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tv   Greta Investigates The Manson Murders  FOX News  July 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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from becoming the european nightmare, i invite you to join my cause. >> thank you. we hope you have a great night. one from washington. >> this is yellow drive. nevada in benedict canyon in los angeles has been home to hollywood's a list celebrities. hello i'm greta van susteren it was august, 1969, during a blistering heat wave. it was close to midnight when three women and a man all around 2 0 years old crept up the driveway behind me, carrying rope, knives, and a gun. on the order of charles manson, they were there to unleash what rq
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one investigator as realm necessary incident is of the religious reich. five persons were found dead. while the police admitted they had no suspects in the blair massacre there were two more murders 15 miles away in the silver lake section of los angeles. marco and his wife were found by their children stabbed and mutilated. >> sometimes you can measure
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fear overnight dramatically the sale of guns, guard dogs rose. >> it was a story on page 1 all over the country. it was shocking. i mean, if you are not safe in your own home, where are you safe? >> when the killings happened, people started locking their doors, people stopped picking up hitchhikers. it really brought the curtain down on the 60's. >> a band of hippies and led by charles manson were later arrested for the 1969 murders. the killers from the counter culture would prove to be the death nell of the hippy movement. >> you have got it stuck in your brain that i murdered somebody. what do you want to call me a murderer for. i never killed anyone. i don't need to kill anyone. i think it. i have it here.
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♪ ♪ >> the hippy dream of peace, love, was very much alive in the spring of 1967. the burgeoning counter culture had turned its back on straight society. embracing long hair, psychodelic music and free love. the hippy hate as bury district. one of the thousands hate as bury in search of utopia was ex-con. born out of wedlock in ohio to a teenage run away who could later be jailed armed robbery the 5'2" man son never knew his father and spent most of his life in prison. >> i've been with prostitutes and bums and winos all my life. this street is my world. >> when he was released from terminal island in march of 1967, federal penitentiary off long beach, he was 32
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years of age. 17 out of those 32 years had been spent in jails, reformatories and prisons. if you look at the crimes he committed, nonviolent, stealing from the mail, forging a government check. taking a woman across state border for prostitution purposes. his background certainly was not the portrait of what one would expect of a future mass murderer. >> he got out of jail when hate ash bury was in blossom and flower power was the word of the time. and he got out and he went to the hate and as he told it a young girl came by and handed him a flower and he said is love. he thought gee, things have changed while i had been inside. >> he said he couldn't have imagined in his wildest
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imagination this type of life up there. >> he became a self-styled guru. most of the kids of the haight were in late teens and early 20's. he spoke in his line of prison street rap. >> you got a circle. he lives inside this circle. is he responsible for this circle and this circle only. ♪ don't do anything illegal >> you could sit down with a guitar in front of people. he could sing. he would charm your socks off. he would sing about the flies buzzing around his head on the shirt he had on. >> this was very impressive to these young kids before you know it they were following him. >> he began to collect young people. >> school buss were popular with hippies and before long manson had this one. >> he went up and down the coast from san francisco it to l.a. picking up youngsters and forming what would become his family. >> their lifestyle was sex
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orgies and lsd trips. >> the first girl who joined the family mary bruiner had had a degree in history from the university of wisconsin. >> the growing family also included 19-year-old susan atkins from san jose, california. man son had a penshion for nicknames. >> susan had a father who was an alcoholic and her mother who she adored died very young of cancer. >> she didn't get along with her father. she gravitated to san francisco and became a topless dancer and she met manson at the haight. >> also on the bus was patricia from los angeles. the girl manson nicknamed katie and once wanted to become a nun. >> she was not a very attractive young woman. and she said he focused on her and took her in another room and told her to take off all her clothes and look in the mirror and see how
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beautiful she was. you know, talk about telling people about what they wanted to hear about themselves. she left her car there with her paycheck in the glove compartment and never came back. >> the bus carried man son and his minions on mystery tour for extended stay in 1968. man son began hanging out on the sun set strip. >> the sun set strip was really the hub of what was going on in the rock music business in the late 60's. it was the beginning of everything. it was where they had risque go go and various clubs that came to symbolize the area. and everybody was making it in the rock music business at that point. and manson got the idea that he, too, could make it in the rock music business. >> charlie, if he was serious about anything is that he really wanted to perform and be in the music business. >> it was a chance meeting with rock are royalty that got manson closer to the heat. as drummer for the beach
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boys, 23-year-old dennis wilson had it all, good looks, hit records and fast cars. while cruising around los angeles, wilson would often pick up hitchhikers, sometimes bringing them back to his mansion at 14400 boulevard. >> he picked up two members of the manson family, two female hitchhikers and brought them back to his residents on sun set boulevard. >> wilson had sex with them. gone away, came back, found his house overflowing with members of the manson family, including charlie. >> called me and said hey, you have got to come down here. there is this guy and all the girls and the busy said dad. you got to listen to this guy. so anyway, i got my clothes on and i came down and that was the first time i met charlie there were a lot of girls. some guys. everybody was partying. it was at night. it was fun. >> one of those other men
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was 22-year-old charles tech watson a former wig salesman waon had picked up a hitchhiking dennis wilson on sun set boulevard. when the beach boy invited him into his mansion, watson came face to face with his future, charles manson. >> tech watson didn't have the long hair and rough look you could confuse him as a freshman at cornell university. farmer'sville, texas. he had had a average in high school. football, basketball and track star. >> one the nicest guys i ever met. texas accent. beautiful old restored pickup truck and was just a sweetheart. loved to smoke weed and just was always out for a good time and, you know, party with the girls and go swimming. >> but the family, life as a beach boy was pretty good, but they were beginning to wear out their welcome. >> manson was always hitting wilson for money. they appropriated his
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wardrobe. they did a lot of damage to the house. the gonorrhea bill used his doctor was the highest gonorrhea bill probably in beverly hills history. >> it was a continual party. dennis was paying for everything. charles and the girls would stay there. dennis ultimately had to out of there. >> now you will hear how manson cleared the dance floor at sun set strip's legendary whiskeya gogo from a man who was ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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forming her fourth film "valley of the dolls." >> hello? yes i will accept the call. hello, mother? >> tate had small roles in television shows bike mr. ed and beverly hill billies before beginning her film with "eye of the devil." >> you are mad. >> she was a so-so actress. she wasn't anything special. she was stunningly beautiful. >> sharon was aware of the fact that she was extremely beautiful. but she didn't act as if she had an edge on anybody because of that physical beauty. she was just a regular person and that made her even more attractive, if that's possible. >> while filming "eye of the devil." sharon met and began dating 33-year-old film director roman polanski. he weighs known for dark and sinister films, knife in the
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water and repulsion. >> repulsion with catherine and that made him an international super star next big hit director. and there was a lot of buzz about roman at the time that he met sharon. >> sharon had remained friendly with her former boyfriend hollywood celebrity hairstylist jay sebring. >> before i entered the hair business 14 years ago, i made up my mind that i was going to do all that i could to elevate the profession. >> i'm absolutely positive that sharon was jay's one true love. once sharon met roman, that was it there would never be chance. >> sharon married roman in january of 1968 in london. >> i think they were a fabulous match. roman is a very interesting person. he is one of the most brilliant people i have ever known. >> roman and sharon resided in. rosemary's baby, written for the screen and directed by roman polanski.
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>> released in june of 1968, rose mary's baby was a critical and financial success. >> really kind of putted roman to sort of the top of ranks of directors around the world and at that time, being married to sharon, they sort of became this very glamorous, very mad couple. -- maawad couple. >> they were very charming and emblematic of hollywood. but roman polanski and sharon completely in love with the new way. new face of hollywood with the stars and the kind of movies they were making. >> books for a headdress and not soul will see it. [ laughter ] >> i feel a little top heavy. >> honey, you are a little top heavy. [ laughter ] >> all right. that's fine dear, thank you.
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>> >> make love with money. >> you will get half. >> clawed, -- claude, please, stop it i hated this. go find yourself another girl. while tate and polanski were living the high life. beach boyden miss wilson decided to flee his home at sun set boulevard to get away from the manson family. >> he said greg, i'm going on the road. we are going out. he said you can get me out of here? you know, move me? so i found another house down at the beach. and literally moved out. that was the only way to get rid of the family. >> after the family left wilson's residence, they moved to spawn ranch. >> located about 30 miles west of beverly hills in chat worth, california. the ranch was spawn. the blind spawn let the family live there in exchange for help with the run down ranch.
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used as a movie set in the 40s and 50's he was a far cry from sun set boulevard. >> it was dusty and dirty. and there was -- i mean, it definitely lacked the amenities. >> grag greg jacobson used to visit charlie tech and the girls at the ranch. for the 20 or so members of the family the mood was getting darker. >> one time charlie was fooling around with a gun and he pointed it out me. what would you do if i pulled the trigger i looked at him and he i said charlie, if you weren't afraid, then charlie lost the handle. i said oh, put that down. thearl would -- charlie would love it he would continue on with the skit. >> trying to get manson a record deal. he persuaded a friend terry melcher who worked with birds and raiders to audition manson. melcher the son of actress doris day lived with candace bergen in a house they rented in benedict canyon
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100050. >> i don't think she found charlie interesting musically speaking but certainly found his lifestyle interesting and the girls and the bus and the ranch. >> greg jacobson will never forget the night he melcher and wilson accompany canned manson to the whiskey a go go. >> 40 years ago same booth. charlie slipped away from the booth without any of us knowing. the next thing we knew there was something happening on the dance floor and it was charlie by himself in the middle of the floor and people were literally moving back, clearing the dance floor for charlie. it was if electricity were coming out of his hair, out of his head, and people were just dumb struck. it was quite a spectacle. >> dennis helped to recordings fog manson. one was this tune. [cease to exexist ."
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>> cease to exist, come and say you love me. >> this is the beach boys version. >> ♪ cease to exist. >> dennis changed the phrase cease to exist to cease to resist when he and the beach boys recorded the song in september of 1968, now called never learn not to love. although credited to dennis wilson, manson still got paid when the song was included on the beach boy's 1969 album 1920. the lyric change infewer rate united stated him. >> he was lived. you ruined it manson after he saw that side where manson really got angry about the changing of the lyrics, never learn not to love. it was a whole new side. he didn't see the peace, love and. he was angry young man. >> charles manson thinks the beatles are speaking to him on white item and seven people end up dead.
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in the fall of 1968 the beatles released what was known as the white album. piggies and helter skelter. the album mesmerized long time beatles fan charles manson. >> he felt the beatles were prophesying to him personally. he would listen to every word and a interpret his spin on it. >> he ranted about a looming race war. now in his logic it had a name helter skelter. last destructive war ons face called it helter skelter. >> charlie really believed it would be the revolution
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it would be the black against the white. look, the blacks would win this war but black only knows what whitey has told them to do they never learned thousand handle the reign of power. those who survived helter skelter ie charles manson and his family. >> in drug fueled rant the only hope of survival was here in death valley. some 200 miles east of l.a., temperatures regularly soared to 115 degrees in summer it was in this surreal land dishap manson claimed they would find a bottomless pit. >> somehow, some way, charlie was convinced that they were going to find this gateway, this hole in the ground and it was going to be some kind of paradise. >> back at spawn ranch, manson convinced his followers that helter skelter was, quote, coming down fast: manson's control over the family was mind boggling. >> manson was the dictatorial ruler of the family, the king, everyone
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else was slavishly with him. >> countless lsd trips combined with teaching had convinced family members that he was the second coming of christ. >> he controlled them with drugs. he controlled them with group sex. >> you had all these kids and couples having sex and then at a given moment he would say change partners. >> he was a master of making people follow him. >> he asked sadie one night. he says saidy, i want you to go down to argentina to get a coconut for me. sadie headed out the door. if i know her the way i think i know her she would have gone down to get a coconut for him. >> one person not as eager to do things for him was terry melcher. >> he started counting on melcher. this is my guy he is going to get me in the music business. while terry appreciated charlie for what he was but not as a musician, terry had to give charlie the old
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producer speech got some talent, charlie, there is nothing can i do for you. charlie was bitter about that. >> melcher's rejection of manson undoubtedly increased manson's hostility towards the establishment. >> i think he felt he was being abandoned and being deserted something he probably lived with all of his life. he was becoming more and more desperate and he was becoming more and more threatening. >> when doris day offered her malibu beach house to her son, terry melcher divided to vacate the house. the new tenant? roman polanski and a now pregnant sharon tate. the couple moved n the spring of 1969 before taking off to europe to work on separate film projects. >> her departure was very rushed. it was chaos. knowing that by the time she got back home, it would be just prior to her delivery. >> in the summer of 1969, sharon finished filming what was to be her lack movie 16 chairs in rome.
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she returned to the the house in time to watch the moon landing on july 20th with her mother and her younger sisters. >> it was very hot and she was extremely pregnant and we all went into the master bedroom and piled in to the bed, and i was at her feet, and we watched the moon landing. >> and that was the last time that any of us saw her alive. >> two consecutive nights of slaughter shocked the world. that's next on summer of eve, the manson murders.
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friday, august 8th, 1969, film director roman polanski was in london working on "the day of the dolphin" 5,000 miles away a sweltering los angeles was blanketed by a brutal heat wave. at their benedict home sharon tate was counting the days until the birth of their baby. >> august 8th, i was supposed to go up there. sharon was so miserable in the last stages of her pregnancy. and she says oh, can we do
11:32 pm
it another time? i said absolutely. >> sharon did have some company that night. her friend jay sebring was a regular visitor. she also had two house guests staying with her while roman was away 25-year-old coffee heiress and boyfriend. he was a long time friend of polanski. >> sharon i have abigail and jay went out to dinner that night. >> they came here to the mexican restaurant. unbeknownst to them this would be their last meal. >> left a little after 10:00, 10:30. got back. >> meanwhile a sinister plan was being hatched by charles manson at spawn ranch. >> we can ignite helter skelter and ignite this war by committing the murders ourselves. >> manson told watson to go up to the house at 10050 and
11:33 pm
to kill everybody there. >> why that house? >> the house was a symbol. it didn't matter who lived there. it was striking out at something that melcher had been attached to. >> he knew that melcher was no longer living there. >> manson remained behind as watson and others drove off in ranch hands car. joining them on a mission of murder was a recent edition to the family 19-year-old linda kasabine. >> she was a run away. left home and traveling around the country. and she wound up at the manson spawn ranch. >> and susan atkins and hex and myself were all in the car. and getting ready to leave. and charlie came out and said something like oh, you girls leave a sign, you know what i mean, something
11:34 pm
witchy. >> in her only television would you interview in 40 years she told steve dunleavy in 1988 about the savagery. >> tech had some rope and wire cutters. we got to the gate and he climbed up the telephone pole, cut the wires. and we started going around the embankment when the gate opened. and after we all got over to the other side, the car started coming towards them. >> steve had been visiting, driving his car toward the gate. must have been terrified out of his mind to see these people in black climbing over the gate at midnight. pulled his car to a stop and said i won't say anything. don't hurt me. >> a delivery boy from elmont e california. he had just graduated from high school. >> watson shot him four times. two times in the face and a
11:35 pm
couple times in the chest. killing him. [gunfire] >> in the house on the hill, nobody had heard a thing. >> abigail was reading a book. inapped on the couch. sharon and jay were sitting in bedroom talking. >> i was told to stay and watch and the three of them continued on to the house. >> they went into the house, rounded up sharon and jay, abigail pulls her from her bedroom when tex entered the living room. who are you? watson said i'm the devil i'm here to do the devil's business. >> i started hearing screaming. loud screaming. >> when jay sebring tried to stop tex from man handling a pregnant sharon he. stabbed him seven times. the man put up a fierce fight managed to get to the front door as susan atkins
11:36 pm
slashed his legs with a knife and susan pummeled him with the butt of the gun. >> i started walking towards the house and next thing i know a man comes stumbling out of the house, covered in blood and falls down and tex starts stabbing him. >> do you remember what was going through your mind as you see tex stabbing. >> i remember looking up at the sky and realizing that charlie was definitely the devil. >> he laid dead on the front lawn having been stabbed 5 1 times. biologicked with the gun 13 times and shot twice. >> and in the background i see a white figure of a lady in a nightgown. and trisha was -- >> abigail had also made it to the front lawn but died after being stabbed 28 times by patricia and tex watson. the killers then turned their attention to a terrified sharon tate.
11:37 pm
>> sharon was the last to die. she was left alone in the living room with atkins. begging, pleading, crying for her life for the life of her unborn child. >> susan atkins told look, bitch i don't have any mercy on you, you are going to die. >> stabbed 16 times in her chest and back. to leave a witchy sign susan atkins used blood to scroll pig on the door. >> at 8:00 a.m. chatman arrive for work. >> he live at 10090 drive. >> thin 15 years old. jim was warming up the family car when the horrified maid came running down the street. >> weigh was horribly shaken. screaming when she first came down. i made a phone call down to the station. >> it was unbelievable it
11:38 pm
was more like a slaughter house. >> robert was put in charge of the investigation. in a 1990 interview he recalled a search for a motive. >> see started small quantities of narcotics cocaine. immediately you think up a drug connection. >> tate was in the shower when her mother rushed into the bathroom. >> mother flung the shower door open and said sharon's dead. and i fighting for the shower door back and what are you talking about? and she collapsed. >> that morning the police took into custody the only survivor on the property. the caretaker. 19-year-old william garretson. >> he was at that stage the chief suspect. >> no he wasn't really termed a chief suspect. there was no blood in his quarters it. whoever did this, had to be covered in blood themselves. >> as the l.a.p.d. scoured the drive for clues, manson decided there would be be another night of murder. this time, he went along.
11:39 pm
>> behind us this home on waverly drive, 20 miles from the slaughter. the manson family struck again. butchering lien know and rose mary. >> the second night originally they were looking for the victims completely at random in los angeles. eventually they stopped in front of the home of leno and rose mary. they had had been in that area before. because there was a fellow that lived next door who was a friend to the family. >> 44-year-old lena was ahead of the gateway small super market chain. they had just returned from a weekend of boating when manson slipped into their home. >> he convinced leno that if he cooperated no harm would come to him. hide -- tied his hands behind his back and went back to the car and sent his killers in in there. watson, wee joined by two others.
11:40 pm
leslie had been homecoming queen in her hometown. but she fell in with a young man who turned her on to drugs. and he brought her to spawn ranch. >> the two slaughtered the couple. leno was stabbed 12 times with a knife and 14 times with a camping fork. the fork was left protruding. the word war had been carved into his stomach. rose mary. death to pigs. rise, and a misspelled helter skelter scribbled on the walls and refrigerator in the victim's blood. >> the total stab wounds on the two nights of murder 269. >> two nights of savage >> people didn't run in the same circles. they didn't know each other. >> on august 10th,
11:41 pm
dr. thomas and his staff conducted autopsies on the victims. >> only time in my career when i walked out of an autopsy is when the doctor cut sharon tate's stomach open and removed that baby. i just -- i had chills go up and down my spine. i just turned around and walked out. >> a jail house confession >> a jail house confession breaks the murder wide
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august 1969, no suspects to know of. the labianca murders had the city in fear. >> everybody thought they would be next. >> almost as if los angeles was having a nervous breakdown. >> deputies at the los angeles county sheriff's department came looking for charles manson but it had nothing to do with murder. >> property owners around the spawn ranch were complaining about these hippy type people driving their dune buggies on the other ranch's private property. >> 102 deputy sheriffs completely surrounded this ranch. >> the raid netted a huge stockpile of firearms and some stolen vehicles. >> i'm sure they spelt -- felt they were being arrested for murder. >> more than 20 people arrested but the family's leader was nowhere to be found. >> manson was hiding under one of the buildings on the property and he refused to come out and was eventually
11:45 pm
forcefully removed. >> when the district attorney decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute, the group was released from the county jail. manson decided that stays at spahn was getting too risk. >> always talked about going to the desert. that's a great idea. go out to death valley. that society is perfect for you. there is no society in death valley. >> getting here at the barker ranch wasn't easy. it was difficult. very difficult. they showed up with this bus and it was a miracle that they got the bus up here. >> the family moved here to barker ranch, built in the 1930ss, it is located in extremely rugged and desolate area of death valley. you are looking at the last footage of the ranch shot by fox news before it was gutted by a suspicious fire in may of 2009. >> charlie wasn't very impressive to carla and i. >> hunting partner was. >> he was trying to talk religion with karl about the
11:46 pm
book of revelation and that didn't go very far. >> manson's family was splintering. a few days after the murders, linda had fled spahn ranch and headed home. >> tex was the only one that i was ever suspicious at that time. >> he is the butcher boy. >> other members of the family remained with manson at the ranch. >> it was much like living at spahn ranch and it was different too. much darker and more desperate. you could feel the tension. >> racing through the desert in stolen dune buggies, he dreamed of recreating. highway patrolman began to take a closer look at the family. >> our interest in the group was as a group of hippies in a stolen car ring. we had no knowledge that
11:47 pm
this was a group from the los angeles crimes. >> investor -- they made a visit to the ranch where they encountered a group of scruffy young women. the manner of dress was from totally nude to totally clothe. the gal later girl scouts from the bay area. >> interviewing locals, he began hearing wild tallies of drug use, sex orgies and a leader who thought he was jesus christ. in early october it was confirmed that the group was in possession of stolen vehicles. >> we hiked into the barker ranch area, took up positions around the cabin, waiting for everybody to get in place. >> 17 family members were arrested, but manson was nowhere in sight. two days later he was spotted entering the cabin. >> i went to the back door of the cabin, shoved the door open. i could see seven people in
11:48 pm
the room. i directed each out. >> once again, the 5'2" inch manson seemed to have vanish. searched the cabin's tiny bathroom. >> there is a sink, tiny cupboard beneath it, long hair was hanging out. this figure emerged from this tiny cupboard and i asked him who he was and he said charles manson. charlie was booked in as manson, charlie m., a.k. a. jesus christ, a.k.a. god. >> it was it radio here on this corner outside the abandoned hall of justice where the manson girls put on a freak show during the trial. swats particular can a and shaved heads and crawling on hands and knees. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too.
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november 1969, held for car theft charles manson and the family were slowly being tied to a string of murders from. her cell, manson started talking about susan atkins being a killer. the victim musician gary hundredman who been stabbed to death two weeks before the tate and labianca murders. suddenly, everything came crashing down. >> she told these two co-inmates of that the family was responsible for the tate la bong can -- labianca murders. one of the girls called dime and pay phone it? >> broke the case. >> persons being issued warrants. >> watson, linda kasabian. >> one week after this announcement charles manson and five of his followers were charged with seven counts of murder. >> they were kids from
11:53 pm
average american homes. it shocked the country. hippies up to that point were never associated with via and murder. >> i'm not committed to nonviolence in anyway. >> yet, the killings did not go unnoticed by the national weather underground leader bernadine done. her weatherman digged. offing those rich pigs off with their own fork and knives. the group adopted a four finger fork salute. 24 july, 1970. manson, atkins, cren krenwinkel. >> the problem manson was not at the murder scene participating in the murders. the two main pieces of evidence that i used to connect manson with these murders were motive and domination over his family. >> back in texas, tex watson was still fighting extradition to california. in l.a., a cleaned up linda kasabian became the star witness for the prosecution. >> i would like to see them
11:54 pm
fall on their knees and beg for forgiveness. >> because she was so necessary as a witness, kasabian was given full immunity as every prosecutor says you don't find witnesses to a crime in hell in heaven. >> the trial was as bizarre as the murders. >> manson leaped across the counsel table. the judge with a pencil in had his hand screaming someone should cut your head off old man. he held up a paper man son guilty, nixon declared. >> they carved x's in foreheads. manson later changed his to a swastika. when he shaved his head the girls did too. outside the courthouse the circus never ended. they bizarre. >> the manson family people were like creatures from outerspace for the majority of americans. >> what i remember most is his eyes. he was staring at me as i
11:55 pm
testified. they were dark, piercing, evil eyes. >> rumors ran wild when leslie's lawyer hughes disappeared four months into the trial. >> he goes up to the hot springs area to work on his arguments. the court reconvenes the following monday hughes does not show up. >> we all thought my god, i just wonder if the family killed ronald hughes. >> from what anybody could discern after a flash flood came along and washed him way. >> in january of 1971, it took the jury seven days to reach a verdict. >> it was our belief that the jury could only come to one verdict, guilty. >> each defendant was convicted of every count of which they were charged. >> the four were sentenced to death on march 29th, 1971 in october, tex watson was also convicted for the tate labianca murders and sentenced to death. >> next year 1972, the california and u.s. supreme
11:56 pm
court ruled that the death penalty was unconstitutional and then everyone on death row in the country, their death penalty sentences were irreversibly reduced from death down to imprisonment. >> atkins died of cancer in 2009. the rest remain behind bars. >> i don't harbor hate for them. i wish them the best within controlled environment situations. >> manson members squeaky from tried to assassinate gerald ford in 1957. she was lee released in 2009. the public's fascination with the manson saga has yet to wayne. >> you think how could this happen? >> it was unbelievable. >> it goes beyond the weirdest concepts of sick fiction. >> the story is just too far out. out. >> stay tuned for if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity, powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax
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that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief.
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11:59 pm
the image of young, wide-eyed charlie manson remains a symbol of evil. the most recent photo of charles manson says it all, is he just another gray-haired career criminal living out last days of a wasted life in prison.
12:00 am
i'm greta van susteren, good night. tonight on "red eye." does chris christie tell it like it is? it depends on what the meaning of is, is. and a three-week hunt for the two escaped murderers has ended. does this mean the news will stop referencing steven king movies ? one can hope. and are animals people too 1234* and was my third grade teacher wrong with stupid questions ? our panel provides answers and comfort. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters i'm uh anita vogel. cities are beefing up across the country for this weekend's july 4th event. the terror threat level is one


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