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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 2, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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guacamole! together in my lifetime. >> you have blue eyes. you have blue eyes. >> i've got to say this kimberly. don't miss "the five" proud american special tomorrow night 5:00 p.m. eastern. "special report" next. president obama as ronald reagan? the current president reportedly suggests he can be a transformative leader just like the gipper. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. the june unemployment report shows a gain of 223,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate fell from 5.5% to 5.3. that is a seven-year low. that coupled with big supreme court wins on obama care and same-sex marriage plus mostly positive receptions for initiatives like cuba and new overtime rules have led the
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president to make a comparison that many republicans will find tough to swallow. correspondent kevin corke has our top story tonight. >> reporter: if the american economy is a work of art, today's jobs report was more or less paint by numbers. nothing to write home about. >> the unemployment rate is now down to 5.3%. [ cheers and applause ] >> keep in mind when i came into office it was hovering around 10%. >> reporter: while it's true the unemployment rate is down to 5.3% that continues a trend dating back to late 2009. wages remain stagnant. and fewer americans are now in the job market with worker participation rates down to just 62.6%, lowest level in nearly 40 years. >> the baby boomers are aging and retiring. that's going to put downward pressure on the participation rate. that's something that we've been experiencing as an economy for several years now. >> reporter: still, the white house is embold and, adding today's economic news to a string of recent victories for the president whose aides are
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already comparing the obama legacy to that of the nation's 40th president. >> president obama in many ways has helped start the same kind of political evolution that reagan did 30 years ago. >> reporter: you heard right. he compared barack obama to ronald reagan a stretch, say experts. that's putting it mildly. >> ronald reagan believed in small government in every way that was possible. barack obama believes that government deserves and should have a very large role in american life. >> reporter: what's clear is that obama white house has borrowed a page from the reagan play book. when it comes to transformational politics. just as reagan has been credited for his part in the fall of the berlin wall and the clamgs of the soviet union, obama is hoping changes in decades-long policies towards iran and cuba and the implementation of obama care will solidify his legacy setting the stage for something else reagan got. a third term in office for his party. >> even before obama took the
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oath of office the first time he was telling aides and others that he wanted to be a transformative president like ronald reagan. he did not want to be an incrementalist like bill clinton. and that's the irony here. this is an argument that's going to be used to promote hillary clinton as his successor. >> it's been said by the president according to those who know that it's important that they lay the framework in case there's another democrat that occupies the white house after president obama. that foundation however, will rest on his legacy for better or worse, shannon. >> all right, kevin corke live at the white house. we'll talk about that comparison with the panel coming up. thank you, kevin. wall street was not impressed with the jobs numbers. the dow lost 28 the s&p 500 was off a point. and nasdaq lost 4. greece's finance minister says banks will reopen next tuesday with a debt crisis deal in hand. he did not say what would happen if there is no agreement by then. preparations continue for sunday's referendum on a
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financing proposal from european creditors that is no longer on the table. and the imf says greece needs $56 billion in new debt relief from october through 2018. back here at home as officials brace for terror activity around the fourth of july holiday, there was a big scare here in washington this morning. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge shows us what happened. >> reporter: it was a massive police response on the eve of the july 4th weekend after reports of shots fired. >> we received a report of an active shooter this morning at 0729. we responded to that and called in assistance from metro d.c. >> reporter: then the washington navy yard where 12 employees were gunned down in 2013 by a mentally ill military contractor was in lockdown. as employees took shelter, federal and local law enforcement responded as if the threat was credible. but after searching building 197, the same scene as the 2013 incident and questioning the person who called the alarm, police confirmed there was no active shooter and the allgiven.
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>> this is an employee that did exactly what we ask employees to do. >> reporter: d.c. police emphasized the heavy display of force was not a reflection of the higher threaten environment for the holiday weekend. >> we operate in washington, d.c. that there's an elevated threat level at all times. we never lower our threat level in terms of our -- discussion and chatter around the fourth of july events and threats and we take those into account. >> reporter: but there is a more visible security presence around the nation. an investigative source who tracks terrorist social media says chatter has increased, adding this is one of the most severe threat environments of the last decade. publicly the administration says there are no credible threats. >> they should get out and enjoy the holiday. it's an important date in our history. i know i speak for secretary kerry when i say americans should go out and enjoy that. >> reporter: fox news has learned the common link between the most recent terror arrests, about a dozen since early june is an isis operative who goes by
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the handle al bertani. he was in contact with the two shooters in garland, texas, and appeared to have foreknowledge of the plot targeting the mohammed cartoon drawing contest. there's no credible threat here at the navy yard today, but oversea the u.s. air force has taken the decision to cancel july 4th celebrations at two bases in the u.k. where the threat level is severe as well as credible shannon. catherine herridge live at the navy yard. hillary clinton enters the independence day holiday as the clear frontrunner among the democratic candidates. she may not glide to victory without some turbulence. ed henry is covering the campaign tonight. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders drew a large crowd today in iowa after he rolled through the battle ground of wisconsin as 10,000 people showed up for a raucous rally with red meat for the left.
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>> the republican party is essentially owned by big money interests, and too many democrats are owned by big money interests. >> reporter: a not so subtle shot at democratic frontrunner hillary clinton, who along with her husband bill clinton raked in $25 million last year in speeches. on top of the big dollar foreign contributions to the clinton foundation. yet few democratic party insiders believe a socialist can actually take the nomination which is why the sanders' surge is being seen instead by some democrats as an opening for a more mainstream alternative to clinton, with a grassroots group in chicago trying to get vice president joe biden to run. >> i think it's a hunger for another candidate. i think it's a hunger for a competitive primary. >> reporter: william pierce executive director of draft biden is a u.s. army veteran who believes in a dangerous world the vice president's foreign policy credentials are even stronger than those of the former secretary of state. also trying to lay claim to the national security space in the democratic party is former
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virginia senator jim webb who served as navy secretary under ronald reagan. webb today became the fifth person to enter the democratic race though he is facing particularly long odds. a new quinnipiac poll in iowa found sanders gaining ground but still trailing clinton. 52% to 33%. while biden is at 7% and webb is at 1%. >> my friends, my father my hero the next vice president of the united states. >> reporter: after the "wall street journal" reported that before his recent death, bo biden urged his father to run for the white house for a third and final time allies of biden note the vice president was more forward leaning than president obama on issues like same-sex marriage and can overcome past gaffes and missteps to give clinton a real challenge. >> pouring uproar for the vice president. >> reporter: bernie sanders revealed today he has a
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surprisingly strong $15 million, impressive until you learn clinton has 45 million. shannon? >> what about biden running? >> people say he's more likely to run now than before simply because of his son urging him to continue public service. a lot of people in the biden family thought bo might run someday. that makes it a little more likely he might just do this as a career capper. >> we'll see. thanks ed. in donald trump news the city of new york said to be looking into whether it wants to continue business ventures with the republican presidential candidate who ignite add backlash with comments about mexican immigrants. it was announced today his miss usa pageant left without a tv home will be carried by the reelz channel. both hosts of the pageant and several celebrity judges as well as musical guests have dropped out this week. up next why russia is fighting mad over the latest u.s. military strategy. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 43 in knoxville, tennessee with thousands evacuated because of a train derailment and fire
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involving a flammable and toxic substance. csx says it continues to work with first responders at the scene and is arranging and drinking water for the residents. fox 13 in salt lake city, utah where we once again see that pigs really don't fly. check out this pig-shaped hot air balloon ran into another one at an independence day festival in provo. the pilot was able to guide it back to earth safely. this is a live look at new orleans from fox 8. the big story there tonight, b.p. and five gulf states have struck a massive settlement over the 2010 oil spill. almost $19 billion will go toward resolving penalties and damage claims. the states affected are louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi and texas. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm now with an easy open cap. russia is expressing its displeasure with a new u.s.
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defense strategy that makes frequent mention of the increasing threat posed by vladimir putin's regime. tonight national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon where they're keeping an very close eye on the russian leader. >> reporter: new evidence russian president vladimir putin, undeterred by nato is preparing to gobble up more of neighboring ukraine. this aerial video shot by a drone on may 20th and provided by pro-ukraine fighting units shows just a few russian tanks and about 70 troops. two weeks later, video shows a large base replete with roads, trenches and parade grounds. >> we see a more assertive russia trying to intimidate neighbors and change borders by force. >> reporter: the nato secretary general spoke after inspecting one of six new forward bases the alliance is building in romania and the neighboring baltics. a response to russian yeah's actions in ukraine. biggest nato defense since the
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end of the cold war. meantime the kremlin responded angrily today to the new u.s. military strategy released by the chairman of the joint chiefs calling it quote confrontation stall. >> since the last national military strategy was published four years ago, global disorder has trended upward while some of our comparative advantages have begun to erode. >> reporter: russia is mentioned seven times in the 24-page strategy even more than isis. quote russia does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors, and it is willing to use force to achieve its goals. russia's military actions are undermining regional security directly and through proxy forces." >> mr. putin is very clear that he does not want kiev lean together west. >> reporter: general breed yn love estimates 7,000 troops are currently in ukraine despite russian denials. last month the ukraine's leaders named five russian generals commanding the russian-backed
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separatists. >> putin's got lots of time to do this. he's in no hurry. he's waiting for the opportunity to be about right. and then the russians are going to continue their advance. >> reporter: the kremlin announced today that vladimir putin will meet with iran's president at a summit in russia as extended talks about iran's nuclear program endaryter a final phase next week. >> we'll discuss that and other foreign policy issues with the panel coming up. jennifer griffin at the pentagon thank you. still ahead, senator marco rubio on whether he has enough experience to actually be president. but first we'll meet a driver who actually wants to pay more in transportation taxes.
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aaa is forecasting that 42 million americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday weekend. that is the most since 2007. tonight a look at how the cost of driving may be changing for you in the future. correspondent dan springer has the story from portland. >> reporter: david hastings is a rare american. this long-time hybrid car owner from oregon wants to pay higher taxes for roads and bridges. the current 30 cents per gallon state gas tax barely affects him. >> i've been free loading on the highways now for 20 years, driving electric cars or hybrid cars. >> reporter: now hastings will pay more thanks to orego. the first pay by the mile program in the u.s. oregon's department of transportation has been working on it for 15 years as a way to eventually replace the gas tax. which has been flat due to an influx of high-mileage vehicles and people driving less. >> we're trying to make up for a growing deficit, really. because inflation's eating away at our ability to buy asphalt. >> reporter: according to a
3:21 pm
national usage fee alliance 28 states are in various stages of following down the same road. but there are many concerns. like privacy. two of the three orego systems track and store a car's every move. >> to put a gps monitor in everybody's car, you know the government already knows too much about us as it is. >> reporter: others question the cost. getting the gas tax is cheap. but orego vendors will eat up 40 cents of every dollar collected. for those not used to paying any gas tax, it could be a whole new sticker shock every month. jeff fallon of drive oregon supports the usage fee to a point. >> we need to be subsidizing and invent incentivizeing electric cars. >> reporter: right now the program is voluntary being capped at 5,000 participants. but an odot official told meet ultimate goal toys have some form of pay by the mile be mandatory in the future and change the way everyone pays for
3:22 pm
their roads. shannon? >> dan springer thank you. no grapevine tonight. when we come back he is one of the youngest candidates in the field. florida senator marco rubio on his presidential chances.
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florida senator marco rubio was vowing to oppose the confirmation of a u.s. ambassador to cuba until the country's human rights and political oppression issues are addressed. that statement comes on the heels of president obama's announcement that embassies will reopen in both countries later this month. tonight my colleague bret baier talks with rubio about cuba immigration, and a whole lot more. >> there was no dream too big, and no goal out of reach, even for the son of a bartender and a made. because we were americans. >> reporter: florida senator and now presidential candidate marco rubio's unique family story helps him connect at a friendly stop in his hometown of miami. on what he hopes will be the road to his party's nomination. >> why are you doing this? >> i honestly believe the country is at a moment of extraordinary transition. and i honestly feel like i give our party the best chance not
3:27 pm
just to win this election but to lead this country in this new era. >> you know the criticism, that does he have enough experience? jeb bush was just asked last week are you the guy? he said well i'm far more qualified than marco rubio. he said i don't mean it as a slight but i'm far more qualified. >> candidates are going to say whatever they need to to distinguish themselves or win a campaign and get a competitive advantage. this election isn't going to be about the past. it's going to be about the future. i'll be more than happy to talk about my history as a city commissioner speaker of the florida house, as a u.s. senator and what we've achieved. but truly this election is not going to be about yesterday, it's going to be about tomorrow. i don't think anyone running in the republican field as of now has a better agenda for tomorrow than the one we're offering. >> so when you hear jeb bush say that or the bush campaign whisper that about experience what do you think? >> campaigns are going to say whatever they need to to get an advantage. this campaign isn't about the past. >> do you think he's about the past? >> no. ultimately it's your agenda and your ideas that will tell people
3:28 pm
whether or not you're focused on tomorrow or on yesterday. our campaign is going to be focused on tomorrow. >> it's a much different dynamic between the the two sunshine state leaders than when we sat down with then potential v.p. pick rubio in 2012. >> you know jeb bush thinks mitt romney should pick you. >> well i am not going to talk about the process anymore.y disciplined. because the truth is all that's very flattering. i think jeb is pretty special myself. >> before coming to washington rubio was the youngest speaker of the florida house. >> washington is broken. both parties are to blame. >> in 2010 with tea party support, he claimed victory in a highly watched senate race. now, after four years in the u.s. senate seated on the senate foreign relations committee and the select committee on intelligence most of his colleagues will tell you rubio has an especially strong grasp of foreign policy issues. >> today, unlike 10 or 15 years ago, we face a world with multiple threats. you have three autocratic governments, iran china and russia trying to dominate
3:29 pm
important regions of the world. then you have the rise of radical jihad. then you have a basically criminal enterprise with nuclear weapons in north korea. then an assortment of other challenges for example to democracy in latin america. so it's complex. the most important thing the federal government does is keep us safe. >> in iraq do you think we have a moral obligation to fix what we broke. >> it's a geopolitical obligation. because the safe haven that was created in iraq after we exited and that government was not able to hold on is what has created or allowed isis to grow. the same issue in syria and happening in libya increasingly in afghanistan. i most certainly think this country should not have left early. and the president bragged about it. because we didn't finish the job. ultimately the job belongs to the people of iraq. but we were part of that process, an important part of that process. but the most important obligation we have in iraq is to the national security of the united states. >> you've called isis a grave threat. >> it is. >> to the united states. so to that end, would you
3:30 pm
support a large contingent of u.s. ground troops in iraq to eradicate isis? >> well ultimately i'm in favor of doing whatever it takes to defeat isis. today they are better armed, better equipped and better funded than al qaeda was on september 10th of 2001. i think the best way to defeat them at this point is in the early stages now, immediately, more u.s. special operations forces in conjunction with air strikes to deal some humiliating, high profile defeats to isis in the hopes of eroding some of their recruitment and their access to funds. because right now they've created this image of themselves as invincible. the second step needs to be the recruitment and establishment of a local force, primarily of sunnis to go in and defeat these sunni radicals in all of this there will still have to be a strong u.s. presence. not a full-scale invasion. but significant number of special operators on the ground that will allow us to improve our targeting, our training and ultimately some targeted operations. >> political analysts are divided on the rubio candidacy.
3:31 pm
>> marco rubio is a great profile for republicans. he's young. he's hispanic. he comes from florida, a swing state. he gives a terrific speech. uplifting. the question is how seriously, how badly he hurt himself when he attempted to broker a deal and appear to be a pragmatist on immigration. as a cuban american he would bring diversity to the ticket. i think he would give the republicans an excellent chance to carry florida and also to attract an additional segment of the hispanic vote the critical hispanic vote in a general election. >> for years, republicans have debated the best way to win support of hispanic voters. if you were advising the party, what two or three things would you tell them to do heading into 2016? >> we need to be seen as the people fighting for them. my agenda the one i'm campaigning on the one i've gompbd on for years is strongly built on that because that's where i come from. we do need to address immigration. it is a legitimate issue this
3:32 pm
country needs to confront. we have a very serious illegal immigration problem that need to be brought under control. we have a legal immigration system that doesn't work well. it needs to be modernized and made more of a merit-based system. after we've done those two things we will have to deal with reality. we have millions of people in this country that have been here for longer than a decade who have not otherwise violated the law and will be here for the rest of their lives. we're going to have to deal with them in a way that's reasonable but responsible. i've outlined that way. that is having them come forward. pass a background check. learn english. pay a fine. start paying taxes. you get a work permit. that's all you'll have for ten years or maybe longer. nothing will happen on immigration in america until illegal immigration is under control. that's the lesson we learned in 2013. it's only gotten harder since. >> do you feel that backlash that happened back then that it affects you to this day? the issue of immigration? >> perhaps in the minds of some but it was still at that moment in time especially an issue that had to be addressed. and still now, things have happened since then.
3:33 pm
we've had a migratory crisis on the border. a second executive order. we've had all sorts of revelations about dangerous felons being released from immigration detention. the confidence of the american people in 2013 that we would enforce the law no matter what the law said people told us it doesn't matter what you write in the law. they won't enforce it. that's what people believed in 2013. that's what they now have seen happen over the last two years. and that's why i tell anyone if you are serious about immigration reform you must first be foreign force enforcement. bringing illegal immigration under control. if we don't do that we can't do anything else. >> a recent challenge. two "new york times" pieces targeting rubio. first on unpaid traffic tickets, but then a bigger spread on his personal budget. >> what about the basis of that second story? about your finances? if somebody says you know if he's president he's going to be in charge of keeping our country's books straight. >> well a couple points. number one, my finances are
3:34 pm
simple. i have one debt in the whole world, and that's my mortgage. that's it. i've paid off a student loan. i've sold homes that i bought unfortunately right before the real estate downturn which nobody saw coming. had to borrow money to go to school. that was ten years ago. that's what the "new york times" likes to write about. but i'm proud of the decisions we've made. i'm raising four kids in a time where it's more expensive than ever in a pretty expensive city. all four of my kids have been abe to receive a quality-faith-based education. all four of them have their first four years of college paid off. we safe for retirement. i own my car a ford f-150 free and clear. i have a record when it comes to the united states and how we should be spending money. i have a record in the state legislature whereas speaker we twice balanced our budget in the middle of the downturn without raising taxes. that's what people should be focused on. >> his long-time friendship with former florida congressman david rivera has also been brought up. rivera left politics under an ethics cloud for questionable campaign spending practices. but rubio's never walked away
3:35 pm
from rivera. >> he's a friend and i'm going to give him the benefit of a doubt. i don't feel like you should turn your back on friends because they're going through a difficult time. >> after the recent "new york times" stories, mitt romney's campaign manager released a statement saying that rubio was quote thoroughly vetted for vice president and that the campaign was quote confident that if chosen his legislative record and high personal character would have been a great asset to mitt on the campaign trail and in office. romney of course ended up choosing congressman paul ryan instead. after the u.s. supreme court ruling on gay marriage rubio, a catholic released a statement reaffirming his support of marriage between a man and a woman. but added quote we live in a republic and must abide by the law. a large number of americans will continue to believe in traditional marriage and a large number of americans will be pleased with the court's ruling today. in the years ahead, it is my hope that each side will respect the dignity of the other. well before the ruling rubio expressed his concerns about protecting religious freedom.
3:36 pm
>> we are at the water's edge of the argument that mainstream christian teaching is hate speech. because today we've reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage you are labelled a homo phobe and hater. the next step is to argue that the teachings of mainstream christianity the cathechism of the catholic church is hate speech. that's a real and present danger. >> when it comes to campaigning, rubio says his wife jeannette and four children will be part of the process. >> your family into this? >> they are. now that we're into the summer my kids are not in school for the next couple months. i hope to be able to take them out on the road a little bit and they can enjoy some of the fun parts. fundraisers are not a lot of fun for them. but i think they're looking forward to going to the iowa state fair. it's an exciting time for them. >> you have candidates saying all kinds of things. scott walker said he's ready for you to be his v.p. >> well i have no problem with that except it has to be in alphabetical order. >> like others rubio saw a bump in the polls after his
3:37 pm
announcement but he's levelled off in some recent surveys. he says he doesn't pay much attention. though he concedes occasionally watching casino and charles krauthammer's best. >> he's a smart man. i'm glad he's picking me. i'd rather have him picking me than not. this is a long process. we've got to earn this and prove to people we're up to the task. this is the most important job in the world. it's important that we work hard and show our stripes along the way. i'm looking forward to this. this is a unique opportunity and i'm blessed to have a chance to do >> it a little shout out for dr. krauthammer. our series continues tomorrow with bret's profile of lincoln chafey. president obama is on a role. but is he a raceeaganesque transformative leader? apparently he thinks so. we're going to find out what the panel this after this break. i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals
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president obama in many ways
3:41 pm
has helped start the same kind of political evolution that reagan did 30 years ago. and you can see all of that move our politics have definitely changed in past week. >> ronald reagan believed in small government in every way that was possible. barack obama believes that government deserves and should have a very large role in american life. >> so the comparisons between president obama, president reagan. let's talk about it with our panel. senior editor at national review. charles lane a writer for the "washington post" and sin kated columnist charles krauthammer. what do you make of the comparisons? >> well this is something he's wanted to see himself as for a very long time. remember that going way back. and in a certain perverse sense he is sort of like the bizarro world ronald reagan. everything ronald reagan believed he kind of believes the opposite. i think these guys are so shameless in sort of getting the obama p.r. machine to sell his legacy message that i find it a
3:42 pm
little unseemly. i know all presidents do it to one extent or another. what i think they're really actually accurate though or i should say this thing about the politics of the last week it is somewhat telling that all of these great accomplishments over the last week he literally had nothing to do with. two supreme court decisions that were carried essentially by republican appointees. and what was the other one? >> trade you've got. >> trade which was carried -- where the republicans had to carry more water than gunga din to get passed because he couldn't persuade his own party to support him. that's certainly not a reaganesque victory. >> touting the unemployment numbers saying the lowest rate in seven years. my inbox quickly fills up with people saying those aren't accurate numbers. what about the people who have stopped looking. the white house is taking it as a positive and celebrating today. >> you can't blame them. because let's face it. we're only at tenth of a percentage point or two off the
3:43 pm
feds' definition of full employment. the problem as some of your twitter friends have pointed out is that labor force participation has continued to drop and that's a big. >> 40-year low. >> wages are not picking up all that rapidly. but compared to a lot of the criticisms that mitt romney was making of the economy in 2012 he's doing a lot better. it's not a reagan-style boom. the growth rates are not like they were in the 80s. but he's been more successful on the economy than his opponents said he would be. just quickly on the reagan comparison here's what i think is valid about it. ronald reagan took the republican party and made it a conservative party. it had had sort of a moderate midwestern centrist wing to it. he pushed it to the right. more in the old goldwater direction. in the same way, barack obama has shifted the coalition within the democratic party. it's now a true liberal party. it's like an mcgovernite liberal party. and that means that the next nominee, whoever it is is going to have to pledge allegiance to that ideological agenda.
3:44 pm
ironically it will be hillary clinton, probably whose husband became president by running away a little bit, from classic democratic party liberalism. >> so looking at it in that context, do you think it's a fair kpar comparison charles? >> no. i think this is a guy who's had a good week and he's shown us as having nothing at all to do with him but is now a little bit cocky about it and wants to write his own history. churchill once said history will be kind to me. i intend to write it. what obama is doing now, he's trying to write it. look. he has always had the ambition of being the anti-reagan. he talked about it. in 2008 he said ronald reagan was historically consequential in a way that a nixon and a clinton was not. meaning that reagan changed the ideological trajectory of america after 50 years of liberalism within ten minutes reagan declares the government is not the solution government is the problem. which is a denial of the
3:45 pm
fundamental tenets of the new deal. but the reason that reaganism became ascendent for 30 years and obama sees himself as the man to undo it is because reaganism succeeded. it is true that obama has changed america. obama care in and of itself is the most consequential piece of legislation in a generation. but if it doesn't succeed, if it fails, fit turns out to be a disaster that will be the end of obamaism. it has to succeed. it has to have a successed in hillary and it has to actually work. so we don't know. this has been his aspiration. now he wants to crow about it. >> well we assume at this point it would look like it's hillary. but there are other people in the field. others thinking about getting in. ed henry was reporting on the vice president. and bernie sanders, we want to look at some of the crowds he's been turning out the last couple of days. he's doing better than expected on fundraising and in polls in key states. and he's got tens of thousands
3:46 pm
of people showing up to see him. jonah, is the hillary camp losing any sleep over it? >> oh, i have to imagine this bothers them a great deal. and i think the way it's been reported sometimes you can discuss on panels that people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are pushing hillary clinton to the left. i don't think that's what's going on. i think hillary clinton is running a campaign pegged to exactly what chuck was talking about. it's an mcgovernite idea of getting the obama base and the coalition together so she has to run left. the problem is that hillary clinton is not a good bernie sanders is entertaining inspiring, funny, quirky old guy. people like him. hillary is physically incapable of inspiring these kinds of crowds. that's a real problem. >> all right. up next we're going to go around the world and take a look at the president's foreign policy challenges with the panel in just a minute.
3:47 pm
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3:49 pm
3:50 pm
>> press teernlg and respect in the world is lower now than it was six or seven years ago. >> since the last military national military strategy was published four years ago, global disorder trended upward while some of our comparative advantages have begun to erode. >> all right. we're back with our panel to talk foreign policy. chuck, i'll start with you. we see general dempsey there mentioning the military strategic initiative and talking about impending threats. russia is mentioned there more than anything -- more than isis or anything else. as jennifer griffin was
3:51 pm
reporting, they are looking for another move into ukraine. >> on the subject of decline and prestige he is an expert. so his words carry a lot of weight. and i would go back to the reagan situation that we were talking about before. the strongest case for reagan as a successful president is foreign policy. he presided over the decline and george bush's successor the fall of the soviet empire. a huge plus for american foreign policy. clearly traceable to things that reagan and bush did while in office. and the rise of russia now almost a generation later threatens an important ways to undue that clear triumph. and that is something that will probably be unresolved as of the time barack obama leaves the white house. but it is a very telling indicator that the world has changed and u.s. -- u.s. achievements of the past are now at risk. there's a great deal of disorder
3:52 pm
inned middle east that no one has a clear handle on how to figure out iran et cetera et cetera. there's going to be a lot left unresolved of those issues as of the time obama's legacy is beginning to be evaluated. >> charles, we also got word today the kremlin significant that putin is going to meet with iran's president in russia next week. not two of our allies by any sense of the word. they seem to be very comfortable with each other these days. >> yes. even more surprising is that the saudis who are attending an economic conference in russia right now have invited putin to saudi arabia and he has reciprocated by inviting the king to russia. now that is a shock. we've been allied with the saudis since fdr concluded an agreement in the mid 1930s. they feel so abandoned by the united states. they feel the u.s. is in such decline and is so cozying up
3:53 pm
with iran that they are actually reaching out to the russians. tells you a lot about where we are. jimmy carter was right on thfrment this. obama actually thinks that he's become a reagan ex because of the opening to cuba and to iran is simply delusional. reagan succeeded because he defeated the soviets by resisting them and essentially driving them into surrender. obama's works, his great achievement is surrender to cuba by getting nothing in return. and what he's going to be doing next week surrendering to iran. so that is sort of the mirror image of what reagan did and yet obama thinks that's a great world historical achievement. >> and on iraq the deadline is extended for working out the nuclear deal. i want to play what john kerry had to say about where we are in that process. >> we are working very very hard and we have some very difficult issues. but we believe we're making
3:54 pm
progress. and we're going to continue to work because of that. thank you all. >> you said there's no deadline s there a deadline sir? >> we have our own sense of deadline. >> well for now the deadline is set for next tuesday. where do you think this goes? >> i'm going to tell the irs i have my own sense of deadline. >> see how that works out. let us know. >> it's funny. charles said in the first panel about comparison to reagan when it comes to obamacare, the proof is whether or not it's actually successful piece of legislation. the same thing holds here. it is the bizarre notion that we talk about in foreign policy circles these days that it will be the huge accomplishment to get a deal with iran. it's only a huge accomplishment if it actually stops iran from getting a nuclear bomb. and no serious person anymore out side of the administration had very high hopes for. that we sought clip from jimmy carter. but almost the entire sort of centrist left foreign policy
3:55 pm
establishment has abandoned obama particularly on things like ukraine. he's out there alone. he thinks that if he just promises to get a deal with iran that that in and of itself is an accomplishment. you have to stopt bomb from happening. i don't think that's going to be the case. >> does anyone think the u.s., any chance we walk away from the table or do you think one of the other powers of the table does before this is over? >> i think there's a small chance this deal will not work. i don't think the administration of abandon the whole idea of doing the deal. i think there is a small chance it falls apart. >> obama wants a deal. kerry wants a nobel. iran wants the bomb and the deal will assure all threes of those. >> and with that, sleep tight tonight tonight, kids. you're a psychiatrist. you have to prescribe medicine for all of us after. that. >> i'm ready to do it. >> thank you. thank you, panel. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. we test the theory that cat videos can make anything better. that's next.
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and then speak with your gastroenterologist. finally tonight, a new study says people are more positive after watching cat videos online. actually feel more energetic. so what happens when you put that theory to the test? >> so we here at the tonight show put it to the test. we edited a few cat videos into the most boring thing that we could find. see if they still make you feel better. >> back in april the finance committee came together. it was everyone's goal at that time to consider all of those bills and to begin the process to pass the significant trade aagenda why. it was difficult for most on my side to swallow. that's okay. not every plan turns out perfectly every time.
4:00 pm
>> those poor kitty cats. we're taking one for the team. thanks for watching "special report." good night from washington. "on the record" is up next. >> this is a fox news alert. a shark attack surge after america's east coast. hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith. so far at least nine victims in eight locations in just three weeks and now millions of americans heading to the beach. for the fourth of july weekend, the hot spot the carolina coast. so just how afraid should you be if you plan on packing up and heading to the beach? we have a reporter flif erer live in charleston south carolina. what you are seeing along the coastline there? >> we've had a few bites this year. we've had three so far. first one was in may.