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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. jenna: see you back here in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today andrea tantaros, host of "kennedy" on fox business kennedy herself jedediah bila today's #oneluckyguy, one of the most highly decorated combat veterans of our time, key member of the mission that took out usama bin laden once and for all. welcome back to the couch, former member of navy seal team rob o'neill. i say you're outnumbered but -- >> first time i was little intimidated. this is my third time. i'm starting to feel a regular. not bad.
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>> like cheers. everybody knows your name. >> don't let your guard down. >> take it easy on me. >> i was scared when she said that and it was meant for you. we have a lot going on with the pentagon today so let's get to it. right now president obama is about to make a rare visit to the pentagon and he is expected to get an update on the fight to defeat isis. that the president will update the nation we're told. we know the president is being heavily criticized for lack of a strategy to defeat the vicious enemy. over the weekend they released a video they say shows child executions at a public:zm amphitheater killing syrian soldiers. john mccain is speaking out. he long said the failure to keep american combat troops in iraq fueled the rapid rise of isis. while visiting troops in afghanistan on july 4th, senator mccain said america had better not make the same mistake there.
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watch? >> the rise of isis and distinct fighting season marked this year the threat environment continues to evolve in ways that clearly in my view, demand a reassessesment of the administration's current calendar-driven drawdown of the u.s. forces with a plan that must be based on conditions on the drowned. >> he seems to have a direct strategy there rob o'neill. my question to you, good or bad day for the meeting from the president? what do you think he will hear from the pentagon? >> he is trying to get everybody on board so they have something to bring to congress. what i'm hearing from my guys, they're frustrated with a lack of strategist you're hearing that everywhere else. it is a tough one to do. i heard everything from we need boots on the ground to kill the enemy. i heard if we, with iranian regime fighting isis sunni versus shia thing they will kill each other, should we let them kill each other? i don't envy men and women
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making the decision but there definitely has to be leadership. someone needs to step up. hopefully that comes out today. >> what do you think about senator mccain's cautionary tale about afghanistan because you've been there you know? >> we don't want to see the same thing happen in afghanistan if we get out too quickly. >> are they that similar? >> not necessarily. i would hate to see decisions made just on elections. people are saying we shouldn't have gone into iraq. maybe they're right. we shouldn't have left iraq. maybe they're right. way it was negotiated with the status of forces agreement part of the reason we couldn't keep troops there. because iran was talking about maliki, she craw in power, we can't get a status of forces agreement so we need to leave. it is pretty murky and messy. if we were a little bit more clear and used more deterrents and frankly feared we wouldn't have a lot of these problems. >> all things i know a navy seal makes very clear. iran with.
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what can we sell to the nation? >> you brought this up. how much is the president relying on iran to help out with this isis issue? rob, you look what when the president called the isis the jv squad. >> yes. >> you look at today which they're clearly not. the president has not changed his strategy or his actions or his behavior several of enthuse a.m. whether they're jv or not. i have two questions for you. one, how much is a pr move boeing over to the dod to look like he is doing something? a lot of politicians do that. the name of the game. look like you're doing something. what the relationship currently between the department of defense and the white house? i heard from a lot of people it is pretty strained. >> it is probably strained. i think this is sort after pr move. we're coming to the end of his second term and maybe give it to the next administration to let them deal with it. i don't think the relationship with the white house, between the white house and pentagon is where it should be. a lot of disagreement there.
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i think it is frustrates for all of them. as far as iran thing that is a tough one too because the government we left in iraq was pre much shia-led. when isis started rolling in, the sunni soldiers decided they would rather be with isis rather than with the army we trained and spent billions of dollars training. iran is pretty much been there the whole time. this is the point where there are some americans on iraqi bases with iranian soldiers. i heard people say are we one day going to be negotiating with isis? >> wow. >> where do you start? i have two questions with you specifically where do you start? do you go to yemen? do you go to syria? when does mission creep and that fear start to sink in if the goal is toe destroy isis how do you keep mission creep from compromising the eye on the prize? >> it is tough. get into their minds a little bit. right now they have establish ad caliphate in mosul and capital of robing cast you pretty much
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need to take those back. because they're recruiting so many people from around the world. once you show them this is not a caliphate, they were wrong, you can beat them meet them on the battlefield and beat them which we can, you know, again it's a tough decision. like do we need to bring a bunch of tens of thousands of soldiers to iraq. >> can you do it with just special operators? >> hard to say because what they will need to do is train up the locals. we've proven with the iraqi army running at the first chance. >> yeah. >> 50,000. >> we have twice as many special forces and advisors on the ground than we do people to train. real quickly just in as we were coming to air. us air strikes near raqqa syria, limiting islamic state to the kurdish ground advance. >> this is the twice we want. >> that is a plus today. maybe the president will hear about that. jedediah. >> my concern when you talk about drone strikes talk about sending 450 extra troops in
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iraq, we do this minimal listic type of stuff. my theory, get out or completely stay out of it or get in completely. >> i agree. >> this causes more instability and more negative consequences across the board and no one takes us seriously. this is not creating a footprint on anything. >> we have to move on. greece facing a very uncertain future. a majority of voters there rejecting a referendum demanding more painful spending cuts in exchange for continued bailout of its bankrupt economy. protesters in the minority clashing with police. look at this. [gunfire] meantime thousands of supporters celebrated in front of parliament, waving greek flags and chanting no, no, no. or oje, if you want to get technical bit. greece's finance minister resigning just hours after the vote reportedly amid pressure from his government. many see him as an obstacle in negotiating a new bailout deal with europe.
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many of those european central bank policy-makers will meet to determine how much longer they're willing to prop up greek banks which have been closed for days. this brings more questions about what effect this could have on u.s. markets. kennedy i will go to you first. what are they celebrating? they're judgmenting up and down, 61% no to austerity measures. a lot of young people, almost 40, 50% unemployment i don't think most of the greeks know what they voted for. >> youth unemployment is one of the big problems. they spent way too much money. they had internal and external borrowing. chickens have come home to roost. greece's economy has crashed into the rocks and you're seeing what happens when a country does fail and the question is is it too big to fail? do you let greece default on their loans? and do you allow them to go back to the drachma and devalue that currency and pull themselves out of the crisis?
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many economists say it might be time for something like that but if you look at a place that has all sorts of bureaucracy and economic isolationism and protectionism, a lot like some of the union systems in this country. if we go more socialist direction we're not far. >> i keep saying harris it is foreshadowing. i made to a call to my brother vacationing there. a lot of store owners are not taking credit cards. they're afraid they're not getting their money. there is major panic. there is uncertainty. nobody knows what will happen next. >> you asked a great question, what are they celebrating. they were talking to reporters on the ground. i don't know what will happen next, i would like an answer but at least we're fighting. kind of this we're embarrassed so fighting the world. the question is he have are ven days from now when they can't pay their mortgages are they still going to be in the streets fighting whatever it is? it looks like celebrating to us. quickly crossing the wires.
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british prime minister told british travelers to take as much cash and medicines you think you will need if you go to greece because we may not help you once you're there. >> absolutely. they will run out of cash. they don't want austerity. they don't want these cuts in pensions and everything else. >> no. >> but at the same time, most greeks want to stay within the euro. doesn't seem like you could have it both ways. >> they desperately need the tourism. >> they're asking the germans, jedediah to pay for their big spending. >> right. everyone else is expected to dig you out. this is a lesson to us here. you keep saying no to austerity measures. we look in this country all the time. we talk about entitlement reform. sure i'm on board but don't touch any of my stuff. i wonder at what point you get to the this the is end, now something has to be done. something we have to do unfortunately. and is winds up in higher taxes. you can't get something for nothing forever and expect somebody else living fiscally
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responsibly to bail you out. it doesn't work like that. >> the tax evasion, if you corrected all of the tax that greeks are storing in their mattresses, not in my house in greece -- >> go visit andrea. >> listen we know how to have a good time and a good party. there is no reason to party. rob, if they collect all the money they are evading they could pay off their debts this is a country, we talk about the short-term fixes but culturally the mind set is in such a way that has been conditioned by socialism. i just don't think they're going to be able to get out of this. >> is that something, 88% of the taxes not being paid? >> yes. >> exactly. >> i mean, so they're not, i have had uzo not to bad. >> don't have too much, then you're really in trouble. you won't be able to jump up and down and wave any kind of flag. okay. renewed controversy over so-called sanctuary cities after the senseless shootings of this 32-year-old woman by an illegal immigrant with a lengthy rap
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sheet who was supposed to be turned over to the feds for deportation. plus this former disney ceo finding himself in hot water for comments he made about women hotness and humor. >> hmmm. >> right after the show, if you want to see women, hotness and humor you have to go right here. called "outnumbered overtime." it is on this couch. we bring all three. it is a trifecta. click on the o.t. tab. we have rob here. we'll talk about anything you want even greece. oopa. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." according to federal immigration officials the man suspect ised fatally shooting this woman, 32-year-old kathryn steinle in san francisco, was a convicted felon and should have never been in the country the first place. the suspect, francisco sanchez has seven felony convictions and had been deported five times but was free after san francisco refused to turn him over to federal officials back in april. house judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte, i like good latte because he reminds me of coffee he talked about the obama administration
9:17 am
discontinued federal program to allow local police to direct illegals to the feds for lesser offense. >> the obama administration converted that into something voluntary and in doing so, they have eliminated a program that was worked called security communities, where individuals like this would be detained and would be turned over to the immigration service. now, in addition to that this administration is releasing criminals back on to the streets themselves. so, there is fault to be borne by both. >> this cases reigniting over so-called sanctuary cities around the country. these cities do not recognize federal immigration law. should they rob? >> they should because i think it is bigger than that. obviously this is a guy that shouldn't have been in the country deported five times. >> yeah. >> problem will come when the suicide bombers come across the border because we refuse to secure it. this has nothing to do with, you know, immigrants coming in
9:18 am
trying to work and criminals there. they know it is there. they know they can get through. they can use the cartel. pull people across. talking about places like arizona and go to the gun-free zones. that will be a big problem. that will be another knee-jerk defensive reaction when united states as people, oh we should have sealed the borders. >> this is a tragic case obviously and unfortunately it turns everyone into donald trump but how can you take something like this and apply it for more of an effective and rounded, well-rounded immigration policy. >> you know the common those running for president aside there is just a fact that president obama in november of last year wiped away the secure communities program. essentially what that did allowed these so-called communities to live freely now. they don't have to worry about people pointing them out. oh, you're a sank wear which city and that being negative officially because they're not on the books. when you take away program that allows for shared fingerprinting for those behind bars so you
9:19 am
know who is here legally and illegally because those shared law enforcement groups can look at that, and determine that when you take away a funding for program, you're tacitly saying we don't care who we have in this country. >> that's right. >> but we do care who we have if this country. >> of course we care who we have in this country with overly cultivated emotional reactions to situations like this it can end up with bad policy. how can we keep that from happening? >> can we rekind the debate last week. anyone who spoke about illegal immigration or deportation or ceiling the border was pounded down by nbc and by stores like macy's we all know who i'm talking about. now we have story like this. harris, you bring up the best point of all. seems like the policyies wee put in place they're not just doing nothing, they're actually impeding sending these criminals back home.
9:20 am
you talk about the border, rob, how are we going to get isis? not only that, kennedy, what are the other debates we're talking about? stop, question and frisk. something else the progressive want to get rid of. gun control. a lot of sanctuary cities you're not allowed to have guns. we're literally outnumbered and policies they're putting forward are making it worse. this story infuriates me. everyone's blood should be boiling, this woman who was pregnant lost her life and it could have been stopped. >> i don't know we would necessarily talk about what president obama did last november at it this point if some weren't speaking you. you may not agree with everything being said by people speaking up like donald trump and others because we need to have this conversation because i don't remember it making headlines in november. it is a big deal. >> we've come to accept the fact that there are places that don't recognize federal immigration relaw as the norm. if you think about what that actually says, means we have places in this country where it
9:21 am
is openly accepted to violate the law. this notion being voluntary that you have to report people that have been deported five times and that have a record of seven felonies defies all common sense and logic. if people would step back and say, this is what we're used to but makes absolutely no sense in terms of national security or why this should be going on i think it would lead to a quick change in policy. >> quick question to you, kennedy. i see game being played. we do it with politicians and gotcha game. you should have said this and that, why not gotcha game for people here illegally breaking the laws? i'm curious, we get stuck on one level conversation but are not stuck on -- >> what do you do with someone that keeps coming back into the country? you will not necessarily seal the border. the border is very porous. it is impossible to completely seal. this someone should you stick in prison this country so you contain them? what do you do with people here illegally breaking our laws? sending them away does it work.
9:22 am
so do you keep them in prison here? >> i have a couple of ideas. i will share them during overtime. >> online. >> click on o.t. tab. have fun with later. a new rip with the media as she thes set for round of national televised interviews, but is this a way hillary to start? roping up reporters at july 4th parade? rounding them up. >> who wants their baby kids or yard signs autographed or babies autographed anymore? why 2016 is shaping up to be the selfie election. some candidates are embracing it. is it a good thing? we'll discuss in moments here. ♪
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welcome back to "outnumbered." could hillary clinton be hitting the reset button when it comes the press? it is said she will make herself more available to the media and begin national tv interviews next week despite the possible missteps in speaking with fox's howard kurtz. it is said quote she is all on board. america will see more of her. if we see more hillary open with the media she may have a strange way of showing it. take a look at this. hillary clinton's campaign here is hiding members behind a velvet rope while clinton
9:28 am
marched in a fourth of july parade in new hampshire. this is bringing to mind the regal hillary her critics say never went away despite the appeal to middle class americans. she didn't look too accessible. i feel like the media is mast. >> if that were me i would be out of there. i would say if this is how you will treat me then i will not cover your stuff. she is treating the media like cattle. i am glad to see her saying she will give more interviews, harris faulkner is ready to ask you questions, get your butt on the couch. but seriously i am interested to see it and it will be interesting to see who she sits down with what softball questions she gets and if she can get people to like her. >> i am not ms. cleo, sometimes i pretend but i have a
9:29 am
prediction. i think she will sit down with a very specific set of reporters, unfortunately not you harris so keep on the roller blades it will be a woman and they will ask friendly questions. it is no way america will see more of her. >> it will be andrea mitchell or ellen. >> is she going to take a rope to the interview and threaten to tie you up if you ask tough questions? is the rope to protect her or us? >> they are supposed to keep us away like we are not worthy. >> you know what she needs? >> what? >> the pope mobile. she is not using the scaby van so why not? >> she is playing it right so regardless she doesn't have to do anything to get the
9:30 am
nomination. she knows it and knows the press will be friendly. >> jedediah is right. every time she opens her mouth she says something that will get her in trouble. they are doing the math and her press secretary is saying well maybe it is because she doesn't talk about and she has misstatements that go viral. maybe if we blanket everyone with factually challenged statements they will not pay attention. >> if i were advising i would say stay away as long as possible. and reporters have to cover her. they cannot give it up. >> you worked on campaigns her com director said this you will get more access to the reporters and said but not too much because if you give too much it will make the actual
9:31 am
interactions lessmore valuable. >> that means the more likely she is to make mistakes. the bar is so low you could trip over it. >> doesn't matter if she slips up because you know nine out of ten people in the media will run to pick up the pieces and weave common sense into what she said even if there is none. >> it is not just the right. bernie sanders is picking up on her missteps and using them to cobble an interesting communist quilt. >> feeling the burn of bernie sanders? >> she will feeling the bernie. in more ways than one. it is so surprise some have dubbed 2016 the presidential race it is the selfie election. according to a report in the new york times candidates can now spend an hour or two exhausting
9:32 am
a line of people just looking to grab a selfie with the potential next president. the report is stating "as campaigns adjust to a new self focused social media world, some are left wondering more meaningful voter candidate interactions are suffering. when candidates oblige so many people are loosing the chance to clarify a policy issue, listen to concerns or even just look a voter in the eye. is this a campaign crisis? this selfie election? i think they should bring on selfie consultants. it is important to hold the camera up and get a double chin. >> they need to have a selfie lottery. they need to give out tickets and if you get herded the belts are open. absolutely. but also if you are going to engage millennials and younger
9:33 am
voters in the election it has to be about this obsession with selfies. >> i think this could be a problem. >> you need me there to be cropping chroming and sparkling. >> hasn't disney outlawed selfie sticks? >> found that out wednesday. i was going to take it and use it as a self defense tool. luckily chip or dale didn't get out of line. >> i would say 5,000 selfies a week i do and that takes a lot of time. >> you take 5,000 selfies a week? >> wager about that. if there is two of us in it i don't think it is a selfie but a wheezey. >> do you take the selfie or someone else? >> normally that person takes it. but the problem i have been seeing is people can't work
9:34 am
their own phone so you waste an extra 25 seconds with 500 people that is a couple hours in. >> don't you get to talk? >> i don't see how it is any different than holding a baby over for a politician to smooch it. >> as soon who likes to get the perfect selfie i disagree -- someone -- >> that is how you do it. >> well no. >> a pointer jedediah to the candidates on selfies? >> i think they have to do the selfie. can you imagine the candidate saying no i am sorry. >> hillary clinton. she would do that. >> get behind the rope children. we need the millennial vote and the young vote and you have to take the selfie. and i would say andrea has the
9:35 am
tints and sparkle and she will tell you how to do it. >> take the red eye out. >> the longer arm takes it. and remember from above. >> now i know why. >> with the millennials that is free advertising though because that is how the word gets out. >> if you don't look good your campaign could be over. birth control as young as 11 years old without mom's consent? where a state-wide birth control program is stirring a ton of outrage up next. their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin.
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9:40 am
11 are being able to access birth control. they are long-acting reversible con truceptives including iud and implant. it is said a young person doesn't need parental consent. if the young person is not choosing abstinance she can sige this inserted. this is talking about young kids not just one school but 13 schools, as a parent does this drive you crazy? >> yes i have a ten year old. she is a year away from seattle schools, my husband is from seattle and we lived there many years and almost stayed there but moved south and then east. i am freaked out by this.
9:41 am
you cannot bring a soda to school but you can get a long-term hormonal implant. i have a long-history of cancer in my family and my daughter doesn't understand the types of breast cancer alone we experienced on all sides of our family and i don't want her body interacting with that stuff and that has nothing to do with contraception. guess what? condoms are not going to give you long-term health issues and some of these things my. >> it doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases. you are dealing with middle school kids that you are assuming a college kid has about std's and family history. you are assuming they have had this conversation.
9:42 am
do you think this will catch on? >> i hope not. but i think it is a move for more control by schools rather this is sex-ed or their food. it seems like the schools are obsessed with doing everything but teaching and you look at reading writing and arrhythithmetic scores of students and they are below. this is not the business of the school. if i were a parent i would be furious and i see tons of lutes on the horizon. >> i don't think it will stick because having worked administration there is going to be push back. what is your reaction as a parent? i don't have kids and i am angry that you could think of having a child go to school and that school act like a parent. what do you feel? >> my reaction is they are working on the wrong end. it has to be on the head.
9:43 am
go to the brains. if these young girls and boys are being taught the kinds of things that will make them want more for themselves then having sex at the wrong time in their lives and having something happen they have to raise a child for the rest of their lives -- every child a blessing but perhaps you want your 11-year-old on a different journey. i object you having a different relationship with my child than the one i anticipated which involved books. this power grab? i am not comfortable with that. stick with the head and let me work on the rest. >> a child having a child. this is a child. an 11-year-old. >> that is my value system and i need to work on it. what about schools saying
9:44 am
parents have to do this because not everybody has a mom or dad. >> i would say that is not the decision of the school still. i think to get a little far to the left up there in the people's republic of seattle. it is a great city. don't get me wrong. but it is hard to believe this conversation is being had. the school district and parents -- let them have a coke in school and let me worry about the irksud. >> speak up because your voice the push back will be incredible you make the decisions at the schools. the former ceo of walt disney company is sparking outrage after saying it is hard to find beautiful women who are funny. has he not met kennedy? we will discuss this next.
9:45 am
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it is coming but first you need to see jenna lee because she is going to tell you what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now."
9:49 am
>> debris is reining down on spectators after a nascar driver wreck on a turn and more than a dozen people hurt. and donald trump's comments making wave and which candidates are speaking out against him and who is supporting him. and rory mcelroy is out after rupturing a ligament ten days from the us open. can he recover in time? >> we are still reacting to the golf story. >> he is a leb leprechaun. i cannot stand him. >> the owner of disney is getting flack for making a statement saying usually funny women are not beautiful. the number of beautiful women, a
9:50 am
luseal ball is impossible to find. some are saying the remarks are sex ist and outdated. i like where he said in 40 years was i offered a bribe, date or favor or anything. i never saw that. he never had anybody offer to do anything for him. what is he talking about? seriously. >> i don't know. when i think beautiful and funny i think sophia -- >> jennifer aniston. >> how about this one? "outnumbered"? >> awe. >> four of them right here. >> but if you are going to say
9:51 am
this are you not looking for a lace basket of fruit? it is crazy to see. >> i have a lot of comedian friends and female comedians have been saying they struggle with this people telling them if you are beautiful you are not funny and they have been working for years to prove it. all you need to do is rent a bunch of movies. >> bride maids is money. >> i have a ton of female friends who are funny. this is old and outdated. >> can i say one thing? anyone can be beautiful. very few people can become funny. so i think what you are saying is a marriage of humor and women who are naturally funny realized beauty
9:52 am
beauty caught up with them. >> what about the lack of female directors and writers in hollywood? tina fay writes funny roles for women. >> he is suggesting the only way if women are not pretty but funny could get by in hollywood is giving something away. if you were going to give it up would it be him? >> yeah right. >> how many drinks would you have to have for that one? how big is the role? >> goldie hawn gets a gold star for sitting next to that. my post-game tweets. boom with the dino might and
9:53 am
history is made. see who else besides america maybe benefiting big time.
9:54 am
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beautiful. >> the us open match is celebrating their defeat after a long wait. it isn't just a victory for the united states but for the women as well. one professor who wrote a bit about the history of sports said the u.s. male's team pails in terms of accomplishments to the woman who have the greatest soccer program in the world. the march of the united states with a third historic title. a solidification of the legacy that title nine began in the early 1970's. so rob you are the dude. do you credit title nine with the dominance of u.s. women's
9:58 am
soccer soccer? >> i think it is great leadership and attitudes and the way they were carrying the american flag after the win and knowing how many people were watching? i was pumped up. watching the shot from half court. >> she is from new jersey. >> yeah she is. >> the professors comments feel like they are marginalizing what happened. why does everything have to be about gender and race? can't it just be awesome? >> i think because women have struggled for recognition in sports for a really long time. >> okay. >> look at tennis and there have been successes. but if you look at the wnba you go to the games and feel like people don't get as excited about it as the men's. let's see women in baseball and
9:59 am
football and it become more common. >> we see everything through the prism of race and gender. so that is why everyone is talking about this women's achievement. but thanks to richard nixon, a republican, we had title 9 and women have been in sports for a short period of time. look how awesome they are doing. >> we need rhonda rousy to beat up a few dudes. >> i am excited soccer is catching on. the tv numbers were huge for this sport. and the fans of soccer for as long as i can remember that is one sport that almost every girl in the country plays. >> it is time to go to the the magical place "outnumbered" overtime. we mean talk about what i would do to illegals here that kill americans. click on the tab and we will see
10:00 am
you back tomorrow. "happening now" is coming up shortly. stay tuned. >> the fiery debate over the confederate flag taking over the south carolina state house. >> passion on both sides. and a symbol of the old south coming down for good. we'll cover all. news "happening now". >> don would trump doesn't represent the party. >> and the presidential candidate's controversial comments prompting reaction. how much of a divide are they creating in the gop? >> and plus a shot from the sky after a plane crash lands on a crowded beach. >> they almost fell back trying


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