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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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huck finn. and we are awaiting the president of the united states to step up to the lectern at the pentagon and tell us what he learn in the meeting with our military leaders at the pentagon, how to fight isis. senate republicans won't geoff a hearing for the person person for using the elements of our influence and authority to keep isil from raising money on the black market or otherwise to recruit foreign fighters, inspire others to commit acts of terrorism and attempt to establish a caliphate in the middle east. >> that's the president's spokesman. what does his boss say? all but blaming the republicans for the rise of isis. as we wait to hear the president i going to say at the pentagon, we're hearing more on this fight against isis, and progress we're supposedly making. welcome everybody i'm neil cavuto. president when he speaks. first, to republican presidential candidate bobby
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jindal on what he is not really liking what he is hearing this far. this is -- governor a pleasure to have you -- this is really republicans' fault. what do you make of that? >> neil, it's great to be back with you. he is the commander in chief he created the void to led to isis being able to strengthen. called them the jv team. admitted he has no strategy to defeat isis. i hope he is saying he is taking the political handcuffs off the military, will give them the resources and support to win to hunt down and kill these terroris. he doesn't like saying the words radical islamic terrorist. we need to play to win crush isis and give encouragement to our sunni allies who are in this conflict to win. remember the failed red line with asaud in discouraged a lot of sunni countries. secondly i'd like to hear him say he's going to arm the kurds. they have been protecting clip
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and other religious minorities. for whatever reason this administration has been reluctant to arm and train -- >> what he is saying -- a lot might be true, don't think he would aaggrieve with your opinions but the republicanned have tied his hands sitting on their hands and then criticizing his fight against isis when the folks he needs to lead the fight aren't being approved. does he have a point? >> no. even in his authorization over the use of military force he win to congress and said give me a three-year deadline. he is he only commander in chief i know who tells the enemy what we won't do. wish he would be as hard on the enemy as he is on his republican critics at home. he is our command in chief. he twice said he didn't have aing extra and somebody from the white house has to say the president didn't mean what he said. it's clear tower enemies and our friends he doesn't have a strategy. it's clear that this leading from behind hasn't worked. i wish he would try peace through strength.
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let's try something different. let's actually show our friends they can trust it and show enemies they need to fear and respect us. we're hearing from secretary kerry they may be get close to a bad deal i iran. i'm waiting for secretary clinton to disavow this foreign policy of appeasement. they could start a nuclear arms race in the middle east, as bad as isis, allowing iran to become a nuclear power too could encourage saudi arabia and egypt and turkey to get their own nuclear weapons. talk about the potential for an armageddon for mass genocide -- >> on iran, though, governor -- you mentioned that, and the hope is that if there is such a deal, that it it would have very tough enforcement provisions in there that iran couldn't hide places where it might be storing nuclear stockpiles and the rest. do you think that that would be enough to allay criticism that iran has opened its entire
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country for inspection and that would be a crucial component of any deal? >> well, this is what i wish the president would ask for to get a do good deal. anytime, anywhere i inspections. give up all enriched ukraine all enriching capacity, including the centrifuges cut off a pallingway to plutonium. give up ties to terrorist groups recognize the right of israel to exist. release the american prisoners. once they do that ex-then would you have a gradual lifting of sanks, not immediate lifting. the problem is the president notice asking for that. he started saying they had given enrichment capacity. now he is saying they can keep thousands of centrifuges and they can lift the sanctions before they cut off the ties to terrorism. you don't hear him talking about iran recognizing israel's right to exist. this is a regime chanting death to america death to israel, and
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we are talking about allowing them to keep sentry fumings. this is a bad die. a bad deal is worse than no deal. this president should say very clear live to the iranian regime. these are the conditions you have to meet. this is one of the reasons prime minister netanyahu and others are growing more and more fearful. it is obvious that rainan regular anytime and others this president wants the deal so badly he may take a bad deal -- sect clinton was the architect of this. i'm waiting for her to evolve as she sees how bad the deal becomes even though she was at the center of the policy of appeasement. >> donald trump a challenger on the republican presidential level, said he would not be negotiating with iran at this point. if he were to become the nominee, would you support him? >> well, neil, i'm working very hard to make sure he doesn't become the nominee and i become the nominee. >> is he dividing the party? >> i think the more choices for
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voters the better. didn't agree with hi comments. don't like to view people as members of ethnic groups -- >> which comment the comment about mexico? >> yes. i do think we need to secure the border and i do think that as strong immigration policy says people should come here legally learn our language, learn our values therron should roll up their sleeves and get to work. i'm tired of the -- we're all americans. this president is trying to divide us. i'm not for thedock establish. types trying to clear the field. let the voters decide. an open contest is great. >> the reason i say that -- i'm sorry, governor, the reason i say that is many of your colleagues feel he is giving a bad name to republicans on these issues. might or might not but but they feel he is tarnishing the republican brand. do you agree with that? do you think he is making a mockery of the process or is he
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raise something good points? >> i disagree with his comments. but it's a free country. the voters get to decide. don't want the establish tom kick anybody out or clear the field. let voters decide. i'm one that says let's embrace our own principles. jeb bush says let's be willing to lose the primary to win the general. i disagree. that's the establishment saying height our prisons -- hide our principles. we're in the path towards socialism. they're trying to turn the american dream into the european nightmare. we need to stop that. it's not to late. we can dominate this century. the more the merrier. i think i'm the best qualified candidate or wouldn't be running and let the vote -- >> you have a lot of company. we have a little moment a minute before the president speaks and maybe you'll be in that position yourself, but do you think it's too crowded a field? do you think maybe this means no one is going to be nominated or have enough delegates by
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convention time in cleveland? >> i think the voters will sort this out. my sense in knew. -- new hampshire iowa, they're asking request bees. they want a doer no at talker. we got a talker in the white house. i've cut my state budget 26% we cut 30,000 state government jobs. we're a top ten state for job creation. they want somebody that is going to grow the private sector question. either/or. i think i'm biased towards governors, those that have run things. we have a first time senator in the white house. we can't i afford anymore on the job training. we need to elect somebody who is actually delivered results. >> you have isis and the greek crisis, big foreign policy cries. -- crisis. do you think the president is mishappening it? >> absolutely. the united states could be the next greece. we're spending too much. $18 trillion in debt. more tacks more regulation us no plan to pay it back.
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the greek -- >> would -- if you were president, would you just let greece go? >> well, it's up to the eu. there should be no american tax bare dollars for a bailout no american taxpayer involvement. this is between the greek and the ei. puerto rico is facing a similar situation. but before we get on our high horse, with we don't reform our entitlement programs we don't some riching the size of government cut back the epa, cut back taxes that's us. we're -- >> the president -- a president jindal jury. >> deniers. >> a president jindal would not be bailing out puerto rico, wouldn't indirectly for any foreign sovereign government like greece that is an ally and friend. you would not to be clear. >> absolutely not. i know the governor or puerto rico is trying to put politicness this and threaten presidential candidates. those are the same leaders that get to them in trouble. they need to cut government
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and -- nobody is going to be left to bail us out. we have to get our own house in order. we have massive debt. this president celted a new entitlement program and we can't afford the ones we have. that makes no sense. greece is look littling at europe, puerto rico is looking everywhere. we're the last hope for the free world. let's grow our own private sector economy. let's stop mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's futures. >> all right governor, thank you very much. bobby jindal. now we'll hear from the president of the united states, meeting with top generals at the pentagon. our top command and brass on how to deal with isis. very unusual for him to go to the pentagon. now the president. >> good afternoon everybody. i hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend especially our men and women in uniform. this fourth of july we were honored to once again welcome our incredible troops and their families to share fourth of july and fireworks at the white house. another chance for us on behalf of the american people to express our gratitude for their
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extraordinary service around the world every single day. that include this work that brings me here today. our mission to degrade and destroy the terrorist group isil. this is a cause a coalition that united countries across the globe. 60 nations including arab partners. our strategy against isil is harnessing all almosts of american power across our government. military intelligence, diplomatic economic, development, and perhaps most importantly the power of our values. last month i ordered additional actions in support of our strategy. i just melt with my national security team as part of our regular effort to assess our efforts. what is working and what we can do better. secretary carter, chairman dempsey, thank you and your team for welcoming us and your leadership, including general austin who is leading the
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military campaign, and i want to summarize briefly where we stand. i want to start by repeating what i said since the beginning. this will not be quick. this is a long-term campaign. isil is opportunistic and is nimble. and many places in syria and iraq including urban areas it's dug in among innocent civilian populations. it will take time to root them out. in dog so -- doing so must be the job of local forces on the ground with training and air support from our coalition. as with any military effort there will be periods of progress, but there are also going to be setbacks as we have seen with isils gains in ramadi and iraq and central and southern syria. but today it's also important for us to recognize the progress that's been made. our coalition's new hit isil with more than 5 than airstrikes we have taken one thousands of
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fighting positions tanks vehicles, bomb factories and training camps. we have eliminate on the thousands of fighters, including senior isil commanders. over the past year we have seen when he have an effective partner on the ground, isil can be pushed back in iraq, isil lost at the mosul dam. isil lost at mount sinjar, lost tikrit. in syria isil lost at kobani. it endured losses across northern syria includeing a key city. raqqa, its base of operations in syria. so here's reminders that isil's strategic weaknesses are real. isil surrounded by countries and
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communities committed to its destruction. it has no air force our coalition owns the skies. isil's backed by no nation. it relies on fear, sometimes executing its own disillusioned fighters. it's unrestrained brutality often ailent nates those under its recall, isil's recent logses in syria and iraq prove that isil can and will be defeated. indeed we're intensifying our efforts against isil's base in syria. airtrikes will target oil and gas facilities that fund they're operations. we're going after the isil leadership and infrastructure in syria. the heart of isil that pumps funds and propaganda to people around the world. partnering with other countries sharing more information strengthening laws and border security allows to us work to stem the flow of foreign fighters to syria as well as iraq.
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and to stem obviously the flow of those fighter back into our own countries. it continues to be a challenge in working together all nations need to do more but we're starting to see progress. we're going to continue to crack down on isil's elicit financing around the world. by the way if congress really wants to help in this effort, they can confirm our nominee for treasury undersecretary to lead this effort. this is a vital position to our counterterrorism efforts. nobody suggests mr. zuben is not qualified. unfortunately his nomination has been languishing up on the hill, and we need the senate to confirm him as soon as possible. meanwhile, we continue to ramp up our training and support of local forces that are fighting isil on the ground. as i've said before this aspect of our strategy was moving too slowly, but the fall of ramadi has galvanized the iraqi
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government so we're speeding up training of isil forces, including volunteers from sunni tribes in anbar province. more sunni volunteers are coming forward, some being train and can be a new force against isil. we continue to accelerate the delivery of critical equipment including antitank weapons to iraqi security forces, including the peshmerga and tribal fighter and we'll do more to train and equip the moderate opposition in syria. all this said, our strategy recognizes that no amount of military force will end the terror that is isil. unless it's matched by a broader effort. political and economic. that dresses the underlying conditions that have allowed ice toll gain traction. they have filled a void, and we have to make sure that as we push them out, that void is filled. so, as iraqi cities and towns are liberated from isil we are
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working with iraq and the unite is nations to help communities rebuild the security and governance they need. we continue to support the efforts of prime minister abadi to forge an classsive inclusive community. in syria the only way the civil war will end and in a way so that the syrian people can unite against isil, is an inclusive political transition to a new government without bashar assad. a government that serves all syrians. i discussed this with our gulf cooperation partners at camp david and with my recent call with president putin. i made it clear the united states will work for such a transition and a glimmer of good news is an increasing recognition on the part of all the players in the region that given the extraordinary threat that isil poses it is important
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for us to work together as opposed to cross-purposes to make sure that an inclusive syrian government exists. while the focus of our discussion was on iraq and syria, icele and it's ideaol poses a great threat beyond the region. and recent weeks we have seen deadly attacks in stew knee should -- uknee tunisia and kuwait and a growing presence in libya and attempts to have foot holes in the caucuses and southeast asia. attacks in another was sidney, france and copenhagen. i called on the international community to fight inch this fight the united states continues to lead. when necessary to prevent attacks against our nation, we'll take direct action against terrorists. we'll continue to also partner with nations from afghanistan nigeria, to build up their
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security forces. we're going to work day and night with allies and partners to disrupt terrorist nd thwart attacks and smother nascent isil cells in other parts of the world. thistle also includes remaining vigilant in protecting against attacks here in the homeland. now, i think it's important for us to recognize the threat of violent extremism is not restricted to any one community. here in the united states, we have seen all kinds of home-grown terrorism and tragically recent history reminds us how even a single individual motivated bay hateful ideology with access to dangerous weapons can inflict horrendous harm on americans so-under efforts to counter violin extremism must not target any one community because of their faith and background, including patriotic muslim americans who are partners in keeping the country safe. that said, we also have to
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acknowledge that isil has been particularly effective at reaching out to and recruiting vulnerable people around the world, including here in the united states. and they are targeting muslim communities around the world. numerous individuals have been arrested across the kin trifor plotting attacks or attempting to join ice until syria and iraq. two men apparently inspired by isil opened fire in garland texas, and because of our success in improving our homeland security we made it harder for terrorists to carry out large scale attacks like 9/11 but the threat of lone wolves or small cells of terrorists is complex, it's harder to detect and harder to prevent. it's one of the most difficult challenges we face and preventing these attacks on american soil will require sustained effort. i just want to repeat the good news is that because of extraordinary efforts from law enforcement, as well as owl
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mr. tear intelligence, we are -- -- military intelligence we're doing a better job of curtailing attacks, and small cells have become harder to detect and become more sophies tick indicated using new technology and that means we have to pick up our game to prevent these attacks. it's also true why ultimately in order for us to defeat terrorist groups like icele and al qaeda, is going to also require us to discredit their ideology. the twisted thinking that draws vulnerable people into their ranks. i've said before and i know our military leader as i agree, this broader challenge of countering violent extremism is not a military effort. ideologies are not defeated with guns. they're defeated by better ideas. more attractive and more compelling visions. so the united states will do our part by working with partners to
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counter isil's hateful propaganda especially online. we'll constantly re-affirm through words and deeds wes will never be at war with islam. we're fighting terrorist whose distort islam and whose victims are mostly muslims. but around the world we'll insist on partnering with muslim communities as they seek to security prosperity and the dignity they deserve and we're going to expect those communities to step up in terms of pushing back as hards a they can in conjunction with other people of good will against these hateful ideologies in order to discredit them, particularly when it comes to what we're teaching young people. this larger battling for hearts and minds is a generational struggle. ultimately not going to be won or lost by the united states alone. it will be decided by the countries and the communities that terrorists like isil target. it's going to be up to the muslim communities including scholars and clerics to keep
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rejectings warped interpretation of islam and protect their sons and daughters from recruitment. up to all people, leaders and citizens to reject the sectarianism that so often fuels the resentment and conflicts upon which terrorists are currently thriving. it will be up to governments to address the political and economic grievances that terrorists exploit. nations that empower citizens to decide their own destiny that innerves in education and creates opportunity for their young people, those can be powerful antidotes to extremist ideaols. those are the countries that will find a true partner in the united states. in closing let me note that this fourth of july we celebrated 239 years of american independence. across more than two century we faced much bigger, much more for method able challenges than this. civil war the great depression,
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fascism, communism terrible natural disasters 9/11. and every time, every generation our nation has risen to the moment. we don't simply endure wimp will emerge stronger. our mission to destroy icele and keep our country safe will be difficult. it will take time. there will be setbacks as well as progress. but as president and commander in chief i want to say to all our men and women in uniformer who serving in this operation our pilots, the crews on the ground our personnel not only on the ground but at sea our intelligence teams and our diplomatics team is want to thank you. we're proud of you and you have my total confidence that you're going to succeed. to the american people, i want to say we will continue to be vigilant. and we well ultimately prevail. thank you very much, everybody.
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and thanks to the team up on the stage here with me. they're doing an outstanding job. >> questions? >> you know what, i will take a question go ahead. >> every service man who is listening to you today is wondering are you going veto dededefense bills that's pay me? we have heard second hand statement's've si that your advisers would threaten to veto. would you veto the -- >> our men and women are going to get paid. if you'll note that i've not been president for six and a half years and we have had some wrangling with congress in the past. our service members have not missed a paycheck. but what is also important in terms of our budget is make sure we are not short changing all the elements of american power that allow us to secure the fight, and to project our power around the world. so what we're not going to do
1:26 pm
is to accept a budget that short changes our long-term requirements for new technologies for red readiness we're not going to eat our seed corn by devoting too much money on thing wes don't need now and robbing ourselves of the capacity to make sure we're prepared for future threats. i've worked very closely with the chairman and the members of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a budget that is realistic and that looks out into the future and says, this is how we'll handle any possible con con tip general si -- contingency and we can't do that with a budget that short changes vital operations and continues to fund things that are not necessary. we also have to remind ourselves that the reason we have the best military in the world is first and foremost because we got the best troops in history but it's also because we've got a strong
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economy, and we've got a wish educated population and we have an incredible research operation and universities that allow to us create new products that then can be translated into our military superiority around the world. we short-change those we'll be less secure. so, the way we have to look at this budget is to recognize that a., we can't think short term. we have to think long term and b. part of the national security is making shoe we have a strong economy and we continue to make investments in things like education and research, that are going to be vital for us to be successful long term. >> mr. president -- does an army reservist if you have handplans to send anymore american troops overseas right now. >> there are no current plans to do so. that's not something we currently discussed. i've always said that i'm going
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to do what is necessary to protect he home -- the homeland. one of the principles we all agree on, though, and i press folks pretty hard because in the conversations with milosevic tear advisers i want to make sure i'm getting blunt and uncensored advice, but in every one of the conversations we have had, the strong consensus is that in order for us to succeed long term in the fight against isil we have to develop local security forces that can sustain progress. it is not enough for us to simply send in american troops to temporarily setback organizations like isil, but to then, as soon as we leave see that void filled once again with extremists. it is going to be vital for us to make sure that we are preparing the kinds of local ground forces and security
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forces with our parter ins that can -- partners that cannot only succeed against icele and then sustain in terms of security and in terms of governance. because if we try to do everything ourselves all across the middle east, all across north africa, we'll be playing whack-a-mole and there will be a whole lot of unintended consequences that make us less secure. thank you. i didn't even plan to do this you. got two bonus questions. >> the president confirming what a lot of military advisers were hinting on over the weekend this was an intensified coordinated effort against isis. where we had repeated airstrikes in both sustained aerial operations we have seen against syria to date and trying to isolate strong isis positions in those countries.
1:30 pm
the president said these intensified strikes against isis will continue and that they are working. but that this will take time. scott brown the former senator from massachusetts on what he reads into all of that. takes time. no additional troops. maybe more intensified action. what are you to make? >> when i listen to the president and i others have this feeling of what could have been, what the president could have done help talks about the void that needs to be filled. that void could have been addressed when letted left iraq basically without any american fire power education or training. we didn't leave a transition force. a military force there to help the iraqi government. so, as a result of that void that i believe he created we now have what we have. isis is the size of new england. yes, we have had some recent obviously successes but overall, they're still moving
1:31 pm
strong and the president i'm glad he finally met will his military leaders. he should have been attending most of the military meetings because he would haven't learn they're not the jv, we need to take a more -- >> what did you think -- kuwait wait, have to go to break. the president -- the republicans more to the point on delaying some key appointments, many of whom would have been address evidence to this fight against isis. >> that's political rhetoric. we have people in charge right now that can do the job. this is a lack of leadership from the obama-clinton foreign policy failures north only with crimea with putin with syria and now we have iraq, and you can go on and on and on. boko haram the hash tag politics. just a failure in leadership, and it's unfortunate because it was such great hope in this area. >> all right scott brown good seeing you again. i appreciate your helping us and standing by. the president indicating the
1:32 pm
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>> isis, iran, and greece. we connect, you decide. which is the more pressing foreign problem for us in the united states. what if told you all of the above 60 seconds i'll explain
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
>> normally we don't obsess over every movement of the dow but the dow is down 46. futurers indicatedded it would dose close down 400 but we have didn't down because of greece hiccupping and the voters there rejecting a measure that would have called for stiff upper lip type concessions on the part of the greeks to continue getting more money. that country is on the birching of falling out of the european union and some indications out of germany don't let the screen door hit you on the way out. secondly the isis developments, upping the attacks and then you have iran and the negotiations continuing on a deal that could come as soon as tomorrow but a deal many republicans say would be a shame if we get it. the hat trick of develops, who better to handicap all of those than special reports brett --
1:37 pm
brett bayer. on with what the president was mentioning about isis and the stepped up attacks without stepping up the number of u.s. troops involved, that would be akin to whack-a-mole. what will be the reaction a republicans. >> much the say. republicans have been critical there hasn't been more of a presence, more of an unleashing of special operations forces, for example to be out and forward controlling on some of those airstrikes. but the president was touting some 5,000 airstrikes against isis in syria and iraq. taughting success. touting territory taken back. republicans focus on what is not happening, and what they see could happen easily, for example, providing heavy weapons and machinery to the kurds. the president talking about a iraq policy has not developed to arm the kurd who are the
1:38 pm
strongest fighters on the ground the u.s. has. >> i don't want to put you on the spot. this undersecretary treasury position would affect the fight against isis? i didn't think it was that crucial. >> it's about solving money and moving money around and how isis deals with funding. so anything that is held up on capitol hill for one rope or -- one reason or another the president will cite as the republicans holding up his administration. >> it's interesting because republicans saved his hiney on the trade measures and not -- probably didn't expect a thank you for that but then we're back to business as usual with the finger pointing on this. i'm wondering if that was one and done when it came to cooperation. >> i don't see many avenues of the light at the end of the tunnel of legislatively. trade was one that they really
1:39 pm
wanted to get across the finish line. republicans got it there. i don't see any big ticket items they're going to come together on. because we're too close. too close to the next election. we're always one elect away, neil from getting big -- >> you live for this. and the 400 people who will be at the opening debate. let me ask you brett the president and greece he didn't touch on but he has expressed sympathy or for the greek people and their position, and hoping the europeans can settle this. have you heard from anyone that we are pushing urging the europeans not to let greece exit out, to do something, make concessions, forgive debt, anything to avoid a greek drama? >> the public words coming out of the administration are that this isn't a big huge deal because of the size of greek's economy.
1:40 pm
greece's economy in the big picture we should not feel a big hit here. that is publicly. i think privately there's a lot more negotiation going on with eu leaders to try to come to some solution. as you know, the greek economy is only about the size of oregon's economy but it does potentially have the domino effect and you have spain and italy, portugal in similar upside-down economic situations. >> all right, thank you my friend, thank you for sticking around. we appreciate that in an hour and 20 minute- -- i'm like the zz top the warmup act for that. in the meantime no wonder the greeks're celebrating. a lot of them thing the government goodies will keep coming. if only the knew, if only we knew.
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when will banks re-open in greece? anytime soon in to athens ashley webster is standing by. what amount of money can they take out?
1:44 pm
>> reporter: of 0 60 roar eurod. the banks will be closed threw thursday, we don't know when they'll open without a financial lifeline. they going do remain closed. ecb raising the collateral requirement in order to tap into emergency money. so the greek banks just have to try to tough it out. but time is running out. tomorrow the greek leaders go back to brussels and say, all right, how about this deal. one thing they did do today which will please those eu leaders, they got rid of the swashbuckling abrasive financial finance minister, who is ridele off into the sunset in his motorcycle and leather jacket right now. he will be replaced by perhaps someone who is more mild-mannered but doesn't matter what greece has to offer. it's going to be a bitter bill to swallow and always angela merkel staring him down and
1:45 pm
sane nine no good. going to be an interesting day. >> thank you very minute. ashley in athens. so here's the deal. they're wait fog banks to re-open, when they are open they can't get much money out. the press depth for -- despresent is cyprus where banks were closed. panamain' 1989 went on for nine weeks but the record is argentina in 2001. that went on for a year, a year, where the banks were largely closed. they'd open now and then but it was scattered. charles payne and ashley on that. charles, this lingers banks stay closed this long, you start getting some serious social unrest. >> absolutely, and it won't be that long, either. let not forget we're not just talking banks about medicine, food. this is a country that imports almost everything. it is a serious situation. even if they resolve it, that's
1:46 pm
let's say they cut a deal by friday. it could a major humanitarian issue between now and september. this is a major problem. they cannot go much, much longer. it that was bravado that got him out but now they're saying, what he think? >> they celebrated and then didn't realize, or maybe they did. but ashley, what this fallout for us? we largely buck the trend. the interest rates down, oil prices down. so that's good for consumers. i guess if you're -- so net net we come out on top or net net this is not good, no matter who is benefiting for the moment? >> i don't think this is good at all. i think honestly we have to look it's from a different perspective which isening we become greece any fear with 66 parts of the united states
1:47 pm
budget being spent on entitlements which greece only 56% of theirs was -- >> very good point. >> so i think we really should be heeding this warning from greece and say other do we want to go down this rabbit hole, and i think the way we spend and the way government is going we're not going to see it shut down, we're not going to see these programs end so we need to start looking at real reform and learn how to get our fiscal house in order unless they want to become greece, greeks don't pay tacks. over $86 billion in up paid tax biz the pop laying. that's a huge issue. when we see that responsibility sort of dwindling here, saying i can default on my student loan, i can go default -- and you hit on the core problem here, and joan news -- yo news, so few in greece who don't pay taxes and -- but when fewer and fewer pay taxes and more and
1:48 pm
more getting something out of the government, that mass doesn't favor itself long term. our excuse is, we can always print our way out of problems and we have and we do. but you can't keep doing that, can you? >> neil, our problem is not the atm runs or our government defaulting inch fact in a per veers bizarre situation the money going into our bonders because we look like the safe place to be is what can cause damage. mutual funds have been so sure -- talking about bond mute tour funds -- that rates are going up as the economy gets better, they're actually betting against that happening and buying riskier debts from corn countries. that might unwinds because of greece could cause 20% losses in an investment vehicle in your 40 k. that's how this we play out. that. >> that's a shell lacking.
1:49 pm
>> that's a shellacking. i agree we see the writing on the wall. do we have the guts to make change now before we hilt the brick wall. >> we can't just put windex on it. >> if get it. >> that last movie you saw? >> oh, shut up. the last time invite this guy. we'll have more right after this. woman: as much as i sweat, i always wore black. other clinical antiperspirants didn't work. then i tried certain dri. it's different. it stops sweat before it starts. add some color to your life with certain dri.
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so i bet you jeb bush was the only one who could outraise hillary clinton. turns out ted cruz did not get that memo. he has raised $51 million. cruz ain't the only one raising a whole lot of cash raising the
1:53 pm
prospect of a republican convention too. what do you think of that? in a race where you know the drill, what do you think? >> neil it's possible. i doubt it. >> really mr. smarty pants? >> i doubt that happens. >> all right. >> but on your money point, i think that is an important development in the campaign. many of the republicans are raising a ton of money, and that's going to mean a more competitive republican field when the contest actually begins. now, you got to remember 10 million for one candidate doesn't equal 10 million for another. ten people could supply 10 million to a candidate by giving a million each but you've got ten votes there. you could have 100,000 people
1:54 pm
for another candidate give $100 each. you want as many people as possible to have skin in the game. if they have skin in the game for a candidate, they're really going to scare. they're going to volunteer. they're going to work. they're certain to come out and vote. you have to look at not just the total of numbers, but at the number of people giving. >> i didn't look at that particular factoid, so i'm going to go back to the money thing, professor. regardless of you gauging that money, doesn't this keep you in a race longer than you would normally be the race regardless of the votes because money to stick around? we get to cleveland without a nominee because so many have stubbornly refused to give up the fight. what say you? >> notice i didn't completely rule it out. >> yes, yes. >> but, you know it's a long
1:55 pm
campaign with contests in all 50 states republicans abroad democrats abroad all the territories. that's a long campaign but the old question is when does a campaign die. and the answer is when the money runs out. >> right, right. >> that's when the campaign dies. not until. >> if you have this many candidates with this much money -- i think florida might end up being that way. doesn't that mean that the very least it's going to be a potentially tough convention even someone who is close but not close enough? >> it could be. i'm going to bet you something though neil. >> it better not be ice cream. >> i'm going to bet you even with all these candidates even
1:56 pm
with 16 apparent republican candidates they'll all have their strengths. they'll all have their delegates. we live in a very partisan era. i think the vast majority of democrats are going to come behind the democratic nominee and the republicans will coalesce around the republican nominee, whoever it turns out to be. maybe they're not excited about the candidate that their party is chosen but they're going to look to the other side and go oh no not fill in the blank, whoever it is. that will generate a lot of the enthusiasm and recoalesce the party quickly. >> that's a nonanswer to me professor, but our time is up here. the ice cream is on the way. >> thank you. okay.
1:57 pm
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