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tv   The Five Proud American Special  FOX News  July 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us on this special edition of the factor. i'm bill o'reilly, and please always remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. definitely looking out for you. hello and welcome to our welcome to our proud american special, we have kimberly guilfoyle, geraldo rivera and greg gutfeld. this is "the five". >> as americans gather this holiday weekend to celebrate our nation's 239th birthday, there are 14 republican candidates now vying to restore this great country. here are some of these hopefuls. >> yesterday is over. >> we must change some of the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. >> our country is on a very bad course. and the question is, what are we going to do about it? >> it is a time to reclaim the constitution of the united states. >> we need a leader that can
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bring back our jobs, can bring back our manufacturing. can bring back our military. can take care of our vets. >> the campaign that rebuilds america to the place where you and i grew up and where we want our children to grow up in again. >> we get back up and dust ourselves off. we move forward. and you know what? we will do it again. >> i want to be part of a return to prosperity. a true economic boon that lifts all americans. >> we need leadership in the white house now that will unlock the potential of this great nation by changing the order of things in washington, d.c. and challenging the status quo. >> so who has the best chance at winning back the white house right now? jeb bush is at the top of the pack according to the latest fox news poll. but as we know very well in election cycles, anything can happen between now and the nomination. so who made the case? who made the best case so far around the table? >> it is interesting, there is
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so much momentum on the people who have announced. most recently, trump has been able to surge in the polls. jeb bush, with fine financial backing, you see some people fading a little bit into the background, we expect them to do great things, marco rubio, scott walker is expected to announce, nevertheless there are struggles that cast doubts on the greatness of his potential campaign. >> and i think rubio has stated most dramatically, i think kimberly nailed that. i think that the rubio flourish is over, i don't think he will be a serious contender. i think donald trump was serious in his opening remarks and then he did this self-inflicted wound with the comments about mexican-americans, giving him the spike in the short term, i
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think it is all about jeb bush. he is the real hispanic in this race. i think he has tremendous cross-over appeal. he is not his brother but he carries a lot of good will from the bush oakland. i like him, i like his wife and son. >> since we're all putting it on the record, can i just put out whatever he said and do the opposite -- dana who is making the case for you? >> it looks pretty flat across the board. trump and jeb bush are at the top. you know who has the most remarkable staying power is ben carson. >> oh, my gosh. >> you don't see him a lot, but he is doing something right and is in the minds of a lot of people and he is still way up there across the board. also i think carli fiorina is way up there. willing to go to college campuses and talk to them. i'm surprised that rick perry has not made more of a splash.
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to be honest, it is almost like you forgot he announced to president because he is just not really visible. i could go on, but with scott walker entering, obviously he is entering ohio. that john kasich, the folks in ohio, they will like him. he will make some sort of an announcement on july 21st, i don't think you make an announcement about an announcement unless you plan to run for president. >> so you have john kasich and chris christie and one or two others, rick perry, who have not made the top ten. do they get into the top ten? if they do, who do they push out? >> you know, that is the first time i ever listened to them all in order. i have to say this, i really like the sound of carly's voice. because i think -- i don't think screaming about taking america back is going to appeal to most americans, americans are not interested in vitriol. they're interested in comfort.
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they want it cogentally explained why the country needs a change. when you come out with a histrionic perspective, i don't think that works. wouldn't it be great to have a candidate that defends you instead of the reverse. why do you have to support a candidate that you continually have to defend when after they say something you always have to go, well, he didn't mean that. wouldn't it be great to have a candidate you don't have to do that with? the democrats never had to do that with barack obama because he never did that. he knew how to do it. this is the time after eight years, america gets tired of a party after eight years. we've seen that. it's a trend. so at this time they're ready for a change to switch the d from the r, just to make the country feel comfortable. you don't have to do too much. that means you don't have to make huge mistakes and make crazy comments that you then have to walk back. and the parties themselves have
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to walk back to say who is the winner? the same way they do with barack obama and hillary clinton. >> i want to ask you a quick thought on ben carson, i have not heard you talk about him. >> i don't think much about ben carson, i like him as a person. he is a brilliant neurosurgery doctor, i like that there is an african-american on the ticket. i am kind of shocked -- >> he is doing well. >> i like him. >> and it's been consistent over time. and you would think that it would drop off a little bit with everybody else getting in the race. for some reason -- >> who are we taking it back from? or do they mean from the democrats? from obama, from what? from al sharpton, what are they talking about? >> the good news, on the republican side, there are a lot to choose from. >> the bad news, when you have too many choices it makes the opposition look bigger.
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when you have one candidate that they decided on remember this happened with barack obama. this has been an error and the republican national committee has to figure this out. they have to get in charge and say okay, let's get this down to a core group of people. because all you're going to have is a lot of voices that will make one voice seem more singul singular. >> speaking of one voice seeming to be singular, there is hillary clinton -- >> i like donald trump -- just i think he has hurt himself a bit. >> for me, i'm not a bush guy. >> do you like rand paul? >> i do like rand paul. >> i like a lot of them. and john kasich, and carly fiorina. >> but the problem is, carly is tenth right now. >> i would love to see some competition to see who gets up there -- >> santorum --
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>> hash tag man crush. >> man crush is rand paul. >> remember when she said, hillary clinton said this during her first white house attempt. >> i think i'm probably the most transparent person in public life. i feel like you know a lot more about me than you know about anybody else. much of it untrue, but nevertheless it's all out there. >> fast forward, americans know she certainly has not been transparent, she hid her e-mails while secretary of state and her family's foundation may have accepted donations from secretary clinton. americans know that after four years as the country's top diplomat, the country is less respected around the world. and let's not forget benghazi. but will voters put her in the white house? >> i think because she is the only one out there we can talk about sanders. but let's face it, that is something to look at like a
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little shiny bauble. she is there. somebody like chris christie could come in because he has a certain stature. he expresses gratitude instead of shame, and as secretary of state she presided over chaos. >> chris christie could run as a democrat? >> not really. >> is that what you're saying? >> no, not really, he could run as an adult. >> i think with hillary clinton, there is a thin margin of error. there is about 46% of the country who will vote for her, it doesn't matter what she does. they will vote for her. there is another 46, i will never vote for her. there is a small window and i just look at these things rationally and practically. you have to get the 270 electoral votes. and if you take off california and new york so hillary clinton is looking at four states she really has to try to win. now, she could have trouble in
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florida and ohio maybe even colorado, but i think with the governor she will try to run the tables there. if the election were held today, yes, i'm not trying to pour cold water on anything, but it's very difficult to see her not become president. >> and countering that florida/ohio, with a jeb, rubio and john kasich. >> i think that is why jeb bush is the inevitable republican nominee and the man who will beat clinton, because it will come down to who beats hillary. and i think it will come down to the puerto ricans in central florida, they are swing voters. i think that between hillary and jeb they will be torn. >> why do they -- >> it sounds sexy -- hey, are you going to go down there? >> there is -- mamma mia -- >> is there like 600,000 puerto
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ricans that moved into central florida. they're fleeing puerto rico because of the financial distress. they are citizens and will vote. i think they will vote for jeb bush because he is so sensitive to the minority issues. >> that is who savve -- get on board. there is a puerto rican flag on the other side. >> i am not sure the i-4 corrid >> there is a puerto rican float, right? just up and down the i-4 corridor, right? >> i remember you distinctly tweeted in 2012, when the results came in from florida, you said and i almost remember your tweet. we sounded like we were sharing it. you tweeted that democrats are popping their cork right now, if you recall, and when those returns started to come in because as florida goes, very often the nation goes.
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>> that was a long night. that night -- >> it was a long night, the dye was cast -- >> and with the rise of isis, we know that national security is certainly on a lot of americans' minds. >> it is not the top priority, it's always the economy and about the anxiety that people feel about their children not having as good a life-style as they have had. this is feeding all of the economic anxieties, so whoever can convince people that -- >> who is that one -- >> who is going to be able to convince them? it remains to be seen, none of them have been very specific. all of them say let's bring our country back, okay, now getting into the debate time we're less than a month away. so let's find out. how would you actually confirm for people that their retirement savings will be there? how will you get a handle on income growth. things like that will matter. >> chris christie seems to be
6:13 pm
the one who has come out with the most specifics on how he would fix americans with entitlement and some other things as far as debt. >> but when you talk about rand paul and most things that americans are concerned about it is based on a consensus that there is a concern. we have a very young population because life is pretty good for them because they are not faced wi with some of the things that older people have to deal with. they have things like partial unemployment which makes it not a very bad life. you have more channels, can live at home, you are as a person who may be poor now better off than the king of england was 200 years ago. how do you get people who are generally unconcerned and
6:14 pm
apathetic on your side? it is about the comfort, and the choice that they can go to b d r -- >> one of it is when they get their first or second job and start to pay taxes. they make it too easy for them not to get a job. what is the most important issue? >> i think it's the economy, but besides that it is definitely foreign policy and national security. the direction this country is going in and interestingly enough, there is a deep partisan divide where people who said they would vote for somebody in the primary, very concerned about the direction of the country. so there is a lot to seize on there in terms of getting out the vote. last time there was apathy, some of the true conservatives were dissatisfied and didn't feel that excited up, needed to rile
6:15 pm
them up and go out there and vote -- >> would a jeb nomination create the same apathy? >> i really don't think so i think he is innovation enough, they get it. i tell you one thing, the republicans cannot campaign on moral decay. you can't campaign, gay marriage is over, forget about it. marijuana is over, forget about that. i agree with kimberly, it's all about the national security threat from abroad. >> and walker made a mistake with that already, and that was the gay marriage misstep. all right, we'll leave it right there. and ahead, the favorite things to do on the fourth of july and facebook friday coming up. stick around. i like my seafood like i like my vacations: tropical. and at red lobster's island escape, i can try new dishes like the island seafood feast,
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cogentl this is a fox news alert, i'm jackie ibanez. a fourth of july celebration going on at the white house, president obama is hosting the military and other staff members and invited guests. the singer, bruno mars,
6:20 pm
introducing everybody. >> michelle and i just want to say to everybody here, we love you. on this day we thank everyone who does so much each and every day to defend our country. to defend our freedom. we are grateful to our armed services. we are grateful to our military families. we are grateful to our veterans. without you, we could not enjoy the incredible blessings that we do in this greatest country on earth. and we are so appreciative to all of you. we hope you are having a good time. the weather is cooperating. and michelle and i, malia, sasha, we could not be more privileged to have gotten to know so many of you and to know all the sacrifices that you make
6:21 pm
on our behalf each and every day. so we just want to wish you the happiest fourth of july and remind ourselves that freedom is not free. it's paid by all the folks who are here today and all the folks who are around the world. we want to thank those who are not with those family on this holiday season because they're posted overseas. we want -- especially remember them. thank you very much, everybody, god bless you. god bless the united states of america! >> i am jackie ibanez, in new york, from all of us here at fox news channel. happy fourth of july, now back to "the five". does she like the fourth of july food, like the celebration? >> yeah, i guess so i prefer not to talk about that. what happens on the fourth of july with food -- food-eating contests. the hot dog eating contests -- >> you're not fat -- >> i think it's the most disgusting behavior to watch
6:22 pm
adults stuffing their faces with 50 hot dogs. imagine if it was not food but another kind of behavior you were celebrating, would you have a contest? you know what i'm talking about? >> if i did i would win it, that is all i know. >> i'm not talking about that one. >> i was trying to figure out what he was alluding to myself. >> a contest is not something to be proud of -- >> where did your mind go? i thought something else. >> guys got to be -- >> my head is still in the clouds, i have no idea what you're talking about. favorite final word. i like sparklers, of course. i grew up in wyoming and colorado, it was always very dry. we often were on fireworks restrictions. but snakes you could do because my dad would put them on a brick and they -- do they still have those? >> yes, they do. >> what about you, jeff? >> i prefer stuff that would blow off a toe, the old school
6:23 pm
fireworks, a bottle rocket, the m-80. i love the smell of a brick of fivecrackers going off. it's not the same anymore. there is no risk. there used to be a kid on the block who was missing an eye. >> i was waiting all day for your comments about fourth of july. because you have a lot of anxiety about it. >> the dogs hate -- oh, that is -- this is the worst. >> do you have fireworks yourself? >> we don't have fireworks but they're all along the beach. and everyone is up all night blowing up fireworks. >> the fireworks -- >> i used to like cherry bombs in the mail -- no. >> as a father of five -- >> are you out on the boat on the fourth of july? >> i am almost every -- fourth of july, i am in the country, on the boat.
6:24 pm
>> and you watch the fireworks. >> and right from underneath them, either on the hudson river or east river right here in new york harbor. and my shirt is also always off. >> do you have a tradition? do you go to the fireworks? >> so there is great fireworks in sag harbor which i will go to for sure. and then also i like the parade in south hampton is legendary, kids love it. they go to it. main stream, if you were me you could relative it. >> a new tradition is that jasper is in the parade in south carolina in the side car of the harley. who knows what sort of get-up they will have? >> there is a boat parked on a trailer on the street so you know how some of the cars hit
6:25 pm
the back, it doesn't recognize if it hits it that high. my wife is the only person that recognizes -- >> how about you, any thoughts on the fourth of july? >> i think fourth of july is overrated. july 5th, you have harbor day in new zealand. july 5th. constitution day in armenia, and it's x day on the controversy of the sub genius -- >> you have something to look forward to. all right, next on celebrities and why they're proud to be americans and why we are, too. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile.
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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and the world cup! >>
6:29 pm
. live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez, technical world headquarters reached a draft agreement that needs to be approved by secretary of state john kerry
6:30 pm
and iran's foreign minister as well as the foreign ministries of the five other countries involved in the talks. they are expected to hit a july 7th deadline for a nuclear agreement with iran. and proposals on greece's bailout reached the final day of campaigning. voters go to the polls tomorrow and right now appear to be evenly split. the eurozone financial experts are looking for more reform and higher taxes before agreeing to anymore bailout money. greece's finance minister agreed to a no-debt, their debts exceed $3 trillion. now back to the five, and a proud american special. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we have such a strong patriotism as a country and you know i really do truly feel we have the greatest country on the road. when you go on the road and tour and see a lot of the heartland
6:31 pm
of america you really do get a real feel of what the true patriotism is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> and that was charles kelly from the country music group, la lady antebella, and here are more examples. >> it's part of our culture and dna. >> what makes me proud to be an american. it's so many things. but obviously, you know, to have the opportunity to pursue my happiness. >> i'm so blessed to just be an american woman. i wake up in the morning and i get to do what i want with my day. i get to do what i want with my life. that is a privilege and a luxury that so many people are denied. >> so many things, i mean, the opportunities as a country, you know, this country has given us. you know the fact that we are an
6:32 pm
immigrant nation. we can bring in a lot of things under a big tent when we're at our best. >> the spirit of the country, the freedom, just being able to express. >> it's a wonderful country, i mean, we're very lucky to live here. >> bob saget here, happy safe healthy fourth of july. they're yelling for mark wahlberg right now, i don't mean anything. when you talk about the core, the country, people risk their lives to protect our freedom we need to honor them in a much bigger way. and i love you guys and thank you. >> mark wahlberg, what a fabulous big star. >> big star. finally, he is right, though, he is absolutely right. it is not about pride, pride is the original and deadliest sins, we're confusing pride with gratitude. you should be thankful for the people who are defending this country, thankful for things like the second amendment in which we can defend ourselves.
6:33 pm
we should be thankful for the innovations in this country that can make it great. it is not about pride, but gratitude. >> can't have the first without the second. >> i traveled over 100 countries, and i tell you, everybody wants to live in the united states and be american. and we've done the impossible. we have harnessed the hybrid vigor of the planet. it's all meshing here, we bring them here and get that great brain power and equity and sweat, we get them. we're on top of the heat. >> i like it, i like where you went with that, i was not expecting it. but i like it. second amendment, totally. >> we talk about the military a lot. and you're 100% right. they deserve of bit of our thanks and praise, everything, all the adulation we can give them. also law enforcement, they put their lives on the line every single day. kids are coming out at police
6:34 pm
academies at $35,000 a year, $40,000 a year, sometimes less, putting themselves in harm's way for our safety and fire. the fire personnel, as well. i think both of those are under-appreciated. so just a little help. >> don't forget paramedics. >> and them, too. >> men in uniform, this is the theme. >> the ups delivery guy. >> seriously, sanitation workers. >> carpet men -- >> they work harder than anyone. >> dumping my garbage, that could kill a cow. >> they're unions. >> but they're not public servants. >> okay, dana perino, asking somebody why they're a proud american because it's a difficult question. it's a feeling, not something you put into words all the time that we have to spend some time thinking about it is beautiful. and i agree with geraldo, that everywhere i have been people want to be more like america. they strive to be and we should
6:35 pm
him them be like that. >> yes, everybody wants to be like us, and let's get out there and be informed. >> proud of america, america ferrara. >> how about america -- >> don't move. right, because you don't want to miss any of this. facebook friday. that segment is up next. >> facebook friday is up next. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico
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. can't tell you how proud i am to be an american. i lived overseas for ten years, and i literally kissed the ground when i got off the plane coming back here. it's the most wonderful civilization that has ever been on the face of the earth. >> it's facebook friday, we never get to all the questions you send in to us, so our
6:40 pm
producers pulled some good ones we haven't answered yet. so let's go around the table, kimberly, what is your exact home address -- i'm kidding, what was your first car? >> okay, so it was a red car, a dodge dart with a slant 6 engine and had a bumper sticker, it said insured by smith and wesson. >> a 1940 chevy convertible. i cut the steering wheel in half so it would be like an airplane. but i cut the wrong side, the bottom instead of the top -- >> that is pretty funny. >> i got it for 25 bucks. >> my first car was a 10-year-old chevy chevelle. at the time they had a v-6 and 8 -- >> in chicago, in the snow?
6:41 pm
>> yeah, it was a beater, though, one time i was taking a girl on a date, i was 15, 16, i think you can drive at 15 in chicago. taking a girl on a date. a bench seat in the front, turned the car over to step on the break. the whole bucket seat went back. >> and it worked out? >> and it worked out. >> that was it, it was in the parking -- in my driveway. that is all. >> did you ever have a car? >> i did, what do you mean did i ever have a car? i had a gold dodge torismo, which you probably never heard of. but it was famous. >> that is interesting. >> grand torino -- >> the grand torino. >> my first one was a '76 cutlass supreme with red velvet inside. it was horrible.
6:42 pm
but my last car, '59 vega, try to find one of those, people. you drive a 1959 -- >> in new york city -- >> are you kidding me? >> i don't even have a driver's license. >> he is making all of this up. >> all right. what would everyone's last meal on earth be like if they had a choice? let's go with dana, go around. >> well, i guess i'm going to have to go with steak. >> what kind of steak? >> i don't know, i'll eat it all. >> why bother, it's not like you have to get up in the morning and do a speech. >> as you know i don't eat red meat. so i haven't had a burger in 20 years, so it would be a bloody bacon and cheddar on the side. i would have rise on the side and then mushrooms, that would be the main course. >> that is so true. didn't miss her, that is for
6:43 pm
sure, that will be a strong second for me. but for sure, i would want to have probably red wine, if we were having dinner, right? and then maybe a steak and a potato. however, i would have to have if it was my last meal i would have some kind of like side slices of salami, for sure. >> i wonder, this question doesn't say, do you die after your meal? try to find something -- >> all you can eat buffet? >> exactly. >> i would choose human flesh. >> ew! you're as weird as i always knew you were. >> just saying, maybe the person that is going to kill you. what if the person who was going to kill you, you decide to eat that person then you live! >> right. >> no, last meal, i'm going to eat the executioner, if i have a choice. >> oh, yum. >> there is usually a backup executioner next to him, sorry, there is usually a buddy next to him. >> and the first job --
6:44 pm
>> literally hundreds of people trying to get a job, he had one question, sell me this pen. he would prepare for everything. your high school, your college, what you're good at. sell me this pen. i literally went, i'll sell you this pen for a dollar but if you buy three of them i'll give you 20% discount on it. i swear to god, i got the job because of that it was mobile oil. they tried to beat their dealer's prices down if they could sell more -- >> have you ever been arrested? >> i said the truth, i did not get the job. >> right? >> ag, toughest question -- >> got hired after 30 seconds -- >> it was a hard question. >> do you want the manager -- >> try and get divorced. would you like an apartment to
6:45 pm
go with it? we're like okay, friday night. >> so i guess -- >> i was asked to i said i -- my birthday was yesterday and i'm very hungover, and they said well at least you're honest. maybe you can come back when you're sober. >> would like the answer to that now. i would say, at the white house there is white house communications and the press secretary's office. it is like marketing, they come up with what they want you to sell. the president is going to have to sell it -- >> i really think it is -- what sort of salary do you expect? i don't like to talk about money, not very good at it.
6:46 pm
but young women you have to get over that and figure out a way to ask for what you're worth. >> that is right, make them pay, baby, make them pay, they respect you more. >> and they don't get upset when you get the number you were asking for -- if they start laughing -- >> then you know, then you know. >> are we out? i have three questions left, but they're yelling at me. >> save them for labor day. >> you're not talking to me anymore. >> top gun, read it. >> all right, if you liked the movie "top gun," which i think had harrison ford, geraldo has news you want to stay tuned for, coming up. ing up. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do.
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♪ highway to the danger zone going to take it right into the danger zone ♪ ♪ highway to the danger zone >> wow. wow, maverick. he had the need for speed. a lot of top gun fans have felt the need for a sequel. variety reporting top gun 2 in
6:51 pm
the works. tom cruise likely to reprise his role. did you love tom? >> i love it. i would see him immediately. >> he would have to be the instructor. >> i don't care what he is. it's an amazing movie. this movie is great and when you hear it on surround sound. come on. >> i like the old war movies like sergeant york, gary cooper. he won the academy award real life story of a guy humble, tennessee roots. goes to war, captures an entire german company single handed. >> that's exciting too but top gun has a great love scene and remember when meg ryan says take me to bed and lose me forever. i love that. >> wow. >> not enough volleyball. >> a favorite war movie. >> i like lone survivor. it's fantastic movie. i think it was inspiring.
6:52 pm
american sniper got it for me. the ending is dramatic and heartfelt. a couple of great movies. >> dana, do you have one? >> i'm horrible at this thing. i remember as a kid my dad took us to born on the fourth of july. that was also tom cruise. i remember liking that very much. >> that was an anti-war movie rather than pro-war. >> i don't know if any movies are pro-war. >> red dawn. >> saving private ryan. >> i picked dirty mary, crazy larry. i picked the lives of others.
6:53 pm
it's a good movie to look at. what it was like. it's called the lives of others. it came out in 2007. fantastic film. >> seems more political than combat-y. you know highway to danger zone is about? >> i don't. >> it's about you. everybody wants to land on you. >> one more thing after this. ♪ i want to rock and roll all night and party every day ♪ entoe people, three generations spanning over 60 years. they don't believe in artificial this or superficial that. they know that in a world of over-processed there's no substitute for a piece of real. real cheese people believe every casserole deserves a shred of authenticity, every sandwich a slice of legit. natural cheese off-the-block,
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100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people. man when i got shingles it was like being blindsided by some linebacker. you don't see it coming. boom! if you've had chicken pox, that shingles virus is already inside of you. it ain't pretty when it comes out. now i'm not telling you this so that you'll feel sorry for me. i'm just here to tell you that one out of three people are gonna end up getting shingles. i was one of 'em. so please go talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
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d slamming shut] man's voice: you! woman's voice: you! you! you! [door slams shut] [both voices] you! oh ugh your fault you! my fault? your fault ugh your fault your right what? it's my fault what do you mean, your fault? ♪just the two of us you're right. it's my fault ♪we can make it if we try♪ ♪we can make it if we try♪ maybe both of us? ♪just the two of us woman's voice: maybe just you ♪just the two of us ♪just the two of us ♪building ...
6:57 pm
it's time now for one more it's time for one more thing. >> the los angeles time has helpful information about how to take good pictures on your iphone or whatever device you have on the fourth of july. a couple of the ones, turn off the flash. it's important. you can also get some apps that can give you some nice filters and learn this. you're ipod thing, you can take photographs with that so that you can actually have it steady. fourth of july fireworks are hard to take pictures of. this is a little happy birthday.
6:58 pm
i think we get sued if we think. in the meantime. >> a little pink cupcake. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. we love you. >> take the top off the cupcake. >> you have to make a wish. we're super happy having you here on the five. >> speaking of birthdays, i am the proud grandfather of my first granddaughter, ella rose, born on the 30th of june. that's my son cruz. there she is. she was born on the 30th of june weighing 8 pounds, 4 ounces. that's her mom. we welcome her joining my two grandsons. the flock is growing. >> very nice. many blessings. >> sunday, like i said, july 5th, is a much bigger day than july 5th.
6:59 pm
my show is a july 5th special. we have johnny rotten, a true patriot from england. he's on and lou dobbs. we're having them together. watch tonight or tomorrow night or when ever this is on. who cares. >> on this independence day i want too give a special shout out to our troops from all of us here at the five. thank you for fighting for our freedom, liberty and for our america. thank you to all our vets. this is the greatest country in the world and we have the greatest military in the world or if you see a soldier or vet or any time, make sure you shake their hand and buy him or her a beer or a meal. how about that one? >> that's it for us. set your dvr. you never want to miss an episode. have a very safe and very happy 4th.
7:00 pm
yo, ed henry. ed henry. two first names. showing up to say hello to the little people in new york city. parents couldn't make up their mind so they called you ed henry. i got a first and a last name, ed. greg gutfeld. do i call you henry or ed? i'm not quite sure. oh, we're so pleased to see you here in new york. why don't you go back to d.c. where you belong ed henry. ed henry.


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