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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 2, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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sky in his lawn chair 33 years ago today. i don't even know. something weird happens they'll make us come back. the dow is down but only a little bit. here's the next program. the nation on high alert ahead of the july 4th holiday and what happened this morning in d.c. shows just how high. law enforcement swarming thewed naval yard after a report of shots being fired. luckily it was a false alarm but just how worried should we be? welcome everyone, aisle charles payne, in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." new stats released by the house homeland security committee showed 28 isis related plots against western targeting this year compared to 19 for all of last year. the number of home-grown terror plots tripling in the past five years and we're all over it.
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with catherine herridge. with all the chatter officials are take nothing chances with. and john hudy, and britain now ready to take avenge and former cia operative mike baker on authorities urging twitter to help them take these threats down. catherine? >> reporter: this is one of the most severe threat environments according to an investigative source we have seen in the last decade in this country. the simple explanation is when they see american citizens joining isis it's only a matter of days between the decision to pledge allegiance and then go operational. the administration is not aware of any credible or specific threats are and tolling people to enjoy the holiday. >> there's no specific credible threat that has been identified but i think it's just good common sense when you
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have large gatherings, like i expect that we'll have this weekend for people to just be vigilant but enjoy the holiday. it's an important date in our history, and i speak for secretary kerry when i say that americans should go out and enjoy that. >> reporter: one over the investigative threads that emerged in the last few weeks is an interesting connection to the attempted shooting in garland texas, the draw muhammad cartoon contest. an isis operative was in contact ers prior to the event and seemed to have advance knowledge of the plot. fox news is told the last ten arrests in this country also have a link to this isis operative, al-britani. when you consider what happened the navy yard in washington dc today, this was in response to reports of an active shooter. there was not an active shooter but at that time -- you can see this from the video the
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deployed a top terrorism group because they worked on the presumption it was credible. >> we operate here in washington, dc that there's an elevated threat level at all times. we never lower our threat level in terms of our posture and we're aware of the discussion and chatter around the fourth of july event and all those threats and we take those into account. we change our tactics for different event but always maintain a high posture. >> reporter: also today we had confirmation from the pentagon team that the largest u.s. air base in britain raf just outside of london, has canceled its activities for july 4th july 4th because of the heightened threat in europe as well charles. >> thank you very much. now, we go over to john huddy on the beach attack in tunisia. >> reporter: we're also finding out that so far at least eight
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suspects have been taken into custody, according few nissan and british officials who say they will continue to hunt down anyone suspected of being involved in last week's terror attack. now, today british authorities confirmed that 30 of the 38 people that were killed were indeed british. it was the worst attack on british citizens since the london bombings of 2005. that according to the british officials. and so far as we have been seeing today some of the victims' bodies have been returned to their home countries, including the u.k., ireland and scotland among others. all of these victims were killed when 22-year-old opened fire on a beach full of tourists friday in the tunisian city sousse. in march islamic extremists killed 22 people outside a museum in the capitol of teunis.
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it was the worst terror attack in the country's history at the time, that is, until friday's massacre. now, tunisia tourism industry has an impact on the country. people left the country quickly after the attacks and because of the situation in tunisia and the british people that were killed, we found out the u.s. air force's 48th fighter wing, based in england canceled its fourth of july event. >> john, thank you very minute. now, isis reportedly sending out 100,000 tweets a day to wannabe jihaddists. now a new bill would force twitter, facebook, and other social media companies to inform authorities when they become aware of terror activities. to mike baker and duane staten who says it's about time. mike this comes u.v. -- up all
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the time where people -- everyone agrees to stop it but there's one thing in the way called the first amendment. >> right. we have seen over the past year and a half, as ironically the threats have been increasing, seen the pendulum swings back towards less intrusion towards civil liberties and privacy concerns and that is -- those things don't marry up. so what they're talking about now, with this new senate bill, is -- again think the aclu and others will try to demonize it but all it's saying is facebook and twitter other social media companies don't have to pro-actively troll through the systems, not hunting for terror gist punt messages but if they become aware of something, they have a duty to report it. that's all they're asking for. >> one thing that i find unnerving is almost every time one of these events happens the person was on a watch list.
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we had some sort of knowledge of them something happened in their past that made us look at them and then we looked away. it would seem to me if isis knows where to go to obtain potential jihad jizs we're making an opportunity to anybody these events in the but long before they happen. >> we're mitting a lot of opportunities. i was shocked and appalled when i found out the social media organization does not report to law enforcement. where is your due dill januaries and your mobile -- moral responsibility to the wart an attack and keep people safe. as a company, you create a means of communication but not going to be responsible for govern that communication? i just think that's no-brainer to me. >> here's the thing too. we talk about a moral obligation. these guys all of them pick and choose. they have their pet peeves and pet projects. they've taken down people before.
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they've taken down sites. so it's not like it's something that is completely against company policy. having said that, want to go back because we were talking about tunisia and this is someone that was on a radar of sorts. just seems to me if we can step this up a couple of notches we could all feel safer. certainly the weekend like the one we're heading into right now. >> of course you have to strike a balance. always that balance between the security and civil liberties. that's fine, and people always say, after the boston bombing or after any incident where a suspect that comes out laterren had been on a watch list. people say how does it happen? how come you didn't stay on system the u.s. the answer is because the fbi or the local state federal authorities are doing what they can within the laws that allow them to monitor or surveil an individual, and they can only do as much as we allow them to do, and i know that a lot of libertarians and
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folks on the aclu side would say, it's too much. we have to back off. it's a tradeoff. you want security in you have to give up something on the civil liberties side. that's the way it is. >> what are local police agencies -- what can they do? what are they doing in your city until the facebooks and the twitters step up, what can you do or are you doing? >> well, as you can see this morning, the events at the washington navy yard, we're thankful that actually there was no one hurt or no injuries but law enforcement have staffed up. that's what they do normally for the holiday weekends. not just the holiday weekend weapon have strong law enforcement presence in washington, dc, and holidays and nonholidays. the way it is. >> we saw a swift response this morning. anyone who thought that was overkill, remember what happened there a year and a half ago, 12 people killed. have a great fourth of july,
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talk you again soon. >> you as well. >> with terror threats up, is this any time for the white house to shut gitmo down? cuba wants it as republican presidential candidate rick perry having any of it? he is here.
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hola, cuba adios gitmo? hours after president obama announced we would open an embassy in havana, the cuban government demanding the closure and return of gitmo. rick perry does not think so. for perry, thank you for joining us. obviously we knew this would be a chain of events, president obama promising if we were to extend this of live branch to cuba they would return the humanitarian rights. instead their more belligerent than ever. >> we are seeing this in negotiation after negotiation saw this in iran.
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obviously the president of the united states not a good northerner here giving up positions early on before we ever -- number one we shouldn't have been negotiating with iran to begin with until they did some very important things, the first of which i would suggest to be to give up all exports of terrorism around the world but this president making mistake after mistake. i see it from a negotiator, and the idea that -- i happen to think we had cuba on the ropes economically. they're dealing with a country with a lot of challenges, with venezuela, and our president throws them a lifeline and then gives away one of our -- seems to be wanting to give away one of the most powerful negotiating tool wes have. bad idea. >> to your point when the president took his victory lap yesterday he complained about the people in cuba standing in the hot savannah sun i guess withering away in 50-year-old cars. that proves we were winning. they were defeated and all we had to do is put the icing on
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the cake. now the castro brothers will get all the money. today there was a jobs report and an abysmal number. 400,000 people jobbed out of the job force wages went up zero. what are you going to do if you're elected president to turn this around? >> obviously the economic future of the country is going to be pivotal in this campaign and going to be a show me, don't tell me campaign. it's going to be, who has really performed and the most difficult thing this country has had since the great depression, frock '07 to 2014, texas crated 1.5 million jobs and the rest of the country lost 400,000. so i think there is a real job creator on the republican side of the field and that's me, and i want to lay out a very positive suggestion, a very powerful optimistic vision about the country economically, using american energy, using north american understand canada,
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united states and mexico, and they opportunity to bring manufacturing book into manufacturing and have a renaissance of manufacturing. >> i want to stick along this line you talk about optimism. you gave a speech today talking about the idea that african-americans could should, would be part of the g.o.p. what this game plan there? because i've always felt the same. i just felt just needs to be greater communication and outreach. >> well, think that's a very important part of it. i think facts are going to matter. when you look at what happened in texas over the course of the decade plus that i was the governor you saw both educationally and particularly -- they have the number one highest high school graduation rates in america in texas. we went from 27th in the nation on average to second highest overall with african-american and hispanic being the number one graduation rates in america. nothing send's more powerful message to a family that we care
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about you than you can get a job, keep more of what you work for and help your children grad wait from high school so they're ready for the next stage of life. that's a powerful message, and you're going to hear it from us on a regular basis. we already do that in a very strong way in the state of texas. hispanic is -- i should say 40% more likely to have a job in texas. you're two and a half times more likely to own your own small business. the hispanic population in the state of texas voted 45% in the last election cycle for republican candidatessed. we do that nationally and the democrats are through. >> governor, with all due respect, your track record is predicated on the texas economy and some would say the texas economic miracle. critics say oil went through the roof and you rode the gravy train. >> sounds like paul krugman and he is wrong and anybody who says that is wrong. here's what happened the state
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of texas elm we diversified the economy. texas is now the none high-tech exporting state in the nation. the bulk of the jobs are in other areas. half as many percentage-wise jobs are in the oil and gas industry than in 1978 and the only gas industry still about the same percentage of our gross state product. so texas exploded economically, and it happened in a lot of other outside of the oil and gas industry. >> you're talking big tents talking inclusion. you were also asked about donald trump, so of the comments he made and the way he entered the g.o.p. race. one thing that is undeniable he has made an amazing splash, rocketing fun the polls and resonating with a lot of g.o.p. voters. what is he doing wrong? >> i don't think he is reflecting reflecting the republican party with his statement about mexans. that was huge error and it's wrong. when i think about the hispanic
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in texas, and i think about the individuals who have paid a great price whether they were tejanos at the alamo in 1836 or as late as the last wars -- >> but will off due rye spilling dirks. >> killefer are for america. >> didn't talk about people who were here legally. he was saying that mexico itself -- >> i would suggest to you he painted with a very broadbrush, and i think that is the problem. yes, we have some challenges. nobody knows that border better than i do. nobody has stepped into the fray on that border the way i have -- >> but are they sending bad people over here? listen. i guess that's the point. because let's face it. he is resonating. i'll give you this, corporate america is dumping him like crazy, macy's, nbc the city of new york. they may reflect the greater electorate and also this is galvanizing and making donald trump a legendary fig wind your party because he is standing up, not a politician and is not
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afraid. what would a career politician likeoff say to that? >> what i would say is we want somebody who has debt with this, not somebody that is going shoot from the hip. i suggest i know how to secure the border, and the border security is the real issue. it's not painting with this broadbrush that obviously i think donald trump painted with, where he tried to say mexicoans are bad people, they're rapists and murderers. yes, there ared a beam that cross the border but how about let's get a commander in chief that knows how to secure the border and at that time that time we can have a conversation about how to deal with this immigration issue -- >> in the meantime, governor perry, were these companies right to dump donald trump? >> that's their call. my way to address this is to talk about the contributions that the mexican-american hoss head to miss country. knowing they're the number one trading partner for the state of texas. knowing that mexico is going to play an incredibly important role economically in the future of north america with the energy
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resources they have. canada, united states and mexico you. put those energy resources together you lower that corporate tax rate, lower the electricity prices, bring back manufacturers in this country and this region can explode economically and that's what we ought to be focused on. >> by the way on that trade deal for president obama do you -- we acknowledge have 20 seconds, agree or not the one the g.o.p. just gave him? >> i happen to think you have to have the ability to make the deal but the tpp we haven't seen what is in that yet. that's up to congress to make a good decision on whether it's good for america. >> okay appreciate having you on. >> sure. >> when we come back -- stay right there.
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president obama just wrapping up his pitch in wisconsin. on those new overtime pay rules that force companies to pay up big-time. matt says this is the last thing the job market need but our other guest says workers need this now. why? >> workers haven't gotten a pay raise as productivity increased and corporations are more profitable than ever before. this good for them. you, charles, are one of the hardest working anymore the business. >> i'm not getting any overtime. >> when you do your contract, you say if i'm going to work this hard i'm getting bigger bucks and we need to be able to make sure that people who are not at the level that you are also have the ability to make more for the more they're doing and better production. >> matt, those are nice sounding sound bites but there are economic consequence to these kind of things that actually backfire on the people they purport to help.
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>> that's right. just did a great job of inviting obama's economic report. statistic hose poverty is getting worse and wage stagnation. what is his solution? to have a federally man dated increase and what people take home. it's the wrong way to get it done and by the way this is even higher than california's minimum salary level and it's actually going to hurt the bottom line of companies and who are the number one investors in the company through pension funds? a lot of middle class working folks who are retired. so he will help one section of middle class working people and going to hurt a whole other section, and there's just no free lunch. >> we're talking about your thrown for receiving overtime going from 23,000 to 50,000. that's 100% leap. here's the thing jamil. this is what the industry probably will do. a lot of research has been done on this. the good us if you make 49,000 you'll make 51,000 so you won't
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be eligible for overtime. i you're at the about those wages get lower. they will start at a lower level, and if you're in the middle you're going to work less hours. this is why i worry about those government -- the government trial -- trying toll control free markets. we talking about retail, fastfood afternoons. shouldn't we focus on getting people jobs and opening up opportunities? >> i think we're doing both, and to point to wage stagnation and blame the president who actually dug it us out of the recession -- >> you can't blame the president. >> what is not being taken into account is this has not been raid since then 1970s,. >> it was raised once under bush. >> wait, wait, let's get the facts -- >> we can't leave that out. >> matt, we got the jobs report. you know how much wages went up from june from the previous month? >> no. >> noun, zero. >> exactly. >> and we have the lowest
1:28 pm
participation rate in the economy in the jobs market since 1977. let me remind you. with jimmy carter as president. this obama economic record is terrible for the poor, terrible for the middle class and he is going about fixing problems the whole wrong way. >> jamil, i feel the president does not believe in the economy that the american economic system can grow so he is redividing the money trying to retibet money -- redistribute money. you can't redistribute success innovation, oomph. >> he is leveling the playing field and getting us back to where the ladder, part of the american dream issue is back in place because it has been ripped from the middle class ripped from people trying to get into the middle class dish. >> how would you answer someone whose pay has come frontal 55,000 to 52,000 since he has been in office. >> it's certainly not president obama's fault. >> probably president bush's
1:29 pm
fault. >> gone from 55 to 55 we have pom-poms. the stock market closing out on a wild weekend. you can see that. what drove this? look at that. monday down 350 points. a lot of this, almost all associate it with all the news overseas and a big vote that's going to make next week just as volatile. we have to ask ashley webster. give us the latest. >> reporter: well, we're just two hours -- two and a half days, i should say from the july 5th referendum where the green people will be asked to accept all three -- the campaign is starting to heat up with mud-slinging and name-calling. tonight the greek prime minister tsipras said, say no give my more bargaining power,ll have a
1:30 pm
deal done in 48 hours. the head of the european parliament called tsipras a manipulative demagogue who cannot be trusted. greek banks are closed. there's a fear the banks will run out of money by monday. the amount of money coming out 3,000 euros per second, 3,300 u.s. dollars per second, more than $9 billion have been taken out in the last two weeks. the greek people are panicking and now there's talk of food shortages next week. so something has to break in order to bring relief to this greek economy which is literally staggering towards a financial nightmare, and so i have to see what the results of the sunday vote will be, but certainly a lot of people have a lot of stake on the line. >> absolutely. thank you for the work. talk to you all weekend long for
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sure then humanitarian disaster and a lesson for all of is. forget iran following this deal. i they didn't follow the last deal.
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authorities are on high alert and the man who responded to the boston attacks says there has to be reasons for us to be worried. bernie sanders drawing huge
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forget deadlines. turns out iran's ignoring the details. according to reports iran is failing to comply with a promise to reduce its uranium stockpiles and the u.s. is letting it fly so the talks can continue. general jack keene says no dealer bitter than what we have. he it seems this administration wants a deal no matter what cost >> this is a deal no matter what cost. the concessions are staggering. we went started it made sense weapon said, close the underground sites. eliminate and destroy all of the nuclear weapons components, particularly enriched uranium and centrifuges. they said no and way wouldn't come to the table and we concede it it and have been
1:36 pm
making one concession after another. >> at this point what -- i don't even sense that there will be a silver lining to this deal. every time it feels like a deadline goes away, iran gets a greater negotiating position. >> well, yes. this has been on and off for 15 years. negotiating on a nuclear weapon agreement. now we have had obviously a formalized process versus an informal process. but the iranians see it part of the same continuum and to the there's going to be plenty of negotiatings even if we -- even if there is an agreement. whatever they agree to, they're not going to do. we know that from past history. so there's going to be more negotiations over their noncompliance with what deal is finally agreed to. >> sew we spend years and years gauching a bill and then spend years and years of
1:37 pm
negotiating why they broke the deal. i find it magazines when president obama spoke to our public, the american public, he said that if iran cheats the world will know. they don't care. that's not the point. we keep opening the door for them to cheat. >> and we know they will. the two underground sites i spoke about earlier that we insisted on being closed, we found out about those sites as a result of informants. no one -- obviously iranians didn't volunteer it, nor did the u.n. inspection regime do that that's i would it's so important to have unfettered access to potential new sites because we know they're going to cheat. we know they will establish a new site. >> general, i have to ask you before we let you do. president obama's actually said he would be willing to walk away from quote-unquote bad deal. do you think we'll gate deal? >> yes, we will. i think that's clear lay
1:38 pm
negotiating position in response to the supreme leader's pronouncements about how puffy he wanted this thing to be and that's just the president pushing back. both of them posturing. >> thanks a lot. have great fourth of july. >> from hot tub to hot water. remember this dude? bathtub jeff from the gsa. he is going away. now the guy who brought him down is coming up. it's time to start living and driving like a winner. enter the quicken loans drive home a winner sweepstakes for your chance to win 12 mortgage-free months, courtesy of quicken loans and a 2015 chevy colorado. does it get any better than that? enter the quicken loans drive home a winner sweepstakesat
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with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. jeff neely won't be shipping -- sipping wine from a hotup anytime soon. the former gsa official who partied hard in vegas with hundreds of other federal workers, on the government's dime your dime, sentenced to three months in prison. now to the guy who brought him down, brian miller. kudos. it is very rare that we see any of these guys actually do any
1:42 pm
sort of time, and i think that in this particular case it felt like jeff was a little more arrogant that most. how did you do it? >> well, it's with the help of a great team. i had a lot of great special agents. scott mumper and mike ramos lisa demarie patty sheehan they did a fantastic job in preparing this investigation. in going through to actually make sure that we had evidence of his false statements to federal officials of his mischarges to the federal government. and so it's because of a great team that we were able to -- >> brian in this particular case, what we're talking about is the classic not necessarily going down for what he did but maybe the coverup perhaps? >> the problem charles, is that what he did was approved by officials within gsa. he at any time really do anything that you can prosecute
1:43 pm
him criminally for. it was a waste -- a horrible waste of taxpayer dollars. it was using other people's money for his own gain, and those are very difficult cases to make. so, the indictment actually gets him for mischarging the federal government for another room in las vegas during one of their lead-up conferences and for mischarging the federal government for yet another room and then coming up with a story and a lie to my special agent scott pumper. >> brian this is big news, but certainly a shot across the bow. to what degree-what message is this going to send to other government officials with the sort of access that jeff neely had? do you think it will curb what they're doing? take away some of the arrogance and idea they can't be touched? i hope it does. >> charles, i hope it does. i hope it scares them straight.
1:44 pm
you have a high-ranking official very high-ranking at gsa. now going to spend three months in a federal penitentiary, and then another three months in home confinement probably with an ankle bracelet. he is doing real-time, and i hope that current officials get the message that if they start treating taxpayer dollars as their own piggy bank they'll be in trouble and will face jail time. i think some of the federal agencies have been scared into curbing some of the abuses. you don't see these type of conferences anymore. many of them have cut back. you heard about the irs conferences and va. the agencies are beginning to get the message. i hope this conviction, this sentencing does send a message. obviously neely is not going to do it again but i hope it is a deterrent for others. >> i think the one-two punch will be this and perhaps losing the pensions, great job brian
1:45 pm
miller. have a great weekend. >> thank you charles. >> imagine the top cop doing this, saying he has never seen authorities more worried about an attack than they are this very minute. former boston police commissioner ed davis is here. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
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here's when you really know authorities are on high alert when a former police commissioner joined the boston bombing, says authorities have never been more worried as they are right now. that commissioner is ed davis. and former attorney general michael mukasey joins us as well why now? what is going on? >> charles, it's been a lot developed over the last five weeks across the nation.
1:49 pm
there have been eight separate arrests for terrorists activities. the agencies and police departments have developed enough probable cause to arrest or in some cases to take into custody people who have plotted to attack us. you add to that what isis has said recently, during ramadan period to attack western and other continents, and then the three attacks that occurred in africa europe, and the middle east last year. all of that stuff comes together and paints a very grim picture. >> i would think that, yes this is certainly that time, and yet do we have to be careful certainly vigilant? part of the threat is for us to live our lives differently. how do we deal with something like that? >> they have more of an ambition. they are very much into significant dates and
1:50 pm
significant anniversaries and so on. this is a year since the creation of the islamic state we're at jewel 4 -- july 4th july 4th and it's rich in symbolism, and it chief pointed out, it is ramadan. they have said they think ramadan ought to be used to achieve victories. >> certainly the amount of attacks that we've seen more recently have gone up significantly. to your point, we are not the j.v. team. to that point would it be a large target a small target. a small target like a garbage can in a remote city be enough or would they want something like the mall of america? >> i can't possibly predict what these people want. they'll want what they can get. therefore everybody from big to small has to be on the alert. >> commissioner to that point what should average people do. obviously they want to enjoy the fourth of july. embrace what it is and what it's all about. i understand law enforcement is doing their job. what should the average person be doing?
1:51 pm
>> they should be aware, cooperate with law enforcement. if they see anything unusual they should notify them. but they should keep in mind too, that the chance of something actually happening to them personally is about akin to being hit with lightning. it's not something that's going to happen widespread. it could very well be an incident. >> sure. >> but it's not a serious threat for everyone obviously. >> but whatever if it does happen it's going to be huge. speaking of that i want to ask you about today cuba demanding gitmo close or return to the island. what do you make? we just cut this deal with them the obama administration. we're opening up dual embassies. they've done nothing in return but make more demands. >> as to gitmo, i think that would be a huge mistake. we have it under lease as you know long term lease. and the facility itself the detention facility is remote secure and humane. and if we stop being embarrassed about it and start defending it i think it would be a lot more useful in gathering intelligence
1:52 pm
than simply killing people. >> why would we be embarrassed? the recidivism rate of people we let go is so high that's an exclamation point. >> that's absolutely correct. but there's more to it than that. it could be potentially a valuable source for gathering intelligence if only the current administration would capture people and question them instead of simply killing them. >> commissioner davis, we're talking a lot now about social media. before we let you go what's being done specifically on a local level, boston and other places to help this? because that feels like where the radicalization comes frcht i don't believe in the term self-radicalization. you need help and get a lot of it on twitter, facebook and a lot of these other places. >> right. these public sites are being monitored. we're looking very closely at them. i know that that's a big concern of my former colleagues in the local departments around the country. >> all right, guys thank you
1:53 pm
very much. this is a message we need to hear. may not always want to hear but we certainly need to hear it and heard it from the best. gentlemen, have a fantastic fourth of july. >> thank you, charles. same to you. >> thanks very much. so much for the underdog. do you see these crowds? we're talking bernie sanders, that's what he's getting. they're lining up. i got to tell you something, hillary if she ain't worried she better start. >> why i'm proud to be an american is a very personal story. my wife came here from nicaragua in 1988. she came here because she was being chased by the sandanista socialists. she came to america for sanctuary. this is where we were able to raise a family and she was able to conduct the rest of her life in freedom. that's the reason why i'm proud to be an american.
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
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1:57 pm
sanders. he is in iowa. but take a look at the crowd that he just got in wisconsin last night. we're talking 10,000 people. that's a record for any 2016 candidate so far. that is a huge amount of people. to the weekly standard warren who says if hillary clinton isn't worried yet maybe she should be. i got to tell you, mike there's no doubt in my mind if you go back when president obama announced in front of a small group of people in a little bit of snow was falling then those gigantic crowds he was getting, hillary clinton's got to be saying this is deja vu all over again. >> right. i mean she's got to be sweating a little bit. it's not just those crowds which were huge. think about it. this was a wednesday night in the middle of the week. there was no sort of big media circus that was surrounding her relaunch of her campaign back in brooklyn a couple weeks ago. and he gets nearly 10,000 people. bernie sanders is really impressive. it's not just thanks though. he's up in the polls in iowa, in new hampshire from where he was just a month or two ago.
1:58 pm
today the campaign announced they raised $15 million, mostly from small donors in fact more small donors than barack obama had at this time. that leaves me impressed. >> mike, what do you think he's touching on? what do you think is missing in the democratic party or maybe even in america in general? what is he tapping into? >> well i've seen bernie sand ners person campaigning. he's not the greatest speaker. he's not somebody who's going to sort of lift up audiences with his oratory. but he's saying what i think democratic primary base voters are thinking. they don't like the big banks. they don't like money in politics. they feel like that the system is geared against the little guy. and better than anybody, certainly better than hillary clinton who's rolling in money, bernie sanders sort of speaks to that populist left wing of the democratic party. he's tapping into it. i think if there were a younger or maybe a more charismatic candidate challenging hillary clinton, they'd have an even better shot than he apparently
1:59 pm
does. >> are you referring to elizabeth warren? >> maybe. i mean again, she said she's not doing it. but she's got to be looking at this and thinking maybe i should. maybe i should run. >> absolutely. >> we'll see. >> in my mind there's no doubt that she's got the momentum in that party. president obama as leftist as some of his agenda has been for the bernie sanders and elizabeth warrens of the world it's not enough. in my mind if she jumped in hillary would lose. but this means hillary's got to move further to the left right? >> that's right. that creates a problem for hillary in the general election. let's say that she does move left and sort of stave off the bernie sanders, elizabeth insurgency within the party. then she's taking these positions that put her even farther to the left than where she was in 2008. and she's got to defend barack obama's foreign policy which is probably the worst part of his agenda in terms of polling right now. i think that puts her in a bad
2:00 pm
position. you've got democrats out there saying this is good for the democratic party to have all this competition. i'm not so sure it is if hillary does end up being the nominee. >> we'll see. certainly the last six days or so hasn't worked. mike have a great holiday weekend. folks at home have a great fourth of july. we'll see you again soon. i'm greg gutfeld along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams katie and eric bolling. this is something we caught "the five." >> here's an isis joke. why did the jihadist execute 74 children? because they can. see, the joke's not funny because it's true. isis can kill scores of kids and women because we let them. credit ocean privilege. the benefit of thousands of miles of watery separation which allows for breezy nonintervention which is less a stance than it is a slumber. as isis continues redefine evil our current strategy is to mock their success as a way to hinder their propaganda. but it's l


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