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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 8, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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h i could do something because i seem to be forgetting things? right, memory problems. >> yes. >> tomorrow we'll have one of the world's best memory champs to give you tips on how to remember where you put the car keys. >> remind me to remind you to remind him. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow on the same couch. bill: breaking details on the murder of the woman in san francisco. the suspect pleading not guilty to her death days after making a confession. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. martha: i'm martha maccallum. francisco sanchez entered a not guilty plea days after he admitted he killed kathryn steinle in a prison interview. claudia callum is live outside
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the hall of justice in san francisco. what is this new information about the weapon? >> reporter: it's a stunning bombshell in this story. fox news learned the gun belonged to a federal agent and there are multiple report the begun was stolen from an agent who worked for the bureau of land management after their car was vandal. >> id in downtown san francisco. yesterday in court he appeared shaken and confused at his arraignment. no matter what the judge asked hip his answer was always i am not guilty, i am not guilty. he said he found the gun wrapped in a t-shirt. he said he had taken pills at
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the time and does not remember much. he's due back in court july 22. martha: the defense we saw him with his attorneys. they have got to come up with a strategy. >> reporter: they may try to get the changes reduced. the lawyers said while this may be a high-profile case the shooting itself was an accident, not murder. >> we can confirm mr. sanchez did not know kate steinle and he had no reason to want her to be harmed in any way. >> reporter: they want to know why steinle who had been
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deported three times was set free after a minor drug chang was dropped and why federal officials weren't notified first. dianne feinstein said she does not think sanchez should have been released and she is looking into additional federal legislation that would prevent this thing from happening again. bill: this is putting a focus on sanctuary city and state. 11 of them in counties and cities across the country and there is so much finger pointing. >> and there will be more. a number of democrats now after this terrible case in san francisco are calling on the cities to cooperate more with the federal government. but if the past they actually supported the concept of
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sanctuary cities. you have to remember the federal government has an odd relationship with cities that don't want to follow federal laws. a few years ago the state of arizona tried on it own to enforce federal immigration law and the obama administration went to court to stop them. but when cities decide not to enforce immigration laws they have been allowed to do so by the federal government. bill: can you think of any other federal law that is ignored across the country? >> no. and it's a common sense issue. how can a man who has been convicted of multiple felonies, who has been deported multiple times, how can he get back toibt country time after time and not only not be deported but have law enforcement authorities in
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san francisco refusing to turn him over to federal authorities. in the wake of this, now that we know the facts. san francisco is still defending the policy saying if there is any fault in this, it's the federal government's fault. bill: julie myers who used to run the immigration enforcement agency. and she was talking about the policy. >> when i was at i.c.e. there was a informal cooperation. but now even when they are felons he doesn't want cooperation at all. >> he's doubling down on this. i think you will see a debate. some of the places that are sanctuary cities are the bluest areas in the city.
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they are have much in favor of legalizing illegal immigrants. already claudia cowan remarked the two democratic senators from california, dianne feinstein and barbara boxer are calling for more enforcement of federal law for the cities not being able to defy federal law enforcement. bill: how do you come back and forth five times. martha: incredible that they weren't able to reach out to the i.c.e. officials and each side is pointing the finger at the other in terms of responsibility. in the meantime negotiators entering another overtime period. he self negotiators left the
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table after the deadline was pushed back to friday. chief washington correspondent james rosen is still in vienna as the talks continue to go on. what happens if the obama administration fails to submit the terms by friday? >> then the review period congress will have will double from 30 days to 60 days. senior u.s. officials told us they would prefer the shorter review period. but in public aide to -- aides to the president express little concern. >> it's clearly in our best interest and we would welcome
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the scrutiny and careful consideration of the agreement. >> reporter: the law is not explicit on this point. but it seems to say if the administration waits until september 8 to submit the terms to congress then the review period reverts to 30 days. bill: we can report that united airlines flights across the country have been grounded nationwide. this a live look over lax. the issue apparently has to do with the computer or automation issue that runs throughout the system. but depending on how long this lasts, this could have a significant impact on air travel today not just in l.a., but back in chicago united's main hub. we'll let you know when we get more information about what's happening with united.
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martha: we have reaction to explosive allegations to the funneling of weapons to rebels in syria. this is a story senator rand paul has been on for a long time. he groomed hillary clinton two years ago on benghazi. bill: a fighter jet smashed into a single-engine plane high above south carolina. martha: donald trump taking heat for his comments on mexico and crime. but a if he throw candidate says he knew exactly what he was getting into. >> we have been screaming at the top of our lungs in this state for a long time about washington not doing their constitutional duties to secure that border and we know how to do it.
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martha: breaking news on united airlines. the faa confirmed all united airlines flights are grounded and it appears to be due to a computer issue automation issue. that's what it looks like as they are stacked up at the gate at lax. also newark airport that's the hub for the airlines. bill: we have new reaction to a
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story first reported on fox. allegations the u.s. government knew about arms being sent to libyan rebel groups. two years ago when senator rand paul and secretary of state hillary clinton when this report first surfaced. either's been in news reports that ships have been leaving from libya and they may have weapons. what i would like to know that the annex close by when they involved in procuring and buying and selling weapons and are they being shipped to other countries, turkey included. >> you will have to direct that question to the agency that ran the annex. >> you are saying you don't know? >> i do not know. bill: we have new information. republican senator rand paul of kentucky is here this morning.
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senator, good morning to you. we remember that day well. you asked about turkey she said she did not know. you asked about any other countries and referred your question to the agency which we assumed at the time was the cia. what are we led to believe now. >> i find it hard to know hillary clinton didn't know because she was the biggest cheerleader for redistributing these arms to syrian rebels. many of these people who received the arms are not friends of america. many are linked to quied * and al-nusra -- to quied and al qaeda. i don't think our public officials should be allowed to
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come before congressional committees and lie. the big problem we face with isis. did it have anything to do with hillary clinton arming people who became isis or were friends oral lights of isis? bill: you droched thel -- you dropped the "l" word. was she lying. >> people are saying qatar redistributed the arms and there were u.s. weapons used against us that came through qatar. we have to be careful when we select a commander-in-chief. we are now at war with isis and they have a billion doll aferls our shum res. but the -- they have a billion
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bol asdollars of our humvees. bill: you say there is evidence and emails. have you seen those emails and can you prove it? based on our reporting the emails are missing. >> some of these are in the report catherine herridge did. the emails indicate she was a supporter of arming folks involved in the sir yawn civil war. a lot -- of the syrian civil war. and there is a question of whether she was being honest with me in the committee. do i have proof? no. but i have a strong suspicion she was not telling the truth. bill: when she was secretary of state you have a lert that in
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part said the united states is not involved in the transfer of weapons to sir yeah syria or turkey. >> they did not say the government is not involved in transferring arms to rebels. the cia was involved in this. 15,000 shoulder to air missiles went mission when qaddafi was toppled. when she said she didn't know anything about turkey the real question was syria. so my followup question was turkey or any other countries. i believe that to be factually false and i think she was dishonest with the mayor what public.
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we need to recognize and debate, was it a good idea to give people weapons are radical jihadists. these people are allies of those we were giving weapons to. that was a huge mistake led by hillary clinton and some hawks in my party. bill: what does it prove and where does it lead? >> moving forward hillary clinton is being investigated with benghazi was she telling the truth or lying to congress. we have to do something about isis but it infewer yates me they have a billion dollars worth of u.s. weapons and they were arming our allies for years. we didn't give enough arms to the allies of isis and that's a
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real mistake. bill: she said yesterday in that interview on cnn that she broke no law with her emails. did she or not? >> she broke several laws. one is she was supposed to use a government email address and government server. we'll find out if any of these were sensitive or classified. we'll have to trust her because she deleted all her emails which indicates to she she had something to hide. 20 minutes past the hour. martha: as isis ramps up their numbers we are cutting back on our military. the pentagon will slash 57,000 soldiers and civilians leaving us vulnerable when bad guys are doing exactly the opposite. plus this ... >> you can lose control of this
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tarp. it can carry a human. it's pulling -- bill: it looks like a wrestling match. that's not a baseball game. it just keeps going and going. >> a member of the grounds crew was caught in there. members of the bullpen are coming out.
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bill: united airlines release a statement. 55 flights appear to have been delayed today. here is the statement. we experienced a connectivity issue this morning. we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience. we hope it's a blip. i'm sure the passengers too
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too -- do, too. martha: despite the concerns from multiple overseas groups. the pentagon is working to cut pending and reduce the army by 40,000 troops. how will this work and who will go? >> combat veterans will go so we can preserve money for weapons that don't work. we have a wonderful cadre of soldiers who have been in combat who know how to lead, have expertise and we are going to put them out on the street so we can preserve systems such as the f-35.
6:26 am
members of congress love to puff up their chests and praise the troops and pose for campaign photos. but when it comes to vote the average soldier and marine does not have a constituency on capitol hill. the money goes to the contractors. the dirty little wars and not so little wars are human intensive. and the islamic state hasn't won its spectacular victories with sophisticated equipment. what we are doing is relying on technology overly on technology. technology is great i want a strong air force and strong navy. the islamic state for all the technology we have thrown eight. they are still on the march. at the end of the date' the soldier and marine that make the
6:27 am
decisive difference for all the efforts and bombers in armed with war ii. it's the boots on the ground. martha: the point you are making because the military industrial complex rearing its ugly head once again and people are promised they won't back down on this project or that. why do you think some of the things still out there like the f-35 you mentioned will not help us fight wars against china or russia who are adding to their military budget? >> >> because the f-35 doesn't work. the f-35, it was well over a trillion dollars for the total package. it doesn't have the range to get into a fight with china. and it's aimed at big powers. it's ridiculously overhyped for
6:28 am
the fight with isis. we are in the pattern where we don't buy the weapons we need, we buy the weapons the defense industry wants to sell us. capitalism is dead in the defense industry. the last 25 years we have had a cartel. if there was an unlimited amount of money there is not an unlimited amount of money yes people are expensive these combat veterans are worth far more than outrageous pieces of junk that don't work and they rip off hot taxpayer. -- rip off the taxpayer. martha: bill: we'll see a drop on the dow in a moment. democratic frontrunner hillary
6:29 am
clinton blaming republican attacks about stirring up doubts about her. how did she defend herself? martha: donald trump feeling the heat from his own party. still he says he stands by the gop. >> i love the republican party. i think they are making tremendous mistakes. i think they are far too weak on immigration.
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martha: if you were planning to fly united, here is a look at the lines of people stand standing on the sidewalk because they have nowhere to go. people are stuck because of this computer issue. we'll get you more information as soon as it comes in. 55 flights doesn't sound that bad but it doesn't look that
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good for the folks lined up outside of lax. bill: expect a bumpy ride today. erratic trading overseas overnight. chinese stocks are tumbling again. you have got the issues in greece as we watch and wait to see if there is a bailout for this country. china is a big concern as we watch triple digit losses at the open. it makes 8 or 9 minutes for the dow to open up. martha: it's a big event. hillary clinton final sat down for an internet interview. in it she blamed republicans for issues dog her campaign.
6:34 am
she said last night that the gop is the reason recent polls show her in tough territory when it comes to trustworthiness among voters. here is her response on that. >> i think when you are subjected to the constant barrage of attacks that are largely fomented by and coming from the right ... >> do you bear any responsibility? >> i can only tell you i was elected twice in new york against the same kind of onslaught, i was con summered and served as secretary of state. >> trust are something one to fight for them and trust something one these are two different things. >> i can only tell you this has been a theme that has been used against me and my husband for many many years. martha: let's see what the folks
6:35 am
think about this. alan colmes and mercedes schlap. this was the first foray into the first sitdown. how do you think she did? >> i like her on the issues and the answer you just played i would like to have seen a more humble i'll have to earn the trust and respect of the american people. not that the attacks are untrue. not that she hasn't been the tearpght of attacks since she has been in public life. but a more humble answer would have served her better and taking responsibility saying as a national candidate for president i will work to earn the trust of the american people. martha: this is hillary when questioned on the server issue she kept at home during her
6:36 am
state department leadership. >> everything i did was permitted by law and regulation. i had one device. when i mailed anybody in the government it would go into the government system. i didn't have to turn over anything. i chose to turn over 55,000 pages because i wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me. martha: that is not accurate is it? >> it is not accurate. and you have to add to the fact she deleted 35,000 emails and she took it upon herself and her staff to determine what email to the give to the state department. you have the national archives asking the state department how is it possible secretary clinton had a private server for official business? it did not answer the question. it shows no humility on her
6:37 am
part. the fact that she cannot admit there was a problem with how she conducted her business i think it hurts her. i think it impacts her honesty and trust with the american voter. martha: she seems to think it was completely fine and above board, before it wasn't. after 2009 she had to turn over those emails. she wasn't aloud to have a server at her house either. how does she debt get away with saying that? >> i think ultimately, and this will come up in a debate pass well. she is going have to say was in a conflict of interest between what happened in the state department and the clinton foundation and why is it the only females we got the 55,000 -- the only emails we
6:38 am
got, the 55,000, are the ones she chose. she happens to be correct on the issues. and she'll be probably helped by the republican party that's so out of touch with where america is right now. martha: she points out the two campaigns she won in new york. but she ran for a big election for president of the united states before and some of these issues may have been the kinds of things that tripped her up so she'll have to deal with them. how about the lassoing of the press. the rope is around the press. if you look at what happened in 1991 i believe. it was even more egregious. it was literally a rope that went around them and kept them
6:39 am
away from the family. the guy in the white shirt has a rope around the press and he's pulling them. here is what he says. >> i have a different rhythm for my campaign. i'm not running it for the press, i'm running it for voters. i wanted and was determined to have the time i needed to meet and listen to people. martha: i wonder how she would feel if she was trying to do her job and she had a rope around her waist and she was being pulled in another direction. >> the optics are terrible, it was a terrible idea. i don't know who thought about it. we are focusing on the negative
6:40 am
stuff on hillary clinton. i don't think the average voter is going to say i don't like the rope i'm not voting for her. the number to watch is the fact -- does hillary clinton understand my problem? when you look at it just recently a poll that came out 52% of independents believe she does not feel their pain. it will be those candidates that will connect with the voter. hillary clinton is managing her campaign. she is arms lengths with the voters and arms length with the press. >> the best thing she has going for her is the republican party. martha: more coming up with chris stirewalt. bill: more information on what's happening united. flights grounded due to a
6:41 am
computer problem. flights on regional partners are no longer affected by the grounding so perhaps this is minimized. this is a look in los angeles. folks are wake up trying to catch a plane and they are going to be delayed for some time. martha: the administration is facing blowback for its strategy against isis. they trained just 60 fighters in syria. senator john mccain ran that hearing. bill: someone gets bad chinese food an takes it out on an operator. >> i bought some chinese and i asked for my money back and they took my food and won't give me my money back.
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martha: everybody had a takeout order that didn't quite live up to their expectations. but a woman called 911. she said this feels like an emergency to me. they would not refund her memory. >> this is why you called 911? >> what am i supposed to do, jump over the thing and beat them up? martha: police showed up and arrested the woman for misuse of 911. no word on the refund. >> for 14 years i was the governor a state with a border with mexico. i understand what's going on.
6:46 am
people want to see that border secure. that's what this conversation need to stay focused on, not making rhetoric that is hyperbolic. he knew what he was doing with those statement. bill: governor perry talking about donald trump. karl rove served as white house chief of staff to president george w. bush. i have been listening to the back and forth who is challenging trump and who is not challenging him. rick perry said he need a new pair of glasses. >> he said he failed at the border when rick perry was doing everything he could to control the border it's a federal responsibility and trump was wrong to blame perry for the failure of the federal government. bill: he was asked if he's going independent or what his ultimate
6:47 am
plans are. this is how he answered it. >> i love the republican party. i think they are making tremendous mistake. i think they are far too weak on immigration. i have had many people ask me to go independent. but that's not my thinking. my thinking is to run as a republican. bill: when i have such a large field all trying to break through and trump is doing it. if you look at "usa today" this moaning they will explain a number of reasons why. why do you think that's the case? >> each party has a populist element in it. in the republican party there is an element of populism. people are angry at what's going on in the country. they are angry the republicans have not been able to stop president obama cold. and trump appeals to them.
6:48 am
this sort of angry response feed on this resentment. but while's doing this he's suffering in another way. take a look at the fox news poll. is he a serious candidate or side show. 64% of republicans 69% of conservatives. 55% of the tea party say it's a side show. he called the republican party clowns. he retweeted a message that jeb has to like because his wife is a mexican. bill: john zogby pollster.
6:49 am
will trump fizzle. i'll bet the iowa farm on it. >> what we have seen is everybody has had their moment and what matters is how much of that do they hold on to once it recedes. he's going to be here. he's going to be entertaining, and he's going to be trying to grab people's attention. bill: he's going to be in that fox debate as well. nobody is off limit with trump. he displayed that. he took a shot at you. >> i question the seriousness as a candidate and he tweeted rove spent $430 million last cycle and didn't win a single race. the super pac i'm involved with, i'm a volunteer it raised $103 million last cycle and won 10
6:50 am
out of 12 senate races and 10 of the 13 most competitive house races in the country. it was on the winning side. so i don't know where he couples with this stuff. he will be probably tweeting within a few minutes something ugly about me. but who cares. if you are going to unite the republican party and lead it, this kind of stuff won't give people confidence you are a leader. bill: my thinking is to run as a republican.y it so far. thank you sir. martha. >> he has been the faces of their franchise for 15 years. now subway is suspended ties with jared. bill: the red sox are back home and receiving a phone call. they are about to get a major headline in new york city. a high-profile fan talking to them. >> it started to sink in when we
6:51 am
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bill: the fallout for bill cosby continues. now disney removing a statue of cosby from its theme park in orlando. and bounce tv dropping reruns of his previous shows. one of cosby's after he cuesers reacting to these allegations shepard smith. >> i was being drugged and sexually assaulted. there are times i remember and times i don't remember. but i can say that the very first trip out of town, it was just odd looking back, i can
6:55 am
almost guarantee that it was but at the time i had absolutely no idea, no reason to think so, but there were some very odd occurrences on that first trip. bill: this is testimony from 10 years ago and the judge made the decision to allow it to go public. martha: bill cosby said he procured quaaludes to be with young women and he those on to say the was consensual. but you have 40 women who have similar stories. the journal would help if he put this out there. it's an extraordinary story all around. subway restaurants announcing they are us spending their relationship with spokesman jar i'd fogle. this after authorities raided his home in indiana. mike tobin is live in indiana.
6:56 am
subway suspended their relationship with him. give us the background. >> reporter: most americans got snow jar i'd fogle as the subway guy. but if you have go to the website you will find no mention of the man. all of that follows the f.b.i. and state police raised his home outside of indianapolis yesterday. his attorney makes a point of saying following was not detained he was not arrested. the f.b.i. has said only there is an investigation. there has been no mention that jared fogle is the target of that investigation. following has not been charged and is not expected to be charged. subway issued a statement that representatives believe this is tied to the investigation of a former employee of following. russell taylor who was arrested
6:57 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ >> all right. here is the latest on the united airline situation. the flights are no longer grounded. good news for all of the people lined up on at lax. this is the fourth time they have had computer glitches and t since the merger. this is a problem for united airlines. that situation seems to be better. and this morning a very public battle over privacy and security playing out on capitol hill. the head of the fbi making the case that widespread use of encryption technology is harming america and helping tourist to work in a dark space in the internet as it is known.
7:01 am
we will have more on that this morning. welcome everybody to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i am martha maccallum. >> and i will bill hemmer. they are warning strong encryption allows bad guys to go dark and making them in accessible to authorities. >> catherine heritage is live. what are we expected to hear? >> reporter: the central issue is isis and the encrypted use of communication. this tweet from a known operative overseas was in contact with the shooters in garland, texas and seemed to have knowledge of the plot. this digital world is moving toward encryption and the fbi director is warning that tension
7:02 am
is visible by the current isis threat involving the recruiting to kill americans a process that is taking place in end to end encrypted mobile apps and they may not be intercepted despite the orders under the 4th amendment. richard burr and diane feinstein are supporting legislation that would require social media companies to report suspected terrorist activity and make this information available to federal investigators. >> how concernicide the administration about what is going on here? >> reporter: very concerned. -- concerned -- the fbi director has already been on the record and earlier this week mr. obama warned not every plot can be stopped because they are operating under the radar.
7:03 am
>> the threat of lone wolves is complex and harded to detect and prevent. it is one of the most difficult challenges we face. preventing the attacks will require sustained effort. >> reporter: fox is being told some social media companies could be named at the hearing are no longer cooperating with terrorism-related investigations. >> a lot there. thank you, catherine. >> reporter: you have welcome. there is a new debate on the confederate flag getting underway in the state house in south carolina. the state senate approved 36-3 to remove the flag. the legislation's future is unclear on the house side. john is live in columbia on the state grounds. will this pass in the house? or is it too close to call? >> reporter: good morning to
7:04 am
you, bill. polls suggest there is enough support in the house to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. but the debate concerns what comes next. the bill coming from the senate would remove the flag once and for all and put it in a state museum. proposals to fly it once a year or replace with a les controversial flag was voted down in the senate. the house could agree on a change and that would have been to be approved by the senate and could takes weeks instead days. >> what about in columbia? >> reporter: the debate continues inside and outside of the state house. we are protesters for and against removing the battle flag. >> it is my heritage.
7:05 am
i had 20 relatives that fought in the south. this is my way of paying respect to them. >> take down the flag! take down the flag. >> reporter: for the most part the demonstrations have remained fese peaceful and cordial with polit con polite conversations. >> i live in a country where i can and where i can stand shoulder to shoulder in someone that hates me for what i stand for but peacefully. >> reporter: if and when the bill is approved by the state legislature the governor has to sign it and we expect she will. nicky haley was among the first politicians to call for the flag to come down after the shooting at emanuel ame church in
7:06 am
charleston. i will be doing more press. i did local over the three months because it was interesting. everything has its own time and i am on my own rhythm and feel good about it. >> hillary clinton in her first national interview explaining why she has been avoiding national reporters. but her communication director admits the campaign is paying a price for refusing national interviews until now. chris stywall is here. good morning. what do you think that price has been for hillary clinton? >> reporter: she refused this interview while doing it. she talked to cnn but didn't answer the question. it was short of a non-interview interview. she was dismissive of criticism
7:07 am
and derisive of anybody who would say she was out of touch. and when it came to matters like her conduct as secretary of state as it came to the conduct of her family's foundation and its astonishing problems with foreign governments and people? nothing. nada and walked away. >> a lot has been made the way she is during the interview. she is bug eyed and not enjoying herself. bill clinton was so good at this. he would say i didn't do anything there was no problem here. and he could speak in a way that was convinceing to a lot of people. i just wonder, hillary had a hard time with this last time around. >> bill clinton was a lucky politicians and he had good timing going from long shot
7:08 am
candidate coming into the democratic race as a no body and he got wonderful up drafts and caught ross pero and then became president. hillary clinton strikes me as someone who has a bad sense of timing. she is dragging her feet not transparent, not response responsive and finally sits down and an interview but doesn't do the interview. the begrudging attitude she has slows her down and she is missing a lot of opportunity. >> critics say he won a lot. she won two campaigns in new york and approved as secretary of state and lost one big one last time around. i want to bring up the rope line issue as well. the rope issue is comical. let's take a look at this.
7:09 am
obviously, chris, they don't want the press right up in her face taking pictures while she is walking down the street. rope lines are common. but they are doing something that is bizarre here. >> reporter: and they did it as the rnc pointed out about one million times in the last 24 hours. they did it in the '90s dragging reporters down the streets of little rock inside a roped corral. this isn't the first time anyone in clinton world said let's tie the press up in a rope and drag them down the street because they are difficult. for hillary clinton she wants to control the press. but rather you are her or whoever you are when you want to stand for the world leader and
7:10 am
you cannot handle walking down the streets of new hampshire you are in trouble. >> you have to get comfortable. and that is what we are seeing not happening in the cnn interview. >> straight the manchester. >> pulling them back in 1991 with a rope is my favorite video. >> harsh criticism for the president over the battle with isis. >> when it comes to isil president obama's comment reveal a disturbing degree of self delusion that characterizes the administration's thinking. >> new questions about a stunning ad missionmission of how many officers have been trained. john mccain is next. and now is the nuclear
7:11 am
deadline is sunday. will the white house make good on the promise to walk away if it isn't a good deal? >> what is next the u.s. women's soccer team? a big honor is coming their way.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
there are significant questions over what caused a
7:15 am
collision between an f-16 fighter jet and a small plane. it destroyed the small plane killing two people on board. the pilot of the f-16 was able to eject and parachute to the ground. the fighter jet was on a routine mission at the time. a stunning admission from ash carter on the u.s. strategy against isis. the obama administration said training and assisting moderate syrian rebels would be necessary to defeat the terrorist in that area. but during a hearing secretary carter revealed how many soldiers after $500 million has been put aside for training. how many do we have so far? listen. >> three months into program, training is underway and we are working to screen and vet almost 7,000 volunteers to insure they
7:16 am
are committed to fighting isis and pass a counter intelligence screening and meet standards prescribed by u.s. law regarding the law of armed conflict. as of july 3rd we are training about 60 fighters. >> 60! 60 fighters. arizona republican senator john mccain was leading that hearing. he is the chairman of the armed service committee. good morning. good too have you. >> thank you. >> how can this be? >> it is significant of the debacle leading from the beginning that somehow they can get along with assad who is being propped up by the iranians because they are about to agree to a nuclear deal that will
7:17 am
change everything. they are asking young men to be recruited and trained and one only fight against isis and two as brought out into the hearing they will not promise to attack the again from the bombing. the same guy that killed 233,000 of their country men and driven million into refugee status. all of the years of different conflicts and national and security policy this is the most bizarre bizarre. >> we are spinning our wheels here and have failed for some times. he said the last three months. but the president has talked about aiding this group for three years. in fact here he is talking about this during the debatess in to2012. >> we mobilized sanctions against the government made sure they were isolated,
7:18 am
provided humanitarian assistance and helping the opposition organize and particularly interested in mobilizing the moderating forces inside syria. >> that is the time when the national security team and then secretary of defense and secretary of state hillary clinton and head of the cia all recommended arming the free syrian army and he turned it down. even though his rhetoric says one thing, their actions have been another. after four years, he trained 60 people with hopes of bringing in as many as 7,000 for the year. meanwhile the estimates are at least a 1,000 are flowing in of foreign fighters, flowing in to iraq and syria for the fight of isis backed by the iranian and
7:19 am
hezbollah slaughters as well slaughtering syrian innocent men, women and children. >> if your alliances wasn't on the iran side, and you wanted to defeat isis you could get together with turkey you could get together with the kurds and sunnis and pull the group together to fight isis and take an assad. is that correct? >> well yes and the reason why turkey will not engage here is because they view the iranian backed leader as a greater threat than isis. they will not agree to allow us to use their base in turkey or take other actions until we are for the removal of assad that is being propped up by the
7:20 am
iranians. they and i view the greater threat of iran over time. >> what do you say to those who say we cannot be on either side. we have the sunni and the shiite and the conflicting entities. we have been trying to train iraqi soldiers for ten years and we cannot do it. why should we be in the middle of this at all? what is your argument for that? >> they forget or deny thanks to the surge and the sacrifice of many brave americans we had it won by 2011. al-qaeda was finished. isis is the offspring of al-qaeda. we had it won. and the president of the united states against all advice pulled
7:21 am
over out of iraq and many of us predicted, and unfortunately were right, what happened and iraq evolved into the chaos. isis or iran with going to be satisfied to behave. iran is attempting to put force forth age old ambition to control the united states and isis is trying to attack the united states as their main goal. >> 21 minutes past the hour. bill o'reilly blasting san francisco's sanctuary policy. >> the feds asked to keep him in custody. the sheriff is not competent out
7:22 am
there. >> is kate steinle's death from political conflict? that is the argument next.
7:23 am
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7:25 am
facing a line of backlash is sanctuary cities and states across the country after the murder of kate steinle and the illegal immigrant charged in her death saying he went to san francisco because he knew he would be safe from congregation authorities. lou dobbs is here. he was deported five times had it been a six time that woman would have been alive today. >> perhaps. >> you talked about this issue 11 years ago?
7:26 am
>> we started talking about it in 2004 with the open border and the national congregation movement. the programs built by the left and the chamber of commerce. senator ted kennedy and john mccain joined forces to bring what was called comprehensive immigration reform to america and that would have been eight years after we passed immigration laws during the clinton years in 1996 and that follow followed by the 1986 passing. >> did you support building a wall? >> i look forward to civil judgment. you remember from mark and our friendship and working together i always said any discussion of reforming or changing immigration law is a farce unless we can control
7:27 am
immigration and we cannot control immigration as long as we don't control ports on the borders. it is that straightforward. all of the non-sense you hear that doesn't entail securing the border is pure false. >> i think you have an ally from mr. bill o'reilly. >> kate steinle is collateral damage to the insane far left politics that have long corrupted the city by the bay. dangerous people are walking around because of political correctness. the mayor and supervisors want to be sympathetic to the illegals. that is what this is about. it is disgusting. >> there is so much finger pointing here. >> there is and can i put up a few and point them? bill is right about the sanctuary movement beginning in 1979 in los angeles. today california as a state and
7:28 am
los angeles and san francisco principle sitcities both sanctuary cities 200 around the country we are watching the bulk of america by the immigration movement. refusing to enforce federal laws. it is that simple. with all due respect to bill it is not just liberals. this is big business. small business is getting trampled by it. but the reality in all of this is that the major forces in the country, political and social economic forces are saying you cannot have enforcement of immigration at the local and state level. you watch the obama administration suing arizona and texas. and other cities saying we don't have to enforce imgreciansmigration laws and will tell the people to
7:29 am
leave us alone because they passed an ordinance. >> you wonder if this will change the ongoing art of the story. you have been watching since 1980 and you don't think it will change? >> unfortunately i think this country is on a severe collision course with choices that are going to be difficult but none the less irresistible. another deadline for the iran dates. will they come together? or will the strakes instruction administration walk away? >> and bubba watson is owns general lee's car and plans to paint over the confederate flag.
7:30 am
meet a man who wants to buy it and what he plans to do. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there. you can't always see them. but it's our job to find them. the answers. the solutions. the innovations. all waiting to help us build something better. something more amazing. a safer, cleaner brighter future. at boeing, that's what building something better is all about. ♪ ♪
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7:33 am
the earlier situation is wrapped up with united airlines resuming flight after the entire fleet because grounded after a computer glitch. it is canceled done over and you are on your way. >> off to the airport we go. united things are back flying in the sky. new deadline has been set in the iran nuclear negotiations. the third extension and five foreign ministers involved in the talks have left the table. only secretary of state john kerry among the ministers begin. we have an ambassador from the united nations in studio with us. good morning to you. the germans say iran needs to help build trust. i think you have heard that time
7:34 am
and again. the iranians saying we will not show flexibility regarding our red lines. that is a direct shout at the united states i would assume that is. >> i think it is. i think the iranians have been taking shots at the united states and other countries at the table from day one. i am watching these negotiations and repeated extensions with a mixture of fear anxiety and total disbelief. here is the western world sitting across the table from a vicious, evil terrorist regime and reading the reports and following the talks you would think they are negotiating with switzerland. they are working with an islamic regime that supports, finances and operates terror around the world and is responsible for the
7:35 am
death of thousands of americans. this is not addressed in the talks. >> i understand and respect your opinion. do you think there will be be a deal or not? >> i am afraid there may be a deal because i think the united states and president are desperate for a deal. >> marie harp sent this out we are more concerned about the quality of the deal than about the clock but we know that difficult decisions will not get easier with time that is why we are continuing to negotiate. difficult decisions don't get easier with time. that means they don't go away. that suggests they are having a hard time putting this together. >> they are because after redrawing red lines every day and giving up on very important
7:36 am
conditions the iranians are sticking to their red line and their red line at the end of the day is to get the bomb terrorize the world and get back the 25 year hedge money of the middle east. to me first of all i want to state this is not an iranian-israeli issue. this is a threat to civilization as we know it. to the united states and western world and values we believe in. iran is against them and out to destroy them. that is why i think, what we are witnesses and i am getting a terrible since of this, is the north korean deal with papers sign and clinton showed north korea would not be nuclear and we woke up to nuclear north korea one day. north korea acquired nuclear weapons from desperation. iran is seeking them out of
7:37 am
aspiration. so to me no deal is far better than a bad deal. >> two days ago there was a report they want the arms embargo lifted immediately. i don't know any western power that would agree to that. not only do you arm the iranians but you give them the capability of shiite militias in iraq and arm the yemen group fighting back. you see that coming to focus. is that going to happen? >> you mean is the world going to lift -- >> will the world allow that happen >> i didn't mention hamas or hezbollah. >> you should. we face them on the southern borders every day and they are nothing more than the crux of iran. they are the bloody tentacles of
7:38 am
the long twisted arms who want to wipe israel off the face of the map. listen to them and take them at face value and remember what happened 70 years ago when he didn't listen to a ranting tyrant. and therefore, i think this definitely cannot be lifted; the arms embargo. iran is intent on achieving a bomb and this is the last moment where the world hopefully led by thlead leader of the free world can stop them. >> the deadline now is 48 hours from now. thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much. the u.s. women's soccer team getting a phone call from the commander and chief president obama saying congrats to the champions on their huge win against japan and he had a question for world cup hero
7:39 am
carly loyd. >> you know, i love what you guys have done and the culture you have built and you know alex and julie is terrific and carly what have you been eating? >> everybody wants to know the answer to that. a rare parade is going to happen in new york city on friday at 11 o'clock. the city doesn't usually honor teams that call new york home but we call them all home. they are america's team right now. how exciting is that. >> four boom boom boom. >> a great move by the city bringing here. first time we will see it. big things on friday. the murder of a san francisco human at the hands of an illegal immigrant and could immigration take center stage for the campaign in 2016?
7:40 am
that is on the table to debate next. is that captain jack sparrow? find out what inspires the actor to get back into the character down under.
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
check out this heartwarming video with captain jack sparrow making a surprise visit to a children's hospital down under. >> yes! >> better than halloween isn't? stunned reaction from patients after johnny depp dressed up in full costume. nice job there.
7:44 am
we made a mistake not to deport someone the federal government should be deported. i have absolutely no support for a city that ignores the strong evidence that should be acted on. if it were something minor a misdemeanor, that is different. this man had been deported five times. >> that is hillary clinton wayingwayeigh weighing in on the death of kate steinle who was murdered in san plan -- san francisco -- a sanctuary city. it was revealed the suspect was an illegal immigrant who was deported five times from the country and managed to get back in. he was arrested seven times on drug charges but able to return to san francisco and in a drug haze commit this crime.
7:45 am
he is the president and founder of the michael associates and the executive director of the new york state democratic party and we have the host of a late night show and the author of no he can't. thank you gentlemen both of you for being here. there is no way this doesn't become an issue that is the face of what we are dealing with on illegalalgration. how does it cut for democrats? >> i also don't want to conflate a couple issues. i think it is important, and i agree with secretary clinton it was a failure of san francisco officials to act appropriately. this issue of sanctuary cities has been with us since the '80s when religious organizations were trying to protect central american immigrants to the country. it says police officers shouldn't have the job and responsibility of going after and detaining illegal immigrants
7:46 am
in their day to day responsibilities >> there is a huge difference between a family escaping from an oppressive country being huddled in a church being taken care of a difference from a man who has been kicked out five times. >> i agree and i agree there should be have been a different relationship and san francisco should have acted on the demands of homeland security as the secretary said. >> the problem is the democratic leadership of san francisco and the county of california acted on the laws democratic regimes put in place to create the sanctuary city. your passion is appropriate if you are upset today with how this lady was killed because there 347,000 convicted, not indicted or suspects, but
7:47 am
convicted aliens walking around free in america today. this is a national security and crime issue. it is not just do we show kindness to our neighbors. >> that is what it is coming down. i think the language is important in this. we are talking about former con vict illegal aliens. that is what we are talking about. every time i heard the debate over this it comes down to immigrants are who made the country. that is not what is being discussed >> it is part of whauszt is. you don't want to demonize illegal aliens. this is an issue of v illegal aliens. the obama administration issued an order saying tell us when this guy is in custody and that didn't happen and that is the
7:48 am
breakdown we should focus on. i don't want to conflate individuals here illegal with this priminality. >> there is a broad brush for republicans and democrats who haven't dealt with this. we have a border that is easy to cross and this man is prove proof. >> that lady died in her dad's arms saying daddy help me. liberal children bleed like conservative children do. this is not an issue of the left or right. this is what is best for the safety of americans. with nearly 400,000, convicted not indicted but convicted and by the way the obama administration released 60,000 plus and on average they committed 2.8 fellony per
7:49 am
purpose. >> but the obama administration was being accused of being too quick to deport individuals. so you cannot have it both ways. you cannot say they are quick to embrace the illegal immigrants. >> there is a subset of people that need to be out and not get in. if that means looking down the border to insure that that is an idea we are talking about. >> the obama administration said we need to protect our borders. he said that publically. >> thank you very much. we will hear more about this. >> i want to get to jenna lee and "happening now" is coming your way. >> markets in china causing a ripple affect other than the world and rick stevens said he have as much to fear from a weak china as a strong one.
7:50 am
and u.s. airways under investigation for teaming up to keep the tickets high and passengers are fighting back. and even more rain expected and big parts of the country under water. >> a relic of tv history sparking a firestorm ofdebate. bubba watson owns the car from the dukes of hazard and plans to paint over the confederate flag. and now a museum owner says he has a different idea. we will talk to him next. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage , horse power... torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
7:51 am
liberty mutual insurance.
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7:53 am
a car collector outside of chicago is in a race of time to save history. he is appealing to bubba watson
7:54 am
to buy his classic car. he owns the first general lee car from the dukes of hazard show and watson said he plans to paint over the confederate flag and replace it with the american flag. brian gram director of the auto museum north of chicago has a different idea. he is live with us. why do you see so much value in is this car? >> it is one of the top five tv cars produced. so many people are attached to the dukes of hazard and grew up with the show. it is important to me and a lot of people. >> you met the stars on the show and you are a fan of the show. you have been loyal for some time. do you understand the sensitivity on this issue and where bubba is coming from?
7:55 am
>> i understand the sensitivity of the issue. i believe there is a place for everything and history is not something that should be erased but preserved in a way that is meaningful and respectful. if there is anywhere the car belongs it is a in a museum. >> this is what bubba tweeted saying all men are created equal and i will be painting the american flag over the roof of the general lee. you have trying to reach bubba, have you been successful? >> we have not had any response. i do know he knows about the offer out there but there hasn't been any attempt to reach out. >> he bought the car for $121,000? >> that was the sale price and
7:56 am
with taxes and fees and it came out to that. we would pay the fair market value. that is the number he paid but we would negotiate our best price. >> and you have a general lee already in your museum i know. but this is the original that you want to get your hands on. why has watson been so difficult to reach? i understand any day this issue could be over. >> right. it could be over any time now. he might not know what to do. i know he has gotten a lot of backlash after deciding he want today paint the flag over. he might be scared to make another move and it be the wrong move. >> maybe he is watching now and you have a phone call coming. brian grams, thank you for your time. auto collector in chicago there. we keep going through all of the deadlines on the iran talks
7:57 am
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bill: you have kilmeade i have o'reilly. martha: we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> new information in the murder of a france woman has fox news confirms the gun used by the illegal immigrant belonged to a federal agent. >> the gun was reported missing earlier this summer. francisco sanchez says he found it wrapped in a shirt while he was


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