace our let me let me translate for you. that means there's can d.c. folks, republican establishment leader that say we've got to hide our conservative beliefs.
4:56 am
that's non sense. why don't we campaign on what we believe in? we immediate big change in d.c. i've got a proven track error. we don't need talkers. we need doers in the white we already we already have a talker in the white house. i've got budget 26%. our state economy has done well. we're in top ten for jobs the hour the hour is late in d.c. for our look country. look at this president president and damage he's done here at home. we don't we don't have time to wait. we've got to restore the american dream for our children. i'm asking people to join a cause not just a campaign. let's get our country back. >> hearing from governor bobby jin thank you thank you for joining us on this day we're hearing about the terror attack in france. thank you. >> thank you. new details on the beheading in france. attackers targeting the gas facto they they beheaded one person after they carjacked him. apparently they had isis flags
4:57 am
geraldo says we're next and he's next. ♪ ♪ every backyard comes together around a grill and kingsford charcoal. gather 'round. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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5:00 am
even without methotrexate. ask about xeljanz. good morning to you. it's friday, june 26th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. a man beheaded and multiple arrests following a terror attack in france. ties to isis and breaking developments with geraldo that says there's a chance we are next. and breaking news on a cruise tragedy. cruise passengers crashed overnight, everybody on board killed. what what may have caused the crash as crew workers are trying to reach the wreckage in a remote location. and a dangerous stunt gone
5:01 am
horribly wrong. watch. an escape an escape artist nearly drowns as chris angel rushes to his we'll rescue. we'll give you the details. "fox & friends" starts right now. well well for the last two hours our show has been dominated as well as your conscious about what happened in france. no doubt about it isis-inspired. at least ten people wounded and one is dead. >> one dead and decapitated with an arabic phrase printed on the head there. they're working to translate it was it was 30 yards from the body. investigation underway now. france waste nothing time calling this terror. joining us geraldo with >>
5:02 am
>> good morning. my first reaction was three days we celebrated when a drone strike took out the guy that planned the benghazi attack that killed ambassador stephens and three others. i thought this sounded like a retaliation to that. i also understand that you had the january video in which terror attacks were announced and threatened in france and belgium where the european union is meeting now and here in the united states. that i think is why the united states may indeed be next. this was low tech. you saw the car jacking. that person becomes the lamb, the victim. the gas canisters were in a way it didn't seem a multisecondary explosion. i think i think this is vulnerability of france has a large
5:03 am
civilization. france has a large and rested muslim population. they get angry when people many the we -- people in the west say that, but it's true. >> running for their lives. >> absolutely. you've got all this migrant flowing. it it seems easy to hide amongst them or self-grown. i think what we have now -- you three are barely old enough to remember the ira. the 60s, 70s, 80s where there was constantly explosion here, there, somewhere. i don't know if we labeled it terrorism at that time. it was terrorism. i think that's what we have coming our way now. this kind of self-starting retail, you can do as horrible as you can dream up. you can decapitate. then a drowning, then people set on fire.
5:04 am
the idea is keep us off balance. >> they have identified -- apparently there were two guys dressed as delivery men when they showed up. they may have tried to drive through a fence. one of the victims is identified as a 30-year-old. here's video. the fact they targeted the company called air products based here in the united states. do you think it was targeted just as an american company or has something to do with military or just coincidence that's where they decided to pull up? >> any of those could be true this. guy guy is someone they say they've known about since 2006 which reminded me of the pam gellar attack in texas where they knew that guy for several years and had been tracking him. my question is, and i know you can't follow anyone 24/7. it's impossible.
5:05 am
you soak up too many resources. it seems to me if someone is known and on the radar, you must at least have a faster response reaction time if they begin some kind of caper. i would put chips in them for goodness sake. i would certainly survey the hell out of them if i had the here's resources. here's the guy you have the fear he would commit. that's why french authorities were quick and accurate describing this as a terrorist >> of attack. >> of course. it it should dictate our response in a way. what do you expect from the white house today? >> the president has an emotional eulogy today. >> in a way that's unfortunate.
5:06 am
i don't want to mix that in south carolina and the time for the president obama to calm racial tensions in the country and say charleston is sign of all america how the country has come together to condemn this racist attack on our territory. i guess he can then segway into saying something -- elisabeth more to your point -- that we face all terror. based on race, religion, on nationa i guess i guess he can. no one has ever said he couldn't spin a phrase, the president. i think he can handle both i would messages. i would hate to distract from reverend pinckney's funeral. >> sure. a statement could soon come from the white house this is an american company and american >> ally. >> it would have to be relevant why that place.
5:07 am
>> he'll probably address it. we have the president of the american forum of democracy. they have identified one of the as suspects. as it turns out, one of these guys was on the radar for years but apparently not close enough. >> yeah, i mean, really -- at what point are we going to change the operational tactics to understand this is not organizational but from those those that are anti-western believe in islamic state. the center for security policy had a study, poll released this week showing the adherence to sharia, sympathy for violence against western targets is higher than we think. it's 10, 20, 50%. until we target that idealogical battle and change from the narrative of just
5:08 am
5:09 am
the the sprinter group within the sunni fate. don't most of these attacks trace their origins whether financial or separational. >> the greatest boot camp for isis is saudi arabia. until we realize the so called allies are actually the boot camp fori ied -- attacks ideology.
5:10 am
isis guys are grass roots. >> they're starting to have attacks -- >> the royal family because they want to establish the caliphate could include saudi arabia. >> we think it's in their best interest to stop. >> thanks so much. meanwhile heather about to tell us what is happen in the not world. not good news here. another deadly terror attack taking place overseas. seven are dead after gunmen stormed two beaches in tunisha. the victims brutality -- it happened on the beach. they were in their swimsuits. a local radio station says one gunmen has been killed. we're keep an eye on this. comes three months after 23 were attacked in an attack on a
5:11 am
museum in tanesat tha tunisha. a sightseeing plane crashes in alaska. the group was on board thehip in seattle. this is 800 miles from we are told we are told they'll try once again to reach the site this morning. two arson investigations in black churches. one in georgia and the other in both are both are considered a total church church leaders say they're ready to move forward. >> we've already forgiven them. we know anger does nothing but perpetuate something else to >> happen. >> investigators say there's no
5:12 am
evidence either fire was a hate crime. a dangerous on-stage stunt where a magician gets submerged in water goes horribly wrong. take a look at this. >> they're removing the top of the tank there and starting to lower it. that's the escape artist that nearly drowned in the water tank 30 feet above the ground. people watched in horror. he wasn't able to get out during rehearsals for chris angel's new the the crew, including angel, jumping into action pulling him to safety. he's at home recovering. those are headlines. i'll see you here in a bit. 12 minutes after the hour. we continue to follow our coverage on the terror attack. one man beheaded, multiple arrests following the terror attack in france.
5:13 am
ten wounded at least. up next.
5:14 am
♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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"what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do. fox news alert. one killed, another in custody after a brutal attack on a
5:17 am
french company, american-owned, that left one beheaded and two others hurt. what can does this mean for our fight against isis? joining us the member of the house oversight and government committee and ohio congressman jim jordan from columbus. good morning to you. >> good to be with you steve. >> apparently these guys carjacked somebody, cut off their head in the car, showed up at this american-owned factory over in france, and then flew a couple isis flags, posted the guy's head on a wall, and tried to set off bombs. >> yeah. i mean, just when you think you can't be shocked anymore, we see the level of depravity and evil these folks are capable of. i think it underscores what governor jindal said that we need a more focused comprehensive strategy from this administration that involves real american leadership if we're going to have a chance to stop how bad and evil these guys
5:18 am
ar >> >> sure. of course the thing of course the thing about terror is it doesn't have to kill a million to scare people all over the world. people looking in now across the country thinking, i wonder if that could happen here. >> yeah. well, i mean look -- while we have to project strength -- the world is a scary dangerous the world the world is better, safer when america leads. everyone understands that. we need more of it from this >> administration. >> congressman, we initially booked you to talk about the fact house republicans are now considering impeaching the head of irs regarding the louis learner investigation. what has he done that you're considering impeachment? >> look, every time he comes to testify, we learn something he said wasn't accurate. we first had a subpoena
5:19 am
requesting all information regarding the targeting of conservative groups. there was an order to protect documents part of the targeting of conservative groups. his chief council knew in february of last year they had missing e-mails and problems with lerner's e-mail. he comes and assures the economy they'll get us all documents. earlier is this the month they destroyed 422 tapes. there's a preservation order and subpoena to make sure we get the information. irs irs destroys it. three weeks later, he testifies we're going to get it to you. those are actions we have to look into seriously. that's what the committee is >> doing. >> irs destroyed evidence they knew they had to produce. >> potentially 24,000 e-mails
5:20 am
steve. potentially potentially 24,000 e-mails from the critical time frame involving the critical person, lerner, and they destroy it. >> was he lying? >> he wasn't being truthful. >> what's the difference? >> the difference is did he knowingly lie. what he told us turned out to not to be true. it wasn't the first time. he sent a letter few months later saying we lost her >> e-mails. >> congressman jim jordan where heir considering impeaching the head of irs. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> what do you think of that >>. >>. coming up, vaccines mandatory for every child. that just passed.
5:21 am
should that be the parent's that's decision? that's coming up. a boy hailed a hero after saving his grandfather's life on father's day. we'll have them next with the incredible rescue story. that's next on "fox & friends." when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
5:24 am
quick headlines now. accused mass killer dylann roof may have been planning a bigger massacre. get get this. in in an arrest, police find plans to get an assault rifle and ammo in his car. president obama will be delivering the eulogy for pinckney today. we'll cover it. parents citing religious or personal reasons will no longer
5:25 am
exempt kids from vaccination. it heads to governor jerry brown for approval. thanks brian. talk about a bright light. this is a 6-year-old named graham and his grandfather carl. they were on a boat but the dream day turned to a nightmare when they were thrown off the jet ski. >> he was lying there with his mouth and nose under water. >> i don't know if i was unconscious or not. i remember having my face under water but couldn't spin over. >> he kept his head straight to make sure i was okay. i think that's why i'm here. >> now the bright spot. little graham swam 100 yards and pulled his grand pa to safety. gram joins us now. good morning to you graham and carl. carl, carl, if you could walk us
5:26 am
through what happened. you were on the jet ski. what's the last thing you >> remember? >> last thing i remember was going across a wave behind the boat and is losing control of the vessel we were on. >> okay. so you're in the water -- graham, how old are you buddy, >> six? >> >> you're >> you're 6 years old. what did you see when you looked in the water and saw your what grandpa? what did you notice? >> what? >> what can did you see? what was happening with your >> grandpa? >> his face was under water. >> did you get scared? >> well, after i flipped him over, i started talking to him and crying. i was saying that we were never going to get back home. >> yeah. you were scared.
5:27 am
you weren't scared without taking action. you did something so brave. you flipped your grandpa over. did you tug him back to the jet >> ski? >> yes. >> >> how did you do that? you're six. did you know you were that strong bud? >> yes. >> carl, what does it mean to you're you're sitting next to your hero right now. >> i know. it's just amazing to me. i really know if graham wouldn't have acted like he did, i wouldn't be here today. i thought i was drowning. i am proud of that little boy. >> he's right there next to you. graham, because of you, your grandpa can give you a big oel hug today. do you want to give each other a big hug? >> yeah. >> what feels better -- graham,
5:28 am
you're a young man with exceptional strength. you're a hero. car, glad you're here to talk about it. you have a lovely family. we needed this bright light. >> thank you so much. appreciate that. >> good work graham. wow. up next, two big breaking news stories overseas. one a terror attack in france. one person is beheaded. a massacre on a beach, gunman opening fire on two popular tourist hotels leaving 27 dead the the gunman is on the loose. it's a busy breaking news morning here on fox. stay right there and we'll bring you more. ♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
france france under attack this morning. multiple arrests a man is savagely beheaded after a carjacking in a brutal terror attack at an american-owned company in france. >> that's right steve. one suspect is believed to have been radicalized jihad and another suspect killed in the attack. >> amy >> amy is following the latest from london. >> a lot of moving parts and information coming out turning out to be conflicting. it's not clear about the second suspect being killed. we can say the interior minister has said several have been arrested who may have been acco the the one main man, the person they call the actor, in police they custody. they say he was radicalized as part of the movement in 2006. police were watching him. somehow the order to watch this
5:33 am
man was not renewed in 2008. there will be lots of questions as to why he was let loose from authorities are in authorities. authorities are in the grim process of trying to translate what was written on the decapitated head of the one victim in this attack. two islamic flags were found at the scene. authorities are saying this is an act of terrorism which was clear there the start. we don't know what affiliation terrorists may have had. there were reports in the french media that the main actor here, possibly sali, carjacked someone on the way to the factory in that was the person that was france. that was the person that was decapitated. that decapitated. that media report has not been confirmed yesterday. we do not know why the factory was targeted.
5:34 am
all factory workers have been accounted for. they will not say if the two hurt were workers in the factory. >> >> is the suspect in custody speaking to authorities? >> yes, as far as we understand he is speaking. they're look for possible, even further suspects. they have a group of people they're interrogating. that includes the main suspect that fell off radar in 2008. >> thanks. >> indeed. meanwhile another terror attack to tell you about in the country of tunisha. apparently two different tourist hotels along the water. isis gunmen have opened fire on sun bathers at these two particular tunishian hotels. we know at least 27 have been killed so far. the shootout occurred between
5:35 am
isis member who is identified themselves as isis to locals and security personnel at the two tunisian hotels. 27 dead in tunisia. >> they were lying sun bathing on the beach when they were they're they're looking for tourists. for a long time that was the success story on the area to rise from the terrorism. steve, american company in france for isis. this a two for. am i wrong to think there's a >> link? >> i don't think you're wrong. the french issue could have been a coordinated attack. now you have tunisia. a month ago we said isis is on a
5:36 am
march and going to begin here. they're radicalizing people in i i fear we're going to get hit. >> those are soft targets. >> they are. the one in france, they didn't look for a large populated city. they went to a suburb. low security, police probably not trained well in counter we have security. we have the same problem here. i have said for years we need local police and citizens engaged in what? a war. >> we need to retrain our cops. the u.s. government and justice department is taking tools they need to fight a war. this is going to be a gorilla war in this country. unlike anything we've seen in this country is on its way here. what we're seeing in france and tunisha is prelude of what's
5:37 am
coming here. >> according toipparently there personnel shooting back at isis members as they owned fire on sun bathers. as a soft target, one thing. somebody had guns. in the french attack, what they did was -- before they got to the air products company, apparently they car jacked someone off the street and then killed him. >> that's a report that there's pushback on that. >> really issue. >> they said one of the people could have been hit inside. >> the decapitated person on the head has arabic writing. >> elisabeth, there you go. they were bent on beheading someone to send a clear message to the western world, guess what, we're coming. >> you can protect a hotel and building but can't protect somebody getting picked up off the street. >> absolutely not. we're talking a well armed well
5:38 am
financed military operation. it's beyond my comprehension why america doesn't get that. this is not work place violence. this is a wrar. we're going to win this war and fight it. >> some say we have an investigation in all 50 states according to the fbi director. the people in texas we had an eye on and people in boston we had talked to. >> i believe the fbi have done a suburb job and we haven't been hit hard yet. the homeland security needs to send funds to local police departments to get cops in every city and town sharing that that's how that's how you win this war. >> steve rogers with the breaking news analysis is. thank you. >> thanks. 22 minutes before the top of
5:39 am
the hour, lots of other news today ether. >> yeah. fired over his fashion choice. a police officer is off the job after posting himself on facebook wearing confederate flag boxer shorts. charleston officials say he was let go because the foe toy undermined ability to have a trust. a georgia student is fired accused of putting a student with autism in a trash can. she told the school board the student was asking like oscar the grouch. she said she held him over the trash can to quote shake out the grouchy. she's she's charged with felony child cruelty. a girl leaps from a moving car saving herself and baby sister from being kidnapped. see her mother chasing the sedan
5:40 am
as it speeds away from a 7/11 in a a man jumped inside with the girls while the mom was outside the car in the store. a 10-year-old grabbed her 2-year-old sister and jumped >> out. >> she's a hero. she saved her and her baby the the instinct of the child was >> amazing. >> the girl had bumps and the accused the accused carjacker is still on the run. those are your headlines. see you in just a little bit. thanks. >> >> thanks heather. did you see the facebook post that's going viral. it says i'm offended that everyone is offended by you're something. you're going to hear from the author of that post from the army national guard. that's coming up next. and the summer concert series on the stage. here's "why you
5:41 am
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5:45 am
she again. she doesn't appear excited about the baby news. the 24-year-old writing this on her blog. i know this has been and will be a huge disappoint to my family, friends and many of you. last year palin called off plans to marry dakota meyer. meanwhile in other news, earlier today we brought you this story of an infantry officer in the jordan jordan michael thompson. he got fed up with what he was seeing in the news. he decided to post something on his facebook page. there he is now. as it turns out, this guy's rant about political correctness has gone viral in a big way. a lot of people are inspired by his openness to express his personal opinion. >> that's right. this is what his facebook quote sai i'm i'm offended that everyone is offended by something. i'm offended of what our country
5:46 am
has bchlkt i'm offend had the people care more about taking down an outdated confederate flag than when people destroy american flag being burned in the street. >> he started off the post i'm offended because i'm white male, people classify me as privilege regardless of what i've come from or been through. if you're interesting in reading it, we'll link it on our web page website. hundreds know his story now. >> that's right. up next, jana's big performance on the way. you're not going to want to miss >> it. >> martha, i know your lead >> story. >> good morning guys. a lot going on. stunning news out of france and tunisia. two terrorist two terrorist attacks, a bed
5:47 am
heading. how will the court decide today? the the state department says they did not find the e-mails blumenthal produced. why is that? we'll talk about that when we see you at the top of the hour. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. time for a new routine.eartburn flare-ups? try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn.
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it's been a busy day here on fox news channel. it's a friday in summer. our concert series starts with jana kramer. >> no series would be complete without you perforperforming. tell us what has been going on. >> i got married a month ago. you guys would love him.
5:51 am
he used to be a football player. >> you could be a good receiver >> >> >> >> cong >> >> >> >> i got the boy. some would think that song was about him. >> i just got that. i'm a little slow. >> what about a quarterback on stage now? >> sure. >> no surprise the one you're saving is the big hit sweeping the country "got the boy." tell us about that song. you didn't write it but feel you lived it. >> i've tried to write this song my entire song writing career. it's about my high school sw first first loves are always ones that stay with you. first time i heard it i was like -- >> do you like that song? >> maybe he's watching. i know your family probably -- the biggest fox news fans in >> >> yeah, huge. they're still all in detroit. >> do you still feel attached to
5:52 am
detroit even though you've gone >> country? >> there's county baby come everywhere. come on. there's there's a lot of country in >> michigan. >> >> your grandma got you into >> country. >> i watch because of her. i have a mad girl crush on this >> one. >> are you ready? >> i'm so ready. >> here she is. she's got the boy. >> yes, she does. ♪ ♪ ♪ i saw your picture in a paper honeymooning jamaica ♪ ♪ she's a lucky girl ♪ you look so grown up in a black tux from a ball cap in a pick up ♪ ♪ seems like another world ♪ you and me and our big dreams
5:53 am
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5:54 am
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5:55 am
♪ we each got something, the other we'll never have ♪ ♪ i got the long hair, hot head ♪ ♪ she got the cool and steady hand ♪ ♪ i got the boy and she got the man ♪ ♪ i got the boy, and she got the man ♪ ♪ >> thank you. >> thank you. your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light.
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♪ we'll take you wherever you go. ♪ you know how you can say thank you to jana kramer? download her music. >> or a thank you note or big she'd she'd rather have you download
5:59 am
the music. >> hope you enjoy. >> where you going next after >> this? >> we have a show today in dover, delaware. >> today? >> today, yeah, 6:00. >> after the show, you're going to play one more song for fans >> here. >> >> yeah. >> stay tuned for that. in the meantime, ladies and gentlemen, anna joining us with a profile of tomorrow's >> tomorrow on "fox & friends" >> tomorrow on "fox & friends" weekend we have weekend we have governor rick perry and 2016 dials and a trooper and a boy he saved in a crash 16 years ago. we have them both on the show. >> great story. we'll be watching today and tomorrow also. >> how are you going to be a dual threat actress and sing >> senator. >> i'm just focused on my album coming out later this year and single "i got the boy." >> when is it coming out?
6:00 am
>> september-octoberish. >> it's up to them. >> yeah. >> congratulations on your new married life. to set the stage with poster there is. >> thank you for making them. >> thank you very much for joining us today. thanks everybody. stay with us. we'll see you tomorrow. today. breaking news as apparent isis-driven attacks hit three countries within hours of each other this morning, in france, in tunisia, and in kuwait. we will start this morning in france where there is at least one person dead, two hurt in an apparent isis inspired attack on an american-owned chemical plant that is based in southeastern france. multiple reports of arrests so far this morning. possibly accomplices still at large. we have a lot to go through and some horrific attacks we're just learning of today. i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom." >> is. >> to be with you here, martha, i'mel


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