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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 7, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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let us know what you think. don't forget to set your dvr. we hope you never miss an episode. please, tell your friends. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. rump's treatment fair or unfair using #greta. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight: >> if san francisco was not a sanctuary city would kate still be alive. >> i'm not going to go there. >> the politicians of san francisco showing true colors blaming each other for the murder of 32-year-old indicate steinle. tonight we will continue our investigation that will lead to the congress of the united states. >> i'm your son. >> yes, you are. oh my goodness. look at this. we got a whole solar system here. >> bill cosby is finished, admitting under oath that he acquired narcotics drugging women into having sex with him. is it legal on the case. >> when do we want it? now. and if we don't get it?
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>> burn it down. >> as anti-wal-mart demonstrations break out what is the truth behind the giant discount company? john stossel will tell us. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the murder of kate steinle that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as the factor reportexb8w)%ó last night, 32-year-old ms. steinle was murdered walking with her father in san francisco allegedly by a criminal alien who had been deported five times and had seven felony convictions in the u.s.a. that man 45-year-old juan francisco sanchez was
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arraigned today in a san francisco courtroom. the the 11 supervisors directly responsible. san francisco sanctuary city that does not cooperate with the federal government even on holding and identifying criminal aliens. sanchez was in custody in san francisco and the sheriff, ross merkarami let him out defying ice officials. >> why not inform ice when you have a felon in your custody? why not draw the line at some place where maybe you are protecting the public. >> they already know he is in our custody. they actually knew because he came from serving time in another prison. >> why not work with him to make sure he doesn't get released? >> well, because a detainer request is not a legal instrument. >> oh, bull. the sheriff should resign immediately. what kind of law officer allow as known felon to walk free when the feds want him in custody? asked him to keep him in
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custody. the sheriff is incompetent period. out of there. and so are the the folks who run the city of san francisco, most of whom are now hiding. cbs news caught one san francisco supervisor julie christianen. >> in the last 18 months more than 10,000 undocumented immigrants have been released from custody in california without immigration officials being notified. since catherine steinle's death san francisco's elected officials have been avoiding speaking about sanctuary. julie christensen is a member of the board of supervisors. >> i'm not going to address that in detail. the fact that san francisco wasn't a sanctuary city, would kate still be alive? >> i'm not going to go there. >> mostly sunny christensen is a coward. the truth is kate stein solid collateral damage to the politics that have corrupted the city by the bay. dangerous people walking around because of political correctness the mayor and the supervisors want to seem
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sympathetic to it illegal aliens that's what it is about them and their liberal profile. the whole thing is disgusting. there is good news today as kate may not have died in vain. senate majority leader told the factor he is meeting with with the senate leadership to discuss kate's law as we suggested last night congress should pass legislation that would impose a mandatory minimum five year sentence on any illegal alien that's deported and then comes back. the word mandatory is crucial. there are laws on the books now that are being ignored. congress must write kate's law so if officials do not enforce the mandatory sentence they, themselves, can be prosecuted. congressman matt sammon of arizona tells us he is writing kate's law even as we speak. the congressman is looking for co-sponsors. we hope representatives from both parties will sign on. if they do, we will tell you who they are. if anyone opposes kate's law, we will absolutely tell
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you who they are. also, you can get involved. we have a petition on bill o' that supports kate's law. we hope you will sign it and we will forward the petition to the house and senate leadership as well as to the white house. more than 4 million people a night watch this program. if we get 4 million signatures on that, that would be quite something. it is long past time for the congress of the united states to protect the american people. every president since ronald reagan has not done so. so congress must act on illegal immigration. this sanctuary city business has got to end. any american city, town, or county, not cooperating with homeland security should immediately lose federal funding. enough is enough. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction. with us the former mayor of new york city rudy giuliani. first of all, am i overstating it when i hold the mayor and city supervisors of san francisco partially responsible for this young woman's death.
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>> there is no excuse for someone who has a criminal conviction who is accused of a crime. there is no excuse for not keeping the person in custody. >> that's what i was going to say. >> when asked to keep them in custody. i have been on every side of this issue for 25 years including at one time in charge of immigration and naturalization service as an associate attorney general. i dealt with it as a prosecutor. prosecuted many of them and also as a mayor. and the simple fact is the only way this stops is we have got to stop it at the border. we have got to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the united states. it would be simpler to do that than it was to reduce crime by 60% in new york. >> okay. we will get to that in a moment. and i think most of our viewers and certainly i want to stop the border craziness. but, you wouldn't oppose kate's law, would you? >> i would make one amendment to it. it would have to be an illegal immigrant who was deported for some kind of
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criminal act. not someone. >> a criminal alien. >> let's take the people who pick grapes in napa valley. >> they have to be held accountable too if they are deported they can't be coming back and forth. >> you are not going to have california wine. arnold schwarzenegger cut off the border. >> well we have to get a guess worker program to get the wine. >> so here is what we have to do. gets a little more complicated. i agree. if a criminal is let back here the person should be prosecuted, sent to jail for five years mandatory minimum sentence. however, we have to stop them from coming in and then we have to let people come in who are going to do work that we need. >> that the industries need and they would go through proper channels to tell -- >> -- you have to do that. >> nobody opposes that. if industry needs a certain is amount of labor it should be done methodically and legally. all right. you want to secure the border how? >> okay. very simple. we have 50 border patrol
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stations. we space them 40 miles apart. we man them with 500 border patrol agents each. we deploy cameras night vision cameras. and then you have r. available to you on any shift, at least 200 to 300 border patrol agents that can stop anybody from coming into the united states. you institute a come stat program like we used for crime in new york. and then over a period of time you will shift those agents a bit because what the immigrants will do, the illegal immigrants will do, they will find the point where they can get in. you have got to move with them. and you do this for two years and you can cut it down to nothing. at the same time, you make it easy to get a visa. >> easier. we don't want people masquerading. >> easy means fingerprinted photographed identified, pay taxes pay social security, and then go pick the grapes in napa valley. >> you told me before we
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started this segment that you have used this -- >> -- i have given this plan to two different countries. >> which countries? >> one is colombia and the other is we are dropping it for el salvador. >> they have a problem with people coming into their country illegally both of them colombia and he will el salvador. >> colombia in particularly venezuela. >> right across the border. >> haven't started yet just given them the plan. >> your theory is instead of building a massive wall. >> i'm okay with a wall. >> you are okay with that? >> a wall or something. >> you have to have the personnel behind the wall who can stop them with a countable system like a com stat system that tells you where are they coming in and how do we deploy these people? it would require 20,000 border patrol agents. he we currently have 22,000. maybe it would be an additional 5,000 or 6,000. >> certainly worth it to do that there is no will to do
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it from ronald reagan. no will. they don't want to do it. >> this has to be solved. because, there are economic reasons for the people coming over. there are economic reasons for why people come here than this was the problem donald trump had. he never pointed out the fact that, yes most of the people coming over are coming over for economic reasons. but hidden with them are murderers, rapists. >> sure. >> drug dealers and now we have to worry about terrorists. >> isn't this a scandal that this guy -- >> -- this is outrageous. >> five snims and he has had seven felony convictions. >> my policy in new york was i would peg the immigration service to deport the drug dealers and the criminals. and they would deport sometimes before the drug dealers and the criminals the guys who were working in the back of the restaurant. >> so it has to be reorganized. the fact is if we get kate's law any criminal alien deported comes back mandatory like the mandatory drug sentence. >> no question of that.
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>> you would say to everybody in congress you have got to get on this. >> absolutely. no doubt about it. >> i hope the republican contenders and hillary clinton who we have a very interesting sound bite from hillary clinton tomorrow on the sanctuary city business. mr. mayor, thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> criminal alien deported six times in three years. rams his suv into a mother and two children ages 5 and 2. another horror story moments away.
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight, if you are still not convinced illegal immigration situation is out of control here is another atrocity. in people that -- pima county arizona illegal immigrant from mexico deported six times badly injured a mother and two young children after he
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rammed his suv into their car and then left the scene. vasquez charged with the felony leaving the scene of an injury collision. police say he was driving while drug-impaired. the names of the victims not being released we can tell you the children are 5 and 2 years old. 5-year-old boy received numerous cuts to the head and the 2-year-old girl was hospitalized as well. apparently the kids and their mom will be okay but they are quite shaken. joining us now from los angeles, leslie marshall in for kirsten powers tonight. here in new york city monica crowleyly, both fox news analysts. let's advance the story. do you see any opposition, monica, to kate's law? >> unfortunately bill, i do. i do think there will be some resistance, despite the fact that it's total common sense and would be obvious justice for the victims of these illegal immigrants who commit these crimes. the resistance, i think will come from harry reid, nancy pelosi. a lot of the democratic leadership and the pro-open borders pro-amnesty lobby. >> you think that reid and pelosi already on the run because they lost congress the last time around, are
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going to stand up and say we oppose a mandatory a year minimum prison sentence for a criminal alien who is deported and comes back. you really believe they have the can a can a kahunas to stand up there and do that. >> i do. the democratic party is moving away from as a general position mass incarcerations and lengthy prison sentences period. hillary clinton has been on the record just in the last couple of months on this. the second thing is it goes against the broader left agenda. >> i know what goes against it now we are talking very specifically about the murder of a 32-year-old two little kids in a car almost killed. do you think there is going to be opposition, leslie? >> oh, yes. i think there is going to be opposition. and i don't think there is going to be opposition on the left. i mean, isn't it interesting that on the left all of those that are running for president have said they are okay with sanctuary cities?
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with the exception of donald trump, nobody else on the right, running for president is really calling them out on that. >> wait, wait, wait. we have got to get specific here. you are going to sit there and tell me that you believe a republican politician in this country is going to oppose kate's law? >> yes i do believe that there will be republicans who oppose kate's law. >> who might that be? >> valadeo here in california. coffman in colorado, and other republicans that have constituencies that are largely hispanic and that have backed the president other democratic policies with regard to immigration reform. >> i mean, look, immigration reform is fine as we just talked with rudy giuliani. but you have got to stop the blood letting now. and anybody who opposes a five year minimum for criminal alien who is deported and comes back is not looking out for the folks. and that is quite clear to every sane american no matter if they are liberal
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or conservative. you may be right these crazy politicians pandering to a constituency that is ill informed may do it. i don't believe monica, that a person like reid and pelosi are going to go out there. they won't say anything. will they support it? probably not. will they actively oppose it? it's suicide political suicide. even in san francisco. >> well, but remember, as necessary as kate's law is and as you believe it is, this is a mandate on the bigger problem. the bigger problem has been festering in large part because both parties have let this go for years now. you have got an open border and when it comes to deportations you have a revolving door. both of those things serve the democratic interest. what's what those things seek to long-term flood with illegals. get them on the path to citizenship and right to vote. we'll wee all know it's a political strategy. >> this is answering your question. this is about the broader transportation which is why they don't want to go down the road. >> you have an election coming up. you have independent
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americans, conservative americans, aligned against the democratic party right now. this is going to make more independent americans if the republican candidate frames it properly and you have got to give trump credit, leslie. you may disagree with him but he is the guy that lit the fuse on this whole debate right now. and this is going off the charts. believe me. this thing is going off the charts right now. >> if we're going to argue specifics with what he said regarding rapists and people smuggling, did he he like the conversation? i don't know. is it connected? yes. we also have to look at the specific what about money who pays for it and how? >> who pays for what. >> the federal government. it's not going to go along with the right wingers out there voting and certainly not with independents. in addition. >> more conservatives in the country that's going to oppose this. >> kate's law is not going to stop them from coming into the country. >> no? >> it's not going to be a
8:20 pm
deterrent. they can already be deported and held in detention and arrested and it doesn't stop them now. >> here is what it stops you won't see them for five years, bye. see you. >> but you can't. >> yes, you can. >> no you can't because they will be picking grapes and murderer are being treated the same way. >> sorry. five year minimum. >> fields and murderer treated the same way. >> listen, if you oppose this law -- >> -- i don't agree with it. >> you have to look the people who are being killed by these people in the eye and say i, leslie marshall, don't want to solve the problem. i don't think you want to be there. >> that's not true. i do want to solve the problem. the problem lies with stopping people from coming over the border and that law will not do it. >> yes it will. it absolutely will take them off the street and take them off the street fast. all right ladies, good debate. directly ahead, president obama again very soft on the isis threat. colonel ralph peters will analyze. later bill cosby pretty much done as he admits drugging women for sex. factor is coming right bac
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solve economic and political
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problems in any muslim country. we have a hard enough time doing it here. joining us now from washington lt. colonel ralph peters author of the book "valley of the shadow." why do you think the president is even bringing this up in he has pretty much run away from it. now he crosses the platomic and then he holds a press briefing. why is he doing it? >> because he can't run far enough. he went to the pentagon for two reasons. one he knows this is serious now. two, that was a way of showing that he is serious as opposed to doing anything serious. now, he is right about one thing. there are underlying problems which, as you pointed out, we can't fix the underlying problems are the collapse of the civilization. we can't do anything about that what we can do is go after our enemies. problem, bill, he is getting the high level briefings above top secret, every day. he knows how serious islamic state is he knows how deep the caliphate's roots are going. he knows how many
8:26 pm
sympathizers there are and how many foreign fighters are flocking to their standards. he has a problem. cognizant distance. he knows there is a problem but he can't bring himself to accept that there is a military solution. we have 2,000 years of evidence religious insurgencies in religion. none has been put down with empathy, age and negotiations. you can't negotiate with cobras. >> i agree with you when you say that he understands that the problem is now very intense and he is underplaying it to the american public. is he not leveling with us. i don't believe that he thinks or believes that military action is worth it at this point. he believes he can contain it until he is out of there in 18 months. and then some other president will have to deal with it i think that's his end game here. >> no, i agree with that he wants to drop it in the next president's lap. so bad he is being driven to
8:27 pm
take more actions. who was visiting the white house this week? the secretary general of the vietnamese communist party. 40 years ago saigon fell. i believe and i have no evidence for this whatsoever, i believe that the smarter generals in the pentagon are looking at syria and iraq and they are seeing saigon in damascus. and fearing that islamic state will take damascus which will utterly change the game. who thought they were going to take mosul? who thought. >> putin stopped the damascus thing. >> good luck. >> putin is not going to let that happen. >> you have got to be concerned about the worse case. the military you can't be a polyanna like obama. you have got to prepare for the worst thing that could conceivably happen. >> the american people are willing to vote for polyanna these days, colonel. that's all all of this is happening. >> that's true. >> they are willing to take polyanna. fine with a the majority of the folks. we aappreciate it.
8:28 pm
plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. if he wasn't already bill cosby is now done as an entertainment figure in the u.s.a. is it legal has some thoughts after bill cosby admits drugging for sex. wal-mart, is it good or is it bad for america? john stossel has some thoughts and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path
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there's some facts about seaworld we'd like you to know. we don't collect killer whales from the wild. and haven't for 35 years. with the hightest standard of animal care in the world, our whales are healthy. they're thriving. i wouldn't work here if they weren't. and government research shows they live just as long as whales in the wild. caring for these whales, we have a great responsibility to get that right. and we take it very seriously. because we love them. and we know you love them too. stossel matter segment tonight, wal-mart, many
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liberal americans see the discount company as the devil. >> what are the social justice's biggest movement these days is wal-mart. not only does wal-mart sell meat the chain doesn't pay enough. the activists say the workers must be given a raise to at least $15 an hour. [chanting] >> when do we want it? >> no. >> if we don't get it? >> shut it down. >> if we don't get it? >> shut it down. >> shut down wal-mart if it doesn't pay more? but will that help wal-mart's workers? >> here now is john stossel to continue his assessment. so wal-mart, good? bad? ugly? what? >> good. they found a better way to get stuff to people for less and on average poor people save -- everybody saves $2,000 a year. >> how do we know that everybody saves $2,000? >> came from a study quoted by jacob fuhrman obama's economic advisor before he went to work for. >> is all right.
8:33 pm
so every family in america saves 2 grand because wal-mart discounts. >> so much price competition. >> because wal-mart discounts its stuff and other stores have to match. >> right. >> so the consumer, the buyer is better off. but the social justice people, as you pointed out they say what they are exploiting their workers and that's why they can keep the costs low. how about that? >> how are you exploiting workers when people are eager to work there? there is one washington store where they got 23,000 applicants. they take so few people it's easier to get into harvard. >> did you analyze wal-mart and whether it's good to work there? do they treat their workers well? >> it just depends on what your alternatives are. this isn't a country where there is slavery. nobody works there if they don't have to. so everybody who apleas, presumably their other alternatives are worse. >> but we don't know -- if it's a generous company or not do we know if it's generous. >> how do we define.
8:34 pm
>> i'm generous to my workers. i will define it right here. they get well paid and treated well they have a good job. they deserve it. >> i'm sure we will find someone who says look how much you make you should pay more. >> you could find someone but i think wal-mart does pay their workers $15 an hour now didn't they change their policy. >> $9. above minimum wage going up to 10 in february. >> i think they said 15 though along the line. >> they have to. 15 in seattle is going to be the new minimum wage. >> goes state by state city by city. >> that means they will open one fewer store. >> you, john stossel is saying america is better off because wal-mart dominates the retail industry. >> much better off. they found cheaper ways to bring it into us. everybody has learned from that. >> the greater good is being served being nice to wal-mart. >> as long as we are free. you don't have to shop there. >> in an economy he that really doesn't have a lot of options. >> it does -- we have more options than any committee ever anywhere. >> the wages and the jobs
8:35 pm
are -- have been depressed for a while now here. that brings me to greece. greece wants everybody else to pay their bills and what do you say? >> it's the same entitlement culture you see with the people saying we deserve more. in greece they borrow money from people, don't pay it back. and then get mad at the people who lent them money. >> who want them to impose discipline on their spending. what about the old people in greece who are getting pensions and now their pensions are going to be cut? isn't that bait and switch? they worked their lives for a pension and now they are taking it away. >> yes it's bait and switch. that's what politicians do. they say we are going to promise you all kinds of stuff and we are going to pay for it with other people's money. they don't have the money. >> so you don't sympathize with the greeks? >> i sympathize with the worker who was promised something. but i sure don't sympathize with the people saying no, we deserve better. this is unfair to us. it's germany's fault. >> they voted these clowns in for the last 50 years.
8:36 pm
>> right. so you get what you pay for. right? >> we vote too. >> we do. >> we are going that bankrupt way too. 20 trillion when obama mall leaves office we are going to owe. when we come right back is it legal on bill cosby. a florida man getting prison time for having sex on a beach. donald trump suing univision. legal is next. ♪ ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle great rates for great rides. no artificial flavors, colors
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight three hot topics leading off with bill cosby in a civil deposition taken in 2005 cosby admitted buying quaaludes with the intent of giving them to women who he wanted to have sex. here now is kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. what are the legal situations is he is facing. >> the deposition was in 2005. many of the allegations go back to even 1965. the statute of limitations on sexual assault really has run in most cases. but there are a lot of women out there who are accusing him of defamation. going forward defamation he called them liars. >> his attorneys did that though he didn't do it, correct? >> did he not comment but through his attorneys. >> so there are a bunch of women i understand in massachusetts, guilfoyle is
8:41 pm
that where they are? >> there is women all over the place six different states where these incidents are alleged to have occurred. >> we are talking about the defamation now. >> six different states that various women who say that cosby had molested them. >> the majority in california. >> are suing for defamation, correct? >> um-huh. >> because his attorneys denied it across the border? >> even more than denied it called them liars. defamed their reputation. >> why don't they sue their attorneys. >> attorneys are mouth piece for cosby. >> if cosby didn't say anything and the attorneys did. shouldn't the attorneys be the targets of the suit. >> yes. they knew the suits would be thrown out. that's what he is looking at defamation. >> that's going to be his defense. defamed them. >> underaged girls sexually assaulted -- even going back to 1985. >> there are allegations. >> those statute of limitations are different. >> how many women are now saying this? >> now there is 39 women. >> 39. >> most of the criminal cases the statute has run out? >> yeah like california.
8:42 pm
but got civil cases all over the place. civil cases and underage would be criminal. >> okay. all right. we will let the process work. in florida guilfoyle we reported that a man and a woman in front of children and civilians were having sex during the day on a beach. police were called, man was arrested. what happened to him? >> basically the prosecutors offered him two and a half years. this is a person who has a prior criminal record for narcotics and he refused that plea deal because part of it was that he was to do two and a half years behind bars and register as a lifetime sex offender is what he has to do now because is he convicted and that's what the court sentenced him to. so now he has to register. if he had just taken the time he could have done that. >> and done the two and a half years. >> he is currently incarcerated right now and the female got a much easier time just 24 days. >> so a judge imposed the sentence? >> absolutely. >> so this guy is going to have to do hard time, right? in state prison. >> if they appeal.
8:43 pm
they are in a hard part because if they appeal the prosecutors can go back we are not going to accept the two and a half. we want the 15 which it could have been. >> the guy is probably going to do two and a half for time off for good behavior this is fort lauderdale beef. >> the lewd and lascivious having sex in front of a 3-year-old. >> you can't be doing that. >> this sends a big message. >> he has a previous beef, so, you know two and a half years okay. >> donald trump suing univision for 5 had hundred million dollars because they dropped his miss u.s.a. pageant. >> right. >> now another concern picked it up so it will be televised. >> much smaller situation. >> much smaller situation. does trump have a legitimate case? >> yes i think he does. he signed a contract for 13.5 over five years. >> 13.5 what? >> million over five years. univision reneged on that contract. >> univision was going to pay trump's organization $13.5 million over a five year period? >> licensing fees. >> to broadcast five miss
8:44 pm
u.s.a.s? >> right. >> that's not a lot by the way for five pageants. so anyway they dumped him because the p.r. purposes. >> right. >> he is going to go in for breach of contract you say he has a case and what do you say. >> i say he does have a good case. he has been damaged. they should have to pay him some money. do i think it's going to amount to $500 million? >> no. >> that's exes isive. >> he will settle. >> he has a very strong legal case they breached the contracts. morality clause. >> morality clause that's his opinion. he didn't violate anything other than that they don't like his opinion. >> his first amendment right. >> they don't like his opinion he didn't do anything. >> they will settle out of court and probably get back to 13.5 and that will be it. >> kimberly guilfoyle has a book it's called "making the case." and lis wiehl has a podcast. worth checking it out. al jazeera mocking america.
8:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight what the heck just happened in a piece of propaganda al jazeera ran this on the fourth of july. >> you probably know that the u.s. leads the world in the most olympic medals won the most number of nobel laureates and the most billionaires. >> we also lead the world in some other ways. >> not to brag but we have the most incarcerated people in the worlds. god bless the prison industrial complex. >> when it comes to obesity we lead the global mcd's a line. a third of us can't see our own toes. >> 90 guns for every person. we beat you in drones and guns. >> we make 89% of the
8:49 pm
world's porn. that makes porn as american as church on sunday. >> nice. here now to commented bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. doesn't get any easier than this gutfeld. does it? >> no it doesn't. described me to a t. i was wondering what the al jazeera audience thought so i asked him and he would seem to be okay with it. al jazeera poking fun of our social ills is like ted bundy criticizing your dating habits. we may have a porn problem in america but it beatings honor killings and throwing gay people off rooftops. they should shut up i hate these actors because they are american actors. they should all be ashamed of themselves. >> deported to pakistan. >> or cut qatar. if they are going to allow themselves to be used for money i'm sure to propagandizing maybe they want to get a little visa to
8:50 pm
go over to pakistan and see if they like peshawar. >> i say nbc must be thinking why in the hell didn't we think of this for the fourth of july. >> fourth of july, right. in addition to the to networks al jazeera jazeera's programming like how i hate your mulla and larry the car bomb guy they can add america's got taliban sympathizers. >> these people with disgraceful. >> so nobody likes al jazeera. you did track down the one person who watches it. >> i think vick. >> two guys. >> al gore the guy who sold them. >> al gore fleeced them. he got money for it. he said you take it. nobody is watching my network.
8:51 pm
>> spent it all on twinkies and house boats. >> speaking of selfish overweight narcissists. >> are you speaking about the former vice president? >> this is your legacy mr. gore. you i understand the rumor has it moving to athens because you want to be in the middle of the action in greece and you want a big pension. >> who doesn't? >> actually not. i think that these big fat greek welchers should pay their stupid debts. angela merkel should have went over to sicily and had a little delegation. >> sicily is in italy. >> she should have gotten a delegation to talk. >> words they understand. >> when you think of stuff like this remember bernie sanders, bill de blasio elizabeth
8:52 pm
warren. they want to be like greece. >> have you been to greece? >> yes, but i can't get into why. it was a bad part of my life. i had to make some money and there were a few movies made. if you buy something like a car or television set and can't pay it off what comes after you? a repo man. greece doesn't think there is a repo man to get them. earth needs a repo man. somebody has to take the parthenon. >> greece is a beautiful country. >> they should sell the islands. >> i have been there many times. it's a great place. >> i saw you there once. >> no you didn't. >> gutfield never saw me anywhere. socialism is bad. socialicism bad. gentlemen, thank you. how the networks cover the
8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
kenneth dean austin texas. i have lived on the southwest border with my mexican-american spouse for a long time. we have seen enormous changes. the fact is that too many wealthy people benefit from illegal flow of drugs and people. juan williams has thea dasity to defend. o'reilly you are such a phony. you are making big bucks with your website however like the clintons you should be required to show where the money goes. in your case it's in the pocket of your fancy suit. not a suit big enough in the world to hold all of that money. the irs gets filing on bill o'reilly every year so it knows that all of the money i get, all of it every penny is donated to charity. i tell you to wise up but i
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fear it's too late. bill the women's soccer victory shows we are a united country. what are you smoking? no one watches soccer. good grief. the match was watched by nearly 30 million people in america alone alone. cecil should get together with you because you guys are way out. boonville, california. bill i have read all of your books. "hitlers last days" was so good i had trouble putting it down. history is great summer reading when done the fun way like we do it. bill you and miller should go to denver for the don't be a hot pot head tour. next year we will be in the mile high city. in the fall don't be a pin head
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tour stops in st. louis, charlotte, south florida, hard rock. details on billo' all of the shows are going to sell out. if you want to see us go and get them. matthew connor summer is here and that means only one thing, there are bikini-clad ladies just waiting to be interviewed by watters. as the cliche goes somebody has to do it. watters is in san francisco. we will have a special report from him tomorrow a serious report on the chaos with the sanctuary cities there. watters will be reporting from san francisco live tomorrow. the factor tip of the day on the brutal murder of kate steinle. anyone defending the situation in a very bad spot. the three networks did cover the story last night.
8:59 pm
cbs news was the toughest. soon you are going to see the left wing counter attack showing suffering migrants abused by the system of enforcement such as it is. there is a deep division in this country over what is right and what is wrong. we all know that. social media has given haters and propagandists on both sides an open playing field. if an argument does not seem logical to you it's most likely not logical. some folks put ideology and theory above honesty and public safety. that is what is happening in our society right now. all you can dee is seek the truth and walk away from deceit. that is it from us tonight. also like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. do not be emettic when writing
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