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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 29, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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starting tomorrow no more selfie sticks at disney. >> i hate those things. see you tomorrow. this is a fox news alert. greece on the brink of default, stocks dropping and puerto rico admitting they cannot pay their debt. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric in for jon scott. the dow is down 188 points after the bad news not greece where banks and stockmarkets are
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closed and the atm's are being limited. in puerto rico the governor is warning that the debt is unpayable and the governor is going to ask if they can follow bankruptcy. and stocks down 6% in china after being down 8% on friday. the stock market bubble bursting there. we begin in athens with greg is live on the ground there. >> reporter: eric considering everything the greeks have been through so far they are holding up. there is a 60 euro cap on any atm with drawl if they can find the cash in the machines. and for the next eight days --
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this is the sign of people upset about what is going on here. we will continue while we view the situation. again the banks are closed for the next 8 days because of a breakdown between greece and the european union and its creditors regarding dealing with the debt. the demands were reformed in pensionss a -- pensions as well as changes and that caused the eu to pull money from major banks and pull back what could be a payment to their imf loan. here is what someone said: >> do you think what is going to happen? >> no body knows. >> what do you think? >> i think a lot but i cannot
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tell you. >> just a little. are you upset? >> very much. >> we'll see what we can do and we will try to find the solution. >> reporter: that is what is being said to us. a few other people are screaming in the background. what is shaking the people up here even more is the greek prime minister calling for a yes or no note on whether to go along with the european union or maybe fallout and if the fallout happens there is turmoil and that has the united states concerned. president obama calling european leaders yesterday and today the treasury secretary and others deal with the officials on the phone. if greece falls out the european union is dislodged and that is one of our most important trading partners and greece is a
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member and partner with nato and isis isn't busy far away and on russia on the horizon we don't need trouble here. this is why everybody is watching this greek drama unfold. >> emotions are high. we can hear the woman yelling and screaming. was she trying to get money out of the atm? any sense of what her protest are? >> reporter: very upset. people are upset about what is going on. i spoke to a woman whose 63-year-old father had a heart attack on friday brought to the hospital by her mother, and they could not find an ambulance or doctor to accompany her father to a hospital not far away. finally the mother found the ambulance herself, brought her husband who had a heart attack
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and saved him. a lot of social services are being spread thin. a lot of patients are being spread thin. and i think right now i will throw it back to you and we'll be following this closely. >> the human dimension of potential financial issue playing out as you can see dollar. greg thank you so much. -- there -- you think we have been talking about greece for years you are right. this drama is heres in the making. it began in december of 2009 when several credit agencies downgraded greek debt and greek and europe reached a $146 billion bail out package and in october of 2011 more assistances as banks agreed to make a 50% loss on the face value of the greek debt they had. now they are teetering on default with the nearly $2
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million payment on the debt due tomorrow night. dennis burn is here the business editor for "the wall street journal." the greek's economy is about the same size as the economy of alabama or south carolina. why is there so much room for impact? >> as you know the impacts are as much about the state and the fate of the eu the euro zone as they are about greece itself. we see markets reacting, not over the top but getting jittery and seeing what this means for the long term for like spain and real long-term italy. >> what do you think the effects will be? >> i think they will do there best but once there is one exception there is room for
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another. the real tes comes from the 19 member european union can come up with approaches for counties that don't live up to to fiscal approaches necessary. >> what would be the worst case if greece exited? >> the worst is for germany. the most powerful nations in the block of states. once the eu desolves or -- dissolves it would be a big problem for germany. >> we talked about politically what is happening in russia and you see instability in the economy that could not farewell in other aspects. what is the impact for us? >> the dow is down a little but
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i don't know this as a big move. long term greece will not have much impact here on the u.s. markets. but the questions we have been asking since 2009-2010 remain on the board: can the eu hold itself together? if it cannot big consequences for u.s. trade and europe's ability to stand up to russia. >> a bigger story perhaps closer to home is puerto rico. we have been watching there and this has been a slow moving storm about debt in puerto rico. this is where some say the u.s. taxpayer could feel the impact. explain what is happening there. >> i think this is a bigger story for u.s. investors. the governor saying perhaps the markets have known that the island will not be able to pay
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it's debts. there are areas of law that make it difficult to declare bankruptcy but there will probably me a moment when the congress is asked to fork up for a bailout for puerto rico and that is its own percisive message. >> worst case scenario? >> puerto rico can't raise enough to fund debtan't raise money to keep its operations going on a municipal bases like eelectric companies. >> some say this could be foreshad foreshadowing states having issues. >> of course detroit and
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chicago chicago come to find but i don't think a state would default. >> we want to hear from you about the pain in greece, china and puerto rico and if you think it will affect your bottom line. live chat is up and running. just go to foxnews/happeningnow to join the conversation. overseas no nuclear deal with iran but the talks have resumed and are going into overtime missing the much-delayed deadline set for tomorrow. secretary of state john kerry said it is too late to know if progress is made. this comes as iran's president is heading home. one of the sharpest stinking points and the inspection issue and it is said they are wanting
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to bar u.s. inspectors and u.s. inspectors want more monitoring and critics say the deal can't be trusted without that guarantee. any agreement in iran is seeing as bolstering the allies and leader of iran and some say seeing him is a threat to them. some think the flurry of objections is being issued because of this. and there are more arrest in the deadly terrorist attack at the beach resort. the ministry there saying everyone arrested is tunisia and the investigation remains in the early stages. the gunman a 23-year-old college student, killed by the police after the bloody attack that killed 38 people. many of them british sun-bathers who were lying on a beach at a
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resort hotel. the lone attacker gave them weapon and support and it was a father and three room mates. the gunman wasn't on any terror watch list but may have been radicalized by islamic extremist opening fire on beach goers on friday. dozens of people killed on the beach. shh shooting happening within hours of other terrorist attacks occurred in france and kuwait. u.s. officials say it doesn't seem those are connects. officials are warning americans to remain vigilant and on alert for the fourth of july. these attacks over the week and at the end of last week show
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the capacity of isis and affiliated groups to inspire or direct attacks globally according to the chairman of the homeland house committee. >> three attacks in three hours on three continents shows us isis is not regionalized only in iraq and syria but it is a global threat and they can conduct external operations and are savvy about doing that. >> fox news learned a six page letter from the national security terrorism center and homeland security is warning of a heightened possibility of attacks during celebrations like this on july 4th. it talks about attacked aimed at
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military and law enforcement and attacks during ramadan with isis calling for to be a time of calamity for the infidel. this is coming with the texas takedown and the suspects taken down in new york city who charged at law enforcement once con fronted. >> i am concerned about the way the syrian isis recruiters use the internet to recruit followers in the united states and activate them to do whatever they want. >> the fourth of july is a day to hit basis and isis is content
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nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. rising speculation about the vice president's next move. joe biden is said to be considering a potential run for the white house. he did lose two previous bids but he could throw the hat in again. joe trippi and mary kate is here with us today. great to have you both. joe "the wall street journal" says joe biden's son including beau biden before passing away, encouraged his father to get into the race. do you think he is considering it and what do you think the
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impact would be? >> i am sure he is considering or has considered it. he would like to be president of the united states obviously but i don't expect him to do that. it is a very hard thing to walk away from a run for president particular apply if you are the sitting vice president. but i think in the end he will not go. >> mary kate, what do you think? the polling is showing she is growing in favor of the american people. >> i disagree. i think he is going to do it. i think his son encouraging him, especially beau is playing high he doesn't have the trust worthy problem. you can say a lot about joe biden but dishonesty isn't one. and he has a healthy ego. he has ran several times in the past and each time he runs he does better. this is probably his last shot.
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he is not a young man so if he does it this is the time. i am riding with biden. >> that sounds great on a bumper sticker. i can see it right now. what do you think? >> look i don't disagree that he is interested and would hike to go. he has ran twice and lost. he understand the odds. he may feel like you know, throw out the odds i don't care what do i have to lose but in the end i don't think he will make the race. i think if he was going to he would. >> the drip, drip drip of information coming out about hillary clinton with the fundraising and e-mails and that is something coming up. the washington post has this headline today: sanders is an unlikely but real threat to clinton. talking about sander's moves in the early threats. what do you think about sanders
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and the damage he could cause clinton? >> i think that is what is going on with joe biden here. there is an opening here. bernie sanders jumped in because as the democratic party drifted further and further left over the years the progressive base sees hillary clinton as someone who has a long history of scandals she is not doing particularly well in the polls in terms of trustworthy and a lot of vulnerability. the term i am hearing is mile wild. she is seen by the left as beholden to wall street and seen inevitable by the mainstream media. >> joe, i only have ten seconds but as a democrat i want to get your thoughts. >> i think two things. there is also going to be
8:22 am
somebody else. and right now hillary clinton is one. and there is going to be somebody else. bernie sanders is casting a shadow but that is on the rest of the field. martin o'malley is not getting any option. >> sorry to be short on time. mary kate gets the credit for riding for biden. >> david sweat taken down by a new york police sergeant who was a firearm instructor. coming up we will have the latest on his condition and reaction from sweat's mom.
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>> there is understandable relief in upstate new york and
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well deserved congratulations for law enforcement with both of the escape eaueescapeee captured. david sweat is in critical condition after an officer shot him while walking down the street alone after trying to one. sweat's mother described the moment she found out: >> they have not said anything. all we know is the guys guarding us just got up and left. so we knew it then and there they had gotten him somehow. >> if you could talk to him now what would you say? >> i love you. if i get to see him i will tell him that. >> laura ingle is live at the
8:27 am
medical center where sweat is in custody. >> reporter: he was brought in here late last night and this is where the regions level one trauma unit where he is receiving care. he was shot twice and is being closely monitored on a variety of levels as you can probably imagine. sweet, who kept up to 1300 law enforcement agents on the hunt for 23 days after his daring prison escape from clinton facility was shot yesterday heading for a tree line a few miles from the canada border. jay cook is being hailed a hero taking him down on his own. sweat was take to know a local hospital and then had to be transported to albany where he
8:28 am
can receive the high level of care. >> this patient was initially evaluated in the critical unit and taken to hospital for his care. so far doctors in the emergency department trauma vascular surgeons and others have helped him. >> reporter: we are told we will get another update on his condition. as doctors work to keep him alive law enforcement waits to ask him questions about how he and richard matt were able to break out of the prison on june 6th, and if anyone else helped them beyond the two employees we know about. about the salt and pepper shakers they used to throw off the dogs. sweat is actually talking a
8:29 am
major police force said. >> he made comments at the scene of the arrest and upon arrival at both medical facilities. we have tried to gleam whatever information we can from mr. sweat that will be useful for the investigation. but once he is wrapped up in medical care as he is which is a priority, we have to take a back seat and let the professionals treat him. >> reporter: and sweat will be facing charges on the escape and burglary for breaking into hunting cabins. the clinton county da said sweat could be now facing solitary confinement for years. if he does talk that could be his only bargaining chip to see a few hours of daylight as he moves along the road. >> congrats to sergeant cook who is a state police firearms instructor and his training
8:30 am
really came in handy yesterday. in north carolina, another escaped inmate is back in custody and a prison working charged with helping him get out. christopher mcneal escaped from lock up saturday with the help of this prison employee. 33-year-old miller is charged with aiding and abedding a fugiti and harboring a fugitive. and ted cruz is saying the media is obsessed with sex charging reporters are trying to use the issue of gay marriage to trap republican politicians. do you agree? we will weigh in on that with the panel. and a plane crashes into a house and neighbors are rattled >> i heard the boom felt the
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house shake. >> i ran outside, my daughter was in the front yard and i saw a fire ball and everything engulfed. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter.
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>> welcome back. beach goers fear after a series of shark attacks causing the surge in shark activity. and a deivide over vaccines. the measure requiring vaccines
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for most publical school students in one save. and some favorite summer activities are on the chopping block as a result of the drought. and reaction to the supreme court's ruling on gay marriage is centering on the media coverage of the debate and decision. ted cruz telling media buzz that some reporters are trying to trap the republican candidates. >> what is it about the left and i include the mainstream media that you are obsessed with sex and he kept firing back and asking that over and over again. i was talking at the time as it moved on about foreign policy and about the need to stand up and fight terrorist and he comes back with do you have animosity against gay americans? >> tammy bruce is here and alan
8:36 am
combs as well >> host:host of the alan combs show. does he have a point? >> we know the media is bias. and they will focus on questions to republicans that might attempt to put them in a bad light. but i think there is a conservative answer to the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage. that is an easy think to deliver. but this is the headline now. it seems like if you are going to be able to be president you should be able to maneuver around the expected bias. if it wasn't unfair hillary clinton would be asked if she regretted saying it was a conspiracy when she knew at the time monica lewinski had been in
8:37 am
the white house. >> ted's answers was crazy. he was talking about the sex. the marriage decision was about love. to go there and say this is about sex shows where his mind is. this is an equality question about the rights someone has in a same-sex relationship. >> he said he was asked six or seven times does we have animosity toward gays he thought the headline would be cruz doesn't hate gays. >> on the heels of the major supreme court decision you are going to ask presidential candidates their reaction. if you give the right answer the first time whether you agree or disagree, you don't have to be asked again. >> he said it is going beyond this and the report says it six
8:38 am
or seven times. >> this is what they want to conversation to be as opposed to the legacy media would do. they want this to be the conversation. the fact of the matter is that republicans are constantly asked about this issue even prior to the decision. but this is also the height really of group think. where you believe you have soul possession of the truth is this is clearly division.
8:39 am
>> this is a liability. he could have said the court won, it is settled, let's move on. when you are looking at what you can do now, a primary thing do to is talk about religious liberty and that is most americans would agree this is an important thing. >> the thing to talk about now is how is discrimination and you cannot discriminate against someone who they might marry. >> the media is fought going to want to have a discussion about religious liberty. these are the things the candidates -- and hearing a question they don't like. >> religious liberty isoming. >> this is just about liberty
8:40 am
and civil rights for gay americans and about being able to live your life and threat of being attacked. >> there is religious liberty -- >> you detailed how they will be infringed upon. what a line. >> alan and tammy thank you so much. jenna? new information on the deadly accident that unfolded over the week pudendweekend. a small aircraft south of boston slammed into a house killing all aboard and destroying the home. those inside the home managed to escape as flames engulfed it. crews worked three hours to put
8:41 am
out the fire. and another big issue in the election could be vack vaccines and they could be required in california for almost all public school children with a measure being considered to strikedown most exemptiions. a teenager was badly hurt after a day at the beach. what is causing the shark increase along the carolina coast? will there be more?
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what is up next on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour? >> hi eric remain vigilant. those words for july 4th weekend after terrorist attacks in three countries happened on friday. how concerned should we be? >> and new jersey's governor chris christie is showing his soft side in another ad.
8:45 am
is he going to be the next contender? >> remember it was bad to break up with someone during text? would you turn it off all and pretend that person doesn't exist? it is called ghosting. >> that scares me. see you in 15 minutes. a teenager in serious condition after the sixth shark attack in a couple weeks. several young people attacked earlier this month as well with two loosing limbs at oak island. this 17-year-old suffered near-fatal wounds and one expert said an influx of sea turtles
8:46 am
could be attracting the sharks. lawmakers in california are considering a measure that will require vaccines for most kids in public schools and exemptions which have been allowed would come to an end and unvaccinated children would be required to home schooled. is that fair and legal? we have a defense and trial attorney joining us. is this legal demand that children get vaccinated? >> absolutely. we think this is a new thing but in 1905 the courts decided there was a man who refused to get the small pox vaccine and the supreme court ruled saying the police power of the state, the power to keep other people safe was stronger than your own right not to be vaccinated. they cannot force them but do things like give fines in that case or say you cannot go to school if you don't get them. >> do you think that applies in this case? >> i think nay are forcing
8:47 am
vaccines in this case. what california is trying to do is eliminate the exemptions for parents are religious or personal philosophy. the choice is your kid can't go to public school which is a constitutional right so the parents are going to be forced to get their kids educated. >> authorities say it is a threat to public health with measles and other diseases kids can get. >> and the thing about that too, eric is there is a lot of kids who because of immunity problems can't be vaccinated. so the power to protect the people is the power they are claiming. >> would there be a medical exemption? one child testifying had leukemia
8:48 am
leukemia. >> you can have a medical exemption and you can be grandfathered in. this is a bipartisan law and it is going to come down to the governor. >> what do you think is going to happen? >> i think it is a horrible law. i think parents have a right to decide what the best interest of your children. the government has a special compensation fund because they know 30,000 kids a year have an adverse reaction to vaccines and they pay out billions for children harmed from them. they will make you get the vaccine and then pay you for it when it harms you. it has to be left to parents. >> what would you advise? >> the parents are going to protest. you cannot home school your children. it is not the same education. it is your child's right to be publically school and also their right not to get autism or have an adverse reaction because of
8:49 am
something you don't want injected in your body. >> you don't have the right to drink and drive even though it is your body. in 1905 it was found to be constitutional. mississippi and west virginia have similar laws. california would be leading the charge saying we need protect all children not just the ones who don't want vaccine. >> what do you think will happen? >> i think the law will pass when it comes down to the governor who tends to lean more toward vaccines i think it will pass. >> will it be challenged? >> it absolutely will and make california one of three states with such restingent
8:50 am
institutions. is the california drought about to soak all of the fun out of a summer favorite past time? it wouldn't make sense if you turned on something in one room and it turned on everywhere else. but that's exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way... with no waste and lower energy bills. control temperatures precisely in one or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal.
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>> safety officials are turning to the internet and if you are aware of railroad crossing and coming up to them. the railroad administration is asking digital map companies to start warning users as their vehicle approaches railroad crossings. google has agreed to take part.
8:54 am
this is coming after a slew of train accidents around the country. they are asking apple tom-tom and map quest and garland to take part. the record-setting drought in california could be impacting the about to beat the heat as they are being asked to restrict water and water parks being built are facing issues. we are live at one. >> reporter: we have a water aerobic class happening now and later lines of people arrive to jump in the pool and escape the heat. but amid the drought, cities wanting to build new water parks are seeing push back. 25 miles east the city of dublin is defending construction of a $36 million aquatic centre set to open in 2017. six slides with tall fountains
8:55 am
does add to the optic dispute but add it is needed for the community. >> we think this is going to be an important amenity. >> it is not part of the mind set we are trying to promote. >> reporter: the project was approved a decade ago and requires 480,000 gallons of water most which is treated and re recycled. many critics signed an online petition demanding a stop to the project but the city says it is necessary to attract families and get kids outdoors and give them a fun way to stay active. no one is questions that. everyone agrees it is just an issue of bad timing and they are hoping we get that wet el nino
8:56 am
winter that many forecasters are predicting. >> that will be the best-case scenario. the park looks like it would be fun but realities to confront there. >> and residents of one small town fear a serial killer may be living among them after several women disappeared and bodies started turning up. the fbi is now getting involved. and hundreds of home owners told to get out as wild fires rage out of control. why this emergency could get worse before better. are you worried about the economic problems in china and greece? vote on our poll and join the conversation on what you think will thanhappen to your wallets. . tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid
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at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum...♪ smoothies! only from tums. woman: as much as i sweat, i always wore black. other clinical antiperspirants didn't work. then i tried certain dri. it's different. it stops sweat before it starts. add some color to your life with certain dri.
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when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd go. this, is why we travel. and why we continue to create new technology to connect you to the people and places that matter. jenna: brief summary of the hour. we have shark attacks in the
9:00 am
carolinas. new water parks in california. pretty hot summer. >> stay in the water parks without the sharks. jenna: sprinklers is always a good thing. see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> happy monday. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris fawninger in. here today, sandra smith. andrea tantaros doesn't like mondays shaking her head at me jedediah bila. today's #oneluckyguy we welcome back to the couch, tony sayeg, republican strategist and member of a number of campaigns. tony is "outnumbered." >> great to be back with all of you love to see you. kicking off independence week with my very snazzy cufflinks. >> this is sort after short week at least for me. >> we'll be here all five days anyway. >> throwing that our way. all right. okay, girl in


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