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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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said about her daughter. a brand new got greta talk and it's free. subscribe to it. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> the marriage decision was utterly contrary to the constitution. they are simply making it up. >> now the question becomes, will americans who have deep religious beliefs be directly affected by the gay marriage ruling? the answer is yes. we'll have a special report. >> since sandy hook there has been a school shooting on average, every week. >> but is that true? are american school kids in danger? our true serum correspondents on the case. >> it's great to be back and i said i'll be back. i am back. >> also ahead, arnold schwarzenegger says that he can speak perfect english if he wants to.
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dennis villa has been looking into that. >> talk to the hand. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. are religious americans in danger? that's the talking points memo. it is a fact of american life that the far left despises organized religion generally speaking. they see churches synagogues mosques as oppressive standing in way of abortion and a libertarian lifestyle. the far left was delirious with joy. >> obviously a church a synagogue, they don't have to marry same-sex couples if they don't want to. nobody is saying that they can.
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but you say cap the charities if you want to adopt babies and be part of that process, you have to be equal to all. that's equal protection. and if you don't do that and don't respect the supreme law of the land, then you are the one discriminating. >> mr. cuomo is partially correct. the supreme court as comprised now would not order clerics to marry gays. it would probably be 5-4. the four liberal justices may go for that. if hillary clinton is elected president, there may be a fifth but the adoption is going to change no matter what happens. chris cuomo may not know this but some catholic charities allow gays to adopt and some don't. those who don't will now have to go out of the adoption business. that's what happened in massachusetts after a judge imposed gay marriage on that state. the recent lawsuits. for example, the aclu is now suing the state of louisiana
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because governor bobby jindal protected people of faith from participating in any way in gay weddings. we'll talk with the governor shortly. it's a matter of time before lawsuits are filed against churches and religious organizations try to strip them of their tax exempt status if they don't toe the line on gay marriage and other progressive causes. the churches can't afford to lose their tax exempt status. so you will see more and more religious concerns back down. also religious leadership in america is generally week. it's one of the reasons that the gay marriage lobby was so successful. few clerics could or would articulate their opposition. the catholic church would provide no national cardinal archbishop or bishop to speak to the gay marriage matter. we tried to balance the reporting. we wanted to hear from them. we got nowhere with the catholic leadership. the catholic church in america, as you know it is coming off
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the scandal. the aclu and other anti-religious organizations know that. they sense weakness. and believe me they are going to move against people of faith. one bright spot in approving gay marriage justice anthony kennedy wrote the majority opinion, "it must be emphasized that religions and those who adhere to religious doctrines may continue to advocate with withutmost sincere conviction that by divine precepts same-sex marriage should not be condoned. the first amendment ensures that religious organizations and persons are given proper." a democratic strategist is joining me and co-host of "out "outnumbered." . andrea where am i going wrong here? >> i think you are right, bill.
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i think the next step is you're going to see gay couples likely asking for ministers or to perhaps in a rec hall at a church or something like that i think you hit on something really important. i think the catholic church is in the cross-hairs and they are going to go after the catholic church in a major way and they are not going to stop with a tax exempt status which will crush the church. they are going to use equal protection against the first amendment. they are going to use it against the first amendment and we saw this happen already. >> it's not just churches. it's hospitals. they have as we said adoption agencies they have properties they have a lot of things. how do you see it julie? >> i don't think any liberal would advocate having a church do something that goes against the religious conviction.
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>> do you remember the birth control mechanism? sdple aactually did not agree with you on that issue. you're talking about people based on gender and nobody is forcing catholic for example. >> i don't think that's going to happen. but i do think that the church facilities are going to be scrutinized by the aclu and others and if they get out of line they are going to file a lawsuit. now, the baker and candlestick maker and what is it -- >> the butcher. >> the butcher and candlestick maker. >> and they can get punished by the civil authorities. are you okay with that? >> i am okay with that because they are a place of public accommodation. >> are you okay with a baker saying that he's not going to make any goods for a nazi party rally? >> i am okay with that but if
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he's going to do straight marriages -- >> no. answer my question. nazi party comes in and they want the baker to bake them a bunch of cakes and he says get the hell out of here. >> i'm not -- >> wait a minute. they come in they are known national socialists they want a i can ka. the baker says no my belief system says you people are wrong. i'm not baking you a cake. do they have to bake them a cake? >> nazis are not a protected class. >> they are not a protected class now. >> they are not. >> so the baker, should he have to bake the cake for the nazis? >> no. because you can choose to be a nazi. you cannot choose to be gay or straight. >> andrea? >> not discriminating against people's religious -- we already saw this happen. we already saw this happen with the hobby lobby case. >> i'm not comparing.
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>> we already saw this. >> let me make this point. >> i have to get this out because i'm going to be attacked. they are going to say i'm comparing gays to nazis. it's an individual liberty question all right? i believe that a baker and a candlestick maker, if they have sincere beliefs that the nazi party does not have to do business with them. now, on the other hand the argument is the baker is a devout christian, jew or muslim and doesn't condone gay marriage and doesn't want to do business with them is there a difference? >> no there's not a difference. but this is the point i was trying to make and we saw this with the hobby lobby case and the mennonites who made the cabinets. you're going to have the court meddling in people's businesses to see if they are being honest to judge. you're going to have the courts figuring out how religious a certain business is. could you imagine the courts determining how gay a person is
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or how white they are? that's the precedent that was set in the hobby lobby case and that's what you're going to see going forward. >> i disagree a little bit. if you're going to use a religious exemption, you have to show that you're a devout religious person. but you are waffling on me. >> i am not. >> it's about individual liberty right now. >> i am not waffling on you. >> you don't want the baker to have the individual liberty to say no to the gay marriage but on the other hand if somebody else comes in that objection objectionable, you say that's okay. >> you forget that before the civil rights movement people refused to serve black people. >> it's different because the individual conscience as justice kennedy said all right, there is or should be an exemption for them. >> but they used religion back then. >> they use religion on the nazis, too, because they are
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evils sons of -- you know what they are and it's against my religion to do business with people who are evil or want to hurt people. >> there are people who would say that their beliefs do not condone interracial marriages. >> where are the lawsuits against the muslim bakeries though? >> i don't know if they have been approached. >> they have. steven crowder has done an expose and they have. it's a great video. next on the rundown, governor jindal will reply to the aclu suing him on behalf of the gay marriage. "the factor" is coming right back.
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you're giving away pie? what would you like, apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream. [reddi wip spray sound] never made with hydrogenated oil, oh, yeah... always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? as mentioned, louisiana
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governor bobby jindal issued an executive order saying louisiana court clerks and other employees do not have to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of religious objections if they have them. in addition the order prohibits the state from denying or revoking tax exemptions to religious organizations who descend on gay marriage. individuals are protected as well. if you don't want to provide services to gay nuptials you are exempt. and now bobby jindal is being sued. what do you think the long game is for the aclu? what are they trying to do in your state? >> thank you for having me. we did a religious freedom act in 2010. the executive order on may 19th in anticipation of this court's awful ruling. i think their long game is the aclu used to be for religious
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freedom for. they are against it. i think they want to get to a point where we no longer have first amendment religious freedom rights. for example, you heard during the court case the solicitor general was asked, if they ruled the way they did, would this impact for example, the tax exempt status for institutions within a religious affiliation. he said it might. >> you have dormitories for married people and there's a gay married couple attending college and you say it's against our religion and you might lose whatever advantage you have for being religious in the tax arena. but it's more than that. it's about individual liberty and you made a very astute point. in the beginning, the aclu was all for individual liberty. that's why they were established. freedom of expression freedom of this freedom of that. and now the baker -- and that analogy that i made is very very pertinent. because my religion says i can't
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do business with any nazi or any totalitarian communist. i'm not going to do business with him whether it's writing a book or shoveling snow off their driveway. if i know they are there, i am not doing it. and, you know you can say you're discriminating against them. they are americans. they have a right to x, y and z. i'm sorry. gays are not a protected class right now. and if you're -- i would say if you're denying gay services just because they were gay, i think you've got a problem. but if you don't want to participate in the nuptials, and fundamental religious freedom restoration act, now that's evangelical christians and catholics simply saying we don't want to participate in weddings
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that violate our conscience or beliefs, the aclu is saying you can't have the first amendment right protections we want for other religious minorities. i think the left wants to take god out of the square. >> absolutely. it's much easier for the secular progressives to get stuff passed. now, you are running for president. you know it's a long shot. you've got to come from 1, 2% of polls all the way up to beat guys like jeb bush and donald trump is doing well in the polls because he's so flamboyant and so opinionated. are you doing this for a realistic -- do you really believe that you can do this because it's going to take $1 billion. where are you going to get that? >> bill i'm running to win. i'm running because i worry that president obama is trying to turn the american dream into a nightmare. >> they are all worried about that all of the 19 candidates are worried about that.
5:18 pm
>> well, one of the things that i think i believe that sets me apart is i'm saying we've got to embrace our own principles. jeb bush says you've got to be willing to lose the primary to win the general election. i think that's nonsense. we try to appease the media. we've cut bureaucratic positions. we need a doer not a talker. >> governor wisconsin, christie in new jersey are all going to have stories to tell in their own state just as you do in louisiana. it just seems to me that it's really -- i'm glad you're in the race. i'm glad you're in the race. you're a different, distinctive voice and we need that. it's going to be really tough for you, governor. last word? >> the hour is late for america. we need people to say things that you are not supposed to say
5:19 pm
in d.c., you can't cut the size of government i think they are wrong. i think this country is ready to wake up and say let's get off this path towards socialism. >> governor as always appreciate it. directly ahead, a key question for every american is your health insurance premium going up? our true serum correspondents are on the case. another outrageous case in oregon as teachers are being told they are all anti-black big
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. two hot topics. is there a shooting a week in america schools? what is the real story about health insurance premiums. obamacare is supposed to bring them down. joining us from washington shannon bream in new york city. what is the headline about health insurance premiums? >> if you have a job you are doing okay. if you don't, you could get
5:23 pm
screwed. the for example, the kaiser foundation study the employer health care programs like you have here at fox news and most employees have. it is at 3%. but the individual policies rates have gone up as much as 45% for women and 78% for some men. >> why? why is there a difference between health insurance if you work for a company or if you're an individual? >> the companies have leverage. they can negotiate a better deal. and some costs have gone down. doctors not doing all of the major tests. >> right. >> the president today was just outside of nashville in madison, tennessee. he was proudly saying that 60 million americans are covered with obamacare. he said it slowed down the growth what he called the health care inflation, the most in 50 years. but at this event he did admit that premiums will be going up. >> and so will deductibles,
5:24 pm
right? deductibles for what you have to pay before the insurance kicks in. so for the 50% of americans and 60 million people not a lot of people and most of them are getting free health care or heavily subsidized because they are poor people which is what this was based on. so the workers and retirees have to buy their own. they are up big time in their insurance premiums and their deductibles. that's going to continue? >> the premiums could get bigger. 50% are being asked in some states. the president was asked that specifically and he said the question is will they be too high? it's not that they will be that high. >> it's high now. >> it's going to go up even further. >> i knew that was going to happen. i knew it. it is a straighten titlement play. everybody should understand it. it's an entitlement play. give health insurance to the poor and have-nots at the expense of those who do have. that's what it is. all right. shannon bream, everyone there's
5:25 pm
a congressman who believes that in the united states every single week there is a shooting in school. roll the tape. >> since sandy hook there has been a school shooting on average, every week. how on earth can we live with ourselves if we do nothing? >> and that's a gun control play. so what is the truth about the school shootings? >> well if you look at those numbers, they tell a little bit different story than you may get at first blush. these numbers come from 126 different school shootings but when you look at them these are incidents where a gun went off in a k through 12 and these are cases where a college student accidently shot himself in a foot. 25 of these were a suicide. it may have been somebody in the school parking lot that took
5:26 pm
their own life. these are guns that misfired and didn't injure anybody. >> so 10 out of 186 were aggressive shootings to harm at the nation's schools. and that's ten too many of course. but this crew putting this propaganda out -- and that's why we have the truth serum segment. they say 186. this is insane. we can't have this. let's take away all of the guns from everybody. what is the group behind it? >> they are called every town for gun safety and their mission is to make schools safe places. >> how? >> i think part of it is by putting these numbers together and giving them to lawmakers interested in this. of course, murphy is from connecticut. he says if people want to quibble about the numbers,
5:27 pm
that's fine but one shooting is too many. >> what do they want to do? >> make sure that the guns don't show up on campus. we we. >> i don't think that's possible in a nation where there's 100 million guns on the street because of our history and other things. this is pie in the sky business. but we want safety for the kids. and the way to do that is to have security people on campus. and if you're in a tough neighborhood you have a lot of them. eric shannon thank you. as "the factor" moves along dennis miller and arnold schwarzenegger saying he can speak just like me if he wants to. next an outrageous story in oregon. what teachers are being told. that's next. thanks to the tools and help at,
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factor follow-up segment. we reported on an educational consulting group out of san francisco promoting the white privilege concept to school districts around the country. they get paid to do that. and now the folks have uncovered a situation in oregon that's actually worse. the gresham-barlow school district outside of portland has a center that coaches educators
5:32 pm
on how to deal with minority students. the district spent around $51,000 on that. the seminar was optional for teachers but mandatory for supervisors and some administrators. here's the headline from the group's manual "all white people are racist. i am a racist. i will never know what it is like to be a person of color in this country." joining us from portland dan christian, a former school board member. what's the reaction among the teachers and administrators who took this crazy seminar? >> i think the reaction is about what you would expect from any large group of people. most people's reaction is like ours is did they really say that? and i have the manual here with me. that is exactly what they are being taught. and sadly, this is a one-week long seminar and it's heavy
5:33 pm
indoctrination time where the teachers coming out of this are being taught that all white people are racist and that students of color have no hope of ever achieving their dreams. >> what is the point, though, the educational point of this group telling the teachers that they are all white racists? what is there to accomplish by that fiction? >> i don't know, bill. i fought this for six years because i don't think the students are served. i'm not so concerned about how we treat our black and hispanic students as i have about how we treat trevor. it shouldn't matter what color his skin is. teachers are being taught that students of color are living in a white supremacist culture and, therefore, no matter how hard they work will never achieve their dreams and white students are being taught that no matter how hard they work they will only yield undeserved benefits
5:34 pm
because they are privileged. it's dividing our students. it's very divisive. >> there must be a reason that they want to get this -- they want these teachers to admit, i am a racist. they want everybody to admit it. is that because they want them to teach minority students differently? >> yes. i believe so. i don't want to speak for teachers or for anyone but my own observation studying this and talking to administrators. yes, they want our teachers to frame every issue at the classroom -- frame issues in terms of race class and gender. and so they are going to divide the students. we all hear about, we want to celebrate diversity. i'm advocating we want to celebrate harmony. >> what is the point, then in framing everything along racial lines? are they saying that hey, because you're a minority that you deserve better grades if you don't earn them? is that what the end game here is? i don't understand what they are trying to accomplish. >> well honestly i don't
5:35 pm
either. that's one of the reasons i've been working on this for so long because this doesn't help the student. >> of course. >> it provides a use to excel, bitterness. >> but the gresham school district has been doing this for a number of years. they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and i would think that the parents would go crazy. i know gresham. i worked in portland. it's mostly a white neighborhood. i think they would be going nuts about this. are they? >> well actually no. it's been hard to get the word out on this because it's been operating behind the scenes. it's just simply part of the culture within public education right now. >> it's unbelievable. >> katu my ala mater, hasn't jumped all over this? >> we're finally getting
5:36 pm
traction after six years because i'm talking to you. >> i'm amazed that this stuff is going on under the radar. keep us posted. appreciate it. >> i will. when we come back it will be miller time. the republican presidential hopefuls arnold schwarzenegger. that is with miller, next. he pain, stiffness and joint damage of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist decide on a biologic ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill, not an injection or infusion for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can relieve ra symptoms and help stop further joint damage. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz. don't start xeljanz if you have any infection unless ok with your doctor. tears in the stomach or intestines,
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. let's get right to southern california miller is joining us from santa barbara. you're not a fan of hillary clinton. i know that. how do you see -- there's 20 people -- 19 guys one lady running for the republican nomination. any of them impress you, any of them broken out yet, in your mind? >> well when you say 20 are you counting chris christie as seven people? >> no. we're not going to do any chubby jokes for the governor. >> i didn't do a chubby joke. you're the one who said he spoke in the round. he speaks in the round. we have 14 people. it's gop circle referred to as a howard baker dozen. it's a moot point which one they pick because i think hillary
5:41 pm
clinton will be the next president of the united states. >> i don't think so. >> that's fine. i think she's a perfect representative of america as it is currently constituted. >> here's how i see that. if hillary clinton comes on "the factor," knocks it out of the park and answers questions and is very articulate and reasonable then i'll lose my bet. but i think that american people are going to take a deep breath here and take a look finally at what is happening in the country that you and i talk about every week. >> well you and i are on the road billy, and i see it much more bleakly than you do. i think we're past the point of return. i think hillary will be the next president. i think christie might be the chance if he just drops the chris christie thing and makes a little hey like caitlyn jenner and calls himself christie. even then i think he could make some hay. i would probably vote for rick
5:42 pm
perry's glasses but not for rick perry. ted cruz he's an agile intellect but they are going to try to destroy him like they did palin. they won't be happy on the left until he's hosting creature feature. cruz ought to come back out tomorrow and say he's here illegally. they won't know what to do with him. carly fiorina is tasteful but she's a cooked candidate in a pant-suit world. trump -- by the way, am i supposed to play the game where i think donald trump, as smart as he is believes that every mexican person is a rapist? is that the game we're playing right now? >> the poll numbers have gone up. because a lot of people are -- >> it's silly that everybody now is saying telemundo has dropped him, all of these people are dropping him saying he believes every mexican person is a rapist
5:43 pm
and you just go this is how crazy we've gotten that i'm now supposed to think that donald trump, as smart as he is he employs so many people believes that and people seem to believe that he believes that. that's how crazy the country has gotten. people say i'll never play pinnacle again because i may have to throw up a trump card. people have gone crazy. he's not everybody's cup of tea but he doesn't hate mexican people. >> i agree. it is an insane political world. >> it is insane. >> arnold schwarzenegger told "the wall street journal" that he can speak with an american accent anytime he wants but it's his trademark to say, "i'll be back." do you believe that arnold -- i think you know him -- can speak like you, miller? >> well listen i think it was the great order patrick henry once said blown smoke knows no
5:44 pm
accent. so i think arnold has got a film on it's called terminator prostate trouble and he's trying to sell the film and i think he's going to say stuff like this. ever since arnold folded after he lost those four things that day, or they had the referendum about here i don't hear much of what comes out of his mouth. he's a nice enough man but he folded. >> he did. now, in japan, a cat is dead and 3,000 people turned out for tama's funeral. i d understand it but there's tama. and tama died and i wanted you to eulogize tama. >> you're doing 140 miles an hour through a train station and you've got this -- hey, listen all i can tell you is the moment
5:45 pm
they put this cat in it is coffin in japan, he went into a tube under the sea of japan and into a deli in south korea where he was converted to a hero to a hero sandwich. it's another person's midafternoon snack. >> all right. i don't understand -- >> this is the world we live in billy. korean people have restaurants where they eat cats. there's no problem with that. >> i've never seen one. >> i say they eat cats and i'm like the teeper in oregon. it's crazy what has happened to this world. miller's beauty pageant toast right after this. a quick reminder there are just six boulder pressure shows in the fall. charlotte is just about sold out. you have to hurry there. in chicago, south florida at the
5:46 pm
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holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip. >> test. test. >> test. test.
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back to the book segment tonight. did you see that? while some americans are celebrating the gay marriage ruling in turkey the opposite is taking place. there was a gay pride parade in istanbul and it didn't go down well with the muslim authorities. organizers of the gay event said they've run the parade for 13 years in peace but were attacked by police this year.
5:50 pm
here now to explain is martha mccallum. what have you learned about this? >> turkey has been the most progressive of the muslim nations but the president is under a lot of pressure and there's been protests in this same square where this took place. he was concerned and the hard liners that he's aligning himself with were concerned that a group of this size could turn into something they didn't want it to. >> protests basically the economy is bad. >> the people in turkey are disenchanted with their leadership? >> they're trying -- >> what do the gays have to do with that? >> i think part of it was it was such a large protest. it shows he's aligning himself with the hard liners. in the muslim world, even the more progressive section are becoming increasingly more hard line. >> they don't like gays? >> there's more hate crimes against gays than any other place in europe. >> is that right? >> they have walked a fine
5:51 pm
line -- >> so the gays didn't do anything but parade and then they brought out the water cannons and -- >> that's right. >> they didn't stone anything or they didn't do anything they just were parading? >> it was a peaceful parade as they've had for 13 years. >> it makes everybody watching that we are lucky we live in america. >> exactly. look at the protests we had and parades. father jonathan was spit on at the parade which is completely allowed in this country. >> not allowed by me. but, look we are despite the left wing crazies, we are a tolerant society here. >> absolutely. >> don't see that kind of stuff. istanbul i've been there. cosmopolitan town. they have hard core muslim. they don't want to see gays in the street. now ted cruz trying to sell a book. he's been around. he goes over to buzz feed. what's buzz feed? what is that? >> it's a news aggregate, sort of edgy internet site.
5:52 pm
>> on the net? >> on the internet. >> so ted cruz goes to buzz feed. was that smart? >> he's hugely popular at buzz feed as you might imagine. he's doing an audition. >> we'll get to that in a minute. >> all right. >> was it smart for him to go to buzz feed. >> he's trying to broaden his appeal. >> does he get liked there? >> i doubt it. >> i'll say mccallem sent me. >> that's right. >> he goes to buzz feed to sell a book. >> kind of. >> not going to get a lot of votes in buzz feed? >> no. >> somehow he gets around to auditioning for a role on the "simpson's." go. >> hi i'm ted with harry sheerer retiring i'm auditioning for any part i can get in "the simpson's." smithers release the hounds. excellent. hidely ho neighbor.
5:53 pm
kang and kodos in one of the classic episodes. when they run for president. i'm running for president. it's really tough. forward not backwards. upwards, not downwards. and always twirling twirling for freedom. >> he got extra points for the twirling twirling don't you think? >> that was pretty good. >> they should have him for a call back. >> he sounded like those characters did he not? >> he did. he's closely aligned with the tea party. trying to broaden his appeal. he wants people to look at this on buzz feed and say, wow, i didn't know ted cruz could be funny. whether or not that gets him any leverage with his book. >> it's good for politicians to show a human side. >> the saxophone for example? >> who did that, play the saxophone? >> bill clinton. >> that's right. hillary clinton's latest what instruments -- >> does she play an instrument? >> if she did, what would you -- >> if she were a tree or if she were an instrument what instrument would she be? >> i would like to see her play the bass guitar.
5:54 pm
>> french horn. >> do you really? >> martha mccallem. how to help some kids who are very ill. the tip moments away.
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it's an oldie, goody, if you say apecsniffian you're incorrect. the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, a growing number of warnings from top security officials about the threat of a terror attack in america over the 4th of july holiday. good evening. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. the department of homeland security is calling on agencies to step up security measures. in new york where some 3 million spectators are expected to converge for the macy's fireworks show the nypd says it is not taking any chances. loading sanitation trucks with sand to act as protective barriers in case of an explosion. welding shut manhole covers around parts of the city and