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tv   FOX News Reporting Crossing Jordan -- Escape From Terror  FOX News  June 26, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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quote from justice kennedy it would misunderstand these men and women to say they that quote from justice kennedy, they do understand it. they ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law, the constitution grants them that right. what do you think? let me know. the constitution grants them that. what do you think? let me know. with the syrian regime terrorizing its with the syrian regime terror izeizing the people. and isis on the rampage as well. >> either we become muslims or pay the taxes or they will kill us. >> some wonder if america should do more? >> there is a full-blown holocaust. >> with jordan cause in the cross-fire its leader standing up to the problem, can america
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afford to stay on the sideline? >> you kill the bad line sones. >> fox news reporting. crossing jordan: escape from terror from amman, jordan brett baier. >> we come to you tonight from amman, jordan the capital. a region swept violently into turmoil. this small kingdom sits in the cross-hairs of isis sharing borders with the collapsing states of syria and iraq from which the so-called islamic state has been carved. just beyond blooms iran with ambitions to dominate the region. standing against these currents is the thoroughly modern would-be architect of the middle east jordan's king abdullah a man who is as comfortable joking with jon stewart as he is at the
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helm of the attack cobra. first, he says he will visit ruin on the enemies of his people. jordan is a nation besieged. surrounded by war, this moderate arab country has become in effect another casablanca like in the old humphrey bogart movie, where refugees can find temporary help or plan to return home some day or move on. but how to deal with these people here and now, it's a king-sized problem. >> there are 1.5 million syrian refugees in our country. that is almost 20 21% of our population. >> so i asked king abdullah the second about it. >> only 28 29% of the refugee budget is being covered by the
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whole international community and the rest we have to cover. it's pretty depressing quite honestly. >> reporter: the king is quick to promote an economic vision of his nation which he sees as the potential silicon valley of the muslim world. >> we are a young tech-savvy country. i think we're out of the top ten cup countries for start-ups in the world. >> king abdullah has long held a passion for technology indeed, his wife was involved with apple computer when he met her. as much as the king wishes to move forward, he knows there are plenty of forces out there pulling the region in the opposite direction. radicals who have not only caused the refugee crisis but have made it all but impossible to solve. >> i hate to use the word
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"extremist "because they take it as a badge of honor. when you ask me if i'm an extremist, i'm a moderate. they have nothing to do with understand understanding what our vision is about. >> reporter: and that, to the king, means he must be a strong leader in defense of religious freedom for all. >> i have sought to uphold the true spirits of islam. the islam of peace. >> he sees jordan as a place that can ideally be free from sectarian strife. >> we are in the very spot. >> reporter: that is father h haddad, director of the religious co--existence center in amman, referring to the river jordan where jesus was baptized. >> all the denominations of the
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whole world, with christianity they came to amman, and discovered the problems facing the region. we need to listen to the jordanian voices. >> abdullah believes his background gives him the methods to deal with the conflict. abdullah's family claims to be descended from the religious family. and he has been aparatrooper. >> i did my helicopter flying and flew cobras. >> the staff sergeant said mr. abdullah you're always going to be in the excrement, just how
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variable it will be. >> there is an attack one against the regime. >> that is the regime of bash bashar-al assad. >> can you tell us about that moment? >> basically, it's we're going to bring hell you death upon the bad guys we're going to take it to them. >> you stepped up airstrikes and those strikes are continuing? >> we stepped up big-time. we are the only arab country operating alongside the iraqis in iraq. and we are operating in syria. >> reporter: he dares isis to
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take on jordan. >> if you look at the map of what is going on in syria and iraq where we are working isis is kept at a distance from us and that is not by accident. >> king abdullah is a warrior king. you have been inspired. >> he wants to get after these guys. and when you hear him speak and hear president obama speak you can tell there is a big difference in the way they want to go about this and feel about it in their heart. king abdullah when he talks you know he means business and is serious. >> but his country still violenthas to deal with the refugee problem on his door step we'll look into that and the horror that drove people here when we return. the tradition going at with big savings at bass pro shops. like patriotic and americana shirts and swim trunks starting at only $17.76. and free kids seminars, crafts and our casting challenge. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day.
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third world war in the middle east. we sent reporter benjamin hall to the front lines. jordan's border with syria. >> we're in the far northeast of jordan at the last major military outpost in this vast desert. we're not far from the point where syria, iraq and jordan all meet. and this is also the point where many people fleeing the conflicts cross the sanctuary. we're going to patrol the border trying to find these people and maybe we'll come across some of them ourselves. our patrol quickly comes across whole families fleeing from the desert. fleeing from the conflict in syria, they're given food and water and sent to doctors. from they're sent to various camps. five years ago, this was desert. today, with 82,000 people it's jordan's fourth largest city. there are all sorts here of all ages each with a personal
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tragedy. it's where we met 6-year-old bayanne. she came here with her mother and sisters and just the clothes on her back but without her father. >> i want to sing a song for my father. >> her father is one of the many who has disappeared into the syrian prison system. >> my father was arrested a year ago. >> why was he arrested? >> he went out to buy coffee one day and we didn't see him again. we started to cry when he did not come home. >> but her mother told me her father had died in that syrian prison. and she can't bear to tell b bayanne. >> i have my father's picture on my phone and it's the thing i love the most. why did you leave me? come back to me. >> bayanne's uncle, jamal worked as a bricklayer before the war. >> if any of us were to enter the police stations we used to
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get tortured. >> six or seven months after the war started the army began to raid houses in his neighborhood. >> president assad claims the neighborhood is terrorists. he scared the children. >> next thing he knew for no apparent reason he had been shot and was on his way to prison. >> they kept on claiming i was involved in terrorist activity. they wanted names from me names of terrorists. they wanted to gather information and they even burned me. >> how did they burn you? >> they used an oxygen and gas cylinder used to melt down iron. >> jamal said he was held and tortured every day for a year and a half. before being released. and he immediately went to jordan. >> they used those little poles to hit us and torture us using
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it on all the prisoners. >> almost every camp member has a horrible tale to tell. she lived in a densely populated area just outside damascus. >> tank shells missiles the airstrikes. >> she grew used to the sound of the war. and bashar al-assad's items. the women and her family were woke up at 2:00 a.m. with people telling them to get out of their house. this sound was different, it was the smell. >> i can't explain what the smell was, but my eyesight became weak you can't see very well. well. >> these disturbing images show
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the horror experienced by her and her neighbors that night. someone yelled they're hitting us with chemicals. >> they told us the chemical attacks would only be about ten feet high. so we went to thehe fifth floor because we thought it could not reach that floor. >> her main concern was for her children. >> my husband got us blankets and we soaked the blankets and towels in water and i covered the children with them. but this did not work. then my son was dying, and we started screaming and crying and my husband was slapping his face for him to wake up. he fainted and became unconscious. then i started losing consciousness and started throwing up. then they took us both to the hospital. >> what she saw that night still haunts her. >> i can't describe the scene, seeing people dying, their souls coming out, their bodies expanding. and people were screaming right there in front of me. i saw them.
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their stomachs expanding, the blood coming out of their ears. >> the rockets fired on those people contained the sarin nerve gas, an estimated 1400 people died in that attack. president obama has called the use of chemical weapons, a red line and if syria crossed that line there would be enormous consequences. have you heard that obama said the use of chemicals would be a red line? >> yes. >> then you did expect something to happen? >> we thought that president obama was going to stop the war. >> instead, the u.s. and russia brokered a deal to remove and destroy assad's chemical weapons. but the fighting continues. and indeed so did the chemical attacks, with assad's forces dropping chlorine gas. nobody here can understand obama's inaction.
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we spoke to many people who were in the gas attacks in damascus. and we have heard the horrible stories, the choking, the burning throats, the blood in the ears climbing over dead bodies in the middle of the night. and yet no one came to help them. when a red line was drawn nothing was done. >> america promised to help but they did nothing. >> so says this man, a rebel general in charge of supplying elements to the fsa, the free syrian army. >> the whole world did nothing. with respect to obama, there are no more red lines to draw. bashar al-assad used more than 700 attacks on supervision. >> and may 2014 president obama was asked about assad's alleged use of the chlorine bombs. >> more than two years, there was no military response that he appeared to promise. no retaliation on the part of the u.s. now there is a possibility that
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assad has once again used chemical weapons. what did you tell these leaders who were disappointed before? >> it is true we've seen reports about the use of chlorine in bombs that have the effect of chemical weapons. chlorine itself historically has not been listed as a chemical weapon. but when it is used in this fashion, can be considered a prohibited use of that particular chemical. >> the u.s. and the u.n. are still investigating. and the war continues as refugees stream into jordan and the rebels still wonder where is the help from america they thought they could count on? >> they never gave us any weapons. give us anti-aircraft missiles. we requested and kept on requesting but they did not give us any of the weapons we asked for. >> so today, four years after it
10:19 pm
began, the free syrian army seems mostly a spent force. there are many reports that the fsa is usinge losing other groups. do you fear that as the war continues the fsa may become smaller as people choose to join more radical, richer better armed groups? >> there should be international support to avoid this or else fighters will end up joining extremist groups. >> that is exactly what is happening. we could not find anyone to speak on camera but after a lengthy conversation with this man, he opened up. abu sultan said his cousin died fighting isis. he told me i know who all the isis supporters are. we protect each other. i wouldn't mind if my children went to fight with isis. i have nine of them. let them go and fight.
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god be with you. it's a duty for good. will the number grow as muslim refugees from syria see no other way to get back into assad? but not all refugees in jordan are muslim, all escaped from the war in syria. isis has created another stream that includes christians. we'll look at that horror story when we come back.
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sleep train's 4th of july sale is ending soon! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ christians have been attacked by isis terrorists in iraq. it's persecution of christians that has continued and is on the rise.
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jordan has vowed to protect christian refugees fleeing to its security. the question is is it too little too late? >> the peace and tranquillity of the jordanian countryside hides sad tales, behind me people who fled with nothing more than the clothes on their back. but the greatest tragedy still is not one of them believes christianity has a place in this land. they have been persecuted and believe they must leave. take the choice of this man, in a christian community founded in the first century. during the iraq war he saw muslims attack christians. his brothers fled to america, but he refused to be forced out. in fact, he bought a home in mosul for $300,000 last year. bad timing. just ten days later, isis took over.
10:25 pm
he and his wife were given a choice. >> either we become muslims or pay the tax money they want or they kill us. >> when he saw the mayor getting out of town he knew his time there was up. >> i told my wife to prepare the bags to flee. >> not a moment too soon. >> i was told that isis took my house. they made my house a headquarters. i have photos as proof. here is isis's property with the letter n. >> they took over the area and bombed the churches. >> we left all of our belongings but we took with us our christianity. >> mokt ar does not expect to return there, but lives with his brothers in detroit, michigan.
10:26 pm
two others i spoke to also held out until june last year when christians were given the ultimatum. convert, pay a tax or die. >> i lost everything. my whole life struggle to work and earn the money got stolen from me. my furniture, everything was stolen. >> she has heard of the terror committed against those who stayed. >> people coming after us they did witness a lady she was holding her baby and she was crying. begging the isis fighter take me don't take my child. he told her, i'm going to make you feel sad all your life. isis took her son and she did not see how they killed him but they took him. >> after moving from one place to another they heard jordan would welcome christian refugees. >> thank god they gave us a visa.
10:27 pm
i thank the king of jordan for hosting us for being nice to us. >> although they are relatively safe in jordan christians are not allowed to work here. they are trying to join their daughter who fled to san diego and arrived in 2009. would you like to follow your children to america? >> yes. this is my hope. this is my wish. this is what i aim to do. i signed up with the u.n. to go to america because my children are there. they are feeling welcomed in america. they say america will open its heart to everyone. >> if your children are watching this what would you like to say to them? >> i would give a special message. i miss them. i want to hug them. i want to keep them. i want them around my shoulders and in my hand. i want to kiss and hug them. >> but will america take this couple in? more on that when we return.
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the other escaped prisoner, david sweat, is still on the lam tonight. but police say they believe they're closing in on him. >> at this time we have no actutual sight of sweat by law enforcement. but we have no indication that sweat was not accompanying matt at the time he was shot and killed. so we're going to maintain the perimeter we have and continue to do a good ground search. >> this comes 21 days after matt broke out of the clinton correctional center that he broke out of with sweat. sweat is now being chased by law enforcement officers.
10:32 pm
i'm anita vogel. now back to "escape from terror." >> we just saw how isis forces have been persecuting christians causing a new wave of refugees into jordan and elsewhere. sadly, the violence only seems to be growing with isis on the march. we also saw that many of these christians hope for sanctuary in america. but is their hope misplaced? one man taking up their cause is mark arrabo, an iraqi american businessman in san diego, california. >> there is a full-blown christian genocide. a christian holocaust in our midst. >> he is ceo of the foundation. >> we are going to make sure
10:33 pm
they get a job, they become good citizens of america. >> he has put together a list of 70,000 christians from syria and iraq who have sponsors that live in america willing to help. >> our supposed government leaders are silent. they're giving speeches while people are getting killed with swords. and with the absence of their leadership we're going to do something. i'm going to do something. if obama doesn't act, if congress doesn't act, then i'm going to act. try to save as many people as i can. >> arabbo has started what some call a modern-day underground railroad. >> we're using every means possible and every tool we have to work with other countries and other people to help them get out of the country and to a safe place. >> the first step is to get these people out of the clutches of isis and into a nearby country that will hold them such as jordan or turkey. from there, the christians
10:34 pm
hoping for asylum are thrown to mexico a country where it is easier to maneuver even if your papers are not in order. after that, the final barrier. getting into the promised land. america. one person we followed through the process was this man. last year he was living in a northern iraqi city with an ancient christian tradition. then in september, isis stormed in. >> yes, a lot of them. i saw a lot of christians. i was so nervous to save my kids and my life, i left everything behind. >> reporter: he fled iraq but with little cash and no job he didn't know what to do. luckily his brother-in-law who lived in san diego, had a connection. mark arabbo. >> my brother-in-law told me mark will help you. and he is still helping me. >> he and his family flew by way of europe into mexico city.
10:35 pm
and then to tijuana. there he got a helping hand from a coyote somebody who smuggles people in from across the border. he only gave us his first name manny. he described his role in this complicated process. >> i have many law enforcement friends who are willing to help along with the movement, to help with the crossing whether it be border patrol friends or political ties anything that is needed. >> with all the danger fahti experienced at home he figured there would be trouble. but he was surprised by how smoothly the process went in mexico. >> i was lucky, i didn't get stopped and they didn't check my passport. >> we make sure they're escorted to a safe point in our mexican side. once in the united states side we'll make sure they cross to a safe destination in the united states. we only have them in trusted cabs or drivers, we only escort them with people we know.
10:36 pm
>> most who follow this process have to sneak across the border and manage in the u.s. as best they can living without official sanction. the same way other undocumented aliens do. but fahti did something bold. he and his family announced themselves to a u.s. customs officer at the san ysidro border crossing where they interviewed me. they asked me for papers i told them i didn't have any. they gave us food and water and took us to processing where we received the information. they take detainees there. >> reporter: he told them his whole story about the persecution and how he wants asylum. he gave them the name of his wife's family who could help them. >> he stayed 24 hours, then they released me. once i knew the americans took me i was so comfortable after that moment. we were so happy we cried tears of happiness.
10:37 pm
>> he was given a three-month temporary visa. but fahti's string of good luck is an exception. and it did not last long. >> i'm not working right now because my identification expired. people are helping me my family is helping me. mark is trying to find me a job. >> and even fahti has already learned what happened to many other persecuted christians. finding haven in america is not easy. indeed some of his fellow iraqi christians found themselves detained indefinitely at the u.s. border. which sparked this demonstration at the border. >> the iraqi government gave up on the christians and also the american government can do so much they quit too. i'm hopes for mark arabbo to help the other christians to make it here and save their lives. it's a struggle but it's worth it to live here in this
10:38 pm
beautiful country. >> remember nassar and abdullah the christian refugees we met in jordan? their greatest wish was to join their daughter in america. she lives near an iraqi christian community in el cajon, california a place where aramic and arabic are mixed with english in local caves. we found her, she didn't speak to us on camera but she is fine she says and working with her congressman to get her parents into the united states. and how she wishes with the threat of isis looming that the process was easier. meanwhile, mark arabbo continues his crusade. >> we are begging congress and begging the president, do an air lift. to do an air lift with neighboring nations, making deals with other countries and
10:39 pm
saying let's find a temporary home. let's find a solution for the 160,000 people in iraq that are displaced and the ones who are being targeted in syria. i'm not waiting. >> when we return, mark arabo goes to washington. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted..... i always do. he seemed nice. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
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boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. call the number on your screen to learn more. as we've as we have seen christians persecuted by isis they're
10:43 pm
living as refugees in nearby states like jordan. but many would like to settle more permanently here in the united states. the problem for them is not just at the border in southern california it's in washington, d.c. which is why mark arabo is in the nation's capital, knocking on doors. >> the only hope we have to save their lives is meeting with congressmen. >> he has met with congressmen and the white house, but so far no luck. >> i pray for them to open their hearts and minds. and i do everything i can to make sure they know what is going on. >> he is backing a bill that aids those in the middle east who are being singled out for their religion. >> right now we have 30,000 pieces available for the region. so the bill is saying let's prioritize this for the genocide. >> although he is a democrat he has found support from duncan hunter a co-sponsor of the bill. >> mark is doing a great job.
10:44 pm
he puts pressure on everybody. he is trying to get it out there. hey, you have the entire segment of the population just because they believe in jesus christ are being killed. the only place they can go really jordan can't handle all of them. where can they go? only one place, the united states. >> but there is an interesting method he has iraqi people helping iraqi christians making their way to mexico. and then with the help of coyotes they smuggle them across the border get them into the u.s. and declare themselves refugees and ask for asylum is that your understanding? >> it is interesting, but not a good way to do it. what mark needs to focus on is making the people aware of this so that our government does something. and they do the right thing, because you know remember if a christian refugee can make it through mexico to the southern border and ask for asylum then anybody else can, too. >> reporter: and that uncertainty is part of why it's
10:45 pm
so hard to get the bill passed. >> everybody is a little bit leery on saying hey, come one, come all, because it's really hard to figure out who is good and who is bad. there is. there is no electronic data base you just have to go on people's worlds that they're nice christian folks. >> but arabo claims to have an answer to that fear. >> we have communication that we developed through social media and our website. we opened up the list through our diocese and said who wants to reunite with their families who have been targeted by isis or displaced? let us know. we have cross-vetted them and matched them with american citizens who will sponsor them. for those who have passports, we have help. >> it is as much political as anything. >> we recognize for republicans immigration is a big issue. but this is not immigration, this is family and unification. these are people who just want
10:46 pm
to live. christians who are being assaulted and killed. they're going to make the beauty of america even more attractive for the world. and that is what america is all about. >> but for all the trouble he is having with congress he has just as much trouble with the white house. >> president obama is a very anti-war president. he cares a lot about his anti-war legacy. but when we say let's get visas to rescue the people to treat this how we treated saigon or bosnia their answer is we'll get back to you. >> and he can make a difference on his own. >> with the swipe of his pen, the executive order, right now we could change the process like we do in cuba which could save 150,000 christians being targeted. we could not just air lift but open up processing again. give them hope and show them how
10:47 pm
to do it. >> indeed he took his list to the white house this april. and it was not the first time. >> but this time i took him two lists. i gave him a list of the games and a list of people that are no longer with us. and i told them if you guys had acted earlier, they wouldn't be dead. on the list is a list of 2,000. i told them this other list you guys have if you don't do anything they're going to die. they're going to die. >> the administration can fix us on their own. we have already seen that they can interpret immigration laws in the strangest ways possible. they can do this on their own. but it takes the administration admitting there is a targeted christian population that is being killed off systemically by radical islamists throughout the world. i don't think the administration wants to admit that. to admitit that would mean that
10:48 pm
islam is not a nice, peaceful religion. >> and there is recognition there is a deeper problem. we need to help stop the persecution. so what is the ultimate solution? >> you kill the bad guys you kill the bad guys. that is what you do. it's that simple. >> which brings us full circle back to king abdullah which is that is his mentality, is go after the bad guys. >> because he understands it. and president obama doesn't know what to do. he literally doesn't. i think he is scared of using his power number one and i don't think he knows how to use it number two. with the one thing that king abdullah understands because he grew up in this area, he knows the only things that these radical islamists will understand is power. >> when we return we head back to jordan. is king abdullah's vision the one that will win out? is king abdullah so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence.
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bre . the refugee crisis in jordan didn't happen overnight. and it won't be solved overnight. but is there any solution within grasp? here is reporter benjamin hall in jordan looking at the root causes of the seemingly intractable problem. >> here is the location once head of al qaeda in iraq and the most wanted man on earth, killed in a drone strike in 2006. but his spirit here lives on. and this points to the real problem. the refugees the upheaval all the rest are just symptoms of the poisonous ideology that now terrorizes the region.
10:53 pm
it has been back only to rise in the form of isis after america's precipitous exit from iraq. death to america, death the israel. death to the infidels these are the words just shouted behind us for the whole town to hear. we also know that isis is handing out leaflets encouraging people to go and fight. and now, even some who preach peace wonder if force may be the only way to respond if we are ever to solve the refugee problem and protect christianity in the place it was born. as a member of the military do you support the attacks against isis? >> i am a man of the church. i usually say that the strongest weapon is love.
10:54 pm
>> father haddad is a jordanian christian leader. >> but sometimes we have to use force, not to kill others but for force them to come to wisdom. >> as we wait for the radicals to come to wisdom others are inclined to make the point more forceful. >> you wouldn't have religious persecution, if you simply slammed them. we're not going to put ieds on the road we're going to kick your ass. you are not going to like what the united states does to you if you invade other nations and act like bad actors on the world stage we're going to come after you. we're not going to build your schools or mosques, we're going to hit you really really hard. and if you do it again, we're going to hit you. don't persecute tens of thousands of people in the name
10:55 pm
of radical islam. >> the man on the front lines of the crisis king abdullah favors what he calls a holistic approach to the situation. he certainly believes in talking to others at least those who may listen. but he also recognizes there comes a time when actions speak louder than words. >> over the decades, jordan has carved out a unique position for itself in this region. how do you describe that? >> trying to bring some common sense to a very difficult neighborhood. always trying to be on the side of good against evil. and then unfortunately in the past several years, this region has gone from bad to worse. and we have had to step up to the plate with our international colleagues to push back against all the challenges that we've seen. >> and while he wouldn't go into particulars, there seems to be a strategy in place for that pushback. >> it has moved in leaps and
10:56 pm
bounds obviously we can't get into what the next phases are about. you know from the isis perspective all is not quiet on their western front. and that was the whole point, i think. jordan stepping up its responsibilities when it came to isis. >> jordan is stepping up. many other players in the region are taking sides, as well. and while some americans see it as a faraway problem, essentially none of our business to other americans it's a crisis with fallout that has already reached our shores. and the crisis with consequences that will only continue to spread until they can't be ignored. as we leave jordan, one question remain remains, is this country with its reform-minded leader a son of the future or is it the last stand against an encroaching
10:57 pm
darkness. >> other leaders have made similar calls, only time will tell if the muslim world is listening. that is our program tonight from amman, jordan, thank you for joining us. your adventure starts here. and check out sun tracker, america's favorite pontoon boats. now get a boat cover worth up to $1,000 when you purchase the sun tracker fishing barge 22. ♪ we all feel the calling to build something great.
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and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. bring to you. stand by because there is a lot of other news to get to today. breaking tonight, america is a different country than it was 11 hours ago. a landmark ruling from a sharply divided u.s. supreme court clearing the way for same-sex marriage in all 50 states. welcome to "the kelly file" i'm megyn kelly. tonight a remarkable sight at the white house which is aglow in the colors of the rainbow celebrating what the administration called a new chapter in the history of american civil rights. critics say five judges overstepped authority by assuming power to create new fundamental rights and compelling the country to redefine the institution of marriage. others say this is a


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