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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  June 29, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in parks in florida and california citing safety concerns. >> diddy, formerly known as p. diddy, paused on stage during the b.e.t. awards first public appearance since he was arrested and accused of sexual assault at ucla last weekend. >> eric great to have you here. >> thank you very much. julie is in for gretchen and "the real story" starts right now. >> thanks guys. a new report shows growing support for isis in the arab world. the numbers will shock you. another democratic former vice president al gore not ready to endorse his old boss' wife in her white house bid. we'll tell you the why reason. plus how do you run a water park in the middle of a crippling drought? we'll go live to california. i'm julie banderas in for gretchen and "the real story" starts right now. and a fox news alert on the capture of convicted killer david sweat. we are learning new details about where he and richard matt
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originally wanted to go after escaping prison before their master plan fell apart, and just a couple hours from now a prison guard accused of helping the two men will be arraigned in court. that's him right there. now, prosecutors say gene palmer delivered tools to the killers in their cells. senior correspondent rick levanthal is live in plattsburgh now. let's start with think details about the escape. you covered all day yesterday. what have you learned? >> reporter: well julie, despite being shot twice sweat is talking to investigators according to new york governor richard cuomo saying he and richard matt were relying on prison employee joyce mitch toll pick them up when they emerged from the prison at dan mora and planned to kill her husband and drive to mexico and live happily ever after but their dreams did not come true when mitchell got cold feet and did not show so they tried to make their way to canada. sweat saying he split up with matt five days before matt was
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killed because matt was slowing him down and sweat almost got to canada, jogging down a road a mile and a half from the border in the town of constable when a new york police sergeant spotted him, recognized him and chased him and shot him twice when it was feared that the dangerous felon might make the tree line. >> it was to bring him in without having to use force. you know sometimes as in the case of matt you know where he was armed and he presented a threat sometimes force is necessary. it's a dangerous job that our law enforcement officers do. >> sweat was reportedly carrying a bag with maps tools, bug repellant and pop tarts. he's now recovering at albany medical center and he does not need more surgery, in serious by stable condition and could be there a few days before he's headed back to prison. jewel? >> and the corrections officer accused of helping the pair in court today, too. >> reporter: yeah gene palmer is a veteran corrections officer who spent 27 years at clinton
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colorectal and was working on the honor block where matt and sweat were housinged. he was supplying them with paint and accepting paintings from the men and gave them a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers and access to the caught walk behind their cells so they could tweak a breaker box to get more power and he stuffed hamburger meat with hack salks and "today's" hearing is to plan his next date. he and mitchell face several years behind bars for helping these two men escape. jewel? >> rick levanthal, thank you very much. the supreme court deeply divided as it wraps up the current term handing down decisions affecting elections, executions and air pollution. shannon bream is live outside the court. let's start with what many say was most heated case of the term and that was dealing with the
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death penalty. >> reporter: yeah, julie, that's right. i've got to say in the seven years i've been covering the court it was really the most contentious that was actually argued here. what was at stake as the three-drug protocol. the first drug supposed to knock out inmates and they are not aware or conscious when the other two drugs kick in. they said the first drug wasn't effective and during the process of being executed they challenged the drug but ultimately the court came under the conclusion that it did not violate the eighth amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishment. when they hand out the opinion the person who writes the majority reads the synopsis and today four different judges read from their dissents concurrences and the case may be over but maybe not the bickering about it. >> and what about the other two final opinions there today? what happened there in. >> a couple of other important. one on epa power.
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do they have to consider the cost of a new rule that they put in place? they issued one that dealt with power plant emissions. the coal industry and other industries in the u.s. said the cost for compliance could be up to $10 billion, for outweighed any benefit to the rule saying that the epa does have to consider the cost when issuing a new regulation and justice ginsburg decided independent commissions put together by states could take up the responsibility of drawing up congressional districts and it was their power alone but today in another 5-4 district said the independent bodies can draw up the districts trying to take politics out of decision. >> shannon bream at the supreme court, thank you so much. time now for a power index and that's where we look at who is up and who is down in the race for the white house, and there's new people making debuts here. in fact one person in particular making a debut in the top ten on the gop side of
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things. chris stirewalt is author of fox news first and joins me and so great to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's take a look at who made moves this week scott walker edged up a spot and rubio dropped down to number three and donald trump makes his debut at number ten. how did he get there in. >> he's on the list because he exists. he technically qualifies. he filed paperwork with the federal elections commission the first round of paperwork, federal elections commission so he's in. went from 2012 remember a long trumpian flirtation that ended up being very helpful perhaps for ratings on nbc for "the apprentice" but did not culminate in a presidential candidacy. this time he's filed and says he's a candidate for office and given his name identification alone that puts him at 3% of the voters and that's where he gets
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to start out. >> do you think all of his comments that have sort of backlash univision, for example, not carrying the miss america pageant and backlash from the hispanic community, do you think that's going to hurt him or not? >> i cannot say univision as well as you can, but i do know this. so far it's having a great effect on donald trump promoting the beauty pageant that he hosts. the guys have been in the race few weeks, most of the two weeks have been given over to a struggle that results in coverage for the miss usa pojt so if i'm nbc i'm liking the trumpness so far because so far it's been a large promotional undertaking for his business enterprise. >> definitely getting a lot of attention. another person not on the top ten list chris christie and he's going to be throwing his hat into the ring supposedly tomorrow. >> yeah. no no. he's doing it. he's got the website, ready to go. put out video. it's a very good video.
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if you like chris christie that's exactly what you're going to like. stop talking and no backing down. >> let's hear from chris christie playing the tape. >> no suffering in silence. got a problem, tell me. she would tell us every time she had a problem to the point we were like, mom, do we have to hear this and she would say, yes, i need to get it off my chest now. there will be no death bed confessions in this family. >> does he have a chance or is he going to run a nothing-to-lose campaign? >> well right, nothing to lose so freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. why not. if you're chris christie not doing great in his home state. there are republicans across the country that like his brand of pugnacious in-your-face campaigning so he'll get out there and do it and, unfortunately, for him, jeb bush is there for more establishment folks and john kasich there for more establishment folks and scott walker out there on the more conservative side of things so if you like governors chris
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christie has a ways to go but never underestimate what a guy like chris christie has pulled off in his life. we're watching. >> chris stirewalt, we'll be watching. thank you so much. >> you bet. a fox news alert now, and right now the prime minister of greece is set to speak in front of his country's parliament as their debt crisis worsens. here's a live look at the crowds just outside the building. the country on the verge of default and has already implemented strict capital controls. banks are closed, and get this. people can actually only withdraw a maximum of $66 a day. the situation causing stocks to dip all around the world, including here in the u.s. we're going to keep you posted on any new developments. >> captured alive after more than three weeks on the run. >> i wish he would have gave up a long time ago, and i wish he would have stayed where he was,
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but leaving him there with that gay. >> pamela sweat, this man's mother. david sweat is in the hospital in pretty bad shape, but he is talking. what kind of dirt can police get him to give up? >> and brand new video of terrifying moments when a gunman stormed a beach in a tourist hot spot. we're also getting information about support for terror worldwide, and the numbers are shocking. plus the dow diving as greeks make a mad cash for cash. that dangerously close to default and what it means for you and me here at home. >> right now people in europe are afraid to get here because they are worried they are not going to have any money from the banks.
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fox news alert as we take a live look at the east room of the white house now. president obama there getting ready to sign monumental free trade legislation into law. he has two bills on his desk. one of the bills gives him fast track power to negotiate a free trade pact with japan and other pacific pacific nations and finalize it without any holdup in congress. the other protects americans who lose the competition. watch the event in its entirety. it is now streaming on boy, but what a huge sigh of relief in upstate new york over the weekend. the manhunt officially over for a pair of killers who busted out of a maximum security prison over thee weeks ago. one was killed on friday and other shot and captured yesterday now lying in a hospital bed after recovering from surgery. 35-year-old david sweat in critical condition but stable after being shot two times in the back while trying to run
11:15 am
away from authorities. he was shot in fact by a hero a new york state police sergeant sunday afternoon. >> they haven't said nothing. they didn't even let us know that they captured him. all they know is the guys that were here guarding us him and the other guy, just got up and left so we knew right then and there they had gotten him somehow. >> that was his mother, by the way, pamela sweat whoization he used to write her letters every single week and then in the last couple of months she hadn't heard from him and says she never wants to hear from him again. what information will police be able to get from sweat if he indeed survives as he's expected to from his injuries. former fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole. with the capture of sweat alive and that's a good thing, how will officials delve into his deranged mind to get answers on not how they escaped but who else helped them. >> actually his mind is not deranged. he probably has a very severe
11:16 am
personality discord known as psychoopathy and psychopaths have 20 interest rates and characteristics and one of them is they tend to be glib and charming grandos and some use the term narcissistic and it's that grandiosity that will cause him to talk a lot and to really want to explain what he's done and how he was so successful and how he was able to carry that out. so if they -- if they structure the interview correctly, they will get him to talk. >> it's interesting because when we talk about him as a psychopath as you put it that is a medical term and it's interesting when you go into the mind of a psychopath you wonder if he's going to cooperate with the police because he's done nothing but cooperate with the authorities and will be put in solitary confinement considering the fact he broke out of a maximum security position. is there any bargaining at all?
11:17 am
he has nothing to lose. he'll spend the rest of his days behind bars. why would he even want to talk? >> part of who he is manipulative and being grandiose and a thrill-seeker. he by his own personality structure he's likely to talk and did i and i've talked to many individual who are zak psychopattic and what you do, i encourage them. you compliment them and tell them how impressed you are with them and how nobody else could have carried this off and even matt ended up being killed so you really appeal to the personality. >> the narcissim. >> clinton correction officer gene palmer is due in court today. let's put his picture up. one of the two prison workers who was charged with helping the pair escape. he's accused of giving the men pliers and a screwdriver in paintings and their involvement
11:18 am
speaks volumes about the surprising liberties and relationships in what's supposed to be a maximum security prison where the two killers were in privileged honor housing, honor housing for a cop killing. well there are two problems to this problem. number one, you have an opportunity program and two individuals in there if they were properly assessed for psychoopathy they have you had not have been allowed in there. you look at egleamingousness of their prior acts and if they do score high on assessment instrument they should not be placed there because psychopaths are at hooir risk to escape from pore doe. there is a cultural at moss pier been the honors program where the psychological and emotional
11:19 am
ones officers and inmates became more like friend and that's a cultural issue that goes behind the tomb people. >> mary el eno'toole, appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. >> some old hillary clinton supporters say she's a shoo-in but this face is not ready to throw his weight behind her and berniememtum and now how many people in the arab world actually support isis as the terror threat goes global. >> i took two weeks off here to come and relax and have a holiday and i'm absolutely petrified what is going to hab hab -- to happen next.
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fox news ray left. brad new details on yesterday's plane rash in massachusetts. a pilot told an air traffic controller he lost engine power and was gliding and needed help to find a place to land. the air traffic controller then told the pilot to look for a highway before losing radar conit a. all three people on board that plane died when it crashed into a home and burst into flames. four people inside the home escaped unharmed. we're awaiting the ntsb to give us an update at the top of the hour at 3:00 p.m. eastern time so stay tuned to that. switching gears to politics now and hillary clinton is talking tough, taking aim at republicans on same-sex marriage after last week's landmark supreme court ruling but there's something she left out. what is it? ed henry has more in washington. ed, what is she saying? >> reporter: julie, what's interesting is she's hitting republicans hard saying they are stuck in the past on issues like
11:24 am
same-sex marriage. what she's leaving out is where she stood on issues like same-sex marriage as a senator. listen. >> instead of trying to turn back the clock they should be joining us in saying loudly and clearly no no to discrimination once and for all. >> every state reserves the right to refuse to recognize a marriage performed in another state if that marriage would violate the state's public policy. and indeed the supreme court has long held that no state can be forced to recognize any marriage. >> an evolution like president obama had on the issue. interesting because al gore was just asked the former president if he would support hillary clinton. he said it's too early. you have to wonder on top of the fact that bill de blasio has been holding back an endorsement, whether or not
11:25 am
there are some on the left who are not sure which hillary clinton they are going to see in the days ahead. julie? >> really interesting. wonder what al gore is waiting for. let's talk about senator bernie sanders gaining ground and he's saying for the first time he'll win it all. >> his aides say they have raised something like $8 moneyion on ryan from supporters and now talking very did you have about how he's going all the way. >> we are going to win new hampshire and i think we'll win the democratic presidential nomination and even the presidency. >> one poe tungs hurdle is the fact that new hampshire state law says that you have to actually be registered for party that you're running on. that would have to be the democratic party, of course but, remember he's a democratic socialist and has been registered as an independent and has run as an independent so that might be a hurdle he has to
11:26 am
deal with. >> ed henry hive in washington thank you so much. >> good to see you. a new report out showing growing support for ilist. it's alarming. we'll break down it's coming from and why with the -- and this. new video from the terror attack in the small mediterranean attack. that when we come back.
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now to tories making headlines all around the world. the iran talks about going on with negotiations on all sides saying they will keep talking past tomorrow's dead line. a saudi affiliate of isis claiming responsibility for the deadly bombing at a shiite mosque in kuwait on friday which killed more than two dozen people. the latest update on a shark attack victim in north carolina doctors say the victim is nearly emproving. the teen nearly died after being atarktd on saturday. and now to the deadline to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program. it's fast approaching, and now the white house confirming they won't make t.negotiations will continue for several more days. kevin corke is live atled white house. how is the administration explaining the sliding deadline in the talks with iran? >> reporter: hey, julie, always great to talk to you. think of it this way.
11:31 am
imagine you have a credit card and they say the deadline is x, y, z date and blow past it. there's a fine to paper they charming you more interest. it doesn't work that way in international negotiations. we talked to the white house press secretary josh earnest and he pointed us back to the framework argument. it took them a few extra days to get that all worked out he said efencely that's what's happening here at the june toth dead dand an i did so the dead death line he have established is sblun 1th and what we have acknowledged is the talks in order to be completed, to extend a couple of days behind that headline. final agreement in our sites but ultimate think will require serious commitments from the iranians. >> reporter: a couple days beyond that. i sort of pressed him on that and said are we talking about a month, a couple of months before
11:32 am
you all will finally say uncle and concede that there will be no deal? he said it won't take that long but i did get a sense in leading to him very carefully and reading between the lines they are still confident they can work out something, albeit after the proposed deadline of june 0th. >> what's the point of a deadline when you know you're not going to walk it? snow how the is -- pretty interesting when you think the verdicties that this threat certainly hopefullynopely. this was a huge setback and josh earnest sort of referenced the senate majority leader mish ole, and took him to task for being very aggressive in his fight against the particular legislation in which the supreme court decided too much is too much when it comes to limiting the amount of energy or particulates that a power plant can send out into the ozone. listen carefully to how josh
11:33 am
earnest framed this. >> these are sue separate rule making processes that we have pursued here and there is nothing contain in this ruling that should any way. >> okay. so the cran power lea. they with en -- it's more details than that and for folks at home who won't have a chance to look it all over this is a huge victory for industry in this particular case but i don't think the sense that the white house sees this as the end of the fight >> coffin cork, leng you live at the white house. >> thank you. >> still more video of the tear five-game beach attackch take a look.
11:34 am
>> this new video allegedly shows the suspected gunman after the shooting in tunisia. bodies strewn across the beach. meanwhile, police arresting multiple people in connection with the attack that killed 38 people. the gunman was killed by police eventually though but it is believed to have -- he had accomplices who provided him with weapons. kurdish forces meanwhile driving isis out of the syrian border city of qabani but not before 200 civilians were reportedly massacred by the terror group and in france the top suspect arrested in the attack on a chemical plant has admitted to beheading his former boss. all right. americans warned to be on alert heading into the fourth of july weekend. house homeland security committee chairman mike mccall says that terrorists may be planning to strike during the
11:35 am
holiday. here he is on "fox news sunday." let's listen. >> i'm extremely concerned about the way these syrian isis recruiters can use the internet at lightning speed to recruit followers in the united states with thousands of followers in the united states and then activate them to do what -- whatever they want to do. >> chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live from our washington newsroom. what are we learning about the bulletin? >> reporter: well, julie, fox news learned that the six-page june the bulletin from the fbi, the national counterterrorism center the hub analysis and warned of a heightened possibility of a terror attack tied to the july 4th holiday. >> i would be thinking certainly all-inspired. i'd have my doubts whether they were all coordinated and i really would doubt whether they were all directed. >> i wouldn't be surprise federal we're sitting here a week from today talking about an
11:36 am
attack over the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> okay. that bulletin specifically speaks to recent attacks such as a failed attack in garland, texas as well as a confrontation with a machete-wielding suspect and a man by the name of usama rahim, part of a takedown and he challenged police in boston and that's why he was shot julie. this is part of, if you will, a ramped-up series of arrests, and this really reflects the fact that the fbi has made a pivot from surveillance to taking down these individuals that they think could be a risk before the holiday. >> wow. what can you tell us about the latest suspects? >> well according to these court documents released within the last hour the fbi and the joint terrorism task force also known as the jttf have been investigating a group of individuals from new york as well as new jersey who they say allegedly conspired to provide material support to isis. in this case the suspect is just 23 years old and goes by the
11:37 am
name of alla sadei of west new york and the big takeaway is the average age in almost all of these cases is 24 years old, and there's almost always a social media component, so you can see how this generation that has grown up with social media is kind of wired for terrorism in many of these cases. >> all right. catherine herridge in washington thank you so much. >> you're welcome. the terror feeling quite real after attacks across three continents including the horrifying scene we just talked about in tunisia and now a new announcement by clarion project finding more than 42 million arabs have someone that's positive on isis and the they in fact support the terror group, the terror group winning over 8 million supporters in 11 different arab nations. ryan more row is a security analyst with the more row
11:38 am
project. the swath of people and millions of people following isis. how do they do it? >> a lot of it comes down to success. once they appeared successful they were able to put out a narrative you may disagree with us but obviously allah agrees with us because, look we're being successful and that's how you judge who is right and who is wrong in radical islamic theology and what we found looking at four different polls, that all came up with very different results, is that there's about 22 million people across the arab world who are strong supporters of isis. if you expand it to those who say they kind of like isis somewhat positive and that's when it swells to 42 million. >> remember a day we talked about al qaeda. don't seem to talk about al qaeda but isis did something different than al qaeda did in recruiting supporters what. is it that isis does almost better i hate to say? >> much bert at messaging, able to bridge the gap between western culture and radicalizology. folks online reference culture
11:39 am
and western movies whereas al qaeda was more puritanical in their messaging. al qaeda still has more support but isis is the bigger threat because of how they have been able to mobilize and those numbers, as frightening as they are, the vast majority of arabs according to the polls do reject isis but even with a small minority isis has so many people they can recruit from. >> i want to talk about the feds issuing a terror bulletin ahead of the fourth of july weekend. also want to be very clear here there's been no specific threat but nonetheless the mark of one year since isis declared a calfiate and add ramadan to the mix. several dates of concern. how are intelligence taking a look and trying to get inside the minds of these terrorists before these dates come up? >> look at what is most ideologically significant to them and isis is out there saying during the month of ramadan your obligation to
11:40 am
engage is jihad is ten times greater than at any other time throughout the year and if you die in jihad during this time period your reward from allah is ten times greater so those on the fence will now be second guessing that saying if i'm going to strike i need to do it now and then you mix in the anniversary of the caliphate and you get a pretty terrifying picture. >> mike mccall says isis is not regionalized like the administration says only in iraq and syria. this says to all of us that obviously we have not done enough to prevent isis from spreading. not just in iraq and syria. that's where our air strikes began, first iraq and syria. it's much more widespread and we did not get there and get to it before -- we allowed it to spread did we not? >> we let this thing get so big we're dealing with the current situation and what the poll numbers show if we don't act
11:41 am
quickly this is still going to grow and what we're looking at today will look like the good old days compared to what the future looks like. >> ryan mauro, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> let's check in with shep smith. >> hearing the surviving fugitive in the prison break in upstate new york is now singing like a bird talking about his time on the run, and he's said to be explaining why he ditched his partner in crime and left him to fend for himself while the cops closed in. saided old guy was slowing him down. a trooper spot that had guy david sweat, opened fire and shot him and the same officers who spent weeks hunting him down were desperately trying to save his life so that investigators can timely get some answers about the big questions to the escape and new york's governor calls the trooper who shot david sweat a hero obviously, but judge andrew napolitano says that trooper could be in big trouble and could even end up in
11:42 am
court. judge napolitano will explain. top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting". >> we'll be watching. >> thank you. breaking news on the deteriorating situation in greece. crowds gathering outside the parliament hoping for assurances from the prime minister that their money is safe and now the word that s&p is downgrading the credit rating. charles payne is here on what it all means for us. and just in case you were wondering, yes, everything does taste better fried, even oreos, ew but they are good i have tried them. the hottest double down deep fried delicacy next.
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fox news alert. the s&p downgrading greece's credit rating to triple c negative. that is essentially deep in junk
11:46 am
status territory as the country plummets towards default. it shut its banks in at least a last-ditch effort to prevent collapse. will it work that's the question and folks there now only allowed to actually withdraw 60 euros, about $67 from their atms daily. joining me now charles payne, host "making money" with charles payne on forth fox business network. very scary that the people in greece are being controlled by this and the amount of money they can pull out of the atm. what do you make of the downgrade on the rating? >> not surprising. to your point it's deeper junk. greece has been in trouble for a long time. we've heard echoes of this for the last five years. the deadline knew it was cominging, hardball negotiating and i think they had a feeling that somehow they would win this thing and they are not. they are losing big time. even though 60 euros is a gift from europe from the rest of europe that's a gift. if they pull that where are they going to be? now all of a sudden the prime
11:47 am
minister comes on friday and says we'll vote on this on july 5th. wake up. you've got to figure something out. he'll speak any moment now to his countrymen. apparently he'll urge them to take on the tough draconian measures that creditors will demand and they are tough and they have had a great life for a long time on other people's dime. >> how do they bail themselves out of this credit rating, a triple c negative and speaks to how deep the crisis is in greece and what the chances are of it spreading to other nations. >> that was their only ace in the hole could be quite frank with you because it worked five years ago because the global economy was melting down. the global economy isn't melting down and tried to use that same card julie, and it did not work. i don't think italy will follow their lead spain, portugal or france. you're going to have a lot of pain. go it alone and have more pain or take the measures your creditors are asking and avoid
11:48 am
some pain but you can't afford it. >> a financial crisis closer to home with the governor of puerto rico basically's puerto rico's growing economy, it has been growing but not nearly enough. the governor of puerto rico warning it can't pay its $72 billion public debt and this comes as international economists release a critical report on the island's economy. >> same situation. you know 1950 puerto ricans grew 55% of their food and we introduced transfer payments to them welfare, food stamps housing, 70% on the island get housing assistance. you start to take away that economic incentive and start to take away the economic engine entrepreneurship capitalism, a few people doing well but for the most part they are not and now the debt crazy, their debt per capita is higher than any state in america. so you see to a certain degree shame to anyone who kept lending them this money but by the same token how do you get yourself out of this?
11:49 am
very similar situation and in many ways more dangerous to us because a lot of americans own that $722 billion in debt. if they don't pay it back some retirees may not get paid. it's a really scary situation. >> before we let you go time for your picks for market movethers week. >> i like la-z-boy because the u.s. housing economy is coming back as the largest housing company out there and i like autonation still buying a lot of cars. i think that goes on. i think these both go on for a number of years, good stocks in a dunn market. if you want to nibble on something on weakness take a look at those. >> people buying cars that's a good sign. >> always a good sign absolutely. >> charles payne, great to see you. >> you, too. california is running out of water so why are new communities buying water parks when they are supposed to be reducing their water use. plus homes burning to the ground as a fast moving wildfire forces hundreds to flee and the fire is still out fof control. >> it's unbelievable. never seen anything like it.
11:50 am
there's not much they can do. look at how much is flaming up right now. it's just incredible. ♪ ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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welcome back. hundreds are being urged to leave their homes as a fast-growing grass fire burns in central washington state. high temperatures and strong winds are fueling flames up to about 100 miles east of seattle and the fire has destroyed 23 homes and torched 3,000 acres. there are no reports of injury. that is the good news. fire crews are on the ground and say rain expected today. the cause of the fire is under investigation. well beating the heel. it may become more difficult in california this summer. the state has ordered people to reduce water usage as a result of the record-setting drought
11:54 am
but some cities are actually still moving forward with plans to build brand new water parks that require a whole lot of water, obviously. claudia is live at one of these water parks in oakland california. what is going on? report report water parks draw thousands of visitors and use thousands of gallons of water leaving cities wanting to build new pools and water slides admitting the timing couldn't be worse. this summer many california families will head to community pools and water parks. even as they're bombarded by messages to conserve. that's left the bay area city of dublin defending construction of a new $36 million aququatic center with two pools pools and party playground set to open in 2017. six slides with tall fountains just ayes to the bad optics. >> the timing is up fortunate
11:55 am
with the drought. it's not due to open for two years and we think it's a long-term investment. >> a decade in the works to accommodate the city's greg population it wail re-arrival 480,000-gallons of water too much says this dublin resident. >> when you look at what we have to do in terms of doing away with our lawns saving water in buckets and bathtubs and reusing the water for the garden, whenever else we're doing. just seemes wasteful. >> critics sign an online petition demanding a stop to the project but the city says it's a necessary amenity even the water slides. >> childhood obesity and inactivity we want to may have surek':pl we have a gathering place that families want to come. >> reporter: other california cities like man teka and garden grove, defending proposed water parks and everyone just hope that predictions for a wet el
11:56 am
niño winter come true, ending the drought and further water park controversy. >> let's hope for rain, then, claudia cowen, thank you so much. notorious mob boss white bulger sending an emotional letter from behind bars to a group of students. the advice he has about leading a life of crime and it involves law school.
11:57 am
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♪ [music] ♪ jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
11:59 am
advice from a former boston crime boss as mobster "whitey" bulger tells three high school students who wrote to him for a history project, if you want to make crime pay go to law school. he sent the letter from federal prison. bulger writing quote my life was wasted. the high school students saying they were stunned to receive his letter. delish or disgusting? a food blogger dips a big macin egg and deep fries it.
12:00 pm
his creation, 1,000-calories and a stomach ache. gretchen is on the road for her book in chicago. and in d.c., join her tomorrow. great to see you all. >> prison escapee is dead and the other in custody. now we're hearing more about their plain. a plan that apparently included a nice trip to mexico. also why david sweat reportedly ditched his partner the guy hacksaw, and judge napolitano says why prosecutors may be looking to caught deal with sweat to avoid a trial. >> are islamic state terrorist planning an independence day attack here in the united states? we'll have the warning and the intelligence for what it's worth. so let get to it. good monday afternoon from the news deck. first today the surviving fu


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