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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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arby's has a brand new brown, sugar bacon. they have a hotline for vegetarians that may be tempted to try it. >> by the way, it is delicious. >> oh my goodness. geraldo and our concert series coming your way. bill: south carolina only one signature away from changing its history. martha: this bill which will take down a symbol of the old south moves to the desk of the governor. it sparked emotional debate. >> i cannot believe we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as
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take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. i'm sorry i have heard enough about heritage. i i have heritage. i'm a descendant of jefferson davis. okay? but that does not matter. martha: a controversy over the confederate flag. the massacre of nine people at the a.m.e. church in charleston gave momentum to this effort to lower the flag. bill: what happens next? >> reporter: now it's just procedural. governor nikki haley is mentioned to sign it very
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quickly. she said it's a new day in south carolina as we continue to heal as one people and one state. the governor is referring to healing of nine worshipers in charleston. it gave life to a decade long push to remove that banner from the statehouse grounds. bill: that debate went into the wee hours of the morning. what were the most contentious issues? >> reporter: it came down to amended or not to amended. many of them focused on what to do once the flack is removed. insuring that they still celebrate and honor southern heritage.
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>> allow us to honor those veterans who gave their lives in defense of this state and let's move forward. >> reporter: other lawmakers reminded the house while many have relatives who fought in the civil war, others have relatives who were brought here in chains and served in slavery. the state decided to keep it flying as a protest to desegregation and the civil rights movement. >> to continue it in any manner, all you are doing is continuing a legacy based upon hate. >> but it was perhaps that tearful plea from republican jenny horne that curtailed the
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debate convincing lawmakers any revisions to this bill would be a slap in the face to the people of the city of charleston. martha: the markets which are about to reopen this morning all eyes are watching the new york stock exchange. yesterday there was a shutdown of nearly four hours when the system went down. gerri willis joins us now. what do we think will happen when they open in 26 minutes from now? >> reporter: exchange officials are optimistic about what will happen when it opens. they called it a configuration issue. they say it was a software issue that went awry. they say it was not an attack
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from outside. but let me tell you to see the exchange floor with traders milling around with their hands in their pockets in the middle of the trading day is unnerving to many investors. we'll have to wait and see how it goes. the exchange is 223 years old. it's the iconic symbol of american capitalism. i think this is something that individual investors don't like to see this. martha: it has a smaller piece of the action than it once did. it's a strong symbol of the functioning u.s. market system. hiccups also at the "wall street journal" and united airlines. is there any string that ties it
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together? >> reporter: what was going on at united was apparently another glitch with technology. united have gone through three chief information officers in just five years as they bring together united and continental. they are bringing all those operations together for the past five years. i have to tell you it was amazing it all happened at the same time. the wall street journal was backed up yesterday afternoon as well. this just tells you as much confidence we would like to have with technology, sometimes things don't go right. martha: gerri, thank you very much. bill: jobless claims just out. the number of americans seeking first-time unemployment benefits rising 297,000.
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that's the worst number of we have seen going back to february. analysts say a lot of that had to do with the temporary auto plant shutdowns in michigan. a war of words between san francisco's mayor and the sheriff. the sheriff arguing a law signed by the mayor two years ago kept him from telling federal officials about the release of an illegal i am grant withing a long rap sheet. the mayor said it did not happen. >> a simple phone call from the sheriff to notify them of the release of someone they gave us custody of would have been preventative of this. >> reporter: the chronicle reports the sheriff and the mayor haven't talked in three years. >> reporter: a lot of finger
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pointing as mayor ed lee lashes out at the sheriff accusing him of releasing francisco sanchez. he had been deported five times after several felony convictions and was in custody last april when the federal bureau of prisons released him to answer for a simple drug charge. the sheriff maintains he was just following a strict interpretation of san francisco stink wary law stipulating that local law enforcement must not honor the mention request made by immigration authorities unless there is an arrest
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warrant. >> we had to go through a lot of legal stuff. it's never been prohibitive of good of communication and in law enforcement it's all about good communication. >> reporter: the victim kate steinle will be laid to rest today. there will be an investigation into why the federal bureau of prisons sent him back toll san francisco to answer for that minor marijuana offense instead just deporting him. martha: bill o'reilly is very fired up about this. he will join us in a few moments to talk about a proposal he has and petition he has on line to sign to make sure this never
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happens again. bill: new concerns president obama is getting iran all wrong. the chairman of the house foreign relations committee is about to start a hearing. martha: baltimore's police chief who you remember clearly from those difficult nights in the city of baltimore. he has gotten the ax. some are saying he may be the fall guy for the mayor. bill: an airplane aborts takeoff at the last possible moment. why knowledge crews were ready for action. >> we were literally going to take off and it just went off and we pulled over. all these fire trucks came over. it was crazy.
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martha: baltimore's mayor has fired the police commissioner anthony batts. she says it's because of a spike in the city's homicide rate. >> too many continue to die on our streets including three just last night and one lost earlier today. families are tired of feeling this pain and so am i. martha: batts led the police department through the riots
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after freddie gray died leaving some wondering if the move is in response to the riots and not the homicide report. there are reports that the mayor's office ordered the police department to stand down. she denied that claim. bill: reports that president obama is misreading iran. california congressman chair of the house foreign affairs committee, you are about to start a hearing examining the implications of a nuclear deal. tell me what your biggest concern is as you understand the negotiations with the outside. >> this looks a lot like the agreement on north korea where inspectors did not have the ability to go anywhere any time, and as a result north korea got its atomic weapon. wow worry is the playbook used
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by north korea is the same as north korea used. bill: josh earnest took this on yesterday. >> we are going to sign on the dotted line and send interest nation national inspectors to iran so they can keep eyes on iran's nuclear program. bill: that's what he says. >> that's what he said. what we are hearing out of vienna, and i was on the phone this morning on this very issue that this is going to be managed access because the iranian regime will not allow us to go anywhere any time nor allow us to go on the military bays. bay -- the military bases. who will have a say? russia and china countries who won't have the same interests we
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have in getting to the bottom of the nuclear work iran has done to build a bomb. we won't be able to have these conversations with iranian scientists to find out about the 1,000 pages of the inspectors have already surfaced. and we'll give a signing bone ups up front. what will iran use that hard currency for once they get their hands on it. bill: this is what iran tweeted. israel is the iran deal's busiest loser. then there was a link to an article translated in english suggesting that the israelis will not get what they want. out of russia we get another tweet. this is the president of iran's twitter handle talking about deepening the bilateral ties and
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further cooperation and constructive engagement. then there is a picture of him sitting down with vladimir putin. >> iran has the highest number of ballistic missiles in the middle east. and they want surface-to-air missiles russia can provide. that way they can cheat on the agreement and attempt to be a deterrent to western powers trying to prevent them from developing a nuclear bomb. when you see the iranians meeting with the russians, they are pushing for the lifting of the embargo. the reason is they will sell billions of dollars of weapons to the iranians. bill: i doanlt see how the west
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can agree to that. hezbollah, hamas, the entire region is on fire. >> i will add to this the communique from the iranians that they were going to not tomorrow rearm hamas in gaza and help rebuild the tunnels, but also they were going to help with an inventory of 100,000 rockets and missiles into the hands of hezbollah. these rockets will have a guidance system that will allow them to do inside attack pinpoint attacks inside israel. there has been a massive rally once a year, i think it comes friday in iran. they will be chanting death to israel. bill: one more question here. i don't see any way this arms
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embargo deal is reached. dick durbin in a meeting with the president said the president told him the chances of the deal are now less than 50-50. what do you think? >> i think the zeal for the deal on the part of the secretary of state and the president are such that they will continue to give concessions. i had a letter circulated that i wrote signed by 84% of the members of the house of representatives telling the white house do not give this ground on inspections. don't give this ground on lifting sanctions up front. make this agreement 20-plus years, not 10. allow the inspectors to have these questions answered by the scientists in iran. so far we have lost ground on every one of those points in the negotiations. so i'm not encouraged.
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bill: your hearing starts in 40 minutes. thank you for yours today. ed royce thank you from the hill. martha: another person cautioning strongly against this deal is presidential candidate marco rubio. he will be here to talk about that 10 minutes after the hour. in the mane time jeb bush goes one-on-one with our own bret baier on hillary clinton's allegations that he's a flip-flopper when it comes to immigration. >> the secretary had a failure of recollection yesterday and said she had never been seen ad. she was subpoenaed in march. rance, right? you see the thing is geico well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now.
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bill: smoke and flames coming from the engine of a passenger jet moment before takeoff. >> we were literally going to take off and it just went off and we pulled over. all these fire trucks came over. it was crazy. >> i was freak can out. i don't like flying anyway. i thought it was going to die. bill: southwest calling it a performance issue with one of its engines. martha: thought over hillary clinton's comments in a tv interview over requests to see her email. this subpoena was issued march 4, 2015.
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this comes out as substantiation after hillary clinton told the reporter she never received a subpoena regarding her emails while secretary of state. >> i never had a subpoena. i didn't have to turn over anything. i chose to turn over 55,000 pages because i wanted to go above and beyond what was expected of me. martha: house benghazi chair committee trey gowdy said she had a duty to preserve her messages. >> she was subpoenaed in march. she and others in the state department were put on notice in some instances years ago that congress was going to investigate what happened in benghazi. we released it to clear up any misapprehensions that may have
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come from her interview. martha: is this something she need to come out today and say i misspoke? >> i think she should. i don't think she will. there is no question she misspoke. trey gowdy i think was being a gentleman when he said she failed to remember this. she clearly had her information subpoenaed. she claimed she didn't have her information subpoenaed. that's a problem for her because it comes as part of a longer pattern of false claims that have come from hillary clinton and her supporters. martha: when she got that subpoena she received 19 scheduled instructions of exactly how the committee wanted her to turn over all that information. we know when she turned over her emails which i should reiterate happened a year after she left
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the state department. she is making it sounds like she just went above and beyond to make sure there was no problem. she destroyed and deleted emails which she was not permitted to do but she claims she was permitted to do that. is that right steve? >> reporter: you have got it exactly right. there are other thing we suspect. we suspect she didn't turn over everything because there were major grabs in her email production. she said she turned over everything related to libya and benghazi but the committee identified three significant gaps that took place at the precise time the u.s. state department was most heavily involved in policy making. but we know she didn't turn over everything.
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because sidney blumenthal was required to turn over his emails and he produced emails she did not produce. and some of the emails she turned over appear to have been edited. martha: nobody thick the doj is going to go after this. steve, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. bill: 29 minutes past the hour. is the republican party trying to tone down donald trump? we'll tell you about a reported conversation between him and the rnc. martha: pop star arianna grande doing damage control over donuts.
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bill: the stocks are open for business and they are booming. up 234 at the opening only three minutes into the day of trading. lot of concern yesterday. so we are moving on wall street here and we'll see whether this sticks after a lot of concern yesterday after what was going on down there. what was happening. how much transparency was there. for the moment the bulls are back. martha: the head evident republican national committee is asking donald trump to tone it down a little bit according to a report. that happened during a 45-minute conversation yesterday. the rnc confirms a conversation
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did indeed take place. she did have a conversation with in trump and they discussed on illegal immigration. i can't imagine donald trump ever toning it down. that's not part of his dna. he's getting a lot of attention. is this a problem for your party? >> that's why reince is doing the right thing. the remarks define the party and they drown out positive messages. marco rubio gave a great speech
6:35 am
on education and rick perry gave a great speech on race. unfortunately voters didn't hear any of that. i'm surprised hillary went on the airways this week. martha: doug schoen, do the other candidates -- taking a look at the gop side. i'm sure you could agree hillary could sit back at the moment. >> reporter: she basically has sat back. but she saw an opportunity to paint a broad brush for the republican party on immigration based on trump's comments andling all republicans as being insensitive. i think it worked to her advantage. martha: she says they are all in the same general area on immigration. they don't want to provide a path to citizenship.
6:36 am
he says she range to being hostile towards immigration. >> jose andre as has pulled out. we have seen the pga has pulled out from dealing with trump golf course. martha: the banquet the golf tournament. he says most them called him and said we are worry we had to pull out because things got sticky but we'll be back next year. he says he's not worried about that at all. when you talk to people anecdotally they say he's a fighter. they like something about what he's doing. that's something that perhaps the other candidates need to pay attention to in terms of the way they are talking to the american people. do you see them changing because of trump?
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>> what i see republicans who are going to talk about winning and accomplishing things. donald trump is someone who is pro-choice. somebody who donated to hillary clinton, that's tough on the republican primary politics. we'll see people talk about substantive ways. executive orders and also what hillary clinton has done. it's not just about fighting, it's about winning. >> when you look at these polls you have got decent numbers in new hampshire and iowa. one thing that is very clear here is he is rest hear it inning among certain voters out here. do you agree? >> absolutely. with the new poll in carolina showing him leading the republican field and him saying he has nothing to apologize for. i think he will keep the rhetoric at the same level and
6:38 am
republican primary voters basically agree with him. that's the way the republican right thinks and this is a great benefit for the democrats. it hurts the republican party it hurts the brand. it means the rest of the candidates with positive messages don't get through. martha: this is what donald trump says on twitter. totally false reporting on my call with reince priebus. he called me 10 minutes and said i hit a never. doing well. >> i'm not surprised about anything he would say. i'm not surprised given the constant barrage of coverage that he's doing well momentarily in a poll. obama called polls snapshots.
6:39 am
but these things are manifest of the constant media coverage we saw last night. two other networks had donald trump many on simultaneously. if you are bobby gin call want that time and ultimately that will be the challenge for these candidates. martha: is it accurate to save you are concerned he could ruin things for the republican party? >> i'm not concerned he will ever be our nominee. somebody who donated to hillary clinton will not be the nominee of the republican party. when you sit in news rooms and you hear reporters don't take his candidacy seriously. >> martha: i don't know that the american people care too much about how the reporters feel about candidates. >> republican primarily voters do care. there is so much anger against the washington establishment that trump has hit a nerve
6:40 am
however i am pertinent some of -- however impertinent some of his comments have bench. bill: right now you can submit your questions. go to and we'll have a forum that afternoon. martha: i think our afternoon bunch will be even more interesting. i'll put in a plug. bill: trump is on the stage main stage. august 6. mark it down. martha: a rare day yesterday. they had a shutdown issue. but things are going pretty well up 214 points.
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6:45 am
gave us custody of professor. a simple phone call to the sheriff to notify them of the release somebody they gave us custody of would have been preventative of this. bill: a lot of cya. now there is a call to lead that charge. thanks for doing this, bill. you are pushing for kate's law. what else that all about? >> reporter: 32-year-old kate steinle will be buried today at 3:00 eastern time. her funeral disclosed to the media as it should be. every decent american should be mourning today and saying a prayer for kate's family. this is off the chart disgusting. that's the word, disgusting. it's the same feeling i had when the nine people were killed in the charleston, south carolina church.
6:46 am
but the difference is that in the south carolina murder, there was an outpouring and a coming together that we cannot allow hateful people like this thug who killed them to room around. to -- to roam around. but here in san francisco you don't have that. you have politicians to blame each other when they all know they are at fault. they being the mayor and the city supervisors of san francisco who for years have defied federal law and allowed criminal aliens to roam free. that's their policy. and now that it's cost the life of this young woman, they are too cowardly to take responsibility and say we were wrong. so i have designed a law called
6:47 am
kate's law that would mandate the federal government -- take it out of the state and the locals to incarcerate any person who comes back into the united states after being deported for five years. that means any person. i thought about whether it should be a felon -- i'm saying, you know what? if you are deported out of this country and you defy our laws again and come back. five years. bill: i know you reached out to leaders in congress. the san francisco chronicle reports that the sheriff says he hasn't spoken to the mayor in three years in san francisco. now, you just heard from the mayor saying the sheriff should have done this and the feds should have done this. the list of cya runs from san francisco down to mexico city. everybody is dodging this. you reached out to washington, mitch mcconnell's office, john
6:48 am
boehner's office. are they picking up on this? >> we had two congressmen onlast night who are going to introduce legislation. one is kate's law and the other is to deny federal funding to sanctuary cities like san francisco. both of those laws should pass. i'm going to stay on it. anybody opposing we'll spotlight them on the factor. we are hoping congress finally does the right thing. this has been going on for 30 years. bill: there is a state senator in california working on a bill that would require all cities and counties in california cooperate with immigration officials. is that something the governor in california would even sign, looking at the history in that state? >> reporter: brown might sign it but that's small ball. i hope they do it, i don't think it would ever pass in sacramento
6:49 am
they are so crazy left out there. even if it did pass, i think san francisco is still defiant. what we need is congress to basically say this guy who killed kate is a drug pusher, drug addict. he was able to come back here five times to sneak back into the country. that shows you we have no border security. it's not like this guy was buying first class airline ticket. it's a joke. trump is right on that. it's a joke. these people can come back any time they want with impunity. then the guy says i went to san francisco because i knew no matter what i did there they weren't going to deport me. bill: the sheriff says he cut off all communication with the feds in the spring of 2014.
6:50 am
>> reporter: that shaffer should be arrested. that's. >> the part of legislation in kate's law that should be in there. if local or state official does not obey the federal law which takes precedence over local and state, they themselves should be arrested. that sheriff should be arrested. the attorney general because obama is so soft on illegal immigration web's not going to do it. bill: we'll see you at 8:00 and we'll see what reaction is throughout the day. the funeral is later this afternoon. thank you bill. martha: talking about the sanctuary cities. 200 cities are now under fire after the senseless murder we were discussing of kate steinle. marco rubio joins us with his thoughts. bill: what the pop star was
6:51 am
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bill: pop star ariana grande apologizing for saying she hates america after video of her was released from inside a donut shop. but i'll have a dozen glazed. she may have bigger problems. california police and public health officials investigating her because the video appears to show her licking donuts. bill: she is from bow co-raton,
6:55 am
florida. she has some explaining to do. martha: gree iours away from coming up with a comprehensive proposal. gregg: we are literally down to hours. greece on the edge of salvation or calamity. the greek prime minister alexis tsipras is shouldling with his aide. -- is huddling with his aide. greece need about $80 billion in loans from the eu and other creditors. what will happen by what is now considered the deadline. a saturday meeting of eurozone
6:56 am
finance ministers. >> i would bet there is going to be a deal this saturday because i think the greek side wants a deal and i think at this point the eurozone wants a deal, too. it's not a minor issue for both. >> reporter: that help could come just in time. we have seen the worst crowd ever season we have been here. with a deal they will begin to open. without a deal from what we heard, social unrest. here is what another area of athens thinks about what is happening. >> reporter: these are working class people struggling to make a living. they don't like to talk on camera. but off line they give you an earful. they have hope because they are
6:57 am
greek. it could all go bad a lot of people are saying that. but on the ground we are hearing more that it could go well. european stock markets all up today.
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i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. martha: jeb bush firing back at his critics today. he sat down for one-on-one interview with our own bret baier to talk about economy and immigration and other stuff. welcome, everybody brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm mrta mack. bill: i'm bill hemmer. former governor taking a jab at hillary clinton saying democrats are using the problem as a wedge issue . >> hillary clinton would like barack obama have this political issue election after election. they could have fixed it. they could have fixed it. when she was senator she could have fixed it. when was senator first two years with 60 votes in the senate.
7:01 am
why? because they use this as wedge political issue. martha: bret tear anchor of "special report" joins me now. good to have you with us today. >> good morning. martha: good to have you. i want to talk a little bit about issue he talked about people working longer hours. and there was a little bit of backlash against that. what do you make of it? >> listen, he is laying out his immigration policy and you know, he goes back to the fact that he wrote this in a book four years ago. and, yes his position changed. it evolved and he did go from a pathway to citizenship to what he is at now, which is, secure the border and then provide a legal status for illegal immigrants here. the way he talks about it is different than it used to be but he is trying to compete against a very, as you know, on this issue, very hot topic. and he lays it all out in interview with us.
7:02 am
martha: i mean, you know he is right when he says that people could have fixed it and didn't. a lot of people perspective on this evolved over the years. i want to play one more sound bite that goes to the other issue i mentioned a moment ago. let's listen to that. get your thoughts on that, bret. >> we have to be more productive. workforce participation has to rise from all-time modern lows. means that people need to work longer hours and through their productivity gain more income for their families. martha: yeah. that got john podesta fired up, what? people have to work longer hours. american people work such long hours but the truth is productivity levels are very low in this country. worker participation rate is extremely -- you have 100 million people out of work in this country right now. that was something he had to backpedal on. why is that bret? >> well, because people just don't like hearing that. a lot of people are working really hard across the country.
7:03 am
and you know you could talk about productivity and talk about stats but when you talk about somebody who is putting in a long day the last thing they really want to hear is a candidate for president telling them that they need to work longer hours. so it is just not, you know, a way to phrase it. and so that is why he had to walk it back. i think some of the things that jeb bush i think, to see him in action in new hampshire is trying to find his stride starting to get his stride in the town halls where he interacts with people with some pretty pointed questions. he takes them all. so i think he is making a big bet on new hampshire. not to say he discounting iowa but really spending some time answering a lot of questions. as you know in new hampshire, they want to see you in their living room and see you face-to-face. martha: you know, such an interesting contrast because you know we hear all of the loud stuff that is coming from donald trump. getting a lot of attention.
7:04 am
you hear people talking about him a lot. saying he is a fighter. out there sticking to his guns. when i goes back and retracts something he said he basically doesn't retract it. yeah, that is exactly what i meant to say. how tough is it for people like jeb bush to get some of that oxygen in the room? ultimately is this going to matter the trump element here? >> i pressed him about donald trump. he didn't want to answer anymore questions. i have said what i said. i'm done talking about it. i'm through. he ended up with a statement he doesn't think it is good for the party to be talking like that. he says they should be focused on optimistic things and laying out of a vision and a strategy. he has a challenge. talked about it, many many times. shoring up conservative base pretty dead set against him it seems, if you look at some of the polls and some of the people anecdotally that talk about it but incrementally trying to win them over by answering questions saying he is the one who can
7:05 am
win. we'll see if he has that ability in the early states. that will be the marker. martha: niece numbers are so spread across these candidates. like people on that side of the fence are searching for person that will really grab them and grab some momentum and run with it. fascinating to watch. debate will be defining moment in early stages of all of this. >> i think forum will be excellent. martha: for asking all the candidates, are you going to dot forum? we appreciate that. we're looking forward to a great day across the board. thank you, bret. bill: see you in cleveland. new details on the obama administration plan to cut back our military. the army announcing which units will be dropped from active duty. 40,000 soldiers in all. critics say the cuts could not come at a worst time. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live at the pentagon there. is this first time the army has been told to make troop cuts in recent years or not? >> not at all, bill. the army has seen force cut
7:06 am
sharply in the past five years. this will take the army to the smallest size since 2011. in 2010 there were nearly 570,000 soldiers in the u.s. army. right now there are a little more than 490,000, a decrease of 13.5% in the past five years alone. and it is not just the active duty service that will be cut but 17,000 civilians in the army will also effectively be fired. the army's number two sister was asked this morning why they are making these cuts now? >> these aren't cuts the army wants to make. these are cuts required by the budget environment in which we operate. this 40,000-soldier cut that will be shortly announced will only get us to the program force. it does not deal with the continued threat of sequestration. >> reporter: right now marine general joe dunford is on capitol hill facing his
7:07 am
confirmation hearing to be the next chairman of the joint chiefs. expect him to be asked by these severe cuts and their impact on military readiness. bill: we mentioned army. is it just the army or more than that, jennifer? >> reporter: we're told all bases here in the u.s. and abroad will be affected by these cuts. by name we heard for the bening in georgia, home to the u.s. ranger reg end and elmendorf in alaska are basing for cuts and for the drum in upstate new york. marines why cut by 10% last five years. u.s. navy for the first time since 9/11 may have to single aircraft carrier out of the persian gulf later this year without a replacement. we're told they will rely on a french aircraft carrier until they can deploy another carrier which is raising eyebrows here at the pentagon. bill: thank you, jennifer griffin from the pentagon today. martha: house hearing that is getting underway as the latest
7:08 am
deadline for a nuclear agreement with iran looms. the foreign affairs committee is set to discuss how this deal would really work for the american people. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joins me live from capitol hill. what will we hear from lawmakers and those that testify today. >> reporter: they're as concerned about artificial deadlines as they are as the potential consequences of a louse i deal. this is the hearing room led by republican congressman ed royce. they are pushing for a final agreement with the iranian regime that would dramatically reduce number of centrifuges and demand very intrusive inspection and verification measures. their fear that secretary of state john kerry is so hungry for a deal in vienna with the iranians that inspection will mean managed access, meaning the iranians will have a big say where international inspectors can and can not go a long way from anywhere anytime inspections the obama
7:09 am
administration once sought and demanded, martha. martha: to be clear, mike, not just republicans who are concerned about this potential deal with iran, right? >> reporter: absolutely right. we're hearing from democrats on capitol hill who are worried that the iranians are using these talks basically cover to further advance their nuclear ambitions. for example new york democrat congressman eliot engel. >> i have always been skeptical about this. i think they lie. they cheat. they're the leading supporter of terrorism around the world. frankly it bothers me that they continue to enrich centrifuges while we're talking. bothers me we're talking about their nuclear program. >> reporter: engle would love to hear more discussions about iran's support for groups like hezbollah across the middle east. also their bad actions in places likes yemen. he thinks, he thinks that is sorely lacking in these latest talks, martha. martha: mike, thank you. bill: so there is this new
7:10 am
national debate raging over sanctuary cities and counties and states in america on the day that kate stein lee's funeral takes place. killed allegedly by an illegal immigrant with a long criminal history. presidential candidate marco rubio live here on that next. plus this. >> they come into our country through thousands and thousands of followers of isil tweeters who are based in syria. they have a physical safe haven. so they broadcast a message, come to the islamic state, join us here in this you know, our version of paradise which is nightmare. martha: boy, that was a stark warning that we heard from the fbi director james comey. there is a new front in the war on terror it is one that they're having a tough time get their hands around. bill: certainly are. bizarre arrest, a naked man stealing a police cruiser. that is a naked man, martha stealing a police cruiser. he then led the cops on a chase.
7:11 am
>> how were you poisoned? sir? sir? hey, get out of there.
7:12 am
7:13 am
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7:15 am
critics including bill o'reilly say the local and federal leaders must be held accountable. >> in the south carolina murders there was an outpouring and a coming together that we can not allow hateful people like this thug, who killed them to rome around but here in san francisco you don't have that. you have politicians trying to blame each other when they all know they are at fault. martha: interesting point. florida senator and presidential candidate marco rubio joins me now. senator good morning. thank you for being with us today. >> good morning. martha: when you contrast those two situations, in charleston there was an outpouring and coming together. why do we not see the same thing happening in san francisco today? >> that's a great point and a great question and i don't know why. it is a tragic story irrespective who would have committed this murder it is a
7:16 am
heartbreaking story. this young woman by all accounts was a phenomenal person. it was such a tragedy for her and family and for that community. what is unacceptable the department of homeland security repeatedly requested from the city turn them over. they refused to do so. what is more unacceptable. this person had been deported, each time found its way back in the country. found his way to san francisco because he knew it was a city and jurisdiction that would not turn him over to federal authorities. one more example of how this was completely out of control. here, you have liberal local officials who refused to comply with the law and refused to turn someone over. as a result you have loss of life. martha: not hearing from the president. not pointing finger at san francisco authorities this is on you. i.c.e. said he needed to be turned over to them. that marry leased, that police, head of the police department, police chief c ignored that. so as president, if you were president, what would you do to
7:17 am
the city of san francisco in this case? >> well, one of the things we talked about in the past, we tried to get included negotiations with democrats in the past is the idea of getting rid of the sanctuary city situation and, saying to these localities if you're not participating in helping us to enforce these laws, then you will not be eligible for federal funding you're receiving. outrageous situation where localities basically decided because they have a political today or view of immigration law they can somehow ignore enforcement of these laws. we have sovereign country. we have the right to enforce our immigration laws irrespective how you feel about immigration at large, everyone should acknowledge we as a country have the right to have immigration laws and the right to enforce them. in this case you have political, elected officials in ultraliberal government who refuses to comply with the law because they don't agree with the law. that is completely unacceptable. martha: we have 347,000
7:18 am
convicted criminal illegals living in this country. that is a situation that has outraged so many people and they're looking for some action on it. i do want to turn our attention to iran now, and talk about that because the word is that they're not going to reach an agreement today. they keep pushing back the deadlines on this. but i know that you've been very concerned about any deal that could be reached. you know, when you look at what we're hearing, that there is, having a lot of difficult getting iran to agree to any inspections in this case, you know, what do you think will happen here? >> right. martha: if you do get a deal how will you unwind it if you're president? >> right. a couple of points. number one we'll find out over next few days whether iran or the united states wants a deal more. one of the things iranians believed going into this barack obama and john kerry were more desperate for a deal than they were. they were paring out that's negotiation tactics and pushing very hard. if they can arrive at deal where they limit the amount of inspections on any deal then you
7:19 am
have a deal that is worthless. i go further. i think obama administration should have walked away from this a long time ago. any deal that allows iran to retain ability to enrich uranium, any deal that allows iran to build long-range rockets is a deal that is no good. the iranians will figure out a way to exploit loopholes in this deal. i have a no doubt before the next 10 years are up they will make dramatic progress not just towards a nuclear weapon but towards a delivery system that can bring it here to the continental united states. martha: there are indications they would get a big fat signing bonus up front. we would also consider lifting the arms embargo which could lead to arms flowing across the whole region. here is a tweet i want you to look at that came out this morning from president rouhani who likes tweeter. he tweets quite often. right now meeting with president putin are deepening of bilateral ties and further cooperation hashtag constructive engagement. what do you make of that? >> well i think putin,
7:20 am
unfortunately someone who decided anything we're for he is going to be against. he wants to be the great leader of a great nation. he can not achieve that economically. wants to achieve that military and mischief on international stage. truth of the matter russia is selling antiaircraft capabilities to iran. we've been very friendly with iran. been strong allies supporting assad in syria. none of that is surprising. ultimately as i said earlier, you know we should have walked away from this a long time ago. if i'm president of the united states no matter what deal this president reaches if it allows him to enrich uranium and build long-range rockets we will reimpose unilateral sanctions on iran. not as good as international sanctions but it is better than nothing. martha: what will you do if they already purchased antimissile equipment technology from russia, it will be difficult to take out those facilities once that is established. >> well it is going to be more
7:21 am
difficult. won't be impossible. we still have the capability of doing that that is not the first choice. i mean we would prefer, probably looks less than likely right now but we would prefer for the iranian leadership to decide we want to be a normal country. we want to have an economy. we want to do what is in the best interest of our people and we don't need nuclear weapons. short of that iran should be presented with a very simple choice. number one you will never be allowed to build a nuclear weapon the we'll dough do whatever it takes to prevent it. you can have an economy or nuclear program but you can not do both. they will use billions of dollar in relief not just to further nuclear program but also to sponsor terrorism all over the world. martha: senator marco rubio, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: a california lawmaker looking to change state policy after the murder of kate steinle. >> has entire state of california upset, it has got me
7:22 am
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martha: search efforts resumed for a second victim in a deadly plane crash that happened in south carolina. officials say a cessna and an f-16 collided in midair on tuesday. the passenger in the cessna was killed. his son, the pilot, is also believed to be dead. the pilot of the f-16 was able to eject from his jet and parachute to the ground. this is such a strange and tragic story and it is all still under investigation. bill: parts of the midwest indiana, underwater as record rain sparks major flooding. at least 20 families forced from
7:26 am
the homes in indianapolis. the floodwaters are receding but damage left behind is extensive. >> i lost everything again. i just, this is devastating. what can i do with it? bill: maria molina watching storms in the fox weather center. what happened there and what's next maria? >> hello to you and everybody at home. right now the rain ended across some of those areas that have been experiencing a lot of flooding. bill mentioned floodwaters are start to recede but flooding is ongoing. because of that we still have flash flood warnings across parts of illinois and indiana. other areas, missouri, southern parts of illinois, western parts of kentucky, looking for additional flash flooding. watches are in effect out there. also across parts of ohio into the northeast. we do have the risk for flash flooding. you can see parts of
7:27 am
pennsylvania, new york also into parts of southern new england you do have the flash flood potential today. really the threat is not so much rainfall total we're expecting from the storm system but there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. so some storms will produce a lot of heavy rain in a short amount of time. rainfall rates could exceed an inch per hour. that will be a concern out there. here is a look at totals we're expecting. locally more than three inches of rain will be possible in some areas especially upstate new york. the other concern is risk for severe weather. marginal risk out west, across rockies and parts of the plains. mid-atlantic we do have a risk for severe weather. enhanesed severe weather risk has been issued by storm prediction center across eastern pennsylvania, parts of maryland. the concern that we have threat not only for damaging winds and flash flooding but even some tornadoes out here. heads up state college, philadelphia new york city. new york city, you're out of higher tornado risk. warnings throughout the day in
7:28 am
parts of new jersey maryland and pennsylvania. bill: maria, good warnings there. appreciate the info. martha. martha: you heard him here. bill o'reilly is very fired up about sanctuary cities. >> now that is it has cost the life of this young woman they're too cowardly a take responsibility and b, say you know, we were wrong. martha: was here earlier actually. the killing of kate steinle has sparked calls across it country for action. our next guest is trying to pass a law to that a murder like this can not happen again. bill: also in a moment here, what is next after the hubble telescope. there is new technology, maccallum. >> to boldly go where no man has gone before. bill: to find alien life. martha: really? bill: oh, yeah. we're going to take there. martha: they're out there somewhere. bill: oh, yeah. ♪
7:29 am
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7:32 am
martha: south carolina governor nikki haley announces she will sign a bill at 4:00 this afternoon to permanently remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds there. that legislation passed earlier this morning after 13 hours of emotional debate. this is the latest effort to remove the flag comes after nine people were gunned down at the ame church, allegedly by a self-avowed racist. that happened last month at that historic church in south carolina. bill: kate steinle's funeral, age 32, is later today. there are new efforts to strike down sanctuary laws. the suspect sanchez is illegal immigrant had a long arrest record. when they asked to detain him that request was ignored. he has a bill requiring local authorities to fully cooperate
7:33 am
with federal immigration firms. why in the world that doesn't happen already, i can't answer that. thank you for your time. you're live in sacramento. you represent folks in riverside county east of los angeles. >> thank you, bill. bill: what would your bill do, sir. >> bill, i've introduced legislation to protect californians from police chiefs and sheriffs that prematurely release very dangerous illegal immigrant felons into our communities that resulted in the heinous death of kathryn steinle. my bill would require these sheriffs and policemen, or police chiefs to give i.c.e. 48 hours notice that they're pending a release of a dangerous felon, an illegal immigrant. they will have to detain that felon for 48 hours to give i.c.e. the opportunity to come pick them up. that would be the essence of the bill. bill: why didn't that happen already? can you name a policy or rule or regulation or law in america today that is ignored more than
7:34 am
this? >> yeah. no citizen is above the law and certainly no city should be above the law. we have federal laws on the books. people keep saying we need immigration reform. we have immigration laws on the books that should, number one protect our borders. mr. sanchez was deported five times. well, what does that tell you about our border security? and, here we have this gentleman, a long felonious background and, i have always learned in my 22 years of being a local elected official that all governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local level work together in the best interests of public sate to protect the health and safety of residents. the san francisco sheriff completely abdi gated his responsibilities, his fiduciary and legal responsibilities to protect his residents in an he will legal immigrant from deportation. to allow the dangerous individual to go into the community and murder kathryn steinle in a very horrific way.
7:35 am
my bill hopefully will prevent that from happening again. bill: will the governor sign the bill if it is passed? >> there is so much public outrage even in liberal san francisco, i think there will be sufficient political pressure on the legislature and the governor. my hope we work together in bipartisan way to prevent a horrific murder like this from ever happening ben in any california city. bill: you mentioned the sheriff and also the mayor. here is the mayor just yesterday pointing fingers at well, the feds and the sheriff. >> i truly believe that one of the solutions might have been a simple notification. now, everybody is trying to review the language of the of the of both i.c.e. and also our sank wear city ordinance. i find language there that supports communication. bill: he runs the city. >> there was no communication, bill. bill: there are reports that the sheriff and mayor haven't spoken
7:36 am
in three years. you started this segment talking about the duty and responsibility our elected officials have to the people they serve. what in the world explains that? >> well listen the chief public safety officer of any county is the county sheriff or police chief in a city. they did make a detainer request. they said hold this dangerous individual. we want to pick him up and we want to deport him. the sheriff knew this. he knew he was dangerous. he knew he had a request from the federal government to hold him. and he chose to let him go. this was a preventable loss of life and my bill hopefully when passed is going to prevent this irresponsible, heinous loss of life of an innocent person. kathryn steinle, killed while walking with her father in san francisco, laying on the ground, saying dad don't let me die. unfortunately expired in a very terrible way. bill: one more question. bill o'reilly was with us last hour. he is pushing for a law called
7:37 am
kate's law. at the federal level now takes it out of california and other states. >> right. bill: that would make it mandatory for anyone deported who comes back into america to be in jail for minimum of five years. what do you think about that idea? >> you know, i think it is an idea worthy of consideration but i think better yet, we need to enforce our immigration laws and we need to secure our border. there has been more than one example by the way, of people that have been murdered in san francisco. this one here just caught the eye of the public and they're questioning what sanctuary cities are. we need to secure the border because most of these people that are recidivists illegal immigrant felons, have been deported, three, four five times. this raise as whole new spectrum what are they doing at the border? if it is easy for felons to come back in, what about isis coming into this country and causing a horrific incident? this is a message i hope the american public sees we need to make sure we enforce our borders and protect ourselves. bill: you kicked him out six
7:38 am
times he would have found a way back in based on that history. >> thank you, bill. nice talking to you. bill: state senator from california. martha: quite a story. a naked man stole a deputy's car in new mexico, caught on video. curry county deputies got a call and found a troubled man running through the traffic. he told them he had been poisoned and then, he jumped into their car. >> how were you poisoned? sir? sir? hey, get out of there! hey! [bleep] 37, pd. stolen my unit. takenning off eastbound in my unit, running lights. martha: wow. so the suspect was arrested when he pulled over at a hospital. police say that he was treated for injuries that he sustained before his run-in with the deputy. charged with unlawful vehicle theft and aggravated fleeing.
7:39 am
boy a troubled guy. bill: disturbed indeed. the battle against isis grows online. feds are warning terrorists are making it nearly impossible to track them in cyberspace. so what can be done, as they move online so quickly? senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley is live on that. martha: desperate search for three sisters missing after they went on a hiking trip together. friends and family are hoping for the best. >> when the community hears of someone that they love, that's hurting, then they get the turnout like this. >> anything that he is going to, you know, press people forward and know to give them hope. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!e
7:40 am
7:41 am
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7:43 am
meanwhile back in ohio family friends and neighbors are uniting in prayer hoping women will be found safe. >> i just am overwhelmed with thanks for what everybody is doing to support us. >> i hope that we can just have really good ending to this very soon. so i just really appreciate it. bill: described as relatively experienced in backcountry hiking and camping. there is team of 60 people on foot and horseback. now on the search with help from tracking dogs and helicopters in the air. martha: stunning new warnings on the dangers of isis coming from the head of the fbi. director james comey telling the senate judiciary committee that the terror group's influence stretches far beyond anything that he has seen before in this country. and that the terrorists are pushing one simple message to the internet. listen. >> come to the so-called
7:44 am
caliphate and live the life of some sort of glory or something. and if you can't come kill somebody where you are. kill somebody in uniform. kill anybody if you can cut their head off great. videotape it. do it, do it. do it. they're pushing it through twitter. no longer the case someone troubled needs to find the propaganda and motivation, it buzzes in their pocket. there is device almost devil on their shoulder all day long saying kill kill, kill. martha: iowa republican senator chuck grassley is the chairman of that committee. he joins me now. chairman, welcome. good to have you with us today. >> thank you, martha. martha: what was your reaction when you listened to all this yesterday? >> i think it is pretty scary because what you didn't play that comey said they're having twitter contact with everybody, with people in every state, all 50 states, beyond that then when if these twitter contacts
7:45 am
make a interest in doing what they said kill kill kill, then they're directed to a communications system with isis that is encrypted, that the fbi can't follow. and, that is a problem we're trying to bring out in this hearing. but, so, if you can't follow them, then you can't protect the american people. so what we were trying to do yesterday was start a conversation that would consider you know, how we solve this problem. hopefully dealing with the companies that have made it possible not to, not to follow. and then do that. but his responsibility is to protect the american people. so you can understand why he is very concerned. martha: enormous responsibility and here is director comey talking about that specifically what you referred to. let's play that. >> i think people watch tv and think the bureau can do lots of
7:46 am
things. we can not break strong encryption. even if i get a court order under the fourth amendment to intercept that communication as it travels all over the wires i will get gob bedly gook. that need will remain dark. martha: talking about proverbial needle in the haystack. the haystack is the hole country and the needle he is looking for once he starts to pull on that string goes dark and he has no way to get in touch with individuals on either side of that communication. why are they better than us at being able to accomplish this senator? >> well, because of the latest technology which we would all praise because we all respect of the privacy of our communications and, that is one of our responsibilities under the fourth amendment, the right to privacy to protect it, but even when you follow the constitution and get a court
7:47 am
order, as director comey says it doesn't do any good pause then you follow -- because you follow it and everything is black. you work through the process and the conversation we started yesterday. can the high-tech people, let's say silicon valley, can they help us through this process or do we have to consider legislation and we really don't want to consider legislation. and the department of justice yesterday and comey said, that they aren't asking for legislation at this point. technological change ought to help us over this hump and that is what he is trying to do so he can do his job to protect the american people. martha: potentially you want to get into somebody's house and this house is dark part of the internet where they're talking to each other about doing really horrible things in this country. you need the warrant and need the silicon valley companies
7:48 am
essentially. once you've got that warrant to say, okay, let me in, correct? >> yeah. absolutely. and that's where the block is right now. and we know the threats are out there. we heard about one of these people killed in boston because he was going to stab policemen. i don't know how many examples like that director comey could give you but there is a real threat to the american people that over twitter isis is saying kill, kill, kill. martha: scary stuff and we've got a lot of catching up to do it sounds like. glad you're all working on it. we have to get there soon. senator grassley, thank you very much. good to see you as always. >> thank you. bill: jenna lee coming up on "happening now." good morning to you. >> good morning bill stocks rebounding sharply as you noticed as we await on future of greece and e.u. what it means for the u.s. economy. three big failures at they big
7:49 am
companies fortunately appears to be at this time technical glitches t points to vulnerability all of us feel as americans. how can we better protect ourselves? that is a big question we'll try to answer. bill: we're looking deep in a moment, jenna. >> how deep? bill: move over hubble. a new telescope that packs 25 times the resolution. can it help nasa find alien life deep in space? ♪
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
♪ whoa what are you doing? putting on a movie. i'm trying to watch the game here. look i need this right now ok? come on i don't want to watch that. too bad this is happening. fine, what if i just put up the x1 sports app right here. ah jeez it's so close. he just loves her so much. do it. come on. do it. come on! yes! awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ martha: brand new video of some really scary moments on board of a flight taking off from chicago's midway airport. watch this.
7:53 am
yeah, that is not good. smoke and flames coming from the engine of the southwest airlines plane during takeoff. the pilot aborted flight headed to boston. they say nobody was injured. no details what might have caused that fire but oh, glad they got off that one. bill: more peanuts. a space telescope could make the search for alien life a lot easier. it offers the 25 times the resolution of hubble and look at difference you get screen left, screen right. we have former nasa astronaut, colombia university professor and head of space programs at intrepid museum here in new york city. what is happening. >> lots apparently. bill: you went to the hubble twice? >> i did yes. bill: that has been a pretty good tool. >> that is great, fantastic. greatest instrument we had so far. bill: you launched hubble by way the space program because it could fit inside, the size of a school bus, correct.
7:54 am
>> it could fit insize of the shuttle. constrained by that. bill: gave us amazing images in space. what would this do that would be so much better? >> this is a lot biggser. this is a proposal right now. they're first thinking what do we need beyond what we have. we have hubble. 25 years ago it launched. you can learn about it at the intrepid museum. hubble at 25 exhibit. james webb telescope planned to be launch. almost built. hopefully will be launched in 2018. smart astronomer people say what do we need next? we don't want to stop there. in 2030s hubble has a great big mirror, it was constrained bit shuttle. this will be 30 feet wide. bigger mir more and telescope. further away and more deeper. bill: i said 25 times. you say 100 times. >> 25 times will see more accurately. what they start doing with these things, you have to be careful, talk about 10 times more powerful, 100 times more
7:55 am
powerful. talk about the discovery potential which has a lot of factors. not just how accurate it sees but discoveries it will make. can see deeper. 25 times more powerful can see much deeper into the universe. depends how you -- will be much more powerful. bill: at looking for signs of life. >> yeah. bill: is that what this telescope is designed to do? >> that is hopefully one of the things it could do. even hubble, hubble could identify planets in other solar systems and could identify the atmospheres of those planets but its resolution is nowhere near as good as this thing if we get the new one built. it can only see really big planets, the giant oneses jupiter, much bigger than earth. bill: you grew up on long island and grew up catholic. >> i did. bill: you've been to space places we've never been. >> yes. bill: you look at nasa looking for alien life. >> right. bill: when you as astronaut up in space do you think we're the only ones here? >> i do think we're only ones
7:56 am
here. i don't think we found anybody yet. i don't think we've been visited it. if you look what hubble shown us and vastness of the universe and all the possibilities that there are, there are countless. that for us to think we're the only ones, i think is almost silly. bill: too air roy gant? >> i don't know if it is arrogant it almost seems like there has to be. there may not be. might not be. when i look at earth how beautiful it was, i thought to myself how could there be another place like this? i don't think there is anything as beautiful or perfect as our planet. there has to be something else out there. maybe we will with this thing. bill: yeah. 25 times, 1000 times. maybe we'll send massimino back up there, maccallum. >> you have to come with me though. bill: for sure. martha: that was very interesting. bill: road trip. thank you, mike. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. martha: we learned a lot there, right? so this big story today as well. confederate flag will fly no more over south carolina. the capital. right back.
7:57 am
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>> did make you think? >> a little bit. i think it is fastcinating. have a great day, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. >> and we begin with a fox news alert from south carolina where governor nicky haley just said ceil sign the bill calling for the removal of the confederate flag from the perch on the state capital ground three weeks after the murder of nine people in their church sparked the fight to take down what mean view as the symbol of hate. i am jon scott. welcome to "happening now." >> welcome back jon. i am jenna lee. >> i had a week and a half in


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