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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  July 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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wonderful people, we've got hustle it up, versus the leadership class which is arrogant, corrupt, and has disdain for the american people. which is going to win. >> we'll see. that's how we end on this sunday, july 5th 20rks 15. i'm patti ann brown. news is the first draft of history. it's immediate and takes place in realtime. legends take longer to develop and are sometimes based on men. this fox series looks at the truth behind the legend.
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oo come on, butch. ♪ ♪
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♪ my country 'tis of thee sweet land of liberty ♪
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on the north american plains, opportunity calls men of courage to chase the sun west into a new frontier. they would shape a nation, lay hold of their destiny, and birth a new miktsology. but with the passing of time, every myth has its reckoning. butch cassidy, charismatic leader and crafty fun-loving outlaw. founder of the notorious wild bunch, known for his daring violence, free banditry, and infamous escape with his
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long-time partner the sundance kid, but behind every fugitive stand as man and behind every legend lies the truth. >> when most people think of butch cassidy, they think of him as presented in the movie, a charming devil may care attitude and clever wit but the true story is that of a criminal master mooinld, a western godfather of sorts who brings organization to a world of unorganized crime and just like any group of gangsters, violence is part of that equation. even if the legend would have you believe otherwise. >> as america approaches the 20th century, 30 years of unprecedent expansion, ambition, and bloodshed have connected vast transportation and communication systems from the east with the once wild american west. >> the world is changing. 's modernizing. the large corporations are coming in.
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they're squeezing out the little guy and teen little outlaw. >> these new advances in technology make an isolated life obsolete, and for western outlaws, they make crime harder to commit. but to a stubborn ban dilt like butch cassidy, there is still opportunity if you know where to look. the last great outlaw of the american west begins life as robert leroy parker, the son of devout mormon immigrants who like thousands of others came west in search of freedom and the american dream. >> they were pretty poor. his father had a homestead as a farm in southern utah, but the kids were sent out to work at ranches in the neighborhood.
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>> like so many legends of the wild west, butch comes into contact with a mentor figure at a particularly important moment in his life, and in this case it's a gentleman by the name of mike cassidy. >> young robert parker soon finds out that his partner has a lucrative side business in the american midwest. >> butch kind of learned the ways of breaking the law in this very minor way and mike has taken him under his wing so much so that butch adopts mike cassidy's name. >> after struggling to make an honest living as a rancher and butcher earning little more than the nickname butch, parker settles into his new profession. >> by the summer of 1894, butch
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cassidy is a savvy and elusive russ ler, more than an announce to the powerful cattlemen of wyoming, who use their influence over law enforcement to have cassidy arrested and sentenced to two years of hard labor for stealing a $5 horse. it is that experience that many figure triggered him against the authority, his career as an outlaw, and his determination to never be locked up again. >> as big corporations continued to buy up the west, smaller privately owned ranches, targets for butch and other russ lers, are pushed out to make room for centralists from the east. >> i need to get into into something real, something that puts hard solid gold in my hands. >> cassidy heads to remote browns spark, utah, far from the
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reach of the law, and he looks for an opportunity to make a major score. >> well, look who it is. howdy, stranger. >> not one to work alone, butch searches for a partner in crime, someone willing to take on bigger jobs. >> most people think butch caddie's best friend and only true partner in crime is the sundance kid, but the truth is long before cassidy even meets cassidy, his original collaborator is a man named l.z. lay. he's more aggressive than sundance which works well for cassidy which needs someone to complement his personal aversion to violence. >> he's going to try to hold your head off all for a lousy $300. >> well, if you're looking for a change of pace, there's a bank in idaho.
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worth more than a herd of longhorn. >> and guarded a lot better than a bunch of cows too. >> guess who took a trip to idaho last week. >> what the hell. what the hell. >> even with business booming in the west, there are still places where law enforcement has been slow to keep pace. >> the size of the town was certainly a factor in their pattern, exclusively they are small towns and one could only assume that that's because it's easy to get in and out of a town and they're lightly guarded.
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>> butch and l.z. plan to strike the bank fast. they're in and out in seconds, and the small town is caught completely off guard. >> i will shoot you in the face. ♪ >> after the holdup, one of the law officers couldn't find a horse and so he jumped on a bicycle. >> stop, thief. it was not successful.
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♪ >> i'm a little surprised. >> butch and l.z. make it back to brown's park with thousands of dollars in cash, gold, and silver, worth nearly $200,000 today. when the news reaches the other criminals in brown's park, butch finds himself at the center of an outlaw ring, a gang that will be come to be known around the country as the wild bunch. torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates.
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bank in montpelier, idaho, draws attention. it he's a clear choice to be their leader. >> there was no job he couldn't do.
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i think the others in the gang recognized his confidence, recognized his leadership and thought that with this guy, we're going to be able to do some cool things. >> the core members included harvey kid kur i have logan, known as the wildest of the wildest. and two fearless former cowboys from texas, ben t tall texan from kill patrick and will carver. >> come on. >> butch clearly realized the value of having a diverse team, people with different skills. >> time. 12 1/2 seconds. >> there's a steak dinner in it for you. >> cassidy referred to not as the wild bunch but the train robber syndicate. this suggests a level of
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organization and perhaps a certain level of sophistication among this outlaw that cuts above the average outlaw of the day. >> the train comes in at noon and the payroll office is only one flight up. >> good work, guys. keep it up. >> browns park is almost like a country club where these men can be at ease, free of the fear of the law and into this social atmosphere comes another young man. >> hey, butch. >> man whose first foray into it was unsuccessful but changes when he meets the acquaintance of butch cassidy. >> sundance kid. >> i heard a lot about you, mr. catdy. >> call me butch. i've heard a lot about you, mr. sundance. >> after months of planning butch and the wild bunch are ready for their biggest job yet and have no time for
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distractions. >> i'd love to chitchat with you but money doesn't steal itself. >> mr. sundance, make yourself at home. we shouldn't be gone too long. come on, boys. >> butch and his crew make the 180-mile journey to castle gate, utah, to made a bold move and take the company's entire payroll. >> how are you doing today? >> how are you doing? >> good. >> before you leave, sign for me here. >> take care now.
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>> beg your pardon, mister. >> i need you to drop them bags. >> he planned the heist down to the last detail and it looks like it's going to pay off big time until -- >> stop. hey, why don't you get your as sbac inside before i fill you full of lead. that's right. >> these guys decide to rob the payroll in broad daylight right there. i mean this is audacity at its greatest. if you're a law man, you start going who is this guy? you're really making a mark.
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>> don't be doing anything foolish either. >> it's just money. >> this is not just some drunken punks full of shenanigans, this is the kind of stuff that puts him on the map. >> we've been robbed. >> for authorities to follow them, first a message needs to get through it's not going through. >> cassidy and company planned for that too. ♪ >> mr. cassidy, you owe me a steak dinner. >> all along the escape route he stationed fresh horses because he knew he would be pursued by
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law enforcement and he knew that law enforcement wouldn't have spare horses, so he would exchange the worn out horses for fresh horses and stay one jump ahead of the posse. >> both the legend of butch cassidy and the man himself claim he's fighting against big business, only stealing from the powerful. but the truth is when cassidy robs the payroll of the pleasant valley mining company, he's really taking money from the miners themselves. it's the little guys who suffer the most, not the owners of the mine. >> reporter: the cattle gate robbery nets the gang $9,000, worth more than a quarter of a million dollars today.
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>> nice day today. >> i wish you could have seen the look on the boy's face when i pull my gun. i should have put a slug in him just for staring too long. >> seems to me the man's got enough brains. no need for bloodshed. >> well, now. seems to me if a man has enough brains he'd learn to keep his damn mouth shut. >> that's enough. butch has an intolerance when he witnesses murder as a young boy. >> butch cassidy, you need to understand. he never shot anybody. whel he stole money and held people at gunpoint he never pulled a trigger on anybody. elzy lay on the other hand had a bit of a violent streak. >> i said that's enough. >> come on. we've got business to tend to.
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butch cassidy and his train robber syndicate continue encroaching on big business by targeting the union pacific railroad and its valuable cargo. the railroad giant is a high-profile target and key player in western expansion. the engineer sees the swinging lanterns and he just assumes the guys are working for the railroad and that the tracks are washed out ahead, so he's got to stop the train. otherwise they might deray. >> hey, hey, that was close. you've got a nice train, mr. conductor. do you mind if i come on and check it out? >> one of cassidy's great as assets was avoidance of violence. he would separate the train car
5:28 pm
and coexpress car and coal car from the people and that way he could raid the express car. >> it's a bank on wheels. >> last call kids. open up. >> when they refuse to open the room holding the safe, cassidy uses his special master key. >> is it a dud? >> it's not a dud.
5:29 pm
>> from this crazy heist they wound up getting about $40,000. >> they got a pay dre while striking a serious blow to the railroads making gang a prime target for law enforcement. >> all right, boys. we've got to go. >> while cassidy himself may not have a taste for violence, his wild bunch is stacked with killers, some more deadly than ores. during their escape, kid curry and sundance are confronted by a posse and curry, probably the most violent of the bunch, shoots and kills a sheriff, then
5:30 pm
flees to montana. though butch did not pull the trig e he and his wild bunch are now wanted for murder. >> so how many were there? >> six, maybe seven. curry got a shot off before i even got my hands up. >> damn fool. >> i think we ought to lay low for a while. >> lay low? >> yeah, lay low. >> either that or we're going to attract all kinds of company. >> fellows, we're just getting warmed up. >> it's juwhat's this?
5:31 pm
>> colorado southern railway. >> nobody's looking for us there. >> i don't know. i just don't know. >> suit yourself. >> elzy lay wanted to rob more, and so on his own and perhaps with a companion or two he went out and robbed another train much against butch cassidy's wishes, and it was at this point that the elzy lay/butch cassidy relationship divided. >> butch and his most trusted partner split ways. word of the wilcox heist spread across the country, and the men who have made their fortunes in the west are ready to strike back. to protect their growing transportation company, union pacific gathers up a bounty and hires the most tenacious
5:32 pm
security force in america. the pingerton national detective agency. >> they were a private detective agency, therefore, they weren't bound by the laws of regular lawmen. >> bribery, deceit, nothing is off the table for the pingertons and they're just as if not more sophisticated than butch kazdy. they also have assembled a crew of diverse talent. >> do you have those talents. >> with more men than the u.s. army at their disposal, the pinkerton are set to unleash the full force of their power on butch and his crew. >> if they could nail butch caddie, no matter how much money and resources they devoted to this, the fame of the agency would become so great that it would pay off in the long run with other jobs that they would get, and they would literally go to the ends of the earth to do it. >> without the planning and
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after robbing a train near folsom, new mexico, butch
5:38 pm
cassidy's partner elzy lay is shot by a posse and quickly brought to justice. >> when elzy lay was almost killed butch really started thinking about i'm done with this business, this is it. >> butch has worked hard to stay clear of violence, but now the wild bunch is wanted dead or alive. but as usual, butch has planned ahead, keeping an attorney on retainer to protect him and his team. >> like any criminal mastermind he also had a lawyer. he's got his own lawyer on payroll just in case you get in trouble so he can work within the law to get you an amnesty deal. >> there are a heap of charges out against me and a heap of mount for rewards. i've kept close track and there ain't any man who can convict me at any time.
5:39 pm
>> but even a lawyer may not be able to keep butch out of jail. the pinkertons are relentless. they're employing all of their resources, technology, and advanced investigative methods to track butch down. >> along with the tremendous heist that got national attention, a number of the bills collected were singed so that when they started passing these bills, it could be traced back to this one heist. >> when damaged bank notes from the wilcox train robbery began to surface in towns acroce crossthe west, word travels quickly thanks to wire services. suddenly the pinkertons have the break they were looking for. >> they would public the serial numbers of the stolen bank notes and so the banks would all have them. >> an army of pinkerton agents follows the money trail to
5:40 pm
browns park but the wild bunch is headed to new mexico with their tone douglas preston to defend elzy lay in his murder trial. >> we the jury find the defendant william ellsworth lay guilty of the crime of murder in the second degree. >> on october 2nd, 1889, elzy is sentenced to life in the new mexico territory prison. >> butch, you're not supposed to be here. >> what the hell do i pay you for? >> right now you need to look out for yourself. >> when lay is sentenced to life in prison, butch cassidy is even more determined to stay out of jail. through his lawyer cassidy offers to work as a security consultant for the very people he's been stealing from, the railroads. and in their desperation to end the robberies, they seriously consider his offer.
5:41 pm
>> the union pacific railroad and the wild bunch lawyer arrange to meet butch at a secret location to discuss the job, but when no one shows, butch is left alone, unprotected, and suspicious he's been set up. >> as my mother used to say, even a broken clock if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months.
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with the law and the once wide open american west closing in on him fast, butch cassidy knows his outlaw days are numbered and tries to make a deal to go straight, but cassidy's lawyer and officials from the railroad are delayed and showed up late to what would have been a historic meeting. >> after waiting all day, cassidy gives up, believing he's being stood up or even worse set up. but the railroad men are simply delayed by a storm and, indeed, they are ready to make a deal.
5:46 pm
cassidy's impatience leads to more than a missed opportunity. it creates one of the biggest what-ifs in the history of the real west. >> the deal with the railroad is off the table and the famed ban did knows with the law enforcement's rapidly expanding location, he's running out of places to hide. >> it's important to keep in mind that butch and sundance are operating toward the end of the west. one of the things that brings about the west is technology. one of the steps of technology is staying one step ahead. >> butch and sundance realize they were targeted by the pinkertons and they decide they need to get out of town and they made their way to ft. worth,
5:47 pm
texas. >> at the turn of the 20th century, the cattle boomtown of ft. worth, texas, has dozens of saloons, brothels, and gambling halls. it's a perfect place for a cowboy to let off steam, where men with money could blend in. >> butch arranges for the wild bunch to rendezvous in ft. worth to plan their next move and decides to commemorate their next move in style. for the master planner it will be the biggest blunder of his criminal career. >> at the turn of the 20th century photographer is a novelty but it's something of an
5:48 pm
ego for butch cassidy. it could be a one-time slipup or cockiness but once again it will chip away at his clever control that's kept him step was from the law for well over a decade. >> i am foolish, which you have found out, but it is in my nature, and i can't change it. >> the bandits are so impressed with the photography each order as special copy for the receive near. photographer john schwartz also thinks it's some of his best work and he puts in his shop window for all to admire including a pinkerton agent on assignment in ft. worth. >> they didn't know it with us going to be placed in the window of the establishment. they didn't know it would be seen by a law enforcement officer, thereby gives butch's
5:49 pm
pursuers one thing they needed, a recent accurate photo of the wild bunch. >> wanted posters are updated with the new picture and the most detailed descriptions yet of the wild bunch. they're plastered all across the west. butch splits up the gang. he and sundance head to new york. but with the relentless pinkertons on their trail, freedom is fleeting so they board a ship to south america hoping to disappear. using money from their last two robberies, they buy a ranch in argentina and attempt to recapture the good old cowboy days. >> some americans went down there and bought ranches. cowboys went down there and worked. so there was a lot of economic exchange between ranching in the old west and argentina. >>
5:50 pm
sundance, fleeing to south america isn't far enough to escape their criminal past. >> sir,in. i believe you're going to want to see this. we received this letter from argentina. >> in south america butch they
5:51 pm
of their game plan. they weren't able to possess the ball and they finished clinically. they got the goal scoring and watching this team be victors. >> this team proved during the tournament there was a lot of questions going out that they always believed in themselves. they got better and better.
5:52 pm
for the first time since 1999 the u.s. women call themselves world cup champions. she had the biggest day with her hat trick. >> the wait is over. jc, tony. thank you. good to be back with you in the vancouver studios. we continue to take in the live images. there will be no repeat for japan. there will be a third world cup title for the u.s. women's national team. folks the u.s. set the tone for this one in the opening five minutes jumping out to the 2-0 lead. >> i feel the usa raised their level today. they beat japan at their own
5:53 pm
game by possessing the ball. carli lloyd, you can't say enough about her efforts. the entire team played amazing. she hugs wambach. could not have been a better ending. >> last three games of this tournament she has come on late in the game. hope solo might be earning the golden globe award in the next couple minutes.
5:54 pm
>> as a saw a moment ago wombach with the u.s. flag raised behind her. i have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more of that in the future. >> the last five minutes of the game the players were already celebrating. all you wanted was for the referee to blow the final whistle. took care of this in the first half. nice to put the flag around you to celebrate. in all of the talks about all of
5:55 pm
the years in 1999. >> we are going to step aside for a brief break. we will be right back with the images of vancouver. we will give you the live trophy as well. wambach
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> carly lloyd -- carli lloyd's reaction. the u.s. women have won their third world cup crown. they gather around as we take the live pictures. start handing out a lot of hardware. the young players in the tourname tournament. the golden boot, the golden glove, the golden ball and of course the women's world cup trophy. early stages of the procession beginning right now at bc place. the u.s. thought they had the trophy in their hands multiple times four years ago. they know they have it this time here in canada.
6:00 pm
listen to the excitement in the backgrou background. >> they can smell the trophy. >> this is a smell you know well. you have had it twice. >> you can taste it as well. they never thought they would be four 4-0 up at half time. they worked so hard in the first 25 minutes. four goals in 27 minutes. that's a phenomenal start to any game. the attacking play clicked when it mattered. >> the past two games we knew this team had the depth and talent. the night we saw the fight and the heart and the team


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