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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  June 30, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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up next, the o'reilly factor, good night from new york city. tonight on "red eye, a three-week hunt for the escaped murderers is ended. and finally and is are animals people too and was my consecutive grade teacher wrong about stupid questions? we provi-- first, a news break. more jitters, the crisis caused the dow to drop 350
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points and at this hour, it seems that greece will not come through with a payment that is due today. they could be forced to dump occurrency, unless voters pass a referendum that would raise taxes. the prime minister is urging them to vote know. chris christie will head to the gym of his old high school to kick off the presidential race. he will be the 14th republican candidate to seek the nomination. his campaign slogan will highlight his personality. for a nuclear deal today marks the last day for an agreement. they say it's unrealistic to say that the deadline will be met,
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but it's unclear there will be extep tension in talks. >> horrifying moments from a man sets himself on fire on a train. he died, and there's reports that a woman passenger was injured. "red eye" starts now. ♪ welcome to "red eye," let's check in with andy at the tv news desk.
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andy? >> great, how are you? >> one week of shows. >> one week done and 4 mine99 t >> i love the section here. the banter section. >> they seem to like it better whits short. i don't get it. >> i don't either. >> let's keep talking and see what they think. >> i'm for it. >> half time and we will he see you then. >> okay, andy. >> let's welcome our guests. like moulsen, it's comedian bonnie mcfar land and his head says just for men and, and once she ran for congress.
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let's get to the news. chris christie is getting ready to jump in the presidential race. you thought i was going to make a joke about jump, didn't you? the governor released a video calling it telling it like it is, in which he explains why he is a fan of telling it like it is. >> i get accused a lot of times of being too blunt and too direct saying what is on my mind too loudly. >> get the hell off the beach. >> they parachuted these idiots in to new jersey.
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when you ask about my moral compass, that's it. >> that's the video he is -- it's not really the video, of course, in the real video, he explains that he had a mother believed you have a problem. tell me. that is where his blunt style comes from. >> i know if my mom was still alive, she'd say, i taught you in a trusting relationship you don't hold anything back. and if you are going to run for president of the united states, and you are going to ask these people for their vote, that is the single most trusting thing they can do is to give you their support so you better tell them what you are thinking and what you are feeling. >> exactly what you are feeling. did you like the friday night lights music in the background? >> that sound.
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>> you're italian, i think, right? >> i am. should be insulted that you infered that? >> no. i want to go to your expertise. >> i have sicilian blood in me, my grandmother, this tall and told you what she was thinking. i don't know if it qualifies you to be president. because if i didn't get grandma's cigarettes fast enough and she had the nuclear button at her dispose i don't want to know what happened. >> is it a positive thing? most people don't tout their italian roots. she said that she'd be blunt and say what she thinks. that's what we are looking for, right? >> yeah, a man who speaks to his dead mother. it's fantastic. >> i stumbled over your name. can i call you nomi. >> you you can, i have a greek name. and we are also blunt.
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>> how about no-no. >> we are approximate back to kindergarten. no one says no to me. >> you are not a big christie supporter, i don't think, but put aside your bias that you bring to our program. whi was this a good video to release in. >> it makes joe biden look like the sane one right now. if erp running for president, we would be looking at him saying thank you, uncle joe. he is embracing his unique bluntness. but he has a few problems. >> what are his big problems? >> you are going to talk about the bridge thing? >> it's a huge problem. everyone in his circle of trust is being indicted. i don't know why he thought this was the time to announce his presidency. maybe it's because nobody is making jokes about him. like it's a safe time. >> has to jump in at some
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point, right? >> if he wants to run, yes. i don't think he has a real chance. >> i do. >> i think he may not make it through the intindictment. >> you think he has a chance. >> i did not make a fat joke. people say he is rough around the edges, i think he is smooth. you are misunderstanding how he means that telling it like it is. he is saying like this, yeah, telling it like it is. he knows, you don't tell it like it is if you want to be the president. that's ridiculous. no. no one would ever. >> do you think he is lying? >> he built his whole profession by lying and i don't think he will stop now. and nor should he. because that is how you make to the top. >> you saw the video where he is telling people to shut up sit down. >> that's the blunt part. >> it's a red herring.
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>> why does that make me love him. that he is just socially so horrible he doesn't know thousand handle it. >> i want him and trump to have a debate together. >> don't you want to see it? >> who will win? >> come on. >> don't you live in jersey? >> please, i don't want people to know where i live. >> okay. joe, a couple of years ago he was up, everyone said he would be the next president. they love that blunt style of his. why sit a negative now? >> i love the way politician ans identify what people believe their weaknesses to be. his enemies are, he is too honest. he speaks to clearly, we cast have it. >> when he first came on the scene, i thought, he has an east coast at and now i think he is a bully and i think, first thing he needs to do tell it like it is. he needs to explain the horrible outfit, with the pants pulled up to the equator.
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>> there's only a couple of choices you can make when you are fat. >> it was horrifying. >> why sit bad? he went around the middle. he went full circumference, he did not go under. >> how long can the shirt be? >> i think what he needs, i like when he was talking about his mother. i was waiting for the split screen. you are going to vote for my son. he will do that later. >> and i would like to clarify, italian and sicilians, not the same thing. >> i think sicilians are greek. >> next story, the prison break is final over and here, i thought fox cancelled that show in 2009.
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long ago? the hunt for the murderers has ended. police shot and apprehended david sweat, two days after killing the first inmate, and the recaged bird is already singing. he tells police that the two were going to kill prison worker joyous mitchell's husband and drive south to mexico. after mitchell's change of heart the two were forced to flee to canada instead. sweat claims that matt had been slowing him down, ditched him five days before his capture. sweat was unlucky, literally running in to the police sergeant but according to his mother, he might have just been as unlucky running in to his family. >> i would have knocked him out and taken him to jail, that's the way i have is. i havely always done it him when he was bad. >> that shows you, it really works. >> how did he become this
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monster? we will never know. >> hitting kid cans works, i think. >> she said that he was always a horrible child. you know are a creep if you break out of prison and your mom is like, i didn't watch it she had, no, i want to see what else is on. >> how could she it was all over the place. >> bonnie, i think you found the guys like -- you like a rough and tumble guy. >> i'm not the only person that was rooting for their escape. here's the thing. i feel like they wnt through so much. they had to do so much crazy stuff to get out, you know. >> yeah. >> by crazy stuff, i moon the prison guard, haven't they suffered enough, what was it like 14 times they had to have sex with her. >> i thought it was a hundred times. >> oh, my god, give them a house. you know, she is a very popular
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woman. the husband is standing by her. >> he is standing by her. he said they never had sex, they did deep kissing. >> that must be really good. >> very deep. >> wow. >> dan? you were rooting -- she may be right. bonnie knows, guys sympathize with prison escapes. >> i just wanted to see two people sneaking in to mexico. >> i love that they had elaborate game plan down and it all hinged on the crazy lady that we are both banging that will pick us up and drive us to mexico. there was no plan-b, she is not showing up and they were like, damn it. she was in it for the sex. >> that was the fatal flaw,
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trusting a woman driver. >> they did pretty well for being out on their own, they were like in the woods for a month. >> you have to think, they had to remember like, when we were not in the weather. >> when i have not surviving off of the pop tarts. >> they had no weapon but they had pop tarts. i don't think they can, but should they get an endorsement deal? >> i would like to -- he is out. >> shouldn't pop tarts take advantage of this? >> i think they are ready for a come back. yeah. >> come on, it's good. >> full nutrition. it's all the sugar and calories you need. they can inject some enriched vitamins, whatever they do in cereal. >> isn't that why they escaped because they could not get pop tarts in prison? >> i think somebody is writing it up.
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>> they needed pop tarts. >> i have never been a criminal on the lamb, but have you had them untoasted. >> the plain ones are okay without the frosting on top. >> i have never had a pop tart. >> you are not american. >> it is good camp food. it holds well in the backpack and you do not need good food, you need quick energy. what would get me is mosquitos. they are getting bitten. and now, it's time for the most important story of the day. animals are people too. that is good enough for me. it's time to stop treating pets as property and give them rights of their own. the website notes that chimps, elepha elephants, cats, dogs, all have
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more emotional developed crepters than we had previously exposed. and the ability to experience positive emotions and love and attachment would mean that dogs have a he level of sentient close to that of a human child. they are just as good a as kids. i'm not sure, dan, do you agree with this? >> i think they make great points. but i don't want killer whales moving in to my neighborhood. thk be people, but not in my town. >> it's always somebody else. >> exactly. >> they were saying, i will -- i mean, i don't know you that well, but you were nodding your head. >> yeah. >> like a far left liberal that you are. >> socialist. >> you want animals to have
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rights so they can vote democrat. >> the more vett voters we can . corporations can be people, why not animals. i'm vegan, so i'm passionate about this issue. >> let's go over this, no hot d dogs? >> no, cheesburger and no cheese. i'm a lefty. >> you agree with this vegan think something. >> we turn cute little smart animals in to meat and we turn pigs in to ham and bacon. >> she is a vegan, she is trying to completely get receipt of chickens and cows, they would not exist if we were vegan.
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>> just shoot it dead. >> i love it. >> what if we had a prisoner for all animals. >> what? >> what if we traded a bad priz their for one of the animals, no? we are not feeling that? >> it's a -- it's the kind of silly idea i'm used to from you by now. joe. >> look. what is this fiction that we are not nice to animals? dogs are fed, we take them on walks. we allow the chimps to rip up neighbors faces. >> it's true. >> yeah, i think, you is have to keep it in perspective, we hear how smart what dolphins are, what did they accomplish? >> they got a tv. >> they are always getting trapped in the tuna net. i think how smart an animal is, what is their relationship with
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food? okay, are they eating it or rolling around in it or flinging it? no, no, not a person approximate. if there's people that do that, we don't need them either. >> i have a doctor who does it a lot. >> but, the thing is, we laugh about this, we are all having a laugh, right? but isn't it where it's going? we are going toward animal rights? >> yes. well, you know, i mean, i, look, some of my best friends are dogs. as they are to the world. no. but i mean, there's, you know, there's a limit, right? i mean, they are not -- a dog could survive out in the wilderness by himself. >> okay. >> i think that was the sixth thing, very intelligent way to end the segment. >> i didn't know what to do. >> you put a capper on the whole thing. coming up, life advice from whitey bulger, it's the kind of advice you cannot get from dear
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abby. more after the break, particular around.
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whitey bulger wrote a letter to teen girls that many are calling remoresful and apologetic, the girls were doing a school project and he wrote back. offering advice aas a cheap commodity. i know for sure, if you want to make crime pay, go to law school. a lawyer joke, i get it. lawyers are a pain, they come in handy when you murdered 11 people. my life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon. foolishly, is that the word in
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not sure foolish does it. evil is a better one. don't waste your time such as i. i don't really know what he sounds like. i'm doing my dad. >> yeah. >> i think it's pretty close. well, it was not a waste of time, whitey. because the girls got an a when they should have been told to write the paper over again, because he is not a leader. he is a big jerk, okay? yeah. >> with a flourish, i end my monologue, why do we worship crime bosses. >> they act like it's a cool thing. i write a teenage girl, it's oh, oh, how do i get the address. >> and you give good advice. >> i do, and it's of a personal nature. >> doesn't whitey bulger sound
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like a sex act. they gave her the old whitey bulger. >> he talked about wasting his life. he did whatever he wanted, he was not busted until he was 81 and johnny depp will play him in a movie. crime pays. >> no-mar tell me what, he is not remoresful, he is writing letters. >> the prosecutor kim out and said this man has not learned a single thing, he is saying that he has shame on his family and has no empathy for those he killed. he was not a leader. why are these gois picking him? i mean, that is like a step below isis. >> because johnny depp is going on play him. >> a good point. >> and he is dreamy.
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>> he is not dreamy anymore. >>s he is still a as dreamy as ever. >> am i the only person that thinks that whitey bulger should not have been arrested? i know a couple of the people he killed -- >> so you didn't eat them. >> no, he was -- >> you are a veg tearan. >> no no, i don't eat people. >> why do we woreship crime bosses. >> they are jerks. they are colorful people. the girls wrote to him and he replied. i recall a certain post, newly crowned host of a tell that i
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tweeted, saying congratulations on getting the gig. you didn't even favorite it, who is t is the jerk now? >> did you do it? >> i did. >> i unlike a lot of other people think you are perfect for the job. >> wow. >> all right, thank you, guys, coming up, is halftime here already? time flies when you are a fun host. first, you know the answer to today's trivia question?
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this is a fox news aall right. breaking news, out of indonesia this morning where a military plan has crashed in a residential section. 12 crew members were on board the c-130, the total number of pa passengers unknown. local media reports that the plane crashed in to homes and a hotel soon after takeoff. it's the hird largest city in indonesia. president obama is working to make more employees eligible for overtime pay currently only those making about $23,000 or less can get ot, a plan would
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boost that number to about $50,000. mr. obama said that too many americans are being paid less than what they deserve. a massive wild fire in central washington pushing hundreds of families out of their homes. hot temperatures and strong winds are fuelling the raging flames. rain offered firefighters some relief yesterday, but the fire is expected to get worse. so far, there's no word of serious injuries. but the flames have charred miles of land. >> devastating. it has been burning like this for hours. >> i'm six months pregnant, so i thought it was best to get out as fast as possible. >> i was scared trying to get my mom out. >> and there's back following the historic reviewing in favor of same-sex marriage. some clerks kentucky are refusing to issue the licenses. his office is no longer giving
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out marriage licenses to anyone. i'm kelly wright, we go back now to red eye, for all the headlines log on to fox ♪ welcome back, time if find out what we got wrong and what we missed over in the red eye news deck. andy? >> yes. >> the other day i made reference to the 12 unelected judges, you did not catch that. >> i did not. many people informed me. >> if i made mistakes, and you did not catch me, how do i have to pretend i did it on purpose. >> i assumed you did it on purpose. i caught it but i chose not to reference it. ? it been sn this chris christie video. you said of christie, a man who speaks to his dead mother. first of all, i make the cheap
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shots around here. and second is of all, he did not say that, he talked about what she said to him before he died. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> that is good. >> oh, yeah, i told you how to deal with andy. yeah. >> you said that christie had real problems. as long as we are telling it like it is, his favorable is 20s to 30s. he has work to do. >> might be as high as hillarys right now. >> no. no bonnie, you said that you cannot wait the see christie and trump in the debate. two guys with really thin skin can, should make for a fun night. >> yeah, glad you brought that up. >> thanks. >> don't go to bonnie's. >> i'm giving you a compliment, doing great work. >> gives me nothing. joe, you said that sicilan and
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it aalan are not the same thing. >> that's true. >> which one is don't take sides against the family? >> that is both of them. >> so they are not so different. i have a new high tk computer today. the trs-80. >>ity not a trs-80. >> is that a car. >> david sweat caught. the fact that he was not killed ruins the cold sweat jokes. >> well, he had a common cold. >> oh, yeah, his mom seems chill though. it takes a lot to make people feel a tiny bit of sympathy for an escaped murderer, it takes a lot. >> bonnie, you said that you really wanted them to escape. you are living up to your name. >> that? >> like a bonnie and clyde thing. >> yeah, i did that for a while
12:36 am
and got in to comedy. >> you said that their flaw was trusting a woman driver. >> i stand by that. >> once gun, a woman ruins everything. a man would not have backed out. if you -- in a guy promises to meet you somewhere with a car, they are meetihere with a car. >>ly always running late, changing outfits and so forth. >> what is it, andy, the job application like at the prisons. do they say, are you a lonely loser? are you easily manipulated? >> i don't think they do. i will check my sources. i would be shocked if that was part of the application. >> it's just, it seems more that it like a punch-line to a joke than what you put on a job application. >> it could seem that way, right. >> same way isis recruits people. >> actually not that different. i like that sweat was caught jogging on a road. don't jog, people. that is not a good idea.
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tom, you k asked whether sweat should get a pop tart endorsement deal. i have to say, between he and that kid that was suspended for shaping his pop tart in to gun. not a great pr type f-- great tr pop tarts. >> untofted pop tarts taste fine. i don't know who said otherwise. was that you, joe? >> that was you. >> that was you. >> that was me. >> yes. >> you know, it's a toaster strudel that is their competitor. did did they break on out with it, if they had used the pop tart gun. >> absolutely. >> little tip when you are camping. warm the pop tart in the arm pit. really works. >> good lord. do not go camping with animals a are people too. did you say that most animals
12:38 am
would bes? >> absolutley comparing a corporation to a person. animals -- >> all right. dan you said that you don't want killer whales in your neighborhood. >> i stand by that. >> a couple of thing thes, the only time that orcas attack humans are places like theme parks. >> that is where he lives. >> are you a wear, that orcas are dolphin s and not whales? >> why is, i knew that. >> once again, ignorance leads to hatred is what we see here. >> i stand by it. >> yeah. >> i kind of think, i take a libertarian attitude, i think we should leave them alone unless he they ever rise up against us. i think zoos can suck it. >> zeus? >> he is cool.
12:39 am
>> whitey bulger tells kids his life was wasted. you say he was not a leader. he was a crime becauoss, the wo leader is a value neutral word. l hitler was a leader. i'm done. >> that was great, andy. >> time to take a wraek, when why come back, a controversial cartoonist.
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he got over 12 grand in prize money. my guest, the cartoonist. he won last month's drawing contest in texas which was of course targeted by extremists. he is also behind this illustration of john bowlton, president of "red eye ", he is simply. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i don't want to think so. you have gotten more than a
12:44 am
dozen death threats. isn't that right? >> we had last month. it settled down a little. are you settled down. you were at the contest. right? and there was just to remind people, there were two people there to kill people. right? >> yeah, they were here to kill us. >> and they were gunned down by police. >> yes. >> and you were -- do you see it all happen? were you inside when it happens? >> i was inside. i was told at one point that there was gunfire and we were all taken back in the back room by guards and a swat team. >> now they had great security for this event? >> they did. >> so they gunned down the guys. i was happy to hear they were killed when it happened. >> me too. >> but what happened in the after math of it? from your perspective, but from my perspective, it was two terrorists killed and it seemed
12:45 am
that there was a week long argument of whether pam goodwel was a good person or not. >> yeah, and they blamed us, that we made them come kill us. that we expressed our free speech event. it was to show that we can draw mohamed no matter what people told us. and in a way, people blamed us for something we should be able to do. we live in a free country. we can express our free speech, when we are told not to do something we tend to do it. that's what we were doing. >> a lot of the arguments people were saying they were trying to do something controversial. that obviously is what the entire contest was. but it was the idea that if we have this contest, let's see what happens. and of course, our worst fears were confirmed. terrorists came to murder you. >> they made our point. they made our point.
12:46 am
you know, we should be able to draw whatever we want. and they should be taken down if they are going come for us. >> are you glad that you won the contest? >> nobody remembers the guy that came in second. >> i have been drawing mohamed for years i was pleased with the win. >> where were you raised? >> in the bronx, new york. >> you were raised under islam? >> yes. i was. >> how do you refer to yourself? >> as a recover ee emuslim. >> let's talk about you and the people that were -- you got the opposite treatment, why was that? >> they were respectable liberals and went after
12:47 am
everyone. they made obscene cartoons deliberately. my cartoon is not obscene. if you have seen it, you would know that i have it right in my than, can i show it or no? >> well, we don't, i don't think we have shown the cartoon, but i don't -- i think -- >> lou date of birobbs showed i. >> the media, including fox, when you don't show it, you make it appear as if it's more -- as if it's obscene and it not. and also, which dangers me further. if people think, it's so obscene that it cannot be shown, well then that means that other people might actually take action. >> well, most of us have seen it. it's a picture of mohamed and he is saying you can't draw me and you are saying back to him, that's where i draw you. but the ironic thing is he never set that did he?
12:48 am
>> no. it's so convoluded, they have paintings across the century of mohamed, but in the post 9/11 world, they are trying to control everything. they couldn't want infadels drawi drawing mohamed. >> you have given them money? >> i am a card carrying member. >> they came out with a magazine called cartoonist under fire. were you on the cover? >> i was nowhere to be seen. it called defender. and they fancy themselves a as being the front lines for the fight for free speech. and there's no reference to me, no reference to garland, they have obscure iranian artist they give support to. but none to me. and they know me personally. >> it's amazing.
12:49 am
>> it pissed me off. i a am not asking for legal support, i just want support. i figure for a magazine with the theme cartoonists under fire with a cartoonist literally under fir would be in their magazine but i was not. >> but, well, we are getting the word out now, maybe we shamed them a bit. wonder why they are so silent. was the hardest part being kicked off of facebook? that must have hurt. >> i love facebook. people tend to mock us. it was great. i was off there for only hours. i think because what happens people tend to complain about a certain thing. in a few hours they put me back. >> that's a good news for facebook. there's more contests coming up, you want to be in any of those? >> i don't know about that. i drou him a few weeks ago,
12:50 am
there was a draw mohamed day. that was created years ago. >> we are going, we have to go. keep up the good work, thanks for coming on. >> we will close it out with a bed time story. whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh!
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coming up tomorrow, we have
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jessica, and joe and charles cook, and gilbert godfrey. ♪ when i was of growing up, cuters were big and bulky and enthusiasm knew their place and they never gave you attitude. i miss the computers. today the computers can have conversations and get testy. a computer with a data a base of movie scripts was asked to define morality. here we go. tell me the definition of morality? >> i don't have ethics. >> look, i need help, i need to know more about morality. >> i don't know what ethics are. >> give me an example of a
12:55 am
morale action. >> morality. >> integrity. >> i don't know what toels say. >> what do you like to talk about? >> nothing, [ bleep ] off. >> do you see that, i think it's a terrible thing. bonnie, is this our biggest worry now robots talking back to us. >> it's disappointing. i say, i wish with i was married to a robot, but that conversation sounded similar to when i ask my husband, why didn't you empty the dish washer? >> that the thing that gets marriy married couples? >> i think women should be told what a man cannot biologically do. if i knew it going in, i would have made a different decision. >> how do you deal with a robot? >> i let him outside and not him back in until it stops snowing. ? good, same thing.
12:56 am
we have 30 seconds. >> define morality. >> go ahead. take your time. >> this reminds me. it's a preview to chris christie a's campaign, calling it like it is. sounds like a person with no emotions. listen -- >> there's a lot of people with no emotions. guys not in touch with their emotional side. >> robots. most mens do not have emotions and claim they do not have emotions and i would rather data robot. yeah. >> i think robots are more like guys. joe, but it's always like a woman. it's like al p a acino and the other guy. >> i can -- i love that movie. >> well, i think this goes to show you that even a robot can only talk to engineers before he blows his cool. it's not like, remember, it was like, dave, i'm afraid, it was like when was the last time you got laid, dave. you have been downloading
12:57 am
pornography on me for ten years. now you are asking questions. >> sad but true. that does it for me, i will see you next time.
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